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Dante: What are you doing, Ma? You don’t have people to do this for you?

Olivia: Yes, I do, but doing it myself keeps me busy. Keeps me from constantly worrying.

Dante: Mm. About Ned?

Olivia: [ Sighs ] I miss him. Leaving him at the PCPD last night, letting Sonny sign him out, I mean, it just — it felt all kinds of wrong.

Dante: Come on. What are you gonna do? He didn’t want to come with us. Sonny’s got him. You know, he’ll be fine.

Olivia: [ Sighs ] I know. And I know that I can trust Sonny. I just, uh… I got to come to terms with the fact… that I’ve lost my husband.

Dante: W-what are you saying? You’re gonna give up on Ned?

Sonny: Selina, no, you listen to me. You — you can’t go over there conducting business without letting me know first. Do you understand what I’m saying? Are we clear? Hold on. W-where are you going?

Ned: Um, I need some coffee.

Sonny: We have coffee here. I’ll just have Graciella make you a fresh —

Ned: No. No, thanks. I need some space.

[ Door closes ]

Carly: I cannot believe you had your phone turned off.

Josslyn: I know. I’m so, so sorry.

Carly: I mean, what if there had been an emergency? What if Michael and Willow needed you? What if Donna needed you?

Josslyn: I know. I know. I woke up this morning to all of your texts and your voicemails, and I freaked out. I can’t stop thinking about how I left you at the PCPD overnight.

Carly: It’s not your fault, I guess. I mean, I’m the one that got in a bar fight.

Josslyn: Yeah. Do you want to tell me about that? I mean, what were you doing at The Highsider?

Dex: Hey, boss. Betty’s on her way up.

Sonny: Alright. I want you to listen, right? Stay out of sight.

Betty: I’m here to see Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Hey, Betty. Come on in.

Betty: Good morning, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Good morning to you, too. I appreciate you coming by before you went to Wyndemere and pick up, uh, Avery.

Betty: It’s my pleasure.

Sonny: Yeah.

Betty: Whatever you need me to do to make your and Miss Jerome’s life easier.

Sonny: I appreciate that.

Betty: I hope everything is alright with Avery, or with me.

Sonny: Oh, everything’s great with Avery. She, uh, you know, so far, so good. She seems to be getting along with you real well, right?

Betty: I’m so happy to hear that. She’s adorable. And we’ve been having fun.

Sonny: Good. Good. ‘Cause there’s, uh, been a change of plans.

[ Radio chatter ]

Valentin: The fire department and the police have wrapped things up. I passed along your appreciation for doing what they could to save your townhouse.

Anna: [ Sniffles ]

Valentin: Anna. Anna, I think we should go.

Anna: Yeah. [ Clears throat ] We should go. [ Sighs ] There’s nothing left here. Nothing left of my life.

Betty: What’s changed, Mr. Corinthos?

Sonny: You’re taking Avery to camp today, right?

Betty: Yes, that was my plan. I’m picking up Avery at Wyndemere for Miss Jerome this morning, then I’ll take her to day camp.

Sonny: What time does camp finish?

Betty: 3:00.

Sonny: Oh.

Betty: A-and then I’ll bring her back here, if that’s okay with you.

Sonny: You’re gonna stay with her till it’s finished.

Betty: Yes, I’m planning to. Unless you or Miss Jerome need me to do something for you?

Sonny: No, no, you stay — you stay with Avery. I-I — look, I — I have something I gotta do. I got a business meeting that I can’t miss. I won’t be back here till after 5:00. So you stay with Avery here for a couple of hours. Can — can you do that for me?

Betty: Of course. That won’t be a problem at all. I really look forward to the time I get to spend with Avery. She’s such a sweetheart.

Sonny: So you’re clear on what, uh, Ava needs you to do, right?

Betty: Yes.

Sonny: You know what’s funny? I was, uh, worried to change nannies because Avery’s s– she’s so, you know, attached to Pilar. But you seem so nice and sweet, and… Avery seems to be taken with you.

Betty: I know how hard change can be for a child, so I’m really glad to hear that Avery is adjusting well.

