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oh, no. No, no, triple no. Oh, come on, tracy. Live a little. It’ll be fun. A fire dancer? Oh, how generous. Thank you. A wilted flower necklace. Just what I’ve always wanted.

[ Gasps ] Aunt elizabeth! You look beautiful. Why are you here? Well, I’m here to pick up your dad. We’re going to dinner. I know that, but why isn’t daddy picking you up? Well… daddy, aunt elizabeth is here to pick you up. Mm-hmm. Girl power.

[ Laughter ] Hi. Hi. Well, well, deputy mayor. How’s the new position? Alright? Planning a coup when laura returns? Uh, hardly. But it is fascinating to see how closely our work with the pcpd dovetails with the mayor’s policy initiatives. It gives me a different perspective, but I will be relieved when laura returns. Bet you will be. Yeah. I hope everyone’s hungry. The food will be here soon. Ahh, takeout, I see. That’s my girl.

[ Knock on door ] I’ll get it. Ah! Ah! My number one. Hi, mom. Darling.Hi, jordan. Hey. So, what’s the big news? There’s news? Family news. Okay, well, if it’s family news, isn’t there someone missing? Tj, hi. I’m so glad I ran into you. Kristina. What brings you by? Everything okay? Oh, yeah, yeah. I’m — I’m here to see dr. Randolph. I didn’t realize you and dr. Randolph were…friends. Oh, well, not exactly, but I am hoping that we’ll be closer soon because I’m gonna ask her to be on the board of directors for my foundation. What is the point of law and order if you two bozos are too busy protecting the guilty and letting the innocent get picked off?! Cody, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Now, you need to calm down. Calm down? Calm down? Is that calm enough for you?! There’s no time to be calm, okay?! Because sasha is in danger! And you guys are too busy doing gladys’s dirty work to help her! You know gladys got the restraining order against you because you snuck into sasha’s room at ferncliff, right? I had no alternative! Look, cody, if you think that gladys is such a threat to sasha, stop playing into her hands. Stop aggravating her.

[ Laughs ] Oh, next time I see that…gladys, I’ll do more than aggravate her. You demonstrated that out in the squad room. Yeah, you got to chill out. Chill — chill out? Chill out? That chill enough for you? Don’t push me!

There’s nobody missing. Well, except for tj. But we have great news, and we wanted to share it with the family as soon as possible. Tj is on call, so it’s up to me to be the bearer of fantastic news. Okay. So, spill. We found our surrogate. The corinthos-davis house is gonna need a lot of support, especially from the lgbtqia+ community. It’s vital that I get a balanced board for maximum outreach. And terry, as a transgender woman, will be able to really speak to those issues from a personal perspective. It’s so important for us to have her insights so we can offer the right guidance and create a safe space for kids that are, you know, questioning their gender identity. Well, dr. Randolph is amazing. She’s highly intelligent, detail-oriented, and extremely professional. She’d be a great addition. I know she would. I just — I hope she has enough time.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Alright. Wish me luck. Absolutely. Good luck. Thanks, tj.

[ Exhales sharply ] Mac: Kick any more chairs, cody, and you’ll be spending the night in holding. Is that really what you want? Now, pick up these papers and calm down. Thank you. Dante, outside.

[ Door closes ] You need to get your friend under control. I know. I know. You can only cover for him for so long. You know, if he keeps acting up, we’re gonna have to book him. Get it? I get it. I understand. I will handle it. Alright. Look, if there’s a problem, text me. I’ll come right down. Look, mac, go. Have a nice night, okay? I got this, alright? Go. Dude, what the hell is going on? What are you — what are you doing? Are you trying to get arrested? I’m so sorry. I had an unexpected delay. Don’t worry about it. Come on in. Hello, elizabeth. Hello. Hey, kid.

[ Gasps ] Grandpa! Now, grandpa — we’re gonna be good for grandpa, aren’t we? Of course, dad. Of course. Right. And don’t even think about staying up past your bedtime. Never.

