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Elizabeth? Hi. Thank you so much for arranging for danny to volunteer here at G.H. Oh, of course. We could always use the extra hands. Yeah, I thought it would be something good for him to do while he’s grounded, instead of being holed up at home. How are you doing with everything? Oh, you mean my teenage son sneaking out and getting drunk in the park? Yeah, that. I can’t believe this is happening already. Well, if it makes you feel any better, we tend to grow out of it.

[ Chuckles ] “We”? Former wild child, at your service. Oh, I know. Um, and you’re right. I just… [ Sighs ] What, are you worried there’s something deeper going on? Yeah. Um, I just really hope that I’m wrong. Fancy meeting you here.

[ Chuckles ] Hello. You picking up takeout? No, having dinner with my sons. Oh, how nice. And you? Hot date? Hardly. I actually, um, just had a meeting with a deception shareholder, and I’m about to go home. Join us. Oh, no. No, please. I — I don’t want to impose. Don’t be silly. We’ll be family soon enough. Dr. Navarro: Everything looks good. Really? You’re not just saying that? Doctors don’t just say that, moll. Growth measurements are right on target. All signs point to a healthy baby. Yay. We’re through the first trimester. That’s a major milestone. 80% of miscarriages happen before the 12th week of pregnancy, and you’re already at week 14. How are we feeling about knowing the sex? Do you want to find out? Yes.

[ Glass shatters ] You’re going over my head? I don’t want to, but I will if you keep obstructing my investigation. I mean, it’s almost as if you don’t want o’neill to tell us who’s been buying those guns. And now you’re questioning my integrity. Pcpd tech: Commissioner? Yeah? You’ll want to hear this. Put it on speaker. O’neill: Even in protective custody,

I’m vulnerable. Nowhere’s safe. Why so fearful? The feds don’t know who they’re up against. Cyrus: God will protect you if you have faith. At least allow me to share your burden. Who is this man whose threats are worse than a lifetime in prison?

Has danny been acting out in other ways? Maybe. I don’t — I don’t know, I don’t know what acting out normally or — or, like, what is normal teenage behavior? Hey, how’d it go? Fine. Fine? He was great when I asked him to help the other volunteers. Buddy, I’m proud of you. I was mostly in the mailroom. Can we go home now? Ye– uh, yeah. Where’s your coat? It’s probably on the fourth-floor lounge. Whatever. I’ll just get it tomorrow. No, not “whatever.” We’re just going from our car to the building. Danny, go get your coat. Thank you. Totally normal teenage behavior. For sure. So how’s it all going, living under the same roof? It’s great. Says the guy who doesn’t live there. Excuse me. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. It is great. It’s really great. Um, violet is over the moon having her grandpa there all the time. And the feeling is mutual. We built a pillow fort the other day. Oh, there better be evidence. But of course.

[ Chuckles ] Wow, that is impressive. We thought so. How many pillows do you have? Oh, more than I was aware of, apparently. Alright, let me see that. Yeah. You got a little fort envy? Wow. Maybe. When I was violet’s age, my thoughts tended to deteriorate into a pile of pillows. But, uh, this actually has some structure. You know, violet could maybe be an architect or an engineer one day — after her singing, dancing, and, uh, does she still want to be a circus performer? Is it a girl? It’s a girl, right? I heard that gender can affect the way that you carry. I think that’s just an old wives’ tale. Is it? Um, look, krissy. What? Something wrong? No. Um, well, tj and i discussed it, and we decided we don’t want to find out. We want the baby’s sex to be a surprise. Oh. Yes. Oh, no, of course. I’m — yeah, sorry, I just — I was caught up in the moment. That should 100% be — that should be your choice. It’s possible we’ll change our minds. Yes, yeah, um… but for now… yeah. The secret’s safe with me. Thank you. We would, however, love to hear the heartbeat. You got it. Okay.

[ Heart beating ]

[ Gasps ] Whoa. Oh, wow. It sounds like a horse galloping.

[ Chuckles ] Nice and strong. Just the way we like it. That’s our baby.

[ Chuckles ] Did you get anything out of selina’s guy? You were listening? Yeah. Clearly. You and selina left to talk to her guard, who I gather has some kind of loyalty problem. He gave up selina’s location in exchange for a quick payoff. And so she was ambushed like we were. So what did this traitor have to say for himself?