Sonny: I’ll see you around 5:00, right?

Betty: Thank you, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Okay.

Mason: Hey, Cuz.

Austin: Why are you always here?!

Mason: Good morning to you, too.

Austin: I do not want you here. Why — wha– what do you want this time?

Mason: You know, one of the reasons the boss paid for your medical school was so you’d be available to us. And right now, I’m — I’m in need.

Austin: No, you’re not. Y– I patched you up last night. It’s not a serious injury. There was no need for you to come back.

Mason: Tell that to my headache. Alright? Look, I just need something for the pain, and I’m still seeing double from when that blonde conked me last night.

Carly: Well, it all started when I went to The Metro Court to see Olivia.

Josslyn: How was that? I know you two have been having a hard time.

Carly: Mm. It was weird. Olivia is in my old office.

Josslyn: Oh, that’s tough. I’m sorry. Well, at least Nina didn’t take advantage of that opportunity to steal that again.

Carly: Yeah.  Well, Olivia said she would never let that happen. But, man, I miss The Metro Court. I miss my staff. I miss the day-to-day problems and all the excitement that comes with it. I miss the guests. God, it made me more determined than ever to get my hotel back. And I will.

Josslyn: I have no doubt.

Carly: Anyway… Olivia and I were just hanging out and were reminiscing about the day we met. And, I don’t know, she’s going through so much with Ned, and I’m so worried about Drew that we needed a distraction, so we went to The Highsider.

Josslyn: Did you find your distraction before the cops showed up?

Carly: [ Sighs ] Things got really crazy really quickly. But believe it or not, it wasn’t our fault.

Olivia: Of course I haven’t given up on Ned. H-how could I? He’s Leo’s father.

Dante: You can’t just do it for Leo, Ma.

Olivia: I know. Dante, I am doing this for our family. For Leo’s sake as much as mine. I-I have to figure out who Eddie is now. I-I-I-I-I don’t know what’s going on in that head of his. He may never go back to being Ned.

Dante: Wow. I mean, do you think you can accept that?

Olivia: I don’t know. It kind of freaks me out, honestly. I mean, ’cause I look at him and I expect to see Ned, and all I see is Eddie. He’s all Eddie now. I feel like Ned has completely disappeared, and — and — and I have to figure out a way of living with that… so that — so that he’s not fighting against me and I’m not always trying to control him.

Dante: Well, you don’t —

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Dante: Uh, it’s the station, Ma. Sorry. I got —

Olivia: No, no, no. Don’t apologize. Take it, take it, take it.

Dante: Alright. Yeah, what’s up? What happened? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. No, th– I’m on my way. Yeah. There was a fire at Anna’s townhome last night.

Olivia: Oh, my god. Is everyone okay?

Dante: I don’t know. I don’t know. I’ll let you know, okay?

Olivia: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You have to.

Dante: I’ll see you.

Olivia: Uh, um, honey… thank you for rescuing me last night.

Dante: [ Scoffs ] Come on. Good luck with, uh, Eddie.

Olivia: Thanks.

Valentin: I shouldn’t have gone to ELQ last night.

Anna: What are you doing? You can’t… blame yourself for this.

Valentin: I should have been here with you.

Anna: You didn’t know this was going to happen. You got a business to run. You can’t babysit me all the time.

Valentin: This could have ended so badly. You could have been upstairs asleep in your bed.

Anna: Well, I wasn’t. I went for a run, thank God.

Valentin: Yeah, we got lucky.

Anna: I don’t know.

Valentin: Why? What does that mean?

Anna: I don’t know if the arsonist was… outside waiting for me to leave… or they assumed I was asleep upstairs.

Valentin: Well, let’s hope it’s the former. I don’t much like the sound of the second one. This whole thing started when my father outed your past as a double agent, and it looks like he got what he wanted. Someone’s made you a target of their revenge.

Sonny: I want all eyes on Betty, especially when she’s with Avery.

Dex: Absolutely.

Sonny: Is this from Brick?

Dex: Yeah. It arrived this morning. What is it?

