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Stefan goes to the hospital, dressed as a doctor, with the syringe in hand. He stops and thinks back to receiving the syringe and vial in the package from Clyde and declaring this would be how it ends for Harris Michaels. Stefan tells himself that he can do this and he’ll just get in and out. Stefan then stops when he sees Officer Goldman patrolling outside of Harris’s room.

John and Steve are at Black Patch, trying to figure out if someone kidnapped Tripp and Wendy. Steve notes that their last cell phone pings were in the town square during the geocaching event. John gets a call from Brady and asks how Tate is doing. Brady says they just got there but they know John is on the visitors list so he asks if he can make it. John tells Steve about Tate being moved to a halfway house, so Steve tells him to go. Brady tells John that he’ll see him soon and they hang up. Steve assures John that it’s okay for him to take off as he’s still waiting on notes anyways and he will keep working on it until he gets back. John insists that they will find Tripp as he then exits the office. Konstantin then arrives and tells Steve that he thought John would never leave. Steve says he’s busy. Konstantin says he’s a busy man too, but he made time in his schedule to see him.

Nicole brings Holly breakfast in bed and asks how she’s doing. Holly says it’s still weird to her. Holly guesses it’s way past New Year’s Eve. Nicole tells her that the doctors assured them that a person tends to pick up where they left off after a coma. Nicole talks about a player in the Buffalo Bills that was in a coma and recovered to play again. Holly argues that she’s not a football player and that Nicole hasn’t let her see her phone or the news. Holly adds that she can’t even wrap her brain around the fact that she was in a hospital in Italy. Holly questions what Nicole is not telling her. EJ enters the room and asks how they are doing.

Brady tells Theresa that John is heading over. Theresa says that Tate will be so happy to see him. Brady and Theresa check in at the front desk where they find out that Theresa is on the list but Brady is not. Theresa argues that there must be a mistake but the lady at the desk says she can’t just let anyone in without the patient’s permission. Brady tells Theresa to go ahead and he’ll be there if she needs him. Theresa heads on in to see Tate and hugs him, saying it’s so good to see him. Theresa mentions that Brady is there. Tate tells her not to do this. Theresa asks what she’s doing. Tate accuses her of trying to guilt trip him in to seeing Brady.

Stefan puts on his face mask and approaches Officer Goldman. She says thank God he’s there and goes to get coffee, leaving Stefan in shock.

Konstantin tells Steve that they are going to be here for awhile as he offers him some baklava that he made but Steve declines. Konstantin talks about spending time with Thomas and Charlotte and loving children. Steve says he doesn’t have time for this. Konstantin wants Steve to remember the time he spent in Aria in Greece. Konstantin talks about his daughter Catharina. Steve tells him to shut up as he’s in the middle of a case and repeats that he doesn’t have time for this. Konstantin asks if Steve’s son is still missing. Steve asks what it is to him. Konstantin says he can certainly relate to the pain, anger, and frustration. Konstantin says he understands because he goes through that every day, wondering who killed his daughter.

Nicole tells EJ that they are doing great and asks him to help her get Holly up because Sarah said she should get up a few times a day and walk around. EJ encourages her as Holly questions how long she’s been in a coma. Nicole tells her to take it easy as EJ helps her out of the bed. Holly wants her phone to order a burger but Nicole tells her that she can’t have that because she has to reintroduce food into her system slowly. EJ suggests chowder from the Pub but Nicole says no. Nicole and Holly joke with each other while EJ calls their back and forth beautiful and says he’s missed it.

Theresa tells Tate that she’s not guilt tripping him. Tate tells her not to try to force him to see Brady today. Theresa argues that they had a great relationship before. Tate says ever since he started therapy, it brought up a lot of stuff for him like how Brady wasn’t there for him growing up and when they moved to California. Theresa informs him that she had a big part in that which Tate questions. Theresa admits she’s the one who insisted they move to California and that she kept him from his father.

Konstantin tells Steve that it’s a parent’s worst nightmare to lose a child and that it doesn’t get easier with time. Konstantin says he misses Catharina more as time goes on, not less. Konstantin calls her the only good thing he ever did. Konstantin asks if Steve feels that way about his children. Steve responds that his children mean everything to him. Konstantin says he must understand how terribly painful his loss has been then. Konstantin asks if he does understand. Steve asks how he could not. Konstantin says he appreciates his empathy more than he knows.

