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[ Fire alarm beeping ] What’s happening? That is sound of kitchen fire. Uh, okay, so it’s — it’s just the alarm. I-I’ll go see what’s happening. I’m coming with you. God, just when it seemed like we might actually have a normal thanksgiving for once. Well, at least leo thought it was cool enough to go tell cody. Not helping, brook lynn. Ma. What did you do? Oh, good. They’re still at the parade. Okay, my little ones… we couldn’t share dinner together, but at least I can leave you a bit of my love. I love you. This is exactly what I need — thanksgiving with the three of us. Um, the four of us.

[ Elevator doors open ] Here she is. Yes! Ooh, daddy, doubles! You get two turns. Drew’s winning!

[ Laughs ] Only if I can avoid this little monkey slide right here. Here we go.

[ Doorbell rings ] Okay. Oh, I’ll get it. Donna, your turn. Yeah. Happy turkey day, mama carly!

[ Laughing ] Oh! Happy thanksgiving. All quiet on the western front. Nothing much for me to do here with us skipping the big feast. It suits me fine, pop. Portia’s on call at the hospital, and aunt stella is globetrotting around london again. And miss trina is off doing her own thing. Yeah, well, it’s just as well. What’s all this? Decided to become an architect? This is, uh, the floor plan of the 11th floor of the metro court hotel. Why are you looking at that, curtis? Because someone took a shot at me there and it left me in this wheelchair, and I want to find out who it was. Hey, sweetie. It’s me. I know, I know, I know. I’m just checking in. I know you wanted to have a marathon study day, but I was just calling to say hi. It’s pretty slow here at work.

[ Sighs ] Honey, I’m — I’m really sorry that things aren’T… working out well with spencer. Um…I know it has to be really difficult for you, so I just wanted to say that I’m here, and, um… and I love you. Okay. Bye. Hopefully, um… hopefully that’ll be the last of spencer cassadine. Whew!

[ Laughs ] Happy thanksgiving. And to you. So, what are you thankful for? Oh. Let’s see. Um…hmm. These arms. These hands. These lips. Okay, so… I told you what I’m thankful for. What about you?

[ Sighs ] There’s so much, I don’t know how to list it all. Try. Okay. Okay. Well, first off, there’s joss. She’s my rock. And then there’s my mom. She’s like wonder woman without the hot pants. Mm-hmm. And then my granddad. He is solid gold. And then I have two amazing fathers. So, I’m, like, swimming in gratitude. And, uh… I think that’s it. Not even an honorable mention? Oh, yeah. I’m thankful for you, too… when you’re not being a jerk. It’s a good day, pop. Wow. For someone whose wife pulled the work card and daughter is off doing her own thing and you’re stuck here with your old man, you’re in a pretty good mood. Actually, when you put it like that… no. No, you know, I have to admit there’s a lot to be thankful for. Um, beautiful house, beautiful family, and now I have a purpose. Oh? Solving this case is your purpose? It is now. Lois: Oh, thank god that alarm went off. That hurt. Olivia: My ears are still ringing. Brook lynn: It’s insane. Ma! You look a million miles away. What’s up? Olivia: Oh, my god! Brook lynn:

[ Gasps ] Ohh! What happened to you?! Onions burning in pan. Sprinklers are activate by smoke. Turkey is wet. No good. Oh, my god! Not the turkey! Hold on. Wait for me! Yeah, there’s, uh, no saving that bird. That bad? Not unless you like soup. Ugh. I change. Well, I’d better call and tell cody that he, sasha, and leo don’t have to rush up here. Hey, ma. You know, the first thing you taught me about cooking was you never leave anything on the stove unless it’s on simmer. So what’s going on? Diane, this delightful young lady is our granddaughter, emma drake. Of course. Hello, emma. So lovely to see you again. Thank you. My grandfather didn’t mention we’d have you with us. How wonderful. Yeah, absolutely. Um, I’ve taken the liberty of ordering us turkey all around.

[ Laughs ] Sounds great. I love turkey, grandpa. Yeah. Shall we? Where are we — over here? Oh, great. Well, you outdid yourself this time, scorpio. Just in a day’s work, killer.

