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 [ Vehicle approaches ] Hm! I’d know that car anywhere. Five, four, three, two, one! Lucy! What a surprise. Ha. Is it, though? Is it really a surprise? We’ll see. Hey, chase, have you seen my — phone? Yes. You left it in the bathroom again. Thank you. I know I should not check my social media while I’m blow-drying my hair, but it’s a bad habit. Mm-hmm. Oh! Well, that’s a good habit. I’ll say. I’m almost tempted to suggest that we call in sick for work, but I know you’d never consider it, right? Well, you know I can’t call in sick. But maybe… just maybe… …I could show up a little late.

[ Knock on door ] Hi, chase. Hi. Brook lynn here? Mason: Ava. What are you doing here? The gallery’s not open. Door was unlocked. Well, the sign says “closed,” and I have nothing to say to you, so — ava, shut up! You set us up. The boss is pissed. That’s not good. I was just playing with donna’s paper dolls. She was, like, making a parade or something. Yeah. I heard all about it. The celebration for when daddy comes home. Yeah. Let’s just say things haven’t been great in donna’s dollworld the last few days. Yeah, I know. So? How’d you explain to her what happened? I just told her that the fbi made a mistake and I had to stay with the fbi until they cleared it up and, uh… everything’s — everything’s good now and there’s nothing to worry about. We both know that’s not true. Anna. Hey, it’s dante. Look. I just want to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m just waiting on confirmation on something, and once I have it, you’ll be interested to see it, for sure. So, um, I’ll talk to you soon. Okay. Bye. You’re up. Yeah, you too. You had an early class? I did a little yoga, yes. And I feel centered. You should try it sometime. Maybe I will. Mmm! Seeing as you’re centered, maybe it’s a good time to talk about what to do about our friends the fugitives. Sasha? Sasha! Sasha? Hey! Sasha!

I’m relieved and grateful that the charges against you were dropped. Thank you. And not just because of the kids. I mean, I don’t want to see you suffer. I feel the same way. I don’t believe for one second that the fbi made a “mistake.” They obviously had enough evidence against you. So what happened? The feds were expecting something not exactly legal, and what they found was… incredible coffee. Which you only receive at the warehouse, never at the pier. And you never ship coffee in the middle of the night, so there must have been a reason for you to have it at the docks. It’s almost like you knew the fbi was gonna bust you. Well, I didn’t know that was gonna happen, but I did, you know, lay some false breadcrumbs to feed my enemies. What enemy? That’s what I’m gonna find out. And I will. You made a real mistake trying to play the boss. Leave, mason, or I’ll call the cops. You’re trespassing.

[ Chuckles ] Really? You’re gonna call the police, ava? When I have evidence that you murdered your ex-husband? Don’t forget who has the body with your dna all over it. We had a deal. I did my part. No. We know what you did, ava. The deal was that you help us. In exchange, you get the body. But you — you decided to double-cross us. That is absolutely untrue! The evidence, the — the information that betty brought back was false! It was a setup! That means sonny was warned, and the only person that could have done that was you, ava! Did you come to discuss the case or do you want to make a deal? First, I’d like information. I understand. So there’s a thing called discovery. It’s what lawyers do. Your lawyer can contact my lawyer, and all of your questions can be answered… in six months when the trial — if and when we go to trial. And, by the way, discovery ends I think two weeks before the trial. I know that. And you know I don’t have time to wait. I need answers now. I understand. But unfortunately that’s not the way the legal system works. You are going to have to be patient. Is there something else I could help you with? You know, lucy, this could all go away. 75/25. I’ve taken the liberty of drawing up the papers. There’s just a few places to sign, and I’ve marked them.

