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That’s some serious brooding you got going on there, Dad. Hey. Kristina. I know you weren’t expecting me, so if it’s a bad time, I can… No. You know I’m always so happy to see you. It’s never a bad time. Your timing’s always perfect.

Mr. Renault’s room is in 1002. Mm-hmm. Thank you.

Well, look what we have here. The Lord has blessed me with a beautiful visitor. Leave the Lord out of this, Mr. Renault. This is between you and me. Ava. I was hoping I would run into you. Could we talk for a minute? Yeah. Of course. What can I do for you? Drop the charges against Esme. And why would I do that? Adam! Adam, please! I really need to talk to you! Are you in there? You can stop knocking. Adam’s not here. He left a few minutes ago. I really need to see him. It’s important. Did he say where he was going? I’m not his keeper! He just stormed out of here with his guitar and my vodka. I got it. Um, thanks. Wh– Ava I’m sorry, Laura. I have no intention of dropping the charges. Esme deserves this. In fact, she deserves far worse after everything she did to hurt Trina. And that is a completely separate issue. Let her answer for those crimes when the time comes. [ Cellphone rings ] I’m so sorry. I-I really have to take this.

Hey. How are you holding up? I’d be a lot better if Spencer were here with Ace like he promised. Where is he? Father. Hello, Spencer.

You seem to be angry with me. Ya think? But why? I helped you to unburden your conscience. You lied about being a priest, you listened to my confession, you ruined my marriage, you destroyed my relationship with my daughter. What did you expect, Mr. Renault? A thank-you note?! It was all gonna come out eventually. All I did was help you hasten the inevitable. And don’t you feel better without all the crushing weight of guilt hanging over you? No, actually, I don’t. Did you feel better when you were sent to prison and punished for your crimes? You’re lashing out. I can understand. The truth hurts. But just give it time. Now the healing process can occur. So, what do I owe the honor of this visit? I actually don’t have a reason. I just wanted to come say hi. Oh, I know, but you’re so busy with everything going on, usually you can’t get away, you know, in the middle of the day. So is everything okay? Yeah. Everything’s on track with the surrogacy. I just wanted to, you know, check on you. Oh, so this isn’t just a drop-in. It’s a check — You’re checking up on me, huh? Dad, you’ve had a lot going on — everything with Nina and getting arrested and Bobbie Spencer’s funeral. I just — You know, I want to make sure you’re okay. That’s very thoughtful of you. I’m fine. Are you sure? Yeah. Yeah. You know, I mean… I’m your dad, so you got to listen to what I say. Okay, well, this whole support thing works both ways, you know? You’ve always been there for me, and I can tell when something’s up and you’re not okay, so this is exactly where I need to be right now.

[ Strumming ] Hi. Hi. I thought I’d find you here. Why? [ Slurring ] ‘Cause you know me so well? Think you can… read my mind? Okay. Look. Adam, I know you’re mad, but if you would just let me explain myself. It doesn’t matter. Y-You don’t need to… come up with some stupid excuse for narc’ing on me to our R.A. What’s done is done. I wasn’t narc’ing on you. Adam, I’m worried about you. I was just trying to get you some help. If you’re really my friend… [ String plucks ] …you’d see that I want to be alone. Go away. No. That’s not how this works. It’s because I’m your friend that I’m staying. Ava Trina! Hey! Hi! Oh, you look nice. Thanks. I didn’t know if you were gonna to be here today or not. Yeah. I take it that you leaving the hospital is a good sign? The best. So Curtis is okay? Yeah. He already woke up and is talking to us. So glad to hear it. We’re all so relieved, so we’re just waiting to see if the surgery will help him walk again. Of course. Yeah. Well, be sure to tell everybody in your family that I’m thinking of them, okay? I will. And, actually, I got to talk to my dad after his surgery, and he reminded me how important it is to focus on my future, so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I’m sure Ace and Spencer are on their way over right now, but I need you to focus on yourself right now, okay, hon? Is there anything I can get you? I’m fine. Thanks. Oh, Esme. Look. I — [ Sighs ] I know I’m the one who convinced you to confess. I-I even pushed you. And I completely understand that you would blame me for the trouble that you’re in right now. [ Sighs ] I-It’s fine, Laura. This is not on you. It is my fault. I am the one who has messed up yet again, and so I guess now all there is to do is pray for a miracle.