[ Laughs ] Please. I want to see what’s in the basket. Alright, buddy, it’s all yours. Go for it. Willow: What’d you get? Candy! And a cool robot! And a soft kitty for amelia! That is so sweet. Who’s it from? Who else? “To wiley and amelia. Happy thanksgiving. Sorry I can’t be with you today. Left you some treats. Love, grandma nina.” That is so thoughtful. How come grandma nina didn’t come for us for dinner at the big house? She’s working today, but we’ll see her soon. I hope so. I love her. Michael, I-I get that you’re not thrilled about the gift, but can you try to play along for wiley’s sake? So, what’s that? Pecan pie. What?! You always liked it when my dad brought it. I did, and it’s gonna be delicious. Why don’t you go in the living room and play? They’re playing “monkey.”

[ Gasps ] “Monkey in the metal”?!

[ Laughs ] Oh, my gosh. She loves that game. Boss, I parked by the gate, so you let me know when you’re ready to go. You — you want to say hi to josslyn? Appreciate it. Thanks. Happy thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving. Don’t say I never do anything for you. Oh, good. You’re out! Nice! Okay. Alright, you’re up. Wow, I did not expect to see you tonight. Well, you have sonny to thank for that. I just might have to.

[ Knock on door ] You alright with “the other guest”? Yes. Hey, ava. Glad you could make it. Hi. Well, I’m glad to be here. Happy thanksgiving. Febreze has a microchip to control scent release febreze has a microchip to control scent release so it smells first-day fresh for 50 days. 50 days!? And its refill reminder light means I’ll never miss a day of freshness. Gloria, your feast is drenched. And get this — tony’s is closed for renovation. What? Tony’s is never closed. And we can’t use our pizza oven because the kitchen is ruined. No, it’s not ruined. It’s — it’s just extremely wet. I hate to say “I told you so,” but thanksgiving never works at the quartermaines’. This place is cursed. No! Stop it! And you… you own a hotel with a gourmet restaurant. I’m — I’m — I am just going to make a phone call, and I will get turkey for the quartermaines if it’s the last thing I do. I am so hungry.

[ Laughter ]

[ Telephone rings ] Uh, hello, metro court restaurant. Hello. Who is this? It’s nina reeves. May I help you? Hello, nina. This is lois cerullo calling from the quartermaines’. I would like to order some turkey. Olivia, I’m so sorry. You know, I-I’m so absent-minded… this is not your fault, gloria. Thanksgiving never works out. I don’t know if it’s the house or the family, but they have not had a turkey on thanksgiving since the ’90s. Okay. Ah. [ Laughs ] Problem is solved! We are back on track with the turkey. You’re kidding me. Yeah. No. Nina reeves is on her way over with a feast for 15. Turkey, nibbles, dessert, the whole shebang. Oh, lois, you’re a genius! Come on, brook lynn, help me set it up. Okay!

[ Laughs ] Well, you sure rode in to the rescue. Yeah, mm-hmm. Although I wouldn’t have had to if you had remembered that you had onions on the stove. My bad. Ma. What’s going on? First you cancel your plans in canarsie, and then you ruin thanksgiving in port charles. Well, you heard olivia. It’s the quartermaine curse. Oh, come on. I can tell something is going on, and the more you deflect, the more I’m gonna worry. Alright, alright, alright. Okay. A couple of weeks ago, I was playing bingo, st. Nicholas church. You know, the russian orthodox up on nostrand. Yeah, I know it. You know, so, I was playing my boards. I was minding my own business. And you know I can do 15 at the same time. Ma. Is there a point to this? Yeah. So, anyway, along comes this broad. She sits down next to me and starts talking russian into her phone at the top of her lungs. I very nicely looked at her and said, “could you turn it down a notch?” She swore at me in russian. Okay, how do you know what she said? You don’t speak russian. Well, I-I played cribbage up in brighton beach, and I picked up a few words. Okay, so then what happened? Well, you know, I-I tried to ignore it and keep things calm, but she kept pushing and pushing, so I finally swore at her… in english. Ma! Well, look, lois, everybody has their limit. And I was not gonna let that obnoxious woman bully me. And I told her that. Okay, so, how did she take it? Well, she screamed and screamed, and they kicked me out of the church. And I’m not allowed to play bingo anymore till I apologize to her. And I didn’t apologize. Okay. So, fine. So, you go somewhere else to play bingo. Well, that’s what I’m planning on. So, then, what’s the problem? Well… uh, where’d everybody go? Wiley, why don’t you be a good big brother and go check if amelia woke up? If she did, you can surprise her with that adorable kitty cat. Okay!

