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Talia walks through the town square with flowers and runs in to Belle. They greet each other and Belle asks about the flowers. Talia responds that they are for someone very special and she doesn’t know how she got this lucky..

Chanel’s phone lies nearby with a missed call from Talia as Chanel and Johnny kiss. Johnny talks about being taken by surprised and says he was determined to get her back after talking to EJ. Chanel jokes that he was heading for the door and she had to drag him back. Johnny admits he wasn’t sure how this was going to go and he misread her signals. Johnny talks about things being complicated for them which is why he thought she was telling him that she wanted to be with Talia. Chanel assures that it’s Johnny that she wants to be with as they continue kissing.

At the hospital, Jada questions Joyce about who hired her to kill Ava Vitali. Joyce swears that no one hired her and claims that she is a nurse and was there to treat Ava. Jada doesn’t believe her and warns that she can either go down for attempted murder or she can roll on whoever is paying her and maybe they can cut a deal but it’s her choice.

EJ talks to his contact at the hospital on the phone, questioning how long Jada has been in Joyce’s room. EJ tells him to make sure no one knows that he called him. EJ declares that it’s up to him now to shut her up.

Rafe and one of his cops go to the motel where Rafe explains that Harris was identified at the nearby pizza place from his photo and the desk clerk confirmed a man and woman in the room they approach. Rafe warns that Ava and Harris have both killed before, so he instructs him not to hesitate if he has to use deadly force. Rafe then kicks the door in and they enter with guns raised but find the room empty.

Tripp tells Wendy that he’s sorry they had to cut their night short. Wendy questions him apologizing when he just found out that someone tried to kill his mother. Tripp insists that he knows it was EJ and wonders where his mom is now. Tripp says he’s just going to drop his bag in his room and then go to the computer to see if there’s any news. Wendy says she will do the same and walks away. Tripp then heads in to this room and finds Ava and Harris inside.

Rafe and his cop search the room but find nothing. Rafe finds the pizza is still warm and remarks that it looks like Ava and Harris missed dinner and they missed them. Rafe finds their hospital ID bracelets and states that they cut them off and took off. Shawn then arrives so Rafe questions what he’s doing there.

Tripp hugs Ava and thanks God that she’s okay. Tripp asks her what happened. Ava explains that a nurse that she’s never seen came to inject her with something and she knows a hired gun when she sees one. Ava insists that EJ sent her. Wendy then comes in, shocked to see them. Tripp introduces Ava to Wendy and explains that Wendy was with him when they found out about them. Tripp adds that the police are hunting for them. Harris explains that they used the fire escape and the stairs to get in through the window. Tripp notes that they spoke to the police at the Salem Inn. Harris and Ava conclude that they should be safe for now.

Joyce claims to Jada that she doesn’t have a name to give her and that she’s never even held a gun. Jada brings up that Bayview has never heard of her and she’s not on the payroll. Joyce claims that she doesn’t work there as an agency sent her to cover for someone who was sick. Jada asks for the name of the agency. Joyce argues that Ava shot her and that her and Harris are in this together. Jada points out that they are on the run. Joyce argues that she has her all wrong and that she’s never seen Ava before in her life. Jada then brings up the burner phone they found on Joyce and reads the text message, asking if Ava is out of the picture yet. Jada then asks if Joyce is ready to talk.

Talia tells Belle that after all the bad stuff she did to Chanel, she feels so lucky to get a second chance. Belle says she’s happy for her. Talia says she’s been getting a lot of second chances lately and it all started when Belle became her lawyer. Talia talks about Marlena being great as her therapist and how Kayla got her a job at the hospital. Talia declares that now maybe her and Chanel have a future. Talia adds that she just called her about coming over but she hasn’t called back yet, so she’s trying to decide if she should wait or surprise her. Belle votes for surprise. Talia takes one of the roses and gives it to Belle to give to her husband. Talia thanks Belle for everything she’s done for her and walks on.

Rafe questions Shawn again what he’s doing here. Shawn says it’s a manhunt and he heard Rafe’s call for backup on the police scanner, so he figured he’d come see if he could help. Shawn asks about this being where Harris and Ava were holed up. Rafe informs him that the call for backup was for officers on duty and Shawn is off duty. Shawn argues that he’s here and they obviously came up empty, so he asks Rafe to give him an assignment. Rafe says he appreciates it but this is not a normal day for Shawn. Shawn remarks that nothing gets past him and questions what he’s supposed to do. Shawn complains that Victor is not coming back so he wants something to do. Rafe tells Shawn that it’s not a good idea because he’s drunk.

Johnny tells Chanel that he can’t believe he hasn’t been this happy in a long time. Chanel admits that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do about Talia because she really does like her, but it was never what they had. Johnny agrees that nothing has ever come close. Chanel says they are so lucky that this is happening now before things got serious with Talia. Chanel adds that she will have to let Talia down easy because she’s vulnerable right now. Talia then shows up at the door with roses.

