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Bonnie is sitting at the Brady Pub, happiy looking at her phone when Kayla joins her. Bonnie shows Kayla that there’s a warrant out for Vivian on possession of a deadly weapon and violating her parole. Kayla calls that great news and says if Vivian goes to jail, Maggie gets her house back. Bonnie realizes Kayla hasn’t heard and reveals that Victor had a will after all so Maggie kicked Vivian out which Kayla calls even better news. Bonnie notes that it is for Maggie and mentions being tired of the hard mattress at the Salem Inn, assuming that Maggie will be okay with her and Justin moving back in to the Kiriakis Mansion.

Maggie sits in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion when Justin walks in and greets her. Maggie hugs him and asks how he is. Justin says he is hanging in there. Maggie asks what she can do for him. Justin asks if Maggie will welcome he and Bonnie back to the family fold with Vivian out of the picture. Maggie assures that she will and said she would’ve called him herself but she’s been so distracted. Maggie adds that now that she will be out of the company, she will be spending more time at home than anticipated which Justin questions. Maggie guesses it was karma for taking too much pleasure for kicking Vivian to the curb, because Alex did the same to her.

Stephanie goes to the Titan office to confront Vivian but instead finds Alex at the desk.

Kate goes to see Chad and brings back the flowers he sent for the birth of her grandchild as it turned out that Victoria wasn’t really her grandchild.

Marlena is in her office, talking on the phone with John about Kate finding out that Philip is going to New York with Chloe. Marlena says she tried to talk her down but doesn’t know how effective she was. Marlena asks if John’s heard from Brady since leaving for California.

Brady and Theresa (now played by Emily O’Brien, who had portrayed Gwen) arrive at the airport, returning from California. Brady questions her needing so much luggage while Theresa responds that she’s not just anyone.

Bonnie and Kayla talk about Victor having a will, so Maggie gets to keep her inheritance. Bonnie adds that it came at a price as it cost Justin his son.

Stephanie questions what Alex is doing at Titan. Alex reveals this is his office now and guesses she hasn’t heard that he is the new CEO of Titan. Stephanie thought he worked at Basic Black and asks about Vivian. Alex explains that it turned out Victor did have a will and he left half of everything to Maggie and half to him. Stephanie asks about the rest of his family and acknowledges Victor as Alex’s great uncle. Alex then reveals to Stephanie that Victor was actually his father.

Justin tells Maggie that he will talk to Alex as it’s not right that he fired her. Maggie says they had a misunderstanding as she just assumed that she would remain CEO since Victor passed Alex over in the first place but Alex didn’t see it that way since Victor left him controlling interest, so Alex wanted the top job. Justin argues that it wasn’t Victor’s intent and if it was, he would have put it in writing. Maggie decides it doesn’t matter which Justin questions. Maggie explains that Alex told her that the board was on his side and would select him. Justin can’t believe Alex threatened her with a board vote. Maggie notes that Alex offered to let her stay on in a side role but she decided to bow out gracefully. Maggie thanks Justin but says there’s nothing he can do. Justin is appalled that Victor would do this to all of them.

Brady complains about Theresa on the flight while Theresa wants coffee. She questions Brady being in such a hurry. Brady says he just wants to get home. Theresa reminds him that they are waiting for their son, Tate. Brady wonders what’s keeping him so long. Tate, now a teenager, then joins them and explains that he was talking to the flight attendant about what there is to do in Salem. Brady jokes about him getting her phone number while Tate asks if they can not do this right now. Brady and Theresa both say that Tate gets it from the other.

Kate explains to Chad how Rex knew the baby wasn’t his but volunteered to put his name on the birth certificate to protect her and Sarah from Xander. Kate adds that Rex still has feelings for Sarah, even though he denies that’s the reason he married her. Chad asks what happens now that the truth is out. Kate responds that she is stuck with a daughter in law she can’t stand while Rex is in Xander’s crosshairs. Chad says it sounds messy. Kate notes that now she knows Rex was keeping her at arms length because he didn’t want her to get too close to a grandchild that didn’t really belong to her.

Kayla is shocked to learn Alex is Victor’s son and can’t believe Victor could do this to Justin for all these years. Bonnie says it would’ve been a lot easier if Victor just took the secret to his grave. Kayla asks how Justin is taking it. Bonnie says it’s about how she would expect.

Maggie tells Justin that she thinks Victor knew he would’ve been a better father to Alex. Justin argues that all of this would’ve been easier if the truth came out 30 years ago. Justin can’t explain how it feels to change everything he thought he knew about his family and his son. Justin questions revealing the truth after keeping it secret for all these years. Maggie says it just seems that spending time on Bo’s bedside changed Victor’s thought process but all he did was leave them more questions. Justin declares they are questions they will never get the answers too.