[ Sighs ] He didn’t say anything at first. Right. Let me guess. You found a way to convince him. He claims the guy coming after me calls himself stone. Cyrus: As a man of god, I can help. As a former inmate and sinner, I can understand. Better than talking to law enforcement. Yeah. Protective custody is going to be hell. They’ll be the only people I see. Well, take advantage of this moment while you have it. Tell me your story. This is it. Almost a year ago, I was contacted by a guy who told me — heather: Renault. You charlatan. Who you scamming now? Oh, damn it. Who’s that? Do not let this man fool you. Cyrus is not a man of god. He’s a good-for-nothing liar.

Coney island? Yeah. Coney island? You’re — you’re flying everyone in the wedding to coney island the night before? Yes, because that’s typically when the rehearsal dinner happens, the night before the wedding. Coney island? What’s wrong with it? Ask me at the reception when violet’s in the throes of a sugar crash. Oh, I think someone’s projecting here. I don’t think that someone is me. Oh, really? Mm-hmm. Because if memory serves, I took you to a state fair when you were 8 years old, where he discovered the magic of cotton candy. He had it everywhere. Your fingers, your hair, your eyebrows, even. Maybe that is me. That’s adorable. Yeah, it’s adorable. I’m so adorable. That is what people say about you. Yeah, alright, that’s enough. Alright, alright. Coney island.

[ Laughs ] Danny’s never been grounded before, but I’m thinking maybe that’s just because he’s never been caught. You think he’s sneaking out often? I don’t know. I have no idea. Maybe it’s just that danny’s gotten so quiet lately. And I know that happens with teenagers his age, but I don’t know. What if something’s actually wrong? Well, jason was a man of few words. Like father, like son? Danny reminds me more and more of jason every day. No, seriously, like, the way he frowns when he’s concentrating or something, and, like, the way he considers himself scout’s biggest protector. Oh, yeah, that’s very jason-like. It’s crazy. So, yeah, when danny says less than, like, 10 words to me in a day, I have to remind myself that jason wasn’t a big talker, either. But danny being quiet is just different somehow. Because he’s a kid. I knew if it was important enough, jason would eventually tell me. I just don’t think danny knows better. And while I want to hold him accountable for all the screw-ups, I don’t want danny to look at me like one of his enemies. Parenthood is quite the ride isn’t it? [ Chuckles ] What does dante say? Dante? Dante is wonderful and amazing and supportive. But you know how that goes. In the end, it’s my kid, my way. Yeah. Just… …I wish there were a rule book…

[ Chuckles ] …Or just someone to tell me what to do. You and me both. If you do decide you want to know the sex of the baby… you better hold on to this.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t trust yourself? Not even a little.

[ Both chuckle ] Thank you, dr. Navarro, for accommodating my schedule and seeing us tonight. No problem. Everything looks great with the pregnancy. Next appointment in four weeks? Yes. I’ll call your office. Good night. Good night, dr. Navarro. Thank you, too, for — for coming to the hospital this late. Yeah, tj really wanted to be here for the appointment. Of course. Everything okay? Yeah. Yeah, everything’s fantastic. Didn’t you hear dr. Navarro? Baby’s a rock star. And so is our surrogate.

[ Chuckles ] We were going to grab dinner if you want to join us. Yeah. No. Uh, I have plans, but thank you. Plans with blaze? I’m going to — I’ll call you tomorrow. Okay. Is it me, or… was that weird? It’s not you. A few cleansing breaths might help.

[ Chuckles ] Cleanse this. He told you that he leads a flock, right? Well, he led my little daughter to her death. That is not true, heather. The hell it isn’t! By the way, what are you doing here, renault, anyway? I thought that your sister, the mayor, got you out of here. Laura had nothing to do with my release. Yeah, right. Laura collins is your sister? Yeah, you might as well be talking to the mayor herself. She and her big brother keep no secrets. You don’t know anything about my relationship with laura. I know that my little girl came to you for help, and not only did you deny her, but you shared her every word with your sister. And now my little girl is dead. My daughter died because of you. What the hell happened?