[ Chuckles ] Gee. Thank you so much. I am not signing anything. Isn’t that why you’re here? To make a deal? No. There’s no deal. Can we just stop this? Can we stop and just drop the pretense, okay? I know you don’t have any of the schematics on the deceptor. I — I know that. Prove it. Prove you got something. You know? Show me what you got. Maxie. Hi. I was just about to head to the office. Oh, that’s what I thought. And your new digs are on the way from my new digs, so I figured I’d take a chance and see if you were still here. Can I get you a cup of coffee, maxie? Oh, no, chase. I don’t want to hold you up. I know how much policing you have to do this afternoon. And with mac as commissioner, I know what a demon he can be about his officers being on time, so… yeah, you’re right about that. I’m gonna skip that lecture today. Thank you very much. I love you. Don’t work too hard. -Goodbye, maxie. -Bye, chase.

[ Door closes ] So? How’d the move go?I didn’t stop by to catch up. Why did you give the deceptor information to tracy? The best way you can help cody and sasha is to stay as ignorant as possible. Hm. Yeah. The problem is, I can’t ignore that a friend of mine escaped a mental facility and took one of its patients with him. Yeah, but we’ve been over this last night. You need deniability. Look.

[ Sighs ] I get it, and I appreciate that you want to protect me. Well, of course, I want to protect you. I love you. And I know you love being a cop. And I don’t want you to do anything to compromise that. I get it, but… I love you… and I want to protect you, too. Oh. Yeah. It seems I’m not the only one who could be compromised by this whole thing. I got an update on the case, and for helping cody, you made yourself an accessory to kidnapping and assault. Wait. What assault?

[ Sighs ] Cody attacked sasha’s psychiatrist, a guy named dr. Montague. Wait. Did you just say dr. Montague? It feels so good to breathe fresh air. To smell the forest instead of disinfectant. Good morning, sasha. I have no idea how long I was at ferncliff, but… I remember laying on that bed just wishing that I was outside… feel the sun on my face… to breathe freely. And here I am. Because of you. So you’re not mad at me for busting you out of there? I’ve never been more grateful to anyone in my life.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, you’re welcome. Well, aside from being able to breathe freely… how are you really feeling? I’m confused, cody. What actually happened last night?

Any word on the apb on cody bell and sasha gilmore? No sightings yet, sir. Alright. Let me know immediately the moment that changes. Commissioner. Deputy mayor. A word? The fbi busts sonny corinthos… then lets him go. And meanwhile, we’ve got two escaped mental patients running around. What the hell is going on here, mac? What do you remember, sasha? I remember being in more pain than I’ve ever felt. I remember being terrified that someone — you — were gonna hurt me. But you didn’T. You sat with me. You helped me. You had pretty severe withdrawal symptoms. The doctors and the nurses keep saying that I was using, that I had someone slipping me drugs. But I swear, cody! I didn’t! Hey. Sasha.

[ Stammers ] I know. I believe you. Why? Why would you? Everyone knows that I have gotten clean before and then relapsed. There’s a huge stigma in the meetings against people who slip back into using. Why wouldn’t you think that I’ve gone the same way? Well, two reasons. One, you told me. And, two, I know exactly who was drugging you. It was dr. Montague. I ran into dr. Montague, literally, at G.H. When we were there for cody’s evaluation. Look. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I-I didn’t know he had anything to do with sasha. And I accidentally spilled a cup of coffee on his phone, and I was, like, washing it off, and a call came in from a “gladys.” Not a very common name. No, it’s not. Dante, this could be the smoking gun that proves that gladys messed with sasha, just like cody said. And if dr. Montague is the psychiatrist… or — or…

