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 sonny, I have at least four people on standby that can do this. You don’t need me. I — listen, I need you to handle this directly. I need somebody I can trust. Will you do this for me or not? I live to serve. Your son to see you, boss. Which one? What do you mean, which one? Does it matter? I have so many ideas for the invader. Hey, are you sure that you can’t sit and brainstorm with me? I’m sorry, nina. I’m booked. Hello, laura. Hello. Robert. Have a seat. Well, since we all know why we’re here, we can get on with it. We’re here to discuss the consequences of… charlotte’s actions when stalking anna. We’re closed. Anna: Even for me? I got some tea and cookies for you guys. Oh, thank you. You didn’t need to go to any trouble. It’s no trouble at all. Now I will leave so you two can talk. Well, honey, why don’t you stay? I’m sure that whatever jordan has to say you can hear, right? Technically, you’re not allowed to hear what I’m about to say. What can I do for you, dante? You okay? Yeah. Why? Uh, diane seemed a little pissed off. And this isn’t the warmest welcome I’ve ever received from you, so, I mean, I can come back if you’re busy. No, no. I’ve just got a lot on my mind. What, like the olivia jerome killing? I read about that. I’m not gonna shed any tears. But I had nothing to do with that, if that’s what you’re implying. Actually, we think that the same people who killed olivia jerome are the same people who’ve been trying to kill you.

Well, as you know, laura, the da’s office must avoid all appearance of bias. Meaning what, exactly? Meaning that any familial ties to the mayor, minor age, injury incurred during the course of the crime negate the fact that there was a crime committed at all. Several, actually. She wasn’t in her right mind. You know that. I do appreciate the difficult position you’re in. So please just tell us what your office has decided. My office will not pursue any charges… at this time, provided that charlotte work with a court-ordered therapist, a thousand hours of community service, and three years of probation. We good? Sorry, commissioner, but the grill won’t open for another hour. I’m happy to leave word with the matre d’ if you’re looking for a table. Just let me know the number of people in your party and what time. I’m not here to dine. I’m here to offer you an opportunity to save lives. Possibly including your own. And why would you want to save me? I assure you that whatever you have to say will be kept in the strictest confidence. Nothing you say will ever leave this room. Well, I can’t provide all of the details, but there have been some developments in the investigation into the metro court pool shooting. Has the shooter been captured? No. Found? No. But we’re closer now that we know the shooter’s agenda. And we have a definitive answer to who the target was. Well, I already know the target wasn’t curtis. So who was it? Anna? Sonny? Babe. The shooter was aiming at sonny. And that’s a definitive? Well, we are as sure as we can be without a statement from the shooter. Unfortunately, sonny wasn’t the only target. Dad, we think the same person or people that took out olivia jerome are the same people that tried to take you out at the metro court pool and in puerto rico. We also think they’re responsible for the deaths of various other organized crime figures across the country. So olivia was next on the list. That’s right. We were operating under the assumption that it was a lone gunman, but they’re clearly not working alone, because olivia’s guards were ambushed by two men, part of a bigger group or an organization. Well, that tracks with what jagger cates told me. And he also advised me to watch my back. So you telling me there’s a possibility that somebody’s infiltrating my organization? Yeah, this is serious, dad. We got to find this traitor. You say that like there’s only one. Nina. Good afternoon. Hi, diane. The bartender should be back momentarily. Oh, not to worry. I’m not here to see him. I’m here to see you. You’ve been served. These are divorce papers.