John joins Brady, who thanks him for coming. John asks what’s going on and if he’s been in to see Tate yet. Brady says no and that Theresa is seeing him right now. Brady then reveals that Tate didn’t put him on the list. John says he’s seen them together and that bond is strong. John encourages him to just give it time and patience as he guarantees things will be okay. Brady hopes so but he knows Tate wants to see his granddad, so he tells John to go in and see him. John tells Brady that he loves him and heads in to see Tate.

Tate can’t believe Theresa moved him to California to keep him from Brady and accuses her of just making that up. Theresa reveals that she had custody of Tate because she made up a lie that implicated Brady in a murder case. Theresa repeats that she lied and that got her custody which allowed her to take Tate with her to California. Theresa tells Tate that she’s hurt Brady so much more than he has hurt either of them. Theresa assures Tate that his father loves him, always has and always will. Theresa adds that there is something else that she thinks she wants him to know. Theresa brings up the first night that Tate was sent away and how she was a mess. Theresa admits that she slipped in a really big way and Brady was there for her, kind, forgiving, and supportive despite everything she had done to him. Theresa tells Tate that he and Brady need each other in their lives. John enters and hugs Tate. John tells him that Theresa is right that Brady needs him because he loves him with all his heart and acknowledges that Theresa took a big risk in telling him the truth which was brave of her. John says she did that because she trusted enough in Tate’s love for her to know she wouldn’t lose him. John calls that unconditional love, encouraging that is what they always have for him forever.

Stefan sneaks in to Harris’s hospital room while dressed as a doctor and thinks back to shooting Harris. Stefan remarks that Harris survived those bullets, but not this time. Stefan then goes to inject the syringe in to Harris’s IV but Harris suddenly wakes up and grabs his arm, saying not so fast. Stefan tries to escape but Harris gets out of the bed and captures Stefan, remarking that it’s so good to see him.

Steve understands Konstantin is still grieving his daughter but questions if he’s trying to implicate him in her death which Konstantin denies. Konstantin says he’s simply sharing how her death haunts him every day. Steve declares that no one was supposed to die that day and calls it a terrible accident. Konstantin asks if Steve witnessed it. Steve says not directly. Konstantin questions if Steve admits he was there when Catharina died as the Pawn put a bullet through her head.

EJ suggests getting Holly back in bed but Holly wants Nicole to answer her questions, starting with why she was in a coma for months. EJ informs Holly that she had opioid laced drugs in her system. EJ says it’s okay as they know she doesn’t do drugs and they are going to get to the bottom of what happened. EJ explains that it was an overdose and her heart stopped several times, so she nearly died before slipping into unconsciousness. Nicole adds that it happened on New Year’s Eve and asks if she remembers anything else. Holly says not really other than the sound of fireworks. EJ encourages her to try to think hard. EJ states that Holly was drugged with potentially lethal drugs that almost cost her life, so it’s very important that they know where they came from. Nicole then asks Holly where she got the drugs.

Brady watches sadly as another family comes out from the door.

Theresa tells Tate that Brady has missed him so much and that he’s in the waiting room, hoping that Tate will agree to see him. John tells Tate about how he just found his long lost father. John says he’s a wonderful man and they missed out on so many years that they can’t get back. John doesn’t want Tate to look back one day and have any regrets about the time he missed with his dad, but says it’s his call. John asks if he can go get Brady to tell him that Tate would like to see him after all. John then exits the room and announces that Tate Black would like to see his father. Brady is shocked and hugs John ,thanking him as he is then allowed to go in. John tells Brady to call him and that Tate is a good kid. Brady thanks John again as he exits.

Stefan tells Harris that he had no choice and asks what he wants from him as Harris holds him in a chokehold. Harris says they all have choices and that Stefan seems to take instruction well. Harris declares that Stefan works for him now and he’s going to help him take down Clyde Weston.

Konstantin asks Steve if he needs to confess because now is the time. Konstantin argues that it would help him to relieve the guilt and finally admit the truth. Steve responds that nothing will relieve him of the guilt. Konstantin asks again if he was there in Aria on that terrible day. Steve admits that he was there but he wishes he hadn’t been. Konstantin begs Steve to tell him more, feeling they both deserve to have peace of mind about this. Konstantin assures that it will help. Steve calls it a long time ago and says they were different people then. Steve then admits that he was The Pawn’s handler for Victor. Steve explains that he was called away to be given instruction and when he came back, there was a young girl lying there dead. Steve cries that the image has tormented him all this time and he didn’t know who she was. Konstantin states that he does know now which Steve confirms. Konstantin asks where The Pawn was when he came back. Steve responds that he was there, holding the gun and someone else was lying next to the girl on the ground but he couldn’t see that person’s face but he knew it was Konstantin.

