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not gonna run that story unless there’s two corroborating sources. Yeah, well, then you’re just gonna have to try harder. Whoa! Um, I’m gonna have to call you back. Thanks. Hi, mom. How was work? Well, I’ll tell you when I’m done. Hi. While I love having a surprise visit from my daughters… why don’t you tell me what’s going on? Or you can leave me in suspense. Actually, there is no second choice. What’s wrong?

[ Both laugh ] You got there fast, mom. You both have gorgeous faces, and you should never play poker with them because clearly you have something to tell me. So let’s hear it. You’re right. We have news. Is it good or bad? It’s beyond good, yeah. It’s great. It’s good. Yeah.

[ Both laugh ] Oh, just a second before you go. Okay, here you are. Thank you so much for your help. So much better than wyndemere. Why did I ever give this place up? “Don’t tell anyone.” What? You hungry?

It’s been a long time

since I’ve seen you

I never thought… go over the referrals with the family again. It’s a lot of names, and they’ve got too much on their mind already. Make sure they’re not feeling overwhelmed. Okay. Yeah, I have the whole list right here. I-I’ll go over it with them and make sure they know who’s who and feel comfortable making the calls. Okay. And if they don’t, I’m pretty good at dialing a phone.

[ Chuckles ] That sounds perfect. Well, look who we have here. Hi, sonny. H-how you doing, felicia? So far, so good. Sorry to interrupt. No, no, no, no. Your timing’s just fine. What brings you to the hospital? You.

[ Door unlocks ] Sam: Hey. Hi. Hey. Okay, I know you couldn’t say anything to me at kelly’s because we weren’t alone. But now we are, and I’m hoping you can tell me. Was there anything that you were able to find out when you opened up the locker? Any indication of who is after anna? You looked so great on the field today. It’s a pitch, mom, not a field. Gotcha. The coach says if you kick the ball just right, it’ll curve around the goalie. Really? Mm-hmm. I’ve been practicing. I can show you. Okay. Let’s see. It was supposed to curve. That’s okay, sweetie. Like the coach says, it takes practice. All right. Come on, let’s get the ball. Oh. Any chance this belongs to you?

Then, I’ll leave youto it. Nice to see you, sonny. No, I don’t mean to exclude you. Uh, you’re a patient advocate also, right? Yeah. I’m still learning the ropes. And you’re fitting right in and doing excellent work.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. Do you need a patient advocate? I do, but not — not in a way to help me navigate, a, you know, health situation. Oh, well, that’s a relief. So what can we do for you? I want to do something for the hospital. You already do a great deal for the hospital. Yeah, but, look, this is different. I want to donate or underwrite, however you want to call it, all the hospital holiday celebrations — the decorations, the pediatric party. Any expense that has to do with the holidays, I want to take care of it.

[ Laughs ] You’re like our very own santa claus. He’s not santa claus. I didn’t approach the locker right away. I kind of hung back, made sure no one was watching. Good. That’s smart. When I finally did open up the locker, I — there was a package inside. It was wrapped up like it was gonna be mailed, but it didn’t have an address label on it. That’s because the late mr. Forsyth wasn’t able to mail the package. He was in a fatal car accident. Right, so I-I didn’t want to draw attention to anything. So I took the package, I got out of there. Then where’d you go? Straight to the bank. Mr. Brennan, this is my daughter donna. Donna, this is mr. Brennan who got that ball out of the bushes for us. Thank you, mr. Brennan. You are most welcome. What position do you play? Forward. That’s a lot of running. Oh, that’s not a problem for donna, because she’s in constant motion, right?

[ Chuckles ] Speaking of running… uh, my job can be a little high pressure at times, so I run to decompress. Sometimes it even works. Have you been to the running trail over on harbor view? Uh, not yet. People swear by it. So what about you? Oh, I’m not a runner. No, no. Um, I like pilates, yoga, swimming sometimes, although I haven’t done that in a while. You know, pcu has a great swim complex. It’s open to the public every morning. Maybe I’ll see you there sometime. You swim, too? Whenever I can fit it in, yeah. Running requires a lot less forethought and prep time. Can we go for a hot chocolate? Uh… well, at the risk of intruding, perhaps I can accompany you. My treat. Oh, that won’t be necessary. Well, to make up for my being so rude and up and disappearing, you know, the other day. Why not? You ready? Come on. This way.

