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In the interrogation room, Justin asks how Xander is holding up. Xander says about as well as could be expected and he’s glad they let him out of his cell to talk to them. Xander asks how everyone is holding up after the fire. Sarah informs him that Doug, Julie, Chad and the kids all moved in to the Kiriakis Mansion and went back to the Horton house to assess the damage. Xander is thankful no one was hurt. Justin wishes they could get him out but after finding the gun at his apartment. Sarah apologizes for not staying while the police searched the apartment but Victoria was crying and she took her to the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander says there’s nothing Sarah could’ve done as someone would’ve planted the gun whether she was there or not. Xander insists that he’s being set up and asks Justin if he believes him. Justin assures that he believes him and will prove it. Justin hopes that Harris will explain everything when he wakes up. Sarah notes that’s if he wakes up and it will be awhile. Xander worries that time is not on their side and that whoever planted the gun is planning their next move as they speak. Rafe enters the room. Xander tells him that he’s being framed and argues that he barely knows Harris Michaels and has no connection to him. Rafe responds that he is sure that Xander does have a connection to the $50,000 that was placed in his account today from an untraceable offshore account.

Clyde paces outside in the prison yard and pulls out his phone to call Stefan, who asks what now. Clyde thinks Stefan knows what and tells him to come pay him a visit to clarify. Stefan doesn’t think that’s a good idea since last time he was there, he got in trouble with the cops. Clyde informs Stefan that it’s not a request, but an order as he hangs up.

Ava watches Harris through the window of his hospital room. Ava thinks back to finding Harris on the docks after he was shot. The cop comes over and tells Ava no loitering and it’s family only. Ava argues that she’s the closest thing to family that Harris has got. The cop then warns her to leave before he has her removed from the premises.

Steve and John talk on the phone about not being able to find anyone who saw Tripp and Wendy. Steve says he’s checked every lead he can think of for clues. John says he has a list of everyone who signed up for the geocaching event so he will be busy checking in with them and it will be awhile until he’s back at the office. John tells Steve to hang in there as they are going to find Tripp and Wendy. Steve thanks him and says to keep him posted as they hang up. Konstantin then shows up at the Black Patch office and asks Steve if this is a bad time. Steve asks what he wants. Konstantin comments on Steve seeming to be in a foul mood and assumes it’s because his son is missing. Steve asks how he knew that. Konstantin explains he overheard nurses talking at the hospital about Tripp not showing up for his shift. Steve questions what that has to do with him and what he wants. Konstantin says he just wanted to give him his take on his missing son. Konstantin calls it karmic justice if something happened to Tripp because his daughter was killed by The Pawn while Steve just stood there watching, which makes him equally responsible for her death.

Ava pleads with the cop, explaining that she’s having a really bad day as her son Tripp has gone missing. Ava points out that Tripp was the one who helped Harris on the docks, so if it wasn’t for Tripp and for her finding Harris in the first place, he might not even be with them right now. Ava knows it would do Harris well to know that she was there. Ava asks the cop to bend the rules just a little bit, but he refuses. Ava decides to call Rafe and claims they are very close. Officer Godfrey informs Ava that it was actually Rafe who ordered him not to let Ava in to see Harris under any circumstances.

Xander argues that he has no idea why or how $50,000 was deposited in to his account. Justin calls it further proof that Xander is being framed. Xander adds that if he was doing something nefarious, he wouldn’t broadcast it to the world by having the money put in his personal checking account. Rafe asks about the text message that Xander received that asked “Is it done?”, adding that the gun used to shoot Harris was found in Xander’s apartment. Xander repeats that he doesn’t know how that got there while Justin says he already explained that and asks if there’s no other evidence, but Rafe reveals that he has an eye witness to the crime.

Steve tells Konstantin that he has no idea what he’s talking about. Konstantin argues that Steve was The Pawn’s handler and Victor sent them to Greece. Konstantin says they went one step too far and killed his daughter Catharina in cold blood. Steve doesn’t know what game he’s trying to play, but says he has it all wrong. Steve argues that he didn’t even know Konstantin had a daughter and asks what proof he has, questioning if he actually saw this Pawn kill his daughter.

Rafe informs Xander that they have a witness who saw him running near the Bistro on the night of the shooting and that it looked like he was in a hurry. Xander argues that everyone who is running looks like they are in a hurry, complaining that it was cold and he was trying to keep his heart rate up. Xander asks if Sarah believes him, which she asures that she does. Rafe warns that she might have second thoughts when she sees this as he presents a security photo of the shooter standing over Harris. Sarah says it can’t be. Xander insists that’s not him and that plenty of people wear similar running clothes. Justin argues that you can’t even see his face so there is no way to identify Xander as the shooter based on that photo.

