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Elizabeth: I thought I told you this was my spot.

Finn: Just going to have to thumb wrestle me for it.

Elizabeth:¬†[ Chuckles ] You’ve been up here a lot lately. Must have something on your mind.

Finn: I found out something yesterday and… I came up here to try and process it, but I still can’t wrap my head around it. And I don’t think I ever will.

[ Knock on door ]

Alexis: Come in.

Kristina: Hello, mother.

Alexis: Hello, middle daughter. What brings you here?

Kristina: Well, I wanted to thank you for talking to Diane. She agreed to be on the board of the Corinthos-Davis House.

Alexis: I told you she would be a real asset.

Kristina: Yeah, she is. I’m so excited to have a lawyer of her caliber on board. Uh, but that’s not the only reason I’m here. I also, uh, I owe you an explanation.

Alexis: For what?

Kristina: The reason I ignored you at the pool earlier.

Josslyn: Oh. [ Chuckles ] Welcome to Kelly’s. May I take your order?

Trina: Wow. So professional.

Josslyn: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Well, might not be as glamorous as the art gallery, but I’m happy to help out my mom.

Trina: [ Exhales deeply ] Well, at least you found a way to be there for her. I don’t know what to do for my mom.

Josslyn: Uh-oh. Does that mean things still aren’t any better between your mom and Curtis?

Trina: I think they’ve gotten worse. Curtis is still in rehab, and my mom is trying to visit him, but he keeps pushing her away.

Josslyn: I’m so sorry.

Trina: [ Scoffs ] [ Voice breaking ] I don’t know what to do, Joss. There’s got to be a way to bring them back together.

Marshall: Portia.

Portia: Thank you so much for coming, Marshall.

Marshall: You sounded worried on the phone. What’s going on?

Portia: I heard from the rehab facility.

Marshall: Don’t tell me Curtis had a setback?

Portia: No, no, no, no. He’s — he’s fine. He’s actually getting released tomorrow.

Marshall: Isn’t that good news?

Portia: It should be. But Curtis hasn’t gotten in touch with me. I only spoke to the rehab director, and it looks like Curtis hasn’t reached out to you either. So, I don’t know what that means. Does that mean that Curtis doesn’t plan on coming home?

Curtis: [ Inhales, exhales sharply ]

Stella: What are you doing, Curtis?

Curtis: Isn’t it obvious?

Stella: I see that you’re working out, but where’s your physical therapist?

Curtis: [ Inhales, exhales deeply ] I don’t need him.

Stella: Why is that?

Curtis: Well, Brent taught me everything I needed to know, so now I’m just getting stronger every day.

Stella: Does he know that you’re in here on your own?

Curtis: I don’t know. I don’t care. But I’m ready to get out of here. I’m ready to go home.

Stella: Oh, no, you’re not.

Carly: Oh, Diane.

Diane: Hi.

Carly: Thank you for coming.

Diane: Oh, I am at your beck and call.

Carly: [ Sighs ]

Diane: How’s it going?

Carly: Great.

Diane: Yeah?

Carly: Yeah, yeah. I-I never thought I’d enjoy this place like The Metro Court, but I do, and I didn’t realize, but I have this, like, emotional connection to Kelly’s. Yeah, I mean, it makes me feel close to my family, to my Aunt Ruby and my mom. I don’t know, I-I, uh, can’t explain it. [ Chuckles ]

Diane: Some things never need explaining.

Carly: And the people — I mean, they’re so down to earth. No one’s complaining that there’s no beluga on the menu.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] There’s no beluga on the menu? Goodbye. [ Chuckles ] I’m kidding. It’s nice to see you and customers happy.

Carly: Yeah. I’d be even happier… if Drew wasn’t in prison.

Diane: Well, yeah.

Carly: You’re going to have to get him out.

Robert: Well, I can’t recall the last time you bought me a drink, but what’s the occasion?

Anna: Obviously, I need a favor… and no questions asked.

Martin: There’s my little buttercup. It is so good to s–

Martin: What the hell’s that about?

Lucy: You know what? You deserve that and a whole lot more! Not only have you been getting $50,000 — $50,000 every single month in alimony from that third ex-wife of yours, you didn’t tell me. Why did you keep it a s– you kept it a whole secret!