because he’s sasha’s psychiatrist. Gladys called him to get an update on her prognosis because she’s sasha’s guardian. Okay, well, there is a-another thing that I didn’t — I didn’t tell you. So, I mentioned something offhand about playing cards, and he said that he had a game that he played in regularly and said that there would be a spot for me. I got the feeling he was talking high stakes. The game at the savoy. Poker game in the back room. And we both know that gladys loves to gamble. So maybe gladys met dr. Montague there. Come on, lucy. You should know better than to ask me that. Hm. What I want to know better is why. Why do you think you actually own the rights to the deceptor? Do you even have a prototype? Do you know the word “prototype”? I can’t believe you don’t understand that I will not comment on that. Just tell me. How did you get it? My lawyer told me not to discuss the case. There isn’t a case! All you have is your attempt to steal the deceptor through legal intimidation! You know what I think? I think this is about you. You want to get revenge on me ’cause you can’t stand your nasty, miserable life. Hm. Tempting bait. But I won’t bite. There’s a deal on the table, and you are here because you realize this is your best and only option. So why don’t you save us a lot of trouble? Just give me what I want. 75% of deception. Why would I? Sonny and I have been fighting over our daughter since the day she was born. So you’d want to get in his good books. That — that’s absurd. He would wonder what kind of leverage you had over me, and then I would have to tell him about nikolas’ accidental death. And then he would take avery away from me in a heartbeat! I did exactly as I was told. I got betty hired. I made sure that she had open access to sonny’s home. Now, if betty screwed up and got you bad information, well, I think that’s your fault for using someone incompetent. It certainly has nothing to do with me. All I know is dr. Gatlin-holt and his cousin mason work for this person, and they pressured ava into getting information about me. Pressured ava how? I mean, do they have something on her? Are they blackmailing her? That’s need-to-know, carly, and I don’t think you need to know. I need to know if you’re protecting ava.

As you can see,it’s quite straightforward. All you have to do is sign and then you continue working at the company and you reap the benefits of the deceptor and anything else deception expands into. Did you come here to waste my time? 75/25 is off the table. I did not put my heart and my soul into a company just to give it away for some measly percentage. No. I do understand. After all the work you put into the company, it would be difficult to give up any amount, any percentage. So if not 75/25, what would you be amenable to? Well, you know, deception is a whole lot more than just the deceptor. So I guess if — and that’s a great, big, fat “if” — you came up with a similar product at the exact same time and can prove it, then maybe I would settle for… 50/50.

[ Laughs ] Lucy. Lucy, you’re way off base. 65/35. It’s complicated, maxie. So I take that as a “yes.” You stole the information and gave it to tracy. Maxie — I don’t know why I didn’t see this sooner. You left deception because you wanted to get back into music, and then all of a sudden, you’re — you’re back. Lucy was under the impression that I rehired you, but you led me to believe that lucy had when the whole time you were really working for tracy. You took advantage of our friendship and my trust so you could steal information about our most valuable product! Yes, maxie. That’s exactly what I did. What are you doing about it, mac? We have an apb on the two ferncliff inmates. It’s cody bell and sasha gilmore. Sasha? She was committed right after stabbing cody. Is it possible he may have taken her for revenge? It’s highly unlikely. Look, I know cody. I’m convinced he means her no harm. Sounds like you might have an idea why he took her. It’s been reported as a kidnapping. I don’t think it was a kidnapping. Okay. I’ve learned to trust your instincts, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are fugitives and have to be found.

