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Here are a few in-person photos we have of Star Trek actors over the years!

1. EXCLUSIVE Videos from San Diego Comic-Con from Zina! These were from a special handprint ceremony at TheatreBox 7/22/22 and “An Evening with William Shatner” later in the day

William Shatner (Kirk, TOS) and Paul Wesley (Kirk, SNW)

Wesley alone

William Shatner, critic Leonard Maltin and Paul Wesley

2. Nichelle Nichols at Wondercon 2017 – Photo by Karl!

Uhura at San Diego Comic-Con (small)

3. William Shatner at 2015 SDCC – Photos by Karl!

4. Gates McFadden at 2015 Honolulu Comic-Con from Suzanne

Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher) from Hawaii Comic-Con (small)

5. Many at Sean’s Photo Pages


Riker, Troi and Kestra in "Star Trek: Picard" first season.

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