Martin: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Lucy: That’s good. Okay. You know what? I know you now, and I know when you lie, your little ears turn red. And right now, they’re bright crimson.

Martin: Could be sunburn.

Lucy: You’re going to go with that? Spill it, because your pants are going to catch on fire.

Martin: Okay, fine. I admit it. It’s true. Why do you care?

Lucy: How — how could you ask me that? Why do I care about it? Because now I know why you do not want to marry me. You don’t want to give up all that beautiful money, do you?

Martin: Lucy Coe, you are one beautiful, but confusing creature. You said you didn’t want to marry me, and I quote, “I am through with the institution of marriage.” Unquote.

Lucy: And you actually believed me? Then you are an idiot. [ Sighs ] I was — I was going for the, you know, the whole reverse psychology thing where if I say no, then you insist that we get married and you propose, and then you carry me off like “An Officer and a Gentleman.”

Martin: You know, I never saw that movie. I never much cared for Richard Gere, actually.

Lucy: Oh, my god!

Martin: Come on. Who cares? That’s in the past. It has nothing to do with us. I love you.

Lucy: Well, clearly, all that money from your ex-wife, that alimony, is more important to you… than love.

Robert: Pikeman. Hmm.

Anna: I have to find out if Valentin is still on Pikeman’s payroll. Okay, so you have to use whatever connections you’ve got with the feds or any contacts still with the WSB to get me some information.

Robert: It sounds like you’re convinced that Valentin’s being paid by them. Look, why don’t you just simply tell me everything that’s going on?

Kristina: I stopped by your office earlier, and Esme told me that you were meeting someone up by the pool.

Alexis: No, not the most discreet assistant, huh? Did she tell you what I was eating for dinner?

Kristina: So, when I saw you there with Molly and another young woman I didn’t recognize, who, I’m assuming, was the surrogate —

Alexis: She was.

Kristina: [ Quietly ] Right.¬† [ Normal voice ] Well, I wanted to talk to you, but, uh, I-I just thought maybe it would be better if I, uh, stayed out of the way, after my last interruption. I practically barged in on T.J. and Molly when they were meeting with the surrogacy consultant, and [Inhales deeply] If looks could kill, [Exhales sharply] Let’s just say I-I made a quick exit. That, on top of the fact that Molly didn’t invite me to the sushi party with everyone, and [Inhales deeply] I just wanted to steer clear.

Alexis: That was probably a wise decision.

Kristina: I sort of stormed out after you waved at me, so I wanted to let you know I wasn’t trying to avoid you.

Alexis: I kind of figured there was something else going on.

Kristina: Yeah, but whatever’s going on between Molly and me, I don’t want that to come between us, because our relationship is in such a good place now, and I want it to stay that way.

Alexis: I — believe me, I do, too.

Kristina: Okay.

Alexis: Alright?


Alexis: Whatever is going on between you and Molly will not affect us.

Kristina: Thanks.

Finn: I saw you talking to my dad, so… I’m guessing he told you.

Elizabeth: Yes, he did.

Finn: My father’s dying. It’s the first time I’ve been able to say that out loud.

Elizabeth: I’m so sorry.

Finn: I’m sorry for him. Not only is he dying, but that’s one of the worst ways imaginable. ALS is brutal. I’ve seen patients with it, and I know what’s coming. And I still can’t believe that it’s happening to my father.

Stella: I-I’m sorry, Curtis. I didn’t mean to sound harsh, but you need to think about this. Going home is going to be a huge adjustment.

Curtis: Portia already made the house wheelchair accessible, so…

Stella: I’m not talking about handrails and ramps. You need to talk to your physical therapist before you’re discharged to make sure you’re prepared for your new reality.

Curtis: [ Sighs ] I don’t need a therapist to tell me how I’m feeling. I get the same standard answer that you give anyone in my situation — empty words. I don’t want that. I don’t need that, auntie. They don’t know who I am.

Stella: But I do. So, talk to me.

Portia: I made sure that the whole house could accommodate a wheelchair. But for all I know, Curtis made other plans. Maybe he decided to move into an assisted living facility?

Marshall: No, no, I-I can’t see him doing that, Portia. And — and just because he hasn’t called doesn’t mean he’s not coming home.

Portia: But I would have heard from him by now. I just want to know what’s going on with him. Why won’t he reach out to me?