The fbi and the pcpd are working together. We have reason to believe that the shooting is related to a series of attacks on organized crime figures across the eastern U.S. Look, I’m relieved to know that curtis wasn’t the target. But I’m still furious that he became collateral damage because somebody had a vendetta that had absolutely nothing to do with him. I understand the feeling. Jordan, I appreciate the update. Actually, I’d begun to look into things myself. Really? What’d you come up with? Well, I didn’t get too far. I, um, had to pause ’cause I underwent surgery. Understandable. He’s been focused on his treatment. How is the recovery coming? There’s definitely progress. I’m glad to hear that. I told you that I would keep you in the loop, so that’s why I shared this information. I know that staying on the sidelines isn’t how you operate, but now that you’ve mentioned you’re working on the case, maybe it’s time I speak to anna about making you a more active part of the investigation. I can’t imagine why I’d be in danger. Clearly, I’m not the man I once was. Oh, yeah. You consider yourself reformed, mr. Renault. But I’m not sure that everyone else feels the same way. Your former life does put you at risk. In fact, who’s to say you’re not the next target? Then I shall rely on god to be my protector, not the, uh, pcpd. Okay. And what about all the other would-be targets or collateral victims? Will your conscience — will it be at peace with their deaths, knowing that you didn’t do everything in your power to stop this violence? God helps those who help themselves, ms. Devane. And I am not in the business of saving lives. That’s your job. I’m just trying to save a few souls. Oh, really? That’s a very lofty goal. It’s all I got. So, I happen to know that you’ve maintained contact with your religious acolytes at pentonville. I go there twice a week. The new warden has seen the wisdom of allowing me to continue my ministry. I want to make a proposition to you. That this is a win-win situation, because you are perfectly placed to use your influence at the prison. Let’s just speak plainly, commissioner, okay? Because you’re not concerned about my ministry or about the men who turn to me in search of a pathway to salvation. You’re asking me to exploit the very people who look to me for guidance. Am I right? 1,000 hours of community service and three years probation? I think maybe charlotte should go to court. I think a judge would give her a more lenient sentence, certainly more reasonable. But we are very grateful that charlotte isn’t going to face detention of any sort, really. I want you to know, though, she is already in therapy. I’m aware. That was factored into the decision. When it comes to juveniles, my office likes to pursue a direction of reformation over punishment. Victor manipulated charlotte. Victor was her grandfather and an adult. She was a kid. She didn’t know any better. But you, on the other hand… uh, you know, I think it’s time for me to get to my next appointment. Um, by the way, thank you very much for your fairness and your consideration in this matter. I’m really grateful, but I should be going. I really should be going. Hey, you know what? Why don’t you, uh, walk out with me? No, you go on ahead. I’ve got more business. I’ll be in touch, laura. I look forward to it. Okay, you’ve done your professional duty. Now’s your chance to get personal. The terms are very simple. It’s a 50/50 split of all assets accrued during the marriage. Other than that, both parties keep the toys they came with. So much time has gone by. Nothing from sonny. No contact. I thought he was cooling off, that after he did that, we might try again. But he had these papers drawn up? No word to me? Nothing? I always advise clients that communication should be kept to a minimum during a separation. And he listens to my counsel. Oh, nice try, diane, but sonny does what he wants. I doubt that he would listen to your counsel more than his own heart.

[ Laughs ] That’s true. Of course, sonny listening to his heart over his head is what got us here in the first place. Are you saying you t hink you have more than one mole in your organization? I take nothing and no one for granted. Nor should you. So let me help you. H-how are you gonna do that? Well, for starters, we figure out where your key players were during the attack on olivia jerome. Right.So brick was out of town. Frank, he was with you? Yeah, yeah. What about dex? Dex is not the guy. Alright, look, I know you trust him and everything. That’s not what I said. I said dex is not the guy. Okay, how do you know? I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but you know what? I got it going. Okay. Sure. So, look, if we pinpoint where your people were, then we can figure out who wasn’t where they were supposed to be. You know what I mean? You think I don’t know how to run my organization? Whoa, whoa. I think I’m actually trying to help you right now. I’ve heard that before.

thatyou might be on edge with everything that’s going on, but this feels like something else, something you’re not telling me. Why don’t you talk to me? It’s my problem. Well… [ Sighs ] What affects you affects me, okay? I haven’t figured out the id of the shooter. But I did sniff out a rat. I got rid of dex. Dex? Why? What — he wasn’t working for me. He was working for your brother… my son. What are you talking about? I don’t understand. Michael hired dex, planted him in my organization to get evidence against me… so he can send me to prison. You never liked me.

