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The double wedding at the DiMera Mansion begins. The justice of the peace asks if anyone has any reason that either couple should not be wed. Gabi questions leaving that part in. Leo then interrupts and announces that he has something to say.

At the Brady Pub, Eric is on the phone with Sami, complaining that he told her that he and Sloan are having a baby and he’s happy about it but all Sami had to say was “at least Nicole is not the mother.” Eric then hangs up as Kate and Roman arrive. Kate and Roman announce that Abe has been cleared to come home so they were helping Paulina set things up. Kate notes that Abe does still have amnesia so he doesn’t remember who they are. Roman adds that they are going to do everything they can to make sure Abe remembers. Eric says he’ll do everything he can to help and then informs them that he has good news to share as well. Eric then announces that he’s going to be a dad.

Nicole questions the nurse saying her test results were already picked up when she didn’t pick them up. The nurse asks for her ID. Nicole argues that there was obviously a mistake as she shows her ID. Nicole questions the nurse losing her test results and asks what the hell happened to her test results.

Sloan talks to herself in the hospital room about how Nicole is having Eric’s baby. Sloan states that as soon as Nicole sees the results, she’s going to realize the truth and it will all blow up in her face.

EJ sits next to Kristen and calls this an unexpected turn of events. Dimitri and Gwen question what Leo is doing. Leo thinks back to having sex with Dimitri. Leo then tells Gwen that he’s sorry but he can’t let her marry this man.

Roman and Kate ask Eric if he’s sure. Eric confirms that he and Sloan got a test. Eric adds that they are happy about it and he hopes they are too. Roman questions Sloan not being here when he told them the news. Eric assures that she wanted to be but she had something to take care of.

Sloan tells herself not to panic and that Eric is the father of her baby too, so this doesn’t mean they are going to lose him but then wonders if it does.

The nurse asks Nicole if it’s possible the father picked up the results. Nicole says no because he’s at a wedding. The nurse apologizes but offers to print out another copy for her.

EJ comments that Nicole is missing all the fun and wonders what is keeping her. Gwen questions what Leo is doing and complains about Leo not being consistent. Gabi interrupts and argues that she didn’t want a double wedding in the first place or this psycho drama. Gabi declares that she and Stefan are getting married right here and now. Gwen asks Leo to just tell her what’s wrong.

Nicole thanks the nurse but argues that printing out a copy doesn’t explain what happened to the original results because they are kind of private. The nurse offers to track down her colleague to find out what happened while Nicole warns that the father is EJ DiMera. Nicole then pulls out her phone.

EJ tells Kristen that he’s going to call Nicole because something must be wrong. Leo apologizes to Gabi. Gwen tells Leo to talk to her. Leo says Gwen is his only friend. Dimitri urges Leo to trust Gwen and promises not to hurt her. Dimitri adds that Leo will always be a part of Gwen’s life so they are stuck with each other and he hopes one day they can be friends. Gabi wants to get on with this. Dimitri adds that this marriage will enrich all their lives. Gwen tells Leo that his blessing means so much to her. Leo then gives in and gives his blessing. Gwen thanks him and says that means a lot. Gabi calls for the wedding to now proceed.

EJ calls Nicole and asks if she’s sure that she doesn’t want him to come to the hospital. Nicole thanks him but says there’s no point as she remarks that she’s sure it will get straightened out soon or else she’s going to kill someone.

Roman tells Eric that this is certainly unexpected. Eric reveals that it was actually planned. Kate apologizes and says she’s just surprised. Eric argues that it’s not a pleasant surprise as he expected them to congratulate him. Roman assures that he’s thrilled to be a grandfather again and that he’s happy for Eric because he knows he always wanted to be a father, but admits that Sloan is not his favorite person because she terrorized Paulina and Chanel, then gave her playbook to her demented brother who is the reason that his best friend Abe doesn’t know who the hell he is. Roman apologizes as he thought Eric was just having a fling with Sloan and now having a baby is a hell of a commitment. Roman questions what the hell changed.

Sloan complains to herself that her nightmare is coming true that Eric is going to find out that he’s having her baby and Nicole’s, then he will leave her for Nicole. Sloan declares that there is only one thing she can do…

The double wedding continues. Stefan and Gabi say I do as they exchange their rings. Gwen and Dimitri then exchange rings as well as Leo watches on. The two couples are then pronounced husbands and wives. Leo rolls his eyes as Dimitri kisses Gwen. Stefan then kisses Gabi.