[ Sighs ] I mean, come on, willow. You don’t — you don’t find this note the least bit manipulative? “Sorry I can’t be with you today”? Michael, nina’s a part of our family. Wiley really bonded with her at the wedding. Yeah, and now she’s taking advantage, just like she did last time. Okay, yes, nina made some mistakes, but she’s trying. Why are you so intent on rekindling bad memories?

[ Sighs ] Know what? You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m just being protective, especially when it comes to you. Okay, well, don’t be. Nina has been nothing but kind and wonderful. No. Yeah. I-I-I’ll just try to do better, especially around the kids. Thank you. Yeah. Mommy! Amelia’s awake. Can we go to the big house now? I want to show leo grandma nina’s cool toy! Yeah, let me go get amelia ready. Okay, great. Okay. Come here, buddy. Let me get a good look at that robot. Hey, trish. Trish. I just got off the phone with the quartermaines. They need a full turkey dinner for 15. Nina, we have a 200 head count tonight and a big party in the ballroom. Our turkeys are taken. So, emma, tell me, how long are you in town? Just for the weekend. I have to get back to the lab. Robert: Doing an internship at berkeley. Atom… smashing. Smashing!

[ Laughing ] No, not exactly. It’s a little more involved than that. Oh! Anna: Would you excuse me just one second? I’ll be right back. Nina. You avoiding me? What do you want, anna? Oh, I-I just think it’s time you and I had a chat. Don’t you? Spencer: I know that I can be a jerk sometimes, but…who isn’t, right? Hmm, let me see. My mom, curtis, your grandmother, kevin. Okay, okay, okay. Yeah, you’re right, you’re right. Isn’t it easier just to agree with me from the start? Yes, ma’am. I’m glad that you’re able to forgive me. You talked me off of a ledge, and I’m sorry that it took me so long. You usually come around. I just don’t want my little brother to feel abandoned the way that I did. And, um, you helped me see that it’s not 100% one way or the other, and that esme wanting to take ace and be independent, it doesn’t make her a villain. I know it’s hard, but you can’t always get what you want. I know. Um… but figuring this one out isn’t gonna be easy, trina. Good things never come easy, spencer. You have to work for them. I spoke with jordan about getting all of the police records. Pop, I just can’t sit around and wait for the pcpd to solve this. I-I got to be involved in my own investigation. Curtis. Do you really think that’s a good idea? I was a cop. I was a P.I. So, yeah, I know my way around a good investigation. Of course you do. But I thought you wanted to move on. I can’t just move on, pop. I got — if I’m not being proactive, then it’s like — it’s like being the passenger when I’m supposed to be the driver in my own car. So you’re telling me… you think getting involved in this investigation is going to make a difference? At least I’ll be doing something.

[ Sighs ] I’ve learned in life that it’s — it’s not always about getting. It’s about giving and the experiences you get along the way. Thanks so much for inviting me today. Well, I know that avery would really want you here, especially after everything our family has been through. They’re playing games in the living room. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Hopefully nothing to do with water. No, no. No water guns. Promise. Try the punch. Oh, nice! You knocked him over. Ava! Ava: Hi. Hello, ms. Jerome. Oh, dex. I think after everything that’s gone down, I’d prefer it if you called me ava.

