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[ Monitor beeping ]

I know it’s unusual. I usually like short negotiations because the longer the negotiations are, the more at risk something could — One moment. Excuse me. Can I — You have, uh — Do you know where Cyrus Renault’s room is?

[ Knock on door ]

What are you trying to do to me?

Willow. Has my friend been brought in? Adam Wright. Uh, yes. Dr. Finn is with him now. Where? Uh, he’s in Trauma Room One, but you can’t go in there. I know. I just have to be nearby. Airway’s clear. How’s his BP? over . Pulse is and thready. Adam?! Adam! Adam. I need to know what he swallowed. Come on. The paramedics brought this in, and they said he’d been drinking vodka. Okay, that combo could do it. This kid meant business. Adam, come on. Adam, wake up! [ Monitor beeping ] Adam!

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Hello? Carly. Can you please come to General Hospital? Joss is here. Is she okay? Yes, but I think she needs you. I’ll be right there. Esme, you must be relieved. Yeah. Um…have you seen Spencer? He was supposed to bring Ace here. Yeah, no, I haven’t — I haven’t seen them. But it looks like you didn’t need that adorable baby boy to sway the judge’s opinion. You must be thrilled. You must be disappointed with my sentence. I can understand. Please don’t presume you know anything about me. Come on, Trina. I mean, the revenge porn of Cameron and Josslyn, framing you for the crime. If the allegations were true and I were in your position, I wouldn’t be done with me until I was locked up forever. I’m not leaving Port Charles. My life is here. Trina is here. My grandmother is here on. Aunt Alexis is here. And I’m not — I’m not throwing that away. I’m not going to abandon everyone and everything just so that I can go on the run with you. What are you talking about? I’m asking a lot. I know that, Spencer. No, you’re not just asking a lot. You’re asking for everything. Hey, that’s our only option. At least for now. No, this is your only option. But it’s not mine. Ace isn’t going with you, and neither am I. It’s the only way for us to be together as a family. Spencer, you have to trust me on this. That’s just the thing, is that I don’t trust you. And I am not running away with you because I am not like you. Don’t you realize your brother is in danger if he stays here?

His blood pressure is dropping. Do we have any history on this kid? Any past narcotic abuse? He’s on dextroamphetamine. For ADHD? Uh, correct. Anything else? He was treated not that long ago here for panic attacks. Josslyn Jacks brought him in, and I checked him in. Okay. Find out if he’s taking anything else, please.

[ Monitor beeping ]

How is Adam? We’re doing everything we can to help him, but we need some more information. Yeah, I was there when he passed out. I called . Are you the one who found the pills? Yeah, I found him at the park. He was drinking, and the pills had fallen out of his pocket. Do you know if he took any of them? No. But he couldn’t have taken them that long before I found him. Maybe an hour ago. Alright, it’s really important that we know as much about his medical history as possible. So, has Adam used drugs in the past? He has ADHD, so he’s taking something for that. Dextroamphetamine. Yeah. That’s it. Anything else? No, not that he’s made me aware of. What about the drinking? Adam got really drunk on New Year’s Eve, but that was the first time I’d ever seen him drunk. Okay. It’s been very helpful. Thank you for all that info. Yeah. Of course. Joss? How are you holding up? Adam has been struggling for months. How did I not see it coming? [ Door opens ] I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. Can I have a word with Mr. Renault? Mr. Renault? Is that okay with you? Oh, yeah. Yes, that’s — that’s fine with me. Mr. Corinthos’ timing is positively providential. Yeah. Why — Why is that? I have some news that will uplift your spirits.

