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Chloe complains to Xander at home about being late to meet Nicole and mentions having a meeting later but she thinks she will do it from home, so she won’t be coming in to the office today and asks Xander if that’s okay, but notes Xander is distracted looking at his tablet. Chloe questions what he’s looking at that has his attention. Xander responds that Gwen actually went through with marrying Dimitri.

Dimitri wakes up in bed alone. Dimitri looks at the wedding ring on his hand and remarks that it wasn’t a dream as Gwen enters the room with a cupcake to wish Dimitri a happy birthday.

Eric brings Sloan breakfast in bed which she says is so sweet as they kiss. Eric says he wanted to make sure her and their baby are well fed. Eric asks if she has a busy morning. Sloan says she doesn’t think so but she can check her messages. Sloan sees that Melinda Trask called last night, so she guesses that Melinda probably wants to tell her about her date with Li Shin.

Wendy comes out from her room and sees Li on the couch with his laptop. Wendy comments that Li looks like someone just slapped him and questions his expression. Li responds that Gabi and Stefan got married last night. Wendy asks if he wants to talk about it. Li says no. Wendy jokes about him not going to do anything crazy like hire a hitman and says she’s just teasing him. Li questions what she’s doing here anyway since her text said that she and Tripp got a room at the Salem Inn, so he thought they were finally enjoying their big romantic evening. Wendy responds that it was the plan, but things took an unexpected turn…

At the Salem Inn, Tripp wakes up in bed with Leo.

Wendy explains to Li that she came home last night while Tripp stayed at the hotel. Li questions why and if they got in a fight. Wendy says they were actually having a great time as Tripp ordered room service and it was all very romantic at first until Leo Stark came home and they realized they were in Leo’s room.

Tripp gets out of bed and questions what the hell Leo is doing in his bed when he’s supposed to be in the other bed. Leo responds that he got sad and lonely and wanted to be next to another human being, so he crawled up under the covers. Leo promises it was totally innocent and asks Tripp not to be mad. Tripp responds that he’s not mad, just freaked out. Leo asks Tripp to stop talking because his head is pounding. Tripp gives Leo a water, noting he’ll need it after all the drinking he did last night. Leo complains of being a drama queen. Tripp remarks that he gets that Leo was upset about his boyfriend, causing Leo to spit out his water and question that.

Dimitri tells Gwen that this is a nice surprise. Gwen tells him to make a wish. Dimitri closes his eyes and dreams of his inheritance getting amended so that he could marry Leo. Dimitri then blows out his candle. Gwen asks what he wished for but Dimitri says he can’t tell her or it won’t come true.

Li questions why Leo had a key to the room Wendy and Tripp were in. Wendy reveals that it turned out to actually be Leo’s room as she flashes back to Leo complaining that they stole his room and remarking that he just watched his best friend marry his boyfriend.

Gwen questions Dimitri not telling her what he wished for. Dimitri insists it won’t come true. Gwen feels as husband and wife, they can’t keep secrets from each other. Dimitri responds that he’s sorry but he doesn’t make the rules. Gwen says at least one of his wishes came true as he got married before his 40th birthday. Dimitri thanks her and says not everyone would be understanding about that rush and that was important to him. Gwen admits it was bonkers but she thinks everything turned out brilliantly. Dimitri asks if she really didn’t mind having to share her special day with Gabi and Stefan. Gwen says she barely even noticed them because her eyes were on Dimitri the whole time. Dimitri says he felt the same way about his beautiful bride. Gwen then tells Dimitri that it’s time for his birthday present as she climbs on top of him and gets under the covers.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Maggie that it’s always nice to see her but he feels this might be a waste of time as he assumes she called him over to try and talk him in to working for her again but he’s perfectly happy at the Spectator. Maggie informs him that is not why she asked him over, but it has to do with his uncle Victor. Maggie thinks he and Victor should try to make amends. Maggie knows how difficult Victor can be but says he can also be soft-hearted when it comes to family and she knows it bothers him that they are estranged. Maggie insists that Victor loves him but Xander says he has a funny way of showing it as he belittles him at every opportunity and makes him feel worthless. Maggie brings up that Victor got upset because Xander walked away from the family. Xander argues that Victor practically shoved him out the door. Maggie says the point is that Victor isn’t getting any younger and his health isn’t what it used to be, so she thinks they should try to reconcile before it’s too late.

