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John and Steve go to see Ava and question what the emergency is. Ava informs them that she got a call from Clyde, who said if she ever wants to see her son again, she needs to break him out of prison in the next 24 hours.

Tripp and Wendy remain locked up. Wendy wakes up as Tripp talks about imagining them on a road trip to Italy. Tripp says the one thing that makes this bearable is having her beside him and he’s so glad that’s not a dream as they kiss.

Stefan enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and pours a drink. EJ walks in and asks why the hell he called him so late. Stefan takes his drink and then tells EJ that he needs his help.

Roman and Kate wear hats and sunglasses as Roman promises her that no one followed them. They arrive at the monastery where Lucas is being kept. Lucas answers the door wearing a monk’s robe as disguise. Kate hugs him and says she’s so happy to see him and thankful that he is safe. Roman asks how he’s settling in. Lucas calls it a simple lifestyle and quiet. Kate acknowledges it as lonely while Roman points out that it’s better than prison. Lucas responds that it’s a lifestyle he’s not cut out for. Kate jokes that she thought he would love it and calls him Brother Lucas.

Tripp tells Wendy that when they get out, he’s going to take her to an all-day spa. Tripp decides he can’t stand just sitting here anymore. Wendy tells him they will imagine another trip then.

Ava knows John and Steve think this is madness. John and Steve refuse to break Clyde out of prison. Ava argues that they have no other choice or else Clyde will kill Tripp and Wendy, so they have no other option unless they have a brilliant idea. Ava says she’s open to suggestions and asks what they have.

EJ tells Stefan that he can’t be serious about asking for his help. EJ tells him to forget it because whatever he’s done now is not his problem. Stefan pleads with him as the only family he has left. EJ says they’ve been through this all before. Stefan says he tried to avoid the dark path but things got out of control and now he needs EJ’s help or it’s the end for him. EJ asks what he’s talking about. Stefan then reveals to EJ that he shot Harris Michaels. Stefan asks EJ to say anything. EJ asks what he’s supposed to say. Stefan suggests asking him how or why. EJ asks what the bloody hell, arguing that he just confessed to attempted murder of a police officer. EJ questions what in God’s name he was thinking. Stefan argues that with the position he was in, he had no choice. EJ tells him not to try selling that to him as there’s always a choice. Stefan says not this time as Clyde ordered him to kill Harris or else Gabi would face the consequences. EJ complains that Gabi brings nothing but trouble and misery yet he clings to her. EJ asks how the hell it came to this. Stefan says it just snowballed and now things are worse because Harris is alive which means he didn’t finish the job, so because he failed, Clyde is coming for him.

Kate and Roman joke with Lucas. Lucas says he could listen to them all day as it’s entertaining since he doesn’t have anything. Kate says she’s sure he could wander the grounds. Lucas jokes about Kate not being struck by lightning when she entered the building. Roman jokes about the idea of Lucas joining the priesthood. Kate encourages Lucas to keep things going as they have been. Lucas assures he will be under his best behavior so Kate tells him to make her proud.

Wendy and Tripp continue to imagine their road trip through Italy.

Ava goes over Clyde’s call again to Steve and John. Steve asks if Clyde revealed any clues about where Tripp and Wendy are but Ava says he didn’t. John questions how Clyde expects her to break him out of prison. Ava informs him that Clyde told her to call up her family. John laughs off the idea of getting the mafia involved and complains that he can’t think of a more dangerous idea than letting Clyde back in to the world. Steve adds that there’s no guarantee that Clyde will hold up his end of the deal. Ava argues that they have to try because it could be the only way they see their son again. Ava says that Clyde made his instructions very clear, so they don’t have time to ponder as the clock is ticking as they speak. John and Steve talk about making progress on the video but Ava complains that they are no closer and the cops haven’t found anything. Ava tells Steve that they need to do this as they have no other option but to break Clyde out of prison today and she needs his help. Steve questions why she had to get mixed up with Clyde in the first place. Ava tells him to go ahead and blame her but Tripp is innocent, so if Steve doesn’t help her and Tripp dies, he will be the one to blame. Ava questions if Steve can live with himself if that happens.

