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Dante: oh, hi. Anna. Thanks for meeting me.

Yeah. I wanted us to be able to talk alone.

Without Valentin?

Yeah, exactly.

Anna: Okay, so I want to see this evidence that you have…


…That he wasn’t at ELQ the night of the fire.

Dante: He wasn’t.

Anna: Okay. I want to see it.

Dante: I know. I’m gonna show you everything we have. But first, wait. Can you…promise me that you’re gonna get a bodyguard or something?

Anna: No! I’m not gonna do that. I won’t allow you to take away the one thing I have left — my privacy.

Finn: Hey, Dana.

Dana: Hey, Finn.

How are you?

Finn: Good. Where do you want to sit?

Dana: Actually, I’m the speaker today.

Finn: No kidding? Good luck.

Dana: [ Chuckles ] Thanks.

Kim! I am so glad you called. This is exactly what I needed.

Finn: Are you sick? Have you, uh — have you been diagnosed?

Gregory: Yes.

Finn: Maybe I’ll be able to help. Can you tell me what it is?

Gregory: ALS.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Alexis: Esme, I’m on my way to a meeting. What’s wrong?

Cyrus: May I offer you a word of advice? You need some kind of family to survive behind these walls. If you won’t join my flock, then I strongly suggest you find another.

Nina: Oh, hey. Thanks for coming.

Martin: Why are we here?

Nina: Because I didn’t want to go somewhere we might be overheard or seen again.

Martin: Okay. What can I do for you?

Nina: Listen. Are you still getting pressure from the FBI and the SEC to reveal your source for the insider-trading tip against Carly and Drew?

Martin: You mean, am I being pressured to tell them it was you?

Carly: Katrina, it’s not your fault. It’s okay. Yeah, I have an appointment, but I can leave when you get here. Okay. Be safe.

Willow: Ohh… Willow. Ohh, Willow! I’m so happy to see you.

Carly: Oh, my gosh. I’m so sorry it’s been so long.

Willow: You never have to apologize to me after everything you’ve done for us.

Carly: Are Michael and the kids with you?

Willow: Michael is working. Olivia agreed to watch the kids. I am on my own.

Carly: Wow. How’s that feel?

Willow: Good. Like something I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to do again.

Carly: Okay.

Willow: Michael told me you took over Kelly’s.

Carly: Yeah.

Willow: Wow! Look at what you’ve done to the place!

Carly: Yeah, I just wanted to spruce it up a little.

Willow: Well, you sure did that.

Carly: God. It’s so good to see you. So what can I do for you?

Willow: Actually… I’m here to see if there’s any way I can help you.

Austin: There is nothing to worry about, Ava.

Ava: I am worried. And actually I do have good reason to worry.

Austin: Okay. Can we talk about this in a place that’s not my office?

Ava: I just need to know exactly what’s going on.

Austin: With?

Ava: You know, I’ve got this — this con artist Betty. She’s pretending to be a nanny. She’s spending time with my daughter. And I’m already, like, super worried about going to jail.

Austin: What, for killing Nikolas? I promise you, Ava — you are not going to jail for killing Nikolas. Everything is under control.

Ava: But how? How exactly is everything under control?

It’s working? Ohh. Good. All’s well. See you later.

[ Applause ]

Dana: Thanks, everyone. Now, who would like to share first? Finn?

Finn: Hello. Hi. Um… I’m Hamilton, and I’m an addict. I want to — I want to thank Dana for her powerful message. The idea of navigating life’s challenges while dealing with addiction really resonates with me right now. Recently, I had some — had some bad news. Some bad news about someone I love very much. This person has been suffering, and I had no idea. Had I have known, I feel like I could have helped them, but I guess I was just so caught up in my own life. But the fact that I — I couldn’t help them because I didn’t know they needed help, well, that’s left me just — it’s left me a little resentful. You see, because I have this — I have this good friend and she knew the truth and… she chose to keep it to herself.

Nina: This is important to me, Martin. That’s why I was anxious to set up this meeting.

Martin: I know. I know. I’m sorry. But my brother, Cyrus, had a heart attack. I had to take care of some business for him. And it’s not like the situation is all that urgent.

Nina: Maybe not to you, but I need to know if the SEC is gonna be knocking down my door.

Martin: Nina! Listen to me. I told you. It’s under control. Drew Cain took a plea deal. There will not be a trial. Therefore you cannot be pressured to testify. You can relax.

Nina: It’s really done?

