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[ Grunting ] Hey, laura. Don’t stop on my account. You’re doing great. Hah. Well, it’S…

[ Grunts ] …Nothing like my workouts before I was shot, but it does feel good to work up a sweat again. I am so glad. Maybe it’s the music you’re listening to. You know what? Send me your playlist when you get a chance. No, no, no, I-I don’t want to interrupt you. You can just get right back to it. Laura… if you need someone to hang with… you’re more than welcome.

[ Elevator bell dings ] I keep thinking that I’m gonna walk into dante’s icu room and he’s just gonna be awake. I’ve never wanted to hear someone’s voice so much in my life. I know you’re worried that dante’s condition hasn’t changed, and I am, too, but it’ll happen, okay? The dante that I know and love isn’t a quitter. That is the last word I would use to describe him. Besides, sam would never let dante quit on her. She has been here around the clock, sitting with him. Is that why you didn’t tell sam that jason turned himself in? You didn’t want to distract her? Jason morgan has done enough damage. She’ll find out soon enough.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Dad! What happened?

[ Breathing sharply ] Well, hello. Ava. Hi. Um, is — is my father here? You really should have called. I don’t know that he wants to be disturbed right now. That’s — that’s why I stopped by. I know the news must have hit him pretty hard. News about what, michael? Hello, agent cates. What can I get you? I’m not here for food. I owe you an apology. I suspected you were harboring a fugitive. I was wrong. What changed your mind? Jason morgan is in custody. There, please. Anna: Thank you, officer.

[ Door closes ] Hello, jason. Anna. Just to be clear, you’re under no obligation to answer any of my questions without benefit of counsel. I understand. But I wanted to see you and ask you face to face. Did you shoot dante? No. Thank you. I believe you. But… my belief in your innocence isn’t gonna do you much good.

You don’t know? I’m not in the mood to play games right now, michael. Say what you’re gonna say and go. Jason turned himself in to the cops. Is that all? He walked into the pcpd with diane beside him, and he — and he — and he turned himself in, yeah. Look, the arraignment’s already scheduled for tomorrow. We don’t have much time. Time for what, michael? To help jason! Diane’s with him. She’ll do everything she can! So that’s it? You’re not gonna do anything yourself?

[ Scoffs ] You are not getting it. You are not getting it. Just leave — now. No. I’m not going anywhere. Am I that transparent?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I guess it’s no secret that heather webber is having her surgery tonight. No, it’s not. Well, I’m a little concerned about her. And I don’t want to minimize the horrible things she’s done, but her situation is more complicated than most people realize. Well, I’ll take your word for it. I ran into portia. She told me that you were up here exercising, and… well, I realized we haven’t really talked in a long time, so I thought I’d just come say hi and make sure you’re not being too hard on yourself. Oh, there’s no such thing. I’m determined to start walking as — as soon as possible. I’m sure you will. Thank you. And about my playlist… it wasn’t music I was listening to just now. It was breaking news about jason morgan. Dad, what is going on? Are you okay? No, don’t — won’t worry, son. I’m fine. Well, what happened?! Do we need to call a doctor? I am a doctor, remember? I meant, do we need to call dad’s specialist? I can take care of that if you want me to. Oh, thank you, but that — that’s not necessary. We just — just came from his office. -Well, what’d he say? -[ Sighs ] Why don’t we talk about this at home? No. I-it’s fine. He said it —

[ Breathing sharply ] Maybe your dad does need to take a few minutes and rest. I’m sure finn can fill us in. Okay. That’s a good idea. Here. Let’s — let’s help you over to that bench. No, it’s not — not necessary. I’m — I’M…fine. Don’t be so stubborn. Let us help you. I said I’m fine! I can stand on my own two feet. And I don’t need my sons to — to hold me up. -Alright, dad. -We didn’t mean to offend you. We’re just trying to make things easier for you. Well, you can’T. Because what’s happening to me right now, it — it isn’t a-a crisis or an emergency. It’s just my new normal. Hey, look, dad. We don’t need to do this here.

[ Groans ] W-we rushed down here only to have my doctor remind me that these…symptoms are to be expected. It’s the same old song.

[ Stammering ] “Your prognosis is hard to predict. You just have to take it day by day.” Did his doctor really say that? I still hear just fine, you know, so don’t talk about me like — like I’m not standing here. Okay. We can talk about this later. Right now I’m gonna take dad home so he can get some rest. No. No. Not yet. There’s just something I want to say to all of you. Back…off.

