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[ Knock on door ]

Laura: Come in.

Jordan: Burning the midnight oil, Mayor?

Laura: Jordan, come in, please. [Chuckles]

We have so much to catch up on, don’t we? Sit down, please. Oh, thank you. Oh, by the way, thank you for attending the town hall meeting for the dockworkers for me. Oh, it was my pleasure. They’re very hard-working citizens that deserve to be heard. Now, I forwarded you a few emails regarding pay increases for some staff members I need you to approve. Yes, I saw it. Thank you. And there are a few issues that came up while you were gone that we need to discuss. Before we get into all of that, I have a question for you. Would you like your position as deputy mayor to be a permanent one? Felicia: I just spoke with your insurance company and resolved the dispute regarding your policy. Your insurance will cover the mri. They’re emailing the approval over as we speak. Thank you for helping me. You’re very welcome. Did mac send you to spy on me? Here on my own. Oh. Well, perfect timing. I’m due for a break. What brings you by? I need your help. I’m glad you’re here. Come in. You need to see this for yourself. Oh, wow. Yeah. Okay. I may have gone overboard. You think? You’re lucky I don’t have allergies. These all arrived within the past hour. This smell is all the way out into the hallway, josslyn. Yeah. Well, I mean, don’t get me wrong. They’re beautiful, but unfortunately, trina isn’t here to see them. How are you doing down here, son? Not too bad, dad. You got dinner smelling good in there. It’ll be ready in about a half an hour. Good, ’cause I have worked up quite the appetite. You increased your reps twice this week. You’re not pushing yourself too hard, are you?

[ Exhales sharply ] You want to take this one? Where’s mom? Well, she’s taking her chief of staff job seriously, so she’s working late. Dinner’s almost ready. Give me a half-hour, I’ll have the table set. It smells great, but I’m not hungry. I’m going to my room. Trina? Honey, you want to tell me what’s going on? No. You know we didn’t have to come here to see my mom. We could have just called her. Just come inside. Let’s go.

[ Mid-tempo music playing ] Hey, guys! Where are the kids? Melanie is watching them for us. Date night? Okay. What do you want? Chili? Burgers? Well, willow actually insisted that we come by to see you. Said you have something to tell me. So, what’s, uh — what’s going on, mom? Oh. Nina offered to sell me back my half of the metro court. Nina: Hey, trish. Trish: Hi. You know, we have a large party coming in tomorrow night. Can you just make sure that they get two bottles of our best red wine? Will do. Okay. Thank you so much. Great. Hey. Hi, handsome. Hi. Thank you for breaking away to have a late dinner with me. Grab us two menus. Of course. Thank you. I thought I’d take full advantage of the metro court while you’re still co-owner. Why did you decide to sell your half back to carly? Yeah, I need everything from the charlotte cassadine shooting on halloween night. Yeah, csi reports, pictures, police officer statements from the scene, forensic evidence, everything. I want it all. Thank you.

[ Knock on door ] Yeah? Excuse me, detective. There’s a guy out here demanding to see you. He says it’s urgent. Who is it? Dr. Gatlin-holt? Yeah, send him in. I’m here to give you what you want.

Before you answer, let me just thank you for helping me and also thank you for your service to the city of port charles. You really did an excellent job while I was away looking for my son. And since I’ve been back, too. I just feel… I feel bad that you had to step in for me. Oh, well, you had some crazy circumstances thrown at you. Your granddaughter was shot and your son was missing. I would have done the same thing. How is charlotte? Physically, she’s on the mend, but emotionally, I think it’s going to take a little while for us to figure out what is really going on with her. Which is actually why I was hoping that maybe you’d want to stay on as deputy mayor. There’s no one I trust more. Well, I appreciate the vote of confidence, but this isn’t an easy decision to make. As you know, I’ve spent my life in law enforcement, and I feel that there’s still a lot of good I can do for the community.