Martin: Yes! There is no reason that Willow or Sonny should ever find out it was you who turned on Drew and Carly.

Nina: Okay.

Carly: The ELQ order is almost ready. Let me know when the wings are done. Alright. Sorry about that.

Willow: Carly, I don’t want to take up your time. If you need to work, it’s totally fine.

Carly: No, no, no. The lunch rush is over. I just have to wait for Katrina to get here so I can go visit Drew.

Willow: You’re going to see Drew. That’s great.

Carly: Well, it will be great — now that he’s out of solitary confinement.

Willow: Wait. Why was Drew in solitary?

Dante: Anna, from where I’m standing, I just feel like privacy should be the least of your concerns right now.

Anna: Don’t make me regret sharing information with you.

Dante: I don’t want you to regret anything. I want you to be safe. It’s my job to keep you safe. I care about you, Anna. Okay?

Anna: If they wanted me dead, I would be dead, Dante.

Dante: Okay. What do you think that shot was at the metro court pool? Was that just a friendly message — the one that put Curtis in a wheelchair? You have no idea whether or not they thought you were in that house or not.

Anna: If they were watching me, I would be dead already.

That’s what I’m saying.

They would have got me on my run.

Dante: Okay, there’s another thing I really don’t think you should be doing at that hour of the night on your own.

Anna: Oh, for god’s sake. It had been a long day. Alright? Look, I’ve already told you that setting a fire is too clumsy because you can’t guarantee that you will get your mark. What you can do is destroy a person’s life. They can take everything away from me, alright? My reputation, my memories, literally my home. Because I believe someone is out to leave me with absolutely nothing!

Austin: So, Betty collected some very valuable information on Sonny, and last night, she passed it on to Mason.

Ava: So then your crazy cousin got what he wanted, then.

Austin: Yes, yes. And he will deliver the data. And then we get on with our lives. We go find Nikolas’ body.

Ava: Ohh. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Austin: You can believe it. Okay? It’s gonna happen.

[ Telephone rings ]

Austin: This whole nightmare will soon be over. Hello. Yeah, no, I — I know. I’m sorry. Something important came up. I’m on my way. I got to go. Okay. I promise that I will let you know the minute that I hear back from Mason that it’s done.

Ava: Now, if I don’t hear from you —

Austin: You will hear from me. You will.

Jake! Hey. And Wyatt. Wow. Okay. Right. I haven’t seen you since last summer. What’s going on?

We had a little laser flip incident.

Oh, I see. That’s not good. Let’s — let’s find ourselves an exam room and take a closer look, okay?

Mr. Chase. This is Dr. Ashford. He’s doing a neurology rotation, and he’s gonna be shadowing me, with your permission.

Gregory: Absolutely. We’ve met before. I’ve heard great things about you from my son, Finn.

It’s good to see you.

I’m gonna have him stay for your exam consultation.

Gregory: Of course. Having two good doctors in my corner is even better. I know I’ll be needing all the help I can get.

So it’s been more than six months since Mr. Chase’s initial diagnosis. He went to the mayo clinic, and they did extensive tests.

Gregory: Yes. Unfortunately, there’s no doubt that I have ALS, and I understand that I am in for the fight of my life.

Y-you said on the phone you had another episode.

Gregory: Yes. Uh… I agreed to babysit for my granddaughter, Violet, and I took a fall.

I’m sorry.

Gregory: Fortunately, she wasn’t in the room, but… the look on her face when she found me…

Why don’t we — why don’t we get started with the exam?

Finn:  Look, I know times like this, facing crisis, that’s the possibility of using again, right? But I don’t think that’s gonna help. Right now I have — I have someone who needs me. They need me now more than ever, and I just want to focus on being there for them. It’s funny, the things that come flooding back to you, though. They didn’t want to burden me with their problem, but they were reaching out, you know, wanted to spend more time together. And I would have, just if I would have known. I understand… why my friend didn’t tell me what she knew. I wish she would have. Because then I would have had more time. And time is so important. Time is everything. And I just want to spend every minute I can taking care of this person for as long as I can. I want to thank you all for listening to me.

[ Applause ]

[ Shower running ]

Cyrus: Ohh. We know the importance of cleanliness, don’t we, god? [ Chuckles ] Thank you for granting me another beautiful day.

Carly: I don’t know the details of why Drew was in solitary confinement. I’m hoping to find that out when I see him.