[ Laughs ] That was right in front of my face. You’re not even trying to be subtle anymore. Unbelievable. Are you ready? I am. Yeah? Come here. Come give me hugs. Bye, aunt elizabeth. Bye, baby girl. Be careful when driving, or daddy will correct you. Right, grandpa? Mm. Look, road safety is very important to me. Always remember to belt up.

[ Chuckles ]Buckles and brakes and blinkers. That’s our motto, right?

[ Laughs ] Alright. Good night, sweetheart. I love you. Bye. Alright. Thanks, dad. Gregory: You bet. Have fun. Okay. Alright, violet, what do you want to do? Movie? Checkers? No, I have a way better idea. You wait here. Hello. Two mai tais, please. And make one of them a double. Yeah, you got it. Is that one the double? That’d be the one. Oh, thank you. Here you go, grandmother. Oh! Don’t these look good? Get us in the mood. What mood is that exactly? And why have you brought me to this wasteland of kitsch? What, you don’t like it? If you must know, you are driving everyone crazy at home. Yes! You are. You’re constantly complaining. So I kindly volunteered to whisk you away and give the family and the staff a break. I’m a pleasant person. I’m easy to live with. Self-aware much? You’re the only one who thinks that. Ooh!

[ Coughs ] And I care about other people’s opinions why? Never mind. I don’T. The only thing I care about is… our little project at deception. Can we talk about that?

I’m serious, dante. Gladys is the one you should be grilling, not me. Yeah, I know. You’ve told me all about your problems with gladys.

[ Laughs ] She framed me. She — she’s been trying to get me out of the way ever since I became friends with sasha. Look, I know you care about sasha, but right now, she’s obviously going through something… no. …A breakdown or something like that. No, no, no! See? That’s the thing. I don’t think sasha’s having a breakdown. I think something else is going on, and it has — it has gladys written all over it. That’s — that’s — that’s why she wants me to have a restraining order — ’cause she’s onto me, when, really, there should be a restraining order against her. Maybe! Maybe, but she’s not the one who broke into sasha’s room at ferncliff and violated visitor protocol. That was you, man. So, way to go. Great. Now the law is on gladys’ side. To hell with that! Okay. To hell with you. Yeah? Oh, god. You shouldn’t have stopped me. Mm? That way, I could have shoved this restraining order down gladys’ throat. You better relax, man. That’s all I’m saying right now. You better relax. I’ll do it. Next time I see her, I will do that. I swear. Nah. I’m not buying it.

[ Chuckles ] This is so exciting. Congratulations. We didn’t want to say anything until we made our decision. Wow. Yes. I’m surprised how quickly you came to the decision. You know me. Once I identify a problem, I’ve got to solve it. Tj and I talked about all our options and realized the best option was a surrogate who will use her own egg. Of course, tj will be the father. How did you find her? We signed up with a service last week, and we did all the interviews yesterday.

[ Chuckling ] Wow. You’re certainly on the fast track. Well, it’s gonna take at least nine months. So, tell us about this woman. Well, there were a few good candidates. But the one tj and I liked the best was andrea gates. She’s in a stable marriage. She’s got a young son, who’s young enough he wouldn’t ask about having a baby brother or sister. She’s completely fine with us going with her to the doctor’s appointments. And we just… we really connected with her. We already did the background checks and filled out all the forms. And the best thing is she’s willing to start the process right away. Wow.

[ Chuckles ] That’s incredible. You’re not letting any grass grow.

[ Scoffs ] Nope. This is all kind of happening fast. Are you and tj sure? Absolutely. 100%.

[ Knock on door ] Oh! That must be the sushi. So, you pick up the bead you want to use. Okay. And you can use any color or shape you like. Alright. Sometimes I like to use only a few colors. Oh, gee– oh. Oh, be careful, grandpa. The beads can be hard to find on the floor. Don’t worry, sweetheart. I promise I won’t lose any. Look at this. Doesn’t it look like a line of atoms and molecules? What do you think? I think it’s smashing! Smashing? That’s an atom joke. Oh.