Marshall: Portia, you have to let Curtis do this in his own time. Let him figure it out for himself, and then I’m sure — I’m sure he’s going to let you in.

Carly: You are going to have to do something.

Diane: Honey, you know I’d do almost anything to get Drew out of Pentonville. But — but because there was no trial, I basically don’t have a leg to stand on. I can’t argue for an appeal. I can’t argue that there was a-a-a-a procedural flaw.

Carly: [ Sighs ]

Diane: I can’t argue for a reduced sentence. The moment he took the plea deal and pled guilty, his sentence was at the absolute discretion of the judge.

Carly: So, let’s find another judge.

Kristina: How was the surrogate?

Alexis: Well, obviously, it’s a little hard to get to know a stranger in an hour, but from what I could tell, I liked her. I-I-I think she’ll be a good choice for — for both of them.

Kristina: Yeah, that’s great. I’m so happy for Molly. And I know she’s going to make such an amazing mother. Hopefully by then, our relationship will be back on track.

Alexis: Honey, the two of you love each other, and that’s not going to change. Maybe you could just try to be a little patient. This whole infertility thing has been really overwhelming for her.

Kristina: I know.

Alexis: And now that they have a surrogate, she’ll maybe get past her struggles.

Kristina: Yeah.

[ Knock on door ]

Gregory: Hey, boss. Oh, hi, Kristina. Sorry. Not a good time?

Kristina: Oh, no, stay. I, uh, was just leaving. Goodbye, Mom. Thank you. Love you.

Alexis: I love you, sweetie. Bye. Okay, you’re here to work on that AI piece?

Gregory: Yes, but I’m not sure how many working days I have left.

Curtis: Auntie, thank you for your advice. I appreciate it. I know what you’re trying to do, but… …it’s like this place is a — it’s like a safety net. You know, every time I fall, there’s somebody there to catch me. And I know that’s not how life is. I got to get back out there and do things on my own, and I can’t expect anyone to hold my hand.

Stella: I’m not talking about that, Curtis, and you know it. Of course you’re going to get out of rehab. I just need to know that you’re ready.

Curtis: I just can’t sit here any longer, you know? [ Exhales deeply ] What am I supposed to do? Feel sorry for myself that I can’t walk?

Stella: Maybe that’s exactly what you need to do. You have a right to feel sorry for yourself. You have a right to be mad. This should have never happened! So, you can’t just put those — push those feelings aside. You got to let them out. Open the window and scream if you have to. Because if you don’t, baby, it’s going to eat away at you bit by bit until it explodes on the people you love and care —

Curtis: Look, Auntie —

Stella: No, don’t “Look, Auntie” me. I’m not done yet. It’s going to take everything you’ve got to face this head on. God has placed an obstacle in your path, and you need to show him that you are up for the challenge.

Robert: We know that he lied about being at ELQ the night of the fire, but… do you think he had anything to do with burning down your house?

Anna: You promised me you wouldn’t ask any questions.

Robert: I lied. Look, the difference between my lies and Valentin’s lies are that his lies tend to get you killed.

Anna: Alright. I mean, he’s complicated. But he doesn’t do anything without a reason. I don’t know why he said he was at ELQ when he wasn’t. I also don’t know what else he’s lied about.

Robert: But you suspect something.

Anna: What if his connection to Pikeman goes deeper? Alright, he admitted to working for them years ago as a logistics contractor, and he claims that it ended with that. I don’t buy it. What if he’s still in bed with Pikeman?

Martin: To be fair, neither one of us has been particularly successful when it comes to marriage.

Lucy: Yeah, but–

Martin: [ Stammers ] Wait. Hang on just a second. Something doesn’t make sense. How on earth did you find out that I’m the one getting the alimony?

Diane: Carly, that’s not the way the law works. It’s not like you’ve gone to a doctor. You don’t like what he says. You go to General Hospital for a second opinion. No, this is the justice system. You can’t handpick a judge.

Carly: Yeah, but the sentence they gave Drew was just over the top and wrong. And besides, Drew agreed to six months in Spring Ridge, not three years in Pentonville. I mean, it’s — it’s cruel and unusual.

Diane: I wholeheartedly agree.

