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Ava calls Harris and apologizes for missing dinner last night as she knows she told him that she had the night off, but Gil called her in at the last minute to go over the books. Harris knows it’s hard to make plans when running a restaurant. Ava says she has a little free time today, so she thought maybe they could sneak away to grab a drink before dinner. Harris thinks he can make that work and says he’ll pick her up at her apartment at 5 which Ava says is perfect. Harris says he’ll see her later and they hang up. Gil then shows up at Ava’s door.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Xander reminds Sarah that they are due in court soon. Sarah admits she totally forgot and asks how she can leave her daughter now or think about any of that stuff. Sarah declares that they have to postpone again as there is no other way. Xander asks what if he just drops the case? Sarah asks what he means and if he’s being serious. Xander points out that her daughter was taken from her today and it was unbearable, so the last thing he wants is to take her away from her again.

Maggie tells Konstantin that the way he has watched over them, he’s been like an angel sent from Heaven. Konstantin then grabs Maggie and kisses her. Maggie pushes him off and questions what on earth he is doing.

Theresa calls Konstantin and it goes straight to voicemail. She leaves a message, saying she’s calling to make sure that he took Victoria safely back to Sarah and that if the whole thing blows up, he damn well better keep her name out of it as no one can ever find out what she did, right as Brady appears in the doorway and questions what she did now.

Sarah asks if Xander is really willing to drop the custody case. Xander knows he said he was willing to go to war and he meant it at the time, but their daughter was kidnapped and he thought he might never see her again which put things in to perspective for him. Xander doesn’t want to go through that again or put Sarah through that. Sarah admits that’s the last thing she thought he would say, especially since she accused him of taking Victoria and that she was taken on her watch. Sarah thought he would use that against her. Xander says he wouldn’t do that and he hopes that she knows what happened wasn’t her fault. Xander declares that whoever took their daughter is to blame.

Konstantin apologizes to Maggie and says he shouldn’t have done that as he asks if they can forget this ever happened.

Theresa questions Brady listening in on people’s private conversations. Brady points out that the office is a pretty public place to have a private conversation. Theresa remarks that a gentleman would have the decency to make his presence known. Brady argues that she hasn’t changed. Brady says he was trying to convince Alex not to hire her because he was sure she would do something to undermine the company but then he thought maybe he was overreacting, and then he overhears her saying something is going to blow up in her face. Brady asks Theresa what’s going on and what she did. Theresa then tells Brady that she slept with Alex.

Gil tells Ava that he has a rather delicate matter to discuss that he thought was best not to discuss at the restaurant. Ava asks what he wants. Gil says he wants a key to the Salem PD evidence room. Ava questions why. Gil responds that apparently, one of their lower level dealers got arrested last night and he knows not to flip, but if the cops poke around, it could broaden the investigation so the evidence needs to disappear. Ava questions why he’s coming to her with this and how she’s supposed to get it. Gil tells her from her detective boyfriend.

Rafe meets Harris at the Brady Pub. Harris assumes he’s been busy with the kidnapping and asks if there’s any leads on who took Sarah Horton’s baby. Rafe says there’s nothing yet and he was actually going to put Harris and Jada on it but Jada is at Leo’s arraignment this morning. Harris wishes Jada told him that she was going after them alone because he hates that Leo and Dimitri got the drop on her. Rafe feels the same but notes that Jada is tough and he tried to get her to take off work. Harris asks if there’s anything he can do in the meantime. Rafe says the reason he asked him to lunch is because he wants Harris to find out who murdered Li Shin. Rafe explains that EJ had Gabi charged for murder, but he doesn’t believe for a second that she stabbed Li. Harris responds that Rafe knows Gabi better than he does, so he believes him, but notes that it will be tricky since Gabi’s prints are on the murder weapon and Li named her as his killer right before he died. Rafe says he knows all that but Harris was there at the scene and saw how much blood was there. Rafe notes that Li was barely conscious so asks if he even knew what he was saying. Rafe adds that the person who stabbed Li could have been wearing gloves which leaves lots of room and he feels there’s no reason they can’t continue the investigation on the DL. Paulina then comes over and says that there is.

Ava questions if Gil is crazy for wanting her to steal Harris’ key to the evidence room and asks if he won’t notice it’s missing. Gil says that’s not his problem and suggests Ava just convince Harris that he lost it. Gil questions Ava looking so damn skeptical. Ava responds that she’s done everything he’s asked so far but he can’t involve Harris and doesn’t think this is a good idea, pointing out that Harris is a detective so he could figure out she took it which leads to all sorts of questions. Ava adds that if Harris figures out what is going on here, it could ruin the whole operation. Gil admits she makes a good point but warns that he’s still going to have to go back to Clyde and tell him that she refused to do what he asked.

Xander tells Sarah that he will call Sloan and tell her that he’s dropping the suit with no need for Eric to testify. Sarah questions if he’s really serious about this. Xander assures that he is and admits he never believed that she was an unfit mother and he was just angry that she lied to him about the baby, but he understands why she did it. Xander acknowledges that he’s done terrible things and made bad decisions, but he knows now he can’t fix a bad decision with another, especially when he never really wanted to sue her for custody. Sarah asks what he really wants then. Xander says he wants the two of them to raise Victoria together. Sarah says she wants that too.