[ Knock on door ] I’m so sorry, jordan. Come in! Does the mayor have a moment for her brother? Please have a seat. I got to say, I expected to see you here. Really? I’m completely shocked that I’m here. But now that I am here, I guess maybe we could just get this over with as quick as we can. That would be great. Sure. So you’re ready to name the person you’re working for and testify against him? Oh, no, no, no, I didn’t say anything about testifying. You need to keep my name out of this. I need complete anonymity, detective. Look, I don’t know what you think this is, but I’m not the invader. I’m not a journalist for the invader. You’re already being looked at as a person of interest in the kidnapping of ava jerome. And now you’re the one that they’re looking at as possibly killing gordon stevens. I didn’t kill gordon stevens. Okay, so… this keeps going the way it’s going, you’re gonna be considered an official suspect. So if you want to produce something in exchange for leniency, now is the time.

[ Recorder beeps ] What did you want my help with? Is it anna? Pretty as well as smart. Yeah. Have you heard from her? Well, we spoke briefly on the phone, and I’ve been sending her texts to check in. And she always responds, but we haven’t actually talked since anna shot charlotte cassadine. Well, you’ve had more contact than I’ve had. She hasn’t responded to any of my calls. I get this wacky text here — “reach out when I can.” I mean, if I didn’t know better, I’d say she was hiding from me. I’m pretty sure she is. I’m sorry. I didn’t — I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s okay, honey. If there’s something bothering you, we both just want to help if we can. I know that. Come on, sit down. Whatever it is, maybe me and your father can help you iron it out. I appreciate that, but I know how you two feel about spencer, so I’m just gonna deal with it myself. Well, I will stay open-minded. Yeah. Me too. It was you, sonny. You’re the one who advised against me holding on to my half of the hotel. Yeah, I know, but that was months ago. Since then, you know, I’ve watched you, and you’ve proven me wrong. You’ve tackled every obstacle and challenge that has been thrown your way. And now the metro court is doing good and the business is booming. Yeah, I’d like to think that I helped with that.

[ Chuckles ] Right. And you and olivia are doing great. I know in the beginning she was tough, but you won her over, and in my experience, that’s not easy to do. No, you’re not kidding. So you’re enjoying running the day-to-day at the hotel. Carly’s settled in at kelly’s, right? Mm-hmm. So we’re all getting along. At least co-existing. So, why would you — why would you want to rock the boat and sell your half to carly? Isn’t it exciting, michael?

[ Chuckles ] Michael: I’m trying to protect my family from you! See, my father is happy right now, so I’m not gonna take that away from him. I’m sure he’ll be happy until he finds out the kind of woman that you really are. I love sonny. I don’t care. I’m not risking my family. You will only see them when I say that it is okay to see them. And you’re gonna do something else for me, too. You’re gonna sell my mother her half of the metro court back. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Mom, um, when did nina decide she wanted to sell you back her half of the hotel? She stopped by here this morning on her way to work, and that’s when she made the offer. Um, tell me about this offer.

[ Sniffing ] Yeah, it smells like a flower shop or a funeral. I’m not sure which. Really? I don’t think so. You should probably take some of these and donate them at gh. Okay, so, scale of one to ten, how mad at me is trina? Eleven! Okay. Spencer, speaking for myself, if dex threw down with me and told me not to ask him to choose between me and someone else because I wouldn’t like the answer —

[Exhales sharply] Hate to break it to you — it seems like a red flag and possibly a relationship ender. Marshall: That boy gave you an ultimatum? Pop — look, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We said we’d be neutral. Sorry. But now you understand why I am so frustrated with him.

[ Cellphone chiming ]

[ Sighs ] And not to mention, he keeps blowing up my phone with text messages and phone calls. I know I need to respond. I just — I don’t know what to say.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Stop texting me, spencer. Trina, I have never seen you so upset with spencer.

[ Sighs ] Look, I know I haven’t been your dad that long, but may I offer you some unsolicited parental advice? As long as it’s not just to tell me to talk to spencer again. But, see, that’s exactly what you’ll need to do. But first you need to figure out for yourself what you want to discuss with him. You see, I believe in any romantic relationship, you have to be very clear about what you want and what you’re willing to put up with. So, if you’re willing to do the hard work with your feelings, I think your grandfather and I could — we could help you figure some things out.

