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well, have you started sweeping tracy off her feet yet? I wouldn’t have pegged you and scott baldwin as texting buddies. Stop doing that. What? Using his full name. Sorry. What’s the deal with you two? There is no deal. He texted me the other day, out of the blue, to ask me about my new year’s plans. Naturally, I assumed it was meant for someone else. Then he texted me again. Then I responded, and now the floodgates are open, apparently. Well, if you don’t want him to contact you, just tell him to back off. Or better yet, why don’t you block him? Unless lucy was right and you really are lonely. Lucy coe is never right about anything ever. Look, it’s no big deal to have a friend who you text with every now and then. This is a lot more than now and then. Wow! Scott texts you a lot. See what I mean? Floodgates.

[ Laughs ] What are you laughing at? Granny, scott’s flirting with you. So, uh, I’ve been, uh, texting with tracy. You know, when I ran into her at the home & heart show. And I must tell you, it — it’s been going very well. I think I’m actually flirting with her. Aren’t you going a little bit fast maybe? I thought you’d be happy. Well, yeah, but, you know, we kind of agreed to go slow, woo her slowly so she’s not suspicious. And you build into the suggestion of going to vegas, remember? ‘Cause you want to entertain her with the lights and the water fountains and the gondola ride through the venetian. And then maybe a really elegant dinner, a nightcap, and then shots, edibles. And the next thing you know, elvis is officiating, and what’s hers is ours.

[ Sighs ] Lucy, luke spencer tricked tracy into marrying him on a drunken lost weekend in las vegas. I doubt that tracy’s gonna fall for that again. I’ve know tracy for decades. She has a habit of making the same mistakes. Well, I guess we have that in common. How’s lucas? Well, he’s shocked and he’s devastated. Just like you. But I told him — I told him that I would use my contacts to help bring your mom back with as little red tape as possible with customs. Okay? Thank you. Yeah. I just — I just really wish that there was more that I could do. Oh, my god. What? My mom, she hated to fly. She almost never did it by herself. And now she’s gonna be alone. There’s no one to be there to hold her hand in case the plane hits bumps, right?

[ Sobbing ] I keep saying “her.”

[ Sniffles ] But that body coming home to us… that’s not my mom anymore, is it? Sonny, I am so, so sorry. At least you’re not denying it. What’s the point? Willow: W-wait, wait, wait. This is actually true? You’re the one who turned carly and drew in? You? You put this whole nightmare in motion? I can explain. Well, at least I can try to explain. Do not come near me! Okay, okay, okay. Sonny, I need you to understand that I was on my way here to tell you ev– I don’t want to hear any excuses. I just want to know why. Why, nina? Do you hate the mother of my children so much that you’d want to send her to prison out of spite? Type 2 diabetes? I did not tip off the sec out of pure spite, sonny. You didn’t? No, I didn’T. Maybe that was part of the reason, but not fully. Do you remember how sick willow was last spring when all of this happened? Yeah. We almost lost her. And the whole time, carly knew that I was her mother. And if she would have come forward sooner, aunt liesl would have been able to donate her bone marrow even earlier. Don’t you dare make this about me. No, the fact is, I spent years, years searching for my daughter. And at that moment, I thought I was losing you when I first found her. And that made you angry. Angry! I-I get it. But it doesn’t explain why you roped michael and ned into the situation. What? I’m sorry, michael. No, no, no, it’s — it’s okay. You knew? Yeah. Oh. For how long? I found out when we were in puerto rico at their wedding. That was months ago. I know. And you said nothing?