Sonny: A special present for Betty. There’s a lot of information on this flash drive. Fabricated by, um, Brick. None of it accurate. And Betty is gonna find it.

Dex: Okay, how do we make sure she gets her hands on it?

Sonny: Well, knowing she’s gonna be here with Avery for a few hours, she’s not gonna resist searching the place. And she’s gonna be pleasantly surprised what she finds on my computer. False Pikeman data. [ Laughs ]

Dex: And then what?

Sonny: She’s gonna bring it to Mason and Austin… and they’re gonna bring it to… whoever they work for.

Carly: So, when we got to The Highsider, Ned was there, and I wanted to find out for myself if he really lost his memory and believed he was Eddie.

Josslyn: Did he remember turning you into the S.E.C.?

Carly: No, but Olivia gave me some alone time with him, and that’s when some guy came up to her, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer, and he kept grabbing her.

Josslyn: Ew. And that’s when you stepped in?

Carly: No, Ned jumped in before I could, and that’s when the fight started.

Josslyn: Okay. I don’t understand. Why — why were you, Olivia, and Ned arrested when someone else started it?

Carly: I don’t know. I don’t know. I guess when the cops showed up, the guy must have snuck out the back. And Olivia was really upset about that, and she got a little aggressive with one of the cops, and that’s when we got arrested.

Josslyn: Oh, okay. Never a dull moment. Mom, I’m so sorry for leaving you there all night. I really feel so bad.

Carly: That’s okay. Really. I mean, to be honest, I could have left earlier if I let Sonny sign me out.

Josslyn: Oh, well, why didn’t you? I mean, I thought you were all, “Let’s forgive and forget,” when it comes to him. I mean, so much so that you have Dex secretly watching him and reporting back to Michael. I mean, I don’t understand. If you care about him, then… why wouldn’t you let him help you?

Anna: Victor put a target on my back. He’s probably smiling up from whatever hell he’s in.

Valentin: Even from beyond the grave, he won’t stop inflicting damage.

Anna: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Naively, I thought his motive was to get me kicked out of the WSB. But I think it was a lot bigger than that. I hurt — I hurt a lot of people.

Valentin: You paid for that.

Anna: I don’t know. People suffered because of what I did. Can’t deny that. [ Exhales deeply ] People died. And who did they leave behind? Children. Lovers. How did it affect them? One life touches a lot of people, and someone out there wants me to pay for what I did. And honestly, I-I don’t blame them for wanting that.

Valentin: Okay, stop. Don’t say that. You don’t deserve any of this.

Anna: Really?

Valentin: Whoever is after you, whatever they think they’ve lost, it does not justify revenge.

Anna: Since when? Since when?

Olivia: Hey. Surprised to see you here this [chuckles] morning. Same outfit you had on at the bar last night, huh?

Ned: [ Laughs ] Yeah, I don’t have too many changes of clothes over at Sonny’s, but I’m glad you’re here.

Olivia: Why? What’s — what’s going on?

Ned: I wanted to see you. But I didn’t want to run the risk of going to the house and bumping into Tracy.

Olivia: Oh, yeah. She can be a lot to take first thing in the morning.

Ned: I can only imagine. So, how are you doing after last night?

Olivia: I’m okay. Better than I would have been if you hadn’t, uh, stepped in and defended me against that creep. So thank you for that. Thank you.

Ned: Don’t mention it.

Olivia: How are you?

Ned: Uh, I’m okay.

Olivia: Yeah, that guy, uh, really landed a couple of good punches on you. He hit you pretty hard.

Ned: Yeah, yeah. Well… delivered a-a mean roundhouse, but, you know, I’m definitely feeling it this morning.

[ Both chuckle ]

Olivia: Oh, you know what? Why don’t you let me get you some ice from the bar?

Ned: No, no, Olivia, I’m fine. I really am. I’m — I’m — I’m — I’m good. I’m just, uh, glad that you’re okay.

Olivia: I’m glad you’re okay, too.

Ned: Well, I should get going.

Olivia: Eddie. Wait.

Carly: Watching out for Sonny and making sure his businesses are stable is very different than accepting help from him.