[ Sighs ] You arrested jason? Where did you find him? We didn’T. Mr. Morgan was accompanied by his lawyer when he turned himself in. So he brought diane with him. That’s great. At least his rights are being protected. Did you see jason or did someone pass this information on to you? No, I saw him. Spoke with him. Although, he didn’t tell me anything useful. So there’s this plausible theory with strong supporting evidence that you shot dante before you recognized him. It’s a relief to know that you didn’T. ‘Cause he isn’t just A… detective on my squad. You know? He’s — he’s a dear friend. He’s someone that I admire and respect. Yeah. Me too. You’ve been informed, right, that there’s footage of you and another man on the roof of the warehouse at 257 water street, and this other man, he has a sniper rifle. Can you explain what you were doing there?

[ Exhales heavily ] I have nothing to say without my attorney. It just — I-it just makes it all the more curious as to why you would waive your right to counsel and agree to meet with special agent cates alone. And according to the desk sergeant, you were both in here for the better part of an hour. And I can’t believe that you would spend most of that time talking about the good old days. What — what do you mean, the good old days? High school. High school? Right. You know… you two. Robin told me that the pair of you both fell in love with the same girl at one point. I-I can’t even remember anything from high school. Yeah, but you know that john cates was stone’s older brother. He used to go by the name of jagger. I heard the name. But I didn’t know it was agent cates. Probably had no reason to mention it. Years ago. Has absolutely nothing to do with why you’re in handcuffs now.

[ Grunts ] I’ve been working for john cates since november 2021.

So you already know that we have jason in custody. Yep. All over the news. Really? Well… it must have come as a shock, though. I mean, especially since he turned himself in. How are you doing with all of this? I’m not sure because… if jason took a shot at sonny at the metro court, then he’s the one who put me in this wheelchair. Yeah. I think it’s a good thing that we have jason in custody. I think now we’ll start to get some answers to what’s

really going on here. What do you mean? Well, I just have a very hard time believing that jason would target sonny.

[ Sighs ] Maybe you have a hard time believing it because that’s not what really happened. Why do you say that? Do you know something? Nothing for certain, but everybody knows how close sonny and jason were, that jason was his right-hand man. So jason taking a shot at sonny just doesn’t make sense to me. So if jason wasn’t gunning for sonny, then maybe he was still working for him… and maybe i was the intended target. It’s always something with you, michael. Save it. I’m not interested. Dad, you need to hear this. No. What part of “I’m not interested” aren’t you getting?! -I mean — -you heard your father, michael. He’s done talking. It’s time to cut your losses and go. Dad, you don’t understand — i do understand, michael! You sent dex to spy on me. Carly knew about it. The three people that I trusted the most went behind my back and betrayed me. W-we didn’t betray you, dad. We were trying to keep you safe. And then — then you kept the secret that nina turned drew and carly in to the sec because you wanted to blackmail her to stay away from willow and your kids. Why is that safe for me?! You’re not gonna answer? Because everything’s about you! Dad, that is not — now you come to me. Jason left dante at the pier to die! What is wrong with you?! You’re working for agent cates? In what capacity? As an informant. For the fbi? Yes. Well, h-how did this arrangement come about? Look, jason, I don’t know how the hell you’re involved with cates and the fbi or how you wound up on a roof with a sniper. But if there is any chance that I can help you, you have to tell me the truth. You have to know that you can trust me. I know. So, after the tunnel collapsed on cassadine island, you know, I couldn’t — I couldn’t make it back to britt and the others. And I found my way out. Anna? Wh– go on. No, I-I saw it in your face when I said britt’s name. What is it? What is it? What’s wrong? Oh, I’m sorry. Britt, um… she died. She died, jason. She was murdered. Um, it was new year’s eve 2022. I’m sorry.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Do they know — do they know who killed her? Yeah. The killer is in custody. I’m really sorry. I’m so sorry, jason. You need a minute? Britt, uh, she just… you know, she just had such a great smile. Yeah. I mean, I didn’t know her like that. And I-I’m glad you have that memory of her.

[ Sighs ] So I made it, um, out of the tunnel. And then I started back toward the main house. And that’s when… two fbi agents stopped me… …and placed me under arrest. Beth, I’m gonna need you to hold down the fort for a little while. I will be back as soon as I can. -Sure! -Thank you. Where — where are you going? I’m going to see that jason’s okay for myself. You can’t do that.

What does that mean, dad? “Back off”? Do you want us to stop helping you?