[ Police radio chatter ] How can I help you? Agent moss. I’m here to see commissioner scorpio. He’s in the interrogation room. I can show agent moss in. -Thank you. -Right this way. Mac: Come in. Mac, I have agent moss here for you. Bring him in. I assume you’re here with information on the sonny corinthos case. The person I’m protecting, carly, is avery. It’s not — it’s not good for her to have her mother put in the middle of something shady. What did ava do? Uh, she came into my place looking for something, and she didn’t get it, and then they made it look like pilar messed up so ava would fire her. Pilar was a setup? Yeah, and then they pressured ava into hiring betty, which is their plant. So mason and austin sent betty to get information on you, and ava had to go along. Oh, my god. No wonder she was so worried about betty. I was wondering why she hired someone she didn’t like. She didn’t have a choice. I didn’t have a choice. So what I did was switch the game. Instead of betty playing fetch with them, I had her deliver a parcel from me. Which was…? Exactly what they were looking for. But, you know, brick and I, we kind of made a few modifications. You gave them false information. So austin and mason must have taken the bait back to their boss. That’s why you asked me about austin’s visit to pentonville. So you think their boss, your enemy, is someone inside pentonville. Cody admitted that he was playing poker for selina wu, and he said that gladys was in there and she lost big. Well, that’s convenient, seeing as gladys controls all of sasha’s money, right? Not to mention she sold brando’s garage. Do you think she’s really using these funds to repay debts? Yeah, I do, dante. I mean, it certainly seems like that. Just think about it. Sasha was doing so much better. Maxie was going around telling everyone how well she handled that tv show, and sasha was working so hard to end her conservatorship so she can have control of her own assets. And if sasha was able to do that, she would have seen what gladys was doing with the money and gladys wouldn’t have wanted that to happen. No. Gladys had to make sure sasha stayed “mentally unfit.” So gladys must have met montague at the poker game and gotten him to help her do something to sasha. Son of A… dante… dr. Montague gave me injections. He — he said that they were to help me get off the drugs. But I kept telling him that I wasn’t on any drugs. I never bought anything from anybody. Okay. Alright. Now, sasha, this is — this is really important. Okay. When you went live on that show, “home & heart,” you did great, right? Y-you kept your cool under a very stressful situation. Were you on any medication at all at that time? Just my antidepressant. I have been taking them for eight months, but they were prescribed by my old psychiatrist. Okay. Well, what about after that? Any other medications? Yes. I was taking the pills dr. Montague gave me.

So you admit it, and you’rejust gonna stand there like you stole my yogurt from the work fridge. No, maxie. Okay? I am not trying to minimize what I did. I am so, so sorry. But I swear I had no idea what tracy was gonna do with that information about the deceptor. Really? Yes. I mean, you, better than anyone, should know what a schemer tracy is. Did you think she was just too cheap to buy one so she was gonna build one for herself? She said she wanted to know about it. Tracy always has an agenda, brook lynn! You had to know she was gonna use that information against us! I was desperate, maxie! I owed tracy big-time, okay? And this is how she collected. Listen. Maxie… when chase was kicked off the police force for defending me, I was supposed to write a letter to help him get reinstated, but I hesitated because I was too selfish, you know, too scared of losing him. But I knew I had to fix it. So I went to my grandmother. She said she could pull some strings, get him a second hearing. It was like an angel had come down to earth to right all of the wrongs. Well, that angel quickly turned demon when she threatened to go tell chase unless I got her the information on the deceptor. And you know how much chase hates being manipulated. Stop! I have heard enough.

[ Scoffs ] We are not in high school anymore, brook lynn. You put my job, my livelihood at risk because you couldn’t be honest with your boyfriend?!

[ Scoffs ] Didn’t he break up with you once before because you lied to him? Have you learned nothing? You are absolutely impossible. Lucy, you really don’t have any other options. You can let deception slide into oblivion as the case drags on for months with appeals and delays. Then, of course, you’ll have your real-estate business. I think the quartermaines have some swamp land in putnam county that you can offload. 60/40. Okay? That way, you get to keep control ’cause that’s what you love, is control, and I keep a decent share. But…there will be a clause that you cannot remove me as ceo and you cannot take me off

