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Eric prays at Holly’s bedside in the hospital.

Nicole packs Holly’s bag at home.

Alex and Brady bring Theresa home. Theresa complains that she still wants to party but Brady says she’s not going anywhere. Theresa claims she wants to go run an errand as Alex and Brady try to sit her down. Brady tells Theresa that she’s not going for another fix as the most important thing she can do is recover from her relapse. Theresa says she’s not interested and tries to run but Brady stops her. Theresa yells that she needs to go and it’s really important. Brady tells her that she’s getting sober and not going anywhere.

Steve runs in to Konstantin outside of the Brady Pub. Konstantin invites him to join him for coffee in the Pub or if he’d rather ship him back to his hometown of Aria. Konstantin brings up Steve’s reaction when he first brought up Aria. Konstantin says he knows Steve was lying when he said he’s not certain if he had ever been there.

Harris goes to the prison infirmary where Kate is sitting at Lucas’s bedside as Lucas has been beaten unconscious. Kate blames Harris for saying he would protect Lucas and calls him a bastard for never caring about her son.

Eric finishes praying over Holly as Maggie joins him in the room. Eric tells Maggie that he’s so sorry for her granddaughter. Maggie calls it painfully ironic that she devoted most of her adult life to staying sober and helping other people stay sober, yet she watched drugs and alcohol claim her daughter Summer and now, she’s watched drugs put her granddaughter in a coma. Eric brings up his choice to get behind the wheel while drunk and taking her son’s life. Maggie says she found forgiveness in her heart for him because of Holly. Maggie cries that they both love Holly, so she knew she had to let go of her anger towards him. Eric responds that he’s deeply grateful. Maggie acknowledges Eric as being Holly’s father longer than EJ or Daniel. Maggie notes that the doctors say Holly can hear what they are saying. Maggie knows it means a lot to Holly that Eric is there and cries that it means a lot to her too as Eric hugs her.

EJ tells Nicole that the car will be there in five minutes to take them to the hospital and asks if she needs any help. Nicole responds that she was just packing Holly’s suitcase for Italy and she couldn’t stop thinking about how she looked on New Year’s Eve. Nicole jokes about Holly still sleeping with her favorite stuffed animal. Nicole tells EJ that Holly is all grown up but she’s still her little girl. EJ asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want him to come with her to Italy. Nicole says she could be gone weeks or months and the work EJ is doing here is important. EJ tells her that he will be there when he can and he’ll be on the jet in a heartbeat if she needs him. Nicole states that EJ has done so much already and she’s so grateful that he reached out to these doctors and that Holly qualified for the treatment. Nicole adds that they said Holly needed to be surrounded by things that are important to her, so she’s got the complete Taylor Swift collection and all of her favorite books. Nicole talks about Holly making her a better person. Nicole declares that when they come home and Holly is well again, she knows that EJ will have made sure the drug dealers will never hurt Holly or anyone else again.

Harris apologizes to Kate and says that the warden assured him that the guards were supposed to protect Lucas. Kate complains that she will never trust Harris again. Lucas wakes up and tells them both to stop and says that Kate’s giving him a headache.

Steve asks Konstantin what difference it makes if he ever set foot in his hometown. Konstantin argues that if he had been there, he would never forget it as it’s the most beautiful place on Earth. Konstantin says the real question is why he’s so secretive about it and why he doesn’t want him to know.

Theresa tells Brady and Alex that she doesn’t need to hear anything from anyone. Alex argues that they are trying to help her. Theresa complains that she doesn’t need help as she’s happy for the first time in a long time. Brady argues that she’s just high. Theresa says he doesn’t understand as her son is being punished for something he didn’t do and she can’t see him. Theresa cries that it’s not fair. Brady agrees and understands. Theresa brings up Eric coming over and praying and acting like he’s really worried because of Tate when he could’ve just called Nicole. Theresa complains that Alex was supposed to call a lawyer and get the charges dropped while Brady just tried to cover for Tate. Theresa yells at them for making things worse as she ends up accidentally breaking apart the rosary that Eric had given her.

Harris asks Lucas what happened as they only told them that somebody jumped him in the yard. Lucas says they were all wearing the same thing and they came at him from behind so he can’t identify anybody. Harris asks if they said anything. Lucas says that they said a lot, most of which he can’t say in front of his mother. Lucas states that they basically said he asked the wrong people a few too many questions. Harris asks who he talked to. Lucas mentions a guard, a girl from the cafeteria, and the janitor. Lucas says he thought he could trust them but he was wrong. Harris reveals that they might have a dirty cop on the Salem PD. Kate questions why he didn’t tell them. Harris says they didn’t know for sure and it’s just a hunch, but they are taking it very seriously.

