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Sarah takes care of Victoria in the interrogation room until Xander is brought in to see them. Xander comments on how much he’s missed them.

Brady walks through the town square and gets a call from Tate, saying he was just checking in and seeing when Brady will get there. Brady responds that it will be about an hour and that he’s bringing a big surprise which he assures will be good as they hang up. Nicole walks by while finishing a call with Holly and stops to greet Brady. Brady asks how Holly is. Nicole reveals that she’s awake and out of her coma. Brady is shocked and asks when it happened. Nicole says it was just yesterday. Brady asks if she’s alert and talking. Nicole confirms that she is and that doctors are hopeful that she will make a full recovery. Brady says that’s what they’ve been praying for but admits he’s a little confused because of how important this is to Tate and questions why Nicole didn’t call him to tell him that Holly was alert and talking.

Chad goes to the Brady Pub where Roman presents him his orders to go. Chad tells Roman that he, Julie, and Stephanie are meeting at the Horton house. Roman asks what’s going on there. Chad explains that Julie needs to make a list of everything that can be salvaged and the contractors are there. Roman decides to join the cause and leaves the Pub with Chad.

At the Horton house, Julie tells Stephanie how grateful she is for her help. Stephanie says she’s happy to help in any way she can. Julie knows it’s a difficult time for her since Everett came by and they got to talking. Stephanie brings up Everett being Jada’s ex-husband, Bobby Stein. Julie says that Bobby told her what a painful and confusing experience this is for him and it’s clear to her that Everett cares for Stephanie deeply. Stephanie says the rebuild here is going to take a lot longer than a day so they better get started.

Everett goes to see Marlena in her office. Marlena asks if he’s still going by Everett. Everett insists that is his name and if she doesn’t believe him then he can’t go through with this. Marlena says she does believe he is Everett Lynch but thinks they need to explore the idea of who Bobby Stein is and why he can’t access those memories. Marlena says they are here to help him do that. Marlena asks how he is feeling today. Everett talks about trying to calm himself down on the way over because he knows she will be impartial and non judgmental. Everett admits he’s never been so terrified in his life of what he might learn about himself and his past. Marlena calls that understandable but assures that all she wants to do is help him. Marlena mentions accessing some of his medical records which say he suffered a traumatic brain injury and that he was in a medically induced coma for a year. Marlena asks what some of his first memories were after being brought out of the coma. Everett felt like he was in a fog and everything was fuzzy. Everett recalls seeing the nurse go in and out of the room and then a doctor came to ask him questions to determine how lucid he was. Everett remembers the first question being what is your name and he told him that it was Everett Lynch, because that’s who he is.

Julie agrees with Stephanie that it will take more than a day to restore the house. Julie says she has to go talk to the carpenters outside as they are giving her an estimate. Julie asks Stephanie to go upstairs and check on the guy cleaning the walls. Julie mentions Doug wanting her to check the closet in the back bedroom where he kept his music archives from over the years. Julie prays that it made it through the fire unscathed because those are some of Doug’s best memories. Julie remarks that she hopes Everett regains his memory too, noting that Marlena is going to try to help him with that. Stephanie hopes she succeeds as much as that scares her.

Brady asks if Nicole understands how they have been waiting desperately for Holly to be able to set the record straight about what happened the night she overdosed as Tate’s life hangs in the balance and he’s living in a halfway house because he’s been falsely accused. Nicole gets offended and says they are focusing on Holly’s well being and getting better after she almost died. Brady says he’s relieved for Holly but he’s worried about his son too and asks when she’s going to talk to Holly about the drugs. Nicole responds that they already talked to her about it and she’s afraid that Brady is not going to be happy about what she had to say.

Xander thanks Sarah for bringing Victoria. Sarah says they were missing him but hopefully not for too long. Xander asks what she means. Sarah reveals that Harris Michaels is awake and recovering in the hospital. Xander asks if he said who shot him. Sarah says not yet, but he will.

Marlena asks Everett to tell her about some of his earliest memories as a child. Everett recalls his mother baking him a birthday cake shaped like an F1 racing car when he was three. Everett says that his mother was beautiful, kind, and her mantra was to just be nice.

