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This feels a little too familiar. Well… Turnabout’s fair play. Well, it was about a year ago when you accused me of playing God with Willow’s life… because I had hidden the fact that Nina was Willow’s mother. I was terrified, and I was desperate. I never should have said what I said. No, no, no, don’t do that. Don’t do that. You accused me of making a very crucial decision without considering the consequences for anyone. And you were right. [ Hushed ] Finally. [ Normal voice ] Yeah, and now, I kept the truth about Nina being the SEC informant to myself, knowing that information would affect you and Drew and Willow and so many others, but I should have — I should have seen this blowing up, I — I didn’t. Yeah, well, when we’re protecting our family, we can all have tunnel vision. Come on, Mom. I mean, just say it — I chose Dad’s happiness over yours. And I’m also a giant hypocrite. [ Sighs ] Are you tired or just full? [ Chuckles ] Content. Mm. This was really nice and long overdue. That’s on me. Mm. I realize you have a lot on your plate right now. [ Cellphone chimes ] And so do I. A Deputy Mayor’s work is never finished. Mm. Something like that. I’m glad your new role is fulfilling, but I hope you’re leaving room for a personal life. Are you asking about my love life? More like hoping you’ll have time to babysit, because if everything went according to plan, your grandchild was conceived today. [ Chuckles ] [ Knock on door ] Greetings, stranger. Remember me? Blaze. What are you doing here? I thought you had another out-of-town stop on your tour. I did, but then a blizzard knocked out the power at the venue. So if you don’t have any plans tonight, how about it? Can you come out and play? [ Chuckles ]

Hi, Drew. Anna. Scotch, neat. Make it a double. Oh. Tough day at the office? Tough decade. And every time I think it’s taking a turn for the better, the universe just kind of shuts that down. I’m sorry. No, I’m… I’m sorry. You’re sitting here, you’re having a drink, you’re enjoying your book, and I just lay that on you and bring you down. Can I get another one here, please, on me? It’s okay. You didn’t bring me down. Kind of just made me realize how much I relate to everything you just said. Wake up. I need your help. Esme? Yes, obviously. What are you doing here? Well, I had nowhere else to go. Why? Wha– what’s the matter? Well, my baby’s gone. He’s been kidnapped by his own father.