Tripp assures Ava that she’s safe here for as long as she needs and anyone that comes to the door will have to go through him. Tripp asks how Harris figures in to this. Ava responds that if it wasn’t for Harris, she would be dead right now as he rushed the woman before she could get a shot off. Tripp recalls Harris showing up with an exploding pizza the last time he saw him. Wendy points out that the last time she saw him is when he showed up at Stefan and Gabi’s engagement party and tried to kill the groom. Harris states that he had been brainwashed and he’s just trying to move forward, so the only reason he’s here is to help Ava. Tripp asks if Ava really thinks going on the run is the smart idea. Ava then informs Tripp that EJ’s mother is alive.

Jada asks Joyce if the text message hit a nerve. Jada tells her to stop wasting her time and tell her who was behind the hit, then she will talk to the district attorney. Jada tells Joyce that all she has to do is tell her who ordered the hit on Ava Vitali. EJ then enters and instructs Joyce not to answer that question.

Shawn claims to Rafe that he’s not drunk. Rafe tells him that he can smell it on him. Shawn admits he had a couple drinks after the funeral but that won’t stop him from doing his job. Rafe orders Shawn to get out or he will take his badge and suspend him, warning that he’ll be out of a job. Shawn argues that he has a lot of nerve talking to him like that. Rafe reminds Shawn that he said he was going to get himself together. Rafe tells him to think about Belle and his daughter. Shawn agrees to go but Rafe points out that he’s in no shape to drive himself. Rafe then instructs the other officer to get Shawn home safely and says he has work to do.

Ava tells Tripp about her visions of Susan and how she was telling her that she wasn’t telling the truth about the accident. Ava says she didn’t understand until Harris had Marlena hypnotize her and she had a memory flash. Ava explains that she remembered before the crash, seeing Susan get out of the car and run away. Ava guesses she just blocked it out, but since remembering, she’s had more visions of Susan. Ava talks about Susan having strange psychic powers and appearing to her more than once. Ava thought it was a hallucination but now she’s convinced that it’s really Susan trying to reach out to her. Harris adds that they figured out from a reference Susan made that she might be in London. Ava says they need to go there to find Susan as it’s the only way to get EJ off her back. Tripp points out that she just escaped custody so he questions how she expects to get out of the country. Ava says that’s where Tripp comes in as he is her only hope.

Jada tells EJ that she was just having a little trouble convincing his friend to tell her who hired her to off Ava Vitali and suggests that he could help her with that. EJ asks if she’s implying that he’s her employer. Jada asks why else EJ would rush in to tell her to keep her mouth shut. EJ responds that he is her attorney.

Talia surprises Chanel with roses but then sees Johnny and says she didn’t mean to interrupt. Chanel says she’s not and that Johnny was just leaving. Johnny says he’ll see them around and exits. Talia excitedly tells Chanel about the flowers and guesses she missed her call, saying she wanted to come over because she just had to see her again because last night was so much fun. Talia suggests they could watch a movie or bake something together. Chanel stops her so Talia asks if something is wrong.

The cop escorts Shawn through the town square and says he was ordered to take Shawn home, but Shawn refuses to go and tells the cop to go away. Belle intervenes and tells the cop that she’s got this so he leaves. Belle tells Shawn that she didn’t know where he went and she tried calling him. Shawn explains that Harris and Ava escaped Bayview tonight and Rafe put out a call for backup, so he went to his location but Rafe told him to get lost. Belle questions Shawn wanting to work tonight like this. Shawn asks why everyone keeps saying that. Belle responds that it’s because he’s drunk.

Talia assumes Chanel already had plans and asks what it is. Chanel informs Talia that Johnny didn’t just stop by, he came to tell her that he still has feelings for her. Talia guesses it must not have been easy to let him down. Chanel reveals that she didn’t.

Shawn tells Belle that he’d like to just be able to have a couple drinks after a day like today without everybody freaking out. Belle argues that he knows why she and Rafe reacted this way since he’s been struggling and all the drinking isn’t helping anything but making it worse. Shawn tells Belle to try to understand what his life is like. Shawn complains about getting flashes of images of having a gun pointed at his dad and now he’s in a coma while his grandfather is dead. Belle gets that he blames himself but says that’s so wrong, sad, self destructive, and not true because he’s not to blame. Belle tells Shawn that if therapy isn’t working then maybe they should consider a residential facility. Shawn refuses and declares that he’s not an alcoholic. Belle wants him to be somewhere where he can work through this in a safe environment. Shawn questions if she’s saying he should be in a mental hospital. Belle cries that he needs more help than she can give him. Shawn argues that Belle can’t be honest with him.

Jada questions EJ being Joyce’s lawyer and says he has to be kidding. EJ says he’s a proud and active member of the BAR. Jada argues that he must be psychic because Joyce hasn’t been able to call a lawyer. EJ responds that he watches the news and he knows Joyce is a victim so he will stand by her in her time of need. EJ says the state chose to put Ava in a mental facility instead of prison after killing his mother and this shooting is the result of that. EJ says he doesn’t know why the police are harassing Joyce but promises to do everything in his power to get them off her back, if he has her trust.

