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Marlena is at home on the phone with Sami, questioning all she has to say about Eric having a baby with Sloan is that at least it’s not Nicole. Marlena knows that Sami doesn’t know Sloan but says she feels like she is bad news. Marlena doesn’t want Eric to end up in the same situation that Brady is in with Kristen. Marlena encourages Sami to call him and says she has to go as John comes home. John greets her with a kiss and says he missed her. John talks about their trip to LA working miracles since they got Abe back now.

Steve joins Kayla at the hospital and they talk about being happy to see each other. Steve can’t believe he’s going to see Abe again. Kayla talks about her sense of relief when she saw Abe wheeled off the elevator. Steve asks how Abe is doing. Kayla responds that he’s being released from the hospital today, so he finally gets to go home.

Paulina decorates her home with Theo to welcome Abe home. Paulina wants everything to be perfect for Abe and says she can’t remember being so happy now that Abe is alive and finally coming home.

Abe remains in his hospital bed, looking at he and Paulina’s wedding photo. Chanel arrives and is excited to see him as she brings him his favorite bear claws from the bakery. Abe responds that he remembers Chanel, which excites her.

Brady and Belle sit at the courthouse and talk about what Abe went through. Brady wonders where Kristen is. Belle assures that she’ll be there. Brady hopes Kristen misses the meeting so they can keep everything as it is. Belle tells Brady to just accept that Kristen negotiated this rotten deal. Kristen then arrives. Brady points out that she’s late. Kristen explains that she was at a wedding when she got the call and questions if there’s a problem since she and Brady both signed the request for shared custody. The judge then arrives and thanks them for appearing on such short notice. Kristen responds that she’d do anything for their daughter. The judge is glad to hear because Rachel’s best interest is her priority. The judge says she looked over the request. Kristen insists that she and Brady want shared custody now and signed the papers but the judge responds that she can’t approve them.

Paulina sets snacks up and talks about wanting to have everything Abe likes in case it triggers any memories. Theo brings up Abe not knowing who he and Lani were. Paulina doesn’t care how long it takes as she is not giving up.

Chanel hugs Abe and says Paulina will be so happy that he recognizes her. Abe remembers Chanel visiting him after his surgery and how she showed him pictures on her phone. Chanel recalls being Abe being really confused and Whitley taking advantage of him, but says that’s all over now and doesn’t matter because he recognizes her. Abe clarifies that he recognizes her only because she visited him after his surgery, but not before. Abe states that’s where all his memories start. Abe adds that Chanel seems like a very nice young woman but he’s very sorry.

Kristen doesn’t see what the problem is and argues that Brady has already agreed to shared custody. The judge then reveals that her concern is with Brady. Belle argues that Brady is a devoted father. The judge explains that it’s Brady’s actions that give her pause after he was recently arrested for aggravated assault against Kristen. Belle calls that a misunderstanding. The judge then asks if Brady pointed a gun at Kristen in the presence of their child.

Paulina says everything is ready for Abe to come home, expect for herself. Theo assures that she’s perfect as she is and points out everything Paulina did for Abe. Theo says that Abe loved Paulina for her heart. Paulina thanks Theo for always being a comfort to them. Paulina encourages that Abe will remember how proud he is of Theo as she hugs him.

Chanel hopes Abe doesn’t feel too pressured by everyone wanting him to remember. Chanel recalls being told that he drowned and what that did to everyone who loves him. Chanel encourages that Paulina is making sure that everything is ready for Abe to come home to her. Abe doesn’t want anyone to go through this trouble over him. Chanel encourages that Paulina is crazy in love with him. Abe responds that he’s been told by a lot of people that he loves her just as much and what he would give to feel that love now.

Kayla tells Steve about Abe not remembering anything at all from before his surgery. Steve talks about Abe not recognizing any of them. Kayla explains that Marlena thinks it’s an emotional block and she tried hypnosis but it didn’t work. Kayla knows Abe is frustrated as he wants to remember.

Marlena tells John about how the hypnosis didn’t work with Abe. John suggests just giving it more time but at least Abe will be surrounded by people who love him. Marlena says everyone will have to be patient and accept reality that it may not be a matter of time as Abe may never get his memory back.

Brady tells the judge that the police report is correct but there are extenuating circumstances. The judge can’t think of any circumstance that would make that okay to do in front of their child. Brady explains that he didn’t know Rachel was in the room or where she was at all because he got a call that she disappeared from camp and he knew that Kristen was behind that, so he was desperate to make her tell him the truth. The judge questions doing that with a gun. Brady responds that he’s learned through experience that you can’t reason with Kristen. Belle points out that Kristen is not pressing charges. The judges argues that this isn’t the first time Brady has committed a crime involving his daughter as he had her kidnapped last year. Belle argues that no charges were ever brought against him then. Brady explains how Marlena and two other women came down with a mysterious virus while Kristen was the only one who knew where the orchid was that could save their lives. The judge questions believing that. Brady insists it’s the truth and that the only way was to scare Kristen in to saving Marlena’s life while the judge complains that he used his daughter to do it.