Willow: Okay, well, please give him my love. I wouldn’t be here if Drew hadn’t risked his life in Greenland to get Liesl Obrecht back for the transplant.

Carly: Yeah. He’s such a good guy. And he’s helped so many people.

Willow: It’s just so unfair that Drew is stuck in prison just because someone was spiteful enough to turn you two in.

Carly: Yeah.

Willow: Are you still convinced Ned was the one who turned you in?

[ Nina clears throat ]

Nina: Hi, Willow. Carly. Wow. Place looks really nice. The improvements you’ve made look great.

Carly: Thank you. Oh. I got to go.

Hey. Are you okay?


Carly: Alright. I’ll be back later. Alright?

Nina: I didn’t mean to drive Carly out.

Willow: Don’t worry. You didn’t.

Dante: I’m sorry. Anna, I didn’t mean to come down on you like that. I know it’s, uh, not easy.

Anna: That’s alright. I’m lucky to have a friend like you. Everyone’s been very supportive.

Dante: Yeah, but you lost your house. That’s awful. And it’s got to hurt.

Anna: No, what hurts… is Curtis in a wheelchair because of me.

Dante: You do have to stop blaming yourself for that, though.

Anna: No, I don’t. It doesn’t compare, really. I mean, I — I’m not hurt and I have resources. Insurance is taking care of the fire.

Dante: How’s Valentin doing with everything?

Anna: He’s good. He’s very supportive of me.

Dante: And… he showed up by your side the morning after the fire. And since. But he lied to you about working for Pikeman.

Anna: He didn’t lie to me.

Well, he was dishonest. He withheld the truth. I-I just…

Dante: Why did he tell you? Why then? Why? Did it come out of nowhere?

Anna: I was putting together the pieces, and he came — came home.

Dante: You told him what you knew, and he realized he had no choice but to come clean. So, yeah, we don’t have to call that a lie if you don’t want to, but we both know he did lie to you about where he was the night of the fire.

Anna: Alright. I want to see this proof that you have.

can see Valentin’s car never showed up to ELQ garage. His car wasn’t even in the neighborhood. I checked the surrounding areas. No sign of it at all. Also, there was no water-main break. I confirmed that, as well. So Valentin was, in fact, lying to you.

Alright. I’ll take that into consideration.

Well, then you should also take into consideration why he would have lied to you that specific night.

Just because he didn’t tell me where he was, it doesn’t make him the arsonist.

I’m not saying it does, but it also means you cannot rule him out as a person of interest.

That is ridiculous!

Is it, though?


Why? H-he finds out everything you know. He — he has to tell you that he worked for Pikeman. You call me. I come to the house. Maybe he sees that all happen.

Any number of people could have seen that happen.

Yeah, but you said the person who did this wants to take away everything from you. Who has motive to leave you with nothing?


Could Valentin want you totally dependent on him?

No! He loves me. That I’m certain of.

Told you it wasn’t broken.

Austin: Hey, now. It’s a pretty bad sprain. So it’s good you’re here. Jake was right to bring you.


Austin: Alright. Here’s what we’re gonna do. Heat, ice, alternate. And try not to move it at all for a couple days.

Wyatt: Isn’t there some way you can heal it faster? I’m supposed to play cello at our band concert the day after tomorrow.

Austin: And that’s your bow hand?

Wyatt: Yes.

Austin: Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

Jake: Hey. I’m really sorry, Wyatt. This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have talked you into going to the skate park. I messed everything up for you.

Wyatt: You didn’t make me do the laser flip. You even tried to talk me out of doing it again.

Jake: Yeah, it was really cool, though. I’ve only ever seen one other person do it, and he was a lot older than you, so…

Wyatt: At least I did it once.

Austin: And I’m sure you’ll do it again.

Dana: This is it. Thanks, everyone. That’s all the time we have for sharing today. Finn, could you lead us in the serenity prayer?

Finn: Yes. Yes. God, grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change… courage to change the things that I can… …and the wisdom to know the difference.

[ Applause ]

Thank you. Thank you. Good luck.

See you next week?

I’ll see you next week. -Bye. -Bye. Bye.

Can I help you?

Finn: I’m guessing you heard my “share.”

Alexis: Loud and clear. Good.

Let’s put as much pressure in there as you can.

Yeah. -Okay. That’s good. That’s good.

Uh, okay, so we’ll run more extensive diagnostic tests next week. For now, I want to get you fitted for leg braces and hand and wrist splints. Y-you wear them at home. Try to wear them when you sleep to help your extremities remain stretched and in a good position.

