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Demarco: Yes,mm, no, I don’t want to believe what you’re saying. Gladys would never do anything to physically hurt me, cody. Believe me, sasha, okay? Gladys and montague knew each other before he was your doctor. She used him to help send you to ferncliff. What? Yes. No, no. That — you’re wrong, cody. You’ve always been wrong about gladys. It can’t be true. I need you to believe this, okay? I need — gladys would never drug me. Shh, shh. Hold on. Hold on. Someone’s coming.

[ Vehicle approaches ]

[ Sighs ] I always look forward to our visits, carly, but something tells me this is about more than just catching up. There is a situation, and I could use your help. Never a good thing when you’re summoned to the warden’s office. Warden garten: Come in. Good morning, warden. Per your request, I have cyrus renault. Thank you for coming, mr. Renault. That will be all. I’ll buzz you when I’m ready for you to escort mr. Renault back to his cell. How can I help you, warden? Drop the pious act, padre. I’ve had enough of your help. You hung me out to dry. And now you’re going to pay for it. Uh, excuse me. Hey, dex. What can I do for you?

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, sorry. Oh, no, that’s okay. Take it. Hey, what’s going on? Hey, I was just wondering if you’re still going to help me move into the dorm. Of course. I’ve just got some work to finish up for sonny. Should be done pretty soon, and I’ll be over. Okay, great. I can get back to my book. Everyone’s talking about how great it is. Bye. Sorry about that. I have a message for you from sonny. I have done everything that you have asked me to do. I don’t know. Will you please stop asking me that? I have no idea.

[ Knock on door, door opens ] Hang up that phone. Hello, ava. Nice to see you, too. Come on in. Um, I have to call you back. What? What’s happening? Well, you’re not answering my calls, so I had to come and find you in person. I am done with your cousin threatening me and my family. If he doesn’t honor our deal and return nikolas’ body, I will go to sonny, and I will tell him everything that you and your cousin have done.

[ Music playing in earbuds ] Hello, hello.

[ Music continues playing

in earbuds ] Trina. Trina! Aah! Okay, if I tell you to go, take the back exit of the cabin. You run. Okay? There’s a trail right outside the door. You take it all the way up to the road. I’ll meet you there with the car. You okay? Yeah. Alright.

[ Chuckles ]

You okay? Yeah. You alright?