[ Laughs ]

You and I said oh, s-sorry. I-I didn’t realize anyone was — was listening. You’re in the hall. Of a dorm. Y-yeah. I mean, normally there’s no one here this time of day, and usually the acoustics are actually pretty good. And you notice because you play in here a lot? Yeah, I mean in the afternoon, to just give myself a break from everything. Oh, well, then, don’t let us interrupt you. Come in. Oh. Play something else for us. You don’t have to say that. Um, it’s okay. Oh, well, if you think I’m saying that just to be polite, think again. I am majoring in art, so I’m never dishonest about an artist’s work. What artist? She means you. Well, I’m just goofing around. Well, I would love to hear what you sound like when you’re serious. You don’t really want to hear me play. Yeah, we do.Yeah, we do. I know how you both operate. The last time you sat me down like this, you tried to talk me into getting a puppy.

[ Chuckles ] We’re not trying to talk you into anything. Kristina and I have done a lot of thinking, and we’ve made a decision that will affect both of us. Actually, it kind of affects the whole family. Yeah. We just hope that you can support us. Oh, boy. Okay. Kristina is going to be the surrogate for tj and me.

[ Door opens ] Oh, hey! So, how did the moving g– what happened?

You went to the bank? Well, yeah. I wanted to go somewhere private, secure where I — where I knew I wasn’t being watched or monitored. I also needed a place where I could leave the package that was secure, where I knew someone didn’t have access, so I got a safe deposit box. Okay, that is certainly more secure than leaving it at the train locker. Mm-hmm. What was in it that was worth killing for? That wsb file. Pages yellowed like it had been in that trunk for decades. Thank god the wsb didn’t have it because they would have destroyed it years ago. Mm-hmm. I saw forsyth’s name right away. He was the field agent for that op that went bad. Wrote down some other names that were mentioned, too, including anna’S. Lindsey is one of my clients. Lindsey, this is mr. Corinthos. Nice to meet you, lindsey. Why did you say he was santa claus? Oh. Well, what I meant was, is that mr. Corinthos is like santa claus because they’re both generous and giving. But I got it wrong. Everybody knows that there’s only one santa claus and he’s going to bring you presents at christmas. Mr. Corinthos was offering to help the people at the hospital have a happy christmas. Why are you doing that? Well, you know, I’m a big fan of santa claus, and I always follow his example.

Been a long time

since I seen you

I never thought I wow. You’re really good. Good for a guy on a study break. No, no. She’s right. I mean, you have a real feel for the music. I had no idea you had such a great voice. You really think so? Back me up. She’s right. I mean, it’s not really my kind of music, but even so, I can tell you have a real gift. Thank you. I-I really appreciate that. Anyway, I played longer than I meant to, so I better get back to studying. Uh, well, you need to eat, don’t you? I have some ramen, or I could just order in. It’s fine. Well, why don’t you eat with us instead? Y-y-you know what moving is like. It’s overwhelming, even in the best of circumstances, which these definitely are. But you do — you do realize just how much stuff you have, and no matter how carefully you box it and tape everything up, what you really want is inevitably missing, and so you’re afraid that you’ve — you’ve left it behind. But in the end, after all of that, here I am, back in this penthouse that I love so much, and that’s thanks to you. Well, you’ll be an ideal tenant. And I can’t believe how lucky I am to be leasing it to you.

Now, what has gotten you so terrified? What? No, not another one of these. Come on! “Don’t tell anyone.” Oh. Did you get this at wyndemere? I found it in my handbag.

