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In the hospital, Lani reads to Paulina about heart transplants. Paulina says whatever happens, happens while Abe encourages that they are all here for her. Lani declares they are not going anywhere until she gets the call that they’ve found her a heart. Marlena enters and greets them. Lani comments on it being so good to be home. Paulina is surprised that Marlena came and tells her that she needs to talk to her.

Ava runs in to Rafe in the town square and asks if he has any leads. Rafe says nothing concrete but promises that his people are doing everything they can to track down Tripp and Wendy. Rafe assumes Ava hasn’t heard anything which she confirms. Rafe tells Ava to let him know if she does and assumes she’s using her connections to find out anything. Ava assures that she will do anything she can to find her son. Rafe says he gets it but warns her to be careful and not cross the lines.

Harris climbs back into the hospital bed in pain. Officer Goldman returns to his room and seems shocked to see Harris awake. Harris looks at her and declares “it’s you”. Goldman then panics and rushes out of the room as a nurse enters.

Julie is at the burnt Horton House, on the phone with Doug. Julie says she’s been wandering around trying to find a key to open Alice’s time capsule. Julie assures that she’s being careful and that she’ll be home soon. Julie is then startled by a noise and grabs a fireplace poker as she sees someone outside.

Marlena tells Paulina that she’s here and happy to talk to her. Paulina clarifies that she wants to talk alone so Abe and Lani go to get some coffee. Marlena then asks Paulina what she wants to talk about. Paulina responds that she’s scared.

Ava tells Rafe that she’ll do her job and he will do his, arguing that this is not the day to mess with her as she’s a mother and her son is missing. Rafe says he was just offering helpful advice. Ava apologizes for snapping at him as she’s just on edge. Rafe gets a text from Harris to come quick and tells Ava that he has to go on police business. Rafe turns to leave as Officer Goldman walks by. Rafe calls out to her but she keeps on walking.

Everett enters the Horton House where he and Julie scare each other. Julie questions what he’s doing there. Everett says he was driving by and he saw a light so he thought someone had broken in. Julie says she thought he was the arsonist that came back to finish the job. Julie thinks anything is possible after the threatening phone call that Chad got. Everett questions what she is doing here all alone at this hour. Julie explains that she’s obsessed because while the family was checking out the damage, they found a time capsule in the fireplace that her grandparents put together in 1966. Everett asks if she’s opened it. Julie says that’s the problem as the locksmith couldn’t figure out how to open it either without forcing it, which might break it and ruin whatever is inside. Julie notes that Tom loved puzzles and this is not the first time he challenged the family with something like this, so she wants to open it the way he intended. Everett says he gets that but questions what she is actually doing here. Julie thought if she looked around quietly by herself, she might find a clue or a secret little key to open it. Everett asks if she wants some help.

Lani asks Abe what Paulina wanted to talk to Marlena about. Abe says he doesn’t know, but guesses that she’s worried sick and hopes that Marlena can offer some comfort. Abe states that they are battling against time and admits this is completely out of their hands. Abe calls Paulina their rock and their core, so they can’t afford to lose her. Lani assures that they won’t as they hug.

Paulina tells Marlena that everyone keeps telling her she’s strong and a fighter as she’ll make it through, but she’s not feeling strong, just scared. Paulina says she loves her life, her family, her job, and her friends, so it’s the thought of leaving all that. Marlena encourages that she has a lot of years ahead of her and a lot of living to do. Marlena points out that heart recipients are living so much longer now and that can happen for her as well. Marlena knows they will fight hard to find her the right donor. Marlena calls it natural to feel frightened but also strong at the same time. Marlena points out that Paulina has a family that loves her and is standing by her. Marlena suggests letting her family know that she’s frightened and what she’s going through so they can comfort her. Paulina is not sure that she wants anyone to know what she’s going through. Paulina says it may be because she’s physically weak, but she’s having a hard time clinging to hope as her fighting spirit is eluding her and her mind keeps fast forwarding to a future where she won’t be here anymore. Paulina cries about not being there for her husband, daughter, or friends. Paulina asks if Marlena can help her feel more hopeful and to stop fast forwarding to darkness.

Rafe goes to see Harris in the hospital and asks what’s going on. Harris tells Rafe that he’s not going to believe it, but their mole is Officer Goldman. Rafe asks if he’s serious, pointing out that he just passed by her and she blew him off. Rafe asks how he knows it’s her. Harris responds that someone tried to kill him and she allowed it to happen, shocking Rafe.

