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Chad walks through the town square and makes a phone call, saying he knows he’s the last person they expected to hear from, but he needs their help. It is revealed that Chad called Gwen, who is in Alamainia. Gwen responds that Chad must be really desperate if he’s calling her since he hates her. Chad states that hate is a strong word. Gwen says this must be a really big ask and what he needs. Chad responds that he wants something that only she can give him.

Stephanie questions Everett saying that she really gets around. Everett apologizes and calls it a stupid blurt as he didn’t mean for it to sound disparaging. Everett guesses it’s just weird for him to hear about her dating other people. Stephanie reminds him that she thought he ghosted her. Everett blames the coma. Stephanie says she’s very sorry that happened to him and she’s relieved that he’s okay. Everett wishes he was okay before she started dating all these other guys. Stephanie tells him that her relationship with Alex was very brief and not that serious. Everett questions why that is since Alex is an attractive guy with an inheritance so he’s a catch. Everett then asks Stephanie why she dumped Alex.

Alex is on a call at Titan, saying that Maggie is not in charge anymore so he wants to see the sales figures for the last six months of Bella Magazine and mentions hiring Theresa Donovan so he wants to set revenue goals. Brady arrives and tells Alex that he came to accept his offer to bring Basic Black to Titan if he’s still interested. Alex assures that he is as they hug.

Xander finds Sarah at the hospital and says he knows what she’s up to as he questions what she’s trying to pull now. Sarah notes that he sounds upset. Xander confirms that he is as he just found out she’s calling Brady to testify against him in court. Sarah asks if Xander can call Eric to testify, why can’t she call Eric’s brother. Sarah then tells Xander that he should know that she will do anything to protect her daughter.

Theresa sneaks in to the Kiriakis Mansion to join Konstantin in the living room. Theresa doesn’t think this is a good idea but Konstantin doesn’t care. Konstantin tells Theresa that she made her bed and now she knows what she has to do. Konstantin then instructs Theresa to take baby Victoria. Theresa questions taking her where. Konstantin tells her somewhere that Sarah can’t find her. Theresa argues that there has to be a better way because she doesn’t steal babies, especially not Maggie’s granddaughter. Konstantin pulls out his phone and threatens to call Alex to tell him that Theresa has been lying to him. Theresa stops him and tells him not to make that call. Konstantin asks if she can kidnap a kid then. Theresa comments on Konstantin just wanting his hands on Maggie’s money. Konstantin complains about Victor leaving him out of his will and feels he’s now taking what he deserves. Konstantin says he’s not going back to Greece empty-handed and he must win Maggie over. Theresa questions how he will win her over by stealing Sarah’s baby. Konstantin tells Theresa to just play her part and then Alex will never find out the truth that he is not Victor’s son and that Xander is.

Xander argues that Victoria is not just Sarah’s daughter, she’s their daughter. Sarah regrets making her with him. Sarah says that Xander will get to spin his side of things by dragging Eric in to court which will open the door for Brady to talk about Xander’s behavior towards his family and all the misery he has caused in Salem. Sarah says if he thinks he has a case to make her look like an unfit parent, he can wait until the judge gets a load of him.

Chad tells Gwen that he knows he judged her harshly for what she did to Abigail and what she did to his family was personal but this call is strictly business. Gwen says she’s listening. Chad mentions hearing she hasn’t had the best luck squeezing money out of the Von Leuschners. Gwen says it’s an ongoing enterprise. Chad guesses she could use some cash and declares that he’s willing to give her a whole stack of it in exchange for her half of the Spectator.

Stephanie thought Everett said it was weird to hear about her dating other people, so she questions why he’s asking about her relationship with Alex. Stephanie jokes that he must be trying to take over Leo’s column. Everett says it’s strictly off the record and it may be hard to hear about her dating other guys, but admits part of him is curious about what her life has been like since they parted ways. Stephanie gives in and tells Everett that she only got involved with Alex because Everett had disappeared and she was desperate to feel wanted and desirable. Stephanie notes that they didn’t last very long because Alex was a player and when she decided they were done, he had a little trouble letting go. Everett asks if that’s why Alex was saying Chad was jealous. Stephanie admits it was really awkward for awhile. Everett asks if that’s how it is now with them. Stephanie doesn’t want to go there but Everett says it’s obvious that Chad was threatened by Alex’s inability to let go, so maybe that’s how Chad perceives him now. Everett adds that unlike Stephanie and Alex, they were seriously involved so he has to assume that Chad is even more threatened by him.