Gregory: [ Sighs ] Do I need a cane?

Do you?

Gregory: I don’t think so.

Then you don’t for now. Other than the episodes you described, you seem to be ambulatory without it.

Gregory: When the time comes, I’d prefer a cane to a wheelchair.

A wheelchair won’t be necessary right now, but considering the episodes you’ve had, you absolutely shouldn’t drive. Do you need someone to drive you home?

Gregory: Oh, no. I-I took a car service here. After what happened with my granddaughter, I-I don’t want to put anyone else at risk. I’ll — I won’t be driving anymore.

[ Shower running ]

[ Water splashing ]

Nina: Are you sure Carly racing out of here didn’t have a little something to do with me?

Willow: No. She was late for her visit with Drew at Pentonville.

Nina: Oh. How’s he doing?

Willow: I’m sure it’s miserable. But he’s such an amazing guy. Always positive. I don’t know how he’s doing it.

Nina: Well, I will always be grateful to him for helping save your life.

Willow: Yeah, so will I. And I-I’m grateful that even in Pentonville, Drew knows he has Carly’s love and support. He’ll make it through this.

Yeah, yeah. Of course he will. But it is still an outrage that Drew was even sent to Pentonville in the first place.


Carly: Hi. I’m so sorry I’m late. Katrina’s car broke down. I had to cover for her at Kelly’s before I could get here.

Drew: You’re here. That’s all that matters. I love you. I love you.

Alexis: I know you’re very angry at me for not telling you, and I don’t blame you. You have no idea how much I wanted to tell you. I did. I just couldn’t because he was adamant about me not doing it.

Finn: Hey, look, I understand the position he put you in, alright? He — hell, he probably wouldn’t even have told me now if he hadn’t collapsed in front of Violet.

Alexis: Ohh!

Finn: She’s okay. I just… Alexis, I can’t believe I was so caught up in my own life that I — I didn’t see the signs.

Alexis: Well, he was very good at covering them up.

Finn: Uh-huh. And you were very good at honoring his wishes.

Alexis: Too good. I’m sorry.

Finn: I know you are. I understand. He — he’s a very private and, uh, persuasive man. To see him accept this…

Alexis: Your dad is very brave.

Finn: I know. You know, he’s so — so excited about this trip he wanted to take. You know, all of us go on this trip. And I — I put him off, you know, ’cause… I could have done it. I could have made it work. But I — I didn’t. I got so caught up in everything that Violet was going through. But I could have made it work!

Alexis: Don’t you understand? That’s exactly what he wanted, is for you to just continue to lead a normal life so he could watch you and Chase and Violet all being productive and happy. He does not want you to zero in and focus on his illness. That is not how he wants to spend the rest of the time that he has left.

Finn: The time I stole from him.

Alexis: Just focus on today. That’s all any of us can do.

Elizabeth: …Ice and alternate. Let that arm rest for a few days. Okay? It was really nice seeing you.

Wyatt: You too, miss Baldwin.

Jake: I thought you’d be more mad you can’t play in your concert.

Wyatt: I’m gonna play. I just won’t tell anyone I fell.

Gregory: Wyatt? I thought that was you. Hi, Jake.

Wyatt: Hi, Mr. Chase.

Gregory: Wyatt, I haven’t seen you since our camping trip last summer. Looks like you had a little accident.

Anna: I didn’t realize you disliked Valentin quite so much.

Dante: Oh, no. Anna, look. I-I’m just doing my job here.

Anna: This is not about your job.

Dante: You’re right. You know, you’re right. It’s about more than that. It’s about Charlotte. She’s staying with us right now. Lulu’s daughter. Valentin’s her dad. We love her. She loves him. So I guess what I’m saying is you’re not the only one who thinks that Valentin’s changed.

Anna: He has changed.

Dante: Okay. But, please, Anna, put yourself in my shoes right now. With the facts and logic laid out as they are, are you telling me you wouldn’t even for a second entertain the thought that Valentin could be a suspect?

Anna: He wouldn’t do that, Dante! He wouldn’t!

Dante: Sure — but he would! Anna, you cannot just ignore the man’s past! He’s manipulative.

Anna: Oh, wow.

Dante: Come on! You know it! He’s always been that way. I’m sorry. Maybe you got too close to some truth. Maybe he needs you completely and totally dependent on him for some reason or another. I don’t know. But are you telling me that you can look at me and tell me you — you think there’s no way that he could have done something like this?