Kristina underwent intrauterine insemination today. Oh, wow. Congratulations. Thank you. I’ll be praying the procedure was successful. You and me both. Yeah, I can’t believe that it’s — it’s finally going to happen, even though we didn’t get here the way I thought we would, because in no world did I think that Kristina would be our surrogate, much less our egg donor. Yeah, I know it took some time to get comfortable with that. It did, until I sat down with Kristina, just the two of us, and we talked it all out. I got a real understanding of her thoughts and her feelings about the whole thing. Kristina is as prepared as she can be emotionally and physically, which is more than some people can say, right? Absolutely. Then why are you so quiet? You’re not weighing in nearly as much as Molly’s mother. Are you — are you comfortable with Kristina being our surrogate? It’s not up to me. I know. But I’m asking… what do you really think? I was actually just — I was planning on having an easy night in tonight. Well, that sounds a lot better than anything thrown together by someone who just showed up at your door. Um, any chance you feel like having some company? Um, sure. Yeah, yeah. Come on in. I’m not a great chef or anything, but I was gonna make some pasta. I’m happy to — Oh, look, you don’t have to entertain or play hostess. I was excited about seeing you, and I totally forgot common courtesy. I should have called first, I apologize. No, it’s okay. No, it’s not. But in my defense, it hasn’t been the easiest to get you on the phone lately. Yeah. No, I know, I just — I’ve, um — I’ve been really busy. Yeah, you’ve got a lot going on. I know that. Yeah. But can I ask you a question? Okay. Why does it feel like you’ve started pulling away? I went to Laura’s apartment to pick up Ace, and Spencer was there, and he told me that he wanted to talk, and I should have realized what he was doing. I should have realized he was just stalling me, but… I’m not sure I understand. Yeah, well, understand this — while I was in a courtroom because of some stupid broken window at Wyndemere, he was conspiring with his father to steal my baby. This doesn’t sound like Spencer. Yes, yes, it does. Look, you don’t know the real Spencer or the real Nikolas. Well, what did the police say? Well, I haven’t called the police because Spencer told me that if I called the cops, then he would have my old charges reinstated against me. Well, that’s not Spencer’s call. Well, he’ll convince the DA. I don’t know how. As I understand it, you could easily sway a jury based on your memory loss. So how could Spencer hold that against you? Has something changed? I knew I couldn’t cut off Nina completely because Willow would be suspicious, so… I thought containing Nina would mitigate the damage. Blackmail for the greater good? You know, if that makes me a hypocrite, so be it. I’ve been called worse. I think that makes you your mother’s son. [ Sighs ] Come on. No one knows why you did the things you did better than me. Although I can’t pretend that it doesn’t hurt that you knew what Nina had done and you still kept it all to yourself. No, no — because I thought I was lessening the hurt by keeping quiet. How? For Willow, mostly. And my dad, he — he seemed happy in his marriage, and you and Drew seemed like you were moving on, and… That’s all true, but you forgot the lesson we both learned about keeping secrets last year. Even with the best of intentions, keeping things buried have unintended consequences. Yeah, and nothing ever stays buried. I’ve been really busy with — um, you know, with my youth center and everything with my sister and work. Okay, you’ve got a lot going on. Yeah. So you’ve said. Kristina, come on. I’ve obviously done something to hurt your feelings, and I never want to do that, so help me. I pulled away because you pulled away. When? At Rice Plaza. We were, uh… talking about our family traditions, and… Well, okay, yeah. So you said your presents a year ago were a pepper spray holster and free legal advice. Yeah, among other things, but… we were, uh… our hands sort of… found each other, and, uh… it was really nice. Then Brook Lynn and Chase came, and you literally dropped my hand like it was on fire. I didn’t realize I did that. Well, you did. Look, I know there’s certain things that you haven’t shared with your family… but I just… Look, that hurt. [ Sighs ] I’m so sorry. Thank you. Do you think that maybe part of that is because you are not out to your family, and so…? Look, I’m not used to public displays of affection, okay? I never have been. My performance life is in the public eye. I share so much of myself with my music. I just — I want to keep my private life for me. No, I get that, I do, I — I understand that your life is more complicated than mine that way, and that’s fine, but when I like someone, I like to show it, and I like when they do, too. I’d love to be more like you, but old habits die hard. It may take a bit before I’m comfortable being as public as you are. Can you be a little patient? I don’t know. After everything you and Molly went through, I got the impression you both wanted to take a break to process and regroup before you tried again. We both thought that waiting was the best option, but once Kristina volunteered to be our surrogate, Molly and I agreed that it wouldn’t be fair to ask Kristina to put her life on hold for us indefinitely. Besides, is there ever really a right time to have a child? If you wait for everything to be perfect, you’ll wait forever, right? Well, I can’t answer that. Is this the right decision? I’ll answer your question with one of my own. Would my opinion change your mind? No. Okay, well, if it wasn’t clear, how your child comes into this world will never change how much I love them. Got it? Got it. And I do love that you value my opinion, and I appreciate how thoughtful you are with every aspect of your life. Now, if you ever truly feel you need my take on something, I’ll give it to you, but from where I’m sitting, you’re doing just fine determining your own destiny, and I couldn’t be prouder. And a part of me wishes I’d never gone looking for the truth. Oh, come on, would you really be happier not knowing while Nina was settling in to her happily ever after with your dad, getting closer to Willow after everything she’s done? Come on. You’re right, you’re right, you’re right. Yeah, I needed to know. I just regret the way I handled the information. And to top it all off, I hurt the two most important women in my life. I’ll survive. Yeah, Mom, you deserve better. Especially from me. I mean, you’ve always had my back. No matter how many times I’ve screwed up, I always knew you loved me unconditionally. Yeah. That’ll never change. Well, even if the man that you love doesn’t feel the same way? I just feel like a stranger to myself lately. Angry… but impulsive? Yeah. How did you know? Well, I feel the same, you know. I guess a lot’s happened to us both since Greenland, huh? I heard. I heard it — I heard about your house being burned down, and — and I heard about… about the other incident. You know, Drew, this — this life I’ve chosen… I’ve seen a lot of terrible things… some of which I’ve been responsible for myself.