[ Chuckles ] Fair enough. Avery: Mommy! Hey, here she is! There’s my girl! Oh, I love you. You alright with ava being here? Actually, um, josslyn suggested it. Josslyn? Yeah. After the kidnapping, she thought it’d be nice for avery to be with her mother. But you agreed. Yeah. Because we do what’s best for our kids. We always will. Do you have any idea how your actions escalated an already volatile situation? By deleting that security footage and keeping quiet about it, you basically enabled charlotte, which led directly to her being shot. Yeah. Don’t you think that you and valentin had a duty to come clean about it so that we could deal with it?I think this is between you and valentin, anna. I was just doing a favor for a friend. A friend? Do you think sonny will see it that way? ( )Hey, sonny. Nice to see you out of that jumpsuit. Nice to be seen. Quite a gang. Too bad I can’t join you. Yeah, you know, we got it going on here. It’s nice that your mom got all the kids this year. We got some punch and the whole thing. Yeah, it is. Dex, you got the keys? Yeah. You want me to get something from the car? No, it’s just that I got to get going, so I thought maybe you’d want to stay. Are you sure? Happy thanksgiving. Thanks. Bye, girls! Bye, daddy. Bye, daddy.

[ Laughs ] Sonny. Happy thanksgiving. Yeah. You, too. Well, it, uh, looks like turkey is off the menu. The kitchen sprinklers ran amok. Oh, no! There will be turkey, but nina is going to bring it from the metro court. That’s your grandma, wiley — saving the day. Yeah, is there anything she can’t do?

[ Doorbell rings ] Ned. Nina, remember me? I remember you very clearly. Ned, I hope that — don’t worry. No, no. I’m not gonna make any trouble. At least not today. Oh, nina, thank god you’re here. Come on in. Come in. Let me take those. I thought you were bringing turkey. Yes, I-I told lois that I was bringing turkey, but, um, then I found out that our turkey was spoken for, so I had fernando fire up our new pizza oven. And lucky for us, we started testing it last week. Did you hear that, grandfather? The curse continues! I’ll take those. Elliot, can you grab the desserts? Thank you. Here she is to save the day… with pizza. Don’t ask. Grandma! Hey, sweetheart! It’s nice to see you. Oh, wait. You got my gift! Yeah. It’s the best robot ever! Thank you! You’re welcome. You are so welcome, little man. I didn’t know you were coming to town. Is your mom here? No, just me. I’m grandpa’s surprise for grandma. Oh, one of his nicer surprises. Yes, nicest. Damn right. Better stay on your toes here, corinthos. Oh, you know what? I’m light on my toes. Maybe you could meet me at volonino’S. You could put some gloves on. Anna: Oh, let’s avoid the fight club, shall we? Diane: Indeed. Indeed. Let’s move straight past that. Let’s just all toast to this lovely young woman’s visit and to bright holidays for all of us. Anna: Yes. Here we go. Emma: Cheers. Cheers. I’ll drink to that.

[ Laughter ] I’ll drink to that.

[ Telephone ringing ] Dr. Robinson. Dr. Randolph on line 5. Okay. Thank you.

[ Ringing continues ] Terry, hey. How’s the conference? No, no, you’re not missing anything here, really. It’s like a ghost town. Now, that’s what I call an entrance. Hi. Hey, honey.

[ Laughs ] Is that the good stuff? Spencer. Well, what? I wanted to make sure that you guys had a happy thanksgiving. Whew! No complaints here.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Come on, spencer. Let’s put the flowers in the vase and take a look at that dessert. Well, this is a nice surprise. Yeah? I thought since your mom was working, we agreed to do our own thing this year. I mean, yeah, that was the plan. But then I realized that this would be our first chance spending thanksgiving together since finding out that you’re my father. And I didn’t want to miss that. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her. But it did change her. She developed agitation that may happen with dementia nina, thank you for bringing these. Oh. Yeah. You care to join us? Yeah, grandma, stay! Oh. I would love to. I really would. But I am meeting your grandpa sonny at the metro court. Oh, yeah. Oh, okay. Oh, well, why don’t you take these? Chase, could you help me with the setup? And, uh, nina, you are a lifesaver! Thank you. Oh! Wiley: Pizza! Give me that. This isn’t the deal we made, nina. I didn’t plan for this, michael. I can’t control fate at the quartermaines’. Well, you better figure out how to control it. Josslyn, I just — I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did to help dex and dante find me. Oh, my gosh, well, we’re just happy you’re okay. I’m putting it behind me. Oh, and I’m so glad to hear that that’s exactly what trina has done with spencer. Yes, yes, I’m — I’m very happy they made up. Excuse me. I got to…

[ Chuckles ] Carly. Hey, drew. Hey. Hey. You have quite a full house here. I’m just — thank you for making room for one more. Of course, of course.