Konstantin apologizes to Maggie again and says he doesn’t know what came over him. Maggie calls it just an error of judgment and says it’s already forgotten. Konstantin calls her very kind but says he’s not sure he deserves it since he’s taking advantage of her grief. Maggie calls him a good man but Konstantin says he’s disgusting and that he disgraced Victor. Konstantin declares there’s only one way he can make this right and that is by leaving to go back to Greece.

Brady questions Theresa sleeping with Alex. Theresa reveals it happened in Greece, reminding him of the night that she wanted to stay in Brady’s room but he went off on her. Theresa informs him that after Brady left, Alex tried to make her feel better and he did as they slept together. Brady can’t say he’s surprised. Theresa says she didn’t want anyone to know about it and that she and Alex agreed to keep it between them since they are working together now, so she doesn’t want it out there that she slept with the boss. Brady says he can totally understand that. Brady questions who Theresa was talking to on the phone if she wanted to keep it a secret. Theresa claims that she was talking to her cousin, Stephanie, because she had to tell someone and she knew that she would keep it between them. Brady asks if they just slept together the one time since they are living together now. Theresa assures they have separate bedrooms and it only happened that one time. Theresa asks why he’s so interested and if he’s jealous.

Maggie tells Konstantin that there’s no reason for him to leave and that she doesn’t want him to because she likes having him there. Konstantin calls that very kind of her but says he’s had the feeling that he’s worn out his welcome. Konstantin thinks back to overhearing Sarah complaining to Maggie about him. Konstantin tells Maggie that he needs to pack and exits the room.

Xander questions Sarah wanting them to raise Victoria together which she confirms. Sarah admits that deep down, she knew he’d be the most wonderful father but she was just so upset with him for what he had done. Sarah says the more people told her to let go of the anger, the more she dug her heels in because she’s stubborn which they joke about. Xander talks about meeting his match with her. Xander tells her that he’s truly sorry that he let it go this far. Sarah responds that she is too as she takes his hand and they get close.

Paulina tells Rafe to drop this immediately because they have made an arrest and her new district attorney is prosecuting her, so if it gets out that Rafe is still running an investigation behind his back then it will look bad for his department and her office. Rafe apologizes to Paulina but says she of all people should understand since a member of his family has been falsely accused of murder and he needs to fix it. Paulina warns him to check himself and questions if he’s bringing up her personal history in this. Paulina calls that highly inappropriate and reminds Rafe that he works for her. Rafe apologizes. Paulina states that she likes him and feels for him but warns that if he doesn’t drop this, she will be forced to hire a new police commissioner who will listen to orders. Paulina points out that she already hired Harris at his recommendation and doesn’t want to have to fire both of them for going behind her back, especially when there’s a new case that needs their attention. Rafe asks what it is. Paulina informs them that there’s been an increase in drug trafficking and rumors of a new cartel setting up shop somewhere in town, so she needs both of them to find out who is behind it.

Gil warns Ava that Clyde won’t be happy to hear that he didn’t get that key. Ava thought they agreed they didn’t want to give Harris any reason to start asking question. Gil says they don’t but he doesn’t know if Clyde will see it that way and he will have no choice but to tell him that Ava refused to get the key, so there’s no telling how Clyde will react as he could be mellow or he could ask him to pull the trigger on her son. Gil then suggests he might be persuaded not to mention her disobedience to Clyde if she does a little something for him in return.

Brady assures Theresa that he’s not jealous and his only reaction is that it won’t last between her and Alex. Brady asks why he would be jealous. Alex then enters the office and asks if everything is alright in here.

Konstantin goes to his room and listens to his voicemail from Theresa. Konstantin declares that no one is going to hear it from him and calls himself an idiot for getting in Maggie’s good graces by returning the baby but then ruining it by kissing Maggie. Konstantin questions why he would take such a risk but admits it’s still possible this gamble will pay off.

Xander and Sarah almost kiss but Maggie returns to the room and interrupts. Maggie asks how Victoria is doing. Sarah says she’s great and never better, because she and Xander have decided to drop the custody case which surprises Maggie. Sarah explains that after everything that happened, they decided to work things out amicably. Maggie calls that wonderful news and just what she wanted for them both. Maggie is sorry it took a kidnapping to make it happen. Xander jokes that they would’ve preferred to skip that part too. Sarah admits it woke them up since all that matters is that Victoria is safe and home where she belongs, thanks to Konstantin. Konstantin then comes in. Sarah tells him tha they were just talking about how grateful they are to him. Konstantin declares that he came to say goodbye because he is leaving Salem.

Rafe tells Paulina that he’ll be happy to lead an investigation on the recent arrests since the last thing Salem needs is more drugs on the streets. Paulina agrees and says she’ll be in touch later in the week. Paulina warns that this better be the last she hears about the case against Gabi because she’s given her final word on that subject. Paulina then exits the Pub. Harris tells Rafe that he’s sorry about that. Rafe says that Paulina is right that what he asked Harris to do is completely against protocol. Harris says that may be but he feels for Rafe, so if he wants him to pursue other suspects in Li’s death, he will.