[ Music playing in earbuds ] Yeah. Um, I’m sorry. No, it’s okay. Here. I am so sorry. No, you’re good. You’re good. Here. I probably shouldn’t be listening to music while I work. Yeah, maybe not. Hey! So this is where you’re keeping your dove at, huh? Yeah, he’s cute. I like him there. Yeah. Um, thank you for catching me. Sure. That was embarrassing, but it was romantic, mr. Cassadine. Well, I’ll always be there to catch you, ms. Robinson. Seems like you’re there for me when it’s important. No, it seems like I’m always the one who is, uh, getting you into dangerous situations that you probably shouldn’t be in, like in greenland.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, that’s okay. I wouldn’t change it. You sure about that? Positive. Well, you’ve saved me a few times, as well. You guys scared me half to death. What’s dante doing here? He’s here because he cares, and he can help. Dante: I’m gonna try to help. Okay. Alright. Well, might as well come in. Sasha, hey, it’s okay. Friends. Oh. Sam. Dante. Hi. It’s, uh — it’s good to see you both. It’s good to see you. It’s nice to see you out of ferncliff. You look — you look like you’re doing better. Thanks to cody. Please, don’t go talk to sonny. I mean, if you — if you did that, think about what would happen, rationally, right? Just nothing good, right? So let’s — let’s — okay. [ Sighs ] T-tell me what happened. Your lollipop lickin’ cousin, that’s what happened. What did mason do now? He came to my gallery, and he accused me of going to sonny because his — his plan fell through. Obviously, sonny saw right through it. Mason blamed me for that, and he started threatening me, and I’m not going to take it anymore! I have done everything that’s been asked of me, and I still have no idea when this nightmare is going to end. Oh, it’ll end soon. Mason will come through, one way or another. One way or another? What the hell does that mean? Sonny wanted me to tell you he’s going to be unreachable for a few hours, but didn’t want you to worry. Well, did sonny tell you what he was doing? Uh, he’s with carly. They’re visiting drew at pentonville. Thank you for delivering the message. I’m just doing my job, ms. Reeves. I told you, please, call me nina. Remember, we’re both on team sonny? Of course. Dex, uh, sorry. Did sonny tell you why he and carly were visiting drew? That’s the only message he gave me to deliver. He can be stingy with details.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Don’t I know it. Can I get you a cup of coffee to go? Oh, no, thank you. I, uh, got to run. Told joss I’d help her with something this morning, so… nina: No, martin, I haven’t changed my mind. I want you to go all out and expose drew and carly for engaging in insider trading. Just make sure to keep my name out of it. Sonny was arrested by the fbi a few days ago. I heard that. I heard. Word travels fast in pentonville. Congratulations. Clearly, the — the charges didn’t stick. Charges were dropped. Lack of evidence. I was basically trying to smoke out the enemy, so I gave them false information. But the false information got passed along to the fbi. Here’s the problem. I don’t know who the enemy is, but I’m pretty sure it’s somebody in pentonville. The idea was to entrap sonny and send him up the river, not to watch him walk. You had one job. One. You were supposed to provide me with accurate information on sonny and his deal with pikeman so that I had something substantial to turn over to the feds. They went out on a limb and set up a big sting operation that yielded nothing. Absolutely nothing. Corinthos is a free man, and it’s your fault. Are you taking a tone with me? You don’t think this whole thing pisses me off? And have you forgotten how you became warden? Because without me, you’d still be back in the corrections office pushing paper and answering e-mails. Nobody’s happy about this, especially me. But it’s my name that’s tarnished.

[ Groans ] Which I will clear.

[ Sighs ] I am but a humble servant of the almighty. I believed we had the goods, and I delivered what the lord placed into my welcoming hands. My people — your people? Are you referring to that useless mason gatlin? I should have never intervened for him. Mason has performed admirably for us in the past, even though I realize now his usefulness may be coming to an end, as it must for all god’s emissaries.