[ Sighs ] So, carly tells me that you’re, uh — you’re selling wyndemere? Yeah. Yeah, how is that going? I don’t know.

[ Chuckles ] Lucy’s got a buyer, a serious buyer, but I have no idea who it is. Well, let’s just hope it’s some benevolent billionaire and not somebody who’s gonna bring their bad karma to port charles. Ooh, well, too late for that. Wyndemere’s got nothing but bad karma. I’ll just be glad to forget all the…bad memories.

[ Laughing ] Oh! I thought you were studying all day. Well, I thought you were working. Well, it was so slow at the hospital, so I decided to just go ahead and… I could have sworn that you told me that you and spencer — you — you guys were on the outs. Yeah, it was just a misunderstanding. We worked it out. Dr. Robinson, a very happy thanksgiving to you. Thank you, spencer. Will you look at this? We thought we weren’t gonna have anyone for thanksgiving, and now we got a house full.

[ Chuckles ] So, grandpa…how long have you and diane been dating?

[ Coughs ] Emma. Grandpa. If I can handle quantum entanglement, I can handle yours.

[ Laughs ] I’ll get this.

[ Stammers ] I think I can handle this. I mean, after all, it was directed at me. Sure. Well, uh… to answer your question… we’ve been dating a month. Yeah. Nice to see emma in town. Much-needed relief. It’s lovely. Just what the doctor ordered. That bad? You talked to dante? No. Should I have? I just wondered if he’d mentioned a certain dead man that showed up here. You know, I’ve been doing these deep dives into my past, and, um, I found something that could conceivably tie into the shooting at the pool. Okay. But now the supporting evidence, it all disappeared in the chaos of halloween night. Mm-hmm. And the man that this information pertains to… he turned up dead here in port charles. What are the odds? Looks like someone stacked the deck.

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joking?-[Laughing] You’re joking. Tell me you’re joking. Uh, it’s a little early for jo kes, but here it goes. This muffin goes on vacation- what’s happening? You said “joking” three times, that’s why I’m here. Uh, anyway, so this muffin- well I was just excited about my new car. -New car? Oh, you don’t need a joke, you need a jake.

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state farm is there. Special k is oven-toasted to crisp perfectionthe setbacks,I do feel as if I’m inching towards the truth, you know? Whoever’s behind this is not messing around. And, again, if you need protection, then I-I’m there. Mnh-mnh, no. That was really all about charlotte. And valentin. Lesson learned. I won’t be fooled by him again. Hi. Finally. Trish said you had a crisis or something. Yeah, I just got back from the quartermaines’. Lois’ mother set off the sprinklers in the kitchen. Gloria? Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, man. Hello, anna. Nina. I’m gonna get back to my family. Oh, those look scrumptious, don’t they, lois? Oh, yeah, they look delicious. Ah, you know what? Would you excuse us for a sec? Can I talk to you? What? Yeah. Come on. Sit. Yes. Alright. Oh. Eh! Just enough with the food. Okay? What is the problem? Well, that broad — her husband is kind of a big shot. They call him uncle pete. Wha– ma! Pete petrov? Yeah, yeah. His wife’s name is petra. A lot of p’S. Oh, ma. Uncle pete petrov. Come on. He’s in deep with the brighton bratva. They’re as crooked as they get. Ma, you’ve got to apologize, and fast. It’s too late. They’re after my ziti. What?! Ziti, your shih tzu? Yeah, t-that’s why I didn’t go to canarsie. That’s why — yeah, francesca, she’s — she’s hiding ziti for me. Ma, please tell me they’re — they’re just trying to intimidate you. Right? You have trouble with russians? I help. I am so thrilled. This has turned into one perfect thanksgiving. And everyone’s under the same roof. Well, almost everyone. Stella, she — she’s still gallivanting around london. She’s taken a real shine to her newfound cousin wanda, it seems. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] Well, then cheers to new family connection. I’ll drink to that. Marshall: I’ll drink to that, too.