Brady goes in to see Tate and they greet each other. Theresa claims she has to make a call and exits. Tate tells Brady that it’s good to see him. Brady tells him the same. Brady doesn’t know what John said to him. Tate reveals it was Theresa telling him the truth about what happened between them and what she did to take him to California away from him.

EJ asks Holly again to please tell them where she got the drugs and if Tate gave them to her. Holly says she doesn’t know and claims she doesn’t remember taking any drugs, so someone must have given them to her or slipped them in her drink without her knowing. Nicole questions her not getting the drugs from Tate or anyone. Holly says she’s just tired and needs to rest, so they help her back in to the bed. EJ and Nicole then exit the room together.

Harris tells Stefan that he’s going to keep him here until they are clear on where they stand. Harris goes over that he has him on attempted murder of a police officer twice, first on the loading dock and then with the syringe. Harris points out that Stefan is not wearing gloves so his fingerprints will be all over the murder weapon and asks if he has any idea what kind of time he’s going to serve. Harris then shoves Stefan onto the hospital bed and asks if he’s ready to play ball to which Stefan nods.

Konstantin yells at Steve, demanding to know where the bastard that killed Catharina is and vowing to choke the life out of him. Steve tells him that John is not the one he wants as he was not the puppet master there since whatever he did was out of his control. Konstantin questions him not denying that John was the Pawn. Steve argues that John was transformed in to that maniac by Stefano and then by Victor and they are both dead. Steve tells Konstantin that he can go spit on their graves but leave John out of it as he’s suffered enough. Konstantin shouts that he’s the one who has suffered and now he wants them both to suffer like he has. Steve questions what he means. Konstantin remarks that Steve’s missing son might still be alive but his daughter isn’t and he will have justice as he then storms out.

Holly lays in bed and begins having flashbacks of New Year’s Eve and Tate.

EJ tells Nicole that he knew someone slipped Holly the drugs and they both know who it was. EJ asks who else it could’ve been since no one else was drugged. EJ argues that Holly was roofied and no one would have done that other than her date, believing that Tate was trying to get in to Holly’s pants.

Theresa tells Brady that it was time that Tate knew the truth. Brady doesn’t know what to say. Tate tells Brady that he’s so sorry. Brady says he has nothing to be sorry about at all. Brady thanks Theresa for telling the truth and says he’s grateful. Brady tells Tate that he loves him. Brady adds that he and Theresa will always be there for him no matter what as they embrace. They talk about needing to catch up and joke about having to watch the Super Bowl alone. Tate thanks Theresa for opening up to him and having the courage to tell him the truth. Theresa is glad she did and says seeing them laugh together makes her happy as she hugs Tate.

Nicole goes back in to Holly’s room and sits next to her. EJ returns and says he knew he would find her there. Nicole says she was just making sure it was all still real that Holly is home and has come back to them. EJ understands that need, but assures that it is very real. Nicole points out that Holly obviously doesn’t remember that she was drugged and she hopes that they weren’t her drugs that did this to her. Nicole feels it would reflect on her because if Holly was using, that would mean she failed her as a mother. EJ encourages that she hasn’t. Nicole feels that she has in so many ways as she’s been selfish and if the drugs were Holly’s, it’s just another box ticked off on the terrible mother checklist. Nicole acknowledges that she should’ve been there for Holly more and talks about losing a baby and stealing Eric’s baby. Nicole says she was trying to make sense of it all and handle getting through each day. EJ tells her to stop beating herself up and calls her a wonderful mother. EJ adds that Holly made it clear that the drugs did not belong to her which means she’s completely innocent in all of this. EJ calls Holly a wonderful young woman and says Nicole raised her right so she should be very proud. EJ suggests they let Holly get some rest, so he and Nicole exit the room again.

John returns to the Black Patch office and asks Steve if there’s any breaking news since he left. John talks about finding Tripp being the priority. Steve shows John where Tripp and Wendy were last seen at the park. John says they are making progress and to keep at it while Steve remains distracted.

Harris tells Stefan that he can go and he’ll be in touch. Stefan then runs out of the room. Harris climbs back into the hospital bed in pain. Officer Goldman returns to his room and seems shocked to see Harris awake. Harris looks at her and declares “it’s you”. Goldman then panics and rushes out of the room as a nurse enters.

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