Anna: Okay. Whatever he’s lying about, it’s not that he burned down our home.

Dante: Your home. Why’d he lie to you?

Anna: I think it has something to do with Pikeman.

[ Shower running ]

[ Faucet squeaks, shower stops ]

Austin: What are you doing here?

Mason: Stay calm. But it’s almost show time.

Austin: Why would I care?

Mason: Because you have the starring role.

Austin: No, no. I don’t. I’ve already played my part.

Mason: No. It’s time for the big finale. You get to deliver the flash drive to the boss.

Austin: No, I don’t. I’ve got appointments lined up all afternoon. There are other doctors.

[ Knock on door ]

TJ: Dr. Gatlin-holt? Sorry. I didn’t realize I was interrupting.

Austin: You’re not, Dr. Ashford.

Mason: Yeah, I-I’m not a patient. I’m Austin’s cousin. The two of us were just… catching up. I’m Mason Gatlin.

TJ: Nice to meet you. Here’s the chart. I’m really sorry I didn’t get it to you earlier.

Austin: Not a problem. Thanks.

TJ: Have we met somewhere before?

Carly: I’m just trying to understand why you chose to protect Cyrus Renault.

Drew: Look. S-some guys were coming at Cyrus. I stepped in. We fought. We both got solitary. It’s — it’s as simple as that.

Carly: But it’s not that simple.

Drew: Carly, can we drop this?

Carly: No. You weren’t in Port Charles when Cyrus was out of prison and he was threatening everyone. I just don’t understand why you had to intervene. Why couldn’t you just walk away?

Nina: Does seem wrong that Drew was sent to Pentonville for what he did.

Willow: He has been so good to us and supportive in every way. He was supposed to walk me down the aisle when Michael and i got married. I could talk to him about anything. He would listen and give me the best advice. And he never had an agenda.

Nina: And I always do. I’m sorry, Willow. You know, sometimes I just push too hard, don’t I?

Willow: Yeah, you do. But in all fairness, you know, Drew isn’t my father, and he doesn’t feel as if he has anything to make up for. So my guard isn’t up when I’m around him.

Nina: Like it is with me. But I would like to change that.

Willow: Well, uh, you’re marrying Sonny. You’re — you’re gonna be a part of my life. W-we’re gonna be seeing a lot of each other, whether we like it or not.

Nina: That’s one way to look at it.

I don’t want things to be so strained between us.

No, me neither. We need to find our way to some kind of relationship.

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

But no matter what, you know, t-those things take time.

Willow: [ Chuckles ] Uh, well, I-I have to — I have to get home to Wiley.

Nina: Right. So…

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Alright. Bye. Thank you. Hi.

Ava: Progress?

Nina: I think maybe so.

Drew: The guy that came at Cyrus, he was way younger than him. Cyrus isn’t exactly in his prime, and I just — I don’t have it in me to turn a blind eye to something like that. I’m sorry. I guess it’s a character flaw.

Carly: Yeah. It is. But it’s one of the many things I love about you.

Drew: Oh, yeah?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, if you were the kind of guy to watch an old man get beat up and not do anything and just walk away, you wouldn’t be the man I love.

Drew: It is kind of crazy. Cyrus was the one person I was trying to stay as far away from as possible. Now we’re basically bonded for life.

Carly: I’m sorry. What do you mean, “bonded for life”? All you did was stop the fight.

Drew: After the fight, Cyrus had a heart attack. I gave him CPR. I saved his life.

[ Shower running ]

Cyrus: You work in mysterious ways. Very mysterious ways. And I’m grateful.

Mason: No, I don’t believe we’ve met. Then again, people are always saying I remind them of someone. Sometimes even vin diesel. The hair and the voice.

TJ: [ Chuckles ] No. I think we did meet before. I just can’t remember where.

Mason: I haven’t really spent that much time in Port Charles, but who knows?

TJ: Yeah. Maybe I’ll figure that out. Thank you for the file, Doctor.

Austin: So you’ve met Dr. Ashford? We may have crossed paths.

Dante: Do you think he’s lying to you about Pikeman?

Anna: When you called me last night to say that you had evidence that he wasn’t at ELQ the night of the fire, Valentin was in the shower. He had just received some papers. Kind of looked like a contract, maybe a consultancy project or something. They had the Pikeman logo on them.

Dante: You think he could be working for Pikeman again?

