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[ Exhales deeply ] Sonny: Yeah. Michael. Can I come in? Sure. What are you doing here? Well, we haven’t spoken since new year’S. The longer we wait, the harder it’ll be to have this conversation.

[ Sighs ] Nina: I told him yes, but it’s fine. It’s fine. No, I don’t think we have room. Maybe at 4:45? Hi, trish. Dinner for two. Hey, carly. Yes. Your guest is waiting for you. Great. Right this way. Thank you so much. Bryson dougherty. It is a pleasure to meet you. Bryson? Bryson: The pleasure’s mine, ms. Spencer. Carly: Oh, please. Call me carly. What are you up to, carly? I have some paperwork I want to drop off for michael. Oh, uh, he’s not here right now, but I’ll let him know you dropped it off. Okay. Um… have a good evening. Thanks. Um, drew. I’m glad that you and michael are on good footing again. Me too. Um, obviously I hate being at odds with him, but I really hope that things are better between the two of you. We’re working through it. He was just trying to protect his family. And I-I’m not condoning anything. I’m just saying that I — I get that. So do I. Michael’s impulse is always to control the situation. But I would rather know the truth than be protected from it. I think michael understands that now. I’m really happy that he was able to put nina behind him. From the sound of things… you haven’t put nina behind you. I’m serious. He traveled so far, he could have wound up in pennsylvania. I’m telling you. The refs stink. All night. They stink. Who knew the chase boys were such knicks fans? I think they heard you all the way back at the garden.

[ Laughter ] Actually, my dad here was rooting for boston! Finn: Wow. Shh. Keep that quiet. Keep that quiet. Charlie’s is a home-team bar. Ah. Well, I don’t mean to interrupt your, uh, post-game wrap-up, but can I steal your dad for a few minutes? Please. Take him. Is this about the rehearsal dinner?

[ Gasps ] That’s none of your beeswax.

[ Laughter ]

[ Grunts ] Okay. Why are you watching dad so close? I’m not. You were sneaking looks at him the whole game. What’s going on, finn? Okay. Look. I think dad might be worse off than he’s been telling us. It is with great pleasure that I reinstate you as commissioner of the port charles police department. Welcome back, commissioner devane. Dante: Yeah.

[ Applause ] Thank you, deputy mayor ashford. Thank you. So how about a little speech? Any words, uh, for the — the crew here on your first official day back? Well, I’m very grateful to the mayor’s department for — for entrusting me with this role, you know, and I-I’d like to acknowledge the fact that the baton is being passed by two great commissioners — jordan ashford and max scorpio. It is a profound honor to guide and support the hardworking officers of the pcpd. We all share the same goal, which is to protect and serve the good citizens of port charles. And anyone who’s not with us… is against us.

think we can trust this guy? Anna seems to. Let’s take our lead from her. Nice office. Mine’s being decorated. Of course. You took the job on short notice. Let’s get to it, shall we? Sure. I want you to know the pcpd is officially running an investigation into the cache of guns stolen from the wsb… and their buyers. This is still an fbi investigation, commissioner devane. Well aware. But the way I see it… the crime was originally committed here… in my jurisdiction, putting the community of port charles in harm’s way. And a possible conspirator was apprehended here. Again, my jurisdiction. So the fbi can accept a partnership with the pcpd or, respectfully, get the hell out of my way! You know, the rehearsal dinner used to be referred to as the groom’s dinner. So I just want to make sure my future son-in-law is well taken care of. It sounds like you’re going all-out. Careful. You might undo a lifetime of his mother and I trying not to spoil harrison. Ohh! A little spoiling never hurt anyone. Besides, I’m taking full advantage of this. It’s been a while since I’ve lived this close to brook lynn. You never know how much time you get to spend together as a family. You can say that again. So, after spencer’s funeral, he… he had trouble breathing. That wasn’t the first time he had an incident. The other times with tracy. And it just — it’s got me wondering about what’s been happening when he’s alone or what could happen. What if he falls down? What if he needs an ambulance? Okay, yes, all that is very concerning, but it hasn’t happened yet. He’s been lucky. So far. I just — I’ve been wondering if maybe it’s time for dad to stop living on his own. Okay. I haven’t got long. I’m leaving town today. I need your legal help. My ears must deceive me. I was unaware that I had won back your trust. Oh, you haven’T. But you do owe me. Well, I’m glad you agreed to meet on such short notice. I agreed to this dinner as a courtesy. Prinzer & golden have been advertising in crimson for years. Yes, and I would like to show my appreciation. I know that prinzer & golden and crimson have both enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship, and I see no reason for that to end. Well, here’s a reason. Your relationship is garnering bad press. Isn’t it enough that you’ve taken crimson away from nina and given it to carly to run? Nina lived for that magazine. Whoa. Willow, are you feeling sorry for nina? Because she doesn’t deserve that. I can’t help but feel partly responsible here. I mean, I didn’t tell anyone about my diagnosis. And, of course, the second carly found out, she admitted that nina was my mother. But nina blamed carly for keeping the secret, which is what triggered nina to do what she did. I set everything in motion, and now everyone is suffering. Just as the family was finally coming together, we’ve completely fallen apart. Okay. I gotta stop you right there, willow. I really gotta stop you right there. Because you do not need to take responsibility for nina. She brought this on herself. She deserves to face the consequences. My concern isn’t for nina. My concern is for you. Carrying a grudge, meting out punishment? That’s not you. The drew that I know is kind and forgiving. Is that man lost forever? I started to call you, like, a dozen times. What stopped you? I wasn’t sure you’d answer. So you thought you’d come here where I can throw you out? Well, it hasn’t happened yet. Well, that depends on what you have to say. Look, I-I came to say that I am…sorry. And I hope that you can forgive me.