[ Chuckles ] Let me help. I think I got it. Okay. Maybe with the heavier stuff, yes. Josslyn: It’s nice and easy for you. Hey — hey, joss. Oh, hi, adam. Looks like we’re, uh, neighbors again. Oh, are you in the same room as last year? Yeah, I was — I was moving back in when I noticed your stuff was kind of blocking the hall. Oh. D-do you, um — you need help? Um, no, no, actually, I-I have some help already. How’s it going? I’m good, bud. How about you? N-not bad. I, um — I’m just gearing up for another semester of pre-med. You’re not a student here, are you? What brought you by the gallery this morning? I got your text. Oh. And I missed you. Oh. Right. Well, um, earlier this morning, I was at home, and curtis and i were having a fun, little disaster… oh. …Trying to set up the smart home gaming system that marshall bought. Well, that sounds absolutely horrid. I hate setting up new tech. Isn’t that what outsourcing is for? Uh, yes, that’s nice for folks who have a team of outsourcers. But unfortunately for us, we don’t, and, uh, marshall just left it in our laps. But, luckily, being a former P.I., Curtis is a wizard at stuff like that, so… uh, so what are you doing here? And shouldn’t you be home helping out curtis? Yeah. I-I got an urgent call from paloma’s people about her current art display here. Apparently, ava left out a detail about this fall’s show, and I guess it slipped through the cracks, which is surprising to me. That’s not like her. She’s usually particular about details. I think she’s been a little distracted lately. Ah. I can only imagine why. My ex-stepmother is, uh, always up to something. Hey, say what you want about ava, but she is extremely efficient and organized. It’s highly unusual for her to drop the ball at the gallery. It — it’s nothing. It — I just — I-I-I didn’t mean anything by it. Oh, no, I don’t think so, austin. First you tell me mason will come through one way or another, and then you tell me to forget that you said it? Are you double crossing me, austin? If you’re double crossing me, that would be a very, very big mistake. No, no, ava, I-I — I’m — I’m — I’m not double crossing you. Good, ’cause you more than anybody, you know what I’m capable of. When I’m pushed and I’m provoked, I’ll do almost anything, especially for avery. Can I be honest with you about — about something? For your sake, you ought to be. I’m so sorry. I am. I’m — I am truly sorry that — that you’re here in this situation. I should — I should never have let mason put you here. And if I could go back in time and do everything over again, I would. I would change everything so that you weren’t in this position. Thank you. I’d like to change things, too. You know, nikolas provoked me. He threatened me, and he threatened — he threatened avery. That’s why I-I did what I did. But I wish I hadn’t let him get the best of me. Avery is just a child. Are you sure that nikolas would really hurt her? The last time I came to visit you, we both saw austin come in carrying his medical bag. Wait. You think that austin is connected to sonny’s enemy? I know he is. Austin and mason gatlin have been circling me trying to get evidence on me violating the nsa so they can bring it back to the — you know, whoever they’re working for. So I fed them false information. The plan was to follow them back to their boss. And you think whoever they’re working for is — is here? And the trail stops right here. And because I’m in pentonville, maybe I got a shot at figuring out who austin came to see that day. I couldn’t have rescued you from ferncliff without sam’s help. She became my medical proxy and had me committed so I could get to you in ferncliff. She also left that car for us to escape in after we broke out, and she arranged for this cabin for us to hide in. Wha– sam, why would you do all that? I mean, what convinced you that I didn’t belong in ferncliff? Cody did. He never wavered in his belief in you. He always thought you were sane, that you never belonged in ferncliff. And he was convinced that everything that was happening to you was all wrong. Most I could have hoped for was for you to look the other way. Didn’t expect you to pitch in, but — unless you’re here to arrest us.

Trina, when you believe in something, you commit yourself 100% to it. It’s one of your many wonderful qualities. It’s why I’m not the least bit surprised that you have committed yourself to this gallery and to ava almost by default. By default? Ava’s been good to me, spencer, and so has this gallery. And is that why you stopped working at the chuck? Okay. Well, I’m just saying, it could have led to a better and more prestigious job. I-I don’t think working here diminishes my chances of having a successful art career. Ava lets me get my hands dirty in the earthier, more real art, which I love. That’s why I chose this career, because of the real art. I don’t think I could have had that experience if I stayed at the chuck. Okay, but working at a high-end gallery, that could serve as a stepping stone, and then it could put you in the position to maybe start dealing with, let’s just call it, more notable art. Yeah, and i appreciate that, but… I’m not interested in merely accepting a job just to use as a stepping stone to get to something better. The most important thing to me isn’t the notability of the art, but rather something more meaningful. I want to feel fulfilled and have a sense that I was part of a process. It’s about personal growth to me, not just an impressive title. Yeah, okay, I can understand that. It’s just that, working here, you really have your hands full, and it definitely increases the odds that you will fall off of one of these ladders. That was your fault, spencer. Yeah, maybe. But if you worked at the chuck, come on, you’d have a whole support staff. Am I wrong? Outsourcers?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, you can call them what you want to call them. It’s just a lot. I’m starting school again. I-I still have to move into the dorms. I’ve been trying to make curtis feel as comfortable as possible since coming back from rehab. I’m trying not to neglect my relationship with my dad, and it just — it —