Kate asks Lucas how he’s occupying his time. Lucas says he was in charge of the vegetable garden but he overwatered so now he gets to do laundry. Lucas says it keeps him busy as he’s very bored without a phone. Kate shows that they gave him chips, cookies, and toiletries. Kate adds that Doug sent him some books and encourages Lucas to give it a try. Roman notes that Doug thinks Lucas is back in prison. Lucas agrees that the fewer people know, the better and says he’ll give the books a try for Doug. Lucas says he misses his life and his family. Kate promises that he will get it all back.

EJ tells Stefan that he seriously doubts their gene pool truly overlaps. Stefan tells him to spare him the insults. Stefan knows he made a terrible mistake but Harris is leaning on him now because he knows he was the shooter and he wants him to help take Clyde out. EJ remarks that the plot thickens. Stefan complains that it gets him killed because if he helps the cops take out Clyde, he’s a dead man. EJ says that sounds like his problem. Stefan yells at EJ to have a heart for once. Stefan says he came to EJ because this has spun so far out of control and he thought maybe his brother would have an ounce of empathy for him. Stefan brings up EJ not helping him when he first came to him. EJ warns him not to try to blame him for this. Stefan says he’s simply saying that with EJ’s help, this situation would not have gotten out of control but he stupidly pulled the trigger and this began to unravel. Stefan declares that he’s out of options, this is life or death and he has nothing left. Stefan asks what the hell he’s supposed to do. EJ responds that Stefan is not going to do anything as he’s going to call the police.

Tripp and Wendy continue to imagine being in Italy. Tripp tells her that as long as she’s beside him, it doesn’t matter where he spends the night. Tripp assures Wendy that together, they can survive anything. They then hear noise from outside.

Steve accuses Ava of emotional blackmail. Ava asks where else she’s supposed to go. Ava says she’s apologized and begged. Ava admits she’s a bad person who has made bad choices and been a fool. Steve stops her and says berating herself won’t help Tripp. Steve says they can’t panic here. Steve knows they are scared but they have to focus on finding Tripp and Wendy. John tells Steve that they are running out of options, so they can continue trying to dissect the video or maybe it’s time to consider other options. Steve responds that if they do this, they have to be all in. John assures him that he has his back. Steve then decides if breaking Clyde out of prison is the only way to bring Tripp and Wendy home safely, then that’s what they are going to do.

EJ tells Stefan that he will call Rafe to give him a heads up that Stefan is going to the police station to turn himself in or maybe Rafe will come pick him up. Stefan asks if EJ is out of his mind, arguing that he knows going to the cops is a surefire way to get he and Gabi killed. EJ warns him to lower his voice since Holly and Nicole are asleep. Stefan says if Stefano was still alive, he would tell EJ to stand by him and do the right thing despite their differences and his mistakes, he would say to preserve family at all costs.

Kate, Roman, and Lucas play poker. Lucas asks if there’s any news on Harris. Kate informs him that Harris came out of his coma. Roman adds that Harris looks like he will recover fully. Lucas asks about the investigation, the guy who shot at him, and the fire at the Horton house. Kate says they all know who was behind that. Roman declares that Clyde is determined to burn Salem to the ground and everything with it. Lucas asks if there’s any head way on the investigation. Roman responds that the police are keeping it tight lipped which he thinks that’s a good move because it lets them do their job without letting anyone know. Kate argues that Clyde has to pay. Lucas declares that as long as Clyde’s still alive and not paying for what he’s done, then Lucas will have a target on his back.

Wendy and Tripp wonder what the noise is outside. They try screaming for help.

