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[ Cellphone chimes ] Kristina: Sam! Hi. Hi! Hi. You okay? How are you doing? I’ve been so worried about you ever since we heard about dante. Molly still is at the office, otherwise she’d be here. How’s dante? I have good news. Great, thank you. That’s great, chase. Yeah. Will you — will you let me know when forensic has got any information on that hoodie? Thank you. Good. Call me back. Commissioner devane. I heard about falconeri. How’s he doing? Yeah, he’s — he’s out of surgery, so… good. Yeah. There’s been a development. Okay. Is that… jason morgan? That image was taken tonight from the roof of selina wu’s warehouse. Now we know who was shooting at sonny. I should be at the hospital right now. I’m sure pacing here is helping dante as much as pacing there would. Thanks. Like I don’t already feel useless enough. No, I just — I meant that your good thoughts are reaching him no matter where you are.

[ Sighs heavily ] Okay, yeah. Also, I would have said anything to get you to stop. I’m sorry. I — I don’t mean to make you… as crazy as this is making me. You have every right to be worried about your brother. In the meantime, my fellow nurses are sending me regular updates. See? Well, no change. No change. No change. That’s good, right? That means that he’s — what, that he’s stable? And you didn’t even go to medical school. And if dante’s condition changes, you know, for better or, god forbid, for worse, we will get someone to watch the kids and we will head right over to gh. Yeah. I know you’re right. I just… well, I — I just feel so helpless. Sorry. No. You don’t have to apologize.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Jason: Carly.

Hey. There you are. Any news on dante? Yes! Yes, yes! The best. Our son made it through surgery. Oh.

[ Laughs ]

[ Crying ] They’re getting dante set up in his icu room, and once that’s done, he can have visitors. Okay. Well, what are you still doing here? I know you’re dying to see him. Um… so excited to see him. He’s unconscious, and I — I just feel like I need a few more minutes before I see him like that. Well, you take the time you need. And then when you’re ready, he’ll know you’re there. I’m glad you two are here. Honey, any time. Yes. Always.

[ Knocking ] Uh, I’ll get it. It’s dex and joss. It’s okay. I got it. Hi. Come on in, guys. Hi. Have you been at the hospital this entire time? Yes. We had to give commissioner devane a statement, and I took him home to change. Lucky me, no one had cleared out my apartment yet. Look, I can’t thank you two enough for what you did for dante at the scene. Willow: One of the er nurses said dante might not have made it if you two hadn’t intervened, so thank you. So, um… are you… here with an update? Not about dante. Um, he was still in surgery when we left the hospital. But we do know something about the person who shot him. That’s impossible. Oh, my god. No, if — if this is jason, he would never work for anyone who would hurt sonny. Say, okay, listen. We know he was on the roof. We know the shots came from the roof. We know that dante falconeri left the roof to pursue two people. Assuming one of them is morgan, where would he go? Well, to sonny obviously, but he’s here. Or…sam.

[ Indistinct conversation in distance ] Anyone else? Yeah. There is one other person he would run to.

[ Shakily ] Jason? It’s me. It’s you? It’s really you? It’s really me.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Crying ] Oh, you came back!

[ Exhales sharply ] I’m sorry it took so long.

[ Crying ] What — what happened? Where have you been?

[ Grunts softly ] What are you wearing? You’re bleeding. Were you shot? Yeah. How bad is it?

[ Gasps ] It’s — it’s not bad. You always say that. Oh, god. Alright. Carly… the bullet passed through. I could use a bandage. Okay? I’m gonna be okay. I…have… a first aid kit I can get. I don’t want to leave you. I’m gonna be here when you get back. Promise me. Promise me you got to be standing right here when I come back. Promise me. I promise.

[ Grunts, inhales sharply ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Okay. Wait, wait. Uh, sam just texted me dante’s room number, so… alright. Let’s go. Yeah. I’ll see you later? Mm-hmm. I’m so happy about dante. Thank you. Thank you. Olivia. Sonny. I h– I heard what happened. Is dante okay? Yes, yes. He made it through surgery, but we’re just — we’re just going to see him in icu. Oh, thank god. I’m sure he’s gonna be fine. Yeah. Um… we’re going to see him now, so… oh, right. Y-yeah, of course. Sonny. Um, please give dante my best. Of course. Of course we will. Ava, what is going on? What the hell happened tonight? Excuse me? Maybe you could help me. I’m gonna meet you upstairs. Oh, right. Oh, wow. And I brought you a change of clothes, toiletries, snacks. Thank you. It completely slip my mind.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Um, call me the minute you need me. Both: Okay. Alright? Hey, mom. Yeah? What snacks? They’re not for you. I mean, for two. Hello there. Oh. Oh, hi. Hi. So… by any chance, have you seen sonny around? I, uh, I know he’s waiting on word. I have not seen sonny, but I did hear that dante made it through surgery and he’s in the icu. Excellent. Excellent. I take it you’re representing sonny’s associates who are in custody? I am. Yeah. Yeah, and I’ve got to update him on the situation, so I’ve got to go find him. Excuse me. Not so fast. Where do you think you’re going? When we found dante, someone had already given him first aid. They had elevated his legs, wrapped a sweatshirt around him as a pressure bandage. There was also a phone lying next to him with a line to 911. Hold on, s-so the person that — that shot dante also tried to help him? Yes, and they were also risking being recognized because dante could have seen their face. It looks that way. None of this makes any sense. Why would he shoot dante and then call 911? Maybe he didn’t want to go down for killing a cop. Wait, hold on. There’s another — another possibility here. What if… the shooter helped dante… because he knows him?