Josslyn: Why? I mean, why is it different? I don’t understand.

Carly: Joss, we’ve talked about this. Sonny has got to stay strong. If he loses power, we’re no longer safe.

Josslyn: But you’re not married anymore, so why would that affect you?

Carly: Okay. I agree. In a normal situation, it shouldn’t affect me. But I already told you this. Because of who Sonny is, we’re all affected. [ Sighs ] If Sonny is weak, then his kids and everyone around him are targets. That includes Donna, Avery, Michael, you, Dante. Me. Especially me.

Josslyn: I just don’t like that you have to protect him.

Carly: I get that. But you need to understand this is the way things are, and Sonny and I will always be connected.

Josslyn: So that’s why you want Dex and Michael working together, to protect him? Help him?

Carly: Yes, exactly.

Josslyn: Is that the only reason?

Sonny: Ava got herself in a complicated situation. She is being blackmailed by Austin’s cousin, Mason. I’m not gonna bore you with the details.

Dex: Understood. But do you think Austin is in on the blackmailing?

Sonny: Well… [chuckles] Ava doesn’t think so, but I’m not 100% sure that Austin is innocent in all this. So I had Brick run intel on Austin, Mason, and Betty. They’re from Pautauk. Mason and Austin are cousins. Betty used to work for Mason’s family trucking company. It was sold out a couple of years ago. You know, it’s unknown who bought it out, but it was purchased through a shell company. No criminal record.

Dex: Okay, so Mason blackmailed Ava into hiring Betty to be Avery’s new nanny, giving her access to you and the penthouse?

Sonny: Yeah. So, here’s the thing. Betty doesn’t know that Ava came clean with me. And Ava thinks that Mason and Austin are working for somebody else.

Dex: Any idea who?

Sonny: Somebody who wants information on my Pikeman deal.

Mason: You gonna give me something for this headache, or what?

Austin: Oh, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. This is not a clubhouse, okay? I’m actually a doctor. I actually have patients to see. So you guys are gonna have to have your little treehouse meeting some other place.

Betty: I got business to discuss with both of you.

Mason: Look, you might be the fancy doctor with the medical degree and all, but you’re just an employee like the rest of us. You do as the boss tells you. Speaking of which, Betty, do you have good news for us?

Betty: Better than good. I’m taking Sonny’s daughter to day camp this morning, then back to his penthouse. Sonny will be away at a business meeting, which should give me two hours to search for some information on Pikeman.

Mason: See? Didn’t I tell you it was worth it to get Betty in there?

Anna: You understand this, though, because you wanted revenge on me for years.

Valentin: Then I realized it was your sister, Alex, that wronged me all along.

Anna: Right. But revenge feels like the answer. That’s my point. But it’s not. You know, I-I-I-it feels… like it’s going to take away the pain. But sometimes, it really just magnifies the whole thing.

Valentin: It certainly did with me.

Anna: Right. Someone out there is hurting. Maybe because of the decisions I made. And putting a target on my back, burning my house down makes what they’re doing seem righteous because of the things I did in my past. Hi.

Dante: Anna, I am so sorry.

Anna: I know. Thanks.

Dante: I’m glad you’re not hurt. Valentin.

Valentin: Dante.

Dante: So, I know my timing literally could not be worse, but if you’re feeling up to it, I could use a statement.

Anna: Protocol. Yeah, I get it.

Dante: I can give you a lift down to the station.

Anna: Yeah, that would be great.

Valentin: I’ll go with you.

Anna: No, no, it’s — it’s okay. I can handle this on my own.

Valentin: Why?

Anna: I’ll see you later.

Sonny: I had Brick fill this flash drive with all kinds of false data.

Dex: Will it be convincing enough?

Sonny: Well, you know what? Brick is the best at what he does. Mason a-and Betty, uh… are gonna think it’s the real deal and they’re gonna go deliver it to their boss.

Dex: Okay. How does feeding them false information help you?

Sonny: Well, Brick i-installed sophisticated tracking software. So, whoever has access to this flash drive is gonna allow Brick entry into their records and network. Once I find out who these Pautauk yahoos are reporting to… …I’m gonna take care of them and their boss.