[ Chuckles ] None of this is personal, nina. Oh, please. I turned in your friend carly in to the sec… lied to your boss. You’re probably doing everything you can not to gloat right now. I’ve had many triumphs in my long career, nina. Your failed marriage to sonny doesn’t even rate. You know, it’s really sad, diane, that when you consider your accomplishments, it’s only in the context of your career. A profession is not a life. Ohh. You’re concerned about me. That’s so sweet, nina. You want to play? I have a few minutes. We can play. You know nothing about me, nina. However, I know boatloads about you. I know, for instance, that you’re an heiress and you have benefited your entire life from the sort of soft landings that kind of money provides. So when you committed — oh, we’ll just pick a random case from our files — assault and kidnapping, you did a three-month stint in a luxury mental facility and then walked out free as a bird. Let’s fast-forward to nixon falls, where sonny is living and has no idea who he is, but you know. And you took advantage, just as you took advantage of the strain between sonny and carly after sonny came back to port charles to break them up. Catch sonny on the rebound. You set yourself up as the embodiment of sweetness and light, but thank god — finally, sonny has come to his senses. But don’t worry. You still have all that inheritance money. You’ll have a soft landing — again. So you’re coming after me. That’s what this is. I think I’ll keep you guessing. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have lunch with a female friend of mine. Robert. I’m trying to be as optimistic as laura was when I say I hope you’re not taking your loathing of me out on my daughter. I think the word you’re looking for is “gracious.” I have so much sympathy for charlotte and everything she’s been through. She shouldn’t be behind bars. You, on the other hand… should. I hated giving up on my own investigation. Stakes are high on this one, and I did not like the idea of you out there digging on your own. I’m glad to hear the fbi’s involved now and that you haven’t gotten hurt in the process. Well, there was a sticky situation in a motel room with a dealer who sold the sniper rifle, but I had anna as backup. This all sounds incredibly dangerous. Why don’t you just let the fbi handle this? Especially since neither of you are in law enforcement anymore. One of the perks of my current office is that I get to liaise with the pcpd. We all agree that what matters is stopping this guy. Right. And if you’d like, I can get the ball rolling on bringing you in as a consultant. With laura and me singing your praises, I don’t anticipate much pushback on that. Thanks, jordan. Uh… I’m gonna sit this one out. I have work to do, commissioner. Please respect that. And me. I’m not trying to strong-arm you at all. I’m asking you to use your powers of persuasion and influence to gain the confidence of a certain person at pentonville who has valuable information that could just stop this killing spree. Gain their confidence by deception. I — that’s not my way. People come to me who are scared and vulnerable. Yeah, you know who else is scared and vulnerable, is the next person who believes that they’re a target. And you may not like them. I may not like them. But I don’t think either one of us are in a position to judge whether they should live or die! They need our help. A-and I’m not talking about an offering of thoughts and prayers from “searching with cyrus.” So you, uh — you’ve heard my radio broadcast. I have. You have a unique way of communicating. I might go so far as to say… you’re quite gifted in your ability to persuade and instruct. You could be a real asset to us in trying to gain this intel. I…am sorry, commissioner, but aside from everything else, I don’t work with cops. Even for a good cause? I have only your word for that. What about my word?