[Coughing] Copd hasn’t been pretty.

[ Recorder beeps ] I will give you the name of mason’s boss. I will. I-I’ll do that. As soon as there’s a deal in place. What kind of deal are you talking about? A deal that — a deal that guarantees my freedom. Immunity from prosecution. And I’m not gonna set foot in a courtroom and testify against anybody. Look, doc, you’re just not in a position to negotiate right now, so… dante, I don’T… …I guess this conversation is over. …Think that you really… you can see yourself out. …Understand the risk that I took coming here.

[ Sighs ] If my boss finds out that I’m here before you get a chance to bring him into custody, I’m a dead man. Deputy mayor ashford, it’s good to see you. You’re looking well. Mm. Congratulations on your hardship release from prison. Not many people who’ve done what you have are given yet another chance to become a productive citizen. And I am grateful for the opportunity. It’s why I came by this evening. I wanted to share news with my sister. About what? I found gainful employment. Really? Doing what? Washing dishes at the port charles grill. Why would anna be hiding from me? I mean, she can’t possibly think I’m gonna prosecute her for the cassadine shooting. I think it’s the opposite. Anna probably feels like you may come under scrutiny if you don’t prosecute her.

[ Sighs ] Everyone knows the history you two share.

[ Scoffs ] It’s a hell of a time to be thinking about my reputation. Well, maybe it’s even simpler. Maybe anna knows that she got herself into this situation and it’s on her and her alone to get herself out. How do I figure out what I want? Maybe we start by ruling out a few things first. Trina, do you want to break up with spencer? No, of course not. See? There it is. Sometimes we figure out what we want by knowing what we don’t want. And from what you’ve told us, you don’t want spencer, esme, and ace living together, either. It’s at least better now that kevin and laura are back in town. But, yes, in a perfect world, spencer would not share a home with esme and ace. Why is that? Because…

[ Breathes deeply ] Because… spencer is ace’s brother. He’s not his dad. You know, I spoke with laura when she got back from europe, and she received confirmation that nikolas is alive, and by his own free will, he’s choosing to stay away from port charles and being an active father in spencer and ace’s lives. So, can you blame spencer for wanting to play a role in his brother’s life? Yes! This whole thing is just so messy. I mean, esme is — is spencer’s ex-girlfriend, and I know she doesn’t remember that part of her life, but I do, and — and there’s still that history of them being a couple together. And now they’re taking parenting classes together, they’re living together, and I’m just not comfortable with it. I’ve been patient and I’ve been understanding and I’ve reached my limit. I’m done. That’s something you’re gonna have to tell spencer. I know that I blew it. I — I lost my temper. Yeah, well, you have a tendency to do that. I threw down an ultimatum, and, look, I don’t want to have to carry that out. Well, you raised an important question. If you had to choose, would you rather be with trina or live with esme and ace? I don’t know. I don’t know. I guess I was fooling myself to think that this scenario could continue on like this for forever. Type 2 diabetes? Discover the ozempic tri-zone.