Chloe meets Nicole for breakfast in the town square. Chloe comments on how Nicole must have been relieved to get her test results back. Nicole confirms that she was, not that she thought there was any genetic problems, but calls it one less thing to worry about. Chloe tells Nicole to relax and just enjoy being pregnant since there’s no major complications. Chloe encourages that the sacrifices will be worth it in the end. Nicole then reveals that Eric and Sloan are having a baby too which surprises Chloe. Nicole wonders if they got their testing back too and calls Sloan a viper that’s only having a baby to hold on to Eric. Chloe doesn’t see why Nicole should care since she’s having EJ’s baby and has moved on from Eric.

Eric tells Sloan that he’ll be right back and asks if she needs anything before he leaves. Sloan asks for a goodbye kiss which Eric is happy to give her. Eric then leaves right as Melinda arrives. Sloan calls it a surprise. Melinda questions her not getting her message. Sloan says she was just about to check her messages and asks if it’s about Li or Colin. Melinda says no as she just wanted to finish their conversation from yesterday because before Eric called, she was about to tell her some big secret. Sloan claims it wasn’t important. Melinda argues that it sounded important to her and reminds Sloan that she said it was about Nicole. Melinda calls it a coincidence that she just ran in to Nicole in the town square. Melinda remarks that they had a very interesting conversation that made her wonder if Sloan’s secret had anything to do with the father of Nicole’s baby. Sloan claims to have no idea what she’s talking about. Melinda explains that Sloan helped Nicole find out the paternity of her baby which she calls awfully generous of her. Sloan points out that she obviously has a vested interest. Melinda questions Sloan volunteering to get a swab of Eric’s DNA. Sloan claims that it turned out to not be a match. Melinda brings up EJ never getting tested which Sloan says wasn’t necessary. Melinda then brings up Sloan somehow ending up with Nicole’s test results. Sloan claims it was just a mix-up. Melinda asks if that’s what really happened. Sloan asks what she is getting at. Melinda feels that she was given a bunch of pieces of the puzzle and now thinks she has figured out her secret. Melinda then asks Sloan if Eric is the father of Nicole’s baby.

Chloe asks Nicole if she is over Eric. Nicole then gets a call from her half brother Brandon and says he’s going to want an update on Abe, so she steps away to answer it. Eric then walks through the town square and greets Chloe. Chloe congratulates Eric as she hears he and Sloan are having a baby which he confirms. Chloe comments on Eric having a bag from the jewelry store, so Eric decides to ask for Chloe’s opinion. Eric then reveals an engagement ring as he plans to propose to Sloan. Nicole then comes back and questions him.

Xander tells Maggie that he doesn’t know as he’s been doing just fine without Victor in his life. Maggie argues that Victor needs him though and points out that he doesn’t have a lot of family in his life since he’s not on good terms with Brady, Shawn, or Alex. Xander asks who’s fault that is. Maggie pleads with Xander since Victor has been in very low spirits lately, so she thinks it would help if he offered him an olive branch. Xander reluctantly agrees and says he’s only doing it for Maggie because he hates to see her worry. Xander says he’ll get it over with and assumes Victor is upstairs but Maggie reveals that Victor had left to visit Bo. Xander asks if there’s been any change in Bo’s condition. Maggie says no and that Bo is still in a coma which she thinks has a lot to do with why Victor has been so low. Xander promises to stop by as soon as Victor gets back. Xander invites Maggie out for breakfast but Maggie says she’ll take a rain check because she’s going to Chicago to see Sarah. Xander asks if there’s any particular reason. Maggie explains that she thinks it’s time they got everything out in the open about the fact that Sarah is in a relationship with Rex Brady, surprising Xander.

Dimitri tells Gwen that this was the best birthday gift ever but imagines being with Leo. Gwen stops and asks if something is wrong. Dimitri claims he was just overwhelmed with pleasure as they then continue kissing.

