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Finn: How’s your shift going?

Elizabeth: So far, so good. Aside from this very odd craving I have for maple syrup.

Finn: I’m still on a sugar high.

Elizabeth: [ Chuckles ] Me too. It’s surprisingly a quiet evening for it being Halloween.

Don’t say that.


You’re gonna jinx it.

Oh, god, I missed you. I can’t believe you’re really here. Are you really here? I’m really here. You are. I just feel like I just woke up from a — from a long nightmare. But you’re home now. I am, but I don’t know how. I-I don’t know how I got released from Pentonville.

Hey. I got the assorted chocolate bars, and they’re the really good kind.

I can’t believe the stores didn’t run out.

Well, the first two did, but I hit the jackpot on the third.

Mm. Well, I’m sure you were the sexiest football player there. Thank you for going. You really did get the good kind. Too bad all the trick-or-treaters are at home sleeping now.

I’m sorry he woke you up.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, no. I was — I — he didn’t wake me at all. I stayed up to do a little bit of extra work. But I love every moment that I get to spend with my grandson, you know? Besides, he’s a baby. He cries. That’s what babies do. Tell your mommy it’s okay.

I can’t believe I didn’t hear him crying. I should have woken up sooner.

Esme, it’s really okay. I mean, that’s why you’re here with us, right? So that we can help you. It’s a team effort.

Why are you always so nice to me?

Dante: Hey.

Hey. How’s it going? How’d it go tonight?

[ Keys clatter ]

What’s up? Did something happen? Danny’s not sure. Charlotte went missing. Jake went to look for her. Now they’re both missing.


[ Body thuds ]

Jake: Charlotte! Charlotte! Charlotte — stop. Oh, my god.

[ Gasps ] Char– oh, my god. Charlotte?

Get the lights, Jake. I need to see where she’s hit. Charlotte. Oh, god. I got to stop the bleeding. What have you got? Give me something. Take this off. Quick, give it to me. Quick. Okay, do you have your phone?


Call 911. Alright? Can you do that? 911. Charlotte? Charlotte, can you hear me?

[ Line ringing ]


Operator: 911 dispatch.

What is your emergency?


My friend needs an ambulance.


Can you tell me what happened?

She was shot. Hurry.

What is the address where the victim was shot?

I-I don’t know the address.

It’s 114.


Um, clover avenue.

Clover avenue.

Apartment 68.

Apartment 68. Can you hurry, please?


She’s — she’s bleeding, and she’s — Charlotte? She’s not moving.

Okay. Stay calm. The ambulance is on the way. What’s your friend’s name and how old is she?

Charlotte Cassadine. She’s 15. Please hurry.

Why did you shoot her?

What happened, Danny?

Mr. Cassadine dropped us off at harbor vista so we could go trick-or-treating. It’s where Charlotte wanted to go. She said the neighborhoods around there gave out the best candy.

Okay. And — and then what happened?

We went trick-or-treating, and then a little bit later, we stopped to check our bags and figure out what street to go down next.

And that’s when you noticed that Charlotte was missing?

Yeah. We looked for her, and Jake thought he saw her, but when I turned around, the person he was looking at was in the hermit costume from the tarot.

Is that what Charlotte was dressed up as or…?

No, but it’s what she was originally going to go as. So, if the person we did see was Charlotte, she must have changed her costume at some point. ‘

Do you know why she wanted to go as a character from tarot?

Maybe she likes it? We were all at Kelly’s once eating sundaes, and she said she learned to read tarot when she was away at boarding school in Switzerland.

You know, for all the time I’ve spent with you, I never pegged you for being the superstitious type.

I respect things that can’t be explained. Your luck tapping maple trees, for example.

I have a knack for it. Or maybe I was a maple tree tapper in my past life. Which sounds just as crazy as believing in a jinx.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, laugh all you want, but one of the weirdest nights I ever spent in the E.R. Started with an intern saying, “it’s gonna be a quiet night.”

Why am I so nice to you? Because we’re family, Esme. You are the mother of my grandson. That — that means a great deal to me — and to Kevin.

Well, families aren’t always nice to each other.

No, I know, sweetheart. Navigating family is tough for some.