I have another question for you. But since I also got a late start at being your granddad, let me give you a brief history on myself. Your grandmother, irene — she wasn’t my first girlfriend, but she was my first love. In fact, that buttermilk cornbread baking in the oven — that’s her secret recipe. I’ll teach it to you sometime.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t even know how to make the cornbread. I loved irene. I loved her with all my heart and soul. For the longest time, I thought that she would be my only romantic love. That is, until I met epiphany johnson. May she rest in peace. I’m sorry you lost epiphany. Thank you. Trina, is spencer the first boy you’ve been in love with? Yeah. For the most part. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Those answers don’t seem to go together. You care to explain what you mean? Joss has been my best friend since junior high, and when she got involved with oscar, our friend group solidified around joss and oscar and me and cameron. And when oscar got diagnosed with cancer… mm. …And eventually died, um, things got really intense and emotional. I’m sorry you lost your friend to cancer. It was hard. But cam and i spent a lot of time being joss’s support system, helping her deal with the loss of oscar. And [Chuckles] If I’m being honest, I had really strong feelings for cam. You did? Yeah. But that was a long time ago, and what I felt for cam is nothing like how I feel for spencer. He’s the real deal. And I thought that he was gonna be my future, but… but what? But I think I might have been wrong. Your situation with ace, esme, and trina can’t continue. That’s obvious. I love trina so much. The more time that we spend together, the deeper the connection I feel with her. She’s so smart. She’s so… she’s so passionate. She’s so real. She’s a beautiful person, and I’d never want to hurt her, josslyn. And I would never want to give her up. Then maybe that’s your answer. Okay. Okay. But she’s also an adult. She is responsible, and she is capable I mean…she survived my uncle victor and all the crazy that happened while we were in greenland together. Ace is a baby. His father abandoned him. And I know what that feels like. And while I don’t think that esme is a bad person — anymore — I don’t think that she would be able to give ace the kind of life that he deserves on her own. What do you mean? Like financially? Like financially and emotionally and just, like, the overall general support that ace is going to need growing up. Mm-hmm. That’s fair. I just know in my heart that my little brother needs me. And isn’t what a baby needs more important? So then while I was getting nina’s to-go order ready, I noticed she was having a very intense conversation with martin gray out front. But then drew showed up and surprised me and I got a little distracted. It is so great having him home. It is. It feels so good knowing he’s not in danger anymore and he’s back home where he belongs. You know, it just makes me so happy. Then drew left and I brought nina her order to her and that’s when she offered to sell me back my half of the metro court. Do you think that her selling her half of the metro court back to you was what she was talking about with martin? Well, she did say what she was discussing with martin concerned me. That’s when she presented the offer. And that’s when willow arrived. I knew the second I heard about it that it was the perfect way to heal our family. You know, sonny, I recently got some really great advice. Instead of making enemies, I should start making more friends. And you thought you would start with carly? No, it’s —

[ Laughs ] It’s not like I’m deceiving myself into thinking that, you know, carly and i will ever be friends. It’s not that. It’s just we — we have a lot of people in common, people that — that we love. And we should stop clawing at each other, you know, and continuing this armed truce of gritting our teeth and waiting to take the other one down. I couldn’t agree more. Yeah. I just think it’s better for everyone if we — if we left the past in the past, right? And the best way that I can do that is to sell carly back her half of the hotel. You know how independent anna is, robert. To a fault. As much as you want to fix this for her, she’s the one who shot charlotte. She needs to find her own way to deal with this and move past it. I hope she’s not avoiding me because of valentin cassadine. Valentin? Yeah. I-I never trusted the guy. Any cassadine, for that matter. I mean, I told her over and over again that this relationship she had with him would end in disaster. And here we are. Mind you, nobody could have predicted a disaster quite like this one.

[ Sighs ] I just hope she doesn’t think that I’m gonna say “I told you so.” Anna knows you better than that. Look, man, there isn’t gonna be a deal until you give us your boss’s name. Alright, you don’t want to testify, that’s fine, but you got to give us some other evidence, documents, records, something… okay. …That we can use… yes. That’ll get mason to flip on this guy or something that we can use in court that proves your boss’s guilt. Okay. I can do that. I can — I can do that. Great. You do that, and I’ll talk to the da about a deal. Okay. Uh, yeah. I know you don’t like me, dante. I-I get it. I can — I mean, I can see why. But I’m not a bad guy. I’m just a guy who’s been coerced into doing a lot of things that I knew weren’t the right thing to do. So, thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to finally do the right thing.

[ Door closes ] My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her. Something you don’t know about me, laura, is I worked as a cook back in my youth. And I believe, with a little hard work and determination, I should be able to move my way up at the port charles grill. How did you get the job? The manager is part of a network of businesses who work with a charity to end recidivism. They give formerly incarcerated people like myself a chance at employment. Well, congratulations, cyrus. Oh. But as you can see, jordan and I were right in the middle of a meeting, so I’m afraid you’re gonna have to — of course. I stopped by unannounced. I — it’s — it’s just — it’s great to see you, laura.