Carly: And b– and besides, there is nothing whatsoever in Drew’s past to justify the sentence. It’s like the judge had some kind of vendetta against Drew. There is something that we have to do. Come on.

Diane: You know, that’s an interesting point, though. I might be able to argue bias. I can go back into this judge’s past cases and see if there was any sort of history of prejudicial behavior.

Carly: Okay, great. So you’ll take the case?

Diane: Well, that depends. Who’s hiring me? You or Drew?

Trina: Part of this is my fault.

Josslyn: How is it your fault?

Trina: When I found out that Curtis was my father, I lashed out at my mom. Then she found out that Curtis kissed Jordan, and she was already so upset by how I was treating her that she went off on Curtis.

Josslyn: I still don’t understand how that’s on you.

Trina: If I had not put her in a vulnerable state, maybe she wouldn’t have been as angry with Curtis about the kiss. He said that it meant nothing, and she didn’t let it go. And that’s on me.

Josslyn: No. No, it’s not, Trina. They are responsible for their actions, not you. And they’re adults, and they’ve got to figure this out for themselves.

Curtis: If God wanted to put an obstacle in my path, he didn’t have to take away my ability to walk. Talk about timing. Right when everything was looking up, Auntie. Not only did I reconnect with my father and make peace with him, I found out that I have a daughter, an amazing daughter. And yeah, I struggled with — with the fact that Portia kept it a secret from me, but we were working past that.

Stella: You still have those things, baby. You still have all those good things in your life, your family. The accident didn’t take us away.

Curtis: But that’s it. It wasn’t an accident. That shooter intended to pull that trigger. It doesn’t matter if I was the intended target. I was hit. [ Exhales deeply ] And here I am, and you expect me to believe that that’s God’s plan?

Stella: Maybe this experience can enrich your life in ways you never expected. Show you how strong and resilient you are.

Curtis: I don’t feel strong. I can’t even walk.

Stella: [ Sighs ]

Curtis: I can barely do anything, Auntie. So much of who I am… is tied to how physical I was. You know, Curtis, hitting the bag… rough and tumble, even a run in the park. But I can’t do any of that anymore.

Stella: You’re saying a disabled person should just give up? We have nothing to fear but fear itself. You know who said that? FDR. He didn’t give up. He ran this country from a wheelchair. Now, that’s a real hero. Not like the ones that you… read in those comic books you used to love.

Curtis: “Falcon”?

Stella: Baby, you have a superpower. You just don’t know it yet, but it’s in there. And until you find it, we are all here standing right beside you.

Marshall: Part of me understands where Curtis is coming from.

Portia: How do you mean?

Marshall: Years ago, when I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, I made a tough choice. Looking back, it probably wasn’t the right one, but back then, I chose to leave my family to protect them.

Portia: So you think that Curtis is pushing me away for the same reason?

Marshall: I can’t say for sure. But what I do know, Portia, is that my son… my son loves you. But what he doesn’t know is what your — your relationship is going to be like. And I’m not just talking emotionally, I’m… I’m talking physically, Portia.

Portia: So, he’s avoiding me?

Marshall: Yeah. He’s avoiding you. And he’s — he’s avoiding the questions he doesn’t have the answers to yet. And it’s not because he doesn’t love you. It’s because he does love you.

Gregory: I told Finn about my diagnosis. It’s still surreal saying I have ALS. You’d think it would have sunk in by now, but every time I say it, it hits me all over again.

Alexis: How did he take it?

Gregory: Finn usually plays everything close to the vest, but he was obviously devastated. And then I only added to that by telling him you already knew.

Alexis: We ran into each other, um, a little bit ago, and we talked about it.

Gregory: Was he upset that you knew?

Alexis: I think he’s more concerned about you, not who was told first.

Gregory: So, hopefully it won’t damage your friendship.

Alexis: No, it will not. Finn and I are fine. And we’re both worried about you.

Gregory: Well, thank you, again, for keeping my confidence. And I’m sorry I put you in that position. It wasn’t fair. I hope you can forgive me.

Elizabeth: I know your dad is facing something horrible, but hopefully he can hang on to those moments of joy he has right now. You said he talked about going on a trip?

Finn: Yeah. He wanted to take Violet to Disney World.

Elizabeth: [ Chuckles softly ]

Finn: But that was before his symptoms started getting worse. I-I think he’s afraid of losing his mobility, and he doesn’t want Violet to see that.

