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Laura. How’s dante? Have you heard anything? Not yet. He’s still in or. But dante is in the best possible hands here. You couldn’t ask for a better surgical team. I just spoke to anna. The search for dante’s shooter is ongoing. They found a few key pieces of evidence, and they’re following up. The fbi is also involved. It’s a joint operation.

[ Voice breaking ] Okay, good. When they find the monster that did this to my son, I want them locked up for the rest of their life. The doctors are doing everything they can for dante. I know… we both know how stubborn he is. I know… he’s going to fight this. I know, I know. We just got to keep the faith.

[ Sobs quietly ] And thank you, honey, for being there for me. I-I-I would be falling apart if it wasn’t for you. But what about you? Who’s holding you up? We all are. Hi. Hey. What are you doing here? It’s — it’s late. I told you you didn’t have to come. Dante’s my stepbrother, and I’ve known him my entire life. I would be here even if I wasn’t engaged to you, but I am. I can see you’re really worried about your partner. I’m with you, chase. When you hurt, I hurt. Hey, thanks for coming so quickly. Wow. Oh. Of course, of course. Pilar took donna home with her for a sleepover. Yeah, um… um, sorry. Um, I came right over. Yeah. Dante’s still in the or, and his family is gathered at G.H., So sam asked me to watch the boys. But have you heard from sonny? No, no, I reached out, but I-I don’t want to push him and olivia, I just don’t, you know. So is there anything I can do here? How are rocco and — danny: Rocco, what the hell? You can’t just throw things because you’re mad you lost. You cracked the screen! Bill me. Hey, dan, don’t — don’t — don’t worry about the game, man. Let me — uh… yeah, we’ll — we’ll fix it or get you another one or something. I don’t care about the stupid game. Rocco’s really hurting. He doesn’t know how to deal with this. He just wants his dad. It’s impossible… both that he’s alive and working against sonny. Spinelli, who exactly did you see on that screen? I saw a dead man walking. What are you talking about?

[ Key clacks ] Oh, my god.

[ Key clacks ] It’s him. Spinelli, it can’t — it can’t be, can it? Pixels don’t lie. It’s him, isn’t it? It’s jason. It looks like jason. Yeah. Yep, that’s what I said. But it’s a picture. Any digital footage can be manipulated. Why would i believe… …that this is him?

Well, I’m sure that olivia is relieved that leo’s away with ned right now. Yeah, ned had a business trip in australia, and leo was off school, so he took him to see the great barrier reef. Oh. Now they’re on their way back, obviously, after hearing the news about dante. So it’s just rocco and danny here with you? Yeah. I’m really worried about them, carly. I mean, rocco is an emotional kid. He wears his heart right on his sleeve. Okay, what about danny? Well, danny just pretends like he doesn’t have any feelings at all.

[ Cellphone rings ] Sam. How’s dante? Uh, he’s the same. I was just checking in to see how the boys are doing. How’s danny? Well, he’s, um… he’s doing his best. He’s — he’s trying to hang in there for rocco’s sake, you know, but it’s not easy. And rocco, how’s he doing? He needs a hug. Thank you for staying there. Help is on the way. Bye. Laura, can I talk to you for a second? Of course. Can I ask you for a favor? Anything. Can you leave? Can I get you anything? When was the last time you ate? You sound like olivia. Look, I don’t need food. I need to feel like I’m doing something. I should be out there, going after whoever shot dante. But anna thinks you’re too close to the situation, and she’s right, detective. Let her handle it. You’re right where you need to be. I just feel so helpless, pacing around, not doing anything. Like, I need to feel like I’m helpful. I’m gonna go — I’m gonna go donate some blood. If dante doesn’t need it, then somebody else will. Call me immediately if you find anything out. I will. You were in law enforcement a while. I was. Were you ever in a similar situation where a partner or someone you were close to got shot in the line of duty? More than once. And it was a nightmare every time. Jason’s alive.

[ Breathes sharply ] He didn’t die on cassadine island. Clearly, he survived the tunnel collapse. How? And if he’s alive, why hasn’t he come home? I-it makes no sense. Jason would never willingly stay away from me.