[ Monitor beeping steadily ] Dad! Hey. Hi. Hi. Oh! How are you? I’m fine. Only damage was to my coat. Because you’re — you’re lucky. You’re not bulletproof. How you doing?

[ Exhales sharply ] Frantic at first. When mom first called to tell me about dante, it was like… okay, now, isn’t this too much stress for the baby? Honestly, the way I see it, with this family, the sooner this baby learns to handle stress, the better, right? How you doing really? You know… it’s interesting how your body reacts to stress when you know it’s bad for the baby, right? And also pushing the stress down could make it worse, so… I don’t know, dad. I’m just doing a lot of breathing. I bet you are. But dante’s doing better and… seeing you helps. Right back at you. You take care of yourself, okay? Of course. How is my son? Mr. Falconeri is in critical condition, but his vitals are stable. Do you know when he’s gonna wake up? It’s too soon to say. Okay. You’re his parents. You go in first. Go ahead.

[ Sniffles ] Hey, son.

[ Crying ] We’re here.

I’ve — I’ve got to go find sonny. Not until you tell me why you’ve been avoiding me. I haven’t really been avoiding you. I just had a feeling that… perhaps you weren’t too thrilled with me right now. Did we have some sort of a knock-down drag-out fight that I’ve blocked out? ‘Cause I’ve been sober for a while now, and I think I would have known. No, no. I just know that you wanted me to represent finn in the malpractice case. And not only was I not able to do that, I was the plaintiff’s attorney, and I just feel that perhaps you’re a little… unhappy with me. What is wrong with you? It’s me you’re talking to you. I haven’t been disbarred for that long. I know how lawyers work. I know what they do, and you were doing your job. It’s not personal. I’m glad to hear it. If you were worried about this, why didn’t you talk to me? I know. And normally, I would have. Normally, I wouldn’t have thought twice about that. But this is finn we’re talking about, and I know he’s important to you. And you’re important to me as well. What I was really disappointed in was that I couldn’t represent him. Ah. And I do miss mopping the floor with you in court.

[ Laughs ] Yes, mop– mopping. I don’t think that word means what you think it means. Anyway, uh, if you ever did mop the floor with me, it certainly wasn’t as often as you seem to think. Oh, I know exactly how often it was, which is why I miss it. Yes, well, I miss going toe-to-toe with you as well, but jurisprudence’s loss is journalism’s gain. Well, journalism is about to experience another devastating loss. Sonny and selina were having a perfectly harmless, perfectly legal conversation when anna burst in with the fbi, guns blazing like some kind of raid. How terrible! Yeah, tell me about it. Well, that must have been frightening. I guess it was a little. So what were you doing there? I thought I could be of some use. Honestly, ava, what were you thinking? I had to be there. I was tired of sitting on the sidelines worrying that avery might end up as collateral damage or that sonny might… …that avery might lose her father. Okay, so what was this active role that you were playing? We had to sell the idea that sonny and selina were meeting with a mediator to settle their business conflicts. And how are you, the mother of one of sonny’s children, an impartial mediator? Well, I used to be in… you know, I used to be in t-that world, you know, so… yeah. …So who better, right? Well, I guess. There’s no way to know if it would have worked anyway because the cops showed up and that was that. Well, I can sort of see why you did it, but what if — if something had gone wrong, ava? Which it kind of did. You could have gotten shot too! Or…killed! Yeah. I guess… I guess I could have been. I mean, anybody could have been. We all had to duck for cover. I’m glad you weren’t! I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh. Aww. Look, I appreciate you coming back, dex. It’s a good thing you did, because you — you might have saved dante’s life. Not alone. Joss did just as much as I did. Well, honestly, I think the only reason dante was still alive when we got there is because of the pressure bandage. And the only reason he was able to even get to the hospital is because that person dialed 911. Isn’t it possible that whoever helped dante had nothing to do with the shooting, and maybe they were a good samaritan, and they just had their own reasons for not wanting anyone to know they were there? We left the pier as soon as the paramedics took dante away, but chase and the cops were there collecting evidence, and so they have the cellphone and the sweatshirt that was used as a bandage. Maybe it’s enough to track this guy down.

