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Chanel and Lani join Abe in Paulina’s hospital room where Abe informs them that Paulina is not doing good.

Wendy and Tripp remain locked up as Tripp encourages that Ava and Steve must be looking for them by now. Wendy wonders how they will know they are there and worries about how long they have until running out of oxygen. Tripp points out that the danger is more in the carbon monoxide. Wendy wants to know if there is a chance of them dying.

Steve, John, and Ava wait outside of the prison. John says it’s time to roll while Ava prays that this has to work.

Two men inside the prison dump over barrels of bleach and ammonia as they then take off running.

Clyde lays on his bed in his cell reading a book until the alarms go off which excites him.

Lani asks how Paulina’s breathing is. Abe responds that it’s labored and the doctors were there earlier but there’s no change or update on a possible heart transplant. Lani suggests Abe go get some rest while she and Chanel stay with Paulina. Chanel promises they won’t leave her side. Abe says maybe later. Lani argues that Abe looks exhausted and needs sleep but Abe insists that he’s fine and wants to be there when Paulina wakes up. Abe tells them that the doctors say Paulina is running out of time but points out that thousands of other people are waiting for a heart transplant too. Chanel and Lani agree that they cannot give up hope.

Tripp encourages Wendy to take slow, shallow breaths. Wendy comments on him being so brave. Wendy tries to encourage that they will be okay and says even if they are not, she’ll be okay because she’s with the man she loves as they hug. Wendy then asks if Tripp believes in God.

Steve and John break in to the prison and confront Clyde in his cell.

Paulina wakes up and is greeted by Abe, Lani, and Chanel. Chanel asks how she’s feeling. Paulina asks about her grandbabies. Lani assures her that Eli will bring them tomorrow. Abe shows Paulina drawings that her grandkids made for her. Paulina jokes with Chanel about giving her more grandbabies. Chanel says to give her and Johnny some time as they just got married. Paulina tells Chanel to tell them about her if she doesn’t make it.

Tripp informs Wendy that Ava was run Catholic and it runs pretty deep in her family. Wendy says that she’s asking about him. Tripp talks about having patients at the hospital from all kinds of faith and backgrounds. Tripp says when he’s had to give bad news to someone, it seems the religious one are usually comforted by their belief in the afterlife and that God is watching over them. Wendy asks if Tripp believes that everything happens for a reason and that God is looking out for them right now. Tripp responds that he wants to believe that, especially now. Tripp can’t believe they’ve never talked about this and asks if Wendy is religious at all. Wendy talks about being taught to seek enlightenment through meditation and it was drummed in to her that life is beautiful and mysterious but also full of suffering and uncertainty, like right now. Tripp is sorry that she’s not back in China with her family but Wendy stops him and assures that she’s here because she’s in love with him. Tripp says he wouldn’t trade knowing her for anything. Wendy suggests they should write messages for their families just in case. Tripp says they have nothing to write on or with, so they’ll just have to trust that their families know they are thinking of them and love them. Wendy brings up that her parents already lost Li, so she’s their only child and she’s scared that they won’t be able to deal with it. Wendy points out that Tripp is Ava’s only child too. Tripp acknowledges that Ava has already been through so much with losing her other son. Tripp says right now, he’s feeling pretty religious and suggests that they both pray that their parents don’t have to suffer any more than they already have.

Ava waits outside the prison.

Clyde compliments John and Steve on their plan as they dress him up in a uniform and gas mask and get him out of his cell.

Lani asks Paulina how they can help. Paulina says she needs to talk to Abe so Chanel decides they will go get coffee and exits with Lani. Paulina tells Abe that she can feel herself slipping away. Abe tells her not to talk like that and to be positive as he declares that he won’t let her go. Abe cries that he loves her so much. Paulina asks Abe to promise to take care of her girls. Abe promises to look out for Chanel, Lani, Eli, Johnny, Jules, and Carver. Abe declares that he won’t let her down. Paulina repeats that she’s tired as Abe breaks down crying.

Wendy talks about how she was dreading going to the dentist tomorrow but now she wishes she could make that appointment. Wendy feels she took everything for granted. Tripp feels he did too and brings up times that he turned Steve down when he invited him over to watch a game or when Joey wanted to hangout. Wendy praises Tripp as a son and brother but Tripp feels he could’ve done better. Wendy talks about her parents wanted her to get married young and have kids but she pushed back against anyone telling her how to live her life. Wendy admits that she does want to get married and have kids, just on her own time. Wendy declares that she wanted to be a mom and a wife but now she’ll never get the chance, so Tripp asks her to marry him right now.

