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Chanel is at home with Talia and asks if she wants wine or champagne to celebrate. Talia says either is fine but asks what they are celebrating. Chanel points out that they just killed it at the bowling alley. Talia jokes that it was all Chanel. Talia asks if she’s sure this is okay with Paulina. Chanel tells her not to worry as Paulina is out to dinner with Abe since they are getting to know each other again from scratch. Chanel tells Talia that they have the place all to themselves.

Jada joins Rafe in his office and comments on him looking comfortable at his desk. Rafe says he’s getting there. Jada thought he was happy to be back. Rafe assures that he is but notes that it’s just been a whirlwind since Rawlings fired him and then Rawlings got fired and now he’s back. Jada acknowledges that it’s a lot. Rafe notes that she seems a little down. Jada brings up that Rafe told Paulina that she should’ve given her the commissioner job and she turned it down, but she’s starting to think maybe that was a mistake.

At the hospital, Kayla runs in to Tripp, who asks about the John Doe. Kayla explains that John and Steve are trying to figure out his identity to reunite him with his son. Tripp mentions knowing from experience that Steve is excellent at that. Kayla says she will sign off on Tripp’s charts. Tripp asks Kayla for help on one more thing that’s kind of an emergency.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ complains about hiring an assassin that won’t return his texts. He sends a text to the woman he hired, Joyce, asking why he hasn’t heard back from her and if Ava is out of the picture yet. EJ shouts that he wants to know that it’s done. Johnny then walks in and asks what he’s talking about. EJ thinks back to hiring Joyce.

Joyce declares this is where it ends but Harris grabs her, causing her to drop the gun. As they struggle with one another, Ava picks up the gun and pulls the trigger, shooting Joyce. Joyce calls Ava a bitch and then falls onto the hospital bed.

Rafe questions Jada if she’s saying she actually does want to be commissioner. Jada points out that she’s definitely qualified as Rafe said himself. Jada assures that Rafe and his career matter to her very much, but he told her the position and job is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Rafe says he gets it. Jada says if that’s true, she thinks he’s sitting in her chair. Rafe is confused until Jada reveals that she was just messing with him.

Tripp tells Kayla that about he and Wendy being interrupted twice but they are seeing each other again tonight, so he’s trying to think ahead so nothing goes wrong this time. Kayla understands and tells Tripp that they can have their place tonight.

EJ tells Johnny that he didn’t know he was home. Johnny feels he caught him in the middle of a pretty heated text conversation and asks what got him so angry. EJ claims he was just frustrated because he had to take his sports car to the shop after Gabi side swiped it. Johnny mocks that being his most prized possession. EJ says it’s bad enough that he has to watch Gabi parade around the house like it’s her own. Johnny gets that EJ is pissed but says it’s not like it’s a matter of life and death…

Harris notes that Joyce is still breathing. A security officer then bursts in with his gun and orders Ava to drop the weapon as he calls for backup, saying they have a patient with a gun. Ava says he doesn’t understand. He says he understands she just shot this woman. Ava responds that she didn’t have a choice as she attacked her and was going to kill both of them. The officer demands she drop the gun. Harris tells Ava to just do it and drop the gun.

Kayla tells Tripp that she will call Steve now to let him know to vacate the place tonight. Tripp thanks her for the offer but informs her that he and Wendy already have a reservation at the Salem Inn. Kayla asks how she can help then. Tripp explains that he’s done everything he can think of to make sure there are no interruptions, so he asks Kayla to take his phone for the night. Tripp knows he could just turn it off but if it’s there, he could be tempted. Tripp adds that if there’s an actual emergency, she can call their room #304. Kayla tells Tripp to just focus on having a good time tonight as he then exits the hospital.

EJ and Johnny head in to the living room. EJ keeps checking his phone while Johnny finds a book of Nicole’s on the couch, open to a chapter on labor and delivery. EJ guesses Nicole forgot it when she just went up to bed. Johnny asks how she’s feeling. EJ says she’s fine and doing well. Johnny asks how EJ is feeling with his new baby brother or sister on the way. EJ says he’s thrilled. EJ admits he wasn’t expecting to become a father again but he couldn’t be happier. Johnny says it must be an incredible feeling, though not one he’s ready for. EJ asks if Johnny thought about parenthood while married or if he’s thinking of what it might be like with Chanel. Johnny guesses he’s been talking to Nicole. EJ says they just want what’s best for him. EJ asks if he took Nicole’s advice and told Chanel how he feels. Johnny confirms that he was about to, but they got interrupted and in hindsight, he’s glad they did which EJ questions. Johnny informs him that the person who interrupted them was Talia Hunter, who was meeting Chanel for a date. EJ brings up Talia poisoning the biscuits and getting Chanel’s bakery shut down, so he questions why Chanel would want to get involved with her. EJ asks if it’s serious. Johnny asks if it matters since there’s obviously something going on between them, so he decided to keep his mouth shut and back off. EJ calls that stupid.