Gil acknowledges that Ava is a very attractive woman and says he can tell that she likes attention. Ava argues that she’s not there for his attention. Gil brings up Harris but Ava tells him not to talk about him. Gil grabs Ava and tells her that this is not optional. Ava tries to push him off and escape but he grabs hold of her and says this doesn’t have to be unpleasant and that they are so alike. Gil says they could be really good if she just gives them a chance. Ava says she hasn’t thought about it like that and maybe he’s right that they have more in common than they thought. Ava tells him that maybe they can be more than business associates. Gil suggests combining business and pleasure. Gil starts kissing her but she pushes him off and pulls a gun out, asking who is playing now. Gil asks what the hell she thinks she’s doing. Ava calls it pretty obvious that she’s making sure he doesn’t rape her. Gil argues that he’s not a rapist. Ava tells him that when he says it’s not optional and she’s trying to run away, he’s a rapist. Gil asks if she’s going to shoot him now. Ava says that depends on whether or not he makes a move. Ava warns him to go ahead and test her to see how much she wants to blow him away. Gil doesn’t believe she would do that. Ava asks if he’s sure about that. Gil points out that if she shoots him, Tripp is dead.

Rafe thanks Harris for the offer but says he can’t ask him to jeopardize his job or the entire department. Harris asks what he’s going to do then. Rafe says he does have a lot of faith in Belle, so he’s just going to have to believe in her. Rafe notes that Belle has gone against EJ before so he’ll just have to have faith that she can beat him at his own game. Harris tells Rafe that if he changes his mind, he can just say the word. Rafe appreciates that but admits that Paulina is right that it wouldn’t look good if he went behind EJ’s back and that they do need to get drugs off the street. Rafe mentions arresting a dealer last night and feels there are more out there. Rafe tells Harris to start investigating that which he agrees to do. Harris adds that he knows Rafe took a chance on hiring him, so he will do whatever it takes to earn his position. Harris then exits the Pub.

Brady tells Alex that everything is fine. Alex says they need to talk strategy about bringing Basic Black under Titan because it’s huge for them and he wants to time it perfectly. Brady says he’s due in court for Sarah because he’s been asked to testify against Xander since he led him to believe his baby was dead, so he doesn’t think Xander is fit to be a parent. Alex then points out that Sarah did the same thing to Xander and if Chloe didn’t overhear, Xander would’ve never found out the truth and would’ve lost out on something that’s rightfully his. Theresa sarcastically remarks that it would’ve been terrible.

Sarah questions why Konstantin is leaving. Konstantin says he believes the time has come for him to go. Maggie says she tried to convince him to stay. Konstantin says she’s been far too generous already so he must get going. Sarah stops him and brings up that Maggie was planning on asking him to stay through Christmas and she admits that she told Maggie that she didn’t think it was a good idea because she was worried that Maggie was getting too dependent on him. Maggie calls that silly since she’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Sarah points out that the truth is that they all depended on Konstantin today and he came through which Xander agrees with. Sarah says that Konstantin risked himself for their family, so she thinks asking him to stay through Christmas is the least they can do. Maggie agrees unless Konstantin has to get back to Greece and his family. Konstantin admits there’s no reason for him to hurry back, so he would be grateful to stay with them. Maggie calls that wonderful and says they are happy to have him. Konstantin says he’s very happy to know that he will be spending the holidays with all of them, adding that with Victor gone, they are practically the only family he has. Konstantin then goes to unpack his bags.

Brady gets a call and informs Alex and Theresa that he will have time to strategize after all since Justin informed him that Xander apparently dropped the custody case. Theresa questions why he would do that. Brady reveals that apparently their baby was kidnapped today, but she was found safe and sound. Alex calls that insane, asking what kind of maniac steals a newborn baby. Brady notes that whoever it was got away. Alex hopes they find him and nail his ass to the wall.

Konstantin returns to his room and says that worked out perfectly. Maggie comes in and tells him to make himself at home. Konstantin tells her that he’s very happy to stay through Christmas, but he’s not so sure that this is what Maggie wants and asks if Sarah put her on the spot. Maggie says not at all and that she’s delighted he is staying.

Sarah tells Xander that she just got off the phone with Justin, who was surprised. Sarah is glad they convinced Konstantin to stay. Xander acknowledges the bad blood between them but says they definitely owe him after today. Victoria wakes up so Sarah says it sounds like someone needs some attention and then asks Xander if he’d like to do the honors. Sarah knows he held her when she was born but asks if he wants to get better acquainted. Xander says he does and picks up Victoria. Xander declares that he’s so looking forward to getting to know her, but he already loves her with all his heart.

Ava warns Gil to stop there or she will end him. Gil doesn’t think she will. Harris then knocks on the door and says he knows he’s a little early. Harris then hears a gun shot and bursts in to see that Ava has shot Gil in the chest.

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