[ Static ] Find out what happened to that audio.

honey, the teenage years are rough on everyone — us, them. Well, especially them. I just — I wish I knew what to do, but, elizabeth, you have three boys. Help.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, god. Um, honestly, I just — I try to meet each of them where they’re at. You know, the way I parent cameron is not how I operate with jake or aiden. A hard lesson learned, by the way. It’s like they all have their own language, and you — I just — I don’t know, you need to find a way to translate. That sounds simple. Yeah, I know. Sometimes a shared experience is a good way in, like, doing something you love or they love. Or if you can possibly find something the two of you love doing together, I find that it helps them open up. Thank you. That’s really good advice. Easier said than practiced, yeah. Right? Hey, you ready to go? Thanks for your help today. Same time tomorrow? Yeah, tomorrow. Okay. Yeah. Time to go back to lockup. Danny, our home is not a prison. Could’ve fooled me. Want to go somewhere else? You coming? Stone? As in stone cates memorial aids wing? I think someone’s trying to use stone’s memory to rattle me. Well, that is despicable. I never knew you cared so much. Well, happened to me. Do you remember? Esme and ryan. Esme used kiki’s memory to hurt me, to torture me on ryan’s orders. For what it’s worth, I’m glad that son of a bitch is dead. That makes two of us. You think, though, that maybe it would give me just a little — a little closure, right? Just a little piece. Nothing can give you that. Nothing. Thank you for everything you’re doing, tracy. To have you involved in the wedding planning, it means a lot to brook lynn and me. Tracy’s dedication is unparalleled. Even collecting rsvps personally. What? Uh, I dropped by, uh, invader to, um — lois wants a final headcount asap. But we just got the invitations back from the printer yesterday. I know, but you know lois. She’s — patience is not one of her virtues.

[ Chuckles ] Right. Well, don’t leave me in suspense. Are you coming to the wedding?

[ Chuckling ] Since I’m officiating, I thought it might be prudent to show up. And alexis has agreed to be my plus-one. Nice. That’s great, dad. Yeah, it is great. What about you, tracy? Who are you bringing to the wedding? It felt strange, didn’t it, kristina answering when dr. Navarro asked us if we wanted to find out the sex? Krissy knows that we are the ones making all of the decisions about the baby. I think she just blurted it out. You know, kristina being kristina. She’s all in with everything she does, and this pregnancy is no exception. I guess. Plus, she seemed totally cool when we said we didn’t want to find out. Yeah, but it’s like you don’t get to be cool. This has nothing to do with her. I know. And she knows. Or she’ll get there. Plus, I mean, it actually has a lot to do with her. I mean, let’s not forget, our baby is dependent on my sister for the next six months. Of course she’s invested in the life inside her. And isn’t that what we want? Hi. Hi. You had an O.B. Appointment tonight, right? Did everything go okay? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was good. Uh, the baby is growing appropriately, strong heartbeat — all good. Thank god. The look on your face made me think something had happened. All good. Then what is it? I mean, obviously, something’s wrong. I wouldn’t say “wrong.” Then pick another word? More like… …strange. Wait. If you go in there, you will blow cyrus’ cover. What cover? This operation has been cursed from the start. No saving it now. Anna, anna, that man is a false prophet. He’s a total fraud. Anna: Just stop. My daughter went to him for help, and he turned her away. Would you calm down? My daughter died because he wouldn’t help her. Don’t hurt her. Heather is a lost soul with a troubled mind. You’ll pay for betraying esme. Do you hear me? No. My daughter will not have died in vain. Enough. Guard, take o’neill back to his cell. Ow,you’re hurting me. No, no. Don’t — don’t hurt her. Please, just get her out of here. Don’t believe him. I know, I know. Out. Go in peace, my friend. You, out of here. No. Ow! You’re hurting my — ow, my hand! Ah! What the hell was that?