Know how important it is foryou to have a baby, you and tj, and I have no doubt you’re gonna be amazing parents. Thank you, mom. Um… and, you know, you — what a generous gift it is to offer your sister and your brother-in-law. But you have reservations, or I-I know you did when I first offered to be their surrogate. But, mom, it’s been months now and things have changed. No, no. No question. Yeah. You know, I-it’s just my job as a parent to try to look at every angle of all things everywhere. And, um…I can’t help see some potential pitfalls. Well, we see them, too. Do you remember when you ran into me the other day at the port charles grill? I was meeting with the matching professional? Yeah. No, I remember, yeah. Well, you gave me some really good advice that day. You said that whatever tj and I did, we had to make that choice together. And it made me realize that as badly as I want a child, tj and I were not on the same page about another surrogate, and that hit me really hard. I know, baby. Yeah. I had this whole meltdown in the park and kristina saw me crying. It killed me to see her upset like that, mom. And, you know, after we talked about it, I really… I put a lot of thought into it, and I decided to offer again. And before you say anything, yes, I’ve talked it over with tj at length and at great detail, and the three of us have made the decision to move forward together. Just hope you can be happy for us. Do you think the killer was here in this penthouse? Certainly possible. Between all the movers and my driver and a messenger from the gallery. People were in and out of here all day. It would not have been difficult for somebody to slip that into my bag at some point. Ava, you cannot let this person terrorize you. You have to go to the police. No, nina, no! And you know why I can’t do that. I had ample motive to kill austin, and I have no alibi for when he died. We had a horrible fight that night. He’d known that I was abducted, he — he knew that his cousin, mason, was following cyrus renault’s orders, and he didn’t go to the cops and he didn’t go to sonny. He did exactly what cyrus wanted, and he testified to get him out of prison. All of which seems to indicate that cyrus murdered austin. So why don’t you tell them, the police, all of that? Because these notes. Why would cyrus waste his time toying with me? I’m of no value to him. I-I’m just the opposite, really. H-he knows if he pushes me too far, I’ll go to sonny. And that is trouble that he does not need, so no. As awful as he is, I don’t believe cyrus is responsible. Okay, then who is? Someone with a talent for mind games. Someone with the money to play them. Someone who loves watching me squirm. Someone who hates me and wants revenge. Nikolas. I’m just curious. Why didn’t you take a picture of the report? I-I just got paranoid. I figured if it’s on a phone, then it’s in the cloud. It could be hacked by the wsb and brought back down using whatever technology they have that we don’t even know about. I didn’t want to risk it getting out, so I went low-tech. Well, you have a point there. I mean, that report has escaped notice all these years because anna kept a hard copy in the trunk. Anna kept a lot of documentation. I mean, it wasn’t just that report in that trunk. There were papers, records, other files. Seems like she was pretty thorough. Or maybe extremely guilty. I mean, that’s a lot of insurance to keep — insurance that you’re not gonna need unless you plan on blackmailing someone in a pretty powerful position. Yeah, I just don’t get it. This happened in the ’80s. And yes, anna has made a lot of mistakes, but she has since redeemed herself. Well, that’s what she keeps saying. Maybe that’s what she’s trying to convince herself of. But can you really redeem yourself from all the things you’ve done wrong? I mean, or does enough time pass that you — you don’t think about it anymore? Or maybe you rewrite it in your mind, or maybe you try and convince yourself that it never happened altogether. Hey. Are we talking about anna… or you? I’m talking about everyone. I mean, how accurately can you recall something that happened 10, 20 years ago — a failure, a screw-up, a lie you told? I-I don’t know. To be honest with you, I-I don’t want to know. I don’t think anna does, either. I think she’s rewritten the ’80s to make it easier for her, to make it easier for her to redeem herself. But this report… and everything else that was in that trunk, that says otherwise. Dante, do you trust anna? All right. Be careful with that. Mom, can I go practice more? Sure, but just stay where I can see you, okay? I will. Okay. Like I told you, always in constant motion. Always. Is soccer a special passion, or is she like this about everything? Uh, she’s like this about everything.

[ Laughs ] I mean, she’s all in. I mean, whether it be, um, a flower girl in a wedding or baking cookies. Although donna really does seem to like soccer. She’s fast, and she’s competitive, so I don’t know. I think soccer is a good outlet for her. Yeah, she bears a strong resemblance to you. Really? Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Everyone says she looks exactly like her father. So, lindsey, what are you hoping to get for christmas? A light-up tracing pad. Are you kidding me? I have a daughter just about your age. She wants the same thing.

