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[ Door closes ] Don’t move. The details are not mine to tell, but our daughter is considering doing something that I believe she is completely unprepared to do. And you want me to be the bad guy? I just don’t understand what happened. I was so sure that I could take those clothes. How could I have misunderstood deception’s arrangement with logan’s? It’s all over now. Pcpd let you go. Maxie took care of everything with logan’S. They dropped the charges, and no one’s mad at you.

[ Sighs ] God. When you’re the one pointing out the silver lining…

[ Chuckles ] I know. I know. You look tired. Have you taken your afternoon meds?

[ Sighs ] I am tired. I’m gonna go splash some water on my face, and then I’m gonna take my pills. Good.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello? Oh, hi. I’m glad you called. I am so sorry I rushed out of the store like that. Yeah, I definitely want the coat and the belt. And you know what? I’ll just take it all.

[ Chuckles ] Use the card on file. Um, and can you send it over today?

[ Knock on door ] Great. Uh… that’d be great. Thank you. Oh, god. You’re the last thing we need right now. No, you scared the hell out of me. For the hundredth time, I’m sorry. Okay, great. Now, will you finally tell me why you basically abducted me and took five years off my life? Only after you tell me why you’re following cody. I wasn’t following cody. Actually, I was following selina wu. But why do you think I was following cody? Is he in trouble? Yes, I think he’s in trouble. And from the way things look, I don’t think I can get him out of it. Did curtis make it through surgery? Uncle curtis made it through the surgery. All: Oh! Nina: [ Laughs ] Dr. Barnsdall… were you able to remove the bullet? We were. But the bullet left significant damage.

What’s going on? Well, I saw this guy hanging around outside your house. I identified myself, and he ran, and he was also carrying, so I took him down. Okay. Come on. Up you get. Recognize him? No, I’ve never seen him before. Oh, mickey vasquez. You know him? Yeah, he works for sonny. What the hell are you doing here? Taking a walk, enjoying the pretty houses. Oh, really? Is it a crime to take an afternoon stroll now? Okay, I’ll tell you how this is gonna go — one of three ways. You tell me what you were doing here, or I take you down to the station and you tell me, or I ask sonny about it. It’s okay, dante. I know why he’s here. Tj, has curtis woken up yet? Not yet. Can we see him? Mr. Ashford is being moved to icu. Once he’s settled, he can have one visitor at a time. Thank you, doctor. I’ll keep you posted. So, what’s the, uh, best way to do this? Should we wait here or what? There’s a waiting room right outside the icu. Maybe we can all wait there. Yeah. Okay. You go ahead. I’ll catch up. You want me to say no. That way, I’m the bad parent, and kristina’s mad at me, not you. She never gets mad at you. She always gets mad at me. Well, maybe we should consider why that’s true. Oh, I know why that’s true. It’s because she thinks everything you say is awesome and everything I say is critical and judgmental. I thought you and kristina and everything was fine. We are, which is why I don’t want to screw it up. I want you to get screwed up. She values your opinion. Maybe because I don’t criticize her or judge her. Maybe it’s because you tell her everything she wants to hear, and I tell her everything she needs to hear. And I’ve already weighed in on this, so you weigh in. Okay. So, you want me to tell her it’s a bad idea, whatever it is. I’m not telling you what to say. Oh, are you going to have cue cards for me or feed the lines through earbuds? Maybe you won’t even agree with me. But you think I will. Any normal, rational person would. See, that’s where there’s friction. I’m telling you that kristina is going to do something because she thinks it’s a good thing to do. And what I know is that she’s not thinking about how this is going to affect the rest of her life. Okay, this sounds serious. So, you need to tell me what kind of trouble kristina’s headed for. I’m going to call sonny and maxie. I promised to update them as soon as we heard something. Yeah. Oh, hey. Oh, my god. It’s such a relief. I was so worried. My uncle is still in critical condition. Yeah, no, I know. So, it’s a little early to start celebrating, don’t you think? Well, he made it out of surgery, so I was, you know, being positive. Do you understand that my uncle could have died? Yes. That he could st– whoa, wait, molly. Kristina. Not now. What? No.

[ Laughing ] No, I wasn’t talking to you. I have some idiot knocking on my door.

[ Knock on door ] So you’ll send it over, right? Thank you so much.

[ Knocking continues ]

[ Sighs ] Can you not take a hint? No. Sorry. I’m really dense that way. This is not a good time. Well, good thing I’m not here to see you. Cody. Hey, I got your message. Sorry I couldn’t answer the phone. You were, what, at the police station? You called cody? Well, chase couldn’t reach you, so I used my one phone call to call cody. Why? Wait. You know what? Don’t answer that. It doesn’t matter. I’m glad you see it that way. But what does matter is that cowboy cody here couldn’t bother to show up. He didn’t even take time to answer your call. What was more important than helping sasha out in her time of need?