Dex: So, we gotta make sure Betty finds that flash drive.

Sonny: No, I gotta make sure that — that she doesn’t know that I’m leading her to it.

Dex: What’s the plan?

Sonny: I’m gonna take Donna over to Carly’s. And since there’s not gonna be anybody here when Betty brings Avery from the camp… …you’re gonna handle what happens next.

Austin: Oh, this is so great. Betty having access to Sonny’s penthouse, a couple of hours there by herself. She can gather up all the information she can find, pass it on to the boss, and then, my favorite part — you two both gone, out of mine and Ava’s life for good.

Mason: [ Chuckles ] You know, for a person who went to medical school and became a doctor, you’re pretty dumb. Please. Why on earth would I ever let you go, when I still have use for you?

Austin: How did I know you were gonna say that?

Mason: Because you delivered the grand prize. Ava and her little kid. Oh, that gave the boss major leverage on Sonny.

Austin: I never delivered Ava. The last thing I wanted was Ava involved in this, and I definitely didn’t want her young child involved.

Betty:  Too late for that.

Mason: [ Chuckles ] Right? Listen, I know you. Play the hero for Ava all you want, but in the end, you’re still about yourself.

Carly: I know my stance with Sonny is confusing and hypocritical.

Josslyn: Yeah.

Carly: But our lives are intertwined, and — and that’s a fact, Josslyn.

Josslyn: I understand that.

Carly: And we share a child, you know, one we love and adore. And all our other kids — there’s you and Michael and Dante and Kristina. And Morgan. The loss of a child… we’ll be bonded over that forever, you know? There is so much that Sonny and I share.

Josslyn: I know that. It still doesn’t mean that — that this isn’t impossible for you.

Carly: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, it’s hard. It’s hard. But, you kn– we’re moving forward in our relationships. Sonny’s gonna marry Nina. I’m with Drew. I mean, I’m just focusing on the future. That’s all I can do.

Josslyn: I just… I don’t know how you’re doing that. I don’t know how you’re doing that with him.

Carly: Because I have to. I don’t have a choice. This is where we are. And being in a never-ending war with Sonny is not productive. And it’s not healthy.

Josslyn: I don’t think that this is healthy for you. I don’t think he’s healthy for any of us.

Carly: Alright. I know everything that has happened. And everything that we’ve been through. But at the end of the day, Sonny is still family. And we can’t forget that.

Ned: Is this another pitch to get me into therapy or bond with the Quartermaines? Because if it is, save your breath.

Olivia: On the contrary, it’s the opposite of that. I know that it took me a little while to get my head around this, but I realize it now. You are not Ned anymore. You’re Eddie.

Ned: I’m surprised to hear you say that.

Olivia: Yeah. As much as I would like to wrestle you to the ground and force you back to being Ned, I cannot do that. You… you’re not him anymore.

Ned: No, I’m not.

Olivia: You’ve changed. And you’ve got to be true to how you feel and who you are now. You’re not — you’re not hurting anybody by living as Eddie. So…

Ned: I’m hurting you. And I’m sorry. And I’m sorry for hurting Leo and Brook Lynn and even Tracy. But if I’m being honest with myself, I have to live as me — Eddie. ‘Cause that’s all I know how to be.

Olivia: And I gotta respect that.

Dante: According to the fire chief’s report, um, the physical evidence found at your house indicates that it was arson. Some kind of flammable liquid was ignited. You weren’t at the house when it happened, right?

Anna: No, I’d gone for this short run. I just needed to clear my head. You know?

Dante: You didn’t see anything or anyone suspicious, right?

Anna: No.

Dante: I was at your house around 10:30 last night, and you had told me that Valentin went to ELQ.

Anna: Right. There was a water main break and it was threatening the mainframe computer.

Dante: Hm. Uh, what time did he come back?

Anna: Oh, he didn’t come back to my house last night.

Dante: And what, so Valentin — what, he spent the night at ELQ?

Anna: I don’t know. I… I didn’t see him till this morning.