Stephanie brings out a box of clothes that survived the fire while Julie finds one of Doug’s vinyl records. Chad arrives with Roman, surprising Julie. Chad says they brought milkshakes and breakfast sandwiches. Roman says he’s ready to pitch in and asks where Julie needs him. Chad says he is too. Julie calls them kind and wonderful. Roman and Chad agree they are grateful to be part of this effort. Chad takes the box of clothes to be taken to the laundromat. Julie asks how lucky she is to have family and friends like them as she hugs Stephanie and Roman.

Brady asks Nicole why he won’t like what Holly said. Nicole explains that Holly is still a little unclear about what happened that night but she said they were not her drugs so they believe that someone slipped her the drugs. Brady asks Nicole to tell him right now that she doesn’t think it was his son. Nicole responds that EJ wonders who else would have motive and opportunity. Brady insists that Tate would not push drugs on a girl to take advantage of her, regardless of what EJ thinks. Brady talks about Tate having an aversion to drugs because of his parents addictive history. Nicole complains that she doesn’t know what to believe as it’s a lot to take in but she knows she needs to get home to her daughter. Brady stops her and says she needs to understand that his son went to jail because he found her daughter passed out on the loading dock and panicked like any 16 year old kid would. Brady adds that Tate told him that the drugs weren’t his and he believes him because he’s a good person. Brady brings up Holly being foggy about what happened while Tate has been clear since the day it happened. Brady declares that he wants to talk to Holly but Nicole says that’s not going to happen. Brady asks why not. Nicole repeats that they are focused on Holly’s healing and they can’t allow anything to disrupt that. Brady argues that his kid’s life hangs in the balance and this could jeopardize his entire future. Brady says that Tate isn’t lying while Nicole says Holly isn’t either. Nicole says maybe when Holly feels stronger, they can all sit down and talk but she can’t make any promises as to when that will happen. Nicole tells Brady that she’s sorry but she has to go and walks away.

Julie tells Stephanie, Chad, and Roman to keep an eye out for any type of key for the time capsule. Chad explains to Stephanie how Thomas found it in the fireplace. Roman wonders what Alice put in there since it was over 50 years ago. Julie shows them a picture of the time capsule. Chad and Roman joke about what might be inside. Julie hopes it’s something that brings joy to the maximum .

Marlena states that Everett obviously has positive memories of his mother. Everett admits he does but he hasn’t thought about her in a long time. Marlena asks if he’d like to explore that relationship. Everett says maybe next session as he just wants to focus on figure out who Bobby Stein is. Marlena brings out a file that Jada sent over which says his name is Robert Everett Stein and that his mother’s maiden name was Lynch. Everett says that makes sense since it’s his middle name and his mother’s name. Marlena asks if he has any idea why he chose those names. Everett says no. Marlena asks what he can tell her about his father. Everett says that nothing comes to mind and that he’s blanking on his own father. Everett asks if that’s because of his brain injury after the accident which Marlena assumes it is. Everett questions if anyone in an accident just forgets their father, asking why he would just completely obliterate him from his mind.

Xander asks if Sarah thinks Harris hasn’t said who shot him because he didn’t see the person or he doesn’t remember. Sarah says that Harris says he doesn’t remember. Xander wonders if he will ever remember. Sarah says it’s hard to say. Xander worries that it makes no difference since the cards are stacked against him, especially if Harris never says it wasn’t him. Sarah feels there’s another way to look at it and that’s that Harris can’t say it was him either.

Brady brings Tate donuts from the Bakery. Tate says he has something to show him and asks Brady for his phone. Tate explains that it’s an app to stream the Premier League. Brady says that sounds great but not right now because there’s something important he needs to tell him. Brady then informs Tate that Holly is awake.

Nicole goes home to the DiMera Mansion where Holly is in the living room. Nicole says she’s surprised to see Holly out of her room as she brings her donuts from the bakery. Nicole mentions running in to Brady and says they chatted a bit about what happened on New Year’s. Nicole says that Brady is a devoted father and loves his son so much, so he refuses to believe that Tate’s the one who gave her the drugs. Holly responds that Tate didn’t.

Stephanie, Chad, Julie, and Roman search the Horton house. Stephanie finds a half dollar. Julie comments on the house being full of treasures. Julie suggests she and Roman go through the discarded furniture in the backyard to see what can be salvaged. Stephanie tells Chad that she loves Julie’s attitude as she is one strong woman. Chad says Julie can turn a sad situation into a treasure hunt. Stephanie adds that Julie has been so kind about what she’s going through as well and encouraged her to open up about it. Chad agrees that she should and says she can with him if she wants to. Stephanie decides that she does and she doesn’t because it’s hard for her to broach that subject with him. Chad says he’ll do it then and asks where things stand with her and Everett.