Jordan, I appreciate the opportunity, but right now I am focused on my family and my recovery. I understand, and I respect your decision. You would have been an asset to the investigation. Did you turn up anything on your own? Sonny: Pikeman is in bed with the wsb. Former wsb agents work for pikeman, and then pikeman personnel work for the bureau. Another connection to anna. Pikeman has made overtures to me. I take it you didn’t accept those overtures. Let’s just say it did not live up to pikeman’s satisfaction. So pikeman may have a reason to come gunning for you. Anything’s possible. Uh, nothing comes to mind. Like I said, jordan, uh, my priority is, um, getting back on my feet so I can be fully present for my family. I’m certain you will. You’ve got this, curtis. And thanks for the tea, portia. Of course! And take care of yourself, jordan. You know, you and anna make a pretty formidable pair. You be careful out there, ash. Anna and I are working on a tactic. Even if it is a little dicey. How so? It…requires help from cyrus renault. Calling in the big guns, huh, commissioner? Hello, sister. Why would you balk at stopping more killing? If you can excuse me, I-I have some calls to make. Laura: Mm-hmm. Anna thought you might need a little more encouragement. I have to say, I’m really disappointed that she was right. Oh, come on, sister. Y-you know how I feel about law enforcement. And how law enforcement feels about you? You know, this isn’t about personal or professional animus. This is about stopping an assassin who’s working an agenda we haven’t even uncovered yet. This is important. This person must be stopped. And you’re really this wound up about saving mob bosses? You know, you claim that the most important thing in your life right now is helping your fellow man. What if it is another mob boss? You used to be one not that long ago, right? You tell me that you’ve turned over a new leaf now. I really want to believe that. Here’s your chance to prove it to me. Dex was working for michael the whole time? Are you kidding me? It started out that way. Then carly got involved and changed course. But no one decided to notify me. So, here’s what happened, dante. Carly and michael hired dex to protect me.

[ Chuckles ] Like I’m a child. And then he reports back to them if he thinks I’m in trouble.

[ Scoffs ] Well, I get now why you’re pissed off. You relied on dex. And trust michael. I’m not gonna make that mistake again. Okay, but you’re saying that michael had a change of heart, and then he hired dex to look out for you. Too little, too late. Is it? My son… tried to take me down from the inside. He didn’t just say he was gonna do it. He was actually trying to do it! So just because michael changes his mind, I’m supposed to forgive and forget? No, but I do remember back then michael felt betrayed by you. Right?

[ Scoffs ] And he came around and opted to protect you. Do you really want to write off your son who, in the end, was looking out for you? You need people, dad, people close to you, who care about you. And it doesn’t really matter how they got there. You know what? That’s what — that’s what michael said. But hey. Look. I ca– there’s no room in my life for anybody I can’t trust. You wouldn’t be so callous, diane, if you could at all relate to what I stand to lose.

[ Scoffs ] I shall await word from your attorney. Perfect timing. Shall we? No. What’s up? Sorry. Can we get out of here? Happily. Diane miller just hand-delivered divorce papers from sonny. He’s a greater fool than I thought he was. Diane and robert are infuriating, aren’t they? Reveling in the misery of others. It’s bad karma. May they have a lot of it. I’ll toast to that.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hi. Just was about to call you. Any word? Yeah. None of it good. Damn it. That’s what I was afraid of. Are you, uh, having second thoughts about joining the investigation? No, I am clear on my role. I’m a husband and father first. I’m so glad. I know how much all of this means to you, so for you to make that sacrifice… anna and jordan, they’re gonna, you know, figure out who’s responsible for these shootings, and they’re gonna wrap it up and they’re gonna catch them so no one else has to endure what we’ve had to endure. Or worse. Yeah. I hope so. Yeah. I have to make a call. Oh. Sure. Um, I’ll start dinner.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, portia. Honey, can I just say that, um… I’ve never felt closer to you than I have these past few days. Babe, I feel the same way. So that’s why I feel like I have to be completely honest with you. Okay. I have to warn someone who may be the shooter’s next target. Warn who? Selina wu. Why would you need to warn her? I’d do it as a courtesy. Because… because we used to be in business together.