John tells Marlena that he heard Colin Bedford is in court today. John mentions bringing Whitley’s accomplice Jerry back from LA, so he is at the police department now. John says at least Jerry confessed to everything. Marlena asks about him being an actor. John explains that is why Whitley used him, because she wanted to pass him off as Theo.

Theo finishes a call with JJ as Paulina finishes straightening up. Paulina asks what time Theo’s flight is leaving. Theo then reveals that he just cancelled his flight so he can be there to help her with Abe but Paulina refuses. Paulina says she loves having him but he needs to go back to South Africa to finish the deal for his company. Theo complains that it doesn’t feel right going back on the same day that Abe is getting out of the hospital. Paulina promises that as soon as Abe starts to remember, she will call him and he will make it clear that he wants Theo to live his life fully, even if it’s a thousand miles away because they are always in each others’ hearts.

Steve and Kayla talk about Jerry posing as Theo. Steve hopes Melinda throws the book at Jerry. Kayla says at least Jerry told them that Abe was alive and where he was, so that the police could get to Whitley’s apartment in time. Steve asks about Whitley. Kayla explains that she had a traumatic event last year when her husband died suddenly from carbon monoxide poison and she hasn’t been able to handle it. Steve questions if Whitley kidnapped a new husband. Kayla mentions that Marlena thinks Whitley had a break with reality. Steve questions Whitley being able to function as a nurse. Steve wonders if Whitley really did or if she just decided Bayview would be easier than hard time in prison. Kayla notes that Marlena insists that Whitley’s not faking it. Steve doesn’t care how traumatized or crazy Whitley was, since she kidnapped Abe and made his friends and family believe that he was dead and replaced his world with a world full of lies. Steve declares that worst of all, Whitley may have cost Abe the chance to ever remember who he is.

Chanel encourages Abe that he’s going to remember as she believes when he sees Paulina, he will remember how much he loves her. Abe hopes that she’s right. Chanel assures that there is no quit in Paulina, so she will move Heaven and Earth to make him remember or she’ll make him fall in love with her all over again. Chanel then exits the room. Abe continues looking at he and Paulina’s wedding photo. John and Steve then arrive. They tell Abe that it’s so good to see him. Steve brings up Abe going home today. John guesses Abe doesn’t know who the hell they are, so they introduce themselves. John explains that the three of them have been good friends for a very long time. Steve repeats that they are so happy to see him as they hug Abe. John adds that they would’ve been there last night but they just got back from LA where they tracked down Jerry Prentiss for pretending to be Theo. John explains that Jerry is the one who told everyone that he saw Abe fall in to the water and that planted the evidence at the docks so that Whitley could convince everyone that Abe was dead. Abe realizes that Marlena found him because of them. Steve says they knew something was bogus. John assures that Abe has a lot more life to live. Steve says they are blessed to have been a part of that life and will be for years to come. John jokes that they are going to annoy and frustrate him by doing their damndest to remind Abe until he remembers just how much he means to them.

Kayla talks to Marlena at the hospital about hoping John and Steve trying to get Abe to remember. Marlena asks if she’s sure Abe is okay to go home today. Kayla responds that there is no reason to keep him as outside of his memory loss, his head wound is healed, the drugs that Whitley gave him are out of his system, and he’s physically okay. Kayla asks if Marlena is concerned about Abe’s mental health. Marlena says they all want Abe to remember them, but he doesn’t, so she’s sure that must be causing some pressure. Marlena is afraid that if Abe feels pressure, he won’t know where to turn for support.

Abe bets that John and Steve could tell him a lot about his life. They assure that they can and will when he’s ready to hear it. John says Abe is safe here and surrounded by people who love and respect him. John brings up that Abe once told him that rest is a weapon, so they are going to let him rest. Steve reminds Abe that their numbers are in his phone, so he can call if he needs anything at all. John says they will catch up when he gets settled in at home, assuring that he’s in good hands with Paulina.

Theo tells Paulina that he wants to spend time with Abe. Paulina encourages that he will, but for now he needs to go back to South Africa to handle business. Paulina promises to call Theo the minute that Abe starts to remember and then he can come back. Theo asks if she’s sure about this. Paulina assures that she doesn’t do self doubt. Paulina suggests that they go to the hospital so Theo can say goodbye and she can finally bring her man home.