But… shooting that young girl… Charlotte… that was the worst moment of my life. Must have been devastating. Yeah. I don’t have words. I really don’t. [ Exhales sharply ] I’ve just been cycling through so many different emotions, you know? That is — is exhausting, isn’t it? Oh, it is. It’s exhausting. And then when you think about the people that you believe that you know the best, and then you find out that they are unrecognizable, just… that hurts. And it makes you feel so naive and stupid. And very, very sad. But I think mostly what I feel right now is anger. Oh… I don’t remember the last time I saw Drew lose his cool like that. Yeah, that doesn’t happen a lot. Hey, Mom, I’m sorry I put you in such a tough position. Oh, come on. I mean, Drew’s mad, but it’s not all about you. You know, he’s — he’s struggling. You know, he’s going through a lot since he got attacked in Pentonville, so… Yeah. Well, no one ever comes out of Pentonville the same person they were when they went in. But you know, he’ll — he’ll move past it, you know, with some honesty and support, maybe talking to somebody. He’ll be able to move past what happened to him in Pentonville. Yeah, yeah. I mean, of course it might take a little time, but Drew’s an amazing man, and he’s not the only one. Yeah, yeah. Not so amazing lately. Come on. I’ll talk to Drew. [ Sighs ] Seriously, Mom, I don’t know how to thank you for your love and forgiveness. I’m always going to forgive you, and I’m always going to love you. Know that, okay? Your apology tour is not over. You’re going to have to make things right with Willow. There’s nothing more important than your wife and your children. And look at me. You cannot let Nina damage this family more than she already has. I’m sorry to interrupt, but Wiley’s asking for his daddy. Oh, thank you. The, uh — The kids are upstairs because Willow’s working a late shift. Haven’t really seen much of them lately. Oh, go. Go tuck in your son, and give them a hug from their grandmother. Okay. Thank you. Yeah.

So how did you do it? How did you — how did you shake the anger? I’ll let you know when I do. Did you know that anger is really just a byproduct of fear? Is it? Yeah. So it’s a symptom? Yeah, I think so, according to my book, yeah. Huh… Any other nuggets of wisdom in here? Yeah, I’m sure, perhaps. I mean, I’m only on chapter one. Um, my focus is — is a bit off these days. Uh, in fact, I think I read one page about three times, but I did grasp that sort of anger-fear connection thing. Maybe the fourth time is the charm. Yeah, maybe. Yeah. I’m just biding time ’til my friend gets here. I don’t know where they are. Yeah, well, it looks like you got a little bit of time to give that page another shot. Yeah. You know… I wonder whether an antidote to betrayal is a kind of fellowship, in a way. Ah, you might be onto something there. Yeah. Yeah, your company has been more medicinal than my scotch. That’s for sure. [ Chuckles ] “Medicinal”? I’ve ever been called “medicinal” before. No, it’s true, it’s true. Talking to you, I — I — I realize that I got to get the toxicity out of my life. Yeah. You let me know how that goes. [ Cellphone chimes ] Okay, who is blowing up my mama’s phone? [ Chuckles ] I am working on a special project. For the mayor’s office? With the mayor’s permission. But the project is off the books. Got it. Say no more. Yeah, well, it’s no secret from you. Curtis and I have been looking into a shooting. These alerts I’m getting could be my first solid lead. Promise me you’ll be careful. I have no idea what’s going on in Spencer’s mind, but all I know is that I have no faith that the PCPD will help me get my son back from the mayor’s son. I’m sorry. I was under the impression that my sister has been good to you and little Ace. Laura is the reason I am in this situation. She told me to turn myself in and insisted that I get a slap on the wrist, and then Ava pressed charges. Well, perhaps it’s time that you turned to my brother, Martin. He’s a lawyer. Yeah, he’s my lawyer. He was at my hearing. But a lawyer is not going to do me any good. There’s no way I can find Nikolas through traditional channels. Well, he’s also very resourceful. Look, even if Laura and Martin can help me get Ace back, it won’t do me any good if I am behind bars. So you don’t actually fear for little Ace’s safety. This is less a matter of protection and more about possession. Am I being lectured by an ex-con? [ Chuckles ] You sought me out. Besides, a rap sheet doesn’t preclude morality. Or motherhood, right? Right. Which is why I am appealing to your better angels. [ Scoffs ] What makes you think you can trust me? Look, I have no idea what it’s like to be a public figure, so I can’t even pretend to relate to your sensitivities there. I’m glad. I wouldn’t want that for you. If I were dating someone in the public eye, I — I would be willing to make some compromises, but it would really depend on what they were. Look, Blaze, I’ve… It took me a lot of time and a lot of work to get to where I am today, to live authentically my truth, and I’m never going to go back to anything less than that. Okay, so if I try to do better and am conscious of my attitudes and behaviors, can — can we just pick up where we left off? That might be kind of tough. My life is about to majorly change. I mean, you — you mean with the youth center opening? I just… That and this. As of this afternoon, I might be pregnant. This is major. No wonder you’re lying low tonight. How are you feeling? Fine. How are you feeling? I mean, it’s not a total surprise. You made it very clear that you were going to be your sister’s surrogate. Yeah, but now, it’s a reality. Yeah… But people get pregnant all the time, and they find ways to hang out with other people. So will we. At least that’s what we talked about. Right, but now that it’s actually happening, it’s… it’s a little hard to see how we can juggle that and be together, right? Maybe. Well, here we are. Uh, look, it’s — it’s been so great getting to know you, Blaze. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on. So our timing isn’t perfect. I’ve missed you, Kristina. And I like you a lot, a lot. Yeah, I like you a lot, too, I just… I — I don’t know if that’s going to be enough. I feel so stupid. I should have picked up on the distance between us sooner, but it sounds like you’ve made up your mind. I’m not sure of much these days, which is why I think it’s probably best that we just, uh, call it. I guess so.