[ Door closes ] I don’t believe a word that came out of his mouth. Do you? Trina, I think you need to talk to spencer about priorities. Because family is important, and a priority. I get that. But family can’t be more significant than your primary relationship, right? Right. Okay, for example, take your grandfather. He’s very important to me, and so is aunt stella. And you, my love. You’re a huge priority for me. But your mom, as my wife, she is my primary relationship first and foremost. Now, I’m not suggesting that you go off and get married or that you’re even ready for it. But I do know how important your relationship is with spencer. Yeah, it is. But is he your first priority? I totally get that you just want to take care of your little brother.

Ahh! Yes. Exactly. Why is that so difficult for people to understand, josslyn? It’s not difficult for people to understand. But have you thought about what that looks like? Does that look like you, esme, and ace all living together, while at the same time you and trina are a couple? You’re going on trips together. You’re spending time together. But every night you go home to esme and ace. Would that be so impossible? No, it wouldn’t be impossible. But it wouldn’t be fair to anyone, including you. You shouldn’t have lost your half of the metro court to begin with… well — …any more than drew should have had to go to prison and suffer what he did. Yeah. None of it was fair to either of you. The whole insider trading indictment was wrong. Thankfully, it’s over now. And drew is free and back home where he belongs, rebuilding his life. And if you think about it, all that’s left now to balance the scales is for you to get your hotel back. If only it were that simple. I can’t just accept nina’s offer. I have to figure out how I’m gonna pay for it. And that’s where you come in. I’m assuming that you found out about this offer because carly wanted to talk it over with you? Why didn’t you think of telling me? Well, sonny, you have a relationship with carly. I’m always gonna respect that. And, you know, I’m not gonna run to you in advance to get you on my side so you view my actions from my perspective. I’m a business woman. Right. This is a business transaction between carly and me. It really has nothing to do with you at all. Nina… you’re not that naive.

[Deep exhale] Yeah, mom, I can give youthe money you need to buy back your half of the metro court on whatever terms you want. I mean, you can take it as a gift if you want. I don’t — either way. Let michael do this for you, carly. Yeah, I want to, mom. No. Absolutely not. Look, when my life was falling apart, josslyn offered to give me half of her trust, and I turned her down, just like I’m turning you down. I love you. But I can’t take your money. Okay. Alright. Just — just hear me out for a minute. Look, I have been very fortunate financially. I run aurora, and I have the second largest amount of voting stock at elq. I mean, jason set me up with a substantial trust fund when I was a baby, so… look, what I’m trying to say is I have benefited greatly from the generosity of my family my entire life. And I’d like to give something back to you. If anyone deserves it, mom, it’s you, so… look, I want to do this for you. So, you just told me that offering carly half of the hotel was a peacemaking gesture? Well, it’s the best one I could think of. So it wasn’t just a simple business transaction? It was more than that, right? And I appreciate you leaving me out of it, but I’m already involved because you’re my wife. Carly’s the mother of my children. We’re gonna be tied for life. So this affects our entire family. Okay. Alright. You’re right. If that’s the case… did you advise carly to take my offer? I honestly don’t know what to make of cyrus anymore. Well, you have to trust your instinct, laura. Well, it’s just that I know how dangerous he can be, but I also know how close he came to death with this — this heart attack of his. So, maybe this new perspective of his is real. No! No, you know, he’s an older man, and he’s in poor health. Maybe now he just wants a simple life as a dishwasher. I don’t believe that, and I don’t trust him. I know cyrus lives for one thing and one thing only — power. And that’ll never change.

[ Sighs ] Well, it’s late and it’s been a long day. This better be good. I wouldn’t have called you here if it wasn’t, robert. What do you got? I’ve been squeezing austin gatlin-holt, trying to get him to give up his cousin and the guy they work for, the guy we think is responsible for kidnapping ava jerome. Well, maybe you should squeeze a bit harder. Well, he’s willing to give up his boss’s name and corroborating evidence, but he wants a deal. What are you doing here?