[ Stella chuckles ] I’m sorry to interrupt, but I was hoping you could help me with these forms, felicia. Absolutely. Let’s take a look. Come on, lindsey. You know, you have always been generous with this hospital, but making this special gift for just holiday celebrations — that’s above and beyond. What — what inspired you? Friend of yours. Not to brag, I have quite a few friends. But still, I think I know the one you mean. Your father.

Of course I’m happy for you. Darling, I, um… I want you to have everything in this world that you want that’s good for you. And I love being a grandma. I don’t always like being called a grandma.

[ Chuckles ] Welcome another addition to the family is a beautiful thing. And the bond that you two have built… is a beautiful thing. It makes me tear up that you would offer molly this gift and that she would accept it. But… here it comes. …I’m worried that this could be complicated. And, you know, pregnancy is complicated, and there’s a risk physically and emotionally, and there’s no guaranteed outcome. Look, if something goes wrong, I’d be devastated. But I’m not gonna deprive myself or tj of what we want out of fear. We all know I like to be cautious, but if you wait and wait for everything to be perfect… you might miss your chance altogether. Yeah, a-and my ob said I am a great candidate. Molly and tj really want this, and I want this for them. But, selfishly, for me, too. I want to bring my little niece into this world — or nephew. Or nephew. Well, you don’t need my blessing. But you have it.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh. Uh, that’s me. Sorry. It’s the office. Hello? Now?

[ Sighs ] Okay. Um, have the file waiting for me. I’m on my way. I’m so sorry. No. If anyone understands, I do. And me. You were always running off to court. I love you both so much. We love you, honey. Go. Okay. Bye.

[ Door closes ] Hey, while I’m here, do you maybe want to finish organizing the upstairs closet? I could totally take the clothes that you don’t want to the shelter. The closet can wait. Kristina, have you really thought this through? Ac cording to laura,nikolas is in europe, so why would he come back here to kill austin? Who knows why nikolas does anything? Maybe austin double-crossed him, too. That seems to have been his pattern. Double-crossed him how? You know, I told you that I mistakenly thought that I killed nikolas. Well, not only did he survive, he made a miraculous recovery. And I think he must have had some medical intervention. From austin. Mm-hmm. And austin lied to me about it the whole time, and he helped mason blackmail me. You know, maybe austin made the mistake of trying to blackmail nikolas as well. Or maybe nikolas just killed him just to torment me. Oh, come on. You don’t really believe that. Nikolas thinks I tried to kill him. Of course he wants revenge. And what better way to get it than to frame me for austin’s murder? Burger and chocolate milkshake. You know, my usual. Mm-hmm. You? Uh, same. Okay. Oh, and table fries. I know. Yes, you do. So, where did you learn to play guitar like that? I — well, I think I was four when I started to play the piano. But I-I didn’t really have a feel for it, you know? And then, uh, when I was about 10, my teacher introduced me to the guitar, and that was — that was it. And you just knew. Yeah, I-I guess I did. But my parents said if I wasn’t going to play the piano, they weren’t gonna pay for music lessons. What do your parents have against you playing guitar? Uh, my dad, uh… he says guitar is low-brow and — but I-I really couldn’t let it go, so since then, I’ve just been self-taught. How do your parents not realize that you’re really gifted? Stella: Mike. He might have started out as my client, but boy, he became so much more. I’ve had dear friends before, but none like him. And the way he faced his alzheimer’S… oh, I admired that. He was scared. Yeah. But it was always his love that came through. And all his encouragement for all of us. And as hard as it was for you to watch what mike was going through… he never saw anything but your love. I miss him every day. Especially this time of year. His last christmas, he was, you know — he was in and out. He was… sometimes he would be his old self, sometimes he’d be just like a stranger. But he always loved christmas. And he knew it was christmas ’cause he loved the trees and the decorations. He was like a — like a — like a kid w-with the feeling of true joy for the season. Oh. I remember.