Yeah, that’s an understatement, especially considering who my parents are.

Well, I tell you what. Why don’t we just focus on the present moment and the people who are right here right now, like, uh, Ace, who I love, couldn’t possibly love more. And — and then I see you and what a wonderful mother you are to him, and I-I just can’t help but love you. So, why don’t you just let go of all that guilt, hon?

You really think I’m doing a good job?

Better than good. I think you’re doing a great job. I’m very impressed with how you’re handling being a single mother and working at the invader to support your son.

Yeah. But, I mean, Ace’s schedule is disrupting your life. You’re the mayor, Laura, and you’re up with a teething baby. [ Laughs ] You have a million things to do. It’s not fair.

Why don’t you let me be the judge of that? I love having Ace here. I love being able to help you with him.

And you have been so generous and so great, but… we can’t stay here anymore.

You think I was too generous to the trick-or-treaters earlier?

Well, you gave three extra candy bars to a group of kids dressed in “star wars” costumes. So, what do you think?

Well, that’s because they looked awesome.

[ Laughs ]

Okay, now I feel bad that you had to turn kids away while I was out searching for candy. Whoa! I don’t want to run out again.

Well, if we do, I’ll just give out more granola bars.

You didn’t.

Well, there was nothing else. I couldn’t just turn them away with nothing.

Granola bars? That was my worst nightmare as a kid. It was like getting a box of raisins.

[ Chuckles ] I think the granola bars were fine.

No way. I want our apartment to be a primo trick-or-treat territory, not a candy desert.

Okay. There’s always next year, okay? And at least we get trick-or-treaters. Do you know that every year on Halloween, my family opens the main gate and we never get trick-or-treaters.

Yeah, that’s probably for the best. Could you imagine little kids walking up to the Quartermaine mansion and Tracy answering the door? She would be judging them the whole time. Like, “yours is too tacky. What are you supposed to be?” [ Imitates evil laughter ]

Chase, are you implying my grandmother is a certain wicked witch?

When I got out of the hospital and I arrived back at Pentonville, they immediately put me right back into solitary.

Did they say why?

Well, the guards claimed that it was for my own protection, that they couldn’t protect me unless I was removed from the other prisoners, but then, out of the blue, they took me out of there and they said that judge Kim decided that the sentence that he handed down was too harsh. And that’s when they released me. But I don’t know why. Do you?

y, Jake, so, we got to get her legs up, alright? ‘Cause she’s bleeding. So we got to raise her legs. Just put the cushion — great, great. Cool, cool. And the other one. Okay, good. Get her legs right up. Okay. Take her hand. Take her hand. Talk to her. Say her name, alright? Say you’re here.

Charlotte. Charlotte, you’re gonna be okay. Okay? I’m here. It’s Jake. Charlotte, can you hear us? The ambulance is on the way. Here, darling. Can you hear us?

Charlotte? Charlotte?! What happened?

She was shot.

What? Has somebody called an ambulance?

Yeah. They’re on their way.

Papa’s here. Charlotte, papa’s here. What the hell happened?

[ Sirens wailing ]

Jake, that’s them. Go stand by the door. Make sure that they see you, alright?

We split up to look for her. Jake went in the direction of the person in the hermit costume, and me and Georgie went the other way.

So, when did you find Mr. Cassadine?

Right after that. We met back at the place we were supposed to meet, and when we told him we couldn’t find Charlotte, he got really scared. He told me to call mom and ask if she could pick up me and Georgie so he could go look for Charlotte. I told her she didn’t have to come pick us up and we could have just taken a ride share.

No, you did good, Danny. You followed Mr. Cassadine’s orders, and you waited there until I could come get you.

So… I’m not in trouble?

Gosh, no, of course not. You know what? Why don’t you go upstairs and get ready for bed? Tell Scout and Rocco to do the same thing.

Okay. Can I take my candy?

Uh, you know what, buddy? We — we’ve got to look through it first, and then we’ll bring it to you.

