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Steve goes to Los Angeles and calls Kayla. Kayla asks if he found Jerry Prentiss. Steve says not yet but after he and John missed him at the bus station, he took a gamble that Jerry might be heading to LA to resume his acting career. Kayla admits that sounds like a good bet. Steve says they will see as the bus from Chicago should arrive any minute. Kayla hopes he’ll be on it and that Steve will be able to ask him what he’s hiding about Abe. Kayla tells him to keep her posted and that she loves him as they hang up. John joins Steve with coffee as they talk about not sleeping on the flight. John declares that they will rest when they get justice for their buddy. Steve sees the bus arrive and tells John to keep his eyes peeled for Jerry.

Kate shows up at Paulina’s door and says she came to see how she’s doing. Paulina calls that very kind of her and invites her in. Kate knows yesterday was difficult for her but says she got through it. Kate tells Paulina that they are all here for her and whatever she needs. Paulina says she appreciates that but right now, she’s just worried about Lani. Kate asks if Lani went back to prison. Paulina reveals that she didn’t and she has no idea where her daughter is.

Whitley serves oatmeal for breakfast at her home where Abe remains sedated and she has Lani tied up.

Kate asks Paulina about Lani missing and says that doesn’t make any sense. Paulina agrees and can’t imagine what could’ve happened to her. Kate asks Paulina to walk her through it and goes over Lani wanting to stay in the park alone to gather her thoughts after the funeral. Paulina adds that Lani assured she’d be home in time for Rafe to take her back to prison, but she’s been missing the entire night. Kate assures that Lani wouldn’t run. Paulina adds that Lani doesn’t have a phone since she’s a prisoner. Paulina talks about Rafe, Jada, and Theo being out looking for Lani since Rafe didn’t want to involve the police or else they would have to report Lani missing. Paulina wonders how three people can search an entire town. Kate encourages Paulina to just give it time but Paulina points out that the prison already called looking for Lani and Rafe had to stall. Paulina hopes they get this solved before it does become a police matter.

Rafe goes to the police station and tells Jada that he just came to pick up a few things from his office. Rafe asks if there’s any word on the search for Lani. Jada says there’s nothing yet. Rafe gets a call from the US Marshal and says he’s been blowing up his phone ever since he didn’t return Lani to prison, so he doesn’t know how much longer he can stall them. Jada knows it must be tough not to be able to use the department’s resources. Rafe worries that if they make it official police business then the US Marshal will know what’s going on and Lani will be considered a fugitive. Rafe argues that there is no way that Lani would’ve run. Jada asks how he explains her going missing then. Rafe only has one explanation; that Lani is in serious trouble.

Whitley tells Abe a story about Lani coming to visit them and how she’s refusing to eat. Whitley tries to feed Lani but she knocks it away and shouts that she is not her mother.

Kayla goes to see Marlena in her office at the hospital. Kayla informs Marlena that Steve and John have gone to Los Angeles to try and intercept Jerry Prentiss at the bus station. Marlena hopes they succeed.

John and Steve wait at the bus station. Steve guesses they were wrong about Jerry heading to LA and that there won’t be much chance of finding him now. Jerry then appears in a hoodie and they spot him. Steve confronts him and John introduces themselves as two of Abe Carver’s best friends. Jerry asks what this is all about and how they found him. Steve brings up Jerry being in a big hurry to leave Salem. Jerry claims that he needed to get here for work. John argues that Jerry shot out of his window so they couldn’t question him about Abe. Jerry responds that he already told the police everything he knows. Steve says he didn’t tell them that he was hanging around Abe’s hospital room on the day he disappeared. Jerry insists that he wasn’t. John says that’s not what their eye witness said. Jerry questions what eye witness.