any of my board positions. Okay? Lucy… throughout our history, there is one thing I have come to bank on. You’re a grifter. You’ll always take care of number one. But I do understand that the disparity in our percentages is disconcerting. Even a tiny amount could be humiliating. So I am feeling extremely generous today. How about 51/49? That’s just a 1% difference. 51/49. Really? Deal. Hm. Okay, well, then, uh, I guess we’ll get in touch with each other to draw up that paperwork, shall we? Lucy. There’s one other detail. The deal is contingent upon you returning the 1% voting rights in elq. Commissioner, I’d like a private talk. Deputy mayor ashford was the police commissioner before she took over for the mayor. And she worked for the dea. Detective chase is one of our finest. Anything you can say to me, you can say to them. When we arrested sonny corinthos and raided his shipment, we were acting on information that he was illegally transporting classified weapons. The charges were dropped because there was nothing in the crates but coffee. Sounds like sonny was one step ahead of you. He was. But he won’t always be. I have a few ideas who my enemy might be inside pentonville, but I’m not quite sure. But the — the only connection there is is between my false information that betty stole and my arrest is gatlin-holt’s trip to pentonville. I had them both followed after betty delivered the goods. Mason went to some “working girl.” And austin went to pentonville. Oh. That mason sounds like a great guy. I’m thinking austin, uh, was there to give some information to someone. And then, in turn, the fbi got it. I think they’re trying to take me down or they’re just trying to get points with the feds. Or both. So you need to know who austin saw during his visit at pentonville. Well, that’s where you can help me out. Really? If you’re willing. Sonny didn’t get where he is by being stupid. He’s more than capable of picking up on that sociopathic gleam in betty’s eyes. You know, maybe betty’s sweet act wasn’t as convincing as you thought it would be. Has that ever occurred to you? Well, maybe sonny realized that she was a plant and he decided to turn the tables. And that would — yeah, I’m pretty sure that would make this your fault, wouldn’t it, mason, for using the wrong operative. Not a story I’d want to take back to my boss. Well, take this back to your boss. I did my part. I just want this to be over. I didn’t say anything to sonny! I don’t intend to say anything to sonny! My life and the lives of the people I care about matter too much to me. We’ll be in touch.

I-I’m sorry. Just — I’m sorry. I — just — ugh! I’ve never — I’ve never liked gladys. You know? She just — I just didn’t trust her. And she just — she seemed all moneygrubbing. And — and she — she lied all the time. But I thought she was basically harmless, you know? And she was sonny’s family. A-and mike liked her. I mean, poor brando, man. I mean, he was a good guy, and he had gladys as a mother? And I thought, you know, when he — when he died, that — that she cared and she would want to do right by his widow. But — but I guess not. I mean… cody saw through her. Hey, hey. Hey. You had no way of knowing. No, sam. I’m a detective. I mean, come on. I was blinded. You know, cody was talking about her for months, but my — my own stupid misgivings about him, like, messed up my judgment. I mean, you knew. You knew. Y-you said it. Why didn’t I listen? Why did I let it get this far? After my second session with dr. Montague, he gave me some pills for anxiety. Okay, well, what was the prescription for? It — he just gave me a bottle of pills. Told me to take three a day, which I did. You didn’t even know what you were taking? I’m sorry, sasha. Cody, it — it all started then. I remember I was feeling so impulsive, full of energy. I-I wanted to celebrate everything. And I had no control. I was — I couldn’t keep track of things, but I-I didn’t care. That’s when the shoplifting incident happened. You were taking the pills the whole time? Three a day. Montague was drugging you long before you got sent to ferncliff. But why, cody? Why would he do it? This goes no further than the room. Mac: Of course. We believe mr. Corinthos

is involved in the trafficking and sale of these restricted weapons. While we haven’t been able to prove it, this is an ongoing investigation with suspected ties to both the government and private sector. We’ll continue to monitor corinthos. What does the fbi expect from the pcpd in terms of cooperation? Corinthos has a son here in the department. Detective dante falconeri. He was present at his father’s arraignment. If there’s any reason to suspect that detective falconeri is feeding sonny information or providing any kind of assistance, we want to know about it. You have been waiting years and years and years to spring this on me, haven’t you?! You can’t stand the fact that I have 1% of your family legacy. You wormed your way into my family by taking advantage of my brother’s weakness. You had an affair with him when he was married to monica. Okay. So we’re gonna bring this up now? Okay. Really? Really?! You know, monica was to blame, too, because she slept with your son ned. The point is… you blackmailed me into appointing you co-ceo. That is one of my biggest regrets. And that is ancient, ancient history! Why in the world are you dredging that up now?! Because I am here to prevent the quartermaine ship from running aground. Somebody has to get this family back on course. And if my son can’t do it, then I have to do it. Lucy coe, you have clung to my family like a barnacle. And it’s time we scrape off everything that doesn’t belong. And that means you. 1% voting rights in elq! And that is my final offer!