Stephanie questions learning that Victor was Alex’s father and Justin being his cousin. Alex adds that Sonny is not really his brother. Stephanie argues against that. Alex talks about going over every interaction he had with Victor and says he never would’ve guessed this in a million years. Stephanie asks if his will said he wanted Alex to be CEO instead of Maggie. Alex admits not exactly and that’s been a point of contention since Maggie said Victor would’ve made him CEO while he was alive if he wanted him to be CEO. Alex says he may never understand why Victor never told him or waited until now to tell him the truth. Alex guesses Victor thought the money and controlling interest in Titan would make up for the lost years but declares that nothing can make up for the fact that Victor lied to him for his whole life.

Tate tells Brady that the flight attendant shot him down. Brady suggests he focus more on his future because he didn’t just bring him back to Salem for kicks. Tate complains that he got booted out of boarding school for bogus reasons. Brady argues that Tate wasn’t thinking when he pulled the fire alarm. Tate brings up pranks that Brady pulled back in the day. Brady says this isn’t funny and that Tate has to pay for doing something wrong. Brady informs Tate that he’s going to get a job. Theresa argues that he’s just a kid. Brady says that Tate is going to learn the skills and thinks he knows exactly where he’s going to do that.

Kate tells Chad that she doesn’t care if Rex thinks she’s an overbearing mother but she’s not going to let Sarah break his heart, even if he did break her heart first. Chad thinks she should stay out of it or she’s going to make things worse. Chad adds that he’s been through something similar very recently with Steve and Kayla as they cannot wait for he and Stephanie to get married. Chad explains how they got together for dinner and he walked in on Stephanie telling Kayla that she wants to marry him and then Steve came asking what his intentions were. Kate calls that a lot of pressure. Chad doesn’t know how to feel since they haven’t been together that long. Kate asks if he thinks the marriage idea came from Stephanie or Steve and Kayla. Chad admits he doesn’t know and they didn’t get to talk about it. Kate notes that it’s possible that Stephanie was just trying to keep Kayla off her back. Kate then asks if Chad wants to marry Stephanie.

Alex tells Stephanie that he thought Vivian kicking them out of the house would be the worst thing to happen after Victor’s death. Stephanie knows it’s a shock but says there may be some perks to the situation like the job, the money, and the power which are all things Alex wanted. Alex says he did, but not like this. Stephanie guesses they won’t be neighbors anymore as she asks if he’s moving back in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Alex is on the fence since he’s not sure it would be that fun for he and Maggie to be living together. Alex adds that if Justin and Bonnie move back in, that would be awkward too. Stephanie argues that Justin is still Alex’s dad and they still love each other. Alex just doesn’t think he’d be ready to live under the same roof as Justin right now. Alex tells Stephanie that he totally understands if she wants to quit working at Titan. Stephanie assures that she doesn’t and that they are still friends. Stephanie says she’s sorry that he’s going through all of this as she knows it hurts so he doesn’t have to act tough with her. Alex thanks her but admits he’s not really feeling that tough right now.

Justin asks Maggie if Alex mentioned moving back in. Maggie says not yet and senses that Alex likes where he’s living now. Justin admits that he’s not sure he’d be rushing to come back either if Bonnie didn’t hate the Salem Inn. Maggie understands it brings back a lot of complicated emotions but argues that this is Justin’s family home and Victor would want him there. Maggie declares that Alex is still Justin’s son and nothing will ever change that.

Kayla tells Bonnie to tell Justin that she’s thinking of him and if there’s anything she and Steve can do. Bonnie wishes there were but the damage has already been done. Kayla comments on Victor still stirring the pot from beyond the grave and asks how Alex is handling it. Bonnie says that Alex said all the right things to Justin but she imagines it might go to his head. Bonnie adds that now Alex is a very rich and eligible bachelor, so every woman is going to want to get their hooks in to him. Brady and Theresa then arrive at the Pub with Tate.

Justin wishes he was as sure as Maggie that nothing would change between he and Alex. Maggie reminds Justin about Mickey raising Mike Horton as his own for years and when the truth came out that Mike was Bill’s son, it was painful but in the end nothing mattered. Maggie feels that what matters is that Justin raised Alex to be a fine young man. Maggie understands it feels like a terrible loss, but promises he will get through it.

Brady tells Tate that they will see if his uncle is around. Kayla hugs Tate and says it’s been so long, asking if he’s on a break from school. Brady reveals that Tate was kicked out. Tate mocks everyone needing to know that. Kayla introduces Bonnie to Tate. Bonnie welcomes him back to Salem. Tate repeats that he got kicked out of school to make sure everyone knows. Kayla then introduces Bonnie to Theresa as well. Brady asks if Roman is around as he wanted to talk about Tate getting a job. Tate says that’s news to him. Brady explains that Tate caused damage so it’s time that he pays for it. Tate questions the idea of washing dishes. Brady tells Tate that he will do anything that Roman tells him to. Theresa questions if this is really necessary when Tate just moved to a new school in a new town. Kayla mentions that Roman is out so Brady decides he will text him. Tate asks if he can get lunch while they wait. Bonnie says she should go but Brady stops her to ask what was in Victor’s briefcase that the ISA recovered from the wreckage. Bonnie reveals it turns out that Victor did write a new will just before he died to replace the one he destroyed. Brady asks what was in it. Bonnie informs him that Vivian got exactly what she deserved in absolutely nothing which Brady calls good news. Bonnie adds that Victor left half of everything to Maggie. Tate asks if the other half goes to the rest of the family but Bonnie reveals that the other half went to the son that no one knew Victor had.