[ Chuckles ] But it’s tough to get that — that true joy feeling in a hospital. That’s why I want to help. I wasn’t referring to donna’s appearance. It’s more that you two share a certain, uh… lightness of spirit. What do you mean? Your daughter is open and friendly, not shy or withdrawn. She’s interested in things and people around her. And, uh, she’s certainly not bratty or demanding.

[ Chuckles ] No, not donna. But there’s plenty of people who would say I was bratty and demanding.

[ Laughs ] We all have our moments. Yeah. Do they accuse you of being unfairly demanding? I don’t think so. I mean, I-I used to think everything had to be a battle. And then I learned how and when to compromise and when to fight for something I believe in. And I’m not afraid to push when I think something’s important. And how do you decide what’s important?

I understand your impulse to want to help molly, I do. It’s like, whatever I do, whatever I decide to do, you are constantly assuming that I’m being impulsive. That’s not what I meant. That is not what what I meant. It’s — it is what you meant. A-and it’s how you make me feel. Like — like, you can’t credit me for knowing myself, or knowing my own brain for looking at a situation and deciding the best course of action and executing it and following through. And you know what, mom? It — it is a tired narrative. And I’m sick of it because I have — I’ve done my due diligence and — and I know what I’m in for. No, you don’T. You can’t because you’ve never been pregnant. You’ve never brought a child into the world. You don’t know what it’s like physically or emotionally, a-and no amount of research and no amount of due diligence is gonna prepare you for that. In the best of circumstances, if nothing goes wrong for nine months, you’re gonna be carrying this life inside you. Then you’re going to bring it into the world. And I promise you, darling, it will change you. It will. And I know how much you want to give molly and tj what they want. But I’m asking you if you truly considered what you want. Adam just told me that he used to take music classes when he was little, but he started teaching himself guitar. Oh, my gosh, really? That’s incredible. I mean, you play really well. Thank you. Well, maybe it’s an advantage being self-taught. You don’t get locked in and you get to explore and develop your own style. Well, I-I don’t know about all that. It’s — really, it’s just a hobby that helps me decompress from everything. Well, have you thought about playing professionally? Our relationship was so sick and dysfunctional, and I was nearly as addicted to it as he was. You know, as awful as it was, I think — I think nikolas did me a real favor by getting esme pregnant. You know, that’s when my perspective shifted and I was able to see that our relationship was just misery. And I was able to see that if I didn’t get out, nikolas would destroy me. No, I am so sorry. I-I knew that things were bad between you two, but I didn’t know how bad they were. Neither did I until it was almost too late. And by the time I-I stopped playing games and I started pulling back… nikolas was just too invested. He would not let me go. And that’s why he came to wyndemere that night, threatening to take avery, and that’s why I hit him! That’s why all of this is happening now! And if it is nikolas sending those notes… the killer is going to great lengths to torment me. And the only person with a motive to do that is nikolas. This time I intend to beat him at his own game. No, I, uh — I do trust anna. But none of us know how we’re gonna react when the past is dredged up, right? I mean, what’s anna gonna do? Is she gonna cover up what she did? Is she gonna overcompensate out of guilt and make it easier for whoever this is that’s after her to get her? I mean, I want to talk to her, I just don’t I feel like I have enough of a handle on the situation. Okay, well, what do you plan to do? I go back to the bank, read that report more thoroughly. I mean, I skimmed through it enough to know what the mission was. It was all about getting this eastern bloc general to defect and bring his top secret files with him. In exchange, he was getting $10 million in 1987 us dollars. Whoa. Yeah. Okay. Well, no wonder why the wsb wanted him and his files. Mm-hmm. That man didn’t come cheap. Right. But the op went bad. The general was killed, his files went missing. What about the $10 million? Also missing. And forsyth was the field agent, so the last thing he wants is for this report to see the light of day. Okay. What about anna? All right, now, her role was to pretend to be the girlfriend of the general so that they could cross the border together, because it would look less conspicuous than a single guy crossing on his own. Okay, well, what about the other things that were in the files? You said that there are things that didn’t make any sense. Yeah, right. There was like these passport photos that look like they were from the ’80s. One was anna, one was forsyth, and one was someone else who I don’t know, but there was — there was this other thing. That.