Elizabeth: You know that’s inevitable. But kids are super resilient. “One day at a time.” That’s what they say in A.A., right?

Finn: That’s what they say. But it’s still hard to see what lies ahead.

Elizabeth: I know. I know. But your dad is — he’s still independent, and he still has his freedom, and you have to take advantage of that while you can. Don’t miss out on what’s right in front of you.

Martin: The particulars of my financials, especially that alimony, now, that’s confidential. And I’m not the kind of man who leaves documents lying around, so how on Earth did you get your hands on that information?

Lucy: Well, perhaps… I went to Pine Valley, and I snooped.

Martin: Huh. I see. That “girls trip” you took with Felicia — you said you were in Llanview.

Lucy: I lied. I lied. And we — we — we met this guy there named Jackson Montgomery. He’s a lawyer.

Martin: Oh, lord. I know who Jackson Montgomery is.

Lucy: Right. Well, we also, um, had a-a-a look at some of his files, and perhaps without his permission.

Martin: So, you were willing to, what, break the law? Get a look at my private something-something? You know you could have been arrested, Lucy? How could you have done something like that?

Lucy: Really? How could I have done something like that? How about how could you keep this whole thing, this whole money, alimony thing, a secret from me all this time? How?!

Martin: Because that’s in the past. It has nothing to do with you and me. There is nothing that is more important than my relationship with you.

Lucy: Okay. Give it up. Give up the money. You tell your third ex-wife you just don’t want that alimony anymore. No alimony, ever. Ever.

Martin: [ Quietly ] It’s $50,000. Is that really what you want?

Lucy: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t think I’m really free to make demands on you to give up $50,000, especially when I’m going to be bankrupt soon.

Robert: I’ll take care of Valentin.

Anna: Okay.

Robert: But why don’t you just… confront him directly?

Anna: I can’t do that.

Robert: That’s because you don’t trust him. [ Laughs ] I often wondered what you really saw in that dude.

Anna: Can you just stop? I-I didn’t ask you for this. I really just want you to find out the truth, because I don’t know what it is anymore.

Oh, nobody told me we’d have company.

Robert: You don’t. I’m leaving.

Valentin: Darling.

Anna: Hi.

Valentin: What’s with Robert?

Anna: Well, he’s a bit worried about Robin.

Diane: Does Drew even know that you are trying to relitigate his sentence?

Carly: Yes, he knows I want him out of there. I was just with him earlier at Pentonville.

Diane: How’s he holding up?

Carly: You know, he’s Drew. He’s strong mentally and physically, so he’s not going to complain. And, yeah, he can survive, but that’s not the point. He shouldn’t have to.

Diane: Okay. Look, in a standard case — and this is far from a standard case — the appeals process can take years, and it can be torturous. It’s a — it’s a constant cycle of hope and disappointment, hope and disappointment, so instead of putting Drew through all of that, the wisest course of action might be to let him finish out his sentence.

Stella: So, what does life at home look like for you now?

Curtis: What do you mean?

Stella: you going to try to do everything on your own and continue to shut out your wife? I know it’s hard for Portia to see you this way. Every time she comes to see you, she feels you pushing her away. Is that how it’s going to be when you get home?

Curtis: We were making progress. I was on my way to talk to her at the pool when I was shot. I never got my chance.

Stella: But now you have a chance.

Curtis: Auntie, once I found out that I was paralyzed, I said some horrible things to Portia. I didn’t want her pity. And so I was deliberately hurtful, and I thought it would drive her away. But it didn’t.

Stella: That woman loves you unconditionally. Now, I know she was hurt, but she understood why you lashed out. We’re always toughest on the ones we love. This might be a long road, baby, but let us ride along with you. We love you. So let us in.

Alexis: There is nothing to forgive.

Gregory: No, it was wrong. Especially knowing you and Finn are friends.

Alexis: Okay. What about Chase? How did he take it? Ooh. Haven’t told him yet, huh?

Gregory: I will, I-I just keep… putting it off. Chase has always been so sensitive. It practically killed me having to tell him that his mother and I were getting divorced. I-I can’t imagine how he’s going to take this news. I just want a few more days with him not knowing so our time together won’t be about my illness.