[ Pounding on door ] Man: Fbi! We have a search warrant!

[ Computer beeps ]

[ Door thumps open ] That was my first thought, too, that th-this has got to be some kind of deepfake. That’s the only thing that makes sense, ava. Mnh. Spinelli verified it. It’s live footage pulled directly from the drone camera. It hasn’t been doctored, sonny. It’s real. Well, you know what? If that’s true, not only is jason alive, he was at the warehouse tonight, working with the shooter. And you were the target. Which means you — your best friend… …is now your enemy.

I don’t know why we don’t have an update yet. What the hell is taking so long? Well, it’s a complicated surgery. Not having an update isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I know, I know. But I’m going out of my mind. Ah, sam, I just want to know what’s going on in there. You know what I was thinking about — what we were talking about earlier… yeah. And you were telling me how strong dante is…

[ Laughs ] …And how much it took for him to come out of that ptsd. Oh… you know he did that. He did that for you. He came back to you. You had a lot to do with that. Well, I’m still here…

[ Sobs ] …And dante is still here.

[ Voice breaking ] And he’s a fighter. He’s not going to give up now.

[ Sniffling ]

[ Sighs ] Chase is a cop. I mean, I’ve always known that, so I’ve always known intellectually that what he does is dangerous, that he’s taking a risk every time he goes to work, but somehow, I convinced myself that he would be safe, you know, that nothing terrible would ever happen to him. But chase has always said that dante is the best cop he’s ever known. You know, smart and — and prepared. So if something like this could happen to dante, then it… you know what? Forget it. It’s about dante. This isn’t about my paranoia. Listen, you were right when you said that chase’s job carries risks. But if you have questions about that, then you really need to talk to him. Chase in no condition to deal with that right now. He’s focused on dante, and I don’t want him to misconstrue why I’m asking, you know, think that I don’t support him being a cop. I get that. You were in the line of fire, putting your life on the line while your family was home, waiting to see when — or even if — you’d ever return, so how did you make that work? Well, you just said it. It’s work. And to be completely honest with you, my relationship to curtis failed in part because I tried to compartmentalize my job from him, and it only drove us apart. Sounds like you have some regrets about that. Yeah, it’s water under the bridge now. But my advice to you is learn from my mistakes. Let chase know that he doesn’t have to shield you from the risks of his job. But at the same time, you have to be honest with him. Don’t withhold your feelings or lie about your fears by denying what you’re feeling. It’s good to see you, laura, although it would be nice if it was under different circumstances. Yeah. Any word on how dante is doing? I wish I had some news for you guys, but, uh, when I left the hospital, he was still in surgery. Okay. Well, hopefully we’ll be getting some news soon. Yeah. Thank you for coming. I’m assuming sam filled you in. I’m aware of the situation. Okay, all right. Well, that’ll make it a little bit easier. Well, drew has been with both the boys since they found out what happened to dante, and he’s been doing great, but they’re two different boys, so they have two different needs. I-I couldn’t agree more, and I’m here to help you, so, uh, may I suggest that we divide and conquer? I will talk to my grandson, and you two can focus on danny. Okay. Great, thank you. I heard your voice, grandma. Hi, sweetheart. Is my dad okay? Uh, honey, um, he was still in surgery when I left the hospital, but he has the very best team of doctors, and they’re doing absolutely everything they can. Okay, look, look, I know you’re old enough to know the truth, right? I guess the truth is that your dad has quite a fight on his hands. Agent cates. It’s a, um… honor to finally make your acquaintance. Your reputation precedes yourself. I’ve heard about you. Damian spinelli, computer genius and known associate of sonny corinthos. I-I mean, I don’t want to say “genius.” I dabble. And you are? Uh, a friend who, uh, has no idea what’s happening. In fact, she was just leaving. She’s here, so she stays. Mr. Spinelli, we found your cameras all over the warehouse at 257 water street. They were run through a lot of proxy servers, so we couldn’t get a trace, but fortunately, we were able to identify your dna on the hardware. Should’ve worn gloves. You seem like a decent guy, and someone who’s smart enough not to ruin the rest of their life on this. I have no desire to fold you into sonny’s problems, but I’m tracking a team of gunmen, and you’re the best lead I have. So if you will kindly show me what’s on that footage… you know, I-I… as much as I would enjoy cooperating with the fbi, I-I regretfully, um… I cannot help you. If the footage is real, it doesn’t make any sense. We’ve always had each other’s back. If we had a problem with each other, he’d come face to face and tell me, not shoot me from a safe distance. I know how you feel about jason. I know that he — he was like a member of your family. And that was no secret. And a lot of people knew that, right? Maybe somebody is trying to use that to their advantage. Jason would never let himself be used against me. I understand that you want to believe that. But you said it yourself… jason was there when that shot was fired at you tonight in that warehouse. So either somebody is holding something over his head or — or what, ava? Or jason chose to be there, sonny, of his own free will. You don’t know jason like I know him.