People change, willow. Maybe the old drew died in pentonville. Drew. You did not deserve what happened to you. And I hate that nina’s vengeance put you in that position, especially after you’d saved my life. Look, all that matters is that you are healthy and you are well, and I would — I would do anything for you again in a heartbeat. That sounds like the drew I know and love. Please don’t let what happened to you in pentonville change who you are. Maybe everything just caught up with me, willow. Pentonville wasn’t the only time that I was put behind bars with terrible circumstances. Okay? Like… the guy that you knew with the — the — the rosy outlook took work to cultivate after everything that victor did to me for years so that people wouldn’t be uncomfortable around me, so that they wouldn’t worry about me. I just was so happy about being back with my family and with my friends. I didn’t want to look back, but… the joke was on me. Because I just went from one hellhole to another. A-and the thing about the attack, I didn’t see that coming. The threats were right there in front of my face, and I missed them. And that’s not me, either. Like, how did I end up on the floor of a prison shower bleeding out?! Because I let my guard down. I-I literally turned my back. And you — you can trust me that that is never gonna happen again. You have been through a lot. I have, too. I mean, not as extreme as you, of course. Hell is hell. Well put. Despite all that… I still believe in the power of forgiveness, and not just for the people who wronged us, but for ourselves. Good for you. I’m not there yet. Nina: I’m considering starting my own magazine. Really? Doubtless something to rival your old publication. You want to go toe-to-toe with crimson. What inspired this? Well, actually, valentin suggested it, and I’m warming to the idea, but only if I can use the best features of crimson, those that I developed when I was editor in chief. And how exactly do you propose to do that? That’s where you come in. Hello, brook lynn! I am going to do olivia a favor by not telling you exactly what I think of you in the middle of a restaurant she co-owns. What just happened?

[Mockingly] My attorney couldn’t keep his big mouth shut. We are aware of public sentiment. There was already concern when your highly regarded editor in chief, nina reeves, was ousted — suddenly and without cause. You add to that the controversial article about the relationship between you and your publisher boyfriend? At this time, we are not convinced that our brands align with where this new crimson is going. Okay, I appreciate straight talk, so I’m just gonna respond in kind.