[ Gregory sighs ] Your father obviously has something to say. Let him talk. Thank you, brook lynn. At lest someone in this family is paying attention to what i want. Don’t do that. Don’t — don’t look at each other like you’re worried that n-not just my body is going, but my mind, too. Dad, that’s not what we think. Of course not. We’re just — we’re worried about you. I know you are. And I love you both for… caring so much about me. We all do. But but I am not an invalid… and I refuse to be treated like one. Understood. And I’m sorry if we made you feel like that, dad. That wasn’t our intention. I know that, too. It’s — it’s only natural to want to… swoop in and…take care of someone when they’re sick.

[ Sighs ] But you both — you both have lives to lead. And I won’t let you put them on hold because of me. No one’s putting anything on hold, dad. Aren’t you? Finn, you — you have patients who — who depend on you. You should be attending to them, not wasting your time sitting in on every single one of my doctor’s appointments. If I learn something important, I’ll let you know. Okay. And, chase, I know how worried you are about dante. He and his family need you right now. That’s where your — your focus should be. So — so go — go donate blood again. Or — or say a prayer in the chapel. Or maybe even take rocco to —

[ Coughs ] …To a movie. A-and help take his mind off what’s happening with his father. That’s actually a really great idea. I bet sam would love that. And it’d be good for you to hang out with rocco, too. Yeah. I’ll go talk to her after this. Good. Well, um, I’m gonna call a ride and head home, alone, which I am perfectly capable of doing. Okay, dad. See you at home! For what it’s worth… you may want to consider moving up your wedding date. Wait a minute. Now, are you telling me that you think that jason was following sonny’s orders when he shot you and tried to kill you? Why? Wh– what possible reason could sonny have for wanting you dead? I’m not sure. It’s just a theory right now. Is it your theory or is it somebody else’s? Okay, look — just looking at everything through a different lens, everyone assumed that what happened to me was — was bad luck, wrong place, wrong time. I believed it, too. But you don’t anymore, do you? I don’t know. Because ever since we found out that — that jason is alive, someone floated the idea to me that his death might be staged. If that’s the case, laura, that means that sonny has himself a hitman that can’t be traced. Doesn’t that have a certain logic to it? That depends. On what? On who’s posing the question. You really don’t trust anyone anymore, do you? Should I? Yes, you should! Look, I get that you’re hurt, but you’re seeing enemies behind every door, even when there is none! How could you possibly think that jason would shoot dante? It’s not like I’ve never been betrayed before, michael. Repeatedly. Why would I think jason wouldn’t do it? Because it’s jason! He has no reason to shoot dante! None that you know of, but it doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist, michael. Isn’t it possible that jason shot dante by mistake, that — that in all the confusion, he didn’t realize it was dante until it was too late? That would explain why he stayed and — and gave dante first aid right, sonny? Anything’s possible. Even forgiveness? Carly: Get out of my way. I don’t think that’s a good idea. He’s currently in police custody awaiting arraignment. He can’t have any visitors. That’s all he is to you, right? A criminal in police custody? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. You don’t know a damn thing about him! Jason has saved me more times than I can count. He would do anything — anything for the people he loves. Jason is the best person I know. I mean, if you knew anything about him — you think you’re the expert on everything, don’t you? But you couldn’t be more wrong. The name “jason morgan” means nothing to me. But jason quartermaine is a whole other story. They brought me to quantico, put me in a room with no windows, and, uh, john cates came in. And he played a recording for me. It was proof of rico violations and criminal conspiracy. They offered me a deal. Um… the fbi wouldn’t file charges… if I agreed to act as an informant. On sonny? No. That would never happen. There’s a company called pikeman. Pikeman security group. Yeah. Cates thinks that, um… pikeman has been selling illegal arms to rogue states and anybody flagged by the nsa. But…pikeman has really close ties to the wsb. I’m aware. That’s why the fbi investigation couldn’t be on the books. Right. Because if the wsb learned of it, then they risk them running interference for pikeman. So they couldn’t use a federal agent. They needed a civilian. You. Yeah, and another reason they couldn’t use an agent was pikeman promotes from within. So for me to get to whoever’s in charge, I had to start by signing on as a military contractor. So you’ve been working as a mercenary soldier. For how long? The whole time. I was at the warehouse. I was a part of the team that was sent to eliminate sonny.

