GH Short Recap Friday, March 29, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

John Brenan meets Valentine inside a limo because he briefly took him out of Pentonville so they can talk about Sonny. Valentine tells John he has come up with a plan to take down Sonny. Valentine explains to John that he has fixed it so Sonny will only get one fourth of his bipolar medication with the other two-thirds of his medication being a placebo.

Jason tells Sonny that he has been an FBI informant to save himself from going to prison. Jason also tells Sonny he didn’t shoot Dante, but Sonny doesn’t believe him and adds him to his list of traitors which also includes Carly and Michael.

Carly can’t figure out why Sonny thinks that everyone that loves him has betrayed him.

Dante awakens and tells Anna Jason didn’t shoot him, but he saved his life. Anna tells Carly that Dante is awake and told her Jason didn’t shoot him.

Ava notices a text message for Sonny from Sam that tells him Dante is awake and he told Anna Jason didn’t shoot him but saved his life. Ava only tells Sonny Dante is awake and convinces him not to go see Dante until tomorrow. Sonny tells Ava she is the only one he can trust and they kiss.

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