Anna: I don’t know.

Dante: He told you he wasn’t working for them anymore, but then he’s got these papers with their logo on it.

Anna: Yeah. Could Pikeman have been behind the shooting at The Metro Court pool?

Dante: We don’t know that. Maybe — maybe they weren’t after you. Maybe they were after Sonny, and they hired Valentin to set him up.

Alexis: Will you please stop being so hard on yourself? Your father has gotten past all of that.

Finn: How? I was estranged from my father for years. I look at my — my daughter now. I look at Violet, and I get to watch her grow up. And I can’t imagine, not for a moment, her not being in my life.

Alexis: There is no value in dwelling on the past. There just isn’t. We just learned this right here, right now. Right? All we have is today. And I don’t plan on wasting a minute of it.

[ Cellphones dinging ]

Oh. Isn’t it nice that we’re so popular?

Back to the real world.

Alexis: Yeah. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to tell you about your dad’s condition. But I’m glad that you know.

Finn: I’m not looking forward to helping him tell Chase.

Alexis: Well, I hope he tells him sooner than later, so he doesn’t resent you like you might resent me.

Finn: I don’t — no. I don’t resent you. I-I know I’m lucky to have you as a friend. If my dad had to tell someone about his condition other than me, I’m glad it was you.

Alexis: Thank you. I just wish he wasn’t so damn stubborn.

Pot, kettle.


[ Cellphone rings ]

Alexis: I got to take this. Esme has some other office crisis now.

It was nice while it lasted.


Wyatt: If I hadn’t tried that laser flip again, I wouldn’t have hurt my arm and I’d be fine. And I can’t let the band down.

Gregory: And the doctor told you to let your arm rest for a couple days, so you won’t be able to practice at all, will you?

Wyatt: No.

IGregory: f you do try to play it, you really think you’ll be able to do your best?

Wyatt: No.

Gregory: Yeah. Sometimes… [ Sighs ] Sometimes you have to be honest with yourself about what your body can and can’t do. If you show up, try to play, you can’t do your best, then you’ll be letting everyone down.

Wyatt: I never thought of it like that.

Gregory: Admitting that you’re injured even though you really want to play… it’s probably the most honorable and generous thing to do in the long run.

Wyatt: You’re right, but I still hate it.

Gregory: I know exactly how you feel.

Wyatt: Thanks, Mr. Chase.

Anna: Valentin would never agree to set up Sonny.

Dante: Never?

No. Unless he was being blackmailed.

Right. Maybe Pikeman has something on him from when he worked for them.

Right. They could use it against him.

Yeah. Or, uh…


Anna: Well, I know how much Valentin loves Charlotte. He’d do anything for his daughter. What if Pikeman were threatening her?

Dante: It’s a theory, Anna. Not gonna be easy to prove.

Anna: I just want proof that this theory is wrong and that Valentin is clean.

Dante: Well, we both better just keep digging. We need to find out what the truth is. No matter where it leads us.

Ava: I wanted to talk to Carly about Avery. Have you seen her?

Nina: No. She went to go visit Drew.

Ava: Oh. How are you?

Oh. I’m better, I think.

Well, good.


Nice to hear.

Nina: Hey. Question. Are you and Sonny gonna get rid of that new nanny of Avery’s? Because every time I see her, she seems kind of like a —

Ava: She seems like such a bitch, right? Yes. Hopefully she won’t be around too much longer.

Nina: Good, because it’s one less thing to worry about, with our wedding coming up and then we got…

Ava: Drew in prison because you sent him there.

Nina: Hey. Do you have to say that out loud?

Ava: Okay.

Nina: I mean, I was surprised that they sent him to a place like Pentonville.

Ava: Just keep hoping that Sonny and Carly never find out.

Nina: Well, they won’t.

Ava: You seem pretty sure of yourself.

Nina: I am. Because as long as my beautiful, intelligent friend stays quiet… the SEC is going to drop it. And no one will ever know that I’m the one who turned in Carly and Drew.

Drew: And I stayed with Cyrus after I revived him until the prison doctor got there.

Carly: Okay, so everybody in this prison knows that you defended Cyrus and then saved his life?

Drew: Word travels pretty fast around here, yeah.

Carly: The word is going to be that you’re Cyrus’ ally. So does that mean that his enemies are gonna target you?

What’s he doing here?

Thank you so much for taking the time. I really appreciate you meeting me. Here’s your patient, Doctor Gatlin-Holt.

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