Eric knows Roman and Kate don’t approve of he and Sloan and that they are doing this for the wrong reasons. Eric brings up how not that long ago, Roman had to welcome EJ DiMera in to the family and says they can’t forget Lucas kidnapping Sami. Kate calls that fair and admits that not long ago, she encouraged Eric and Sloan to have a baby which Roman questions. Kate explains that she encouraged them that life is short and to seize the day, so she would be a hypocrite to express disapproval. Kate assures Eric that she’s really happy for him. Eric responds that he really appreciates that, but unfortunately his father doesn’t feel the same way. Roman stops him and acknowledges that his mother always said every child is a new blessing. Kate encourages that the baby will be loved, cherished, and spoiled. Roman then congratulates Eric and his child, who he says will have the best father that any kid could ever ask for. Roman then hugs Eric as Kate congratulates him.

The nurse returns to Nicole and informs her that her colleague claimed that she gave the test results to Nicole Walker. Nicole argues that she didn’t because she is Nicole Walker and questions who the hell she gave it to. Sloan then comes over and reveals it was her.

Eric thanks Roman for coming around. Roman credits Kate for being happy for him and for remembering his mother’s words. Roman admits he had misgivings at first but he knows that it’s obviously something Eric wants very badly, so he wants it for him, especially since he knows how disappointed Eric was when Jada terminated her pregnancy. Eric assures that he and Sloan’s decision had nothing to do with that or with EJ having Nicole’s child. Eric says it’s been a hard year for him and Sloan has been through it all. Kate asks if Jada knows about the baby. Eric confirms that she does and that she took the news very well as they have both moved on.

Jada comments to Rafe that Leo really likes attention. Rafe jokes that by Salem’s standards, the wedding was relatively drama free. Gwen questions Leo not giving her a heads up and why he interrupted the wedding. Leo says that he’s going to leave but Dimitri says no and that Leo did what he thought was right. Dimitri adds that it would kill him to know they stopped being friends because of him. EJ asks Kristen how long she thinks Stefan and Gabi will last. Kristen suggests six months while EJ says he’s trying to be a supportive brother which Kristen jokes is no fun. EJ assumes Kristen gave Gabi her necklace. Kristen admits she loaned it so EJ jokes that he’s not the only one trying to play nice then. Kristen says she was just feeling charitable after the news of sharing custody of Rachel. Kristen adds that she also wants Gabi to see her as a friend and not an enemy. EJ reminds Kristen that she said the same thing about Megan and how that turned out. Rafe tells Gabi that she looks beautiful and jokes about her yelling at Leo. Jada says overall the wedding was beautiful which Gabi agrees with. Gabi says whatever was up with Leo doesn’t matter because all she remembers is saying I do as she and Stefan kiss. Rafe and Jada walk on. Rafe pats EJ on the back, accidentally causing him to spill his champagne. Rafe stops and apologizes then congratulates EJ as he heard that he’s having a baby. Rafe asks if Nicole is coming back so he can congratulate her in person. EJ thanks him and says he hopes so as he then walks away. Jada asks Rafe about wanting to congratulate Nicole. Rafe says he is taking the high road. Rafe then points out that Nicole is not there, so he decides they can go ahead and take off. Jada agrees that Gabi won’t mind as she and Rafe exit the mansion.

Nicole questions why Sloan has her test results. Sloan responds that she and Eric are having genetic testing done as well, so she came to get her results and that the nurse must have given her Nicole’s by mistake. Nicole complains that it’s open. Sloan claims that she’s been having anxiety and didn’t even look at the envelope to check the name. Nicole then reads the test results and says thank God as it says there are no genetic anomalies and she can’t wait to tell EJ that their baby is fine. Sloan thinks back to changing the test results so that there is no mention of EJ not being a match for Nicole’s baby. The nurse guesses she doesn’t have to print another copy after all.

EJ congratulates Stefan and Gabi. Stefan thanks EJ for standing up for him and says it means a lot. Gabi says she’s very happy about joining the family again. Gabi knows EJ doesn’t feel the same way but suggests they have a fresh start which EJ says he would like. Leo asks Gwen about throwing her bouquet. Gwen points out that there are two bouquets and two single women, so she should just give hers to Jada. Gwen goes to look for Jada while Dimitri comes over to Leo and tells him that they need to talk. Dimitri takes Leo out of the room. Gwen asks Kristen if she has seen Jada. Kristen thinks Jada and Rafe snuck out. Gwen then tosses the bouquet to Kristen then since she’s the one single woman left. Kristen wonders if Leo’s feelings for Dimitri have been put to bed. Gwen responds that Dimitri has been really great at smoothing things out with Leo. Gwen then wonders where they went.

Sloan tells the nurses that they figured everything out with the test results and decides to walk Nicole out of the hospital.

Kristen tells EJ about Gwen giving her the bouquet since she’s the only single woman in attendance, so she hopes Nicole didn’t have her heart set on being the next bride. EJ notes that she hasn’t mentioned it, but who knows.