My parents raised me to understand right from wrong. Yeah, my parents didn’t raise me… not that I could even remember if they did. My point is… I believe in the justice system, and for it to work, it has to be fair. So do I want you to pay for the horrible things that you did to Joss and Cam and me? Of course I do. Because you broke the law multiple times and you deserve to be punished for your crimes. That’s only fair. But you don’t deserve to spend time in prison for some petty breaking and entering where no one got hurt. Esme… …as much as I dislike you… …I found myself agreeing with the judge. I’m surprised you could be so rational about this. I want to live my life looking ahead. I’m leaving Port Charles soon. And I don’t want my very justified anger towards you to hold me back. Wait, so you’re — you’re leaving town? Don’t get too excited. It’s only for one semester. But yes, I was accepted to study at the Sorbonne in Paris. [ Chuckles ] Congratulations. That — That seems like an amazing opportunity. It is. Although I know Spencer is gonna miss you like crazy while you’re abroad. Yeah. Yeah, he might… if he wasn’t coming with me. There’s still a lot of unknowns. Unfortunately, yes. Let’s get prepped for a gastric lavage. Shouldn’t we ask for approval from one of the co-chiefs of staff? There’s no time. No time for waiting. Let’s go. Dr. Finn knows what he’s doing. Yes, Doctor.

[ Monitor beeping ]

What happened to Adam… it is not your fault. All the signs were there. I knew Adam was in trouble. But you’re not a mind reader. You could not have predicted that Adam was going to try to take his own life. Did he ever talk about suicide with you? No. He never used that word. But God, more than once he talked about how the pressure was never ending. And I was so worried about him, I told the RA what was going on with him. Well, it sounds like you did the right thing, Josslyn. You tried to get Adam help. [ Elevator bell dings ] But it didn’t work. I think that’s what pushed Adam over the edge. Carly: Josslyn? Mom! Hey. Oh. Adam tried to kill himself. I found him in the park. Oh. Thank you. Oh, Joss. And what makes you think that my little brother is in danger? Because look, I liked it better when Esme and Ace were both living here with my grandmother and Kevin, but still… As long as Ace is under Esme’s care, your brother is in danger. Look, I know that you haven’t been around, so you might not know this, but Esme is actually a very, very good mother to Ace. No, she’s playing a part, showing people what they want to see. But at her core, Esme is still the same viper that caused so much destruction for both of our lives. I actually do believe that this version of Esme loves her son. Whatever love Esme has for Ace is outweighed by her curiosity for her former life. Don’t you get it? Esme wants to remember. That’s why she’s searching her past. That’s why she went to Wyndemere and broke in. How do you know about that? I told you. I’ve been watching things. Whatever stories Esme makes up about her reasons for going there, you and I both know better. Okay. Yes, I have at times wondered about Esme, and who’s to say whether or not she’s gotten her memories back? But how can we know that for sure? We don’t have any proof. We don’t have any evidence of that. No. We both know what her true nature is. Esme is still the same person who tormented both of us, who relished seeing our family in pain. And what will cause more pain than… running away with Ace? Or… God forbid… doing something far worse?

We’re going to be fine here, right, Cyrus? Oh, I-I think we will. Yeah. [ Monitor beeping ] Mr. Corinthos. Believe it or not, I’m happy to see you again. You know what? The nurse is gone. You can stop with the “Mr. Corinthos” nonsense. Just if you got something to say, say it quick. [ Elevator bell dings ] Hey, Dex. Why are you dressed like that? Were you just in Cyrus Renault’s room? Nina, you shouldn’t be here. Is Sonny with Cyrus right now?! I’m sorry. You can’t go in there. So he is in there.