Everett finds a lantern in the garage to use. Julie asks if he’s sure he wants to spend his evening with an old lady looking for clues, feeling there has to be something more exciting for a young man like him. Everett says he loves a good mystery and that curiosity is half the reason he became a journalist. Julie asks what the other half. Everett says it’s his burning desire to spread the truth. Everett says a time capsule discovery would make a great story. Julie says not if she can’t open it. Julie comments on Everett looking so much like her cousin Nick Fallon, who was a very promising young man until he lost his way. Everett asks what happened to him. Julie responds that he sadly went over to the dark side. Everett remarks that her family has fascinating stories and he’d love to hear more some time, feeling the house must be bursting with interesting tales. Julie suggests moving on to modern times and asks what’s the story with he and Stephanie and if he thinks there’s a future there.

Marlena encourages that Paulina will see herself as the healthy and vibrant woman she’s always been. Paulina thanks her for giving her perspective and comfort. Paulina admits she’s feeling a bit stronger after taking in all that she said. Marlena is glad to hear and tells her to take this time to enjoy her loved ones. Paulina feels her fighting spirit is winning over the fera thanks to Marlena.

Rafe questions Harris saying someone tried to kill him here. Harris explains that it was a man in a surgical mask who tried to inject something in to his IV but he fought him off. Harris claims he couldn’t detain him and that the man took off, but then Officer Goldman was standing there looking shocked that he was alive, so obviously she let the man in. Rafe calls it unreal and says that explains why she blew him off in the town square. Harris comments on her being a double agent. Rafe is thankful that Harris is okay and says he’ll put a new guard at the door. Rafe adds that what happened today puts a new spin on Xander being the assassin and suggests that maybe it was the guy who shot Harris that came back today to try and finish the job. Harris calls that very possible. Rafe says there’s a lot to dig in to. Harris notes that first, they have to find Goldman.

Goldman trashes her uniform in the park and then calls Clyde. Clyde orders her to speak and asks if it’s done. She responds that Harris is still alive. Clyde is shocked and questions if he has a guardian angel or something. Clyde asks what the hell happened this time. Goldman responds that she doesn’t know and suggests maybe Stefan chickened out. Clyde feels maybe he double crossed him. She notes that she saw him run off and then reveals that she could tell by the way Harris looked at her that he knows. Clyde asks why she didn’t take him out. She says a nurse walked in and there were too many witnesses, so she had to take off. Clyde decides he has to move up the timeline then and says she knows what she has to do next. Goldman asks about Tripp and Wendy, pointing out that they’ve seen her face and they know who she is. Clyde responds that it’s her problem and suggests she solve it fast as he then hangs up.

Everett fills Julie in on Jada having a wedding photo of them. They agree that it’s crazy. Everett thought he must just look like the guy like twins. Julie says it does happen, pointing out Adrienne and Bonnie looking almost identical. Everett agrees but says that Jada was hellbent on proving that he was Bobby Stein, so she ran his fingerprints and he can’t believe it, but they came up as a match to Bobby’s. Julie points out that fingerprints don’t lie. Everett says he knows that and that’s why it’s such a nightmare for him. Everett adds that there are gaps in his memory from the accident but questions how he could forget that much of his life, noting it doesn’t make sense. Julie agrees, unless he’s lying.

Lani tells Abe that it warms her heart how much he loves Paulina after everything that has happened. They agree that it was a miracle to find their way back. Lani says that Abe and Paulina’s love for each other gives her hope and reminds her that even through the darkest times, they can still find a way to push to the light.

Marlena tells Paulina that a person who donates their heart or other organs when they die is never coerced and do that because it’s their wish. Marlena calls it a kind and enormous gesture, feeling it lets part of them continue on in the world after they’re gone. Marlena encourages Paulina to have no guilt. Paulina talks about Marlena always being so good to her. Marlena says it’s always been her honor to be there for her. Marlena thinks Paulina needs to rest now which she agrees with. Paulina declares that she feels at peace now and finally knows what she needs to do next.

Rafe calls to be on the lookout for Rebecca Goldman. Harris says the department is going to be blown away when they find out. Rafe says it’s all starting to make sense now and explains why she shot the drug dealer during the raid. Harris points out that if she didn’t shoot the dealer, he would’ve let them straight to Clyde.

