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No, no, that’s good. That’s, uh, excellent news. Yeah, we’ll be in touch. Cyrus: It is not often that we get to appreciate and live in the humility of the lord, but on days when our salvation is imminent, our faith calls us to give thanks in an especially joyful way. Hear me when I tell you something good is coming! Yes. And we who have waited with faith and patience and humility are privileged to bear witness. Rejoice, my brothers! Rejoice! Amen! Amen. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I know I’m cutting it close. That concert starts soon. Oh, don’t worry about it. I guess you didn’t see my text. I’m not going. You’re not joking, chase, are you? No. I’m 100% serious. You want me to move in with you? Yes. No! Slow night, huh? Well, not exactly. I sent everyone home. You sent everyone home? Why? I wanted us to be alone out here. To do what, exactly? Remember. Remember? Yes, ned. Remember us. Remember who you used to be. Papa… why do you have that look? What look would that be? The look you get when you’re about to tell me something I won’t like.

[ Door opens ] Wow. It seems so empty. This was your “big surprise”? A visit to aunt lulu’s house? Georgie. Some surprise. I thought we were going to the woodchucks game. Oh. Don’t worry, james. We’re gonna get to a game very soon. But right now, we are on an amazing adventure. What? Yeah. What is this amazing adventure? We’re here to explore. Explore what? The house! And maybe to stake out which bedroom is gonna be your new room. Wait. You mean — no more sharing. We’re moving in here. This is our new house. Unfortunately, that’s a question for olivia, and she’s not here right now, so you’re — you’re gonna have to wait. Goodbye.

[ Inhales sharply ] Hey.

[ Chuckling ] Hi! This is a nice surprise. I didn’t think you were coming here tonight. Well, you know, this is the best joint in town. Especially the view.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I’m glad you like it. Listen, sonny, there’s something that I really need to talk to you about. I — hello, you two. Dad. Nina, are you joining us? Um…n-no. This dinner is just for you two. I have to work. Olivia asked me to be on the floor a bit tonight. Okay — wait, wait, wait. What’d you — what’d you have to tell me? I can just take care of it myself. It’s nothing. It really is nothing. Enjoy your dinner. There is a great steak special tonight. Well, then I got it all — I got great steak, gorgeous fiancée, brilliant daughter. You know, I got it all right here, right?

[ Sighs ]

Olivia… just please — just please listen to me for a second. Please. Your daughter, ned’s daughter, brook lynn, is in a lot of pain right now because of something that tracy did. She ran out of the house because of your mother. Don’t — don’t put that on me. No, no, no, no, of course not. But you — you were always the bridge between the two of them. You could always sort it out. There are people who still need you. Your mother and your daughter and our son, “the kid,” leo. For their sake… could you please just try? I’ll send a waitress over. I want to thank you, kristina, for being so supportive of nina. Dad, I genuinely like her. Not everyone’s against you two. And I can see how happy she makes you. You deserve that. Cyrus: Today is a day for miracles, a time of righteousness and, yes, vengeance. But without the dark, there can be no light. And without vengeance, there can be no righteousness. So let us pray that this vengeance passes by unscathed so we may testify to the cleansing power of our creator, for all the world’s a cage, and we are all merely inmates in god’s celestial play, trying to break free from the grip of licentiousness and arrogance and evil. As it says in deuteronomy 23:14, “for the lord thy god walketh in the midst of thy camp to deliver thee and to give up thine enemies before thee.” “Therefore shall thy camp be holy that he see no unclean thing in thee and turn away from thee.” Grandma nina!

[ Laughing ] Wiley! Hi! Oh! Look how happy she is. We can’t go to the concert anymore because now suddenly dex has to do something for sonny. Ohh. I hate that you know exactly how I’m feeling. Okay, so dex has to work for sonny, and you have to make alternate plans. I’ve been there, done that. No, mom, it’s not that. I-it’s the situation. And I know I said that I was moving on and trying to put it behind me, but I hate that he’s putting himself in danger. That’s who dex was when you met him. He’s a guy who takes risks, for better or for worse, josslyn. Well, yeah, but — but now he’s protecting sonny and taking those risks because of you and because of michael. And that’s his choice.