EJ questions Stefan conveniently invoking their father’s name to coerce him into mopping up his mess. Stefan argues that EJ has implored the same strategy at times. EJ agrees to help Stefan but there is no get out of jail free card. EJ declares that in exchange for his services, Stefan will sign over all of his DiMera shares to him as well as all of his holdings. Stefan argues that he would have nothing left. EJ points out that at least he’d be alive so he believes it would be more than a fair trade. EJ tells him to think it over and let him know his answer. Stefan argues that he can’t be serious. EJ reminds him of when he and Gabi did the exact same thing to him. EJ mocks Stefan and tells him that this is his deal, take it or leave it. Stefan asks what he gets in return. EJ asks if he means besides his life. EJ says he’ll have him transferred to a secure location and arrange him a passage out of the country. EJ says he’ll share his other ideas in time and asks if he has any other questions. Stefan says he has to keep Gabi safe and the only way to protect her is to give EJ everything that’s rightfully his. Stefan then agrees to give EJ all his shares and everything he wants, giving him his word that it’s all his. EJ responds that his word is worthless but his signature on a binding contract is pure gold. EJ agrees to draw something up for their arrangement.

Lucas asks how the Horton house rebuild is coming. Kate says not fast enough for Julie and Doug but Chad is handling the contractors. Roman says that Julie wants to restore the house to it’s original look to honor the past. Roman thinks it will be a challenge but that Julie can handle it. Roman tells Lucas that he talked Kate into doing her first 5K run. Lucas jokes that Kate doesn’t wear sneakers. Kate says she heard the prize is a $5000 bottle of wine and jokes that she’s highly motivated. Lucas says it’s nice to see them making plans and living their life to the fullest. Kate knows Lucas is bored and lonely but promises this won’t last forever. Kate asks if Lucas has been thinking about his future and what he will do when he’s a free man. Lucas admits he’d love to start a new chapter in his life with a new venture but it will be tough if he doesn’t get his freedom which he feels he probably won’t get. Roman argues that he doesn’t know that. Kate knows it’s hard on Lucas as he misses his family. Kate praises Lucas being brave through his time in prison and says she’s been so proud of him. Kate declares that when Lucas is free, all of his family will make up for lost time and celebrate his return. Kate cries that they will shower him with love and affection. Lucas says he can handle that.

Ava asks John and Steve how they are going to pull this off. John says they need blueprints of the prison and what kind of security system they have. Steve says that’s if they had more time. John asks what if it is that easy to make Clyde disappear. Steve asks if he has a plan. John thinks he might.

Tripp and Wendy continue to try screaming for help but the noise stops. Tripp then realizes the vents have been closed and he no longer feels any air movement, so they are sealed in as Wendy starts to cry.

Lucas jokes about Roman and Kate’s disguises, asking if they are sure no one followed them. Kate assures that Roman did at least three 180s on their drive over to make sure no one followed. Roman guarantees they were not trailed. Kate goes over everything they left with Lucas and adds that there’s a note from Julie in one of the books. Lucas thanks them for the supplies and for coming to see him, adding that he really misses them. Kate hugs Lucas and says she really misses him too. Roman hugs him and says it was good to spend time with him. Kate hopes Lucas will be out very soon. Lucas admits he’s kind of nervous about that and asks what happens when this is all over and Clyde is gone, does he go home or back to prison?

EJ presents Stefan with a contract with all the points that they agreed upon. EJ signs the contract and then hands the pen to Stefan. Stefan complains that Stefano would never approve of this. EJ argues that it’s straight out of his playbook. EJ states that Stefan thought he could handle Clyde and manage Harris but he was wrong. EJ adds that his help is Stefan’s only hope left, so this is what it costs. EJ tells Stefan that it’s the eleventh hour and time to wise up as he instructs him to sign the contract. Stefan then signs the contract which pleases EJ.

Steve wishes there was another way. Ava says they’ve established that there isn’t so she asks John what his plan is. John says he needs to get back to the office for supplies. Ava asks what she can do. John responds that they are going to need help from her family members if they are going to pull this off. Ava says she will make sure.

Wendy begins to panic about the vents closing. Tripp tries to encourage that they have time. Wendy argues that they won’t have long. Tripp tells her they will be okay and hugs her, trying to keep her calm. Wendy argues that they have to get the hell out of here or they will die.

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