[ Both chuckle ] Whoa. Ah.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, wow. Oh! Thank you. Uh… thank you. I don’t mind if I do.

[ Chuckles ] What? You thought I was gonna refuse? Well, I know how protective you are of your professional image. Oh, yeah. Image is very big with me. Yeah. Look, I’ll have you know, this is — this is not my first luau. Oh, no? No. No. There was the, uh — well, uh… no, maybe this is my first luau.

[ Laughs ] But in all my extensive travels and all the things I’ve seen, none of it… is as beautiful as the way you look tonight, especially in the light of the fire dancer. Smooth. Was it? Mm-hmm. Still, it’s true. Well? Well? You know the only reason I came to this… tropical travesty is so that we can talk freely about… deception. Oh, grandmother, you know what they say. All work and no play. Let me get you another mai tai. They’re fun. They’re fruity. They’re perfect for a hot night like tonight. Well, I suppose if I have to endure the circus, I may as well partake of the appropriate cocktail. That’s the spirit. And I must admit

[Slurps] They’re quite delicious and refreshing. Told you so. I’ll be right back. Hi. Can I have another two mai tais? Make one a double and the other one a virgin. I understand why it might seem fast to you, but tj and I have been living with this for a while. And we’ve examined it from every angle. I’m sure it’s been hard to think of anything else. I guess I’ve been a little single-minded. And if I’m detecting any worry, let me put your minds at ease. Tj has been with me every step of the way to ground me. And there’s still a ton of stuff to do, paperwork and contracts. And timiko, from my clerkship with judge chua, is gonna handle all the legal details. And, of course, we’re gonna — we’re gonna need a bigger place. But for now, we’re emotionally, physically, psychologically, and financially ready. Well, that covers all the bases. Are you sure she’s related to us?

[ Laughter ] Where are you going?

Kristina. Hey. Hi! How’d it go with dr. Randolph? Um, fantastic. Yeah, it was — it was great. I mean, I think it went well. She was asking a ton of questions, and she was very smart, just like you said. Terry is thorough. That’s got to mean she’s considering it, right? Definitely a good sign. Yeah. Oh. Yay! So, I guess, all in all, it means I had a very productive meeting today. Great. Great. So it was worth sacrificing the sushi party for. Yeah. What? Sushi party? What are you talking about? The fact that molly can’t cook and she can order out is how I know she’s one of us. Molly, I wasn’t trying to question you before. Jordan, don’t be silly. You know I completely value your perspective. Ugh. I suppose I’m always in investigator mode. I just know you and tj have demanding careers and busy lives. Yeah, that’s putting it mildly. Yeah. I wonder where you both got that from.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, if you’re sure you’re ready, then I say let’s bring on baby lansing-davis-ashford.

[ Chuckles ] It’s actually nice being out with you tonight. Oh, ow. Thank you, brook lynn. So…

[Slurring] Stop evading the subject. “Avoiding.”

[ Slurps ] Whatever. They both work. What is with you and deception? You’re like a rabid dog with a bone.

[ Chuckles ] A rabid dog?

[ Laughs ] Oh, you remind me of luke. He liked A…

[Voice breaking] Snappy barb. Well, you two were a perfect match for the battle of the wit. So, our project at deception gives me something to focus on. Because I, uh… I can’t — I — I ca– I can’t believe he’s gone. We were gonna travel the world together. Luke-style, not quartermaine. But luke always had a scheme on the side. Oh, we were perfectly matched in that s-score, too.

[ Slurps ] He was so funny. He used to make me laugh. He used to make me cry. He never bored me. He loved you. He did. And I… I miss him so.

[ Sighs ] Sorry. Dare I ask?

[ Sighs ] Cody. Gladys filed a restraining order against him. What? And let’s just say all hell broke loose — literally. This food is really good.