Crimson magazine has just changed hands. Our editorial mission statement still remains the same — a celebration of style, art, and provocative journalism. And the publisher and owner of aurora media, drew cain, he shares my mission to maintain the impeccable quality that our readers are familiar with. And I am confident that the public is going to understand this. Now, I know you said you want to suspend your advertising with us, but I would love the opportunity to explain to you why I think you should reconsider. We want to take what’s working with crimson and elevate the rest. That’s all great, but how are you gonna do that if your photographers and your designers are booking other gigs, rather than staying loyal to crimson or to you? My superiors see the benefit of working with the pcpd. But you don’t? Well, it’s not your call to make, is it? Well, whether I agree or not is irrelevant. Information will be provided… on a need-to-know basis, and I have the authority to determine who qualifies. Detective falconeri is one of my most senior officers, and I trust him implicitly. Deputy mayor ashford will be reporting to mayor collins about all of the federal operations here in port charles. Fine. But the circle of trust doesn’t get any wider. Any leaks could have deadly implications. I think we all understand that. You want to bring us up to speed? Well, you first. What information did you go to jail to hide from me? You told me you withheld the truth about nina because you didn’t want to hurt me. But I don’t think that’s the only reason. You’re the reason why I kept quiet. I found out that nina was the sec informant minutes after you two exchanged vows. How could I say anything in that moment? It would have affected everybody there. I mean, not only you and willow and nina, but wiley, kristina, donna. And, honestly, dad, would you have really believed me? Or, given my history with nina, would you just think I’m trying to sabotage her? We’ll never know ’cause you didn’t say anything. Dad, I needed to get evidence first. You could have pulled me aside and tried as hard as you could, but you didn’t want to do that. Why? Because once I decided to be quiet about what nina did, I-I needed to find another way to protect my family. Protect them? How? I leveraged the truth against nina to keep her away from them.

o’neill claims that he sold multiple weapons from the stolen wsb shipment to a single buyer. One of the weapons was the rifle that was used to shoot curtis ashford. O’neill also claims that this client is based here in port charles. So the shooter could be right under our noses. Well, this alleged client could have resold the weapons or maybe he’s even part of a larger group. Yeah. Well, at this point, we lack the evidence to rule out either scenario. Then start with what you know. Your turn to share information with us, agent cates.

[ Sighs ] Four individuals have been targeted for assassination since the unmarked weapons were stolen. And there’s a common denominator. Which is what? All four individuals were high-level organized-crime figures. I recorded martin grey admitting that nina ordered him to turn my mom and drew in to the sec. And I intended to play that recording for you. But you know what? I played it for nina instead. And I gave her two options. Either she admit what she did and face the consequences or she lets me decide when and how she got to see willow and the kids. You blackmailed her? Nina had every chance to come clean about what she did, and she didn’T. That is on her. And then ned, he remembered, and he started to push nina. And then — look. Nina came to me to buy him off. Alright? And that was my second mistake. I should have just called ned’s bluff and let — let him expose her if that’s what he wanted. But I-I struck a deal with ned. To keep the peace. But you know what? It didn’t — didn’t matter because lois found out anyway, and the whole thing blew up. Why didn’t nina come to me? Instead of living a lie? Because, bottom line, dad, is t-that she was — she’s guilty. And she was desperate to keep the truth from you and willow because she thought that neither one of you would forgive her. What about you? W-where would I stand with you if I did? Don’t believe everything you hear. Crimson still boasts the most sought-after collaborators in the industry. We enjoyed a long and profitable relationship with nina reeves. But you, ms. Spencer, you’re untested. I’ll be frank. We have doubts. Well, I can assure you that this transition will be seamless. I’ve already elevated my senior editor to managing editor. The crimson you know and love is only going to get better.

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. I have to take this. But we can discuss terminating our current agreement when I get back. You don’t seem to be enjoying your dinner companion. Yeah, it’s really hard to enjoy dinner when it could cost me $2.1 million annual. Ouch. To be fair, long before you had me alert the sec to carly and drew’s insider trading, you have A…knack for… alienating people. Bryson: Nina! Nina: Bryson! [ Chuckles ] How are you? What’s going on? It’s a complete waste of time.

Crimson without you — it’s unthinkable.

[ Chuckles ] Ohh! Mwah! Well, that explains it. I’m happy that brook lynn found her independence, but to be honest, that’s not how she grew up. You know, in our house, family was a generational thing, right? I mean, she grew up with her grandparents — just like I did — with her aunt, her uncle, her two cousins living two doors down. It’s what we call the bensonhurst brigade.

[ Chuckles ] I’m familiar with the term. And there’s a lot to be said for that. But I’m — I’m curious. When you were growing up, did that ever feel intrusive? Oh. Oh-ho! Waiting for the bathroom was like waiting on line for the cyclone at coney island. And there were eyes on you at all times. I mean, they were loving eyes, but they were there to keep you honest. But, hey, family is family, right? And looking back, I — I got to say I’m so glad that I got to know my parents and my grandparents as well as I did. I mean, violet must really appreciate you living so close by. Are you thinking about putting dad in a long-term care facility? What? What are you talking about? No! Well, you — you don’t want dad to live alone. I live in a one-bedroom apartment with brook lynn. So I assume you’ referring to your place? Well, you know… things would be tight with violet there, but I think I can convert my office into a small bedroom. I don’t think dad would care about the amount of space. The main challenge you would have is… …dad feeling like you’re taking away his independence.