And for his protection. Yeah, I know. I know. It’s just, some days are harder than others. I get that. But if you got into this thinking you were gonna change him, that’s not gonna happen. You don’t want to live with me? Chase, I-I don’t really think you’ve thought this through. Yes, I have, brook lynn. Oh, really? Because a whole two-and-a-half-second deliberation isn’t exactly thorough. It’s not like we haven’t lived together before. Exactly. That’s what I’m saying. The first time I drove you absolutely crazy. The second time was for bailey. And the third time — the third time will be for love.

So, aunt maxie and her family are gonna live in my mom’s house? Your mother always loved maxie and her children. I mean, don’t you think it’ll be nice to have some people in that house? It’s been sitting empty. Yeah, but I just wish it was my mom coming home to live there. Well, yeah, I do, too. But how do you feel about maxie and the kids moving in? Why bother asking me when it’s already done? Listen, the decision to rent was dante’S. I’m just asking because I care about your feelings. So, why don’t you tell me? It’s just another place, like all of the places I’ve lived. None of them last. This house is huge! And there’s a backyard! I can make a tree house! Wait, how many rooms are there? Um… alright, bucko, let’s take a reconnaissance mission and find out and count the rooms. You ready? Ready for takeoff? Let’s go!

[ Laughs ] What’s going on, georgie? Don’t you like the house? Of course I like it. I remember playing here when I was little. It seemed even bigger then. But… this is aunt lulu’s house. I — I don’t want to change dex. Why would you say that? ‘Cause I’ve been down this road many times. And I wouldn’t be your mother if I didn’t want to spare you from unnecessary pain. I’m not in pain. Okay. Alright. You don’t have to convince me. You don’T. You just have to be honest with yourself. I mean, josslyn, worrying about dex, knowing he’s always in danger — that’s a heavy burden. And if you decide that you don’t want to do this anymore and you don’t want to be a part of that life, it’s okay. You just have to admit it first to yourself. And then you got to tell dex. Oh, my god, mom, don’t put your history with sonny onto me, okay? I’m just disappointed. And that doesn’t mean that i want to break up with dex, okay? Actually, I think I’m still gonna go to the concert because I have a bunch of friends going, so… okay, great. Don’t wait up for me. Okay. Chase, you know I love you, right? Yes. And part of the reason I do is because you’re like — you’re like a knight. When someone’s in trouble, you can’t help but want to fix it. But you’re not just someone, brook lynn. We’re in a good place. I see you’re hurting at home. I don’t — chase, I appreciate your concern. Really, I do. But I just — I don’t think that living together is what we need right now. I am so surprised to see you. I’m glad you came, wiley. I didn’t know he would be here.

[ Laughs ] I want to go see grandpa. Yeah? Come on, let’s go see him. Hey, hey! Right here, right here! Yeah! Wiley, you are looking very sharp, my friend. Mommy, when can we go to grandpa’s and have a barbecue and play baseball? Well, hey, you know what? Where I live is kind of high up. You really can’t play baseball. But if you stand on the terrace, you can see all of port charles. Really? Mom, let’s all go and have a picnic on the terrace. You come, too, kristina. Okay. And amelia, grandma nina, grandpa sonny, mommy, daddy. And can we invite leo, too?! You can invite anybody you want. Hey. Looks like a party. Yeah. Nina was here when I arrived. And then wiley saw sonny and had to say hello. Willow, if it’s okay with you, it’s okay with me. Daddy! Hey, bud. Hey.

Georgie, look, aunt lulu is my best friend. And I think she would want us to fill this place with laughter and memories, just like the memories we made with her when she lived here. Won’t it make you miss aunt lulu more if we live here? Oh, sweetie.

[ Breathes deeply ] I’m gonna miss aunt lulu no matter where we live. That’s not gonna change. But being here… does make me feel a teeny bit closer to her. You know, it’s almost like she gave us a little present, right? Look, I wouldn’t have brought you guys here if I didn’t feel good about it. Can I paint my room purple? Yes, you can paint your room purple.