What you need to know is I’m a sinner. That’s not news. I know I’ll never be able to fully repent for my past. I beg forgiveness from God every day. But I don’t know that the gates of heaven will open for me after the things I’ve done. That’s an awfully big wind up, Cyrus. Can we just, you know — Can we just get to the point? This is why I now need to live a fully penitent life, continue to try to atone for my sins, and accept my punishment with grace. Tick-tock. You don’t need to send anyone else to do your dirty work. Okay? Why is that, Cyrus? I won’t be pressing charges against you. The case will be closed. Trina, wait. What do you mean you’re — you’re going to Paris? I can’t believe Spencer would abandon his brother like that. You moved out of Laura and Kevin’s place. You made the decision that Spencer would see a whole lot less of Ace. Besides, this is a really great opportunity. Yeah, for — for you. What about — Spencer’s not even in college. I didn’t want to leave Spencer. Isn’t this, like, really selfish of you? If you would have let me finish, I was gonna say that Spencer didn’t want to leave me either. Besides, it’s not like he has a job or anything that ties him down here. Well, what about his grandmother? Laura? She spent a summer in Europe trying to find Spencer’s dad. I think Laura can handle Spencer being gone for one semester. Fine. Laura will probably be okay with this. But what about Ace? What about me? What about you, Esme? I know what the old Esme is capable of, but there has to be a better way than taking off with her child. If there was a way that I could stay in Port Charles and fight for custody, I would do that. But if I stay, I’ll go to prison. The way I did. Your sentence was fairly brief. In my case, I don’t know when I’d be free again. And that does Ace no good. But you do have to face the consequences of your actions at some point, right? I mean, you have a family and one of your kids is just a baby, so at some point it does need to stop being all about you. I’m doing this for Ace. For all my flaws and failings, this isn’t a choice between me and a better man. It’s a choice between me and Esme. And what if Esme wasn’t a factor? How — How would that even be possible? Well, my grandmother convinced Esme to turn herself in to the PCPD for breaking into Wyndemere. And as the current owner of the property, Ava has decided to press charges. In fact, her hearing is being held right now. If Ava gets her way, Esme is going to be spending some time in prison, and that’s going to give you a window of opportunity in which you can squash whatever legal troubles you have, as well as file for custody of Ace. Even if Esme does go to prison, she still has rights. She won’t just roll over. But you’re the father, so you have just as much a claim as she does, right? [ Cellphone ringing ] It’s my grandmother. Maybe she has an update. Hey, are you at the courthouse with Esme? Yes. Okay. Thank you for telling me. Well? She pled guilty. Um…she’s not gonna have to serve any time. She gets six months probation. So Esme is basically a free woman. I found Adam in the park. He was just sitting there trying to play his guitar, drinking from a bottle of vodka. Thank God you went to look for him. You saved his life. I just can’t believe he took it this far. [ Sighs ] [ Sighs ] Hey. Hey, Dr. Finn, how is he? I understand you’re the one who found Adam and called the ambulance, and we thank you for that. But, um, we really only speak to family, so all I can say is we pumped his stomach. But he’s in stable condition. Oh, thank God. Thanks to your quick thinking, Josslyn. Adam should make a full recovery. Thank you. This is such a relief. See? You did the right thing. We do need to speak to Adam’s parents, though. I can get Adam’s parents contact information. No, please do not call his parents. Honey, they have to. No, you don’t understand. His parents are the reason he tried to kill himself.

In the state of New York, the victim doesn’t need to press charges for assault. The state can pursue the case without you. While that may be true, I wonder how much effort the DA will want to invest in a case where the key witness testifies that I was the one who provoked the assault. You had gone to a church trying to commune with God, as you searched for answers, I came upon you. Instead of responding with kindness, I responded with hostility and bitterness, maybe even malice. In other words, I sinned against you. So if the DA takes the case to trial and I’m called to testify, I’ll repent and beg for forgiveness. It’s the exact opposite of what you told the cops. W-W-Why? What was the change of heart? I don’t understand. Well, I think you do. Because if you’re gonna reverse your position just like that, there’s got to be something in it for you. So w-what do you want in return? That’s what I’m asking. Nothing. I’m aware that a man in your position might just want to finish the job he started. And since getting out of Pentonville, I really have come to appreciate my freedom. And my life might be really small now, but I cherish it and I would like to keep living it. Is that so hard to understand? For an average person, maybe. But for you, I don’t believe a word you’re shoveling at me. [ Chuckles ] Well, would you believe another person helped me see the error of my ways? Who got to you, Cyrus? Uh, the person asked me not to say. Who?! Let me keep my word, Sonny. It’s…the only thing I have left. Dex, please. Ever since Sonny found out what I did, he hasn’t been thinking clearly. I’m worried about him. If anything happens to him — If Sonny wants you to know something, he’ll tell you himself.