Brady tells the judge that Rachel was never in any jeopardy as she was actually with her uncle Eric. The judge complains that Brady has a pattern of using his daughter against Kristen. Brady argues that is actually Kristen’s pattern and asks if she has looked in to her background. The judge assures that she has and that her criminal background was unsettling, but since getting her pardon, her record is clean. Brady complains that Kristen took Rachel from camp and hid her in the attic of the DiMera Mansion. Kristen claims that she had no idea she was there. The judge argues that it seems reasonable that Rachel was hiding from Brady. Brady calls that ridiculous and insane. The judge talks about interviewing Rachel and her love for her mother is unwavering which has convinced her that her ruling is in Rachel’s best interest. The judge then announces that she is awarding full custody of Rachel to Kristen, exciting Kristen. Brady argues that this can’t be happening and complains that Kristen is going to turn Rachel against him. Brady insists that Kristen hasn’t changed a bit and will make Rachel’s life miserable. The judge brings up Brady bring implicated in the apparent homicide of Philip Kiriakis. The judge adds that children Rachel’s age are usually awarded to their mothers and that the rulings against Kristen need to be corrected. Belle asks if Rachel said she only wanted to live with Kristen and that she wanted nothing to do with Brady. The judge says that her behavior speaks for itself, bringing up how she has tried to get to her mother including taking a rideshare to prison in an attempt to evade Brady’s control. The judge declares that her ruling stands and will take effect immediately. She asks Brady to please deliver Rachel to Kristen by tomorrow and then exits. Brady reminds Kristen that they came for shared custody. Kristen says that’s only because she wouldn’t press charges against him for threatening her with a gun. Brady argues that she knows Rachel loves him and needs him. Kristen knows what it feels like to be kept from their daughter. Brady asks her to tell the judge. Kristen says she also knows what it felt like to watch Brady try to replace her in Rachel’s life with Chloe. Brady argues that he didn’t do that. Kristen says they don’t agree on much but they do agree on what’s best for Rachel. Kristen adds that she listened to the judge lay the case against Brady and she had to agree with her so she will abide by her ruling and hopes Brady will too. Kristen tells Brady not to worry as he will see his daughter but his visits will have to be supervised. Kristen then exits the courthouse, leaving Brady in disbelief.

Abe remains in his hospital bed and thinks back to Paulina, Theo, and Kayla visiting him but not remembering who they are. Theo arrives to visit him. Abe apologizes for not remembering him or anyone else. Theo encourages that he will but reveals that he came to say goodbye. Theo wishes he could stay longer but he owns a small company and they are in the middle of big negotiations, so his partner says he has to be there. Theo assures that he’s only a phone call away so he will fly back. Abe thanks him. Theo asks if he would mind if he hugged him which Abe allows. Theo calls Abe the best father he could ever have. Abe admits to Theo that he’s scared as he’s been told that he has a full life with a loving wife, children, grandchildren, and good friends but he’s afraid that he might never remember that life.

Kayla asks if Marlena thinks she should keep Abe in the hospital longer. Marlena admits that wouldn’t change anything. Kayla suggests they could protect Abe from the pressures of the people that love him. Marlena thinks he’ll have a better chance of getting his memory back at home but they’ll have to manage expectations and not put too much pressure on Abe. Kayla isn’t sure Paulina can do that. Marlena thinks Paulina’s love will be good for Abe, but patience is not Paulina’s strong suit. Paulina then arrives at the hospital and announces that she’s here to take her husband home. Kayla asks Marlena to handle it. Paulina tells Marlena that she’s so excited to take Abe home, then stops and asks why she looks sad. Marlena reminds Abe that they don’t have any guarantees that Abe will get his memory back. Paulina insists that she can make Abe remember as she is determined. Marlena doesn’t want to discourage her from her task, but reminds her that patience is a way to get what you want. Paulina promises to be patient and determined and that she will have her Abe back.

Theo calls this the first time that Abe has ever said he was scared. Theo relates to feeling scared a lot growing up but Abe helped him so much and told him there’s nothing wrong with being afraid but not to let it stop you from living. Abe jokes about being capable of a bit of wisdom. Abe says if it helped him, then he’s proud of both of them. Theo says he has to go but he will call him all the time which Abe says he will look forward to. Theo then exits the room. Paulina enters and thinks back to Marlena’s words about patience. Paulina then asks Abe how he feels about blowing this joint. Abe responds that he would like that very much.

Theo and Chanel walk through the town square. Chanel offers to drive him to the airport but Theo says he already got a car service and reminds her that she has a Bakery to run. They talk about visiting Abe this morning. Theo mentions that he told Abe to call him any time, but he doesn’t think he will, so he asks Chanel to let him know if Abe needs him. Chanel tells him not to worry too much because Paulina will take real good care of him.

Kayla talks to Steve about how Marlena says the best way to help Abe is to not pressure him to remember. Kayla asks Steve about seeing Abe. Steve admits that it was hard but he got a few glimpses of the old Abe. Steve declares that Abe is alive, so their prayers have been answered.

Paulina brings Abe home and asks if anything looks familiar to him.

Brady sits at home with a photo of Rachel. John and Marlena come home and ask what’s wrong. Brady reveals that the judge awarded full custody of Rachel to Kristen which shocks them.

Belle remains at the courthouse as Kristen returns and asks for the ruling that awards her custody. Belle confirms that she will get her own copy. Kristen can’t believe that she won and Brady lost. Belle responds that any decent mother would know that Brady isn’t the only one who lost today, as Rachel did too, big time. Belle then exits.

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