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 commissioner, I’m sorry to bother you, but you need to get down to the station as soon as you can. Are you good? I’m relieved he’s alive, glad he turned himself in, but I don’t know what it all means. Neither do I, but I’m gonna get answers, for dante’s sake. Where’s jason morgan? Hi. You’re working? I am. I’m happy you’re here. I’m just taking over from my mom, and lunch rush is over, so we can actually talk. Um, I’m actually meeting someone. And I don’t have much to talk about. Oh, okay. That’s fine. I-I just — I haven’t seen you since I broke up with dex. Where have you been?

[ Sighs ] Where did I put it? Looking for this? Ah. I found it by the linen cart. Yes. Thank you. I’m telling you, between heather webber and the missing meds, this has been quite a day, and all on two hours of sleep. I’m so sorry, elizabeth. I-I’m sure it’s been hard on your family since we found out that jason’s back. Thanks, but you have nothing to be sorry about.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Everything okay? Oh, yeah, fine. Just michael texting about groceries. I can’t believe he has time to remember about apple juice. Right. I am almost completely out of everything at home. I can’t believe I’m so on edge. Can’t you? Come on, give yourself a break, elizabeth.

[ Chuckles ] Believe it or not, this is me giving myself a break. I just wish I knew anything about jason. This is special agent cates with the fbi. You do not have to speak with him without your counsel present. I don’t need my lawyer. Since when? She was with you when you turned yourself in. If you think by talking to agent cates without diane present that you’re gonna get out of this on a technicality — you’re waiving your right to counsel, is that correct, mr. Morgan? That is correct. Thank you, detective chase. I’ll take it from here. What the hell are you doing here?

My whole family is on edge, and jake is so moody and angry right now. About what? What’s being said on the news and online, and who knows what the kids are saying at school. He won’t tell you?

[ Chuckles ] Just wait. When they get to be jake’s age, don’t expect them to come running to you with their feelings. You have to dig, which I do, sometimes lovingly and sometimes with a pick axe. I’ll remember that. Hey, you’re a good mom, elizabeth. I’m sure you’re handling things the best way possible. I’m trying, but honestly, I’m as anxious as jake. I desperately want to know something, too. And I guess all I can do is hold my breath and wait like everyone else, right? Look, it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve been busy at the gallery, and you made it clear that you — you didn’t want to talk about dex all that much, so I just figured that, um, we needed space. Oh, I didn’t mean to push you away. I just know that you’re going through a lot, and I just miss you, you know? We’re not roommates anymore. You’re never on campus. We should hang out. I’m not ready to do that yet. It’s different. I’m not that much fun to be around. Oh, neither am I. That’s why it’s perfect. We can be downers together. I’m really sorry you’re going through it, joss, which is why I figured that we needed space. I didn’t want to pile on. Trina, you can tell me anything. I’m trying to. I didn’t want to say anything before because you were so upset about dex. Wait. This is about me? I’m trying not to put you in a difficult position over jason morgan because I know how much he means to you and your mom. This is about jason? Yes, joss, it’s about jason. Hasn’t it occurred to you that he could have been the one who shot my father? You’re telling me that jason agreed to talk to a federal agent without diane present? That’s what he said. What do you want to bet that cates is gonna offer jason a deal? You know what? My shift is up. Why don’t you go home and I’ll catch up with you later? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, chase! You are making all sorts of assumptions right now. You’re being really reactive, which is so not like you. Just — just take a minute, okay? And — and tell me what you’re really thinking. Tell me what you really want. I need to get out of here. I want — no, I-i need to see how my partner’s doing. Okay, then that’s what we’ll do. Let’s go. Why turn yourself in? To set the record straight. I didn’t shoot dante falconeri. The evidence says otherwise.