I am genuinely sorry that it’s come to this. Yes. Me too. I’m not giving up on Sonny. I’m not going to stop loving him. I will do anything for the man that I love.

Adam does not have a good relationship with his parents. He would not want them to be involved. And he’s not a minor. He’s over . That has to count for something, right? Adam’s currently unconscious and his parents are next of kin. They need to be notified. I’m… I’m really sorry, but that’s hospital procedure. Josslyn, I know you, and I know your heart is in the right place, but if that was Cameron in there, don’t you think I should be notified? It’s not the same thing. Adam’s parents are the problem. He’s terrified of them. He got an A minus on a test, and they considered that a failure. Okay, I understand, but legally, his parents need to be notified. Thank you. Um, you do what you need to do. Yeah. Come here. Can’t they at least wait till Adam wakes up and ask him if he wants his parents to know? You’ve heard a lot about Adam’s parents this semester, haven’t you? It’s crazy, the amount of pressure they put on him. The way he talks, they don’t even see him. It’s just about him getting the best grades and to get into the right med school. Yeah. He seems to be leaning on you a lot, too, right? Yes. I thought I was helping. Clearly not. Hey, you didn’t do anything wrong. Adam is lucky to have a friend like you. When his parents find out what he did… Adam is never going to forgive me. Oh, baby. I am Ace’s mother, and I thought that Spencer wanted to be a part of his little brother’s life. Spencer will always be part of Ace’s life, but he’s just giving you the space that you said you wanted. I said I wanted space. That didn’t mean I wanted his brother living on another continent. It’s not like we’re never coming back to Port Charles. We’re going to be in Paris for one semester. Yeah, but what if you two love living there? And then that one semester extends into the summer, and then you decide to live there for another year. And Spencer can party his way through Europe, leaving his brother totally behind. Spencer is not gonna do that. He’s way too loyal to Ace. You’re in love with Spencer! Of course you’re gonna say that! I can’t believe I have to defend Spencer to you, of all people. But what has he done except help you and Ace? Look. Ace loves his brother. He lights up every single time Spencer walks into the room. And Ace is too little to understand the difference between a parent and a brother. How was Ace gonna understand that Spencer hasn’t just completely abandoned him? I don’t understand how this could have happened. Esme gets six months of probation and zero time in jail? Esme wasn’t on trial for making the revenge porn of Josslyn and Cam, or for framing Trina. This case was just about breaking and entering into Wyndemere. And like I said, Esme wouldn’t have broken into Wyndemere unless she thought it would help her get her memories back. She said that she did it for Ace, and I appreciate that. But Ava doesn’t see it that way. I mean, why — why can’t she just let it go? Because you broke into her home, Esme, and actions have consequences. Yes, says the person who skirted consequences his entire life. Wait. You remember, don’t you? What? No, I — I’m just going off of everything that I’ve learned from your past, from Laura and Kevin. Nikolas: If Esme was truly committed to starting a new life as Ace’s devoted mother… then wouldn’t she want to avoid Wyndemere at all costs? Esme: Thanks again for coming. I really need you on my side, Spence. Spencer, what are you thinking? Well, I don’t know anything for sure. It’s really more so just a feeling. A feeling about what? Esme might not be telling the whole truth about why she broke into Wyndemere. She said something. It’s r– It’s a really, really small thing, so it might not mean anything. What did — What did she say? She called me Spence. And that was the name that she called me the whole time that we were together. And she hasn’t called me that since she lost her memory. But then earlier today at the PCPD, she called me Spence. And — And it wasn’t just what she said, it was how she said it. It was the same tone. It was the same inflection. It was the same… everything. I don’t know. It could just be a coincidence. Oh, you know better. It’s proof that Esme is lying. She must have gotten her memories back. But then how can we know that for sure? We can’t. As long as she denies it. But are you really willing to trust her? Do you want to risk your brother’s life for Esme? I’ve got a call in to PCU requesting Adam’s parents’ contact information. Okay, I’ve called for a psych consult. I’m sure Adam will be put on a -hour hold. Maybe we’ll be a wake-up call for his parents to start taking better care of their son. Maybe. The situation with Adam’s parents sounds terrible, and I can’t imagine putting that kind of pressure on my kid. But he tried to kill himself. This is really serious. And now his parents will be able to give him the support he needs. I mean, Adam is clearly crying out for help. I just wish I did something sooner. [ Sighs ]