Ava goes home and calls Steve, leaving a message in hopes that he made progress on the video from Tripp. Ava complains that waiting is killing her and asks him to call her back, hopefully to tell her that he found their son. Ava then pours herself a drink. Ava hears a phone ring but sees it isn’t her phone and wonders where the hell it’s coming from. Ava searches the apartment and finds a phone in a drawer under some magazines. She answers the call from an unknown caller.

Everett assures Julie that he would never deceive anyone as it’s just not who he is and he’s always tried to be a good person who is caring, loyal, and hard working. Everett hopes that Julie believes him because he thinks she’s a wonderful person and he needs someone to believe him and not hate him. Julie asks why she would hate him and tells him that she does believe him. Everett thanks her. Julie says she’ll tell him a Horton family story. Julie talks about her uncle Tommy going off to serve in the Korean war and when he did not come home, they all assumed he was dead but years later, he appeared in Salem with her uncle Bill and neither one of them knew they were brothers. Julie explains that while overseas, Tommy developed amnesia and his face was disfigured while a prisoner of war and then he got plastic surgery so he looked completely different and had another name; Dr. Mark Brooks. Everett asks how he figured out who he really was. Julie informs him of Tom and Nikki launching an investigation after Alice noticed a birthmark on the back of Tommy’s neck. Everett calls it very interesting. Julie says in the end, it was heartwarming. Julie jokes that she hopes Everett doesn’t find out in his story that he and Stephanie are related. Julie tells him that she’s very sorry for what he’s going through and what a blow it must be to Stephanie. Everett calls that the hardest part as she is really hurt and confused. Everett complains that he just got her back and now he’s lost her again, maybe forever. Julie says either way, he has to find out about his past or else he’ll never be free.

Lani and Abe return to Paulina’s hospital room. Marlena says she should get going. Lani thanks her for coming and hopes to see her soon. Marlena says she’ll be thinking of all of them. Marlena tells Paulina that she will see her very soon. Paulina thanks her again. Marlena adds that they are in this together as she exits. Abe asks if Paulina is feeling better. Paulina responds that she needs something and asks Lani to get her laptop which she questions. Paulina reveals that she wants Lani to help her draft her last will and testament.

Rafe questions how he could miss the signs as he trusted Goldman completely. Harris points out that she fooled everybody. Rafe wonders why she would do this. Harris suggests Clyde could have something on her, forcing her to do his work. Rafe says whatever it is has to be big and worries that Clyde could have judges or other cops. Harris says they have to bring Goldman in, break her down, and get her to tell them if she has accomplices. Rafe decides they will do that and use her to bring Clyde to his knees. Rafe declares that they will end that monster once and for all.

Ava answers the call and complains about Clyde taking her son after everything she’s done for him. Clyde asks what about what she hasn’t done and remarks that Tripp not being with her right now is nobody’s fault but her own. Ava warns that if he hurts Tripp, she will personally drive a semi truck through prison to choke the life out of him. Clyde tells Ava to do exactly what he says and Tripp will be fine.

Paulina says she knows she should’ve had a will made up a long time ago but while waiting for a new heart, she needs to make sure her affairs are in order. Lani says she understands. Lani and Abe add that they will have wills made up as well. Paulina says to let her be first and tells Lani that she will dictate to her while she takes notes. Paulina then begins telling Lani what to type as her last will and testament.

Julie tells Everett that this has been fun but she has to call it a night. Everett says they can pick it up another time. Julie mentions calling Doug and that he was very glad to hear that Everett was taking care of her. Everett says it was his pleasure and talks about how wonderful Doug and Julie have been to him since he got to town. Julie calls him a great guy and hopes to hear all about it if he finds out the secret of his past. Everett comments on word spreading fast in Salem. Julie knows that the truth will give him peace of mind. Everett thanks Julie as she exits the house.

Rafe tells Harris that he said he was going to put a new guard outside but questions who he can trust. Rafe says he could call in someone from another agency but it feels like Clyde has people everywhere. Harris says he can take care of himself and asks Rafe to just bring him his gun.

Clyde tells Ava that this stays between them, no cops and no Stefan. Clyde orders Ava to break him out of prison. Ava asks if he’s out of his mind and how the hell she’s supposed to pull that off. Clyde says it’s time for her to shapeshift in to the Vitali mob princess and call her family. Ava refuses but Clyde warns that if he’s not out of prison in 24 hours, Tripp will be pushing up daisies. Clyde then hangs up and Ava screams in frustration.

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