Talia praises Chanel’s bowling skills. Talia tells her that she had a really good time tonight. Chanel says she did too. Talia thanks her for not hating her as most people would not speak to her again after what she did, so she knows how big of a deal this is. Talia wants to let her know how much it means to her that she gave her a second chance. Chanel says she’s glad she did. Talia asks how she thinks it’s going so far. Chanel says pretty well. Talia asks if she has any ideas of how it could be better. Chanel says she has one and kisses Talia.

Jada and Rafe kiss in Rafe’s office. Rafe jokes about taking full advantage of the amended policy. They continue kissing until Rafe stops and agrees that Jada should be police commissioner since Paulina offered her the job, so if she wants it, she can take it. Jada assures that she doesn’t as Rafe is an outstanding cop and Paulina gave him his job back, so they can each keep doing what they love and they can keep doing this as they continue kissing. Jada says as much as she enjoys sharing this moment, she suggests going to Rafe’s house and sharing his bed. Rafe agrees to that but then gets a call and says he’s on his way. Rafe informs Jada that there’s been a shooting at Bayview so they head out together.

Harris pleads with Ava to put the gun down, but Ava says she can’t let the guard take her in after she just shot a woman. Harris points out that it was self defense. Ava feels they won’t believe her. The guard warns Ava that it’s her last chance to drop the weapon before he makes her drop it. Ava warns him to think twice about that. Harris questions what she is doing. Ava repeats that she’s not going to prison, so if she has to shoot this guy to get out of here, then that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

Chanel and Talia kiss until Talia gets a call from Kayla. Kayla says she knows it’s late but wondered if she could come by the hospital because she has some news to deliver in person. Talia agrees to be right there and hangs up. Chanel asks if everything is okay. Talia tells Chanel that Kayla wants to meet with her, so she’s guessing it’s about the job. Chanel says if the chief of staff is asking her to come in, it’s probably good news. Talia doubts it and worries that Kayla just doesn’t want to disappoint her over the phone. Talia feels it would be a PR nightmare for the board if they hired the “biscuit bandit”. Chanel thinks they want a great doctor which Talia is. Chanel encourages Talia and says she believes in her. Talia thanks her as Chanel tells her to let her know how it goes. Talia then exits.

Johnny questions if EJ called him stupid. EJ clarifies that he called his decision about Chanel stupid. Johnny asks if EJ is encouraging him to become the odd man out in yet another love triangle. EJ says he’s encouraging him to go after the woman he loves. Johnny responds that he’s not going to get in between Chanel and Talia because that would be stupid and disrespectful. EJ argues that relationship barely exists and that Chanel would be better off with Johnny. Johnny questions when EJ became team Chanel. EJ acknowledges that Chanel turned her life around, started a business and became a huge success, so he admits that he was wrong about her. EJ adds that no matter what flaws he thought Chanel had, they pale in comparison to Ava Vitali.

Harris tries to calm Ava down, pointing out that she did nothing wrong and they will explain what happened to the cops. Ava worries that Rafe hates her, so there’s no way he will listen to her. Harris insists that Rafe will listen to him, but she won’t want Rafe to see her waving the gun around. Ava argues that she has to do this as there’s no other choice. Harris promises there is and asks her to just give him the gun. Harris adds that nobody else needs to get hurt and asks her for the gun. Ava then slowly hands it over to Harris. Harris thanks her and then turns the gun back on the security guard, warning him not to move and to stay right there because they are leaving. Harris and Ava then escape together.

Tripp and Wendy meet at their room in the Salem Inn. Wendy says she talked to the manager to make sure everything goes smoothly. Tripp says he did the same and the manager confirmed no one else has access to the room. Wendy mentions turning her phone off while Tripp tells her that he gave his to Kayla. Wendy still feels like they are forgetting something. Tripp tells her not to worry as they got it all covered and tonight they will finally be together with no interruptions. They are then interrupted by a knock at the door from room service who brings in steak and champagne. Wendy says she figured they would be hungry. Tripp asks the worker to make sure they are not disturbed as he exits. Wendy puts the do not disturb sign on the door. Tripp offers to pop the champagne but Wendy says all she needs is him as they kiss.