Alexis: I understand.

Gregory: I know it’s been difficult, but thank you for respecting my wishes and staying silent about my diagnosis. It gave me more time with my family. Time to be a father and grandfather and not a man with a debilitating disease.

Alexis: Again, it is not my place to share this information. And you’ll tell Chase when you’re ready.

Finn: You’re right. I need to focus on the present. [ Breathes deeply ] I need to enjoy this time with my dad. I just wish I hadn’t wasted so damn much of it, you know? For years, I wanted nothing to do with my family. I — I turned my back on my father. But he never gave up on me.

Elizabeth: And now it’s your turn. Because you won’t give up on him.

Finn: I’m going to be there for him. I’m going to be there for him every step of the way.

Elizabeth: But now is the time to be completely honest with him. Put everything on the table. Tell him how you feel guilty about shutting him out and how you want to make up for it. You can’t save him, Finn, but you can love him.

Trina: Hi. I thought you could use some company.

Portia: I sure do. [ Sighs ] It’s been such an emotional night. [ Sighs ]

Trina: You’ve been having a lot of those lately.

Portia: Mm. Well…

Trina: Talk to me.

Mm… I’ve really been dumping on you a lot lately, so, ah…

Portia: Mom. I want to help you. What’s going on?

Portia: Marshall was here earlier, and we had a pretty heavy discussion about Curtis.

Trina: Is something wrong with Curtis?

Portia: No, no, no, no. He’s fine. But I heard from the rehab facility, and he’s being released tomorrow.

Trina: That’s great. I was just telling Joss that once we’re all under the same roof again, I-I know things will get better.

Portia: But I’m not quite sure that he’s going to be coming back home.

Stella: You’re a very proud man, Curtis Byron Ashford. And I know… I know it’s difficult for you to be so vulnerable. But we’re not looking at you with pity. Especially Portia. And you need to open your heart and let her in. And if you can do that, maybe you are ready to go home.

Curtis: I’ve been shutting down emotionally because it’s easier than admitting how difficult this is. Sure, the physical part’s demanding, but it’s the only way I know how to work through this. But… I know I have to put my life back together. Yeah. And it’s just going to look a little different from this angle.

Stella: Does that mean… that you’re ready to take on the challenge of your new reality?

Curtis: [ Breathes deeply ]

Anna: So, what have you been up to?

Valentin: I was with Charlotte.

Anna: Oh, good.

Valentin: We were supposed to have lunch here by the pool, but she actually had a pizza place she wanted me to see, so we may have ordered a large sausage and mushroom and finished half a dozen zeppole for dessert. So, I don’t think I’m going to be terribly hungry for dinner, but I will join you.

Anna: Okay. You can make it up to me by ordering another glass of wine. Just going to go to the ladies’ room, okay? I’ll be right back.

Lucy: Deception’s stock is tanking, and how dare they claim that I stole the whole idea of the Deceptor? I didn’t, and you know that. I came up with the idea. We were together in bed, remember? You were my inspiration.

Martin: Intellectual property theft is very difficult to prove.

Lucy: Okay, but what if they do? What if they actually prove it? That means we’re out of business, and I’m broke.

Martin: Honey, would you excuse me for a second? I just need one minute.

Lucy: What?

Martin:¬†I’ll be right back.

Lucy: What is more important than this?

Martin: Nothing, nothing.

Lucy: Me? What’s im–

Martin:¬†I promise you. Just — where are you — ho– hold that thought.

Lucy: [ Scoffs ] [ Scoffs ]

Valentin: Have you heard back?

Martin:¬†Yes. And it’s not good news.

Carly: You think Drew should stay in Pentonville for three years?

Diane: Oh, stop it. I don’t think Drew should stay in Pentonville. Of course not, I’m just saying that at this point, it might be wise to let him serve out his sentence.

Carly: It’s not, okay? It’s not, and — and I wouldn’t ask you to pursue this if Drew wasn’t on board.

Diane: Really?

Carly: Okay, I would. I would. But he is, so come on, please? You’re the best lawyer I know. There has to be something you can do.

Diane: Carly, there’s just not a lot to work with here. This is a federal case, and it’s very tricky to get federal cases reassigned to a different judge.

