GH Short Recap Wednesday, January 24, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Spinelli is jealous of Cody because he thinks that he has feelings for Maxie. Cody tells Spinelli he thinks of Maxie like family and he isn’t romantically interested in her, so he doesn’t have to worry about him.

Curtis throws Trina and Spencer a going-away party at the Savoy where Spencer tells Josslyn and Trina he gave Ace to Nikolas because he suspects that Esme has regained her memory. Spencer tells Josslyn and Trina that he doesn’t have proof, but Josslyn tells them she will get the proof they need while they are in Paris.

Esme tells Kevin she wants to change for Ava’s sake before she hits him on the head with a paperweight to knock him out. Esme plans to go after Spencer and Trina.

Heather tells Laura that Esme has her memory back and Laura must have her arrested before she goes after Spencer and Trina.

Kristina takes an early home pregnancy test and she and Molly hug when they find out Kristina is pregnant.

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