Maybe one can be arranged.

You look good, son. Thank you. I am. I’m glad. Is Ace here? Yeah. He’s asleep in his room. I understand you stepped up to take great care of your brother since I’ve been gone. Thank you. You don’t need to thank me for loving my little brother. I just meant that you could have let yourself get caught up in who his mother is and how he came to be… and just handed him off to your grandmother. But instead you’ve taken great care of him. You’ve been keeping tabs on us? I guess I deserve your surprise on that. I had to leave, Spencer. They would have put me in prison. And although it may seem like I never looked back, just because I wasn’t here doesn’t mean I stopped caring about you and Ace. I wasn’t — I wasn’t sure how you felt about me, given the way that we left things. I mean, after all, I did try to blackmail you into handing over custody of Ace. Yes, well, that was very Cassadine of you. [ Both chuckle ]

I did what I thought was best for my little brother. And I’ve thought so much about what I would say to you if I ever saw you again. “If”? Well, just given the way that we left things, I wasn’t so sure and…

I’ve played out so many different scenarios in my head — where it would be and how it would go. And after all this time, seeing you standing here in front of me… You realize how much you hate me. I don’t blame you. I know I failed you and Ace. I left you both. And I deserve everything you have coming for me. And I’m ready to take it. There’s only one thing that’s left to say. I’m sorry. ADA Lansing-Davis. Martin. Mayor Collins. May I help you? Well, that depends. I was hoping we could discuss a deal for my client. “We”? Oh, I meant you and me. Forgive me. No impropriety intended. Yes. I’m just here as a grandmother. Uh, my position as mayor should have no bearing on the conversation. Understood. With regard to the case, Martin, your client confessed to breaking and entering. It’s open-and-shut. But Esme took responsibility for her crimes. She turned herself in. Nobody was hurt. Now, there should be some leniency in a situation where a young woman has memory loss and made a mistake. You mind if I take it from here? [ Sighs ] Sorry.

Look. The law is clear. Ava Jerome has decided to press charges, and my office has a responsibility to pursue a conviction. Yeah, well, in that case, you should know I intend to advise my client to plead not guilty, which means eventually there’s gonna be a trial, means eventually she’s gonna take that stand, get to tell her whole horrible, sordid story, complete with waterworks, I’m sure. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but juries tend to be sympathetic to young women who have been held captive against their will. You sure you’re gonna get that conviction under those circumstances? Trina, that’s amazing news! Paris! And with Spencer? That’s so romantic, right? Long walks together along the Seine. Oh, visiting the Louvre together! Oh, candlelit dinners with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Oh, my gosh. You’re making me even more excited. I can’t believe that this is really happening! Yeah, and you deserve every second of it. You know, that’s exactly why I pressed charges against Esme. So you could see her brought to justice and finally close that chapter of your life! I don’t understand. You’re sorry? For what? Well, I assume that you know by now that Esme’s biological parents are Ryan Chamberlain and Heather Webber. I am aware, yes. It’s both shocking and, given her behavior, not surprising at all. Esme conspired with her psychotic father to tear our family apart. And I played right into her hands. And I’m sorry. It wasn’t your fault. They manipulated you, something they’re both very good at. But there were clues. Little things that didn’t quite make sense. And I think that I was just so blinded by, uh — I think I was so blinded by my need to get back at you that I couldn’t see that. I made it very easy for them. And I regret that. I appreciate your apology, but it’s not necessary. I bear responsibility for our failed relationship. I-I should have tried harder to make things better between us. Sure, Ryan and Esme may have been trying to destroy our relationship, but I’m the one who gave them an opening. See, I-I let Esme get in my head about my marriage. I slept with her. And I kept Esme prisoner at Wyndemere. Those were my choices, okay, even if Ryan and Esme were pulling the strings. You hurt me, no doubt. But I can see now that you hurt yourself just as much. Maybe more. And all I can do now is take responsibility for my actions, Spencer. Like abandoning your unborn son so that you can avoid going to prison? If you won’t leave, I will. Hey. Hey! Don’t touch me! I don’t want your help. This is exactly why I went to the R.A. Adam, you’re not okay. And I-I didn’t know what else to do. You’re just like my parents. You don’t… really care about me. You just want to make me someone else’s problem. Hey. That’s not why I did it. I’m worried about you. You need to get some help. Nothing matters. I’m miserable. All the time. You can’t change that. “Healing.” You think that’s what’s about to happen here? This is all about you getting back at Sonny. You saw an opportunity to use me to hurt Sonny, and you took it. You’re wrong. I have no quarrel with Sonny or with his family. I simply saw two children of God hurt by lies, and I wanted to ease their pain. By listening to my confession under false pretenses. It was the best way for you to begin your journey to a life of authenticity. I have no ill will toward you. And if your marriage is floundering, I’m sorry. Okay. Can you please, just please spare me these empty words? If you’re truly sorry, prove it. The fact that you’re willing to spend some time with your dad, I appreciate that. You got one of the biggest hearts that I know, and I’m very proud to be your father. So — But I’m fine. Okay. As long as you say so. But if and when you need me, just know that I’m there. You don’t have to worry about me. I’ve been through a lot, and, you know… it takes a lot to keep me down. It sure does. That is true. You’re one of the strongest people I have ever met. You’ve always been my rock, Dad, and to think of you going to prison for assaulting Cyrus… Killing Cyrus Renault takes care of the man, but it doesn’t necessarily get rid of the charges against you. The D.A. might even up the charges from assault to manslaughter, saying that Renault died as a result of his injuries. Nobody saw me at All Saints. There are no witnesses to testify against me. I want to send a message — nobody crosses Sonny Corinthos. But I’m concerned about you. There’s DNA. You weren’t wearing gloves. Your knuckles were proof. Do you trust me? Always. I’m not going to prison. Because I got — I have a family… who needs me. And I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure that I take care of all of you. [ Cellphone chimes ]