Never. Ha. We’ll see.

[ Door slams ] Listen to me. I know how this sounds. And I am not making excuses. But I love chase, more than I ever thought was possible, and all I cared about was getting him his badge back. And when he did, when things were looking up for us, I just — I didn’t want to ruin it. I was weak, maxie. So I gave in to tracy’s demands. And when I — I finally mustered up enough courage to stand up to her, I was too late. She already had the information on the deceptor. Why didn’t you come to me? After everything we went through with bailey lou. Why didn’t you trust me, brook lynn? We could have schemed up a solution together. Instead… you betrayed me.

Hello to you, too. Our mutual friend just left. Oh, I think she’s gonna fold. No. This is a perfect time to come and visit. Port charles is beautiful in the fall. You’re right. In hindsight, I-I should have come to you. I would have helped you. I don’t know. I — I was just too ashamed, too stupid. I thought I could handle it. Handle tracy? I had no idea what she was planning, maxie! I could never have foreseen sasha’s meltdown or the fact that the deceptor would be our only moneymaker. I could have never planned for any of that. Maxie, look. I messed up. And I will do everything in my power to make it right. Okay? I’ll — I’ll come up with a social-media campaign against tracy, and it’ll go viral. Come on, maxie. We can still — we can handle this. We can make it right. That’s not gonna happen. I’m not gonna let that happen. You’ve proven you cannot be trusted. You’re fired. No. Maxie, please. I’ll work for free. Please. Just let me make it right. Brook lynn… that ship has sailed.

[ Door closes ] Austin, where the hell are you? Your cousin was just here again making crazy accusations. I can’t take this anymore. And I’m telling you, austin, if he drags me under, you’re coming down with me. Am I willing to help you get the answer? Am I willing to help you, period? I mean, there was a time when I would have jumped in. I would have said “yes” immediately. But now, you know…

[ Chuckles ] Not so much? Is this gonna endanger drew or affect his sentence in any way? No, not at all. I don’t know. Sonny, so much has happened, you know? So much has changed between us. I understand.

Do you understand or are you just saying that because you want me to do what you want me to do? No, I understand that things have changed, but one thing

hasn’t changed — that, you know, like, y-you would do anything for me, I would do anything for you. And, you know, I’m always there for you. I know. And I know you wouldn’t ask me if it wasn’t serious. And if someone’s gunning for you, that means they can come after my kids. So, yes, of course, I’m in. What do you need me to do? I’ll tell you on the way to pentonville. How could you have known what was going on? Gladys is a snake, and she’s cunning, and she had to keep sasha in the guardianship so she could have access to her money. And that meant convincing everyone, including you, that she had sasha’s best interests at heart. Bottom line is I should have just listened to cody. I didn’t — I didn’t believe him at first. But, I mean, come on. He hasn’t exactly been 100% honest with either one of us. No. I know. He hasn’t, but… he said sasha was being drugged the whole time. Even after she stabbed him, he said it wasn’t her. I mean, what did — what did — how long has she been on these drugs? What is she taking? I-I don’t know. We will figure that out. The important thing is that cody cared enough to go into ferncliff and get sasha out. I think he saved her life. I got to see him. I got to talk to cody. You gotta trust me, baby, and take me to where they’re hiding. Cody, I never even met dr. Montague until he was assigned to evaluate me. What possible motive could he have for drugging me? I’m guessing that he was being paid. Paid? By who? By the person who did have a motive. Your mother-in-law. Gladys.

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