Marlena and Kayla talk about Whitley saying that she saw Jerry hanging around Abe’s hospital room on the day that he disappeared. Kayla explains that John and Steve looked over everything again, starting with Whitley’s statement. Kayla adds that Chanel stopped by and gave them new information that Whitley seemed very interested in Abe and maybe even obsessed. Marlena asks what that means. Kayla explains that Whitley worked on Abe’s campaign and was at the park when Abe and Paulina got married and then when Abe passed away, she went to Paulina’s apartment to give her condolences. Kayla adds that Steve got suspicious so he came to the hospital to talk to her and that’s when she brought up Jerry. Kayla then informs Marlena that Whitley then came to her to resign from the hospital which was surprising since she’s worked there for 15 years and always had glowing reviews. Marlena wonders why Whitley would leave. Kayla says that she said she wanted a fresh start and that Salem wasn’t the same since Abe died. Marlena acknowledges that’s true but finds it odd that Whitley would resign right around the time of Abe dying. Kayla thought so but notes that Whitley talked about Abe like they were friends, so maybe they were closer than they think. Marlena talks about never seeing Whitley at any event that Abe hosted and she’s never heard Abe mention her name. Kayla wonders if they should be worried. Marlena then reveals that she remembered that she treated Whitley as a patient.

Whitley talks to Lani as if she’s Paulina. Lani calls her insane. Lani complains about Whitley shooting Abe up with drugs to keep him catatonic and holding him prisoner while the rest of his family thinks he’s dead. Lani reveals that she talked to Jerry, who told her all about her plan. Lani calls Whitley a liar, a fake, and nothing like Paulina.

Paulina tells Kate that she can feel that Lani is in trouble as she would never run, so she wonders where Lani is. Kate points out that Lani just lost her father, so maybe the thought of going back to prison was too much and she wanted time to sort it out. Paulina says that Lani was heartbroken but never gave the slightest indication that she would be late. Kate says sometimes you can’t think straight with grief. Paulina argues that Lani knows better than anyone what missing that deadline would mean for her future and that Rafe vouched for her. Paulina declares that Lani isn’t making contact because she can’t. Kate argues that just because Lani hasn’t contacted doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong. Paulina says she stayed up all night trying to think of another scenario but she couldn’t.

Jada tells Rafe that if he thinks Lani is in trouble then maybe they should use the department’s help. Rafe still thinks there’s a reason that Lani is missing and he doesn’t want to add time to her sentence and keep her away from her kids. Jada decides they will just have to find her themselves then. Rafe thanks her for everything. Rafe tells Jada that he’s got it and that she can go home and rest. Jada jokes that he couldn’t tell her what to do as her boss so what makes him think he can as a civilian. Rafe says he doesn’t regret anything he’s done and that he would do it all over again. Jada jokes that after they find Lani, she’d love to do it again and again all the time. Sam Gerard from the US Marshals then enters the station and asks Rafe where Lani is. Jada introduces herself and offers him coffee. Sam argues that Rafe told the warden that he would have Lani back in her cell by lights out last night and he’s been trying to reach him ever since. Rafe apologizes and reveals that the acting mayor recently relieved him of his duties so things have been hectic. Sam argues that the terms of Lani’s release clearly state that she was to return to prison immediately following her father’s funeral and she’s now in violation of those terms, so he needs to turn her over now. Rafe responds that he’s afraid he can’t do that because he doesn’t know where she is.

Whitley argues that Lani is confused and instructs Abe to tell her who she is. Lani argues that Whitley is crazy. Whitley calls her very disrespectful.

Kate tells Paulina that she has the utmost faith in Rafe to find Lani. Paulina is surprised to hear her say that. Paulina knows Rafe is a good man and he cares about her and her family, so she doesn’t question his integrity but his detective skills. Paulina doesn’t understand how Kate can be so sure that Rafe is going to find her daughter, when he never found Kate’s son, Philip. Kate acknowledges that she is right that they never found Philip but reveals that she is absolutely certain that Philip is alive.

Jerry informs John and Steve that Whitley is a liar, so he’s not surprised that she tried to throw him under the bus. John threatens to throw him under a bus for real while Steve questions why Whitley would say she saw Jerry outside of Abe’s hospital room if she didn’t. Jerry informs them that Whitley is trying to throw suspicion off herself, pointing out that Whitley worked at the hospital and knew how to avoid the cameras. John questions if he’s going on record and saying that Whitley kidnapped Abe. Steve questions what possible motive she would have to do that. Jerry says he’d have to ask her and remarks that she’s freaking nuts. Steve questions if Jerry is saying that Whitley killed Abe too. Jerry then reveals that nobody killed Abe because Abe is alive, shocking John and Steve.