Know how hard it wouldbe to change the wedding date? How much work that would take? I know. I realize it’s not ideal, but maybe you just want to give it some thought. Brook lynn has worked so hard on this. Everything has already been chosen from the menus to the color of violet’s rose petals. And who’s to say all this would be available on another day? Believe me — the last thing I want to do is disappoint you or violet. But despite what dad just said, he’s not okay. He’s having respiratory issues more often, and we just don’t know where things are going to from here or how fast. Chase, I think we should listen to finn, move up the date. You do? What’s important about our wedding isn’t what entrée we’ll serve or any of the other choices we’ve picked. It’s about having our family and our friends celebrating with us. And the sooner that day comes, the more likely your dad will be okay and really be able to enjoy himself. You’re right. Better get used to saying that more often when we’re married. And you are positive you’re okay with moving the wedding date? Absolutely. Any problems that come up can be solved. Your father’s most important. I’ve never been more sure that I am marrying the right person. Yeah. You, uh — you picked a good one. Well, family comes first.

[ Sighs ] There’s another problem, though. I mean, we can’t have this big, beautiful, elaborate wedding, not when dante is unconscious, fighting for his life. Wait. A-are you saying that we should call off the wedding? You can confirm that pikeman is targeting sonny? Yeah, I mean, they’ve tried three times that I know of — the metro court, puerto rico, and the other night at the warehouse. Were you present at any of these other shootings? No. Pikeman, they send a different team each time. So, they were prepping me and the snipers, so we had to review the two other failed attempts. That’s how I know about them. Do you know why? Like, why they’re targeting sonny? Pikeman doesn’t say anything. There’s no information. You know? The decisions come down from the executive, and it’s the guys like me that carry out the orders. Did john know? That you were assigned to eliminate sonny? Yeah. I told him as soon as I got the assignment. I gave him all the information I had — the time, the place, and how to access the roof. So when cates and I went into that warehouse to confront sonny and ms. Wu, he knew that you were on the roof with a sniper ready to target sonny? Yes. Bastard! “Jason quartermaine.” He hasn’t been called that in a long time. Maybe not, but it doesn’t mean that person never existed. You’re right… jagger. So, you used to live here in port charles, and stone was your brother. I didn’t realize that you knew jason. Were you guys friends? Yeah, for a while. And then we both fell for the same girl, and it all changed. You both fell for karen wexler? Yes. Okay. So you and jason competed over the same girl. So what? That was a million years ago. That’s true, but even when we were rivals, I always thought jason was a good person. I find it hard to believe that the jason I knew turned out to be sonny corinthos’ gun for hire. Yeah. At least he didn’t grow up to be a liar. It’s funny that you bring up forgiveness. You know I used to be an altar boy? No. Hard for you to believe, isn’t it? Dad, I’m — no, no. Just let — let me talk. Okay. Yeah. I’m listening. Father joe used to say that forgiveness belongs to god. Anybody else can put up or shut up. Um, exactly. That’s why I came here today, knowing the reception that I’d get. See, that — that’s me putting up. I’m willing to take whatever you have to say to me because it’s important that you hear about jason from me.

[Softly] I got your message. Go ahead and go. Okay. Fine. Look, if you need anything or just someone to sit at dante’s bedside with you, I’M… I’m here. I won’T.

[ Door closes ]

Just want to know why I amstuck in this wheelchair. I know. I know. Really. I get it. And I’m not saying that you should ignore the possibility that you might be the actual target. I’m just saying that, you know, you should be careful — because there are people out there who might be able to profit from you turning against sonny and jason. So before you pass judgment on them, consider the source. Of course, I don’t want to call off the wedding. You’re not getting out of marrying me that easily. We just have to come up with the simplest solution that works best for everyone. Look, I feel like I kicked the hornet’s nest a little here, and I — I’m sorry. Maybe I should’ve just kept my mouth shut. No. No. You were — you were right to bring it up. Dad was already worried about being a distraction, so the more comfortable we can make him, the happier he’ll be. That’s what — that’s what matters most to us. We want to do right by gregory and dante. I don’t know exactly what that looks like just yet, but we’ll figure it out. Okay. Well, look, I got to go check on some patients. Um, anything I can do to help, just let me know. Even if that means putting together new flower arrangements yourself? Especially if it involves that. Alright, I’m gonna go make some calls, get the ball rolling. Wait. I have to say something to you first. It means the world to me that you are being so understanding about this. But it’s also important to me that you have the wedding of your dreams. My dream has already come true. I get to spend the rest of my life with you. And as for the wedding, all of our problems can be fixed with one word — downsize. Why don’t you join me? Why not? You know, I always thought I could trust michael, but it didn’t seem to even bother him that he betrayed me. Lesson learned. Hard lesson. And now what I’m going through with jason. I don’t even know who he is anymore. How could he not tell me that he wasn’t dead for over two and a half years? I mean, maybe — maybe you’re right. Maybe he shot dante by accident. But it doesn’t really — does it really matter at this point? Not if dante doesn’t wake up. I mean, no matter what happens, jason is not the man that I knew. I think, um — I think jason stopped being that man the minute you got back from nixon falls and found him with carly. He may have thought you were dead, but he certainly got together with carly pretty quickly, didn’t he? Different kind of betrayal, sure, but… I think it further proves that jason just… isn’t a man that you can depend on anymore. Sonny. There is somebody else you can depend on, sonny. I might not have been fully transparent, but I was upfront about being an fbi agent, and I told you I was in town because I had a job to do. And that’s more than I owed you. So don’t go crying foul now. Oh, I’m not crying. I save my tears for people who are worth it. And you, john — jagger — or whatever the hell your name is, you are not. So let me ask you a question. Does the fbi know that you used to be friends with jason and you’ve always hated sonny? Because those are clear conflicts of interest. So if you had any integrity at all, you would recuse yourself from both their cases. And since you don’t, I want you to get the hell out of my restaurant. You go find your food somewhere else. I made sure the sniper missed. And I told him to leave his rifle. Cates said they could use it for evidence that would tie into some other aspect of this case. Yeah — it’s a mixed cache of weapons that went missing from the wsb. They’ve turned up at multiple crime scenes. One was found at the shooting at the metro court. Uh, we left the, uh, rooftop. We headed toward the waterfront. We were supposed to meet an extraction team on pier 50. Mm-hmm. And I don’t know. Somehow…