You should’ve heard it. I mean, when that heartbeat filled the room, it was like — magic. Yes. Magic. And it was so real. It was more real than anything has felt so far. I mean, there’s — there’s a baby in there. Yes, kristina. That’s what happens when you become pregnant. No, I know, of course. And, obviously, the pregnancy test was proof, and morning sickness was definitely proof, but… …seeing and hearing that little blob — I get it. Or I think I do. I just can’t wait to see who this little person becomes. So what’s the issue? What do you mean? Well, everything you’re saying sounds so positive, but you said that things felt strange. At the appointment, uh, dr. Navarro asked if we wanted to know the sex, and I just immediately, without hesitation, said yes, and I wasn’t even thinking about it. Just came out of my mouth. And molly and tj said no. Being them, they had discussedit ahead of time, of course, and as they should, right? They’re the parents. It’s just… strange. It’s just… I feel bad saying this, but, like, in that moment I felt like the baby was mine. And I know that it’s not. I know that it’s 100% tj and molly’S. Kristina. I get that. Right now, today, that baby is a part of your body. Of course you would think of it as yours. Yeah. Tj: You’re right. Of course, we want krissy to care about our baby. And, remember, that’s her little niece or nephew in there. I’m sure if I were the one pregnant, she’d still be at every appointment demanding to find out the sex. Good point. Good point. Yeah. This is new for all of us. And, you know, like they say, three can be a crowd. Don’t you mean four? Four. We’ll find a way through this — together. Any second thoughts? Second? Try third, fourth, fifth. I am resisting every type a urge not to know and plan everything accordingly, but, you know, we’re not really the “pink or blue” type of people anyway. Yeah, our son or daughter is going to be whoever they want to be. But the “ours” part — that’s nonnegotiable. Dad used to come here. Yeah, it was his place to think. Makes sense. Yeah. Quiet. No traffic, no people. And that’s why he liked it. That’s why I like it, too. Yeah. It’s cool. Mom… …why’d you bring me here? Well, because I feel closer to your dad here, and I thought that maybe you would feel closer to him here, too. You know , your dad was goingto teach you how to ride.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I remember. 16 isn’t that far away. But it’s not the same as learning from your dad. No, it’s not. You’d think, after all these years, I’d have a better handle on my grief. And normally I do, I guess, but losing spencer just brought it all back up to the surface. You’ve been thinking a lot about kiki? Constantly. I understand. I mean, this — this — spencer’s death just blew everything up. You know what I mean? For all of us. And now I got this — this faceless enemy who’s using stone’s name. It’s just — it’s just… stone was very important to you, wasn’t he? Well, you know what? He represents all the people… …who I couldn’t save. Sonny, you can’t be responsible for everybody. It’s not possible. That’s not how I feel. My mother, lily, courtney, morgan. I couldn’t do anything for any of them. You really blame yourself? How could I not? What do you mean, “what was that?” Weren’t you listening? You mic went out after heather showed up. Aw, it — it must’ve got knocked loose during our struggle. Heather really doesn’t like you, does she? You must be agent cates. This whole thing is a colossal waste of time. On the contrary. Why? What do you mean? My talk with mr. O’neill was very enlightening.

Wow. Was it something you said? Finn is checking in with violet, and chase is in the restroom. You know, it wasn’t lost on me, what you did there. What I did where? Getting up to powder your nose when finn inquired as to your date for the wedding. I used the restroom. Can I ask you something? As long as it has nothing to do with my plus-one. Did you really stop by

the invader to confirm my rsvp? Lois wasn’t sure if you were bringing somebody to the wedding. Shouldn’t be surprised. You have experienced her…enthusiasm firsthand. I know. I-I just [Sighs] Got the feeling that you were there to say something else. If I was, it slipped my mind. Okay. Guess it wasn’t important, then. Guess not. Danny, you can talk to me about your dad at any time. You know that, right? Feels…weird sometimes. Why? Because of dante? Okay, listen to me. Yes, dante loves you, but in no way would he ever try to replace jason, nor would he want you to avoid the subject of your dad. I’ve been missing dad a lot lately. More than usual. You want to tell me about it? You know my friend wyatt? Yeah. His dad came home last month after serving two years overseas. Wow. Wyatt must be really happy. He is, and I’m happy for him. We used to talk about our dads all the time. And how you miss them. And now wyatt’s dad’s back. And is it terrible I kind of wish he wasn’t? No. No, danny, not at all. I-I think it’s normal that you would have somebody to relate to and that’s comforting, and not having that can be sad. But, hey, you can talk to me. I’m — I’m — danny. Mom, I’m good. Want to do everything I can to find out whoever’s threatening my family. And selina wu is willing to work with you. We’re going to use her guard, uh, to lay a trap to who — you know, whoever’s gunning for me. He’s going to tell stone’s guy that we’re setting up this secret meeting. You and selina. Right. In some — in some isolated location, where it’s easy to ambush. Re ally, though, it’s a trapfor stone’s gunmen. I’m going to find the leak in my organization… …and I’m going to destroy it. And then I’m going to go after stone. You’ve suffered some betrayal recently, haven’t you? Yes, I have. Yeah, yeah. Carly. Michael. Nina. Michael? I thought that you and michael reconciled. I thought so, too, but it was all lie. Mm. Well, maybe… maybe, in their own way… they thought they were helping you. By going behind my back? Unh-unh. I can’t trust them. I can’t trust anyone. Well, what you can’t do is go through life alone. So if you really think that you don’t have anybody else, then… …you have me. You? Yeah. Me. Who would’ve guessed?