Leo tells Tripp that he knows it’s hard to believe but he doesn’t have a boyfriend. Tripp then reveals that Leo told him all about him last night. Leo asks what exactly he said. Tripp flashes back to the night before where Leo asked Tripp and Wendy not to abandon him because he didn’t want to be alone and Tripp decided that he would feel terrible if anything happened because Leo was so wasted, so he agreed to stay while Wendy went home. Leo claims since he was drunk, he didn’t know what he was saying. Tripp brings up that Leo was pretty adamant that Dimitri was his boyfriend, so he questions if they have been messing around behind his cousin Gwen’s back. Leo tells him not to be ridiculous and that he’s just always had a crush on Dimitri so in his mind, he was his boyfriend. Leo says he just has a vivid imagination and insists there couldn’t possibly be anything going on between he and Dimitri since he’s straight and only has eyes with Gwen. Tripp then questions Leo saying that Dimitri has a magic penis. Leo claims that’s just part of his fantasy. Leo talks about always falling for hot straight men but none of his fantasies ever come true. Leo thanks Tripp for staying with him and taking care of him, especially since he ruined his night with Wendy.

Li tells Wendy that he’s sorry her big romantic evening got ruined and adds that his was too. Wendy thought he was all excited about his night with Melinda. Li responds that he was but then Wendy got in his head with all her talk about how Melinda might have been playing him, so he immediately made up an excuse and left. Wendy reminds Li that if he didn’t brainwash Harris to kill Stefan, then he had nothing to worry about. Li argues that Melinda is a shark so he wouldn’t put it past her to set him up somehow. Wendy doubts that she would go that far but decides it’s best he stop seeing her because she doubts he could ever trust her. Wendy adds that it doesn’t mean he should give up on love as she knows there is someone out there who is perfect for him, who doesn’t want to put him behind bars.

Sloan argues to Melinda that Eric is not the father of Nicole’s baby and EJ is which the paternity test proved. Melinda points out the test was based on the swab that Sloan supposedly took of Eric’s DNA and she had a vested interest in Eric not being the father. Sloan complains that Melinda is making pretty huge assumptions. Melinda talks about how genetic testing was the one thing that could prove the paternity test wrong and Sloan just happened to get her hands on the test results first. Melinda doesn’t think that was a coincidence. Melinda reminds Sloan again that before they were interrupted yesterday, she was about to share a really big secret with her so she might as well just tell her now. Sloan then gives in and admits that Melinda is right, she’s not the only woman carrying Eric’s baby as Nicole is too.

Nicole questions Eric proposing to Sloan. Eric confirms that it seemed like the right thing to do since they are having a child together. Eric decides he better get going. Chloe says it was good to see him and congratulates Eric again. Chloe wishes him luck with the proposal as it’s a really beautiful ring. Nicole wishes him luck as well as Eric then walks off. Chloe asks Nicole if she’s okay. Nicole claims she is but wishes she could have a mimosa now.

Xander questions Maggie about Sarah dating Rex. Maggie explains that Bonnie found out when she went to Chicago that they’ve apparently been involved for some time but Sarah has not mentioned it to her. Xander wonders why that is. Maggie says that Bonnie thinks she would disapprove. Xander brings up that not long ago, Bonnie was insisting to him that Sarah and Rex weren’t together. Maggie guesses that Bonnie might have not wanted to hurt his feelings, then realizes she should’ve thought of that too and apologizes. Xander says it’s okay and assures that he’s happy that Sarah has moved on because he has too. Maggie asks if things are going well with he and Chloe then. Xander confirms they are going very well and getting pretty serious. Maggie says she’s glad and that she should get going. Xander hopes she has a nice visit with Sarah. Maggie admits she will be very interested in what her daughter has to say for herself.