Johnny questions EJ comparing Chanel to Ava Vitali, arguing that Chanel was his wife while Ava was just a blip on the radar. Johnny adds that he doesn’t want to sit here and listen to him trash Ava. EJ argues that Ava killed Johnny’s grandmother. Johnny acknowledges that Ava is mentally ill and says she doesn’t need to be punished, she needs help. EJ decides they will have to agree to disagree. Johnny asks if they can talk about something else. EJ says he has one more thing about Chanel. Johnny doesn’t need him to tell him what to do and says he’s got this. EJ states that if it were him, he would not pass up the chance to be with the woman he loves out of some misguided sense of decorum, he would be proactive and tell her how he feels.

Talia goes to the hospital to see Kayla, who thanks her for coming. Kayla informs Talia that she has some news to tell her in person. Talia assumes it’s about the job which Kayla confirms. Talia says the fact that she’d even considering hiring her was truly kind, but she knew the board would never go for it. Kayla informs her that spoke to Seth Burns, who basically said the same thing, but given her excellent qualifications, they agreed to hire her on a provisional basis and she can start tomorrow. Talia calls this incredible and excitedly thanks her, promising that she won’t let her down.

Rafe and Jada arrive at Bayview where the security guard and a nurse are checking on Joyce. Jada calls the ambulance again while Rafe asks what happened. The guard informs him that Ava Vitali shot her.

Ava and Harris escape Bayview. They talk about having no idea what’s going on or why Joyce attacked them. Harris says he got her out of there because if that woman has an accomplice, they could be anywhere. Ava asks where they are going since she’s not going to the police. Harris decides he has another idea.

Rafe and Jada go to the hospital. Jada mentions Kayla being with the victim now. Rafe calls in an APB on Ava and Harris, noting that they escaped Bayview about 30 minutes ago. Rafe adds to consider them armed and dangerous so they are to proceed with extreme caution. Rafe wants updates every hour. Kayla comes over and says the victim is not good, but the trauma team is trying to stabilize her for surgery. Jada asks if she’s going to make it. Kayla says it’s too soon to tell and asks if Ava really did this. Rafe says they don’t know for sure but they do know that Ava escaped Bayview with Harris Michaels. Rafe would like to question the victim but guesses that’s off the table for now. Kayla confirms they need to get her in to surgery right away, but says she will keep them posted.

Harris and Ava go to a motel room. Harris says this will be their base of operations as they need to regroup before making their next move. Harris says they first have to figure out who that woman was and why she came after her. Ava says she has no clue who it was. Harris points out that she obviously knew who Ava was because she was trying to kill her. Harris asks if she could think of anyone with a grudge from her past. Ava insists this wasn’t a mafia hit. Harris points out that it was a hit. Ava responds that she knows exactly who put it out.

Johnny goes to see Chanel and apologizes for just dropping by as he hopes it’s not a bad time. Chanel says it’s not and asks what’s going on. Johnny says he’s just going to say it. Johnny tells Chanel that he’s been wanting to tell her this for awhile and he tried a couple times, but the timing was off and now she’s with Talia so the last thing he wants to do is get in the middle of that, but he can’t keep quiet about this anymore. Johnny declares he had to come tell her how he feels. Johnny then tells Chanel that he’s still in love with her.

Tripp and Wendy kiss and begin to undress as they move on to the bed.

Rafe tells Jada that he found out the victim was not a nurse and didn’t work at Bayview. Jada brings up the phone that they found on her and that it’s a burner phone with no passcode. Jada sees there’s a ton of text messages all from one number. Rafe guesses it’s blocked. Jada reads the text message asking why they haven’t heard back from her and if Ava was out of the picture yet. Rafe wonders who the hell sent the text.

EJ pours a drink at home and then gets a breaking news alert on his phone about a shooting at Bayview, which he assumes means Ava was shot.

Ava tells Harris that it’s so obvious and it has to be EJ DiMera.

Kayla finishes a call about Rafe wanting to question the patient. Kayla wonders how Ava is involved with all of this. Kayla then looks at a photo of Tripp and Wendy on her phone, but decides it can wait.

Tripp and Wendy lay in bed together after having sex for the first time. They talk about how it happened with no interruptions. Wendy tells Tripp it was so worth the wait as they kiss.

Chanel doesn’t know what to say to Johnny. Talia then comes back and tells Chanel that she had to come back. Chanel asks if everything is okay. Talia says it’s better than okay and informs Chanel that she got the job. They hug as Chanel calls it amazing. Talia then sees Johnny inside and says she didn’t know she had company. Talia asks what’s going on. Johnny claims it’s nothing and he was just leaving. Talia says he doesn’t have to leave on her account. Johnny says he’s not and that he has somewhere to be. Johnny tells Chanel good night and congratulates Talia as he then exits. Talia asks if Chanel is okay. Chanel claims that she’s fine.

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