[ Sighs ] Dante must have seen us, caught up to us on the pier. He told us to stop, and I did. The sniper didn’T. I put my hands up. I turned around. And I knew that if dante recognized me, all the work I’ve done for the last two and a half years were gone. And he did. And that’s when the sniper shot him. Where’s the sniper now? He’s dead. There on the pier? Mm-hmm. Well… we didn’t find a trace of him. Pikeman’s people are very thorough. Okay. I guess that all tracks. Except for one thing. Once the sniper was dead and you’d called 911, dante was in really bad shape. Why didn’t you stay with him until the first responders arrived?

Downsizing would solve a lot of our problems, but it also means you can’t get everything that you want, everything that we’ve already planned. And you’ve been so excited about all this. I… I couldn’t ask that of you. The thing I am most excited for is getting to finally call you my husband — and I get that whether or not my grandmother hires a string quartet to play me down the aisle. There was gonna be a string quartet at our wedding? Surprise!

[ Chuckles ] Wow. Listen. The most important thing is that your father is there and that he’s well enough to enjoy himself. And if that means we have to have a smaller, more low-key wedding, even at the house, it’s fine by me. You’re really okay downsizing that much? Absolutely. And you know what? It actually saves me the headache of needing to deconstruct lila’s dress and sew it back together. I was kind of worried about that. I’m just gonna get a new dress. Don’t worry. I’m still gonna knock your socks off. Oh, I know you will. Because you look absolutely stunning in everything. Okay. This is your last chance. Do you want to back out? No. I am happy with my decision. I think I’m the luckiest man in the world. Don’t you forget it. Alright, then. I’m gonna let you get back to your physical therapy. I’ve interrupted you long enough, huh? No, no, no. Y-you were no interruption. I know you’re only looking out for me. And I’m grateful for your friendship. You’ll always have it. You know, curtis… I know that you want justice. But I think maybe the best way to go about it isn’t to go chasing after these shadows, but maybe rather to — to throw yourself even further into what you’re doing right here, right now. Just a thought. It’s getting late. We should probably call it a night. Yeah. We should. Gonna get sleep. It’s gonna be a big day tomorrow. Yeah. Um… avery and I have to get up early. We’re gonna go over her book report before school. Mm! Sleep well. You too. Ava. Yeah? I’m glad you’re here. I am, too. Excuse me? I heard that jason morgan turned himself in. I need to see him. I’m sorry. That’s impossible. He’s in with the commissioner. Jason: I was trying to honor my deal with the fbi. If I would’ve stayed with dante, I would’ve been arrested. I don’t think cates would have wanted that. And I’d been shot. And I needed a place to hide. I needed a place to heal. Look, I called 911 for dante. I knew the police recorded my voice, but I had no idea there was a shot of me on the roof with the sniper. I thought maybe I could go back to the fbi. If they couldn’t use me for pikeman, they could use me for something else. Is that what you were discussing with john? If dante dies… I get charged with capital murder. Then I will be of no use to the fbi if I’m in prison for the rest of my life. Don’t give up on dante. He’s a very determined man. And by saving him, you maywell have saved yourself.

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