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. For what? For letting me process all my feelings without judging me. This is all really confusing. But one thing I know with absolute certainty — this baby is tj and molly’s, and that’s what matters. You’re amazing. I’m really not. Yes, you are. Being a surrogate is an act of love, and you love that little baby inside you, nurturing him or her for your sister and tj. Yeah, but that’s exactly it. That is exactly the thing. I love this baby for them. No, no, no, for all of you. It’s your family, too, kristina. Yeah. It’s my niece or nephew. Look at me. Everything you’re feeling… …is not only normal but healthy.

[ Breathes deeply ] You always know what to say.

[ Chuckles ] For some reason, it comes easy with you. I see you, kristina… …and what I see takes my breath away. You got useful information out of o’neill?

[ Sighs ] How? The woman busted in, and all hell broke loose. True. But after the guards pulled her off, heather conveniently kept them occupied, giving o’neill and me a chance to continue our conversation. Why would he tell you anything? Especially after he found out the mayor’s your sister? Well, that was a setback, to be sure, but, ultimately, the — the man wants to unburden his soul. You threatened him? I appealed to his better self. Enough with the semantics. Did o’neill tell you who’s behind the mob hits or not?

Stay with me. Don’t go. I could spend every morning laying right here next to you I fell without warning now there’s nothing I can do I dream about you and the times that we’ll have and I just wanted you to know that I think it might be love and I’ll never get enough I can’t imagine going on without you so don’t ever leave my side it might be love and I’ll never get enough I can’t imagine going on without you so don’t ever leave my side it might be love and I just can’t get enough it’s so right, it might be love good night, you guys. Good night. First trimester’s over. Mm-hmm. Our baby is healthy. You know what this means? We don’t have to keep it a secret anymore. We can tell the whole world we’re going to be parents. Should I announce it over the P.A. System? Should I? Tj ashford, don’t you dare. Just a quick, little update. We are — fine, fine, fine. Come here.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. Thank you. You have given me everything I’ve ever wanted. I love you so much. Not even close to how much I love you. Thank you so much for dinner. You did not have to do that. Yes, I did. I invited you as my guest. Yeah. Thanks, dad. Uh, is yuri driving you home? Uh, actually not. It’s his night off. I’m taking a rideshare. No, I’ll drop you on my way home.

[ Chuckles ] I am not on your way home, but thank you. I’m capable of taking care of it myself. Just because you are doesn’t mean you must. And brook lynn would kill me if I didn’t get you home safe. Okay. Thank you. Wow, thought that was going to end in an arm wrestle. Next time.[ Chuckles ] Thank you. This, uh… this really was fun. It really was. O’neill was much too terrified to give up a name… well, that’s too bad. I told you. No, no no, wait. Don’t go. …But he said something quite provocative. O’neill is terrified of the man who, pardon the pun, is gunning for the mobsters. He’s convinced this person can get to him in here, despite the protective custody. That’s typical snitch behavior. He said that this man is untouchable because he’s a ghost, literally. Explain that. According to o’neill, the person you’re so desperate to find does not exist because he’s dead. I know we haven’t talked about your dad too much, so it might seem a little strange to start now. Yeah, it’s not that. Then what is it? You and uncle drew were so sad when dad died, and I didn’t want to add to that. I-I wanted to be strong for you. Danny, there is no burden too big that I will not help you carry, no matter how tall you get, and you can talk to me about your father any time. Okay. What do you say we go? Does this mean I can get my phone back?

[ Laughs ] No, not a chance. Tough life, I know, kid. You know, if you look up the word “brooding” in a dictionary, this is the picture you’d see. Everything changes. That’s a fact. Just when you think you’re getting close to someone, you’re not. The only person you can really trust… …is yourself. Not avery. She has us. Always. You got me there. Good night, sonny. Good night.

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