I’m sorry. How you feeling? Miserable. I’ve waited patiently for months and months. I gave sonny a lot of space. And the first conversation that I’ve had, real conversation about my marriage, was with sonny’s lawyer telling me it was over. You know, I don’t want to talk about it anymore, okay? Tell me what happened with charlotte. What did robert scorpio have to say? Well, he’s not pressing for jail time, but he wants her to serve a thousand hours of community service. A thousand hours. And three years of probation. That’s absurd! Right? Lucky laura was there. Kept me from blowing up. Would have made things worse. Tell charlotte I love her. I-I’ll call her. And she’s gonna be okay. She has you. She has me. And I will be there for her. She just has to call, whenever. I’m so grateful that she still has you in her life. And for what it’s worth, I’m, um — I’m sorry you’re being treated so poorly. I mean, sonny serving you with the divorce papers without any warning — that’s a new low. Well, he probably has a lot going on right now. Maybe he just needs a little reminding. Don’t make excuses for that guy! I think it’s high time that you came to terms with the fact that your soon-to-be ex-husband is not the man that you fell in love with. -Bye. -Okay, okay, okay, okay. It’s your life. Hey! You want sonny to change his mind? How you gonna do that? I have to get his attention first. I get that this isn’t easy. First you lose nina. Then spencer. And now it’s dex and michael. That — that’s a lot of loss you’ve had. D-different situation for all of them. Yeah, but it’s the same in the sense that these people were all close to you. Obviously not that close. Where’s dex now? He’s not a problem. Okay, well, I can’t obviously just leave that at that, can I? He’s alive. But we both agreed that… that it’s best for him to leave town. I’m telling you the truth. You don’t trust me? I trust you. You trust me? If anyone can get through to cyrus, it’s laura. Yeah, but she has her work cut out for her. He’s being very resistant. Well, not to pile on any more bad news, but curtis opted not to consult in the investigation. He wants to make a fresh start. Portia: Wow.

[ Scoffs ] For a little while there, I received a cut of selina wu’s profits from the poker games in the savoy’s back room. Is that why that woman came over here, to our home, with a basket of fruit? That’s why she wanted to buy the club, right? Did marshall know about this, too? Yeah. He figured it out. Dad’s no fool with these kind of things. No. No, no, no. He’s not a fool. But, clearly, I’m the fool. Honey, I wanted to keep the family safe, okay? Now, selina wu respected that until she showed up here. And she crossed the line. You think? That’s what these people do!

[ Sighs ] You have every right to be angry at me. I should have never. I should have just told you about my business with selina. No, no, no. I’m not angry. This isn’t about anger. Curtis, I’m terrified. Diane: Of course, this is precisely why I told sonny that I don’t want to serve the papers. I don’t need this aggravation. I have a room-service menu here somewhere. And — and then for nina to imply that I am some sort of soulless, cold-hearted automaton with no personal life who only gets my blood up for a fight in court! Well, they do call you “killer miller.” Hey. There is nothing wrong with being good at your job. Well, there’s no argument there. I’m good at other things, too. Yeah? Not cold, either.

[ Chuckles ] Look. If it’s any consolation… oh. …Valentin accused me today of personal animus in the professional handling of his daughter. You want to do it? You want me to do it? Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Look. Valentin is a pompous ass. Mm-hmm. You are the soul of integrity. You’re the consummate professional, but… you’re also quite the softie. See? Every guy likes to hear that. Mm-hmm. You’re very tough when it counts, but you’re also soft when it counts. Let me tell you where it doesn’t count. Where? It doesn’t count what nina and valentin think about us. Wholeheartedly agree. You know what does count? Hm? What i think of you, D.A. Scorpio. Do enlighten. Okay.

Mm. I think I now know the secret of your success. Jedi mind tricks? Apart from other things.