Gwen doesn’t get why Chad would approach her to buy part of the Spectator when Xander is local to him. Chad says he has his reasons. Gwen guesses that Xander turned him down. Chad asks Gwen for her price. Gwen says she’s not there yet since she stabbed her father in the back to get her stake in the Spectator, so just selling it for quick cash is like adding insult to injury. Chad points out that she could tell Jack that she’s selling to Abigail’s husband. Gwen asks if this is about honoring Abigail’s legacy. Chad says that’s part of it. Gwen questions there being more which Chad confirms. Chad explains that the offers has more to do with the new editor-in-chief.

Stephanie tells Everett that he said he didn’t want her to be uncomfortable but then he keeps bringing up Chad and how he’s jealous or threatened. Everett says he’s just concerned about her because there seems to be a pattern of possessive behavior with Chad that she is not willing to acknowledge. Everett says he doesn’t want to make things harder for her but sometimes, it can be helpful to get an outsider’s objective point of view. Stephanie mocks the idea of him being objective. Everett admits he may be a tiny bit biased, but he cares about her and might have insights that are worthwhile for her to hear. Stephanie agrees to hear them but bets that she’s way off base.

Xander argues with Sarah that what happened with he and Brady is irrelevant to their case. Sarah argues that Xander trying to pass off Brady and Kristen’s baby as hers is very relevant, shows his lack of character, and was a crime. Xander knows she’ll never understand that he did that to spare her the pain of losing a child. Sarah remarks that now he’s here to cause her that same pain again. Xander calls it a totally different situation. Sarah complains that there’s always rationalizing with him and why he does the worst things, but he let Brady believe that his baby was dead and let him grieve. Sarah declares that once the judge hears all this, there is no way that Xander or his lawyer will be able to convince anyone that he should be anywhere near their child.

Brady tells Alex that he’s glad the offer still stands. Alex talks about Brady being kind enough to bring him on board with Basic Black when Maggie cut him loose, so he feels he kind of owes it to him. Alex adds that there may be one issue as he reveals that he put Theresa in charge of Bella Magazine and asks if that’s going to be a problem for Brady.

Theresa picks up baby Victoria and hopes by the time she wakes up, this nightmare will be over. Maggie returns and sees her from behind, questioning what she is doing. Theresa then runs out of the mansion with the baby. Maggie looks down and sees Konstantin on the floor. Konstantin pretends to wake up and asks what happened. Maggie shouts that someone just took her granddaughter and questions who would do such a thing.

Gwen assumes Chad considers Everett a problem which Chad confirms. Chad explains that he recently moved to Salem and he’s also Stephanie’s ex. Chad notes that Everett swears they are old news but he just hired her to do PR for the paper. Gwen guesses that Chad wants Everett out of the way. Chad responds that he’s willing to pay a whole lot of money to make sure that he is. Chad states that now Gwen knows his motivation and asks if they can make a deal.

Everett tells Stephanie that he would like to say he’s not trying to insult Chad at all, he just thinks Chad is being unfair by asking her to be patient with him while he sorts out his feelings for his late wife, when he’s the one who asked her to move in with him and his kids while at the same time, having an issue with Stephanie being friends with her exes. Everett feels it’s the Chad show and all about his dead wife and his problems with the other men in her life. Everett argues that they both know to have a healthy relationship, there has to be a take and give which he says their relationship had. Everett declares that in this relationship, she’s doing all the giving and Chad is doing all the taking. Stephanie tells Everett that he’s wrong. Everett asks if she’s really sure about that.