D has his challenges.There’s no two ways about it. But he’s still able to navigate them. And I hear what you’re saying about all the things that could go wrong with him living alone. But for now, that hasn’t happened. We could get him a watch. It’ll send an alert when he falls. You want to rely on a watch? I want to rely on dad. I think that there’s a way that we can keep a close eye on him without being too intrusive, and then we can step in if we see a problem. But we should let him keep his independence for as long as possible. And get him a watch. How was it living with your grandparents? I mean, do you think they felt infantilized by having their kids taking care of them? Are you kidding me? They loved it. It kept them young. You know the saying “it takes a village”? Well, that only works if you actually have a village. You know, and — and as they got older, they knew that somebody was always gonna be there to help them out, and they really loved that, especially when it came to the tv remote and the microwave.

[ Laughs ] Anyway, I got to go. Uh, but I will keep you posted about everything, uh, according to the rehearsal dinner, as soon as the vendors confirm. Okay? Vendors? Oh. Stop it with that. We’re almost family. Mwah.

[ Chuckles ] You just took over. You’ll make your mark. And then everyone will forget all about nina reeves. Yeah, well, unfortunately, I’m not off to a great start. Advertisers and contributors are threatening to cut ties with the magazine. And if I lose the prinzer & golden account, that could really affect the bottom line. Thank you. [ Chuckles ] Alright. Oh, great. What can I do? Nothing. Nothing. You don’t need to worry about this. This is not your problem. Of course it is. Nina is doing everything in her power to undermine you. And this is the same woman who let everybody believe that my father was the one who turned you over to the sec when he had a head injury and couldn’t even defend himself! Am I over it? Not even a little bit. So. Carly, let’s do this. We can get prinzer & golden back. We just have to be a little creative. As you can see, I’m the one with the relationships. The gentleman certainly seemed to hold you in high esteem. Bryson is an ad rep for prinzer & golden. For years, they were crimson’s top advertisers, but no more. Which positions them beautifully to be one of the first ad buys in my venture. What I need now is to get my staff’s non-compete clauses waived. Can you get around that? If you decide to forgive nina, or if you don’t, it’s not for me to judge. That wasn’t an answer to my question. Okay, well, I think that we are all better off without nina in our lives, but I will not pursue any further action to drive her away. Look, if willow wants to let her back in, I have to live with that. Alright. What about me? Dad, no matter who you’re with, you — you’ll always have a place in wiley and amelia’s lives. You know, I love those kids. And I hated being estranged all those months. It’ll never happen again. And I-I hope that you’ll — you’ll choose to — be a part of my life, too. And I can’t promise to like or — or trust nina. But I will not allow her to cost me my wife. Or my father. It seems to me that whoever is ordering these hits is cutting a swathe across the country. Would this be mafia power grabs or what? John: That’s what’s puzzling. Nobody’s stepping forward to claim responsibility. There’s been no resulting turf wars. That would suggest it isn’t business. It’s personal. So, what are you doing to protect those who’ve been targeted? We’re not in the business of protecting criminals. If we have any hope of nailing this perp, we can’t tip them off that we’re onto the pattern. “Onto the pattern.” So, wait. Let me get this straight. So what you’re saying is you just want to get your guy and to hell with saving lives?

I understand your point, bro, but I am still uneasy about this. Uneasy? About what? Uh, knicks’ chances of making it to the final. Huh? Good luck with that. -Yeah. -Everything go okay with lois? Yes. Um, she was telling me about how she grew up in a multigenerational home, and it got me to thinking. I’ve had a couple of health scares recently. I mean, nothing to be alarmed about, but enough to make me wonder if it’s wise to, uh, live alone. I don’t mean to intrude, hamilton, but it might make sense to be near a doctor. Yeah. No. I’m sure we could… get, uh — work something out. I mean, it’d be nice to have you in the apartment, have someone to keep an eye on violet in case I have an emergency at the hospital. But only if this is something you really want, dad. Yes. I do. Sounds to me like your personal connection could be a problem. It sounds to me like your personal animosity toward sonny could be a problem. Everyone in this room has a personal connection to sonny. Alright? Let’s just get that out of the way. But I think we also share a determination to bring whoever is behind these shootings to justice. That should be our one and only focus. Jordan: I agree. Whoever’s behind this is organized, calculated, and doesn’t care about collateral damage. And they need to be stopped before they hurt anyone else. Agent cates, can I have a word with you alone? I have some calls to make. I’ll be right outside. Yeah. Thanks. Yeah. Falconeri. Yeah. What you’ve been told is classified. Really? Was that necessary? What, you don’t think he’s gonna warn his old man? Of course he wants to, but he won’T.