Jason didn’t shoot curtis. It’s just not possible because the shooter was aiming for sonny, and jason would have never shot sonny. Yeah, I don’t think you know jason as well as you think you do, because why’d he leave port charles? Why did he let everyone believe that he was dead? I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s an explanation, all right? I’m just grateful that he’s alive. Yeah. Lucky him. Trina — hey, josslyn, is mom here? Uh, no. She’s picking up donna, and I’m covering for her. What’s up? Uh…hey, trina. Um, I-I’m sorry about spencer. Thanks. You know what? Um, I gotta go. I… stay. Let’s talk about it. I gotta meet my aunt stella. You two take care. Everything okay? Yes, everything’s fine. What’s going on? Uh, okay, I — I have some news about jason. Take me through what happened. I was on the roof of the warehouse at 257 water street with the sniper at 8:00 P.M., Exactly like I told you. You sabotaged the shot? Yes, but he wanted to try again. I told him we didn’t have time, and I told him to leave the rifle. As instructed. So, what went wrong? Dante saw us somehow. Leave the area, he followed. He caught up to us on the pier. He told us to stop. I did. Hamish didn’T. I raised my hands. I turned around. Dante recognized me, and that’s when hamish shot him. It was a mistake to turn around and let falconeri id you, although as it happens, your cover was already blown. Sonny corinthos had video surveillance in the warehouse and a drone covering a roof. There is a clear shot of you right beside the man with the rifle, which adds conspiracy to the laundry list of charges you’re facing. Chase: There has to be a deal on the table. That is the only reason that jason would talk without a lawyer. You know what? I think that we should just take a moment before we go see dante. You’re still all amped up. You’re right. And the last thing I want to do is bring this negative energy into his room. I’m okay. You still have processed everything. You know, it had to come as a real shock seeing jason. Chase: It was a punch to the gut. Dante is fighting for his life, and in walks the guy who tried to kill him, lawyered up and angling for some kind of deal? Chase, I know you are worried about dante, okay? But you still don’t have all the facts and circumstances, so you can’t lose your cool or objectivity. You’re better than that. Not today.

Every day. Okay. So you tell me — what do you think of all this? I mean, for real? Honestly, I-I don’t know what to make of it. If jason shot dante, then he immediately turned around and tried to save his life. I mean, at least jason had the decency to turn himself in.

Oh, I’m sorry I’m late. Parking was awful. You been waiting long? No, not too long. Um, I was actually just texting you. Well, why aren’t you inside? It doesn’t look too crowded. Is that josslyn in there? Why ain’t you in there with her? I just felt like being alone. And besides, it’s really nice out, so… trina, were you texting me to cancel? Don’t you want to have lunch with your auntie?

[ Sighs ] It’s not you. I’m not feeling up to being anywhere with anyone. I’m sorry. Dealing with loss is tricky business, and grief is so personal and at the same time, universal. But, baby, that — that sadness and the pain you’re feeling — it’ll be different in the weeks to come, the months, the years. That’s the thing, aunt stella. Um… I barely know how I’m feeling from one moment to another. I mean, I mostly feel numb. Every now and then, I’ll feel pain or anger. But for the most part, I’m just walking through a fog. Oh. And I don’t really taste what I’m eating, and I don’t really care about much anymore. And I’m just really — I’m really going through the motions.

[ Sighs ] Like I said, it’s personal. And it sounds to me like you’re still in shock. Maybe. And this going through the motions is admirable. And I suppose you’re doing it because you feel like you’re supposed to be moving on. But the question is, how? Is there even a way how? Because I sure can’t see it. That’s why I asked you to meet me here. I’ve been worried that you’re taken this a little too well. I don’t want you thinking that you have to suffer in silence because you don’t, and you shouldn’T. Okay. Um… so jason contacted diane and asked her to meet him at the pcpd. She did, then jason showed up, and, um, look, he turned himself in. And it’s probably gonna be all over the media soon, but I just wanted to give you and mom a heads up first. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Um, I guess that it’s a relief. We know where he is and we know that he’s alive. But if dante dies and jason gets blamed… I mean, he could be set up for murder. Excuse me. I have to follow up on the inventory. -Elizabeth. -Yeah? Wait. First, you forgot this again. Thank you. My grandma always said I’d lose my head if I wasn’t attached. Well, especially when you’re super stressed. Look… I’m not trying to pry, but we both heard the same thing just now. I don’t know what to think. Is this a good thing jason did? Is this a-a strategic move? Couldn’t it be both? And how is jake supposed to take this? He’s so afraid that his dad is guilty, and I’m the one that’s been pushing him to keep an open mind about this. Maybe this was just a mistake or — or it’s happened for a legit reason. Well, you know, I can see that this has been a real challenge for your whole family, but I think before you tackle them, you should be clear with yourself first. What do you believe? I don’t know. I don’t know. I — okay, I want to believe that jason is innocent and that he turned himself in to clear his name, but… what do you think? I mean, you’ve known jason longer than I have. I mean, you share a child, but… you know, for what it’s worth, michael is his family, and dante is michael’s brother. Not only that, he’s sonny’s son. And everyone says that sonny and jason were like brothers. So, you know, putting all that together, I just — I can’t believe under any circumstance that jason would shoot dante. Just my two cents. Don’t give up hope. Thanks. I needed to hear that. Okay, the boys are getting out of school soon. Um, I need to get home so I can talk to them about all of this before they hear it from anyone else. Good luck. Thanks. I’m gonna need it. Teenage boys are such a handful under the best of circumstances, and these are not the best. Well, maybe it’s a — maybe it’s a pivot point, you know. Maybe jason turning himself in will lead to him proving that he’s innocent. Yeah. Feeling calmer? As long as you don’t bring up jason’s decency anymore. Okay, then I will bring up yours. You are far too good, too smart, to let your personal feelings interfere with your work. I know. That’s why I’m doing everything by the book. You know what? I’m actually really glad that you decided to leave. You’re a stand-up cop, but you’re still human. And you can protest as much as you want, but I know every bone in your body wants payback for dante. What happened to the sniper? He’s dead.