Brady questions Alex putting Theresa in charge of Bella, arguing that he can’t trust her. Alex says he knows her reputation but feels he needs someone like her on his team. Brady guesses he’s looking for an ally. Brady tells Alex that if you turn your back on Theresa for a second, you’re at your own peril.

Maggie helps Konstantin up as he claims he was hit in the back of the head. Maggie says she didn’t see their face. Konstantin tells Maggie to call for help while he goes after them. Maggie argues that he’s in no condition but Konstantin says not to worry about him as he exits.

Sarah tells Xander that Brady can tell the judge about the time Xander shot him and also about Xander kidnapping Nicole and Holly. Sarah then gets a call from Maggie, who tells her that Victoria is gone. Sarah asks what she means. Maggie explains that she came in to the study and someone was taking her and that Konstantin went after them. Sarah tells Maggie to call police and says she’s on her way as she hangs up. Sarah then stops and accuses Xander of doing this which he questions. Sarah tells Xander that Victoria is gone and accuses Xander of setting it up so that she looks like an unfit mother. Xander insists that he didn’t and calls that insane. Xander tells Sarah that she can hate him but they have to get to the house as their daughter needs them. Sarah agrees and they rush out of the hospital together.

Gwen tells Chad that if he called her yesterday, she would’ve told him that the Spectator was her link to her father and Salem and she would never consider severing that link, but this morning, she read an article by Everett about the romance between Leo and Dimitri. Chad guesses it didn’t move her. Gwen says she lost her lunch over it and remarks that Everett is a skilled writer to portray Leo in such a positive light. Gwen states that the timing works in Chad’s favor. Gwen tells Chad to make her an offer that isn’t insulting and the Spectator will be his.

Everett tells Stephanie that he’s glad to be wrong in this case. She asks if he’s sure. Everett says he’d much prefer to think her relationship with Chad is making her happy. Stephanie responds that she likes talking to Everett, but she doesn’t want their talks to always go down the hole of what’s not working in her relationship with Chad because that’s not fair to him. Stephanie calls Chad an amazing guy and says no relationship is just black and white. Stephanie adds that Everett has only been hearing about the bad stuff when she vents. Chad then walks in and questions what she’s venting about.

Sarah and Xander go to the Kiriakis Mansion and ask Maggie about what happened. Maggie explains that when she came back, Konstantin was unconscious on the floor while someone in a hoodie was taking Victoria but she doesn’t know who as she never saw their face. Maggie adds that they must have been strong enough to knock out Konstantin with the fireplace poker. Maggie blames herself and says she should’ve never left the room and waited until Sarah got back to bring flowers to Victor, then maybe this horrible person wouldn’t have gotten away. Sarah starts to cry as Xander goes over and hugs her. Sarah questions who would take their little girl.

Alex thinks Brady might be exaggerating a little bit. Brady thinks he’s understating if anything and can’t believe he isn’t getting through to Alex on this. Brady stops and questions if Alex is in love with Theresa. Alex says no and insists they are just friends. Brady suggests that Alex keep a close eye on his friend. Alex assures that he can handle himself. Brady adds that it’s not just about Alex anymore as he’s Victor’s heir and the face of the company now. Brady warns that if Alex decides to get in bed with Theresa, that increases her ability to wreak havoc on a whole new level.

Theresa sits in the park with baby Victoria, promising that she’ll be home soon. Theresa talks about it being a beautiful day and how she used to take Tate to the park. Konstantin rushes up to her and says he needs the baby now. Theresa calls him a sick son of a bitch while he calls her the monster who kidnapped Sarah’s baby. Theresa argues that it’s only so Konstantin can reap the benefits of returning her. Konstantin demands the baby. Theresa remarks that the baby is just a prop in Konstantin’s scheme to get Maggie’s money. Konstantin argues that they each have their own cash cow to milk as he demands the baby be handed over. Theresa then slowly hands over baby Victoria. Konstantin declares that he needs one more thing and asks Theresa to punch him in the face so that it looks like he fought to get the baby back which she then does.