You look lost. Can I help you find where you’re supposed to be? Oh, uh, no. Thank you. I’m, uh, all good. You’re supposed to be wearing a badge. Who are you? You caught me. I’m a temp orderly, and it’s my first day. I must have left my badge in the locker room. I’m sorry. Well, I guess it’s okay just this one time, but you’re not supposed to be on your phone while you’re working, so please turn it off. Appreciate your help. You said that I needed to come clean with the people that I hurt in my life in order to move on. You also told me that it wasn’t enough for me to feel sorry for lying to them, that I had to back it up with action. Isn’t that right? I did say that. Well, it’s time to practice what you preach. If you are truly sorry, Mr. Renault… you need to make amends. I will admit that my apology may ring hollow to you without an accompanying act of contrition. Well, there is something that you can do. Hm? Drop the charges against Sonny. I’ve been through a lot worse, and I always survive. You know that, don’t you? Yeah. No. I know. Of course. And I believe in you, Dad. I do. I just — I’m worried about you, even if it’s just for selfish reasons. Oh. That’s what this is about. What’s going on? I am afraid that you’re not really gonna be here for me when I need you. I mean, I can’t imagine going through this entire surrogacy thing with Molly and TJ without you here. That’s not gonna happen, honey. You don’t know that. Because I’m gonna be right by your side the whole time. But you have to know that you’re strong enough to do it on your own. Yeah. I know. Thank you. It’s just crazy. There was a time where I just — I never would have had the courage to think of myself for Molly and TJ’s surrogacy. I would have just thought there was someone else, you know, someone better. Mm-hmm. I never would have thought I could do this. But you… You’ve helped me see that I’m capable of doing big, important, life-changing things. You’ve helped me find confidence in myself finally, Dad, and that’s because of you.

You pressed charges against Esme for me? Yeah, I did, but you don’t seem very happy about that. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Um… There’s a child involved. Ace is the innocent one in all of this, and I just — If Esme goes to prison, that little boy will be separated from his mother because of me. Well, Esme may be Ace’s mother, but she’s still the same conniving manipulator she’s always been. All I want is for you to get a fraction of the justice that you’re due after everything she put you through. Then you can move on with your life without the burden of Esme Prince. Bailiff All rise!