Ava waits at the airfield as John and Steve arrive with Clyde. Clyde praises Ava and admits he wasn’t sure she could pull this off. Ava asks where her son is. Clyde says all in good time. Steve argues that they broke him out, so now Clyde has to keep his end up and tell them where Tripp is. Clyde says not yet which upsets Ava. Ava then pulls out a gun as the two men who helped with the prison escape appear alongside her with guns. John questions what she’s doing as Ava declares that they are going to do this her way.

Chanel and Lani sit together in the hospital. Chanel cries that she can’t believe that this happening is Paulina just got through cancer, her surgery was a success and she was supposed to be out of the woods. Chanel says they were all so happy and Paulina was recovering, doing fine. Lani recalls Paulina seeming indestructible when she was little. Lani talks about having no idea that Paulina was going through Hell in an abusive marriage and being forced to give up her child. Lani brings up when she first found out that Paulina was her biological mother and she was so upset at her for keeping it from her but she knows it was done to protect her. Lani states that Paulina sacrificed her own happiness for her. Chanel points out that Lani would do the same for her children. Lani worries that her babies are going to grow up without their grandmother and they are too little to remember her. Chanel worries that her future kids won’t know her at all. Chanel asks what they are going to do since Paulina is the one person who loves them no matter what. Lani adds that no matter how many mistakes they’ve made, their mother still loves them. They agree that they are so lucky and declare that luck better not run out as they hug.

Abe asks if Paulina can hear him as she falls back asleep. Abe thanks her for giving him the best years of his life. Abe wishes he could remember all the times they had together, but instead he got to fall in love with her all over again. Abe tells Paulina that he loves her and always will.

Tripp and Wendy exchange vows. Tripp talks about finding the one in Wendy and that’s why past relationships didn’t work out. Tripp talks about being able to completely be himself and feel accepted by her. Tripp vows to love and cherish her.

Ava tells John and Steve that this is where they get off. John warns that she doesn’t want to do this while Steve calls it a big mistake. Ava declares that it’s the only way to save her son. Ava then orders the two men to take John and Steve back to Salem so they escort them away. Ava asks Clyde one last time where her son is. Clyde calls that an ace move and says it seems Ava is the only one who gets it. Clyde tells Ava that he appreciates her stopping John and Steve from double crossing her but says he still doesn’t trust her. Clyde says that once he is in the air, he will call her and tell her where Wendy and Tripp are. Ava points her gun at him and says that’s not going to work for her.

Chanel says she has to pull herself together before they go back in to see Paulina. Lani says that Paulina knows they are scared and they can’t fool her. Chanel calls it so messed up and wrong that their wonderful mother is in there dying while horrible people get to live. Lani calls life unfair and you have to play the cards you’ve been dealt. Lani encourages Chanel not to lose hope. Lani cries that if they lose their mom, they will have each other to be the strong, fierce, and powerful women that Paulina has shown them to be.

Abe tells Paulina that they need more time to make new memories. Abe knows he’s being selfish and says if she’s too tired to fight, it’s okay and that they will try to get along without her as he knows that’s what she would want. Abe cries that they will take care of each other as he holds Paulina’s hand.

Wendy begins her vows to Tripp. Wendy calls him her best friend and praises his qualities. Wendy says they are friends, lovers, and now husband and wife. Wendy vows to love and cherish him as they kiss.

John and Steve are escorted back to the park in Salem. Steve says this wasn’t part of the plan while John says they shouldn’t be surprised that Ava double crossed them and that it’s just like the Chicago case.

Clyde warns Ava that if she kills him, she’ll never find Tripp. Ava responds that Clyde will live but he’ll walk real funny for awhile and won’t be able to have any more kids. Ava asks where her son is. Clyde thinks he’s probably halfway to Heaven by now. Rebecca, the former Officer Goldman, then appears and grabs Ava from behind, stealing her gun and sending Ava in to Clyde.

Chanel asks Lani if they should go back in now. Lani suggests giving Abe and Paulina more time. Lani decides they should go to the chapel to say a prayer for Paulina. Chanel and Lani say they love each other.

Abe holds Paulina’s hand as she imagines someone appearing in the room.

Wendy and Tripp get weak and wonder how much time they have left. They agree to get married for real if they get out of here.

John and Steve charge the two men who were holding them at gunpoint.

Clyde and Rebecca Goldman kiss after they tie Ava up. Clyde declares that they are going to drive off in to the sunset. Clyde tells Ava that he’ll be thinking of her as he travels down the road to freedom. Ava asks Clyde not to do this and offers anything he wants if he just tells her where Tripp is. Clyde says he’s sorry. Ava shouts that she will kill him, hunt him down to the ends of the earth and slit his throat. Clyde says adios while Rebecca tells Ava not to bother even looking for her son because she made sure he’s good and dead. Ava screams as Rebecca follows Clyde out.

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