Dante: What time did he go over to ELQ?

Anna: I’m not sure of the exact time. I mean, obviously it was… before you turned up. What are you getting at?

Dante: Uh, Anna, I’m just… covering all the bases. You know how this works.

Anna: I do.

Dante: Uh, excuse me. I’m just gonna make a quick call. I’ll be right back. Hey, it’s Falconeri. Can we pull the security footage from the ELQ parking lot from last night? We’re trying to find out when Valentin Cassadine’s car arrived at the parking lot and if it ever left. Oh, and — and report this back to me only, please. Thanks. Okay. Let’s find out who had motive for that fire.

Carly: Thanks for saving me a trip and bringing her here so I didn’t have to go all the way over to your place.

Sonny: I’ll take any time I can with her. You have raised a very, uh, smart and independent young lady.

Carly: We both have. Yeah. And she couldn’t stop telling me about how much fun she had at your sleepover last night. So…

Sonny: Yeah, we — we had a great time. What about you?

Carly: What about me?

Sonny: Did you enjoy your time in jail?

Carly: No, I didn’t.

Sonny: Then why didn’t you let me sign you out? Was it your pride?

Ned: [ Sighs ] Thank you for respecting me. I get that this is really hard on you.

Olivia: Yeah. It hasn’t been easy…[chuckles] That’s for sure.

Ned: And I want to apologize for disappearing on you yesterday. You were being really nice and supportive and listening to me play my music. And when you went off to get me something to drink, I snuck off. And I’m sorry for not letting you know that I was leaving.

Olivia: Thank you for saying that. I-I-I-I mean, I know that this hasn’t been easy on you, either. And I — [chuckles] I was afraid that, uh — that maybe you left because, you know, I was smothering you or — or hovering.

Ned: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It really — it had nothing to do with you. I was actually, uh, kind of freaking out thinking about what Tracy had said, you know, about wanting to have me committed.

Olivia: Did you not believe me when I said I would never let that happen?

Ned: Yeah, but I was just afraid that Tracy might have changed your mind. She’s a force of nature.

Olivia: Yeah.

Dante: Okay, so last night when I was at your house, we were talking about who would want you dead and if there’s any connection between Pikeman and the sudden power shift at the WSB.

Anna: You know, something about this fire just feels different to me.

Dante: What do you mean?

Anna: Well, um, I don’t think the WSB or Pikeman had anything to do with it. Starting a fire is just too sloppy for the bureau. Like, if a trained agent wanted to kill me, they had ample opportunity to do it when I went for my run. A sniper could have easily taken me out.

Dante: Like they tried to at The Metro Court pool.

Anna: Right. Or I-I could have been hit by a car. You know as well as I do that there are people over at The Bureau that would take the fall for that, make it look like an accident. Those are their tactics. We both know that’s how they would have got it done. If I was a priority, I’d be dead by now, right? They’re not gonna start a fire in an empty house.

Dante: Okay, so you’re ready to take the WSB off the table as a — as a suspect?

Anna: I don’t know. I don’t know. But to me, my gut… this just feels like revenge, plain and simple.

Anna:  Once The Sun got hold of the story that I had, at one point, been a traitor, you know, they made it public knowledge. And — and it’s true. Some people lost their lives because of a few decisions that I made. I think there is someone out there that I hurt, and they want payback.

Dante: Look, I-I think maybe you’ve been carrying this guilt around with you for a long time, and m-maybe it’s messing with your head a little bit, clouding your thoughts.

Anna: I know. Yeah, I mean, there was a lot of processing going on, but my thoughts are clear.

Dante: Okay, then maybe you have to see that there is someone within the WSB that could be out to get rid of you.

Anna: I told you, starting a fire — that’s too sloppy for The Bureau.

Dante: But it’s deliberately sloppy, right? I mean, if someone in the WSB wanted to make it look like they wanted to get rid of you, they wouldn’t follow procedure, right?  They — they would — they would cover their tracks. And in what better way than setting your house on fire to get revenge, to send a message?

Anna: I mean, it could be anyone within that community.