[ Chuckles ] Hadn’t really noticed. Well, you actually have to try it to find out. Mm. I guess when I’m — I guess when I’m happy, I — I don’t really have much of an appetite. Really? When I’m happy, I’m ravenous. Then you’re happy? I am. That’s good. I’m glad to see you happy. I’m glad to see you happy. You make me happy. This makes me happy, being here in this moment. Amen to that. Come to think of it, I — I haven’t been hungry for a while now. No?

[ Laughs ] These, uh, past few weeks, being with you, have been — have been kind of wonderful. Yeah, it has been. So, what’s changed this time around? I don’t have any clasps, but I think there’s some in my room. I’ll be right back. You stay here. You need to finish your bracelet.

[ Chuckles ] I know.

[ Sighing ]

[ Breathes deeply ] Ohh! [ Grunts ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Well, honey, I’m happy for you if you and tj have made your decision. Mom, we have. Okay. I’m just being a nudge. You’ll find out shortly that that, too, will be your job as a mother. I can testify to that.

[ Chuckles ] Well, with any luck, andrea will be pregnant in the next couple months and I’ll be joining your ranks in the “mom squad” by this time next year. And we can’t wait to welcome you. Honey, you are my baby, and I’m always gonna worry about you. I know. Okay? So I’ll call you tomorrow. Okay. And I want to hear more about andrea. Yeah. Me too. Sounds good. I wish I could stay longer, but tomorrow is the preliminary budget battle — round one. Ugh, no, that sounds horrible.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll see you. Bye. Bye, jordan. Bye, mom.Bye, darling. Molly — well, I think that went well. How about some green tea? I know you. You’d never be violent towards a woman, not even gladys. So why don’t you just tell me what the hell is going on? Maybe you don’t know me as well as you think you do. Oh, really? ‘Cause I think you’re just trying to throw me off the scent, cody. Why? I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. Oh, you don’t? Mnh-mnh. You’re a terrible actor. You always have been. This whole thing — this whole thing is an act. You’re not out of control. You kicking and screaming, knocking over chairs, ranting and raving, throwing files around. You don’t want to get arrested, do you? You want to get committed.

[ Rhythmic drumbeats ] Whoa!

[ Applause ]

[ Chuckles ] So, what’s changed? Wow. What a question. I know. I’ve certainly changed. That’s not what I meant. No, no, no. I — I have. I feel cleansed of… a lot of things, a lot of burdens. And you were there for all of it. You know, I was so worried about making a mistake, the one that would finally push you away. And then what would happen to violet and her relationship with the boys? I had to close off to protect that, to protect them. Us. Me. For what it’s worth, you — you don’t ever have to protect yourself from me. I know. Maybe I’ve been a little too careful. Okay. So, no pressure. Well, maybe just a little. A little?

[ Both laugh ] Okay.

[ Groaning ] Oh, no! Grandpa, are you okay? Oh, no, don’t worry, violet. I’m — I’m perfectly fine. I just — I just tripped, probably over one of those beads.

[ Exhales heavily ] I’m sorry, grandpa. I probably dropped one. No. No, it wasn’t you. No. You didn’t do anything wrong. Are you hurt? Should we call daddy? Dante. Dante! Dante! Dante! You’re giving me a headache! Giving you a headache. What is this? What are you doing? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Oh, come on, what — y-you’re not stupid. Neither am I, okay? You’re crazy. Maybe I am crazy, but you’re trying to make me think that you’re crazy so you can get remanded to ferncliff. “Remanded”? Man, I — I don’t even know what that word means. Okay, whatever. Play dumb. You’re trying to get committed so that you can somehow go and — what? — Rescue sasha. Right? Jordan, I know you have a really busy schedule tomorrow, so thank you for staying out a little longer. Actually, alexis, I needed the debrief.