[ Scoffs ] Uh…I can’T. I can’T. Willow. No, you’ve done more than enough damage, don’t you think? Your mom’s not in her body anymore, no. She’s everywhere, which means she’s always gonna be with the people that she loved. I th– I need to call michael and josslyn before they hear it from someone else. God, they’re gonna be so upset. They are. They’re… they’re gonna be upset, they’re gonna be devastated, but they’re gonna have you to help them get through it and you’re gonna have them. Okay? And as far as letting them know, I spoke to your brother, and he said that — that he’s only gonna talk to family and he’s gonna let everybody know that you haven’t had a chance to reach your kids yet. So if you — if you want to take some time, take a few hours just to let everything — what you’re feeling, let it process. Process what I’m feeling. I… I don’t even know what that is. And that’s okay. It’s gonna take time to let it all sink in. I don’t want it to sink in.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry. My mind just keeps racing and racing, and I just keep thinking about the past few months, questioning everything. Wait, what do you — what do you mean? Like what? Like — like — like what if I had done something different? Anything different that my mom would still be here with us? Yay! You’re back. Mm. Mm. You want to finish that bottle of champagne with me? Or we could even open up another one. Uh, we could just stick to the first one. Mm. Is everything okay? They called you in on new year’s eve. Yeah. The, uh, senior detective on duty had to go out on a call. They needed someone to fill in. Oh. All I did was sit in the squad room and fill out paperwork. Wish I tagged along with you instead of staying here. It was that bad?

[ Sighs ] I love my ma. You know that. I do. She’s awesome, but she’s not perfect. Awesome and perfect are two different things. She just — she gets caught up in being right sometimes that it crosses the line into being righteous. I think that happened twice tonight. Could you have stopped her? No, I didn’t even find out about both situations until after. But let’s face it, the only reason why my ma is here is because of me. Here is what I know about your mother. Nobody tells lois cerullo what to do. She makes her own choices and her own mistakes. Seems like she made one or two of those tonight. But that is on her, not you. Yeah, I know. I just feel bad. Well, would it make you feel better if we snuggled on the couch and finished off that bottle of champagne? Definitely. Let’s do it. I’m not on call for another two days. Oh, wait. Granny’s in there flirting with scott baldwin. Baldwin’s here? Yeah, well, flirting by text. Scott is not flirting with me. Read these. That is the second time tonight! Scott is not flirtingwith me. Read these. That is the second time tonight! Is there no privacy?

[ Door opens ] That was quick. I’m almost done here and we c–

[ Door closes ]

[ Gasps ] I know what it’s like to perform through pai nikolas. What are you doing here? Surprised? Yeah, I’d imagine you would be given the last time we saw each other, you knocked me unconscious and left me for dead. Well, I knew from laura that you were alive and well, withdrawing and depositing all over europe. Good trip? You sound angry. I am so far beyond angry. You? I’m the one you almost killed that night. If anyone has a right to be livid, ava, it’s me. Well, you know that sonny’s guard is right outside that door. So? If you try to get your revenge or whatever the hell you’re doing here, I’ll scream. Let ‘er rip, ava. No one will hear you. What do you think? He’s flirting. Thank you. How do you know? It’s the exclamation points. There’s too many, too often. Scotty b’s got a thing for you.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, the only thing scotty b has a thing for is a money clip. Didn’t I hear that you guys had a romance back in the day? Ooh. If by romance you mean a, um, brief, regrettable dalliance, then yes, it — it was one for the ages. Whah. Okay, we can all agree that scott is an acquired taste. Understatement. But let’s just say for the sake of argument, that he’s interested. In me? In you. Would you be interested back? My standards are exponentially higher than scott baldwin. Oh, yeah. Mitch, gino, paul, anthony, luke. Do not mention luke’s name in conjunction with those other men. Look, despite our differences… of which there are many. …I really do want you to be happy. And I’m not saying that you should lower your standards. I-I just — it wouldn’t kill you to get out there a little bit and have some fun once in a while. Says who? Are you kidding me? What? What did I tell you about exclamation points? You’re supposed to be playing it cool. You know, act interested but not too interested. Available. Not too available? Exactly. You don’t want to appear desperate. What else have you been texting tracy? I know — let’s take a picture. What? My wife’s into selfies. Who knew? Well, jordan was telling me I should up my social-media presence, so I don’t know. How about a picture with my husband and my favorite brother? Only if you get my good side. Well, squeeze in. Here, squeeze in. Alright. Yeah, that’s good.

[ Camera shutter clicks ] Great.