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I just went on a whole rampage of complaining. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Hey, no.I’m just feeling really frazzled right now. You never need to apologize for venting to me. It’s okay. It’s okay. That’s what I’m here for. I want to know everything about you. And I want to participate in your life as much as I possibly can. Lately, that doesn’t feel like it’s been possible. We haven’t gotten any alone time together. Well, that’s exactly why I’m here. Trina, I think I may have fixed that. Uh, no, I don’t go to pcu. Just here to help joss move in. Yeah. We’re — we’re kind of in a rush. Adam: Oh. We’re trying to get all this stuff together before trina comes back. Hey, I’m — I’m putting together a study group for organic chem. I was just wondering if — do you want to join? Oh, uh, I’ll think about it. Yeah, for sure — have you gotten the book yet? It’s a really tough class. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend not having a study group. You don’t want to fall behind in class just because you got distracted. You know what I mean? Yeah. No, for sure. Yeah. Um, I can’t commit to anything right now until I kind of check out my schedule and stuff. Yeah. Okay. Um, but I’ll let you know. Yeah. We’re just, you know — we’re kind of in a rush. I’m sorry. But it was good to see you. Good to see you. Bye. I’m sorry about that. He has a point. About what? Hey. Hi. Have you seen the breakfast rush downstairs in the garden? It must be this great september weather bringing everybody out. Maybe we should have kept the pool open until the end of the month. Uh, you’re in a good mood this morning. Oh, why shouldn’t I be? You know, I really thought it was the end for sonny. He really — he had me worried. I thought his luck had finally run out. And then, what? Charges dropped. He’s a free man. I guess you must be as relieved as I am, huh?

[ Sighs ] No offense, sonny, but this place is full of your enemies on both sides of the cell.Yeah, I’m — I’m aware of that. But anything that you could do to help me, I’d be very grateful. I mean, if I ask the wrong person, this could blow up in a bad way. Well, the most important thing is for you to stay safe. I will. I’m not crazy about you doing this. I’m not. I need you to keep your head down and do your time so we can get you the hell out of here. I’m doing my best. Diane thinks she’s found grounds to have your sentence reduced. I don’t want you to do anything that’s going to mess that up. We both want sonny corinthos off the street and out of our way. And if I would have given the feds accurate information, he’d be well on his way to a life in pentonville, locked up where he belongs. And I would have done the great state of new york a huge benefit, and it certainly wouldn’t have hurt my career. Do you think I wanted to give you wrong information? I’m still wondering how it happened. The feds booked and arrested him with what seemed like an airtight case and then, suddenly, all charges are dropped? Well, I’ll task you with finding out exactly how and why that happened. That would be the stupidest thing I could possibly do. I am not putting myself back out on the chopping block to get information on him. Oh, is that so? Well, I am not here to arrest you. I’m here to apologize to you both. I should have believed you. I know better than anyone how selfless you can be when the chips are down, how far you’ll go to help someone. And if I listened to you, I would have taken action a lot sooner. And, sasha, I-I don’t even know — words can’t convey how I feel about what gladys has done to you and how she’s betrayed your trust. And I am so very sorry. Why would she do this? She said that she loved me and that we were family.

Turks and caicos. I want to take you!