Marlena goes over her files where Whitley was one of her patients in the fall of 2021 and that’s why she’s just remembering it now, because that is when Marlena was possessed.

Whitley remarks that Lani has a bit of the Devil in her with fire in her eyes. Lani threatens Whitley and complains about her not being honest. Whitley prays for the strength to hold her temper and tongue as she instructs Abe to tell Lani who she is. Abe responds that he doesn’t know who anyone is anymore. Lani tells Abe who he is and that he is her father, her hero, and the finest man she’s ever known. Lani insists that she is his daughter and his family while Whitley is not her mother or his wife, but a crazy psychopath who kidnapped him. Whitley shouts that’s enough and warns Lani not to say another word to Abe or she will be so sorry.

Sam warns Rafe that lying to a federal agent is a felony, so he would arrest him right now but he has a prisoner to find. Rafe assures that he wants Lani found just as much as he does. Sam remarks that he hopes that’s true but brings up Lani being a friend of Rafe’s and how he could be doing a favor for a friend. Sam reminds Rafe that harboring a fugitive is also a felony. Rafe argues that Lani is not a fugitive as she’s missing and assures that she did not run. Rafe points out that Lani is a model prisoner and is up for parole in six months so she would never jeopardize that. Sam argues that she already has. Sam accuses Rafe of doing this deliberately and Jada of helping him. Sam declares that he’s now going to use the full force of his agents to apprehend the fugitive and return her to prison where she will remain for a very long time. Jada stops him and asks him to hear her out first. Jada explains that Lani used to be a cop and risked her to life to protect and serve. Sam argues that Lani is a convicted murderer. Jada argues that she killed a man who abused her mother and then turned herself in. Jada insists that Lani has a damn good reason for being missing. Rafe adds that they spent all night looking for Lani, not because they thought she fled but because they were worried that something horrible had happened. Jada pleads with Sam to help them find Lani before it’s too late. Sam agrees to make a call to track Lani using her ankle monitor and if he gets a location, they will head there together so that he can take her to prison.

Paulina questions how Kate can be so sure that Philip is alive if the police can’t find him. Kate then reveals that the police can’t find him because she hid him. Kate explains that after she found out that Philip faked his death to frame Brady for murder and why he did it, she realized that he needed serious help, so her and Victor had Philip sent to a private psychiatric facility in Europe. Paulina apologizes as she had no idea. Kate adds that she’s only telling her now so that she will understand that she does know what she’s going through. Kate relates to the pain she felt when she thought Philip was dead and she doesn’t want anyone to feel that way. Paulina worries that she has to face facts and worries about Lani. Kate encourages that Lani is strong and resilient, so she thinks she is fine. Paulina prays that Kate is right. Kate assures that she is because God never gives them too much to handle and Paulina has had more than enough heartbreak.

John questions Jerry saying that Abe is alive. Steve argues that Jerry told the police that he saw Abe fall in to the water. Jerry admits that he lied. John questions why the hell he would do something like that as Steve holds him back. Jerry reveals that Whitley hired him to fake Abe’s death and plant his hospital bracelet and blood at the docks. Jerry adds that Abe is fine but Whitley has had him at her home on some medication. Steve questions why he would sign on for something like that. Jerry explains that he thought it was an acting gig. Steve asks why he didn’t go to the police. Jerry informs him that Whitley said they would never take his word over her word and that he would end up in prison. Jerry is surprised that they didn’t already know all of this since he told Lani. John questions him talking to Lani. Jerry tells them that Lani came to his door and was asking questions about Abe. John asks if he told Lani that Whitley King was holding Abe hostage in her apartment. Jerry confirms that she ran over there to save him.

Lani yells at Whitley that she’s not Paulina and repeats that she is Whitley King, a nurse at the hospital.

Marlena informs Kayla that Whitley was one of the patients she treated while possessed so she shudders to think what she would’ve said to her. Kayla encourages that it wasn’t her so she can’t beat herself up for what she said or did during that time. Kayla looks over the file and comments on the horrible way that Whitley lost her husband; carbon monoxide poisoning from a broken space heater. Kayla notes that they had three cats that died too.