EJ and Nicole go to Holly’s hospital room. Nicole greets Eric and Maggie. Eric says he wanted to spend a few more moments with Holly before they left. Maggie asks when the helicopter will be there. EJ says it will be five minutes and the DiMera Jet is ready to go, so they should be in by the night. Maggie guesses it’s time to say goodbye. Maggie tells Holly that she loves her and that she can’t wait to hear her voice again when she comes home.

Theresa starts to panic over the broken rosary and says God will never forgive her. Alex says he’ll take care of it as he and Brady sit Theresa down on the couch. Alex asks if they should get her something stronger than water but Brady says they can’t do that. Alex argues that he can’t just do nothing so Brady tells him to leave then.

Steve tells Konstantin that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he’s not interested. Steve orders Konstantin to go back to Maggie’s, pack his bags, and go off to Greece. Konstantin suggests there’s a reason their paths keep crossing. Konstantin stops him and asks if he’s ever heard of The Pawn. Konstantin remarks that the mere mention of The Pawn stopped him in his tracks. Steve responds that the only pawn he knows is in chess and that’s not really his game, so he has no idea what he’s talking about. Konstantin insists this is no game and says that many years ago, Victor played a deadly game and the coveted prize was the Pawn. Konstantin talks about the Pawn being a man of mystery who played an important part in Victor’s life and his.

Nicole talks about wanting Holly to be surrounded by the love of everyone who has been praying for. Eric says the doctors must be hopeful about the treatment. Nicole talks about how Holly was planning to apply for colleges but everything that seemed important then doesn’t even matter now. Eric encourages that the doctors will help her. Nicole says no matter what, she will be there for her, talking and praying for her as she will never give up on her daughter.

Kate tells Harris that she thought the reward of Lucas getting out of prison was worth the risk because Harris assured them that people would be looking over him but he was either lying or misguided because Lucas is still here with a target on his back. Kate demands Harris get Lucas out now. Harris says he’s going to make a call and exits. Lucas asks if there’s anything Harris can do. Kate says there better be since Harris got him in to this, so he better get him out.

Alex questions why he should leave when it’s his place and Theresa is his girlfriend. Brady apologizes and calls it a knee jerk reaction, saying of course he doesn’t have to leave and that he’s just rattled. Brady thinks Theresa is fine with showing her worst self to her but she’s embarrassed in front of Alex so it’s agitating her. Brady suggests Theresa could use some donuts and coffee as he doesn’t know when she’s eaten last and the caffeine might help. Alex agrees to go get her some donuts and coffee then. Brady thanks him and reminds him to get dark chocolate too. Alex tells Theresa that he will be right back and exits. Brady encourages Theresa to keep drinking water and tries to get her back to the couch but she falls in to his arms.

Eric hopes Nicole will let him know how Holly is doing which she agrees to do. Nicole tells Eric to enjoy his baby boy and cherish every moment with him. Eric says he will and thanks her. EJ then gets a text that the helicopter has landed. EJ asks Eric to give them a moment with Holly. Eric wishes safe travels and exits the room. Nicole recalls when Holly was a fussy baby and she prayed she would go to sleep and now she wishes so badly she would wake up. EJ says he can only imagine how fiercely she fought like her mother. EJ adds that he loves them both very much. EJ tells Holly to get well soon and swears to get justice done in her name.

Harris returns to Kate and Lucas and apologizes to Kate as the agreement was that Lucas would provide evidence and they won’t release him without meeting those terms. Kate argues that Harris told her that the two successful drug raids were because of the intel that Lucas provided. Lucas questions that not being enough to get him out. Harris says it’s because the raids didn’t lead to the source. Harris declares that he’s not giving up and even if he can’t get Lucas out, he will do everything in his power to make sure he’s safe. Kate complains that Harris said that before, so she doesn’t believe a word out of his mouth.

Maggie runs in to Alex in the town square. Alex asks if he can talk to her for a second. Maggie says she’s not in the mood as she just came from saying goodbye to her granddaughter, who is on her way to Italy for experimental treatments. Alex says he’s sorry as he’s sure that was rough but he thinks she might want to know about Theresa. Maggie asks if she’s alright. Alex reveals that she’s not as she had a slip up last night and got high, so he’s really worried about her.

Brady sits with Theresa, who starts to come to and asks him to please tell her this was a bad dream. Theresa questions why she just gave in like that after all her years of sobriety. Theresa feels she let Brady, Tate, and Alex down. Brady assures that Alex cares about her and no one is judging her. Theresa complains that she doesn’t deserve either of them or anyone’s love. Brady encourages that she’s worked hard and made amends and he’s seen her struggles to become a better person. Theresa says she’s not talking about the past, so Brady asks what she is talking about. Theresa states that she’s talking about now and she’s tried to change but she’s just been a failure. Theresa remarks that she’s done some really horrible things. Theresa thinks back to her and Konstantin making Alex the heir of Victor instead of Xander. Theresa cries that she’s a bad person and tells Brady that he needs to know that.