[ Chuckles ] We’re going to go to new york city first, and then we’ll have dinner, and we can see a show, and then we’ll continue on to the islands afterwards. Isn’t it hurricane season? Yeah. Trina, “isn’t it hurricane –” yes, it’s the best time to go, because the surfing is so good. Trina, you need this. I need this. We both need to get away for a little while. Okay, what — what about ace and esme? What are you going to do about that situation? It’s taken care of. I’m going to have my aunt alexis check in on ace every once in a while. And esme isn’t really one of my concerns. Uh, my grandmother will be back any day now. Trina, we never have any quality time alone here in port charles. We’re always getting interrupted by this or that. I mean, how nice would it be for us to just go away for a little while, have some time alone, be able to focus on us and only us and our relationship? It’d be nice. No, I can’t go with you. Honestly, I don’t know what nikolas was capable of that night. But after losing kiki the way I did, the way she died… seeing her lying there like that… not moving… begging her to wake up. Wake up. I couldn’t take any chances with avery. You understand that, don’t you? She’s all I’ve got left. And I will protect her with everything I’ve got. Yes, it was incredible when sonny was set free. And I know you have a special relationship with him. You guys have a long history, but come on, olivia. There must be another reason why you’re in such a good mood. Well, leo and I went to the recording studio with ned — or eddie yesterday, and I got to tell you, he was so great with leo. He was — he was telling him all about different gigs that he’d played in the past and really getting him involved in the — in the music-making process. And I’ll tell you what. It really is. It’s such a process, you know? Well, it sounds like the three of you had an eventful day. We did. We really, really did. And the song, nina, it’s amazing. It’s — it’s — it’s earthy. It’s — it’s gritty. It’s very, very moving. I heard him talk about it as, uh, “rootsy” and acoustic. It was — I mean, eddie is — he’s such a talented musician. It’s — olivia, you keep calling him eddie and not ned. It isn’t worth you spending an extra day in pentonville, especially if you’re going to make enemies of your own. I am very accustomed to assessing risk. I can handle this. We know you can. But do you want to? It’s very dangerous. Sonny got me out of solitary. This is the least I can do. I’m — I’m happy to help. Okay. You have to be careful. Promise me you’ll be careful. It sounds like mason and whoever austin’s boss is has been causing a lot of trouble for you lately, and I want to help. Whoever their boss is has made a lot of trouble for me and people I care about. That seems to be escalating. I have to deal with this one way or another, but one way you can help is let me know who they’re reporting to. Alright? I got it. I’ll — I’ll do what I can. I’ll keep my head down. Drew? You never… promise you’ll be careful. I promise I will be careful. I love you. I love you. Well, he’s doing it. Bringing down sonny corinthos is but one step in my quest to truly turn my life around. As you know, I recently donated my money to the rodden institute to end recidivism. I know. A smart and strategic move. It pleased you and your close friend, judge sinclair. And it was convenient for me that the judge sits on the charity’s board of directors. Yes. Very advantageous. But not unlike your passion project to work with former convicts, all your remarkable efforts creating those impressive work study programs, this has not gone unnoticed. Very strategic of you, as well. And how many articles have I read in the invader about your extraordinary leadership? The press holds you in very high regard. Judge sinclair’s decision to place me at pentonville is a testament to just that. A decision that could be easily reversed. I sense a threat in your statement. Are you threatening me? “Ye have heard that it hath been said, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, that ye resist not evil: But whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.” Keep your nose clean.

Gladys is brando’s mother. She was with us when we lost liam. She’s — she’s the only family that I have. H-how could she betray me like this? Well, I have my own opinion about gladys, but, uh… she’s a weak person and she put herself in a, uh, really difficult spot. What kind of difficult spot? She played poker in a game sponsored by selina wu. How do you know that? ‘Cause I played in the same games. Sasha, my, uh — my job was to win for selina. And I saw firsthand gladys lost a lot, way more than she could repay on her own. So she used your money. First, she sold brando’s garage. Then she must have started raiding your bank accounts. The only way she could cover her debts was if she stayed in control of your money. When I wanted to end the guardianship, gladys — she tried to talk me out of it. She said that I wasn’t ready and that I-I was making a mistake. But it wasn’t about me at all. It was about my money. The harder I pushed eddie to be ned, the further I was pushing him away from — from me and from his family. I had to make a decision to accept eddie for who he is now, instead of trying to make him who he used to be. And who he is, he loves music. That is his passion, and for good reason, too. I’m telling you, nina, he is so talented, and he was so generous sharing that part of himself with leo. It really — it opened up a whole world for him. And — and, yeah, maybe he put me in touch with a part of myself that — that I almost forgot existed. You’re having a really good time with eddie. What does that mean? Are you falling for eddie maine? Do you not necessarily want ned back? I should get back downstairs. I got work to do. There’s other study groups besides adam’S. Okay? He’s just a lot sometimes. But he’s also pre-med, like you. Yeah. He goes to pcu. He’s going to be a doctor like you. Mm-hmm. I’m still going to be working for sonny. Those are very different worlds.

