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Holly lays in bed in her room and gets another direct message from Theresa’s account. She opens the message and sees that it’s Tate asking her to call him through the app as soon as she sees the message.

Tate lays in bed with Theresa’s phone and gets excited when he sees that Holly has seen his message, so he hopes that she calls him.

Tripp and Wendy remain locked up and trying to stay conscious. Wendy weakly tells Tripp that she loved exchanging vows but points out that they didn’t finish.

Ava is left tied up at the airfield and screams in frustration that Clyde is a lying bastard. Ava asks herself what she was thinking as she worries about losing Tripp. John and Steve then return. Steve tells Ava that he told her.

At the police station, Rafe tells Jada that Rebecca Goldman was the last person he ever expected to be on the dark side. Jada says being shocked was an understatement. Harris arrives at the station. Rafe and Jada question what he’s doing there. Harris reveals that he checked himself out of the hospital. Rafe tells Harris that he doesn’t need to do this in his condition and assures that they have this handled. Harris argues that they can always use an extra pair of eyes and there’s no way he’s going to lie in his hospital bed doing nothing.

At the hospital, Abe holds Paulina’s hand and prays as she imagines someone appearing in the room. Abe turns to look and the woman greets Abe. He questions her knowing him and asks if he’s hallucinating. Paulina then identifies that it’s Abe’s late wife, Lexie, and says she recognizes her from pictures. Paulina introduces herself and asks Lexie if it’s time. Abe questions what’s going on. Paulina asks if Abe sees Lexie, his first wife. Abe argues that Lexie died years ago

Rafe tells Harris that maybe they can use him so Harris asks where to start. Jada says she still can’t wrap her head around Rebecca Goldman working for Clyde. Rafe adds that they have an APB out for Rebecca and her car while they are also searching her records, though he’s sure she used a burner phone and she’s no amateur considering how she played them. Harris declares that they win this by skating to where the puck is going to be and not where it is now.

Ava questions how John and Steve got back. John responds that it took them three minutes to leave her goons laying on the side of the road as he unties her. Ava argues that she had no choice but John says she did. Ava complains that Clyde lied to her. John guesses that now Clyde is long gone. Steve asks Ava what Clyde told her about Tripp. Ava responds that he said Tripp is as good as dead. Steve doesn’t accept anything Clyde says and refuses to believe it until they leave no stone unturned. Ava blames herself as Steve yells at her to shut up. Steve declares that they have to find Tripp before it’s too late as they walk off.

Tripp and Wendy struggle to stay awake as Tripp talks about wanting to buy them a house one day and have kids as they say I love you to each other.

Holly remains in her room as she hears a noise outside her window. Holly then opens her window and is shocked to find Tate climbing up.

Abe recalls reading that Lexie was his first wife’s name but repeats that she died. Paulina confirms that Lexie died from brain cancer years ago. Paulina brings up that Abe and Lexie had a son together, Theo. Abe then questions if Lexie is there to take Paulina to the other side. Paulina tearfully declares that it’s her time but Abe refuses to let her go.

Jada can’t believe that she was a friend to Rebecca. Rafe notes that they took her word for it when she shot the drug dealer. Harris goes over how Rebecca was doing Clyde’s dirty work all that time right under their noses. Jada remembers Rebecca saying she had a sore arm on the night of the shooting at Lucas and she said she hurt it at the gym but Kate shot at the shooter so it all makes sense now. Harris admits she was good and asks if they’ve questioned Officer Phillips. Rafe confirms Phillips is not thrilled to be on desk duty but understands they have to investigate him too. Rafe adds that Phillips was furious and seemed shocked. Jada wonders what else they will uncover.

Tate climbs in to Holly’s room and hugs her, saying she’s alive and he can’t believe he’s looking at her. Holly tells him that he shouldn’t be there. Tate assures that no one saw him and asks what happened. Holly responds that she was in a coma but she’s fine now. Tate talks about thinking she was going to die and not knowing what to do. Holly holds his hand and says he doesn’t have to go anywhere. Tate asks if she’s really okay. Holly confirms that she is, so Tate then grabs her and kisses her. Holly can’t believe he climbed up to her window. Tate says he’s done crazier. Holly asks if he’s going to tell her what he’s doing there. Tate says she wasn’t answering his messages so he was running out of options. Holly says she just didn’t know what to say to him but she guesses she knows what she wants to say now. Holly then tells Tate that she’s really sorry.

Ava goes back to her apartment with John and Steve. Steve decides they have to call Rafe and get Tripp’s video to the police. John says no talk about Clyde’s escape. Ava says she doesn’t care what happens to her as long as Tripp is okay. John then calls Rafe and tells him that Ava received a very disturbing video of Tripp and Wendy being held hostage. John says the situation looks dire and asks Rafe if he wants to look at it. Rafe tells John to send it over as they hang up. John hopes Rafe can pick up on something they missed. Steve plays the video again for he, John, and Ava. Steve thinks he sees something in the video.

Tripp and Wendy struggle to stay awake.