Right, let’s just talkabout the physical changes. Are you prepared for them? The — the hormone shifts, the swollen ankles, and you may get morning sickness. Yeah, I might, mom. And — and I don’t know how I’m gonna handle that. I won’t know until it happens, but I… I have faith in myself because I believe in what I’m doing. Yes, this feels big and it feels a little scary. But it also feels right. I’m confident in my decision. And honestly, I-I-I just wish you had a little faith in me. I have faith in you. I do. And your courage and your generous heart. I need to remember that you are a beautifully grown woman, and you’re perfectly capable of making your own decisions and deciding what you want. And now it’s my job to just step back and support you, and I will… support you. And I love you. I love you, too. Are you sure you’re gonna be okay? You know, you can always stay with me. Oh, I know. No, but I-I’m fine. The — the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that nikolas just had somebody put that envelope in my bag. He — he would not risk laura or spencer seeing him in port charles. I’m sure he’s back in europe and harassing me from afar. Honestly, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. Are you sure? I’m sure. Okay. Okay.

[ Gasps ] I don’t mean to tell you your business, but my grandfather is a professional musician, and I know how important music is to his soul. No. It’s okay. Look, you’re passionate about it. I get it. Trina’s grandfather plays the clarinet, and he is absolutely incredible. He actually performed at her parents’ wedding reception, and it was beautiful. That’s really cool. D-does he, uh — like, is he successful? Uh, I guess it depends on how you define success. Uh, he doesn’t fill stadiums or concert halls, but he supports himself as an artist, and he puts his art out there for people to experience and reflect on.

[ Sighs ] I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I just spent it making music. Well, you don’t have to imagine it. You can actually find out. Yeah, I mean, you can change your major to music. Or join a band or have a solo career. Yeah, no, that — that can’t happen. Look, I’m gonna be a doctor. Well, that’s great, too. My mom’s a doctor. Um, as long as you know you don’t have to do that. It’s your life. And if music fills your soul, I say you do it. I can’t thank you enough, felicia. Lindsey being here over christmas is already tough enough. But now I don’t have to stress about the paperwork. No, you won’T. If I’m here for christmas, how will santa find me? Oh, that’s easy. General hospital has been working with santa claus for a very long time. We make sure that he can find everyone here, so you don’t have to worry. He got me through some tough times.

[ Chuckles ] He would make me laugh till I was crying. Oh, that man could flirt.

[ Laughs ] Mm. And you were right there, as I recall.

[ Both laugh ] You better believe it. I thought I knew what courage was until I met that man. Set a whole new standard. But the thing I remember most is how much he loved you. Thank you for that. He would ask me to remember our friendship even when he couldn’T. Like it was something I could ever forget.

[ Sighs ] I appreciate that you treated my dad as a person and not just a patient. Mike made it easy. Uh, if something touches my family, that’s important to me. And that includes my business, because that affects my family. And after that? I don’t know. I’m not shy about speaking up if I see an injustice. At the same time, I’m not here to manage other people’s lives. I don’t know. What do you find important? Mom, can I have my hot chocolate? You sure can. It’s right there. Give me this. It’s barely hot anymore. I know. Because it’s freezing and we need to go home.

[ Laughs ] Thank you so much, mr. Brennan, for the hot chocolate. Yeah. Thank you. It was my pleasure. And keep practicing, donna. You’re good, and you’re getting better. That’s right. Good night. Come on, let’s go. I-I was gonna leave it in the safe deposit box, but I thought I’d bring it home to take a closer look. Ooh, look, there are numbers in here. Look at you. Lots of numbers, actually. How many numbers? Uh, one, two, three… 21. Maybe it’s an account number. Could be. Or it could be a phone number. And they’re just throwing it off, disguising it with all these numbers. Whatever these numbers are, how do they relate back to the wsb report and whoever’s after anna?

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