Ava says they obviously need passports to get out of the country and can’t use their real names. Harris notes that he has contacts for that but it’s going to take awhile. Tripp agrees to be the person they deal with for that. Wendy asks what happens in the meantime. Ava says until they can get the passports, they need a place to hide out. Wendy calls that a problem since Li lives here too and he’s dating Melinda Trask. Harris agrees that’s a problem. Tripp adds that the cops will be asking questions so it’s not safe for them unless they can get the passports in the next couple of hours. Harris assures it will take longer than that. Wendy then declares that it won’t.

Jada asks Joyce if she’s going to take EJ’s generous offer. Joyce claims that she doesn’t know EJ but she’s in no position to be choosy so she asks EJ to get her out of this situation. EJ declares the interview is over and tells Jada to focus on Ava Vitali. Jada warns Joyce that she’s making a big mistake as she knows the holes in her story. Jada adds that the offer still stands in case EJ doesn’t have her best interests at heart. Jada then exits. Joyce tells EJ that Jada scares her. EJ says to leave Jada to him and assures that she did the right thing. EJ then asks Joyce to tell him why Ava Vitali is still breathing.

Wendy reveals that she can get the passports they need right here right now as she used to make fake IDs for underage teenagers. Harris points out that there’s a difference between drivers licenses and passports. Wendy responds that all she needs is an actual passport to doctor. Wendy and Tripp then reveal that they both have their passports. Tripp assures that if Wendy says she can do it, she can. Ava points out that they have no other options. Wendy asks them for names and settles on character names from her favorite movie. Wendy then takes pictures of Ava and Harris for their passports.

Talia guesses she walked in before Chanel could tell Johnny about them. Chanel says she did tell Johnny how she feels and she didn’t let him down. Talia starts to cry as Chanel explains that she wasn’t expecting any of this and she thought she and Johnny were just friends when she started seeing Talia. Talia guesses Chanel now wants to be more than friends with Johnny which she confirms. Chanel calls Talia a good person who has been through hell and still found a way to put her life back together. Talia tells her that she doesn’t have to give her a pep talk and that she should’ve known everything was going too well for her. Talia cries that it was too good to be true and she knows she doesn’t deserve Chanel. Chanel argues that she does deserve all the good things happening for her right now. Talia says just not Chanel. Chanel says she’s really sorry. Talia blames herself and remarks that she should’ve never told her how she felt as she storms out.

Belle asks Shawn when she lied to him. Shawn brings up Belle going to help Philip without even telling him that he was alive. Belle says that Chloe asked her to become Philip’s lawyer which meant she couldn’t tell anyone that he was back. Shawn complains that there are other lawyers but Philip wanted the one he slept with. Belle calls that ancient history. Shawn remarks that Belle cheats on him every time they have a problem and brings up the last person was EJ. Belle tells him not to do this. Shawn talks about how he’s supposed to get over Belle sleeping with EJ, just like putting Bo in a coma and his grandfather being dead. Belle asks if they can just go home but Shawn argues that she just said he should be a mental hospital. Shawn declares that he’s going somewhere where he won’t be judged for everything he does and feels as he storms off. Belle calls Shawn, leaving him a message to call her.

Talia goes to the Brady Pub and sits alone with a shot. Talia thinks back to her relationship with Chanel. Shawn enters and sees her drinking, so he asks to join her.

Johnny paces at the DiMera Mansion, telling himself that he knows what happened. Chanel then shows up at the door.

At the hospital, Jada tells Rafe about EJ showing up in Joyce’s room to say he’s her attorney. Rafe assumes she accepted which Jada confirms and that EJ told her to stop talking to her. Rafe questions when EJ ever did something nice for someone he didn’t know. Jada says they’ll get a warrant to check EJ’s phone to see if he sent the texts to the burner phone. Rafe says at least someone got somewhere tonight, since when he got to the motel, Ava and Harris were already gone. Jada states that they are going to be really hard to find as long as Ava still thinks she’s in danger from EJ. Rafe declares if they can’t find them, they’ll just have to track that bastard down themselves and he’s willing to work overtime on that.

Joyce informs EJ that Ava had help getting the gun from her as another patient got in the way. EJ acknowledges that other patient was Harris Michaels, a former Navy SEAL, so Joyce is lucky to be alive. EJ declares that if Ava thinks Harris will keep her safe from him, she’s in for a rude awakening.

Ava says this is not what she expected when they came here as Harris praises Wendy for the passports, calling them the best fakes he’s seen. Ava hates to say it but they should hit the road. Tripp points out the passports are great but they won’t help if EJ tracks them down. Tripp asks if they’re sure this is the right decision. Ava responds that she has to find Susan as everything changes once she does. Ava hugs Tripp and instructs him to tell the cops that he saw her but couldn’t stop her from leaving which is basically the truth. Tripp agrees to tell them that he has no idea where she is. Ava thanks Tripp and Wendy. Tripp tells Ava to come back safe. Ava assures that’s the plan and hugs him again. Ava and Tripp say I love you to each other. Ava thanks Wendy again. Wendy wishes her luck. Ava tells Harris that she’s ready as they then escape through the window.

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