Marlena asks if Everett wants to stop here since this has been a lot to take in and suggests they pick it up next week. Marlena asks if he would be willing to try hypnosis. Everett agrees if she thinks it will help. Marlena goes to schedule it. Everett gets a text from Stephanie, saying she hopes all goes well with Marlena and that she’s helping Julie at the Horton house, asking if they can talk later. Marlena tells Everett that they are good for the same time next week and encourages him to just be patient and gentle with himself. Everett agrees to do his best and thanks her for everything as he then exits.

Tate asks Brady if Holly is going to be okay. Brady says apparently so as she is fully conscious. Tate calls it a miracle and asks if she told everyone what happened on New Year’s Eve and that the drugs weren’t his. Brady responds that unfortunately, she didn’t.

Nicole questions Holly saying that Tate was not the one who gave her the drugs. Holly repeats that he wasn’t and questions why she would even think that. Nicole goes over how he was her date and with her all night, so he was the likely culprit. Nicole asks who else would’ve slipped her those drugs and why. Holly says she doesn’t know but she knows Tate would never do something like that.

Sarah insists to Xander that if Harris’s memory was wiped from that night, then he can’t implicate him. Xander assures that he wasn’t there. Sarah tells him that she believes him and wouldn’t bring Victoria to visit him if she didn’t. Xander admits he’s starting to get pessimistic as his cell is getting to him. Xander calls her the most loving and supportive partner. Xander says he can’t wait to come home to her and Victoria. Sarah promises not to go back to their apartment until he’s with them, but notes that it’s chaotic at the Kiriakis Mansion with Doug, Julie, Chad and the kids staying there. Sarah brings up that Konstantin is also still there. Xander admits he’s not crazy about Sarah and Victoria being around Konstantin.

Chad tells Stephanie nevermind since it’s none of his business what happened between her and Everett. Chad knows it was a tough time for them when they broke up and went their separate ways while now this. Chad tells her that she deserved better from he and Everett. Chad says if the timing was different and he wasn’t coming off losing his wife, he’d like to believe it would’ve worked out for them. Chad jokes that they will always have the ring toss at six flags where she won the gigantic teddy bear for Charlotte. Chad says it wasn’t Paris, but they have fun. Stephanie agrees that it was great and she was happy to hang out with his kids. Stephanie calls them some pretty good memories. Chad adds that if Stephanie ever does want to talk or vent, he’s there for her or if she ever wants to hang out with him and the kids. Stephanie admits she would like that. Chad calls her a good person and says he’s really grateful for her. Stephanie says she’s grateful for him too. Chad and Stephanie hug as Everett appears and sees them, but then quickly exits.

Nicole tells Holly that she shouldn’t have brought it up as she should be focusing on relaxing. Holly questions how she can relax when she just told her that she and EJ think it was Tate that gave her the drugs. Nicole questions who else could have given her those drugs. Holly flashes back to the party and trying to convince Tate to do the drugs.

Tate insists to Brady that the drugs were Holly’s. Brady assures that he and Theresa believe him but asks how to prove it if Holly won’t admit it. Brady asks if Tate has anything. Tate admits he only has his word so it’s his word against her word.

Nicole apologizes to Holly again for bringing this up. Holly says it’s all just a blur but she knows Tate would never force her to take anything. Nicole asks again who would’ve given her those pills. Holly shouts that she doesn’t know. Nicole says she hates to see her so hurt. Holly says she’s fine and storms out as she heads back upstairs.

Xander asks if Sarah has everything she needs and assumes Maggie is taking excellent care of her which Sarah confirms. Sarah promises to steer clear of Konstantin and says she knows they will be back in their apartment soon as they hug. Xander tells Victoria to take extra good care of Sarah. Xander promises that he will be back home as soon as the Gods smile down on him, which he’s praying will be very soon.

Chad tells Stephanie that when they broke up, he was worried that they would never get to this place that they are at now. Stephanie admits she was too but she’s glad they’ve gotten close again because the friendship is very important to them. They agree that they never want to jeopardize it. Chad offers to walk her home. Stephanie says he doesn’t have to but Chad says he would like to.

Everett stands outside the Horton house looking upset.

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