[ Laughter ] Can I see? Mm-hmm. What do you think? Let’s see. Oh, nice. I’d say that’s perfectly postable. Oh, well, unfortunately, you are gonna have to forgive me. I already warned lucy I have to make a-a business call. Got a client in singapore where it is already tomorrow. So I will say good evening. Happy new year. Happy new year. Happy new year. Hmm. It’s never a good sign when lucy and scott have their heads together. Mnh-mnh.

[ Cellphone rings ] Lucas jones. That’s strange. Hi, lucas. Why? What’s wrong? Do you not know what that means? Well, I thought it was just a colorful emoji. You’re absolutely hopeless. Well, thank you for letting me know. Yes. And again, I’m so sorry. Okay, bye. Laura, is something wrong? Yes. That was lucas jones. Scotty, I’m so sorry, but bobbie died. I know this is gonna sound ridiculous. Well, tell me anyway. When my mom told me that she was gonna leave, it was right after michael and willow’s wedding. And I can’t explain it, but I just knew that she should not be going to handle luke’s affairs on her own. I mean, she has a medical condition. But you know my mom. She always talks with such confidence. And you believed her when she told you that she was okay? Yes. Everything was okay for a while, and I was happy when tracy showed up to help her. But she kept coming up with excuses to stay. I mean, she was gone for months, and I — I just accepted it. I should have told her to come home. I should have told her that her family needed her. Carly, bobbie died peacefully, in her sleep. She had no pain. She died knowing that she was loved. Look at me. You shouldn’t have any regrets. But I do. I do! Willow’s gonna be fine. Will you? When I found out about the insider trading and I tipped off the sec, I regretted it immediately. Immediately? Yeah? Before or after you got carly arrested? Donna’s mother could have been sent to prison. Scout’s father

went to prison. She got her father back. And you ripped him away from her again! I-I wasn’t thinking about all that. No, you weren’t thinking. Drew almost died. I know. Got beaten up an inch from his life. I know! I know! An innocent man. And — and — no, hold on a second, okay? What I — what I did was wrong, no question about that. But carly and drew

did commit a crime. Oh, so you’re saying he deserved it? No, I’m not saying that. I’m just saying they weren’t innocent. Anyone could have reported them. Anyone didn’t, nina.

You did! I know. I know. I did. I reported them, and this is a lot for you to process, sonny. But like I said before, I was on my way here to tell you everything. I don’t believe you. I have activ willow, willow, just give me a chance to explain. Explain? Explain what? That you knew my own mother was lying to everyone and decided not to tell me? Oh, not only that, you let ned take the fall for what she did. Michael, how could you? Willow, I was trying to protect you. Oh, my god. You’re as bad as nina. Stop making this about me! It’s true! Well, guess what. I don’t need your protection. I’m not in isolation anymore. I’m not some wilting flower you need to shield from the world. I am healthy and strong. And I deserve your honesty, no matter how difficult it is to hear. No, you’re right. You should have told me the truth right from the start. Like you told me the truth about your cancer diagnosis? I guess, you know what? It doesn’t matter ’cause you did what you did. You ruined people’s lives in the process. Sonny, everyone’s fine. Physically, but not mentally. Drew came back from pentonville, he wasn’t the same. How could he be? I-I didn’t mean for that to happen. You keep saying you didn’t mean for that to happen! I can’t even — I can’t even look at you right now. Sonny, please. Don’t touch me. You said you’d never lie to me. I know never is a long time. But you cracked pretty quick, didn’t you? And I hated every second that I kept you in the dark. Right. But not enough to come clean, right? Sonny… don’t throw away our life together because of one stupid mistake. I am so sorry. We’re stronger than — stop saying you’re sorry! But I am sorry. Deeply. Truly. That’s all well and good. But I’m not the one who needs to hear it. When was the last time that you talked to your mom? Uh… christmas eve. I had donna call her so that she could… wish her a merry christmas. But we were late for the G.H. Party, so, um, I’m sure I rushed her off the phone so we could get out the door. Drew: How did you end the call? What? Well, when you — when you got off the phone, what did you say? I-I, um, told her to hurry back so we could, um, ring in the new year together. And before that? Donna told her that she loved her and, um, I said, “that goes ditto for me.” Carly, that sounds like a beautiful phone call. I-I’m sure you left your mom knowing that she was valued, that she was loved. Yeah, but if I knew that was the last time I was gonna talk to her, I would have told her how much she meant to me. I would have told her how much I respected her and looked up to her. I would have told her how much her love and acceptance changed me. She knew, she knew. But if I would have known, I would have never gotten off the call. I would have stayed on that phone forever. I just don’t believe it. Um, you know, lucas called me because he was trying to get lucky’s phone number. Um, I probably shouldn’t have said anything because I promised lucas that I would, um, let carly tell her kids first. Don’t worry. I-I won’t say anything. No, I promise I-I won’T. I won’t say anything, either. You know, bobbie and i may have had our differences. But she loves her family. And I always respected her so much for that. It’s a very sad day for anybody who loved bj. I know you did. Thanks. Uh, would it be okay if I… never mind. It’s very silly. What? I was just wondering if maybe I could give you a hug and…maybe I could get one back. Bobbie and I had our differences, too. I mean, way, way, way back in the beginning. But then, you know, out of that, something really kind of special grew. Something I will cherish forever. Thank you for being here. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Hey, we’re family, and we always will be. Bobbie was a sister to me. Luke or no luke… I loved her. I loved her, too. I still do. This room is soundproof.