You know, I get — [ Sighs ] I mean, I can’t imagine what Valentin’s thinking, not knowing where Charlotte is, but for him to then just leave Danny and Georgie alone like that to go look for her? I don’t —

No, I know. I don’t like it, either. But in Valentin’s defense, he could reasonably assume that Danny and Georgie could make it home safely. I’m just glad that we have a level-headed kid…


[ Cellphone ringing ]

…That knew to call us if things got bad.

[ Scoffs ] Are you kidding me?

It’s the station.


You’re not home off administrative leave for three hours and they’re already calling you?

I know. Yeah. Falconeri. What? When did — when? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll — I’ll be right there. There was a shooting. The address is Maxie’s old apartment.

Well, Alexis interviewed judge Kim. She said she wanted to highlight his tough-on-crime stance, and during the interview, she brought up allegations of inappropriate gifts, specifically an expensive trip he received from a prominent businessman. In other words, Kim was bought and paid for.

What? How did Kim respond? Did he say anything incriminating?

No. He denied it all, and he stormed out of Alexis’s office.

Well, he must have known that Alexis was on the right track.

Absolutely. And he must have been afraid that a very sexy navy seal, who served his country, who was handed down a very harsh sentence, could draw too much attention to him. It could put a very big wrinkle in his ambitious career.

Why did Alexis want to do the interview? Like, how did she know he was corrupt?

From me.

I never said that Tracy was a wicked witch. She’s difficult and — and direct, but everybody knows she’s direct. I mean, she is — she is who she is.

There’s definite similarities between Tracy and a certain witch of the west, especially when she’s trying to be generous but ends up blackmailing you.

This isn’t about how I feel, is it? This is about Tracy’s claim that she stole Deception to give it to you.

Yeah. And Granny and I finally had it out.

Everything that could go wrong that night did go wrong. I mean, it was nothing tragic, but sort of a series of freakish events, you know? There was dropped trays, crashed mail cart, um, the computers crashed, we lost our wheelchairs. It all culminated in me delivering a baby while stuck in an elevator.

Crashed mail carts?

That was your one takeaway?

[ Chuckles ] Was it your first time delivering a baby?

Yes. It was the mother’s fourth child, and lucky for me, she — she knew what she was doing. She basically talked me through it. Mom and the baby — they came through just fine. Me, not so much. I didn’t go anywhere near the OB/GYN for the rest of the year.

So, the moral of our story is — stay off elevators with pregnant ladies.

Wrong. No matter how quiet the night seems, you never say it out loud.

Hey, Esme. What exactly did you mean?

It’s time for me and Ace to find a place of our own.

I didn’t see that coming at all. I-I really didn’t. It feels sudden to me. Did something happen that makes you feel like you have to go?

No, no, um, nothing specific. Just the apartment feels crowded with everyone living here. Plus, I really don’t want to overstay my welcome.

It doesn’t feel crowded to me. I mean, we all have our own bedrooms, and it’s big enough if you need alone time you can have it, unless — unless you’re feeling crowded by someone in particular? Could this have something to do with Spencer?

[ Police radio chatter ]

We’ll be transporting the patient to G.H..

Valentin: I’m the father. I’ll be riding with you.

You? You’re the one who got Alexis to interview judge Kim?

Well, uh, Sonny went to Alexis first, but I’m the one who got the information about the vacation from a regular here at Kelly’s, who is the pilot for the prominent businessman. Kim was a passenger on his private jet.

That is kinda incredible.


I definitely owe Alexis and Sonny such a debt of gratitude.

Oh, and Diane miller, too, because she provided Alexis with a lot of important information.

Well, I will thank all three of them, but you are the real hero here. You know, it kind of makes sense that you’re the one to save me.

I would do anything to save you. I’m the reason you were in prison to begin with.

Mnh, that’s not what I meant. I meant just how smart and how clever and how incredibly beautiful you are. You… you are my hero.

It’s hard to be around Spencer. I mean, living with him and sharing in the responsibilities of Ace makes it really complicated, and I think that I started to develop feelings for him. And…I guess if I’m being honest, I can’t help but feel drawn to him.

Sweetheart, everything you’re saying is completely natural.

It is?

Yes, of course. I mean, you’re in close proximity, and he’s the one you would go to if you had a question or an issue about Ace. I mean, Spencer has sort of taken on the role of father to your son, and… you know, uh, do you think it’s all stemming from living here with Spencer, or do you think there could be something else prompting this?