I should have held your hand at Rice Plaza and never let go.

I’ll, um — I’ll — I’ll see you around. Sounds good.

Hey, um, it’s me. I just — I just wanted to tell you that I loved you. Wiley’s upstairs playing with the truck that Nina got him, and it took everything I had not to chuck it out the window, along with everything else associated with that woman. Right, okay, okay. But you know what? Being out of the family is going to kill Nina, and she has no one to blame but herself. Yeah, right, Mom — but is that justice? I mean, you and I both know that Drew was just collateral damage. I mean, she went to the SEC to get you sent to prison. I know. I know that, but now, everyone knows that. And for me, the silver lining is I don’t have to coexist with Nina anymore. I don’t have to bite my tongue around her. I don’t have to serve her at my restaurant. I mean, I don’t have to listen to another sappy speech about why the two of us need to get along. I hate her for what she did to Drew, but now, I don’t have to pretend otherwise. Wait, you don’t want payback? Yes, I want payback. But I want peace of mind more. Since my mother passed, I realize that closure only comes from letting go. And I am ready to move on. I suggest you do the same.

You know, I don’t really have a picture of what my life looks like after the WSB. You know what — what you would want it to look like? Well, I mean, I thought I did, yeah. But now, you know… Well, there’s no clock, you know. You don’t have to put pressure on yourself. That’s very good advice. I don’t suppose you’d take it, would you? Hmm… [ Cellphone rings ] It’s Carly. She’s probably wondering where I am. That’s really nice… to have someone wonder. You know, it’s been my experience that after you ignore the first call, it just gets easier and easier to ignore the rest. You and I, right? We both have a lot of questions that we want to answer for ourselves. But you have one thing for sure that I don’t. And what’s that? You have someone who loves and wants to support you. Look, I don’t trust you. Not for a second. I don’t trust anybody. For all I know, Laura could have known about Nikolas’s plans. You’re accusing my sister of being a party to a kidnapping. Look, I’m saying that I need help. There must be something that you can do. Look, when I met you in the visiting room at Pentonville, you told me that you cared about family. Were those just empty words? Look, Ace is your family, and he’s also mine, and he has been taken from me. He has been taken from both of us. Are you going to let that stand? There’s nothing to worry about. I’m taking precautions. I hope so. I am, especially now that Curtis is focused on his recovery and can’t provide backup. You’re not going to forget that you’re not the top cop anymore? Well, it’s not something you forget. And if I discover anything that even flirts with putting me in danger, I will turn over the investigation officially. [ Cellphone chimes ] Go, take care of your investigation — safely. No danger flirting. Ah, okay. None of that. I’d ask which one of us is the parent, but I guess I can’t say that for much longer.

I don’t know if you’re in there or not or if you even exist yet, but… hi, it’s me, your auntie Kristina. The crazy one. I am a mess. Clearly. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be talking to you, but… You might be the only person who heard what just happened, so please just tell me if I did the right thing or not. [ Knock on door ]

[ Clears throat ]