[ Laughs ] You take rational human beings… mm-hmm. …And you make them forget themselves. Hm! See? I almost forgot the lunch. There. Wha– I am gonna call downstairs and have them send up another menu. Hm. I am famished. Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Well, me too. I have quite the appetite. Mm. Mm. Well… hm? Enlighten me.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Um… look, dad, I know I ought to be the last person you trust, but… I feel like I’ve proven myself over the years. Of course. I trust you. And I know that agent cates didn’t show up in my office the other day because he was concerned about my well-being. He was encouraged. By you or anna. Yeah, because we got your back. You’re in the minority. You have more allies than you think you have. Okay? Misguided actions don’t necessarily mean bad intentions. Alright? Lies and loyalty don’t mix. I’m not gonna tell you who to trust, dad. I don’t know who you should or shouldn’t trust, really. But… these are dangerous times. Okay? And I want you to consider that help can come… from some pretty unexpected corners. Oh, good. You’re still here. Yeah. I’m not leaving until you hear me out. I’m trying to save lives here. You know something? I listened to your whole radio show the other day. And you almost had me believing you.

[ Chuckles ] Everything I said in that broadcast was the gospel truth. You value the lives of others. As our lord commands. And what about the lives of your former rivals — like sonny corinthos? You’re asking too much of me. I’m sorry to interrupt. I think it was a mistake to come to my brother. I’m just supposed to forget that he beat me to a pulp, put me in the hospital?! Where’s the concern for me?! I was concerned. I was very concerned, as a matter of fact. But that was at that time when — when ace disappeared and we didn’t know where esme went. Oh, come — and then the — spencer — I — I’m s– I-I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I… the good book tells us that, uh, not even sparrows are forgotten by god. So if our heavenly father can protect those that he overlooks, I… so can I. I-I will try to live up to your faith in me, sister. Thank you. What do you need me to do, commissioner devane? Okay. Let’s sit down. Alright? Cyrus? So, this all starts with your ministry at pentonville. We want you to reach out to a certain inmate there. Ther e are no more card gamesin the back room at the savoy. Okay? My business with selina wu is over. Why do you feel so compelled to warn her? Seems like the right thing to do. Why? I-I don’t get this. Why are you so intent on helping her?! She tried to steal your club from you! She tried to take the savoy away from you! She wasn’t trying to help you! She was trying to swoop in when you were most vulnerable. I know what she was trying to do, but she didn’t, did she? Because dad and sonny fended her off. I even managed to part ways with selina wu amicably, and I intend to keep it that way. Well, right now I’m a little less worried about selina wu, and I’m more worried about the shooter who is targeting her. Maybe now — maybe now they’re targeting you. Me? Mine was an accident. An assassin was trying to kill a mob boss, and now you’re just telling me that you’re in league with another mob boss. Yeah, you just told me that sonny is the one who helped you with selina wu. That’s a lot of organized crime going on. I-I don’t get it. Babe. Honey. You don’t have to worry. I’m out. I’m out. Worry? Yeah, I’m worried. A-and I — and I honestly can’t believe that you’re not. Curtis, all we’ve been doing here is fighting, right? We’ve been fighting for our marriage — again. We’ve been fighting for this perfect life together, and we say that we’re gonna make everything work and be stronger than ever, right? How are we gonna do that if you’re collateral damage again? How do we even know that you’re not already one of the names on the hitman’s list? Before you go about getting sonny’s attention, let’s set some ground rules because you’re too classy to grovel. Grovel? You should know me better than that. Well, I thought I did, but then you went and fell in love with a gangster. Oh, well, it was a very confusing time when I fell in love with sonny — mike or whatever. It’s the only thing that made sense. Sometimes I think we would have been better off if we just stayed in nixon falls. Maybe we’d still be together. Well, nixon falls isn’t reality. Mike wasn’t reality. Sonny — that’s reality. Have you come to terms with that? I know who I married, valentin. Okay. Can’t believe I’m gonna say this. You want to stay married? This is how you stay married. What do you mean? Sometimes the best way to get what you want is by not giving someone what they want. The only thing sonny wants from me right now is a quick divorce. So don’t give it to him. That’ll get his attention. Give what I said some thought. Okay? Please? Appreciate your input, but I’m gonna handle this myself. Yeah, I’m — I’m — I’m sure you’ve got something you’re cooking up. You know how much I love to cook. Uh… here’s the thing. There’s a — there’s a special place in hell for those people who put my family in danger. And I’m gonna send them there.

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