[ Laughs ] That’s a perfect way of putting it. What are your thoughts? Well, I think that we are going to be grandmothers. Old hat for me. I’m all for it. I just — I wonder if it’s all happening too quickly. Yeah, like the rush of a tornado pulling molly and tj into its eye? Well, molly had all the answers. It’s obvious they did their research. A doctor and a lawyer walk into a bar.

[ Chuckles ] I share your concern, and I make myself feel better by realizing that molly and tj are probably two of the most mature people I know. And they’ve certainly stood the test of time, certainly lasted longer than I did with any of my relationships — or most any other couple that I know. So, if anyone can figure it out, they can. Yeah. I guess. So, where was kristina tonight? Wasn’t she available? Good question. Sam… I want you to know what an incredible mom I think you are to danny and scout and rocco and charlotte. I mean, you seem to juggle it all and still find time to take the kids on adventures to the zoo and escape rooms and… oh, please don’t remind me of that because we almost lost charlotte. Yeah, well, charlotte marches to her own beat. That’s for sure. She sure does. March to the beat of her own drum. Mm-hmm. So, I was wondering — well, tj and i were both wondering… if you would be the baby’s godmother. Molly, I am — I am so honored that you would ask me to be the baby’s godmother. And obviously my — my answer is yes, but let’s — let’s get you pregnant first. Of course. Tj is gonna ask curtis to be the godfather. I’m sure he will love that.

[ Knock on door ] Sit. No, no. Sit. I — I got this.

listen, violet, we don’t want to bother your daddy or your aunt elizabeth about something so silly like this. But daddy’s a doctor. He can help if you’re hurt. But I’m not hurt. I’m not. Actually, no, I’m — I’m feeling pretty good. Why don’t we get back to, uh, finishing our bracelets? Your fingers were acting funny before. Maybe bracelets weren’t such a good idea. Do you want me to get you some ice?

[ Chuckles ] Listen, florence nightingale, the only medicine I need is your company. Spending time with my amazing granddaughter is the perfect remedy for what ails me. Dante, why would anyone want to commit me? They’d have nothing to gain. I’m not rich. I don’t have any fortune to control or manipulate. No one wants to commit you, dude. You want to commit you. Look, sasha is where she needs to be right now to get help, okay? Something is wrong with her.

[ Chuckles ] She attacked you. Did she? Did she, though?

[ Sighs ] I mean [Chuckles] I’m not sure of anything anymore. Maybe I imagined it. Uh-huh. Sometimes I have a hard time differentiating between what’s real and what I’m dreaming. Mm-hmm.

[ Southern accent ] I just feel like a — like a tumbleweed just — just — just blowing through a ghost town. Tumbleweed?

[ Clears throat ] You know, sasha stabbed you in front of a bunch of witnesses. One of them, a reporter, even recorded the whole thing. So, you not testifying isn’t gonna set her free. Oh, free. What is free? Am I free? Are you free? Wi-fi isn’t even free. Alright, you know what? You know what? This is stupid. This game you’re playing is dangerous. It’s not gonna help sasha or you, and instead, it’s probably gonna land you in a world of hurt. Kristina. Heard you had a party. It wasn’t really a party. And I wasn’t invited? I hope dante was able to get cody under control. Me too. It sounds really awful. Should we go back there? No. I’m sure dante can handle it. They have a long history together. There’s never a dull moment. No. There certainly isn’T. Uh, wait. What’s that look? What look? That look that says, “I’m planning a little scheme with either lucy or anna or my brother.” No scheme. But I’ve been thinking. Uh-oh. Alright, granny, it is time to go. You force me to come to this pineapple purgatory, and just when I’m starting to enjoy myself, you want to hustle me out. Where are the ukuleles?! Alrighty, granny, it is getting late. And where’s my fire eater? Hey. How was the date? How was the date? Uh…what’s the upper limit of happiness? Whoa. That good, huh? Sounds fun. Yeah. I guess it was fun. You’re not sure? You ever think you were experiencing a time out of time? Where, like, um… everything else just disappears and all that’s left is two people alone in the universe? Like someone hit the magic pause button, leaving the two of you in a bubble and nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. That’s exactly it. No secrets. No boundaries between us. What you and elizabeth have is rare and priceless. Hold on to that. It gives me great peace of mind to know that my sons have love in their lives.