Is the pcpd running surveillance on the savoy? What’s your interest in selina wu? I think that she may have roped cody into something shady. Like what? Uh… you know, he’s a really good card player. You can relax, sam. I know all about selina wu’s illegal poker game. I get it. He had a concealed carry permit. He wasn’t really doing anything wrong. I know why he was here. I know why he was armed. Yeah, sonny sent him here. Yeah. Speaking of guns, you always toting that thing around, or is that because of the shooting at the metro court pool? Uh, many reasons. Mm. Have we heard anything about curtis? Guess he’s, uh, in surgery. Oh, wow. Okay. If you hear anything or get word, please let me know. Yeah, of course. Are you busy right now? Can I run something by you? Officially? No, not yet. All right. So… I have reason to believe that i was the sniper’s target, not sonny. Right. I mean, that would explain why you went up to the room that the sniper was set up in. You know about that? Yeah, of course. And, officially, I have to tell you that you’re not law enforcement anymore, so you can’t do that. Copy that. I’m the one who has to investigate. I see. All right. Got it. All right, good. Now we got that out the way, I will tell you why I am here is because I wanted to know your impressions of the crime scene. The pool area? No, the room the sniper was in. I mean, do you think we missed anything? No. There was nothing to notice. Right? It was clean as a whistle. Yeah. I mean, other than what you found — a discarded rifle, the ammo. No, it was clearly a professional. Yeah, definitely. I heard that the rifle is a ghost gun? So it was assembled at home, not mass manufactured, which means it’s untraceable. It is. So the weapon’s a dead end. Maybe not as much of a dead end as you might think. ‘Cause I was able to trace where that rifle came from. I’ve said all I can say. Now, your job is to get her to open up on her own accord. Just tell me if kristina’s in any kind of danger. It’s nothing like that. If that were the case, I would tell you.

[ Cellphone rings ] Okay. Uh, hold on. It could be something about curtis. Hey. Hi. Hi. So, curtis, he’s out of surgery, but there were complications. Like what? Well, that’s just it. The doctors don’t know how extensive the damage is. They’re bringing curtis to the icu right now. Do they think he could be paralyzed? No. The doctors didn’t say anything like that. I hope not. I am so worried about him. We all are. Is he — is curtis holding his own? Yeah, he is. Okay, focus on that. That’s all that matters. Thank you. You always give me great advice, and you always know how to make me feel better. You headed home? No, not yet. You know, maxie left me this vague voicemail. I have to follow up with her. She said that something happened with sasha. Nothing to say. Gladys… oh, I have a few things to say. First, I don’t owe you any explanations for anything. I’m not asking you to explain your hurtful and negligent behavior to me. I’m asking you to explain it to sasha, the poor woman you abandoned when she was under scrutiny by the authorities. Okay, that’s enough. Second, yes. I might not have been available to answer sasha’s call, but the reason that she was calling me in the first place is ’cause no one could reach you. So what were you up to, gladys? You care to share? Don’t make this about me. Okay, gladys, just knock it off. Cody had no obligation to answer my call. We’re not even friends. Oh. Is that right? In fact, I am not even sure why I called him. Must’ve been an old impulse. Well, for what it’s worth, I’m glad that you called me. I wish I could have helped. Oh, well, if wishes were horses, you could ride them all the way out of town. So get along, little dogie, and don’t — gladys, gladys… can I talk to cody alone, please?

[ Breathes deeply ] Fine. But if he gives you any trouble, just let out a blood-curdling scream. I am so sorry about that. I don’t care about gladys. Are you okay? I screwed up, cody — big-time. Hi. I know it must have been rough in there, observing in the O.R. While they were operating on curtis. It must have been scary. It was. Not a great sign if I want to be a surgeon, is it? This wasn’t just any surgery, T.J. Well, let’s just say I now have an even greater understanding of why doctors are not allowed to operate on their loved ones. Because seeing my uncle laying there, not knowing if he’d ever walk again, that… that was horrible.

[ Monitors beeping ] Trina: Mom? Yes, sweetheart? Could curtis still die? Well, from what dr. Barnsdall said, his condition… it’s still precarious. But we have faith in him. We all do. And we are going to get through this together. As a family. Including curtis. Mm-hmm. One of you can go in. Portia: Oh. Why don’t you go ahead and go see your dad? Are you sure? Mm-hmm. Go on in there. Tell your father we’re waiting on him. Okay. I will.

[ Monitors beeping ] Dad. It’s started.

So how were you able to trace an untraceable rifle? Well, I’m glad you asked, anna. It was one of 72 rifles that were impounded back in 2021. By your lot, the pcpd? Wsb. That rifle should be locked up in berlin, not out on the streets. The sniper has ties to the bureau? Like a former agent or something? Maybe a current one. I don’t know. Maybe your resignation wasn’t enough. What are you saying? That the bureau wants me dead? Hey, molls. Is everything okay with T.J.? Yeah, he’ll — he’ll be fine. Uh, we’re just upset about curtis. I’m gonna go to the icu. Oh, okay. But it seemed like something was off with him earlier at the savoy, too. Kristina, leave it alone. So there is something. Kristina, enough is enough. Wait. But — not everything is about you.