[ Laughs ]

[ Footsteps approaching ] Guess what, georgie. There are four bedrooms, one for each of us, and I’ve already picked mine. Hey, no fair! Provisionally, james. I’m older. I get to pick first. Oh, I forgot. Age before beauty. I am so glad you’re doing this. So am I. What do you want me to do? Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. I’m not making any guarantees. I understand. I understand that. I just want to walk you through what happened that night, alright? The night of the supposed accident? Yeah, just to see if anything comes back to you, right? Wait. How can you walk me through it when you weren’t here? I heard that it was just tracy and drew that saw it. Yes, but drew — drew told me everything that happened. So, you know, we could just — we could just give it a try, right? Alright. Whatever. Lay it on me. Okay. You started out over here, right? And you saw drew and tracy arguing over here. Okay? So, you just walk to me slowly and you see if anything feels familiar. Okay? You ready? Ready. You just said it, chase. We’re in a really good place, and I’d really like to keep it that way. And moving in — it’s not gonna change that. If anything, it’ll make us closer. Closer to world war iii.

[ Sighs ] Look, I drove you crazy when I was just temporarily couch surfing. Look, I am not the neatest person, okay? I leave my stuff everywhere. I thrive in creative clutter. Aha! See? I told you I’m right. So, we had a few discussions about clutter. More than a few. You were counting the days until I left you to your zen world of order. And then when you left, my place felt empty. I missed you, and it — and it hasn’t felt right since you left. Make it right. Move back in with me. Oh, hey, steve. So, do you want the usual? Busy night on the docks, huh? Yes, ma’am, to both. Okay. Hey, I like what you’ve done with the place. Thanks. Yeah, it’s gotten a lot nicer since you took over. Well, it is a personal project, you know? Um, look, uh… this might not be my place to say, but I thought you should know. Your ex-husband, uh — he’s in for a world of trouble. Brothers, let’s, uh, take a break to meditate on our redemption. Warden garten, I hope you haven’t come to stop our study. My friends and I are only trying to let go of our past so we can look toward a righteous future. Don’t worry, cyrus. I’m not here to break up your group. I just wanted to see it for myself. I’m impressed. Your support means a great deal. Well, you genuinely seem like a changed man. After my heart attack, I have come to see life in a new light. My faith was rejuvenated. While I might not share your exact faith, cyrus, I’m relying on you for our common cause. Oh, trust me, warden garten. I want nothing but the best. I believe everything is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to be. Let’s hope so. I have only one purpose now — to bring about god’s will on earth. I’d hate for you to disappoint me after all your progress. Warden garten? Sometimes the most unexpected alliances can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Who knows what difference I and my flock together can achieve? Dex: They’re late. Sometimes there are delays. The shipment is too important for them not to pick up. They’ll be here. Well, the sooner, the better. The boss wants this stuff out of here. Hello, michael. Nina. I’ll get you a table. Hey, trish? And you, little man, it was so good to see you. Bye, grandma nina! Bye, sweetheart. Right this way. Daddy, can we have grandpa and nina over for baseball and a barbecue? They live up too high. We can have a party with everyone at our house. Well, you know what? If that’s what you want, I think we can make it happen, mr. Corinthos.

[ Laughs ] I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up. Such a nice surprise. Was that you? No. I wish I could take credit for that, but I cannot tell a lie. That was pure synchronicity. So, why’d you want to meet me for dinner? Do I have to have a reason? You always do. Yeah, I guess that’s true. Okay. I wanted you to be the very first to know that the lgbtqia+ foundation board is complete! The corinthos-davis house is a go! That’s fantastic. I’m so excited. And, dad, I could not have done it without you.

okay, this is the spot where you fell. Drew said that you came rushing towards him over here and that you had something really important to tell him and — nina. Hi.