Lani continues telling Whitley that she needs help. Whitley argues that she is the one who helps people. Lani accuses her of kidnapping Abe. Whitley argues that she saved Abe from the man who attacked him and now he’s getting better. Abe goes over how Whitley keeps saying she is his wife but he doesn’t know who she is. Lani encourages that this will all be over soon and she’s going to take care of him. Whitley shouts that she’s the one who takes care of him. Lani explains that she used to be a police officer and has a lot of friends on the force, so if she lets her go, she will go to the station and explain everything that happened and she will make sure nothing bad happens to anyone but Whitley has to set them free. Whitley refuses to do so.

Kate tells Paulina that when Philip went missing, she went in to a deep denial and refused to accept that he was gone until that became impossible. Kate says all of the evidence continued to mount with the trail of blood and the bloody knife. Kate notes that the police couldn’t find his body and now she knows why, but when they found his prosthetic leg in the water, she had to accept that her son was dead until she found out that wasn’t true and he was alive. Paulina remarks that Philip’s case sounds a lot like what happened to Abe.

Lani tells Whitley that this has to end. Whitley disagrees and argues that no one knows she’s here. Lani warns her that the police, FBI, and US Marshals are all looking for her since she was supposed to be back in prison yesterday and she’s sure by now it’s a full fledged manhunt, so it’s only a matter of time before they find her. Whitley questions how they will find her. Lani then reveals that she’s wearing an ankle monitor that they can use to track her location. Whitley argues that everything was fine but Lani ruined everything. Whitley declares that she and Abe were building a beautiful life together until Lani showed up and ruined everything. Lani asks her to please let them go. Whitley refuses and tells her to shut up because she’s not listening to her anymore. Whitley then grabs her syringe.

Marlena and Kayla continue going over Whitley’s file. Marlena reads about Whitley’s notes of the day her husband died. Kayla notes that Whitley’s session with Marlena was the first time that she told anyone the full story and that she blamed herself for the death of her husband and her cats. Marlena and Kayla figure that the Devil toyed with her and made her suffer.

Jerry tells John and Steve that he’s told them everything he knows and if they have more questions, they can talk to Whitley. Jerry asks if he can go now but John says no because he has an aided a kidnapping. Steve decides he’s coming back to Salem with them and he will let Rafe know that he needs to get to Whitley’s right away. John reminds Steve that Rafe isn’t on the force anymore. Jada gets a call from Steve, but Sam announces that he got a location on Lani so he, Jada, and Rafe rush out of the police station.

Lani pleads with Whitley not to do this. Whitley says it will be so much easier if she just closes her eyes and drifts away. Lani asks if she’s going to kill her and what that will do to Abe. Whitley responds that she didn’t want to do this, but she’s left her no choice. Whitley then injects Lani with the syringe while Abe yells no.

Steve leaves a message for Jada. John says they can’t wait around to hear back. Steve says they have to get ahold of someone in Salem to let them know that Abe is alive and well.

Kate apologizes to Paulina as she just wanted to reassure her. Paulina knows she didn’t want to get her hopes up, but acknowledges the similarities between Philip’s case and Abe’s case. Paulina says Abe’s hospital bracelet and blood was found on the docks, so everyone assumed he fell in the water. Kate brings up the witness. Paulina points out that Abe’s body, like Philip’s, was never found. Paulina declares that it’s not a huge leap that if Philip could be alive, then Abe could be too.

Marlena and Kayla talk about Whitley never getting the help she needed. Marlena wonders if Abe’s death triggered Whitley’s guilt over her husband. Marlena doesn’t know if Whitley will take her call, but she thinks she needs to reach out and make sure she’s okay.

Whitley sits with Abe and remarks that Lani was right that they can’t go on like this. Whitley says they were so ready to start their new beautiful life together with happiness and love but it would be so difficult when everyone is out there looking for Abe and learning the truth about what she did. Whitley states that she’s not ready to give Abe up yet and she just can’t.

Rafe, Sam, and Jada go to the docks and find Lani unconscious on the ground.

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