[ Scoffs ] I do nothave time for this. I have no idea when the police commissioner is gonna show up here, and I don’t want to be here when she does. So you need to tell me everything, from the time dante falconeri was shot on the pier until the minute you walked through the police station door to turn yourself in. I went to check on dante. Hamish wanted to leave. We’re supposed to meet the extraction team on pier 50. I told him to go without me. He pulled his gun. We exchanged fire. I shot him. We didn’t find a body. Did you dump him in the harbor? No, I left him where he fell. If I had to guess, when we didn’t show up, the extraction team came back and looked for us, and they probably took him. We know you gave detective falconeri first aid. We know you called 911, knowing they record on calls and knowing that they would eventually id your voice. Yeah, I called 911. I left the line open so they could pinpoint dante’s location. I stayed until I heard the sirens, and then I left. Why not call me? Why not come in? Why did you run?

Maybe we should reschedule. I can’t do this. Do what? Talk? Yes. I’m not up for exploring my feelings or even thinking about a way to get over spencer. Nobody’s asking you to do that, certainly not me. Your friends and family don’t want you in pain, but we — we don’t want you walking around pretending you’re okay. What if I don’t want to be okay? Fine. What if I never want to get over it? Ever? No. Maybe. I just know that I don’t want to let go of spencer. I don’t want to get over him, aunt stella. I loved him so much, and now he’s gone. Oh, my sweet little girl. I understand. And you think holding onto the pain is gonna keep spencer alive in your heart. Yes, it’s true. What you two had was special. And you loved him so very much. But spencer loved you very much, too. And he wouldn’t want — I don’t think he’d want his memory shrouded in pain. He wouldn’t want you to suffer because of him. But what if he was the love of my life? You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, and maybe it’s too soon to wonder about future love. So just focus on the here and now and leave yourself open to trying to heal yourself. I don’t know if I can do that. When I’m not numb, I’m angry. And I stuff it down because I hate esme, and I have so much anger, aunt stella, that it scares me. I-I hear you. And now that esme’s gone, you have nowhere to put it. I don’t even care that she’s dead. It’s like she got away with it, with blowing up our lives. And it’s not fair. No, no, no, it’s not. None of it is fair. But that anger you’re feeling — that’s gonna pass. It’s still fresh now because… there’s been no closure. It’s a shame that we weren’t able to give spencer a proper funeral. I know it may seem like some antiquated ritual, but it’s — it can help loved ones come to terms with their loss. The community coming together to bear witness and support those that are left behind. We gave spencer a memorial. Yeah. But I don’t think it was enough. I barely even remember it. Well, maybe it wasn’t enough. Maybe you should create one of your own, something special for you and spencer. We know that jason didn’t shoot dante because we know him. Okay? But we are the only ones. It’s all over the media that jason is a suspect in dante’s shooting and for possibly taking a shot at sonny, which missed, so that should be everyone’s first clue that this wasn’t jason. No, jason would never shoot my father. Yeah, I know that. You know that. Mom knows that. But nobody else does. And people are starting to blame jason for other shots taken recently. Well, they’re wrong. Yeah, michael. How do we prove that? Does jason have an alibi? I mean, where has he been? He didn’t tell mom anything. I haven’t even had a chance to talk to mom. W-what did she say? She said that jason showed up in her living room, he had been shot, and that they didn’t really get a chance to talk about anything because anna showed up with that fbi agent with a warrant to search the house. Yeah, I-I know about the fbi agent. Willow said that he was at the hospital questioning elizabeth baldwin about jason. Well, thank god jason turned himself in before they questioned us, except I kind of wish that they had. I would have loved to have called diane and watched her tear into everybody. Speaking of diane, has jason not told her anything about where he’s been? No. No. No, she called me after she left the pcpd. She said they talked, but only about the charges that he’s facing. I asked her if she thinks she can get him out on bail. What did she say? Not to get my hopes up. Okay. Well, she makes everything sound worse so that her victory is that much better then. No, I hate to break it to you, josslyn, but I don’t think she’s exaggerating this time. It really is that bad. Look, uh, I-I should go update willow. Oh, by the way, does dex know that mom talked to jason? Uh, no. I don’t know why he would. I haven’t talked to him. Just go and be with your wife and talk to me later. Okay. Please? Okay. Bye. So I’m really cultivating wild yeasts and friendly bacteria. That’s why I have to keep feeding it every day. Pretty cool, huh? It looked like it almost doubled yesterday, and there are a lot of bubbles, so I think it’s about ready. Wanna see? No. The real test of the starter is if I can make a loaf of bread that rises. Once I master the basic loaf, there’s this chocolate-walnut recipe I saw. Dude, I don’t care about bread. Whatever. Fine. I was just trying to — trying to what? Make me feel better about my psycho dad?