[ Chuckles ] I-I don’t mean to interrupt whatever you two are doing, but marika said that you closed the pool, and I was just coming out to see if everything’s okay. Oh. Yeah. I’m sorry. I should have warned you. Uh, we’re just doing a little exercise, trying to see if we could stimulate eddie’s memory. Hi, nina. Hello, ned. Are you sure that’s wise? Yeah, I think anything that could help. Well, I-I know that trauma is very unpredictable, and I would hate for you to risk anything. Thank you very much, nina. I think we’re okay. No, I don’t mean anything by that. I-I hope your experiment works.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Good luck. I’ve really done a number on you, haven’t I? Always shuffling around, moving from place to place. It can’t have been easy, and if I hurt you, I’m sorry. That’s — that’s my fault. I always knew you’d be with me if you could. I know you’re in between places, living with anna while I was at camp and with grandma away, I can’t stay in her apartment with spencer, ace, and esme. Dante and sam are nice, but… it’s not your home. I know. And that’s what I’ve always wanted to give you — a stable place to call home. Listen to me. Things are changing. As we speak, things are changing. I know. Things are always changing. That’s the only thing that stays the same. I’m gonna be totally honest. It feels really strange to be here after all this time. Look, I-I know we had to get out of that apartment. And I was putting together my finances so I could buy a place, and then tracy’s horrible lawsuit happened. So I was happy when sam suggested that we rent this place. I mean, can you imagine trying to juggle a lawsuit and a mortgage at the same time? I would have been pulling my hair out. Yeah. Tracy quartermaine leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes. I don’t like to wish ill on anyone, but I will be so glad when you wipe that smug smile off her face and win the lawsuit. And you will win because you have the truth on your side. I’m not so sure about that, mom. Tracy quartermaine is ruthless. And she’ll do anything to win, including using her own granddaughter as a spy. Chase, you know the expression “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”? I know it. Whatever happened to the fearless blq who leaps before she looks? Well, maybe she became a little more cautious because she sprained her ankles a few too many times. Look… I have something to lose now — you. And I don’t want you to regret me moving in. I’m not gonna regret you moving in. You might. It’s not just because I’m messy, chase. It’s ’cause I do stuff, stupid stuff that I regret, like getting mixed up with tracy’s dirty tricks. Um, I don’t want to cause you any problems… but what do you mean, “trouble”? I don’t know. And it’s probably nothing, you know, but, uh, I passed what seemed to be a staging area, you know, down by elm near fisherman village. Looked like feds. But definitely not local. And, uh…I heard the name “corinthos.” Today is a day our unspoken adversary is just one step behind. And those of us who have been in his employ, willingly or not, are now called upon to awaken and to cast off his infernal darkness. Wake up! Your life is waiting for you! I wish more residents were as inspired as mr. Renault. You weren’t after aurora’s ceo — you wanted to take down carly. I don’t know where you came up with this, ned, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I just overheard your conversation with your lawyer — martin. You know, everyone believes that I was the one who handed carly and drew over to the sec, but it was you all along. Willow: Nina. Hi. Is everything alright? Did you order? Oh, yes. Yes, we did. Thank you. But, um, wiley has an idea that we should have a barbecue with baseball at our house. Yeah! I just got a new glove! Nina: [ Gasps ] Does that sound like something you would like to join us for?

[ Chuckles ] I would love to go.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t want to jinx it, but I think wiley might be the key to michael and willow accepting nina. They have been through a lot, and I think things are finally starting to turn. I’m so happy for you both. And I think you’re leading the way with this new center. Yeah? I’m very proud of you. Thanks, dad.

Anything? I don’t know. I’ve been told so often about what happened that night that I-I feel like i might remember. But I don’T. I don’T. This is just another pool. Okay. Well, I guess I knew it was a long shot. I’m sorry to disappoint you. No, no, no, no, you were amazing. Really. And thank you so much for trying. Olivia, you have been really good to me. And I have been pretty hard on you. And I just want to say I’m sorry. Well, you are forgiven. Friends? Friends. It’s not just about us moving in together, chase, although that’s definitely nerve-wracking. Look, I don’t have the greatest track record. And this whole situation with tracy is just another thing I messed up. I’m not asking or expecting you to be perfect, brook lynn. I love you just the way you are, flaws and all. And I’m not trying to rescue you. You moving in — it makes sense. To me, anyway. How about you? When you strip away all the worries and regrets of the past, how do you feel about it?

[ Inhales sharply ]

[ Coughing ] Here you go. No, no, no, no, no. Please. This is on me. Nah, nah, you don’t have to do that. Yes. I really appreciate the information you gave me. Thank you. Thank you. Chase: Excuse me, carly. May I have a glass of water for brook lynn? Would it be alright if I brought wiley over there and showed him how to make a roy rogers? And you can tell me all about this new mitt. What do you say, bud? Can I please?

[ Laughter ] Okay, but just a small one. You don’t want all that sugar. Oh, no, we definitely don’t want that. Thanks. Come on.