[ Gasps ] Are you dumping me because I’m pre-med?

[ Chuckles ] No. I would hate to think that you were biased against higher education. Oh, trust me when I say I think everything about you is amazing. Mm. I feel the same way about you. Aren’t I supposed to be helping you move in? Oh. No, you’re right. I’m s-sorry. No, you’re right.

[ Laughs ] Come on, trina. Hey, this is going to be fun, and this is going to be a great way for you to decompress before your semester starts at pcu. Yeah, I-I know it would, but I don’t think right now would be a good time to go away. My mom and curtis are still walking on eggshells, and I just want to be there to help. Yeah. Yeah, totally. But you’re going to be in constant contact with them. You’re going to be a phone call away. I don’t think that either curtis or your mother want you to curtail your life for them. I think they could probably use the alone time themselves. No, no, not with school starting right around the corner and — trina, why are you letting school stand in the way of you wanting to live your life? Trina, you’re so talented, and I’m certain that you could accomplish anything that you want to in life. So I really don’t understand why you feel like you need to do this school thing so that you can earn a piece of paper that validates your intelligence. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Look, I appreciate your vote of confidence in me, but you come from money, spencer. Trina, my ancestry may be russian royalty, but it doesn’t mean that they didn’t have to work hard. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but they did. Look, all I can say is that I value education. And pcu has inspired me. So I don’t think taking a trip right now would be the smartest thing, especially in a hurricane zone. Okay. No. No. Okay. I just thought that it would be nice for us to get away. You didn’t let me finish. We can still go to new york and see a show and spend time together, just the two of us. I don’t think we have anything more to say to each other right now.

[ Buzzer ] Please take the prisoner back to his cell. Thank you, warden. I appreciate such a warm and supportive ear.

Hey. Hey. It’s going to be okay. I’m here. You tried to tell me so many times, cody, and I refused to listen. And now what are we going to do? I mean, w-we’re both escaped mental patients, cody. We’re fugitives. Dante: Well, you’re fugitives with friends. And there is a way out of this. With the four of us working together, we’ll figure it out. Yes! Yes, yes. Oh, my gosh! That’s so exciting. Okay, cool. I’m going to show you my favorite restaurant. It’s right near washington square park. And I can take you to my favorite pizza parlor and my favorite bakery. And — yes, okay. I will send you a list of shows, and then you will pick the one that you want to see or the two that you want to see or the three that you want to see. And we’ll go see all of them if we need to. Okay. Um, good. Yes. This is going to be fun. I’m so sick of, like, having to steal these little moments away with you, and I’m just ready for us to have a little bit of uninterrupted time with each other, you know? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Well, I’m going to go make some calls. Okay. I’ll talk to you later. Okay. Alright. Well, what’s the best suite you have? Is it a special occasion? Yeah. Yes, it’s going to be a very special weekend. I promise you something. I promise that I’ll lean on mason. I-I’ll do everything I can. Okay? But please promise me something. Promise me that you’ll be patient. Promise me that you won’t go talk to sonny. Nothing good can come of that. You know that more than I do. I meant what I said. I will go to sonny if I don’t get what I was promised.

[ Door closes ] You okay? I’m worried. Look, I-I know that drew is your best shot at finding out who austin visited here, and you need that information to keep yourself and our family safe. It just — I hate that it’s happening. All I need is for drew to give me one name. And I will take care of the rest. Hey. Hey. How you been? Honestly can’t complain. How’s your son doing? He’s doing really well. Yeah, he got a summer job this year at a pizza place.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Isn’t he graduating from pcu this spring? Yes, he is. Nice. Mm-hmm. Might be able to get him an internship at aurora media, if that’d be something he’d be interested in. What would you want in return? I’d get him the internship regardless, but, uh… there is little information that I’d be interested in. That’s about what I figured. What is it you want to know? Nothing major. Oh. August 23rd, a doctor came here from G.H., Austin gatlin-holt. Mm. All I need to know is who he came into contact with and who he came to see.

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