[ Footsteps approaching ] I’m gonna need you to lift your shirt.

[ Exhales sharply ] Okay. Yeah.

[ Groans ] Oh, I’m sorry.

[ Exhales sharply ] I’m sorry. I just — I… I’m gonna have to clean it.

[ Breathlessly ] It’s okay. Mm! I don’t want it to get infected. I just want to get it clean. Okay. Here.

[ Gasps ] I think it’s clean. Okay.

[ Exhales sharply ] How? How are you here? Jason?

[ Exhales sharply ] I wish I could call my mom and ask her how to help you with — no, no. Do not. Do not call bobbie. No. No. I can’T. She died.

[ Sighs heavily ] Bobbie’s dead?

[ Sobbing ] Yeah.

[ Knocking ] Anna: Police! Open the door.

[ Pounding ]

Yes, we saw him. He saw us, but we didn’t speak. He was with olivia and sam. They were all waiting outside the trauma room while dante was in surgery. Well, it was good of you to come to the house and tell sam and olivia what happened. I’m glad they got to see him. One last time? I can’t even think about it. I cannot think about rocco losing his father. I can’t think about avery and donna losing their big brother. But we all know that this could happen. And, yes, dante is a cop and he takes risks, but… we have to be honest here. This would not be happening if it wasn’t for sonny.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Crying ] Well… well, I’m obviously appalled. I can’t say that I’m surprised. Thanks! You always know just what to say. Yes, I do. Now, while a publisher certainly has the right to overrule an editor in chief when it comes to hiring individual journalists, this seems like a breach of trust. Yeah. Nina is all about trust.

[ Scoffs ] Alright, so an editor in chief has the right to determine who does and does not work for the papers. Right. And if she had recommended a columnist, I could decide whether or not to hire said columnist. That would have been one thing. But that’s not what happened. No. She made a unilateral decision. There was no collaboration. So what are you going to do? I’m going to not think about this right now, and I’m going to concentrate on my daughter and helping her through this crisis. Of course. Of course. Your family always takes first priority. But just so you know, you have a right to bitch about the… boss.

[ Chuckles ] So, bro… …opening day is… right around the corner, and I know you’re not going to miss that. Especially since it’s the yankees’ year. You know, I was — I was at the pub the other day, and the game was on. This one bartender is a huge sox fan, and we were joking around back and forth for a while. And by the end of the game, I found myself rooting for them. And I thought… “man, my brother is gonna kill me.” See, since you’ve been in here,

[Voice breaking] It’s like the whole world’s upside down. I’m so worried about sonny. I know that my marriage is not in [Scoffs] The best shape right now, but I love him, ava. I love him, and I don’t want anything to happen to him. And whoever’s out to kill sonny, I am terrified that he might succeed. And I don’t — I don’t want to have to worry about you too. Oh, you don’T.

[ Chuckles ] No! Rest assured, after this little misadventure, I’m laying off any derring-do for the foreseeable future. Okay? Oh, good. This is insane, right? I mean, I know that sonny has enemies. But this? Well, for what it’s worth, I think we’re getting closer to the truth. Wait. Does sonny know who’s behind this? Do you? No. I swear. Some idea then, ava? Come on. I need to know who is trying to kill my husband.

[ Pounding ] Carly, open the door. Big house, other entrances. Let’s try one. Yeah. Hey, what’s going on? May we come inside? Uh, not until you tell me what’s going on. You’re aware that dante was shot earlier this evening? Yes. We’re pursuing a suspect. Okay. Well, what does that have to do with me? I will explain. Maybe we come inside? Yeah.

[ Door closes ] Anna: I believe you’ve met my colleague, federal agent cates? Yes. Hello, agent cates. Ms. Spencer. Okay. What’s this about a suspect? You might want to sit down, carly. Why? What’s going on? Does something happened to one of my kids? No, no. Well, not as far as I know. No, it has nothing to do with your children. Then why do you want me to sit down? Jason morgan is alive.

[ Monitor beeping steadily ]