Bailiff Be seated! In the matter of the State of New York versus Esme Prince, how does the defendant plead? You’re right. I did abandon Ace. But he wasn’t the only son I walked out on. I’m used to… you disappearing by now. I want you to know that I — I regret it. All of it. I haven’t been a very good father to you, and I don’t expect you to forgive me for any of it. When I was away, I thought a lot about you… about us. When I learned you were my son and not Jax’s… I swore that I would be the best dad anyone has ever had, that you would have the most normal childhood I could give you… and that you’d always know how much I love you. But I failed at all of that. You can’t change the past. No, you can’t. No matter how much you want to. It wasn’t all bad, though, right? We had our moments. Some of my favorite memories are of you and I when you were very young.

You were my whole world. I loved you so much. I loved you, too. Still do. Fiercely. And no matter what else has happened between us, Spencer, I want you to know that’ll never change. [ Ace crying ]

Sounds like Ace is awake.

Can I meet him? You don’t know what it’s like to be me. So stop pretending that you do. It’s true, I don’t have the same problems as you. So maybe I’m not the best person to give you advice. But someone out there does understand, if you would just talk to them. I’m a disappointment to everyone. Hey. No, you’re not. Come on. Just come back to the dorms. You can get some sleep, and we’ll figure out your next step together. It’s not like it matters anymore. Hey, hey, Adam.

Oh, my God. Hey, Adam. Adam, you gotta wake up. Come on. Please. Um, my friend just passed out. He’s been drinking vodka. I think he took a bunch of pills. Um, uh, we’re in Rice Park in a — in an opening behind the great lawn. Hey, Adam. Okay, I’m going to put the phone down, but I’m going to stay on the line. Hey, Adam, you got to talk to me. Hey! Wake up! Adam, can you hear me? Adam! I wish I could help you, but I have no power over law enforcement. No, I don’t believe that, not for a second, Mr. Renault. You got Sonny into trouble. You can get him out of trouble. Isn’t one of the tenets of your religion to forgive others just as God forgives you? Well, yes, it is. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m Sonny’s victim. He assaulted me. Why shouldn’t I seek justice? Because I can offer you something you want more. As much as I would love to take all the credit that you’ve become such an amazing woman, we have to give your mom a little bit of credit. Look, I know Mom supports me, Dad, of course, but… it’s just different than the support I get from you. You and your mom have a very complicated relationship. I don’t want to get in the middle of it, but never doubt how much she believes in you. Have you and Mom been talking about me? Well, of course. [ Both laugh ] But, you know, she always had misgivings about the situation. She didn’t know how complicated it was going to be, but it was always — It always came from love for you and Molly. She never doubted who you are or how much you’re helping your sister. No, I know. I know that now. It’s just — God. When she first came at me with all these questions about whether or not I knew what I was doing and getting myself into, it just totally took me back to all those times before where she would just underestimate me. you know, it was like she would wait on the sidelines for me to screw it up. You talk to her about it? No, there’s no point now. It’s different, you know? Well, yeah. I mean, it’s different because I’m different. I’m different now. I know who I am, and I know that I am capable of meeting big challenges in my life. You know, it’s kind of like how you are so much more, so much better than your reputation makes you seem. Am I? Yes, you are. People that don’t know you just assume you’re who they read about in the paper or what they see on the news. Yeah. They have no idea how generous and kind you are, and how you would do absolutely anything for the people that you love. And you have — Dad, you’ve always had this code of ethics, this unspoken code that you live by. And I feel like it almost got stronger from your time at Nixon Falls. I mean, of course, I used to attribute that to Nina, but I guess I was wrong there.

Ms. Prince, how do you plead? Guilty. Let the record reflect that the defendant has entered a guilty plea. Now, I understand that a deal was struck just before this hearing began. Correct, Your Honor. In exchange for the defendant’s guilty plea, the DA’s office is seeking six months probation with no jail time. What? Order. [ Gavel bangs ] This court does not tolerate outbursts. Counselors, would you approach the bench?

So, what the hell happened, Laura? I advocated for justice, and the rest is up to the judge.

[ Gasps ] Hey, you. Ace, this is your dad. So wonderful to finally meet you, son. Okay. Oh, hey. He — He’s so big. Yeah, well, he’s a year old now. Yeah, I guess he is.

He looks like you. Oh, you think so? I do. [ Chuckles ] He has our ears. [ Chuckles ]

And your grandmother’s nose.

Hey. Hey, Ace. Hello, there, buddy. [ Chuckles ] God, look at you.