You change your mind about Renault? Cyrus is still a poison in Port Charles. We’ve got — We’ve got to deal with him. We just got to figure out another way. What about the assault charge against you? Somebody convinced Cyrus not to testify. Without the victim’s testimony… Right. But listen, Scorpio’s not — He’s not gonna risk the embarrassment of losing a weak case. You know what I mean? I’m just trying to figure out… who convinced Cyrus to drop the charges. I might know. Who? Cyrus wasn’t alone when I got here. There was someone in his room with him. Who?

…to renew. And if they talk about… With Spencer out of the country, this could be your chance to prove that you can go it alone as Ace’s mom. And yes, Spencer has helped out a lot, but it’s time for him to take a step back. And you made the same point when you moved out of Laura’s place. So, what? Am — Am I supposed to thank you now? Like you’re doing me this big favor? You can think of it however you want. But I want you to know… that not for one second did we question your abilities as a mom. You see, we were only thinking about Ace. Spencer and I don’t think about you at all. I gotta go. Congratulations, Esme. You got what you wanted.

When will Esme be back for Ace? Well, the hearing’s over. She’s a free woman, so any minute now. Then we’re running out of time. Even if you won’t come with me, you have to let me take Ace away and get him out of Esme’s grasp. This is our only chance. When Ace was born, I was certain that you were going to come back. And when you didn’t, I was furious with you. And I swore then and there that I was going to make sure that Ace had a stable childhood, no matter what. I know. And I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left. And it wasn’t fair for me to leave you to pick up the pieces. I know it looks like I’m running away again, but I swear this time it’s different. I’m not running away to escape punishment. I’m running to protect my son. Let me be a father to Ace… and to you. Let me do the right thing for our family. [ Voice breaking ] Let me save my son. [ Sighs ] You know, as awful as that was… it was nice seeing you back in your element. And thank you… for backing me up with the nurse. I realize she was only following procedure. Yes, but you were making the right call. You tried to help Adam, and he pushed you away. And then when he really needed your help, you were there for him and you did the right thing. He’s gonna understand. I’m so proud of you. Hey. Sorry. I don’t want to interrupt, but, Josslyn, I thought you’d want to know that Adam is stabilized now. In case you want to see him. Yeah, I do. I just have to grab something from my car. Oh. Hold on. Or… we could… give Adam a night to absorb what happened, and we can come back tomorrow. No, I need to see him today. Besides, I have something that belongs to him. I’ll be right back.

Does Josslyn realize that she saved Adam’s life? No. No. She feels that she should have known what he was gonna try. Okay, I’ll tell you what I want. I need confirmation first thing tomorrow. Goodbye. What did you do? Excuse me? What did you promise, uh, Cyrus? Well…nothing that I couldn’t afford to part with. Your freedom is that important to me. What made you think it was a good idea to strike a deal with Cyrus? Cyrus is gonna drop all the charges against you. A fight that I caused. You wouldn’t have attacked Cyrus if you weren’t so upset with me. You know, I caused a lot of trouble. I made some mistakes, and everything is falling apart, Sonny. And if I could go back in time, I would. I would change how I handled things, but that’s not a possibility. What is a possibility is me making a deal with Cyrus. All I’m trying to do is clean up the mess that I made. Next time you get the urge to help me… …don’t. Sonny. I have to do something. This is my life. Stay away from my business. No, as a matter of fact… stay away from me.