[ Door closes ] Okay. When you’re right, you’re right. Absolutely. Wait, what? You’re agreeing with me? Look, I don’t want to do anything that could compromise this case. It’s too important. I just have to figure out what went down at the docks and how dante wound up with two bullets in his chest. I have to somehow figure this out. It’s — it’s not just for dante, but his family. I know. And you will. I just — I know it. You’re gonna figure it out and bring whoever is responsible to justice, okay? Let’s go sit with dante. You could tell him right now. You could tell him every day until he wakes up. Until he tells me to shut up already? That’s my job. Chase, you are really such a good man. I’m so lucky to have you. I’m the lucky one. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Don’t do anything to try to find out, okay? Let’s go see your partner. Dante saw me. He could id me. He had two bullets in his chest. You had to have known his chances of surviving were slim at best. I called 911, like you said. The police had my voice recorded. I couldn’t go back to the extraction team. If they hadn’t figured out that I killed hamish, they’d figured it out pretty quickly when they heard an apb out on me as jason morgan. You should have called me. I left the phone with dante. There are backup protocols. The sirens were close. I had to keep moving. Where’d you go? The bridge. The commissioner and i were already at the bridge when you showed up. You went somewhere else first. You went to carly spencer.

You got to the bridge aheadof me because I was shot and I was on foot. No. You were already at the house when the commissioner and I arrived. You heard every word of carly spencer’s epic stonewall. I went from the pier to the bridge. I already got a search warrant for the house. I can get another one. And you were bleeding. There will be traces of your dna. Jason, you agreed to full cooperation. This isn’t cooperating. I went from the pier to the bridge. Fine. You were trapped on the bridge. Why not turn yourself in? Why jump? The police commissioner was there. I didn’t think you’d want her or local police involved. I see. You were just being helpful. After you jumped from the bridge you disappeared. Where’d you go? Who took care of you? Hey, willow. I need to talk to you. Michael, I’m so glad you’re here. I just — I just overheard chase saying that jason was at the pcpd. Yeah, he turned himself in. Why? I thought you were helping him escape. Look, he turned down going to the keys. He said there’d be consequences if he left. Like what? I don’t know. I don’t know. He — he wouldn’t get into it, but it must be something severe if he’s willing to risk taking the fall for dante’s shooting,