Like what?

Like maybe Spencer’s relationship with Trina?

Danny: Rocco and Scout are already asleep. Where’s Dante? I wanted him to go through my candy so I could have some.

Oh, he got a work call, but he said that he’d be here in the morning to have breakfast with all three of you kids. Hey. Are you okay?

I texted both Charlotte and Jake. I still haven’t heard from them yet.

You know what? Why don’t you go through that bowl of candy and see if you can find one of those taffies that I love?

I doubt there’s any left. I saw Scout going through them and —

Come on. Give it a shot. If you find one, I will split it with you. Hey, Danny, do you know what’s going on with Charlotte?

We were all on a group text this weekend, and she seemed pretty excited about trick-or-treating.

Are you okay?

I’ve been thinking. What if — what if Charlotte didn’t take off? What if — what if someone grabbed her? I bet that’s what Mr. Cassadine was thinking. That’s probably why he took off and left me and Georgie.

Alright, I’m gonna be really honest with you right now, okay? I am a little worried about Charlotte, too. But we can’t jump to the worst-case scenario. Let’s just send out good, positive thoughts to her until we find her and get her home, okay?


And you got to remember that Charlotte is independent. And she does have a little mischievous side to her. So this all could be just a simple Halloween prank that went wrong.

You okay, Jake? I got a few questions for you, and then I’m gonna take you home, okay?

No. No, I want to go to the hospital. I-I need to see Charlotte. Please.


My mom’s working tonight. She’ll be there.

Okay. Um, why don’t you hang with the officer here for a minute? I’m gonna talk to Anna, and then we can go to the hospital together, okay?

Okay, so, I left my apartment a little before 9:00, and, um, I locked the door. And then when I returned, the door was — was unlocked. So I realized that there was someone inside the apartment.

[ Breathing heavily ]

You want to sit down?

No. And then, um…

[ Police radio chatter ]

…I drew my gun because there was someone inside the apartment. So then I opened the door really slowly and there was movement over by the trunk and I saw the person turn towards me with what appeared to be a weapon in their hands, so I fired. [ Gasps ] [ Voice breaking ] I discharged my weapon on a child. [ Sobbing ] Charlotte is a child. [Deep exhale]

Mmm. God, I can’t believe you’re here. Mm. When you were in surgery, and I didn’t know if you were gonna make it, I — I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was responsible for setting all this in motion. And I just want you to know — and hear me, please — I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.

It’s over now. It’s over. Except for six months probation.

What? Judge Kim gave you six months probation? That’s ridiculous. You already served enough unnecessary time in prison with hardened criminals who almost killed you.

No, Car– it’s okay.

It’s not okay, drew.

I’m gonna be fine. I will be fine. I won’t so much as jaywalk. What matters is, is that I am home now. I am home with the women that I love.


Well, yeah. You and Scout.

Tracy has her faults, no doubt, but I truly believe that she wants to provide for me, that she’s genuinely concerned about my future.

Sometimes people have weird ways of showing their love.

She’s pointed out on multiple occasions that I no longer have a stake in ELQ. So Deception is her way of providing for my financial future. And I have told her tons and tons of times, and she just doesn’t seem to understand that my future, my love, is in music. And I am 100% committed to being a music manager.

Then you need to follow your dreams and stick to them.

That is exactly my point. If I had Deception to fall back on, it would just undermine my confidence in myself. You know, it would be like admitting that I don’t have what it takes to make it in the music world.

We both know you have what it takes.

Thank you. I just feel so terrible about Tracy hijacking Deception from Lucy, Maxie, and Sasha. I mean, the three of them should be running Deception, not Tracy and definitely not me.

I have a simple solution.

Yeah? I’d love to hear it.

Let Tracy give you Deception, and then you can sign it over to Lucy and Maxie and Sasha.

[ Laughs ]

15-year-old female. GSW to the abdomen, unconscious and lost a lot of blood. Her pulse is weak and thready. She’s hypovolemic.

Let’s get her to Trauma One. Let’s roll. Come on. Yeah. Order a code. Massive transfusion.