Alex gets a call at the Titan office and agrees to answer questions, confirming he is the new CEO of Titan and that it turns out he is Victor’s son. Alex is then asked how he feels about it and says no comment.

Chad tells Kate that he never really thought about marriage until he overheard Kayla and Stephanie talking about it. Kate points out that they are living together and Stephanie is helping raise his children. Kate assures that she’s not trying to pressure him as she knows what a big step it was for Chad to get serious about Stephanie in the first place. Chad calls it still kind of strange to be living with someone who isn’t Abigail since it’s only been 16 months and he thought he would spend the rest of his life with her. Kate says she’s really sorry and encourages him to take all the time he needs. Stephanie then comes home and asks if she’s interrupting something. Chad hugs her and welcomes her home. Kate assures she’s not interrupting and claims the flowers she brought back are from Chad to Stephanie. Kate then tells them to have a great day and exits. Stephanie asks Chad about the flowers. Chad confesses that he bought them for Kate but they are Stephanie’s now. Stephanie jokes that she’s not offended by second hand flowers. Chad says he missed her like crazy and asks if she told Vivian that she quits. Stephanie responds that she stopped by Titan, but it didn’t go as planned.

Justin thanks Maggie as he’d forgotten she lived through a similar experience. Maggie points out that in the end, Mickey and Mike were father and son in every way that counted just like Justin and Alex. Maggie understands that Justin is unsure about moving back in since right now, the family is hurting which is why she feels it’s so important for them to rally together.

Brady is shocked to learn that Alex is Victor’s son. Bonnie jokes that somebody needs to make a family tree. Bonnie says it was a pleasure meeting Tate and Theresa. Kayla says to send her love to Justin as Bonnie exits. Brady questions Victor announcing in his will that Alex was his son. Kayla explains that there was another letter in the briefcase from Anjelica to Victor. Theresa asks what kind of letter. Theresa then thinks back to when she broke in to Victor’s briefcase and found the stack of letters, while she pretends to not know what was inside. Tate says there’s a lot going on and suggests they focus on getting a job another time. Brady says nice try. Tate wonders if Maggie will share her fortune with the rest of the family. Tate asks Theresa to talk to Brady about the whole dishwashing thing. Theresa says there’s actually something she has to do. Brady questions her leaving now. Theresa tells Brady to go ahead and wait around for Roman. Theresa adds that she assumes Tate will be staying with Brady at John and Marlena’s while she figures out her living situation. Brady says he has to run it by them first. Theresa then exits the Pub. Tate questions Theresa staying in Salem. Brady says they haven’t really discussed it. Kayla notes that Stephanie did mention it. Tate questions why Theresa would leave now that he’s here and where else she would be. Brady and Tate sit together as Tate asks if he gets to eat at the Pub for free if he works there. Brady tells him no. Tate questions having to scrub dishes and pay to eat. Brady tells Tate that this is not the way he would’ve chosen for him to come live with him, but he’s glad he’s here. Brady offers to drive him to go see Rachel. Tate asks how Rachel is doing. Brady admits he doesn’t know since he doesn’t see a lot of her since Kristen got custody. Tate notes that he hasn’t been in Salem in forever so he’s going to take a walk around town. Brady wants Tate to stay and talk to Roman. Tate suggests he just text him and says he’ll see him later as he exits the Pub.

Bonnie joins Justin at the Kiriakis Mansion with her bags packed and says they are home sweet home as she knew Maggie would say yes. Bonnie hoped Alex might move back in now that the house is 50% his but admits she’s sure he’d be a little uncomfortable. Justin then reveals that Alex just ousted Maggie to take over as CEO of Titan. Bonnie is shocked as she didn’t think he would move that fast. Justin hopes Alex gets over himself soon before anyone else gets hurt…

Theresa goes to see Alex at the Titan office. Theresa brings up Brady humiliating her in Greece while Alex welcomed her with open arms. Alex says he’s glad he could be of service. Theresa mentions hearing what happened with Victor’s will. Alex calls it wild. Theresa claims she had no idea what a bombshell would be in the briefcase that Shane gave her and says Alex must be overwhelmed. Alex admits he is a little bit. Theresa asks if he’s taking care of himself by eating, sleeping, and having fun. Alex says he’s doing his best but Theresa doesn’t believe him. Theresa tells Alex that she’s free for dinner tonight and she gives really good fun.

Stephanie informs Chad about Alex being Victor’s son. Chad is surprised Kate didn’t say anything but guesses she has too much going on with her own son. Stephanie notes that Alex is running Titan again, so she will report to him. Stephanie knows the other night there was some weirdness but Kayla was just pressuring her to tell her how serious they were and she was just saying that she could see herself marrying Chad someday but she wasn’t dropping a hint that she wants to get married now. Chad doesn’t think they need to rush anything if they like the way things are as he hugs her.

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