Now, mac, just hear me out. Always — and gladly. I love being a grandmother. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing better. But it is not full time. And I don’t want to be too pushy with maxie and the kids. I’m starting to feel like there is so much more I should be doing. Please don’t tell me you want to go back to being a private eye. No. No. I am definitely done with that. But I certainly would be interested in helping out at the police station. I want to be at the center of something important. Felicia, I realize that you are relentless. And you’d be a great asset. But? Mac, I am not asking for special treatment. I-I want to contribute in a meaningful way. I want to use my skills and my experience to help the community. What about the hospital? What about it? That’s a great place to look. I don’t have a medical background. Felicia, there’s a whole ecosystem over there, from orderlies to surgeons, not to mention all the volunteers. Think of all the connections we’ve made over there, all the help that they’ve given us over the years. They saved maxie’s life. You want to make a difference in our community, what better place than general hospital? Aloha, mac, felicia. Aloha. Oh, hi, brook lynn. Tracy. Sorry we didn’t come over earlier… mac. …But, um, we’re just on our way out. Felicia… yeah? …You should get that fire twirler over here to warm up…chilly willy. Okay. Alrighty. Okay.

[ Quietly ] Took my pineapple. Oh, alrighty. Okay. Let’s go. Sorry. Bye, mac. Bye. Okay. Okay. Okay. What was that all about?! Mac is a bore. But, look… never mind about him. You and I [Whispering] Have bigger fish to fry. Oh. You still owe me. And you’re gonna pay me back with deception. Deception, deception. What on earth do you want with deception? Oh, brookie, I want it all! I want it lock, stock, and barrel. And we’re gonna get it! Yahoo! Alright. Shh! No. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. Dante, do you ever think that your mind is playing tricks on you? Whoa, man. Mm. Mm-hmm. I’m serious. I mean, like today. I — I thought that I got served these papers telling me to stay away from sasha, but you’re the one who just told me… yeah. …She stabbed me?! Yeah. Keep — keep going. Keep going with this. Uh-huh. [ Chuckling ] No, I’m serious. I’m serious, dante. Why — why would they want me to stay away from her when she’s the dangerous one? I don’t know, man. You know, the one thing I do know is that this restraining order — it’s real and it’s in effect.

[ Laughs ] So if I were you, I would stay as far away from sasha and ferncliff as I can. Otherwise, there will be legal consequences. Are you hearing me?

[ Deep voice ] Oh, yeah, no. Loud and clear.

[ Chuckles ] Here’s the deal. Either you arrest me now or let me go. What’s it gonna be? You’re free to go, buddy. You know, see if you can figure out what that means, that whole being free thing. Mm. Hey. Be careful, man. Yes, sir. Kristina is working on a — on a foundation that she’s started and she’s been very busy, so I’m sure she couldn’t make it. And I’m assuming that molly probably talked to her, a one-on-one kind of conversation. Yeah. That’s sweet. Kristina will be a great support and obviously very involved. It’s wonderful that they’re so close. Wonderful. Can molly and i have a moment alone, please? It’s fine. Okay. Alright. I will check in with you tomorrow. And remember — I love you, both. How could you? Daddy, I’m so glad you’re home. Well, it looks like someone stayed up later than scheduled. No, I went to bed exactly on time. What happened, sweetheart? Grandpa fell, and it scared me. Okay. Alright. It’s gonna be okay, alright? Grandpa’s gonna be okay.

[ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ] No, dad. Let me — let me get that, dad. It’s okay. Oh, thanks. Dad, are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine. Just — just tired. And clumsy.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Is that why you fell? Or is it something else? It’s something else. Something awful.

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