[ Voice breaking ] We’ve been through a lot. He wouldn’t do that to me. Okay. Then I guess you got to ask yourself something… why hasn’t jason come to you to warn you when he knows that those people want you dead?

Put it back. Put what back? Whatever you deleted from the surveillance footage. I’ve deleted nothing. I-I couldn’t if I wanted to. There wasn’t time. I mean, you — you’ve been here the whole time. Have you seen me do anything?

[ Scoffs ] I don’t understand how any of this stuff works.

[ Sighs ] How’d it go? Good. I was able to donate some blood, clear my head a little. I’m glad. Uh, what did I miss? Hey. How’s dante? I’m being told that the surgery is going well, but there’s a lot of damage. How much damage? Well, he has trauma to his heart and to his lungs. He also has broken ribs and sternum. But dr. Erickson and his team are making progress, and dante’s vitals, they’re good. So he still has a chance? Hey, I gotta take this, okay? Yeah. Uh, danny, can you, uh, hold up a minute? I guess. I’m not doing anything but waiting. Why? What’s up? Just wanted to check on you, see how you’re doing. I mean, I’m sure you’re trying to stay tough for rocco’s sake, but I know you’re close with dante, so this must be pretty hard for you, too. He’s rocco’s dad. I know. But he’s a big part of your life. It’s okay to admit that you’re upset and that you care. I’m fine, but I got a lot of homework, so… anyone ever tell you you’re just like your dad? So I understand there was a little incident with a video game tonight? Danny’s a jerk for whining to you guys about it. I didn’t mean to break the stupid game. No, no, danny didn’t whine about it at all — I swear to you, he just — he’s worried about you, and so am I. I’m fine. What video game were you playing? You wouldn’t know it. Oh, you might be surprised. I know more than you think.

[ Chuckles ] I’m actually something of an expert at, uh, “super mario brothers.” You are?

[ Chuckling ] Yes. Well, you know, your uncle lucky and his cousin sly used to play it all the time when they were growing up, and so one day, I decided to just have a go at it because I wanted to know why they liked it so much. And, well, I have to say, I ended up getting a little bit addicted.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] How addicted? Well, it’s not like anybody had to do an intervention for me, but I did play a lot.

[ Both chuckle ] Yeah, I know, and then in the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing at all, of course, but I picked it up really quickly, and I’ve actually been known to do a few speed runs.

[ Chuckles ] I kinda want to see that.

[ Laughs ] Well, maybe we should play together someday. Yeah. My dad is really good at video games, too. Maybe you can play with us once he’s better. We can talk about what’s going on with your dad if you like. I’m here to listen. I don’t think I want to. Okay, sweetie.

[ Sighs ] But, you know, I just want you to know that it’s — it’s okay to be scared right now because it’s a scary situation. Danny isn’t scared. I don’t think I would say that. Um… he may not know how to show it, but I know he’s scared. I am, too. Any more bright ideas? Yeah, but it worked, didn’t it?