Steve questions Konstantin saying this pawn played an important role in his life but he doesn’t know who he was and asks how that makes any sense. Konstantin says his identity is certainly known to Steve as Victor’s former employee. Steve asks why he’s so determined to know who he was. Konstantin responds that to him, the Pawn was just a name until he saw his eyes and he will never forget those eyes. Steve questions Konstantin seeing the Pawn’s eyes but not knowing who he is. Konstantin says he doesn’t, but Steve does. Steve says he’s had enough of this crap but Konstantin demands that Steve tell him who he is.

Kate tells Harris that she’ll always be grateful to him for saving her life but warns him about fixing this. Harris takes full responsibility and swears that he will fix it. Harris promises nothing will happen to Lucas as long as he’s in here. The guard comes in and informs Harris that someone is in the visiting room to see him. Harris asks who it is and how they know he’s there. The guard says that the man just said he needs to talk to him. Harris agrees to be right there. Harris apologizes again to Kate and says he’s going to make this right and get Lucas out one way or another as he then exits.

Maggie asks Alex where Theresa is now. Alex informs her that she’s at home with Brady since he called Brady after being unable to find her in the middle of the night. Alex explains that the cops got involved and found her high at a motel. Alex says he wanted to bring her to the hospital but Brady and Jada said it wasn’t necessary so they didn’t bring her home right away out of worry that she would spiral further and stayed at the motel a little longer. Maggie calls it terribly sad news and says she’s very sorry to hear it. Alex agrees and says that Brady sent him to get coffee and donuts, but he thinks Brady is really just trying to get rid of him because he thinks he’s just agitating Theresa more if she thinks he’s judging her. Maggie says that caffeine and sugar will definitely help Theresa. Maggie is proud of Alex for including Brady since he’s a recovering addict and he knows Theresa very well. Maggie calls that a very good call. Alex agrees but worries about what to do or say to Theresa when Brady is gone. Maggie suggests encouraging her to go to meetings and to be very supportive, kind, and not judgmental. Alex doesn’t think he’s going to drink around her anymore. Maggie agrees that would be very helpful in the first few weeks, but eventually recovering addicts needs to tolerate drinking in their presence without being affected by it. Alex says he’s still going to abstain from alcohol for awhile. Maggie calls that very good of him. Maggie says she’s here for Theresa anytime, but she’s here for Alex too if he needs help or advice. Maggie tells him to just call and walks away as Alex thanks her.

Brady asks what Theresa is talking about as far as recent horrible things she’s done. Theresa says she shouldn’t have said anything but Brady points out that she did. Theresa calls herself a failure and says that’s all he needs to know. Brady argues that this was one slip and she’s going to fight back from this so that everything will be okay. Brady mentions Tate, so Theresa begs him not to tell Tate about this. Brady agrees not to as he sees no reason or need to tell him. Theresa thanks him. Brady knows things look bleak and she’s down but it’s always darkest before the dawn. Theresa wishes she believed that. Brady calls it a pattern in his life as things do get better. Brady tells Theresa that she’s going to be okay because she’s one of the strongest women he knows. Brady encourages that she will fight back and she will be fine, for her son and for herself.

Holly is stretchered out of her hospital room. EJ tells Nicole that he guesses this is goodbye for now. EJ and Nicole kiss as Eric looks on. EJ tells Nicole that he will miss her every day. Nicole says she will miss him too as they hug. Nicole then goes with Holly onto the elevator. EJ and Eric watch on and then Eric walks away.

Theresa tells Brady that she’s getting really sleepy now. Brady encourages her to keep drinking water. Theresa apologizes for Alex calling him. Brady says he’s glad that he did as he wants to be here for her. Theresa says she’s really glad that he is. Theresa knows things blew up between them, but notes that they still had good times together. Brady agrees that they did. Theresa blames herself for screwing up and thinking Brady would hate her forever and wouldn’t be her friend, but here he is being her friend. Theresa thanks Brady for being her friend and then kisses him right as Alex comes home and sees them kissing.

Konstantin demands Steve tell him about the Pawn. Steve shouts that there’s nothing to tell and tells him to get the hell out of his way. Konstantin accuses him of hiding something. Steve argues that Konstantin is the one who came to town to scam his way in to Maggie’s life with secrets and lies. Konstantin continues demanding answers. Steve then grabs Konstantin and warns that he has pushed him too far. Maggie interrupts and questions what is going on here.

Kate laments to Lucas that life is never easy for him. Lucas guesses he takes after her like that. Kate tells Lucas that she is so proud of him and encourages him to hang tough. Kate tells Lucas that she loves him so much as he falls back asleep.

Harris goes to the visiting room and finds Clyde Weston. Clyde informs Harris that he requested his presence in hopes that they could have a chat about current events in Salem, like what happened to Lucas. Clyde calls it a damn shame.

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