Dimitri questions Leo about interrupting the wedding. Leo complains about his conscience getting the best of him. Dimitri insists that Gwen will be fine and that he will inherit millions of dollars, so the three of them will live happily ever after. Leo remarks that Dimitri gets to have his cake and eat it too. Dimitri shares a piece of his cake with Leo. They almost kiss until Gwen comes out and asks what’s going on here.

Rafe and Jada go to the Pub. Kate comments on them looking fabulous. Rafe responds that they just came from Gabi’s wedding. Kate asks if Jada caught the bouquet. Jada responds that they didn’t throw them. Kate questions saying they, so Rafe explains that it turned in to a double wedding at the last second as Dimitri married Gwen. Kate jokes that sounds like a marriage made in Heaven. Rafe says they didn’t mean to interrupt. Kate tells them to enjoy the rest of their evening. Roman says it was good to see them as they head upstairs. Kate comments on Rafe and Jada making an adorable couple. Eric acknowledges that Jada looks happy which Kate agrees with. Roman then asks Eric how far along Sloan is. Eric says it’s just a few weeks. Roman is surprised that they are telling people so early. Kate asks why not since Sloan is young and healthy, so she’s sure it will be smooth sailing. Sloan then enters the Pub.

Gwen questions what Leo and Dimitri were whispering about. Leo claims it was her surprise. Gwen talks about how now that they are married, she can finally know what it is and asks what the surprise is. Nicole comes home and says that’s perfect timing because she loves surprises, so she asks what it is.

Stefan suggests he and Gabi take their party upstairs. Gabi points out that it’s their wedding reception. Stefan says no one will miss them which Gabi agrees with so they exit.

Nicole apologizes for being nosy. Dimitri says they will all know soon enough and that he was just asking Leo for his advice on their honeymoon and that Gwen has always wanted to go to Iceland. Gwen is touched that he remembered and says Dimitri is so thoughtful and generous. Gwen hugs Dimitri which Nicole and Leo take as their cue to leave, so they head back in to the living room. EJ greets Nicole and jokes that he was about to send out a search party. Nicole confirms that she got the test results and explains that they were delayed because the nurse accidentally gave them to Sloan Peterson.

Eric greets Sloan as Roman invites her over since they are toasting the new baby. Eric assures they are happy for them. Roman offers to get Sloan a burger or a drink but she declines. Eric asks Sloan about seeing her brother but she admits she never went and says there’s something she needs to tell him.

Rafe brings Jada back to her room and thanks her for coming with him today. Jada thanks him for having her and admits she had a really nice time. Jada invites Rafe to come in which he accepts.

Eric asks Sloan what it is. Sloan reveals that she lied to him about going to see her brother because she was feeling really anxious after her nightmare this morning and felt like something might be wrong with the baby, so she went to the hospital to see if the test results were in. Eric questions why she didn’t tell him as he would’ve gone with her. Sloan says she knew he was having lunch with Roman and Kate and she didn’t want him to worry too. Eric thought the doctor said it would take a few days. Sloan confirms the results weren’t ready but says she’s feeling a lot better now. Sloan informs Eric that she ran in to Nicole while there and that they put a rush on her results and found out nothing was wrong. Eric says that’s great for Nicole and EJ. Sloan claims that hearing Nicole get good news made her feel better about their baby and she realizes everything is going to be okay now as Eric hugs her.

Nicole shows EJ the test results and says it’s good news. Nicole admits it’s been hard to believe that everything is going to be okay, but now it’s starting to seem real that they are going to have a baby, which she calls their perfect little miracle. EJ declares that now they can stop worrying as they kiss.

Outside the living room, Kristen congratulates Dimitri and reminds him not to forget her when he gets his inheritance after his birthday. Kristen jokes about him not changing his name to Dimitri DiMera. Kristen then gets a phone call and questions why the judge would want to see her. Kristen is told it’s about Rachel’s custody and says she’ll be right there.

Outside, Leo tells Gwen that he’s already feeling bereft of her. Gwen tells him to stop the melodrama as they are only three miles apart. They talk about missing each other. Dimitri comes out and says he’s sure they will see plenty of Leo and have him over all the time. Leo jokes about not minding more time at the DiMera Mansion if they have more champagne in the basement. Gwen heads back inside to get him some water. Dimitri pats Leo on the butt as they follow back in.

Stefan carries Gabi to their room where he has the bed covered in rose petals. Gabi questions when and how he did that. Stefan responds that he has his ways. Gabi calls it so romantic and thanks him. Stefan tells Gabi that he loves her with all his heart, mind, body, and soul as they kiss.

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