The vision of Lexie asks Abe if he remembers when he last saw her, reminding him that it was in Heaven. Abe then has a flashback to that moment. Abe tells Lexie that he remembers now and declares that he remembers it all, including when he and Lexie met as partners in the police department. Abe excitedly asks Paulina if she knows what this means.

Tate tells Holly not to be sorry and insists that it’s fine. Holly argues that it’s not fine and that she’s ashamed because she should’ve known better. Holly acknowledges that Tate even told her not to take the pills but admits that she thought they were just harmless ADHD meds. Holly adds that she should’ve listened to Tate. Tate questions that being why she’s sorry. Holly asks if there’s something else. Tate then asks if she has any idea what happened after she overdosed as he reveals that EJ blamed him and said that he forced her to take the drugs, then had him arrested which shocks Holly.

Abe tells Lexie that they had quite the life together. Abe admits they had their ups and downs but they were very much in love. Abe brings up their son Theo and Lexie being chief of staff at the hospital. Abe jokes that he only seems to fall in love with confident and feisty women. Lexie tells Abe that now he needs to focus on the woman he’s committed the rest of his life to. Abe agrees and declares that Paulina is his life now and his everything. Abe repeats that he remembers their wedding. Abe says they have so much more life to live but Paulina loses consciousness. Abe frantically asks if Paulina is with him as her monitors flatline, causing Abe to panic.

Harris, Jada, and Rafe watch Tripp’s video. Harris calls it proof that Clyde is the mastermind behind everything because he knew if he took Tripp, he could get Ava to do anything he demanded in order to save her son. Harris points out that Clyde’s plan to take him out failed miserably and he thinks they have a criminal conspiracy on their hands with Rebecca Goldman. Rafe remembers that he had Goldman fill out the missing persons report on Tripp and Wendy and she listed herself as the point of contact, so if anyone reached out, it would go straight to her. Rafe instructs Jada to pull Rebecca’s GPS info from when Tripp and Wendy went missing. Harris gets a pain in his side so Rafe asks if he’s sure he’s okay to do this. Harris insists that he is so Rafe instructs him to call the prison to find out if there was any contact between Goldman and Clyde. Harris says he’s on it. Rafe hopes this leads them to something.

Steve tells Ava and John to focus on the gestures that Wendy makes behind Tripp in the video. Steve looks up sign language as he thinks that’s what Wendy was doing. Steve finds out she used sign language for “beer”. John points out the background and they realize there’s an abandoned brewery tank by the airport. Ava points out that they were just at the airport.

Holly questions Tate about EJ having him arrested. Tate explains that he was first sent to jail then an awful place for juvenile criminals and then a halfway house. Holly says she’s sorry as she had no idea. Tate tells her not to be sorry and to just help him by telling the truth. Holly questions what exactly to tell. Tate says that the pills were Holly’s and her overdose was because she took those pills and that he had nothing to do with it. Holly responds that she can’t do that.

Harris tells Jada and Rafe that he couldn’t get through to the prison as apparently there was a toxic chemical spill and their hands are full. Jada tracks Rebecca’s GPS and finds a location listed a dozen times since Tripp and Wendy went missing. Jada notes that it’s too far out of town to be a stop on her trail. Jada finds out it’s the brewery by the airport. Harris decides he’s going with Rafe. Rafe instructs Jada to find out any more stops that Rebecca made as he then exits with Harris.

Steve, John, and Ava go to the brewery. Ava prays while John and Steve get the tank open. Ava asks if they are alive. John tells Ava to just stay back as he and Steve head inside.

Abe tells Lexie that he remembers after he got shot, she appeared to him from Heaven and said it wasn’t his time as he was needed here in this life. Lexie responds that he still is. Abe cries that they need Paulina as so many people count on her, so she can’t leave. Lexie clarifies that she’s not there to take anyone, but to help he and Paulina. Lexie instructs Abe to close his eyes and feel the love inside his heart, then transfer in to Paulina. Abe sits back down next to Paulina.

Tate questions Holly saying she can’t tell the truth, arguing that they are talking about his life and right now, he has no life as he’s stuck in a halfway house for no reason. Tate shouts that he wants his life back. Holly then agrees to tell that the drugs weren’t his but says she can’t say that they belonged to her. Tate complains that they will still think the drugs were his then and asks why she can’t tell the truth. Holly reveals that she overheard Nicole talking to EJ when she thought she was sleeping and she was talking about how disappointed she would be if it was her drugs. Holly talks about what it did to Nicole to lose her baby and then her almost dying. Holly declares that she can’t do that to Nicole. Tate questions if Holly is going to sacrifice him and his future so she can keep up appearances. Holly says it’s not like that. Tate asks what it’s like then. Tate pleads with Holly to help him and then they hear someone trying to open the door.

Steve and John try to revive Tripp and Wendy while Ava calls 911. Ava prays while Steve and John are unable to revive them. Rafe and Harris then arrive. Ava cries as Steve and John continue working on Tripp and Wendy.

Abe cries for Paulina not to leave him as a nurse enters to check on her and sees that Paulina is suddenly breathing again and wakes up. Abe realizes the vision of Lexie has vanished and declares that he believes.

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