[ Laughter ] Mmm. I am really happy that we’re all here. And lucky you, you, you, and, you, I’ve got a vat of turkey gumbo ready to go.

[ Laughter ] Pop, you always make enough for a small army. And if we run out, we have all that dessert that spencer insisted on bringing. Well, it’s always good to have options. Well, the lord always provides. Sometimes we just never know what that’s gonna look like.

[ Laughter ] Oh!Alright. Graciella said dinner is served. Get to that table! Josslyn: Come on, let’s race. Save me a seat. Save me a seat. Hey. I just wanted to — I just wanted to steal a moment really quickly and just tell you that I am so grateful to be spending thanksgiving with you this year. It’s so normal, isn’t it? I can’t believe after everything we went through, when I almost lost you… then let’s just stay right here. Let’s stay right here. Let’s forget about the past. It’s just so fragile, you know? We just take love for granted, a-and I don’t know why because we can’t guarantee that it’s always gonna be there. That’s why we got to savor moments like this. We got to be grateful for them because there’s no guarantee. There’s no guarantee there’s gonna be anything like it in the future. Sometimes it can feel like there’s no way out of treatment-resistant depressi something seemed, like, off between you and anna. W-what’s going on? It’s nothing. It’s nothing. Come on, just — no, it’s nothing. It’s just — it’s the valentin and charlotte thing. And she knows how close I am with charlotte. Oh, right. Can we just forget about that for right now? You and I are in the same room, finally. And this is our first thanksgiving as husband and wife. Yes, it is. You miss the girls? No, they’re having a great time. Plus, my life is full of blessings. Um, you and I are married. Cyrus is exposed and in my sights. Drew’s out of prison. Michael is in our lives again. And basically, our family’s together. Yeah. But you know what makes me real happy… is that you and willow are, uh, getting along.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. We have so much to be grateful for. No offense, yuri, but we don’t need any russian translations. Yeah, she’s right. And, you know, these are dangerous people. And a nice boy like you does not want to get involved with uncle pete. I know I look like nice boy, but I am not always nice. I can handle these people. Come on in, guys. Let’s get thanksgiving started. Olivia: Okay, cody is bringing leo and sasha up from the stables. Ned: Perfect! That’s just the time we need. Everyone here knows the drill. Michael: Wiley? First we sing… together: Then we eat!

[ Laughter ]

We gather together to ask the lord’s blessing

he chastens and hastens his will to make known

the wicked oppressing now cease from distressing

sing praises to his name

he forgets not his own since stella isn’t here, I’ll, uh — I’ll lead the prayer this year. Hey, you know, dad, um, I’d like to do it this year. Go ahead, son. Okay, everybody, let’s join hands, shall we? Yes. Okay, um… dear god, um, you know, I’m covering for aunt stella. I usually talk to you in private. So if I lose my way, take the wheel. There have been a lot of ups and downs this year for a lot of us. And for those of us going through it, we’re reminded that there is a higher power keeping tabs and guiding us to our next right step. And so we’re…gathered here with good people, with a table full of good food, and we’re reminded just how blessed we are, perhaps more than most. And so, god, we ask that you keep a watchful eye out for those less fortunate than us… because life does give us curve balls. And so we’re gonna hit those curve balls out of the park. We’re gonna learn a lesson or two and still find a reason to crack a smile at the end of the day. Aunt stella would probably say something poetic about, uh, butterflies or — or rebirth. But, god, I’m gonna keep it simple. As we prepare to enjoy this meal… …we thank you for being better to us than we’ve been to ourselves. We thank you for yesterday, today, and for the promise of tomorrow. Now, god, I know you’re listening. This goes out to you. Amen. Oh! Look out! Oh, my goodness! Oh, they’re coming in from both sides! We’re being attacked!

[ Laughs ] Come here. Oh, hey! Oh! You okay? Full tummy? Wasn’t it yummy?

[ Laughs ] Did you have — did you like dinner?

[ Indistinct conversations ] Okay! Ladies first, I’m thinking. Oh, oh, oh. Yes, yes. Ladies first. There we go. Oh, wow!

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