Carly: Can’t you pull some strings? I mean, seriously. What about Robert? I know things are awkward between the two of you, but maybe he has some federal connections —

Diane: Yes, things are awkward between the two of us.

Carly: Oh, my god.

Diane: What? What?

Carly: Well, hello, DA Scorpio.

Robert: Good evening, ladies.

Diane: Hmm.

Diane: [ Laughs ]

Robert: I didn’t think you frequented this establishment, Ms. Miller.

Diane: Oh. Well, there’s boatloads you don’t know about me. [ Chuckles ]

Robert: Well, I dropped by to tell you I bought a new set of wheels.

Finn: I’m glad my dad confided in you.

Elizabeth: He did it for you. He wanted you to be able to share the burden.

Finn: Between you and me, there’s no one else I’d rather share it with.

Elizabeth: He also said that he hasn’t told Chase yet.

Finn: Yeah, it’s going to be hard. It’s gonna be hard on him, but I’m going to be there to help him. I’m just really grateful to have you in my corner. I couldn’t imagine doing this on my own.

Elizabeth: You don’t have to. I’m here for you. Every step of the way.

Finn: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Gregory: What if I’m never ready to tell Chase? I keep waiting for the right time, but he’s been so happy lately with Brook Lynn and getting his badge back. This will crush him.

Alexis: I don’t think you’re giving him enough credit. He was raised by a hell of a dad.

Gregory: [ Chuckles ]

Alexis: And I want you to stop me if I — if I’ve said this before, but I’m here for you.

Gregory: Stop.

Alexis: I’m really lucky to have you in my life.

Gregory: Stop.

Alexis: You’re a great writer.

Gregory: Go on.

Alexis: [ Laughs ]¬† And you’re a hell of a pal.

Gregory: The feeling is mutual, boss.

Alexis: [ Chuckles ]

Diane: Now, why would you buy a new car when you told me you were perfectly comfortable with the old one? You said you weren’t good with change.

Robert: Oh, I thought about what you said, and, uh, yes, you were right. I thought I’d open myself up to new possibilities.

Diane: Out with the old, in with the new. Is that it? Well, groovy. Good on ya. Not quite sure it’s that simple, but enjoy those wheels.

Robert: Uh, would you, uh, like to come for a spin? Yeah?

Diane: I will have to check my spin schedule, but I’m sure I can squeeze you in.

Robert: Well, I’m sure your friend Chris… what — what’s his name?

Diane: Uh, yes. Yes, Chris is her name, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

Carly: Uh, the other thing, Diane?

Diane: On it.

Valentin: The clock is ticking, Marty. I need you to get this done.

Martin: Valentin, it’s not that simple.

Valentin: It is simple. I can’t take the next step until you get it done. Will you get it done?

Anna: Hey, what’s with you and Martin? It’s a little tense. Is everything okay?

Valentin: Yeah. I mean, just boilerplate talk, nothing interesting. But at least now he can deduct his meal as a business expense.

Anna: [ Chuckles ]

Valentin: I’m here for you. How was your day?

Anna: Oh, kind of like you and martin. Nothing interesting.

Martin: So, what can I get you? Are you hungry? You want something to eat? You do love their burgers.

Lucy: Nope. Not hungry. Don’t have an appetite. Too nervous. You know, that hearing is tomorrow. And my entire future is riding on that hearing. This really could be the, um, end of Deception. And the end of me.

Trina: Did Curtis say he’s not coming home?

Portia: No, but I haven’t heard from him. So, I’m worried maybe he has second thoughts about coming back.

Trina: I’m sure Curtis just has a lot on his mind being discharged. I know he’ll come home. So, I better get to the house and make sure everything’s ready.

Portia: Trina, honey, I-I don’t want you to get your hopes up. If Curtis does come back home, things are going to be different. It — it — [ Sighs ] It’s going to be an adjustment for all of us.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Portia: Curtis.

Curtis: Hey, Portia. How are you?

Portia: I’m okay. Um, how are you?

Curtis: Better than I have been in the last few weeks. I’m coming home.

Portia: You have no idea how happy that makes me.

Curtis: It’s not going to be easy, but we can make it work. Together.

On the next “General Hospital” —

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Cyrus (to Drew): I now have Sonny’s protection, too.

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Carly (to Michael): I may have come up with a way to get Drew out of Pentonville.

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