Adam’s really lucky you cared more about saving his life than about getting someone to sign off on your diagnosis. In life or death — there’s just no time to second guess. To be able to make a difference, to help that kid… to know his life depended on making a split-second decision, it…reminded me of why I love being a doctor. Also reminded me of… what I stand to lose if I can’t be one.

You know, on one hand, I am very proud of Josslyn and how she handled the situation. But on the other hand? Well, I hate that she feels responsible for him. I… We just want to protect our kids, right? Until life gets in the way. [ Chuckles ] I’m ready to see Adam. Sure. I’ll take you in. Okay. Um, if — if you don’t mind, I’d prefer to go in alone. Okay. Well, um, we’ll be right here if you need us. Thank you. [ Sighs ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

Hi, Adam. It’s me — Joss. I brought your guitar from the park. I know how much you love it.

I’m gonna stay with you until you wake up. Because, Adam, you are not alone. You have to know that taking Ace away with me is the best option for your brother. All of the points that you’re making about Esme are valid and… if she does get her memories back, she has zero incentive to be honest about it. So you’ll let me take Ace with me? It [sighs] Uh, yeah. His bag — Spencer, you’re making the right decision. Listen to me. His bag is in his room. Thank you. You’re okay. Okay? Hey. Okay. Alright. Um… I really hope that I get to see you again so that I can keep reminding you how much I love you. And, um… [ Exhales shakily ] When I, uh… When I first learned about you, I wasn’t really sure how to feel. And — And then I saw you, and… and then all I had was just pure love for you, Ace. All I’ve ever wanted for you is just happiness and — and safety and love. And… I don’t — I don’t — I don’t — I don’t know what I’m doing. But I — But I think that I’m making the right decision. I just hope that you remember always, always that you have an older brother that loves you very, very much.

[ Exhales shakily ] Okay. If you ever hurt him or if you ever abandon him — No, never. Listen to me. If you ever hurt him, I will find you and I will make you pay. I know that. He likes grapes, but they need to be cut into quarters so that he doesn’t choke. And, um… as you can see, he’s a very good sleeper, but… [ Chuckles ] …he likes to be read bedtime stories before bed. It helps him calm down. Got it. Spencer, please come with us. It’ll make the transition so much easier on your little brother. And honestly… I’d love it, too. I’m very — You can’t know… how much I’ve missed you, son. I’m glad that I’ve been able to play what role I’ve been able to in Ace’s life. I have a life with Trina now, so… I can’t. Okay. I understand. And I promise you, one day we will both be back. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. Not to me, not to him. I swear we will. Just make sure that he’s looked after. That’s what’s most important. Okay. There you go. It’s okay. I got you. I got you. Alright. It’s okay. I’ll put this on the elevator. Okay.

Finn. Good news. The doctor Muldoon saw in Beechers Corners, she’s in Port Charles and she’s willing to meet with us. This could be your best chance to beat the malpractice suit. I told Josslyn that Adam’s parents will only want the best for him, you know. I sincerely hope that’s true. Parents can have all the good intentions in the world. But…they can still let their children down. I talked to the station. You have your time slot. As soon as Sonny’s case is officially thrown out, then you can… start spreading the good word. Praise the Lord. Sure. Whatever you say.

I got to tell you, you impressed me today. I-I didn’t do anything, boss. Well… the fact that you were gonna follow my orders lets me know I can count on you. Thank you. Any questions? Just one. What are we gonna do about Cyrus?

I’m gonna make that bastard wish… I didn’t stop you from putting him out of his misery. [ Monitor beeping ] [ Door opens ] Hi, Joss. Trina. Hey. Thanks for coming. Of course, I dropped everything as soon as I got your text. How’s Adam? Um, well, the good news is that I found him. So the paramedics got him to the hospital in time. But, Trina… I have no idea what I’m gonna say to him when he wakes up.

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