[ Stammers ] And you didn’t see me do anything untoward, so you’re in the clear. Just follow my lead, and everything will be fine. Let me guess. You rigged your equipment with a kill switch just in case you got caught. Wait a minute. Huh! Hm? You’re john cates, the one who used to live in port charles. I am. Why? I-I just remembered how much my stepdad used to talk about you. He really likes you. Who’s your stepdad? Mac scorpio. You’re maxie jones?

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. Wow! It has been a long time. I’m sorry it took me so long to recognize you. Uh, mac is out of the country. Otherwise, I’m sure he would love to see you. He respects you so much. Oh, well, the feeling’s mutual. So I’m sure you can understand — growing up with mac as a stepdad, I would never do anything to impede an ongoing police investigation. So if you could just take these off and we’ll forget this ever happened?

[ Sighs ] How about this? You give mac my best and tell him that I’m sorry that I had to arrest his daughter for obstruction of justice. If it is jason, he probably has a motive, has a good reason for doing what he’s doing. Maybe he’s counting on you believing that. If jason is involved in some plot to kill you, then you giving him the benefit of the doubt, that would give him time to set another plan in motion. Until we have more information, we’re just guessing. I got to go see dante. I’ll see you. They were lying in wait for you tonight, sonny. Not so very different from what happened in puerto rico. And you said it — it has to be somebody on the inside, somebody with an intimate knowledge of — of your property and business. And who knows your operation better than jason? Ava, you’re not judge and jury! No, I know. Believe me, I don’t want jason to be guilty here. I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. Well, that’s what I’m trying to do. It doesn’t add up. No.

[ Breathes deeply ] This mystery man behind the attacks… doesn’t he go by the name “stone”? And didn’t spinelli often refer to jason as “stone cold”? Sonny, jason never hesitated to pull the trigger when it meant protecting you. What if he’s come back, and he’s ready to use those same deadly skills and knowledge… to take you out?

You know… your dad dedicated his life to helping other people. So many people’s lives are better because of what your dad does every day. Never — never forget that. You can always be really proud of him. I am. Yeah. My dad’s the best.

[ Chuckles ] But what if… honey, we don’t know what life has in store for us. You know, sometimes bad things happen, as you know. And when they do, the only thing we control is — is how we react to them. You haven’t given up hope of your mom waking up from her coma, have you? Of course not. Okay, then how can we give up on your dad? Right? He’s getting the best possible care at general hospital. So what we need to do, the best we can do, is to stay as positive as we can while we wait for the news. And I will be here for you as long as you need me to be. I love you, grandma. I love you, rocco. So much. Sometimes my mom says I do kind of remind her of my dad. Yeah. You’re more like him all the time. Especially tonight. What — what do you mean? Can you sit? Well… …it’s not that you don’t feel things, right? You just don’t want to show your feelings. And jason was like that. You know, if he let himself react, he was afraid that he might lose control and he might hurt himself or someone else, and he didn’t want to do that, so he would just shut down, you know? And — and he would just be okay. Be the one that handled everything. There’s nothing to handle. All we’re doing is waiting. Okay. A-are you good at waiting patiently? Uh, not really.

[ Chuckles ] Neither was your father. Okay, that’s not true. Everyone says he could wait for something, no matter how long it took. Yeah, but that was discipline. I mean, jason was not naturally patient. If anything, he was just the opposite. Jason’s first impulse was to run right at something. I guess that’s why we got along so well, because that’s my first impulse, too. That does kind of sound like me. Yeah? Okay, then, well… I know what it’s costing you to sit around here and wait… …but it’s where you should be. Because whether he’ll admit it or not, rocco needs you. Thank you, dr. Robinson. Of course. Look, you heard portia — dante has a chance.

[ Sighs ] Oh, I know. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m just out of my mind right now. It’s — it’s just — it’s surreal. You know, a couple of hours ago, we were eating cake and laughing at scout’s birthday party. Now, in the blink of an eye, my son is in there fighting for his life.

[ Sobs quietly ]

[ Sniffles ] I appreciate you insisting on staying with me, but it could be hours still. Go home. Get some sleep. I don’t want to leave. I know, it’s just — it’s just what? Talk to me, chase. This isn’t what you signed up for. I chose this life. I knew the risks of becoming a cop. You didn’t choose this. Look, I need you to know… that it’s not too late for you to say that this isn’t the life that you want. Dante is a good police officer and an even better man.