After Tripp leaves, Dimitri goes to see Leo. Leo says he didn’t expect to see him today as he figured he’d be enjoying life as a newlywed. Dimitri says Gwen had an errand to run, so he decided to come check on him as he seemed gloomy yesterday. Leo talks about seeing Dimitri and Gwen as a happy married couple and he admits he felt jealous, guilty, sad, and gloomy. Leo remarks that now he knows how Abigail felt with split personalities. Dimitri tells Leo that he’s sorry but he was thinking about him all night and this morning as he missed him terribly as they then kiss.

Xander goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Gwen outside. Xander congratulates her on tying the knot. Gwen thanks him and says it’s good that she bumped in to him because she was on her way to the office to tell him that she and her husband will be taking time off for their honeymoon to Iceland. Xander calls that fantastic as he knows she always wanted to go there. Xander hopes she has a wonderful trip. Gwen questions Xander being strangely encouraging of this when he was against her marrying Dimitri. Xander assures that he still doesn’t trust Dimitri but he just wants her to be happy. Gwen insists that she’s happier than she ever thought she could be. Xander is happy to hear it and thinks it’s great that everyone is finally moving on with their lives.

Chloe notes that Nicole seems really upset. Nicole argues that she’s just shell shocked even though she should’ve seen this coming. Chloe reminds Nicole that she, EJ, and her baby are going to be a family as well unless she doesn’t want that. Nicole insists that she does and that she is over Eric, but it’s just weird to see Eric starting a life with someone else, especially someone who is so wrong for him. Nicole then declares that she knows she’s in love with EJ and whatever Eric and Sloan do is of no concern to her.

Sloan reminds Melinda that her family had been decimated and all she had was Eric, so she did not want to lose him, so she swabbed her own cheek instead of Eric’s. Melinda asks how she knows for sure that Eric is the father. Sloan explains that the genetic testing was very clear that EJ was not a match which means Eric is. Melinda questions Sloan keeping this a secret. Sloan knows it seems awful and she feels terrible about keeping Eric from his other child, which is partly why she suggested getting pregnant. Melinda asks why not just tell Eric now since they are both pregnant and on a level playing field. Sloan disagree that it’s level if Eric finds out what she did. Sloan worries that if Eric does find out, she knows he will go back to Nicole which is why he cannot find out. Sloan then asks Melinda if she will use this against her now that she knows the truth.

Tripp goes home with flowers for Wendy. Wendy says she was wondering what happened to him. Tripp apologizes that things didn’t go the way they planned last night. Wendy thanks him and admires that he stuck around to comfort Leo. Wendy asks how Leo was this morning. Tripp guesses he was better but wickedly hungover. Tripp wishes he woke up with Wendy in his bed instead of Leo. Tripp explains that Leo was just lonely and freaked out but that’s enough about Leo as he just wants Wendy to know that he is still determined to give her the romantic night she deserves. Tripp promises that next time there will be no interruption as they kiss.

Leo and Dimitri lay in bed together. Leo wishes him a happy birthday and apologizes for not having time to get him a gift. Dimitri responds that just being there with him is gift enough. Leo jokes about when his birthday comes around. Leo worries about keeping this secret for an entire year from Gwen. Dimitri tells him not to worry and assures that they will make this work. Gwen then knocks at the door.

Xander goes home and asks Chloe how Nicole is. Chloe says she’s okay but just found out that Eric is having a baby with Sloan and she’s not too thrilled about it. Xander is surprised to learn that Eric knocked up Sloan and jokes that for an ex-priest, he really gets around. Chloe then reveals that they also found out that Eric is going to propose to Sloan. Xander calls that a crazy coincidence and says it must be something in the air which Chloe questions. Xander then gets down on one knee and proposes to Chloe.

Nicole goes home and thinks back to the last time Eric proposed to her.

Melinda tells Sloan to relax as she’s not going to use the secret against her. Sloan hopes not because she shouldn’t have opened up to anybody about it, but she had to get it off her chest. Melinda understands and apologizes if she came on strong but she gets a thrill out of solving mysteries. Melinda admits that she has enjoyed getting to know Sloan and feels they are becoming friends which she doesn’t have many of, so she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that. Sloan asks again if she won’t say anything to anyone. Melinda tells Sloan that her secret is safe with her right as Eric comes home.

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