you know moreabout this than you’re saying. If I had anything concrete to tell you, I would. But I’m open to hearing theories. Well… you know, theories are just as good as random guesses right now. Just when we think we have a picture, new pieces appear and the pieces don’t fit. Wait. You mean, sonny and you? And selina wu. You know, I — I can sort of understand why sonny is not telling me any of this, but I would think that you’d realize how important this is to me. Even when things were good between you and sonny, he — he kept you out of his business dealings, didn’t he? Yes, he did. But you’re not in the business anymore. Well… I was. I know how it works. I know the players. Now, I know that it wouldn’t make sense for sonny to confide in me about anything else, but in this particular circumstance, nina, I’m — I’m a resource. I know this has got to be very frustrating. It’s got to be frustrating to feel like you’re on the outside looking in. But believe me, you do not want to be on the inside of this. This isn’t just about me feeling excluded, ava. Do you understand that sonny is my husband? He needs me, whether he wants to admit that or not, and I can’t even support him through this! Oh, you’re right. He needs as many people in his corner as possible. Then tell me what’s going on, and stop playing switzerland. Come on! The last thing I am right now is neutral. Then why won’t you help me with my husband? Diane: Your guards are not under arrest, either federal or local for now. Thank you for doing that. You’re still gonna have to answer some questions, make a statement. I cannot imagine agent cates is going to give you reprieve beyond tomorrow morning. Agent cates can wait till hell freezes over. My priority is my son. How is dante? He’s pale, defenseless… but he’s a fighter, you know? Sometimes that’S… not enough. Oh, come on, sonny. Come on. After everything he’s been through, dante’s not gonna give up on this life. Thank you. How are you? You know me, diane. I just want to find out who did this… and take care of the situation. And I’m not saying that you’re wrong… but you want me to let go of my anger for the sake of the family and because it’s not doing me any good. Right? Look, what I was going to say is that sonny knows that he played a part in what happened to dante, and, josslyn, that’s got to be killing him. I know that it’s his son, michael. Okay? But I have trouble feeling sorry for him when we constantly have to see the people we love get hurt. Something I’ve really started to learn since becoming a nurse… for a lot of people, it’s more bearable to be angry than it is to be afraid. So while you have every right to be angry with sonny, maybe it’s also a way to feel less afraid for dante. Yeah. Um…

[ Sniffles ] There was a moment on the pier with dante where… his heart stopped beating and we couldn’t get a pulse. Dex was doing the chest compressions. I was doing the rescue breathing. But he was shot in the chest, and there was this voice in my head that was saying… “what if you’re doing it wrong?”

[ Voice breaking ] What we’re the people who killed him? Carly: Is this some kind of a joke? Jason died in greece. That’s what we thought, yes. However — no. Stop. You don’t get to do that, anna. You don’t get to show up my house in the middle of the night and tell me that jason’s alive. I’ve been grieving him every day for the past two years. Yes. So do you have proof? If so, I want to see it. If not, get the hell out of my house. We have proof. Can we show you? That was taken earlier this evening on the roof of a warehouse at 257 water street. We confiscated it from somebody I believe you know — damian spinelli. Are you sure? You’re 100% sure that spinelli took this tonight? Within the past four hours, yes. And it’s real? Jason’s alive? Yes, and with your permission, we’d like to search the house for him.

After everything that we’ve been through… been through a lot… we’re friends, right? No friend — and it’s true, there haven’t been many…

[ Both chuckle ] No friend has been as loyal and generous to me as you have. Then help me with sonny. Have you signed the divorce papers? No, I can’t bring myself to even look at them, much less sign them. Good. Good. Don’T. No problem on my end, but sooner or later, sonny’s gonna insist. Don’t worry about that. We’re gonna come up with a plan. And what plan would that be? I’m gonna help you save your marriage. That would be amazing. I just hope it’s not too late. Why would you think it’s too late? I’m just afraid that the longer that sonny and I are apart, his feelings for me are… gonna f-fade… that he’s gonna force himself to forget what we have together. Or worse — he’s gonna decide to… move on with someone else. Well… we just can’t let that happen.

[ Both laugh ] Hey. Hey. Any changes? No. I wish. I wish. I, um… I just felt like I needed to stretch my legs a little. I’m feeling pretty useless in there. It helps him to know that you’re here. Yeah, I know. You look beat. Thanks. Do you want me to…? I’ll stay here. You can go home, get rest. No, no, no. I’m not leaving him. Sonny, why don’t — you’ve been here all night. Why don’t – why don’t you go home and get some rest? Nah, I think I’m gonna stick around for a while.

[ Amelia crying over baby monitor ] Thank you. Oh, I’d better handle that before amelia wakes wiley. Can I come with you and give my niece a hug? Of course you can. You know, my sister’s crazy about you. The feeling’s mutual. But you’re not sure you’re gonna stay. It’s not about what I want, it’s about what’s best. For who? For joss. You tried to tell me months ago, and you were right. Our lives are just too different, and… the best thing I can do for joss is to leave and stay gone. You want to search my house for jason? We do, yes. I — I just found out that he’s alive. I don’t even know if I believe you. I don’t know that spinelli gave you that footage. I don’t even know if it’s real. Well, jason is familiar with this house, right? The physical layout, the security system? Yes. So it’s possible that he slipped inside without your knowledge. You’re not searching my house! You don’t have my consent. You don’t have my permission. And if you don’t get the hell out of my house, I’m gonna call my lawyer. We asked as a courtesy, ms. Spencer. We don’t need your permission. We have a warrant.

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