[ Sighs ] Being here like this, waiting for word on a cop who’s been shot… I just can’t help be reminded of another late night when another great cop was shot in the prime of his life… and he didn’t survive. Mm. You’re talking about nathan west. Well, I never got a chance to meet him, but everything that I heard — sounds like a remarkable man. Yeah. He was. And I hate that he never got to live his life with maxie, be a dad. Another hero cop gone too soon. But then again… everyone who puts on the badge and lives up to the motto is a hero in my eyes. Maxie had nothing to do with this. D-do whatever you want to me, but please leave her out of it. Spinelli, look. I appreciate you trying to save me, but if you’re going down, you’re not going down alone. Damian spinelli and i are a team. We are? Yeah. We are. And since you have no evidence against us — because you deleted the file? That’s only a temporary setback. We have experts, too, mr. Spinelli. And although it might take us a while, we will recover the footage that you deleted, and then we will follow it wherever and to whomever it leads. I know that it must be unbelievably painful to even think that — that jason might betray you, but there’s an awful lot of evidence here. Cir– circumstantial evidence. There’s no way that the man who I trusted more than anybody in the world would stab me in the back. Try not to be emotional about it. Just look at the facts, okay? Before jason left for cassadine island, there was a distance between you. Things had changed. They were tense even, right? We had disagreements before, yeah, but, I mean… maybe so, but all the evidence here, it — it leads to one conclusion… …somehow… jason survived that tunnel collapse… he’s come back to port charles to settle the score… …and you are playing right into his hands.

you’re right about one thing — I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I fell in love with a cop. I am scared to death every single day that the next call that comes in about an injured officer could be you fighting for your life. I understand. It’s a lot to ask of someone. It’s not an easy life. So if — if you want out… who says I want out? You just — you just said that. I said I’m scared, and I am. But… I also love you too much to try to hide this fear from you, or start our marriage by being anything other than completely honest with you, so…I’m sharing this fear with you. But if you and I are going to be husband and wife, then I want to share everything with you, including my fear of losing you, so don’t tell me to go, okay? Promise me you will never tell me that. Okay, I promise. I sometimes wish that dante would have become an executive. You know, he could have worked for drew at aurora or ned at elq.

[ Laughs ] He would hate every minute of that. Okay, well, then he could have learned a different trade. He could have been a mechanic or a plumber or something. You know, all of his uncles were mechanics. All of them. He never had the feel for it. And if you can’t figure out how to fix a car, you’re probably not going to have a lot of luck fixing plumbing.

[ Chuckles ] I know, what about — what about a baseball coach? That’s perfect for him. He would love that. See?

[ Breathes deeply ] But not as much as he loves being a cop. It means everything to him. It’s everything that he believes in. You know, I swear to you, sam… when he told me that that’s what he wanted to be, I burst into tears. I begged him. Anything, anything else. A paramedic, anything. But he was so sure… and he was so excited. He was so proud. What could I do? He’s my baby, I just… I gave him a hug.

[ Chuckles ] You know what? You’re right. There is no dante the executive or dante the plumber…

[ Both laugh ] …Or dante the baseball coach.

[ Chuckles ] I think I only said those things because the other thing makes me scared sometimes. But it’s dante the cop. And I don’t think we’d have it any other way, would we?

[ Mouths words ] How’s it going in here? Oh, great. Uh, we’re just making a gaming date for when dante’s better so he can play with us, right? Yeah. We’re gonna let dad pick the game so he has the best chance to win.

[ Both laugh ] Sounds like a plan. Yeah, but it is getting late, isn’t it? Um, how about I bring rocco home, and he spends the night with kevin and me? Do I have to, grandma?