[ Laughs ] You’re the one who told me that. But I’m not here to hurt you, ava. Stealing my daughter wouldn’t hurt me? I was angry. You sided with spencer, gave him leverage to take my child. And I wanted you to know what that felt like. Mm-hmm. But you know I wouldn’t have gone through with it. Do I? I’d like to think so. We’ve both been through the wringer since that night, haven’t we? Oh, you’ve been keeping tabs on me. Of course I have. I’m sorry austin lied to you. Did you kill him? What? Don’t look so surprised. We both know that you’re quite adept at eliminating threats. So tell me, did you kill austin? No. Were you behind the notes and the gun and the offer on wyndemere? Ava, I don’t know what you’re talking about. And shockingly, I actually believe you. So why did you come back? Well, when I heard that austin was dead and mason was in prison, it dawned on me that you weren’t being watched anymore. Ah. I could approach you. Another grand plan to get what’s yours. I do have an ulterior motive, but it’s a sincere one. See, we haven’t had a chance to hash things out since the truth came to light. And I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry. I caused you a lot of hurt and pain, and I regret it. Why do I feel like there’s a massive “but” coming? Okay, but even you have to admit that we were both played by austin and his boss that night. Yeah. And sadly, that wasn’t the first time we were played. You didn’t liv well, like most things in my life, it can all go back to ryan. It makes me sick what he did to us. Sending his daughter to — to seduce and manipulate spencer. He used my son to hurt the woman that I loved. And I did love you, ava. And I loved you, too. But even though ryan and esme were playing mind games with us, our real problems had nothing to do with them. So you don’t think we’d still be together had ryan and esme not interfered? I think we were always headed for heartbreak. Maybe sooner, maybe later, but I… I think it was inevitable. I disagree. Come on.

[ Laughs ] We lied to each other. You cheated on me! Because of them! Oh! What they did. Oh, please. Would you take some responsibility?! And then you did the unforgivable. You threatened to take my daughter from me. And that, there’s — there’s no coming back from that. Ever. So yeah, we loved each other, but it was a sick and toxic love that never stood a chance because it — it was rotten at its core. What are you doing to my phone? I’m downloading the gram on to it. Great idea. The gram? Oh, yes, of course. I have gone this long without succumbing to social media. Best I start now. That’s the spirit. I was being facetious. So was I. See? I followed some people that you know — alexis, felicia, laura. Look at their posts. They’re all out having fun on new year’s eve while you’re watching the ball drop at home. Alone. We do not besmirch the memory of dick clark in this house. Wasn’t besmirching anyone. I think what brook lynn’s trying to say is it might be a good idea to…get out more. You know what would be a good idea? If you get out. Of this house. My house. It’s monica’s house. Alan — oh, stop. Don’T. Forget it. I’m tired. You want to go home? Let’s go. Okay. Happy new year, granny.

