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Recap written by Eva

Sonny gets to the hospital in time to stop Dex from killing Cyrus using an injection. Cyrus tells Sonny that he is dropping the charges against him because he has become a new man and has decided to turn the other cheek. Sonny wonders who got to Cyrus but Cyrus doesn’t tell him because he promise not to reveal their identity.

Nina tells Dex she is worried about Sonny and wants to know how he is doing. Dex doesn’t tell Nina anything because if Sonny wanted her to know something he would tell her himself. Dex later tells Sonny he thinks Nina persuaded Cyrus to drop the charges against him. Sonny tells Nina he doesn’t need or want her help. Sonny also tells Nina to stay away from him and his business. Sonny tells Dex he is going to make Cyrus wish he had allowed him to kill him.

Trina and Esme argue because Trina lets Esme know she and Spencer are going to Paris so she can be in an art program at the Sorbonne. Esme thinks Spencer would be abandoning Ace.

Nikolas persuades Spencer to let him take Ace on the run with him to protect the baby in case Fame regains her memory. Spencer tells Nikolas he thinks Esme has her memory back, but he can’t be sure about it. Spencer makes Nikolas promise to take good care of Ace and never abandon him. Nikolas wants Spencer to go on the run with him, but Spencer doesn’t want to leave Trina and his life in Port Charles.

Finn saves Adam’s life by pumping his stomach, but he doesn’t get approval from the Chiefs of Staff because if he waits for approval Adam could die. Elizabeth persuades the nurse to obey Finn’s instructions. Elizabeth later tells Finn she set up an appointment to talk to Mr. Muldoon’s doctor from Beacher’s Corners.

Josslyn worries that Adam will be upset with her because the hospital is legally obligated to inform his parents of his suicide attempt.

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