[ Chuckling ] No, of course not. Not if you don’t want to. I’d rather stay here just in case scout has a bad dream and wakes up scared. Dad would want me to take care of her. You two have given me no choice. Take mr. Spinelli and ms. Jones into custody. No, no, no. No, you can’T. Maxie has young children at home. They need her. This is out of my hands now. I could call felicia, though, and let her know what’s going on. Oh, no, no, no. No, no. Please do not call my mom. All right? I don’t want her to worry. Although, I do think my mom would be proud that we took a stand for one of our best friends. I mean, the guy in that footage saved our lives on more than one occasion. She’d be really proud we repaid the favor. One of your best friends, huh? Well, that sounds like someone who has a lot of friends, someone who’s made a name for himself. That should narrow it down quite a bit. Thank you so much.

[ Sighs ] I hope your good deed gives you solace when you’re pacing around inside your cell. I made a copy. No kidding. Spinelli, don’t say another word. I can handle whatever happens to me. Yeah, I have no doubt, but I will not let the mother of my child be incarcerated over something that I did.

[ Sighs ] There was a drone recording as it was circling the roof. The footage is in the backup drive. That wasn’t so hard, was it? I’m assuming this thing’s got a password. You think I’m an amateur? Just give it to me. Fine. M-a-x-I-m-I-s-t-A. Awww. You make a good argument, but I-I just — it doesn’t — I can’t believe that jason would be out to kill me. Well, okay. That settles it. That’s it? You’re not going to keep telling me reasons why I’m cutting my own throat? Nope. Okay. I laid out the facts as I see them, and you believe in jason’s innocence. You know him better than I do. I trust your judgment. Thank you because I needed to hear that, since it’s very hard for me to trust anybody right now. Especially with what happened with michael and — and dex, I can’t even trust my own instincts right now. You made it very clear that you trust jason. I didn’t say I trusted him 100%. You just got to promise me something. You got to promise me that you’re going to be careful. You know… …look both ways and all that. If I didn’t know any better, I-I’d think that you actually cared for me.

I can’t believe you gave up “our friend” to the feds. I have full faith that “our friend” can take care of himself. Well, obviously, but I’ve never seen you be anything but loyal to him. I had good reason for my actions tonight. Doing this keeps you out of jail. You’ll be able to live your life and be with the kids. They need you. And no matter what happens to me, I’ll be happy knowing that. Because, maxie, you’re not just the mother of my child. You’re the woman I love. Okay, well, thank you so much for coming. Thank you. Rocco definitely seems a little bit better after talking to you. Well, I tell you, I feel better after talking to him, and I actually think it’s a really good sign that — that he wants to stay here to look after scout. Sometimes the best way to help yourself is by helping somebody else. Mm. Yeah. Good night. Good night.

[ Footsteps approaching ] All right, well, I just checked on scout. She is sound asleep. Yeah, she’s probably worn out from her birthday party. That was only a few hours ago. I know, it’s crazy. All right, well, we are going to have a huge celebration — thank you — once dante gets out of the hospital, okay? Yeah. But until then — hold on… oh. …Until then, um, I need to get home and I need to just relax. It’s been a day. Hey, hey. Yes. Hey, hey. Thank you for coming. Really helped with danny a lot. Just remember that, no matter how he acts, danny feels things just as deeply as the other boys. Maybe even more. Mm. Okay. Good night. Good night.

[ Sighs ] Dante is out of surgery. They’re moving him to the icu. Oh! Oh, that’s great news. I just want to hug everyone that was in that room with him right now. Our prayers worked. They sure did. Dante is still in critical condition, but the doctors believe that they have repaired all the damage. Then there’s a good chance dante will recover? Let’s get him through the night, but this is a huge step in the right direction. You have been holding me up. What can I do for you? Anything. Just name it. Take me home. You got it.

[ Voice breaking ] You see? I told you. I told you he was a fighter. He is hanging in there just like we knew we would. Oh!

[ Sobs quietly ] What are we going to do with damian spinelli? Time will tell. We got what we wanted, and now we’re going after jason morgan. Of course I care about you. You’re avery’s father. Our little girl would be lost without you. I’d be lost without her, too. Avery. Of course. Remember when I — when I told you that you’re the only person I can trust? I remember. Wouldn’t it be funny if that were true?

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