[ Sighs ] You, um — you sure you’re okay with this? You’ve been having a lot of nina lately. It’s fine. Look, I’m not 100% comfortable with her, but wiley is. Yeah, I’ll say. And we have to start somewhere. The important thing is bringing this whole family back together. Okay, now we add the sugar-free cola. We don’t want it to get too… dad, we can go over there if you want. No, she’s got it covered. I want to hear more about your board ’cause I know you did a lot to get it going. Yes. Okay. So, we have dr. Randolph, michael, and you know diane.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Yeah. You can get that, dad. Uh, no, this is more important.

[ Ringing stops ] We may be tarred with a brush whose mark can never be removed, but that does not mean we can’t contribute to god’s work. Perhaps we may never sit at the foot of his majestic throne, but we can know that our lives have not been lived in vain. There is a way for each and every one of us to do our part of the divine work, no matter how small that part may seem, for the lord said the lowest among us, the most damaged among us is capable of redemption. And he who protects the innocent is first among men. There they are. Alright, you know what to do. I want everything ready for a quick transfer.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey, I got to take this, okay? I’ll be back before the ship docks. You got it, dex.

[ Ringing continues ] Ms. Spencer? Dex. Look, josslyn told me you were doing a job for sonny tonight. Uh… look, whatever it is, get the hell out of there. There’s gonna be a raid. Do you hear me? Get out of there now!

I have a real good feeling about you being here, almost as if the house is welcoming you. It wants you to make it into a home again. I think lulu would want that, too. It’s a new beginning. Kind of like you and the hospital. Yeah, you’re right. That came as a surprise. I never saw myself working as a volunteer at general hospital. I’m sure you’ll be a lot better at it than I was. I love you, maxie jones.

[ Voice breaking ] And I’m so proud of you. Oh, mom, don’t cry. Come here. I love you, too. James: Mom, I got the nook! Oh! My room has a secret hiding spot! Yeah, well, I got the view and the window seat. And bailey can have the little room. When can we move in? Not soon enough. Should we go home and start packing? Alright. Come on. Okay. Let’s go. Charlotte, I know I’ve let you down. Papa, let’s not talk about that. No. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve made far more mistakes than I care to mention. It’s taken me way too long to get you the stable life that you deserve. I don’t care how long it took. I just wish we could be together all the time. We will be. We will be. I just have to get these last details in place. But until then, know this — you’re the most important person in my world. It’ll always be the two of us. Just the two of us, papa. Oh. Ahh. I literally talked myself hoarse trying to come up with all the reasons why I shouldn’t live with you. You know you have to take care of your throat, brook lynn. The truth is, I do want this. I want nothing more than to live with you.

[ Chuckles ] I knew you would see it my way eventually.

[ Laughs ] Let’s go home. We’re just about to move some cargo. The boat is docking. Dex, forget about that. There is no time. You have to get out of there.

[ Radio chatter ] Coast guard! Nobody move! Fbi! Hands where I can see ’em! You’re all under arrest. Get down on the ground. Now!

[ Radio chatter ] Cyrus: Today the almighty will focus his cleansing vengeance on those who collaborate with our great enemy. Proverbs 2:22 — “but the wicked shall be cut off from the earth and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it.” Well, the least I can do is buy you a drink after going through the poolside psychodrama with me. I’ll never turn down top shelf. Well, there’s a little quartermaine left in you. That looks delicious. With two cherries. The important thing for the first board meeting is that we can establish — sonny corinthos, you’re under arrest for violations of the national security act. Wait, wait. What the hell? That’s — get your hands off my daughter! Mr. Corinthos, do not escalate this. I’m not escalating nothing! Kristina, kristina, hold on. No. There’s no — there’s no problem here. The hell there is. They’re arresting dad. We’re gonna clear this up, kristina. Dad — cuff him. Whoa. Hey, that’s my — what are they doing to grandpa? Why are they taking him? It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay. Kristina, this is gonna be cleared up. But it’s crazy. Dad. They can’t just take you — no. No. Wait. Hold on. Hey — michael, do something. Cyrus: “The lord trieth the righteous, but the wicked and him that loveth violence, his soul hateth. Upon the wicked, he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and horrible tempest. This shall be the portion of their cup!”

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