Where’s Jake? Where’s my son?

Get me an ETA on that.

[ Police radio chatter ]

Yeah. Thanks. Alright, CSI is on their way. They got to do a sweep of the apartment.

[ Sighs ] Do you know whose backpack that is?


That’s Charlotte’s. She had it with her tonight. Can I take it to her at the hospital?

Not tonight, Jake, no. Uh, CSI — make sure they bag that as evidence.

You got it, detective.

[ Sighs ] Anna, I’m gonna need your gun.


[ Inhales sharply ] [ Exhales sharply ]

Can I please go see Charlotte now?

Just take him — take him to the hospital. Elizabeth will have heard all about this, and she’s gonna want to know that her son is okay. So just take him.

I’ll stay with the officers. They can take me into custody. Alright?

[ Sighs ]

a vanilla shake is all I have. Honestly, the kids at the Halloween party — oh, my god. They ate everything.


They even ate two of Aiden’s pies.

[ Laughs ] Elizabeth told me that Aiden’s baking.

Yes. And he’s incredible, by the way.

Yeah. Did the kids have fun?

They did. They played cornhole outside.


It was hilarious, but they had a great time.

And was Scout here?

She was. Oh, my god, you should have seen her. She was so cute. She was dressed up like a scarecrow. She had a blast. She misses you like crazy, though.

I miss her so much. I can’t wait to see her. I’m gonna see her first thing tomorrow.

Oh, she’s gonna love that!

Mm. Can I tell you something?


This is the best vanilla shake I have ever had…

[ Laughs ]

…In my entire life. It is so good.

Oh, well, let me taste it.

You got to have this.

Mmm. I did a good job.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

Austin: Let’s get two lines in and start the massive transfusion protocol. Can we order a DIC panel, a CBC and a CMP? And could you please call radiology? Tell them need a stat X-Ray and to get me the ultrasound. Let me know when that O.R. is ready.

What did, uh — what’d Valentin say about Jake?

He said that he’s safe. He’s with Dante and the police, but he’s not answering his phone.

[ Doors open ]

Oh, my god. Jake. Are you okay? You’re okay, right?

Yeah. I’m okay, mom.

Oh, good.

Where’s Charlotte? I need to see her.

The doctors are with her now.

Is she gonna be okay?

Spencer’s relationship with Trina is a huge part of the reason I want — or, should I say, need to move out. But it’s also what’s so complicated.

Complicated how?

Because of Trina.

You mean because you don’t want to hurt her?

No, of course not. I mean, that’s the thing, Laura. I really like her. I mean, she’s — she’s so nice. And I’ve seen how she is with my son. She’s so thoughtful of him, always bringing him little gifts and stuff.

Yeah. She is a really lovely young lady. But you two have quite the history.

That’s what I’ve been told, but oddly, Trina seems to be the one who blames me the least, unlike other people, and her mom — Dr. Robinson — has been so helpful.

Really? How so?

She’s the one that suggested that me and Spencer take the parenting class over the summer at G.H.. I mean, it’s been really helpful. It really took a lot of pressure off of us and helped bring me and Spencer together. For Ace’s sake, of course.

Yes. Yes, of course. But still, uh, that had to hurt you if you have feelings for Spencer.

I mean, what doesn’t hurt me? I’m a girl with no past. I’m like a ghost walking through a town full of people who only know the old me and really have no interest in knowing the new me. Spencer? Well, I don’t know. There’s just something really familiar about him. And I think I want to latch on to anything that is familiar, even when I know it’s… not real or possible.

I should have kept us all together, Mom.

Danny, hey. No. They’re your friends. It’s not your responsibility to keep them in line. You know that, right?

Yeah, maybe it wasn’t my job, exactly, but Charlotte listens to me. When she was staying with us and would leave her stuff all over the bathroom and I’d ask her to pick it up, she would. Not all the time, but she listened to me the most out of everyone, and I needed to step up.

Do you know who you remind me of right now?


Yeah. Your dad. And just like your dad, you want to take responsibility for the whole world, but you can’t. Nor can you fix everyone’s problems. Hey, why don’t we wait until tomorrow to figure out that candy?

Oh, wait, I found one. It’s the last one.