Look, my own means are greatly reduced. But I do still know people who can make discreet inquiries on your behalf, and if there’s a trail, they will pick it up. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Um, what’s the next step? Well, I make a phone call. That’s it? That’s all you can do? No, I — I — I could also pray with you. Hey, there’s the man I adore. Hi. Looks like you found some good company. I did indeed. [ Chuckles ] I didn’t get a chance to say, Carly, that that service for your mother was really beautiful, and we’re all going to miss her so much. Thank you. And yeah, we are. [ Chuckles ] All right. Excuse me. I’m going to call my friend, see where they are. It was nice talking to you. Nice talking to you. Yeah. Have a nice night. Yeah, you too. Carly: Hey. Thank you. Thank you for calling me back. Um, I want to tell you that I — I — I know why you’re mad at Michael. And he should have told us the truth. I wish he would have. But, you know, I’ve — I’ve made some missteps myself when it came to protecting my family from Nina, so I really do understand. Michael and I will have to hash this out, and — and we will. But the — the bulk of my anger, that is — that is reserved for Nina. Oh, God. Join the club. The failed merger and your investment — that would never have been on the SEC’s radar if it wasn’t for her. Her actions left me at the mercy of that judge, and violent prisoners took me away from my daughter, my only child, Carly. I know, I know. I understand all that, I really do. I just — you know, it’s like I told Michael — there is a silver lining. There is. We don’t have to pretend to play nice with Nina anymore. We can put Nina in the rear view. Not me.

Michael: Hey. Um, I — I didn’t expect you back so soon. I’ll, uh — I’ll get out of your way. Michael, wait. How are you doing? I know you had to have some rough conversations today. Yeah, I, uh — I got quite the beating from Drew, which I deserved, and, uh, well, my mom gave me grace and understanding, which I really, really appreciated. I want you to know that I didn’t tell Carly or Drew anything about your part in this. I know, I know. It was Nina. Nina approached me at the hospital, Carly and Drew found us, and it didn’t take Nina seconds to throw in their faces that you had known the truth for months. Now do you understand why I went to the lengths that I did to protect you from her? I do. And that’s the problem. Nina’s petty, vindictive, envious because — let’s be real — she wanted to send your mother to prison so that she couldn’t be a grandmother to Wiley and Amelia or competition for Sonny. My mother is manipulative, insecure, and a liar, and I had the right to know that. [ Sighs ] I don’t know, Willow. I — I knew how hurt you’d be. Like I said, I was just trying to protect you. I don’t want your protection. I want the truth from you, Michael. Always. Nina’s awful, but that does not absolve you. Well, I’m not looking for absolution here, Willow. I’m — I’m looking for forgiveness. That can’t happen overnight. It can’t happen if we’re apart like this. Michael, I am too tired to get into this right now. Okay, then when? Mommy, Daddy, is it time to go home?

So you can tell me where the gun came from? All right. Name the time and place. Okay. Got it. Excuse me. Is there something I can help you with? I can help myself. Going somewhere?

You’re back. I thought I heard you talking to someone. I can go if you have company — No, no, no, I, uh — I don’t know if I, uh, have company or not yet. [ Chuckles ] Did you forget something? Not exactly. I just wanted to say that you may be right about everything, okay? Maybe I’m not ready. Maybe you do have too much going on. Maybe this won’t work, but how will we know if we don’t try? We won’t. I’m not a quitter, and I get the feeling that you don’t like what-ifs any more than I do. So… what do you think? Will you take a chance with me? It depends. On? What’s in the bag. [ Chuckles ] All the ingredients for the dinner that I’ll make while you relax. I did a quick internet search on foods to avoid after an IUI, so there’s nothing processed, spicy, or hard to digest. I promise. I’m going to guess there’s no wine in there either, then. No, but you did mention that you did want to try coquito one day, so I got some stuff to make some. Minus the rum. Wow. You thought of everything. Is it enough?

What are you doing up? It’s way past your bedtime. Daddy never came back up to read to me. I didn’t, did I? Well, you know what? If you’re still interested, I can read you a story now. Yes. Can we do it at our house? I like our house better than this one. Yeah, so do I. Then why haven’t you been home, Daddy? Uh, you know what? I — I’ve just been a little busy with work, but, you know, how about I carry you and Amelia to the gatehouse, and, um, I can read you a story there? Yes, please. Will you stay with us tonight? Um, you know, probably — probably not tonight. Then when will we all be together again? No offense — I’m not going to waste time praying when I could be doing.


Uh, apologies for the late hour, but when you get this message, please come see me right away. It’s of vital importance. Nina needs to pay for the damage that she caused us and our families. I agree. And someday, I hope she will. Not someday — now, and I know exactly how to make her pay. Hey, Jordan. It’s me. I’m at Charlie’s Pub. I thought you’d be here by now. You know, if you can’t make it, just let me know. Call me back. Bye.

What do you want? Money? It’s best for everyone if Deputy Mayor Ashford leaves her pepper spray in her purse. Who are you? We’re going to need you to come with us. I’m not going anywhere until you identify yourselves. We’ll save the introductions for the ride. [ Exhales sharply ]

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