You should be the one to do that. No. Anna, tipping off sonny corinthos just gives him a pass for vigilante justice. Or it enables him to check in with his security and figure out how to protect himself. Look, I understand that there is no love lost between you and sonny, but you shouldn’t let that cloud your judgment. What’s that supposed to mean? Despite your disapproval, sonny means the world to a lot of people. Tell me. What do you think stone would want you to do? You know, sometimes I — I look at nina and still see the woman that I married. And then I think of donna and how close she came to losing her mother to a prison sentence. And drew getting, you know, close to beaten to death in pentonville. And nina set all that in motion. Look, dad, I-I realize that… it’s not my — my right… …to try to make decisions for — for people that I love. So if you want to forgive nina and let her back in your life again, it won’t affect our relationship. Assuming that w-we still have a relationship. Willow: Sorry it took so long. Amelia is still adjusting to the sippy cup. Aww. I can’t believe she’s one now. Me neither. Michael and I didn’t want to have a big birthday celebration, especially with everything going on. We kept it just us and the kids. I get that. I missed out on so many birthdays with scout. That’s time I’ll never get back. But you have the rest of your lives now. Your outlook is remarkable, willow. I realize that some people might find me too forgiving, but I don’t view that as a weakness. Actually, it’s been a key to my survival. Forgiveness and gratitude have helped me through the worst things that have ever happened to me. I’m so thankful to be alive and well. It’s — everything else takes a back seat to that. Just so you know… I think you’re one of the strongest people that I know. Same. I’m standing here raising my children, thanks to you. You did all the work. You’re standing here right now because you’re a fighter. I didn’t fight alone. You flew across the globe, put your life on the line to bring my bone-marrow donor home. Would you still do that today? Or would punishing nina take precedence? I-I wouldn’t think twice. I would never turn my back on you. Even if I let you down? Willow, like I said, people change, but some things don’T. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for the people that I love. But… nina is not one of ’em. Nina, you don’t need a lawyer.

[ Scoffs ] You need a magician. Come on. Aurora’s contracts are ironclad. I’d have to be houdini to get anybody released from something like that. Then again, it is your money. I mean, if you want me to waste time and energy… oh, I’m sorry. Forgive me. But you’re gonna do this pro bono because I did you a favor. You broke attorney-client privilege. I could have had you disbarred. And how exactly were you gonna do that? Hm? I mean, prove that privilege was breached. What, are you gonna get michael corinthos to sign an affidavit? See, once again, you’re doing this all wrong. You’re going about it the wrong way. If you start the conversation like that, I am not inclined to help you. But — but! I shall peruse the contracts looking for a loophole, some way to get your staff released. But not because of your threat. Stop grinning at me. Not because you’re threatening me. Because I accept responsibility for the part I played in your current situation. Okay, great! I’m glad you recognize that. Okay. I am focused on two things. One, I want my staff back. Staff back. I got that part. Two, I want crimson to eat my dust. I’m sure salvadore will be thrilled to accept. The entire team at deception is very impressed with how seamlessly you’ve taken control, carly. Thank you so much. Oh, I’m sorry. Am I in your seat? Are you with deception? Uh, brook lynn

is deception. She and her grandmother, tracy, are the majority shareholders. And you are? I’m bryson dougherty. He’s crimson’s long-standing advertising rep with prinzer & golden. D-did I just hear you mention salvadore? That photographer? Guy’s a phenomenal talent. You think so, too. I heard he was boycotting crimson. Yes, and I told you not to believe everything you hear. That’s true. Do you mind if I share the good news about the face of deception? By all means. I offered sasha gilmore the cover, to be designed by a top designer and to be shot by salvadore. That is exciting — for both you and deception. Yes. You know, I tried to make a marketing deal with lucy coe, but we just could never agree on terms. Well, just like

crimson, deception is under new management. Which means new opportunities. Would you like to join us and throw around some ideas? I’m all ears.

[Dramatic music]We lost everything. What are we supposed to do now?

[Siren sound] There’s got to be someone who can help. There may be one.

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