Ava paces at the hospital until a nurse comes out of Harris’s room. Ava asks how he’s doing and if she can tell her if there’s any improvement in his condition. She says she can’t tell her unless he’s family. Ava responds that Harris doesn’t have any family so she is all he has and she knows if she was in there, it could help his recovery. Ava points out that they say coma patients respond to their loved ones’ voices. The nurse responds that she’s sorry as she really wishes she could help.

Stefan meets Clyde at the prison yard and questions why they are meeting out here instead of the visitor’s room. Clyde says he needed fresh air and assures that he won’t get shot unless he orders it. Stefan wants to make this brief and asks what the hell he wants from him. Clyde responds that he wanted to see him face to face to tell him how disappointed he is in him. Clyde reveals that Stefan had an order to shoot and kill yet somehow, Harris Michaels is still alive. Clyde believes that Stefan didn’t really want Harris to die. Clyde warns that if Stefan disobeyed an order, there will be consequences. Stefan argues that he did exactly what he was ordered to do. Clyde explains that Stefan dressed up as Xander and sent Harris the bogus text as Ava, which he calls child’s play and says anyone could’ve done that. Stefan flashes back, revealing that he was the one who shot Harris. Stefan complains that he shot Harris twice and didn’t know Ava would show up and call Tripp to save him. Clyde insists that next time, Stefan shoot Harris three times and kick him in to the river if he has to. Stefan argues that there won’t be a next time as he did exactly what he said to do and there’s no indication that Harris will wake up. Stefan declares that he did it for Gabi and asks if she is still okay. Clyde responds that Gabi is still breathing, for now.

Xander tells Rafe that the man in the picture is not him, so obviously someone dressed like him to commit the crime and planted the gun in his apartment, insisting that he’s being framed. Justin argues that when this much evidence falls in to place so easily, there has to be other forces at play. Rafe questions who would want to frame Xander and why. Xander wishes he knew but says no one comes to mind offhand, except maybe possibly one of the DiMeras since there is no love lost between DiMeras and the Kiriakis family. Xander adds that he recently received a distorted phone call, instructing him to eliminate someone, and he went to the DiMera Mansion to confront EJ because he thought he was behind it but EJ wasn’t there, so he talked to Stefan. Rafe questions Xander going to the DiMera Mansion instead of the police and asks what he was thinking. Xander admits he wasn’t thinking.

Konstantin tells Steve that he didn’t witness The Pawn shoot his daughter because he was unconscious during the attack, but when he woke up, he saw her on the floor, dead. Steve asks how he can be sure that The Pawn was the shooter then. Konstantin responds that the only people in the room when he was attacked were Steve and The Pawn, who he knows as John. Konstantin has no doubt that John was there that day, even though he did not see his face but says he will never forget his murdering eyes. Konstantin tells Steve that he can look in to his one eye and read him like a book, so he knows that Steve knows every word he has shared is true. Steve tells Konstantin that whatever happened to his daughter had nothing to do with him or John. Konstantin insists that he knows in his heart that John Black aka The Pawn killed his daughter in cold blood and that Steve was an accessory to that crime. Steve calls it a lie. Konstantin says he swore on Catharina’s soul that he would avenge her death and he will not rest until he makes good on that promise. John then enters the office and questions what the hell is going on here.

Justin decides he will give Sarah and Xander some time alone as he gets back to the office. Xander asks if Justin can get him out on bail now that Rafe agrees he’s being set up. Justin says that Rafe agreed to consider it and he won’t give up fighting for him, but he’s afraid that they may have a tough road ahead. Sarah thanks Justin as he exits. Sarah knows Justin doesn’t want to get Xander’s hopes up but says that every bit of evidence points to a set up and now Rafe believes that. Xander worries if Rafe could be just pretending to try to get him to say something incriminating. Sarah insists that Rafe wouldn’t do that. Xander says that whoever is out there trying to make him look like a murderer. Xander complains that he finally turned his life around with Sarah and Victoria and he was so proud of his work at the Spectator and that he’s gained Sarah’s trust. Sarah assures he hasn’t lost that which Xander says he’s very grateful for. Xander states that being implicated in this terrible crime is making him doubt himself all over again. Sarah asks why doubt himself if he knows he’s innocent. Xander feels trouble follows him everywhere he goes no matter how hard he tries to be a good person and stand up citizen as he always makes a bad choice or gets punished along the way which is what’s happening now. Xander wouldn’t blame Sarah if she wanted to get away from all of this. Xander tells Sarah that he loves her and that she and Victoria are everything to him, so he wants them to be happy and not burdened by his bad choices. Xander says if Sarah decides to take Victoria and start a new life without him, he will understand.