You know, I knew if there was one left, you would be the one to find it. Thank you.

Uh, Jake here was great. He called 911, and he held Charlotte’s hand, talked to her until the paramedics got there. He was a real hero. I’m sure she knew you were there the whole time.

It was an accident, right? Anna didn’t mean to shoot Charlotte, did she?


[ Gasps ]

You okay?

Yeah. I just want to know if Charlotte’s out of danger.

You want to sit down? I’ll get you some water.

No, no, no. I’m fine. I’m fine. I — do you know? Have you heard anything? I-is she stable?

Austin: We need to get her stabilized. Why don’t we start the neo drip to get her blood pressure up, please.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Have we heard from the O.R.? We really need to get her up there before she crashes.

The O.R. Is ready for you, doctor.

Great. Then let’s go. Yep.

Save my daughter, please.

We’re gonna do everything we can.

I’m here, sweetheart. I’m here. You’re gonna be okay. I’m right here. I’m right here! Why, Anna? Why?

Now, tomorrow night, I don’t want you to think about doing anything, anything except for getting ready for a night out with me. Dinner, some champagne, maybe a little dessert.

Not a Kelly’s vanilla milkshake?

[ Both laugh ]

Look, I wouldn’t trade tonight for anything, by the way. I loved it. I loved everything about it. I love you.

You ready to get out of here so you can show me how much you love me?

You want to take this back to your place? I, uh… I seem to remember how incredibly comfortable your bed is.

Okay. I’m gonna get my coat.

[ Groans ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

You are the sweetest man.

Is that supposed to be a compliment?

You’re sweet and you’re kind and you’re just a little naive when it comes to Granny. There is no way that she would just sign Deception over to me. For the exact reason you just mentioned. Tracy is a lot of things, but stupid she is not. She would never risk me giving Lucy back the company.

Yeah, you’re probably right.

Yeah. And I can see Tracy keeping some level of power, you know, becoming the president of the board.

Okay. So, what’s the next steps?

I don’t know. But it’s gonna have to be something a lot more devious if I’m gonna outmaneuver my grandmother.

Okay. Well, can we not scheme tonight? Because tonight is Halloween, and that only comes once a year. So let’s focus on that, not Tracy.

Okay. Trick…or treat?


I understand where you’re coming from, Esme, and I think you may be right to put a little space between you and Spencer right now, just so you can continue to forge your own new path.

You think so?

Yes. Yes, I do. And by the way, I am interested in getting to know the new Esme.

Thank you for supporting me. And I know that it won’t be easy, especially with Ace leaving, too.

Yeah. Have you thought at all about where you’ll live?

Well, there are rooms available above Kelly’s. I talked to Carly Spencer about it. And I think that’s about all I can afford on my receptionist’s salary. Plus, it does keep me in Port Charles, which I know is what you would want.

Thank you, Esme. It would mean so much to me to be able to watch Ace grow up. And I don’t want you to worry, so I’m gonna help you with the rent.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’ve lived here since Ace was born, and you’ve never asked me for a cent. I-I can’t take anything more from you. Really.

I insist. Because you’re family. Alright? And the most important thing right now is that you and Ace have a safe and comfortable home.

Thank you. I’ll think about it.

Okay. I’m gonna go check on Ace.

Okay. Oh… but I really do think this is what’s best for both me and Ace.

I think you may be right. What is Spencer gonna think?

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Hey. Is everything alright?

Uh, the — the shooting victim at Maxie’s apartment was Charlotte.

What? Tell me she’s okay, please.

She’s, uh — she’s in surgery right now.

Who shot Charlotte?

Anna did.

It happened so fast. [ Sniffles ] I — it was dark. I thought it was an intruder. I didn’t know it was her. Please.

I can’t hear this.

No, please, you have to understand. It was an accident. I did not know it was her.

Stop. I can’t do this right now.

Anna. I got to take you in. You have to answer questions.

Okay. No, no, yeah.

You have to give a statement about what went on tonight.

Yeah, yeah. Sure.

Mr. Cassadine, I’m so sorry. I tried to catch up with Charlotte, but I just wasn’t fast enough.

It wasn’t your fault.

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