There are things that have happened in Nixon Falls that continue to influence me. Nina wasn’t the only one. I liked Nina. Yeah. I really did. And I even forgave her for keeping you from us for so long. I mean, we were all so happy at the wedding. I thought — I mean, it felt like it was a fresh start. I thought it was. She was so vindictive, what she did with Carly and Drew. And let’s face it, she wasn’t after Drew. She was just trying to hurt Carly. And in the end, Nina didn’t get anything she wanted, and it cost her everything.

Fight me back! Come on!

So you want to suspend business until after your trial? Not gonna be a trial. That’s where you come in. You’re gonna take care of Cyrus for me. You’re gonna keep him from testifying? You want me to scare him? To death. Sometimes we’re all blinded by our own pain. Yeah, I know. I’m — I’m the queen of reactionary behavior, lashing out. That’s why I admire you so much. You know, Nina, she couldn’t see the right path. But you always have your eyes clear. You have something that I want, Cyrus. And I’m willing to give you anything that you ask for in return. As far as I remember, bargaining is still allowed in your religion, am I right?

Man does not live by bread alone. [ Chuckles ] Certainly not you. There may be some circumstances where a tithing is considered appropriate. Is this one of them?

Judge Thompson The court has heard from both attorneys and reviewed the facts in the case. I’m satisfied that the deal was made in good faith and in accordance with the law. Esme Prince, I sentence you to the recommended six months probation. [ Gavel bangs ] Court’s adjourned. Bailiff All rise.

What the hell was that? I understand you’re upset — You’re damn right I’m upset. I was the victim of a crime, you know. My house was broken into. My safety was — was put at risk. And now Esme Prince gets to ride off into the sunset with probation? T-This is a travesty of justice. Esme admitted to her crimes and has showed remorse for her actions. Nobody was injured during the crimes. It wasn’t in the city’s best interest to try a case for such a relatively minor charge. You may not like it, but justice was served today.

This isn’t over. Not by a long shot. A few hours ago, everything was hopeless, but somehow you were able to keep me out of prison. I can’t thank you enough. You should thank Laura. She’s the one who convinced me to approach Ms. Lansing-Davis with the deal. But make no mistake, young lady, you’re on probation now. You better be on your best behavior for the next six months. Otherwise, you will be looking at jail time. Understood. There’s no wiggle room here. You don’t so much as put a toe over the line.

He’s such a peaceful little guy. Yeah, I’m surprised. He usually doesn’t take to strangers this quickly. But I think he really likes you. Then I’m a very lucky man. [ Chuckles ] I’ve made so many bad decisions, so many wrong turns. But no matter what I’ve done wrong, I need you to know that you’re a part of me — the very best part — and always will be.



Hey, I think he took these. I don’t know how many, but he washed them down with vodka. We’ll pass this on to the doctor. Is he going to be okay?

[ Line ringing ] This is Dex. Leave me a message. [ Beep ] I need you to call it off. Don’t do it.

How are you feeling? Much better than I expected. I really thought I’d be in jail tonight. Well, Ace and I both are very happy that you’re not. Thank you. I don’t know what kind of magic you were able to pull, but you saved me. [ Both laugh ] Well, it did get a little dicey there for a while, but I’m just glad that it all worked out in the end. Tell me something. Are you happy you did the right thing? I’m glad I listened to you. Good. Then listen to me on this other thing, too. Now that you know that you’ve been given probation, leave your past behind you and focus on your future. I will. Good. [ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Duty calls. I’m afraid I have to run. I am just so glad that you get to go home tonight. Me, too. Okay. I’ll see you soon.

[ Sighs ]

Listen, I know that you’re in a lot of legal trouble right now because of keeping Esme prisoner. Elizabeth was able to cut a deal. Maybe you can, too. No, there were extenuating circumstances for Elizabeth. I was the mastermind of the whole thing. I doubt the justice system will treat the two of us the same way. Maybe not. But you do have the resources to retain Diane Miller, and she’s been keeping my Uncle Sonny out of prison for years. So I do think that it is at least worth a conversation. And, I don’t know, maybe she can argue that you did what you had to do so that you could protect Ace.


You have no intention of staying in Port Charles, do you? I can’t. I should have known that you were just passing through. I deserve that. I do. But this time, it’s different. How so? Because this time, I’m taking my sons with me.

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