[ Laughs ] Happy new year, brook lynn. We don’t know how much time we have left. Any of us. Might as well use the time we do have to live a little. We all loved bobbie. Actually even me. But not the way I did. I mean, all those starts and stops. When we were great, we were really great. I just couldn’t make it last. Why, scott baldwin, if I didn’t know you better, I’d think you just paid me a compliment. Well, I did. You’re beautiful. I haven’t had this much fun since, um… I don’t remember when.

[ Laughs ] Well, guess what. Me either. Maybe it was a love that wasn’t supposed to last. Or maybe it was something even deeper than that. You know? A bond that can’t quite be put into words. Your forever friend. Yeah, yeah. My forever friend. Right. Yeah, that sounds like bobbie. Yeah. It does. And I told my mom that I loved her all the time, but… was it enough, you know? What else is there? I put my mom through hell. I mean, I came into town just wanting to destroy her life. Carly, you — you have more than made up for that. But she had every reason to never speak to me again. And she forgave me. Because you earned it. You — you earned that forgiveness. No, it… it was bobbie. You know, she just loved unconditionally. Yeah. And that is — that is very powerful. She taught me so much. You know, she taught me how to be a good mom and how to be a good person, and how to love and — and be loved. Well, then I owe bobbie everything. I know I owe willow an apology. I’m not talking about willow. And you do owe her an apology. I’m talking about carly and drew. Now, I know drew’s away. But carly’s home. You’re not suggesting that I go to carly’s right now? Why not? Because it’s the middle of the night. So what? Oh, I see. You s– you see what, nina? You don’t want me charging over to carly’s because it’s the right thing to do. You want me to go over there because you know that carly will have no qualms tearing into me. Because you can’t bring yourself to do it… because you still love me. Don’t tell me how I feel. I know I’m right. You know what? I can’t — I’m not gonna do this right now. Alright? I’m not. This isn’t the end of us, sonny. Sonny! I won’t let it be. (Vo) if you have graves’ disease to qulipta. Most common side effects are nausea, constipation, and sleepiness. Qulipta. The forget-you-get migraine

medicine. Willow: I can’t believe you would throw that time in my face. I-I didn’t mean it like that. Well, that’s how it came off. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. What I’m trying to say is… I didn’t tell you the truth about nina because I was trying to protect you the same way you were trying to protect me when you found out about your diagnosis. Michael, you can’t even compare the two. I think you can from the — from the perspective that we were trying to prevent each other from getting hurt. I mean, now that you’ve gotten so much closer to nina, I knew how much it would hurt you to find out what she did. So I guess I was just trying to spare you. Except I’m not a porcelain doll! In fact, I have survived more than most people. You’re right, you’re right. And what is this? You’re acting like nina and i were snuggled up with all this mommy/daughter time. We didn’t get all that close.

[ Scoffs ] We couldn’t, not with her constantly canceling plans and avoiding family trips. Half the time she couldn’t get close enough. And the other half she couldn’t be bothered. And every time her name would come up, you would get that look on your face. Not angry. Just cold and unreadable. Because this wasn’t just about protecting me. There’s another reason you kept nina’s secret. Isn’t there? Wish things were different. So do I. And I’m sorry I was so easily manipulated. I’m sorry, too. But unfortunately, we’re the only ones left to blame. Ryan is dead. And esme is here physically, but her memory is not. What are you thinking? Ryan chamberlain got what he deserved. Did he ever. So what if we made sure… esme gets hers, too? Tracy: What do we have here? Gotcha. To barbara jean spencer. The heart of port charles. Heaven got a little more special tonight. Till I see you again, bobbie. To bobbie. To bobbie. To bobbie.To bobbie. I’m gonna go call the embassy. Okay.About bringing bobbie home. Okay? Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

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