Stephanie jokingly asks Chad what she doesn’t vent about. Chad doubts anything she could do could drive Everett away. Everett talks about Stephanie being a great person and an extremely gifted publicist, noting how she spun things to make Leo a positive character. Everett admits PR is not his thing which is why he has Stephanie on his team. Everett remarks that he hopes Chad doesn’t mind him stealing Stephanie away to do some work for her.

Brady guesses everything he said about Theresa fell on deaf ears. Alex says he listened and appreciates Brady looking out for him. Brady understands finding things out the hard way and tells Alex not to come crying to him when Theresa screws him over and makes his life miserable. Theresa then appears at the office and asks if someone said her name.

Maggie questions why the police aren’t here yet as Sarah cries that she doesn’t understand this and questions where her daughter is or if someone hurt her. Xander promises that she will be alright and he will see to it that their daughter is brought home safely. Xander decides he’s going to make good on his promise. Konstantin then returns with baby Victoria and says the child needs her mother as he brings her back to Sarah.

Brady tells Theresa that if she came in earlier, she would’ve heard more than just her name. Alex says he’s very glad they are both there and informs Theresa that Brady is bringing Basic Black back to Titan. Alex notes that there will be a lot of overlapping with Bella, so he will need them to play nice and asks if that can happen. Theresa says she doesn’t mind working with anyone. Brady says the same, pointing out that if they can co-parent a teenager, they can make this happen. Alex is glad and says he will get the lawyers to make things official, adding that Theresa has a file on his desk for HR. Alex jokes that he knows they are both excited to get to work together. Alex then takes Brady out of the office. Theresa complains about Konstantin and remarks that the baby better be home and safe with her mother.

Xander finishes a call with the police and says they will be sending detectives over to get statements, especially Konstantin’s. Konstantin claims it all happened so fast that he doesn’t know how much help he will be and that he didn’t get a good look at their face. Sarah points out that he chased the person and caught them. Maggie asks what they wanted and why they came here. Konstantin responds that they wanted to ransom her granddaughter. He says he doesn’t want to frighten her but notes that as Victor’s widow, she’s a target and needs to increase her security which she agrees to do. Maggie insists that she’s taking Konstantin upstairs to treat his wounds. Xander tells Konstantin that they will never be friends, but he’s grateful that he saved their little girl. Sarah adds that she is too. Sarah declares that she’ll never forget that he brought Victoria back to them as she hugs Konstantin.

Chad thanks Everett for asking him how he feels about him working with Stephanie. Chad admits he didn’t react that well at first but he thinks Stephanie is a total pro and he’s lucky to have her. Stephanie thanks him for saying that. Chad admits that he was annoyed by trying to turn Leo in to a folk hero but says that must be how good he is and that he’ll be good for the paper. Chad adds that it means a lot to him because the Spectator is really important to him and his family. Everett says he appreciates Chad being cool with all of this. Chad states that it’s just about boundaries which three adults should be able to understand. Chad asks if they understand each other. Everett shakes his hand and says definitely.

Theresa calls Konstantin and it goes straight to voicemail. She leaves a message, saying she’s calling to make sure that he took Victoria safely back to Sarah and that if the whole thing blows up, he damn well better keep her name out of it right as Brady appears in the doorway.

Maggie takes care of Konstantin and says she wanted to show his appreciation for the man who saved her granddaughter, calling him a hero. Maggie points out that he didn’t stop for a second to think about himself and then brought back Victoria. Maggie doesn’t know where to begin to thank him. Konstantin says she has welcomed him in to her home which is more than enough. Maggie says the way Konstantin has watched over them, he’s been like an angel sent from Heaven. Konstantin then grabs Maggie and kisses her.

Sarah tells Xander that she never felt more helpless in her life, then Konstantin walked in with their daughter in his arms. Xander calls it a miracle. Xander then gets a text from Sloan that they are due in court soon. Sarah admits she totally forgot and asks how she can leave her daughter now or think about any of that stuff. Sarah declares that they have to postpone again as there is no other way. Xander asks what if he just drops the case?

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