Rafe enters Harris’s hospital room and sends Officer Godfrey on break to relieve him from his duties for awhile. Rafe comments that Harris has been on the force for about four months and he’s already in here, fighting for his life. Rafe encourages that Harris is a tough SOB and brings up his past as a navy SEAL. Rafe says Harris doesn’t quit or give up because he’s a fighter. Rafe tells him no to go giving up on him now. Rafe urges Harris to get out of here and heal up, then they will find the bastard who did this to him and take him down. Rafe then looks over and sees Ava looking through the window. Rafe exits the room and tells Ava that she shouldn’t be there. Ava questions why he’s so hellbent on keeping her from seeing Harris. Rafe says it’s for her good and his. Ava agrees to try and accept that. Ava says she’s really sorry about this whole mess as if she hadn’t gotten involved with Clyde and his drug operation, none of this would have happened. Rafe tells Ava that it’s not her fault as he knows she and Harris were just trying to bring Clyde down. Ava points out that didn’t do a lot of good. Ava asks Rafe to please let her see Harris, worrying about if something happens and she doesn’t get to say goodbye. Ava jokes that she’ll go on social media and say mean things about Rafe. Rafe responds that he’s not on social media, but he does have a heart so he allows Ava to go in to see Harris. Ava thanks Rafe and heads in to the room.

Stefan pleads with Clyde not to hurt Gabi as she’s suffered enough. Clyde warns Stefan to follow his orders and then Gabi will be in perfect health. Stefan asks Clyde about Tripp missing and assumes he had something to do with that. Clyde responds that if he did, it was only for insurance. Clyde insists that Ava has gone soft, so if Tripp has gone missing, it’s all on her. Stefan asks if Ava knows what he needs from her. Clyde declares that if she doesn’t, she soon will.

John warns that Konstantin has a lot of nerve showing up here. Steve says that he was just about to leave. Konstantin asks if John is not curious about what they were discussing. John guesses he’s here to taunt them about how he was messing with his head in their last encounter. Konstantin says he was actually talking to Steve about his daughter, who he’s certain that John might remember. John responds that he’s never heard of Catharina and that he’s never laid eyes on him until he came to Salem, so he knows nothing about his daughter. Konstantin assures that John will remember everything about her in due time. Konstantin tells Steve that he hopes his son turns up, because he hates to imagine what Steve would do if someone hurt or killed his son. Konstantin assumes Steve would seek revenge. Steve warns him to never threaten his son and yells at him to get out as he exits.

Stefan tells Clyde that maybe Ava has softened but it’s because she cares about Harris, she’s human and has a heart. Stefan adds that Ava is also smart and savvy which is why she’s been loyal to Clyde down the line. Stefan insists that Ava has not blown him out of the water yet. Clyde orders Stefan to get back to Salem, keep an eye on Ava and make sure she keeps her mouth shut and stays loyal which Stefan agrees to do. Clyde adds that if somehow, Harris recovers and regains consciousness, Stefan better make sure he loses it again, permanently this time.

Ava sits next to Harris in his hospital room and tells him that she is there and she hopes he can hear her. Ava brings up when they first met and how Harris had her back and believed in her right from the get go, back when they were in Bayview. Ava states that Harris saved her so many times, mostly from herself and she repaid him by pushing him away when she didn’t want to. Ava calls herself her own worst enemy. Ava adds that Harris has loved her like no one ever has and she loves him for that and so many other reasons. Ava cries that she can’t lose him and kisses him. Harris then suddenly begins to wake up, shocking Ava.

John tells Steve that he doesn’t get it and questions Konstantin’s motive for showing up. Steve responds that he doesn’t know as he was just spinning some yarn about the past, trying to take their attention off of him conning Maggie. Steve says he doesn’t have another minute to waste on him because his son is missing. Steve asks if there are any leads. John talks about a girl at the Bakery seeing Tripp and Wendy during the geocaching event and that Eric and Sloan briefly saw them while coming home from dinner, but didn’t get to ask them where they were heading.

Konstantin sits in the town square and declares that he will get his revenge against Steve, but before he does, he must deal with John. Konstantin says he will take great pleasure in playing John like a fiddle until his strings are broken and then, John will finally pay the ultimate price for what he’s taken away from him.

Sarah tells Xander that there was a time when she would’ve believed if he was guilty, but the Xander that she knows and loves today wouldn’t risk his life with her and their daughter. Sarah insists that she trusts him and she is with him through this entire thing no matter what. Xander hugs her and says he’s so sorry for going on that run instead of staying home with her. Sarah points out that he did come back and they made up for lost time. Xander calls it one of the best nights of his life until it turned in to one of the worst. Sarah assures that they will find a way through this, together.

Stefan goes to the hospital and asks how Ava is holding up or if there’s any word on Tripp. Ava says no but there is some good news as Harris opened his eyes and Rafe is in there now.

Rafe tries to get through to Harris as he has lost consciousness again. Rafe urges Harris to squeeze his hand if he can hear him which he then does. Rafe exclaims that Harris is back and encourages him to open his eyes which he then does.

The nurse comes out from Harris’s room and informs Ava that Harris is responsive and definitely waking up. Ava is thrilled and hugs Stefan, who looks worried.

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