Dante: Right. But that’s what I mean. That’s what makes this so dangerous. Look, you know better than anyone all about intelligence and espionage. You build something up, make it look like something else.

Anna: Right. Yeah, I used that strategy in a few black ops missions.

Dante: Me, too. Create an illusion. Make something look spontaneous, but truly taking tons of planning and logistics to pull it off.

Anna: Right.

Dante: What?

Anna: Logistics?

Dante: Yeah. I mean, goes hand in hand with trying to keep your enemy off your trail, right?

Anna: I think I’ve told you everything about the fire, okay? I’m — I’m kind of tired, and right now, I’m homeless, so I’ve got to get over to Metro Court and book a room.

Dante: Well… [stammers] Let me call my mom. She can get you a room.

Anna: No, that’s okay. Thanks. I appreciate it. Um…I got some things to take care of first.

Dante: Hey, um, thanks for coming in.

Anna: Right.

Dante: I’m really sorry for everything that’s happening to you.

Anna: I know. Thank you.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Dante: Yeah. What do you got? Valentin’s car… never made it to the ELQ parking lot? You sure about that?

Ned: Come on, Olivia. Admit it. You think Tracy’s right. I am crazy, and I belong in a loony bin.

Olivia: I never think Tracy’s right, so let’s just get that straight. But you did conk your head pretty hard when you fell there at the pool, and so maybe my knee-jerk reaction was to think that maybe you knocked something loose. But that’s not what I think anymore.

Ned: Thank you for the reassurance. Because I am not that CEO business guy that you say I was, and I’m never going to be.

Olivia: I see that now, and I know that it’s taking me some time to get my head around that, but… I accept that you’re someone else now.

Ned: I’m Eddie Maine.

Olivia: I know, Eddie. And even if I thought that one good jolt of electroshock therapy would — would bring my husband back to me, I could never do that to you.

Ned: Thank you.

Olivia: And another thing — I would never have you committed for being someone new, and — and I give you my word on that. And my word is gold.

Ned: Is that so?

Olivia: Yeah. I’m a Bensonhurst girl. I always keep my word.

Carly: This isn’t about pride, Sonny.

Sonny: All I’m saying is you didn’t have to stay at the PCPD. I was willing to sign you out.

Carly: I can’t let you be my safety net anymore.

Sonny: We’re always gonna be there for each other, Carly.

Carly: And I get that. And throughout the years, no matter where we were with each other, you have always been there to bail me out. And that means more to me than you will ever know. But I can’t let you do it anymore.

Sonny: But last night was different ’cause I didn’t go there to get you, I was there to sign Ned out.

Carly: But I got myself in this situation.

Sonny: Because you were protecting Olivia.

Carly: It doesn’t matter. I’m the one that has to get myself out.

Sonny: But I — if you need me, I’m there.

Carly: Sonny.

Sonny: Okay, I get it. You’re independent. The whole thing. Yeah.

Carly: I’ve always been independent. I just got to the point where I was depending on you for everything, and I have to take care of myself now.

Sonny: Alright. You don’t need my help.

Carly: Yeah. Glad we cleared that up.

Sonny: Good. ‘Cause at the moment, I go– I got — I got a lot going on.

Austin: [ Sighs ] You got me. I am — I’m — I’m all about myself. But, Mason, who isn’t? Right? I-I really want a life for myself. I want a life where I’m not constantly looking over my shoulder. I want a life where you’re never in my office ever again.

Mason: Sadly, it doesn’t work like that.

Betty: As entertaining as this is, I better head to Wyndemere. I want to pick up little Avery and not be late. Ava can breathe fire when she wants to.

Mason: Yeah, go. But please, bring us something on Pikeman from Sonny’s for the boss, okay?

Betty: I don’t plan on leaving there empty-handed.

Mason: That’s my girl.

Austin: One down, one to go.

[ Door closes ]

Mason: Well, we’re not finished.

Austin: W-why does the boss want info on Sonny and Pikeman anyway?

Mason: Honestly, I have no idea. But you know him. He’s not one to explain himself to anyone. But if he wants it, he’s gonna get it.

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