[ Gunshots ] Esme is gonna meet someone. Nger you stay in thispseudo-family with esme and ace, the more it’s gonna hurt when it blows up. And it will. You know it will. Esme is gonna meet someone. She’s gonna want a life of her own. And trina deserves better than you fitting her in when you’re not hanging out with them. Okay. Okay. So, what’s the alternative? Bowing out? I just let esme take ace, and they move into their little apartment and I get to visit on weekends? Yes. Nope. No. No, I’m not gonna do that. And I refuse to accept that as a reality. I’m not gonna let esme take my little brother away from me. Okay, see, this is exactly how you would operate when we were children. Oh, come on. You wanted what you wanted, and you never stopped to consider who could get hurt in the process and what it would cost. You are an adult now. You have to slow down and realize that you are not going to get everything you want. This time, you really do have to choose. Is spencer my priority? I don’t like the sound of that or what it implies. I want a career. And because of that, I feel like my education should be my first priority. I don’t think your dad was suggesting that you prioritize a man over your invaluable education. Absolutely not. Honey, I know I had nothing to do with your decision to go to college or for you choosing art as your major. But I am very proud of you for pursuing your dreams. Okay, let me think. How can I simplify this? Who is the first person you text in the morning and the last person you text at night? Is it your mom? Is it josslyn? No. It’s spencer. First and last. There you go. And now you have your answer. And you have your question for spencer. Because is it the same for him? I know better than to offer carly advice, but I hope she takes your offer. Oh. You do? Why? Because once she’s, you know, running things at the metro court again, we could stop rehashing the past and move forward. That would be nice. But I don’t think carly sees it the way I do because she just told me that she’s happy to be working at kelly’s and that she appreciates that bobbie let her have the diner as a safety net. So she wants to stay there. But I want to say, even if carly doesn’t accept your offer, um, I appreciate what you did. Thank you. Because you are the bigger person. And you’re the one trying to make peace with our family. Thank you both so much for caring. That’s what family does. I got to admit, I was thrown a little bit off my game when nina presented the offer. I think we all were. And I’ve been, uh… thinking a lot about it. I really have. And I appreciate that nina made the offer. I really do. And I believe she did it for you and the kids because she wants to mend fences and she wants to make peace. So… so, you’re going to accept the money from michael? I can’T. I… I can’t accept nina’s offer. Mom — michael, as badly as I want my hotel back, it won’t feel like mine if i don’t get it back on my own. You will be in a better position to keep an eye on cyrus as the police commissioner. And if he violates the terms of his release, you can bust him. You won’t be able to do that as deputy mayor. So, whatever decision you make, I will respect. No. You know what? I refuse to make cyrus my obsession, to become captain ahab, chasing him down to my own detriment. He’s not worth that. Before he came in, I was about to accept the position as deputy mayor permanently. And I see no reason to change my mind. I see no reason to, either. Thank you so much, jordan. I really believe that together we will be an effective team and that together we will be able to do some really good things for the people of port charles. I’m counting on it.

[ Chuckles ] Man: Excuse me, mrs. Scorpio? Oh, hi, mr. Williams. How did it go? Oh, everything went smoothly. Oh, that’s great. I checked, and the hospital received the approval from your insurance company. Ah. I wouldn’t have been able to get my mri if it wasn’t for you. So, thank you. Oh, I was just doing my job. So, where did you leave the good dr. Gatlin-holt? Well, he says he’s got evidence against mason and his still nameless boss. He’s gone to retrieve it, apparently, and he will hand it over if we make a deal with him and give him immunity. Hmm. So, what do you think about this guy? I mean, this austin — is he on the up-and-up? I don’t know, I think at this point he’s just scrambling, trying to save his own skin. But he is motivated to put his boss away before his boss knows that he’s turned on him. I say we give him the deal. Mm. The da’s office could never make a case against austin abetting the ava jerome kidnapping. So, you get a name and evidence of guilt

[Chuckles] He can have immunity.

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