[ Sighs ] I feel so guilty. I mean, I-I’m thankful that at least by turning himself in, he’s keeping danny out of it. I didn’t like agent cates snooping around, talking to danny. That was too close. But I guess it’s — it’s over now. Is it? Yeah, willow, jason would never give us up. Look, he didn’t say this, but I think that’s the reason that he turned himself in — to stop the search and eliminate the chance that we would be implicated in any way. He’d rather go to prison than have come down on any of us. I’m sure you guys have a lot of questions. I’ll do my best to answer them. I heard jason jumped off a bridge. Was he hurt? I heard that, too. And I don’t know. If he was, someone must be taking care of him because he hasn’t been admitted to gh. Is he going to jail, then? I’d imagine he’ll have to go to court. Of course he’ll go to jail. Well, we don’t really know that for sure. We know he was here in port charles, hiding. Why would he do that? I don’t know. I’m sure he has his reasons. Why don’t you just tell us the truth, mom? He turned himself in. That means he did it. My father’s a killer, and — and everyone knows it. I hope he gets life in prison so we can just go back to thinking he was dead. Jake, wait right there. Wait. I’m sorry. I’m sorry all of this is happening. I’m sorry for all of it. I’m just really sorry. I heated up your pie. Oh, thanks, darling. Of course. Can you sit a while? Oh, yeah, of course. I’m sorry that you and trina couldn’t have your coffee date. Oh, well, she had something important to do. Oh, is she okay? Yeah. It’s getting a little hard to read her lately, but I think she’s doing the best she can. I’m worried about her and, um… and what? I’m just not sure how to be her friend right now. Oh, you’re an excellent friend. And by saying that just proves it. You really care for trina. She’s my best friend. And you’re hers. But you’re gonna have to give her some time to process what she’s going through. I know you want to rush in, but you can’T. Yeah, I understand. Um, you know, when oscar died, I… everybody kept saying these motivating things to me to try to make me feel better, but sometimes that made me feel worse. So I learned that you kind of just gotta do that yourself. So you know how it is. Everyone has to walk through grief their own way on their own timeline. Our trina’s a strong young woman. She’ll find her way home. Hi, spencer’s grave. I’m sorry. I can’t call you spencer because… spencer’s not here. You’re just to stand-in, a tangible marker of the incredible life force that went by the name of spencer cassadine. But, um, no disrespect, but you are at a complete disadvantage because there’s no way that you could encapsulate everything that spencer was. But you’re all I got. So… hi, spencer. I suppose laura picked this spot because it’s near the water. That’s fitting, huh? She knew that you loved the water. Last time I saw you was near the water. Um… you know, sometimes I keep wishing that… I’d get a call… that you made it ashore somewhere, that this — this was all a horrible nightmare and that you’re fine. I know that’s not good for me,

[Scoffs] To fantasize about something that won’t ever happen. But I do like being near the water… …because…4 it’s calm, and it feels like you’re near me. God, even when it rains, it feels like you’re near me. It’s like you’re in the atmosphere of something, like you’re everywhere. But I feel like I’ve disappeared.

So we’re in paris, and I go to my classes in the morning, and you come to pick me up at the end of the day, and my classmates want to know, who’s my mysterious and devastatingly handsome boyfriend? Did I hear that he was a prince? But I play it cool. And we — we spend our free time going to museums, continuing our debate who’s better — monet or degas? It’s monet. And then we visit galleries and — and bookstores, and we dine at bistros, rating the coq au vin. And we just — we just walk around the streets of paris, hand in hand. That’s my fantasy. My reality — I’m back at port charles. I’m not in school. I’m living at home, and I’m working at the gallery. And these days, even art hurts. But I do it to fill the time so that I don’t miss you so much. Because I don’t want to say goodbye to you. How can I say goodbye to you when you’re — when you’re nowhere and everywhere at the same time? But I gotta try… …because if I don’t, I’m gonna drown, too. Jake, your dad — there could be all kinds of reasons about why he was away and why he came back, right? We don’t know. That’s basically the point. It’s gonna be okay, mom. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I said. It’s okay. I-it’s okay. You — you get to be angry, and so do I, ’cause this is hard. I’m just glad I have my boys with me so maybe we can help each other through it. Come here. Look, I know I-I didn’t give you much of a choice about helping jason. I mean, I didn’t have much time to think. I mean, he needed your help, and danny was already involved. Yeah, I-I’m not — I’m not blaming you. And I know how it came about, and I don’t regret it. I’d do it again. I hate what comes next. I’m worried about jason and his children, and I’m worried about elizabeth. Elizabeth? She heard chase talking about jason, and not only is she grappling with everything that’s going on, she’s really worried about jake and how all this is affecting him. I mean, he’s bound to be confused.

[ Sighs ] I wish we could tell them that jason didn’t shoot dante. No, no, we can’t tell anyone. Look, we have to keep quiet and let this play out. The booking report indicates a healing gunshot wound on your left side. It’s been sutured, apparently by a professional, so it couldn’t have been done by you. Who helped you? Was it your lawyer? Did she arrange something for you? Ms. Miller’s got quite the reputation of defending guilty clients and setting them free. But she would need to be a magician to get you out of this one if dante falconeri dies. Since the sniper has disappeared, you are on the hook for shooting a cop. That’s capital murder. You’ll spend the rest of your life in prison. But dante’s still alive. He could recover. You better hope he does. We have invested two and a half years in this investigation. We placed you inside that organization, and now your cover is blown. So if after all this time and energy and intelligence we don’t get anything back, the bureau will have no choice but to move forward with the evidence that leveraged your cooperation in the first place. And we both know you don’t want that.

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