[ Monitors beeping ]

[ Monitors beep loudly ] What? What is it? I’m sorry. Did something happen? No, no, no. Nothing. Nothing happened. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. He was just so still. Um… I didn’t recognize him. I just got scared. I’m sorry. Oh, honey, there’s nothing to apologize for. No, nothing.

[ Sniffles ] You should go in there, and, uh… I’ll be in there later. A-are you sure? We’ll take care of it. Go. Please. I don’t want him to be alone. You know about the poker game. Great. It’ll save us some time. How long? Between you and me, we’ve known for months. Which is why we’ve been staking out the savoy. Are you going after curtis? The target is selina wu. If curtis is involved, it’s not because he wants to be. Okay, so if the pcpd has been running surveillance for months, why haven’t you made your move? What’s — what’s taking so long? Oh, it’s because you don’t want cody getting caught in the trap you set for selina. I thought deceptio n had a blanket agreement with logan’s — that I could go in and take the things that I wanted. I didn’t realize that I had to ask first. I mean, it sounds to me like an honest mistake, right? Thank you. Well, it’s all over now, right? Or will there be any charges? No. No. Fortunately, the store dropped the charges. I’m just not sure I’m ever allowed back there.

[ Breathes deeply ] All I ever wanted was to get willow a gift. She’s my best friend, and she almost died, cody. Yeah. Oh, my god. I need to tell michael and willow what happened. Hey, hey, sasha, sasha. Look, look, I — I bet michael and willow will understand. Okay? Can you finish the conversation with me right now? Yeah. Um… okay. Sure. That really is the end of the story, though. I’m so sorry that I had you come all the way over here. I will never bug you like that again. You can always call me whenever you need me. I’m just sorry I couldn’t answer the phone. It’s okay. We’re all busy people. I mean, you have your own life, right? Yeah, right.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, god. I hope that’s not the police coming to arrest me again. Hi! I am so relieved that you are okay. You — you are okay, right? Oh, it’s you.

[ Chuckles ] Did you expect someone else? It’s none of your damn business. Did you call nina? No. Why — why — why would I? No, no — maxie. She left me a message. She said that you were at the pcpd, but you were coming home. What is going on? Oh. Uh, gladys, do you mind filling nina in? Oh, gladly. Sasha: I’m so thirsty. Do you want anything? Oh, yeah, sure. Gladys? Nina? No. Gladys: I’m fine. You take care of you. S-should I be worried?

[ Sighs ] Our girl’s in trouble. So you’re gonna check in with our daughter? I’m gonna give kristina a call, but if she doesn’t confide in me, I’m not gonna push her. Of course you’re not. All right. I’m headed off to my editor, and I’m going to stop at the hospital first. I think kristina’s there. Nudge, nudge. I was gonna stop by anyway.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Wait. Everything all right? Yeah. There’s just something I got to take care of.

There are several factors that contradict the idea that this would be a wsb-sanctioned hit, foremost being it was unsuccessful. Yeah, but come on, you know, even the best-laid plans, they can go awry when you’re out in the field. Anything can happen. Yeah.

[ Knock on door ] Okay. Excuse me. But I know who this is. Sonny: Anna. Yeah. Open up. I was expecting you. Come in. I got a text from mickey. Yeah, mickey, I’m glad I ran into him. Saves me a trip to come and visit you, actually. And I did say how much I appreciated the idea that if I needed any help, I would ask for it. Well, that’s what I’m doing. No, I know, but the problem with that is, I didn’t ask. I’d apologize, but I don’t apologize for putting a person on you to keep you safe. I apologize because the person I put on you got caught. Next person I put on you, you know what? He’s gonna be invisible and silent. You should send a ninja.So that — so that way I don’t have to apologize for keeping you safe. Okay. Well, that’s a shame, ’cause you could certainly use the practice. Okay. On a different note, I talked to nina. Curtis made it out of surgery. He gonna be okay? It’s touch and go, but he’s alive. There’s nothing more important than that at this point. Here’s what concerns me. The shooter — who was he targeting? Happy you brought that up because I got a question for you. Do I need an attorney? No. But can you think of any reason why the wsb would want you dead? Great. So now you’re mad at me, too? What’d I do? Nothing — yet. What do you mean “yet”? Why are you acting like this? I just — I know you, kristina, and you’re never gonna let it go. Okay. Uh, molls, I’m gonna need a translator for this conversation. I overheard you at the savoy telling sam and mom that you could give T.J. What I can’T. What? Ew. And that doesn’t even sound like me. Did you forget the part that I heard you? You know that I have no interest in T.J. No, I know that. Okay. So then what the hell are we talking about here? You want to give T.J. A baby since I can’T.

[ Monitors beeping ] Curtis. I’m here. I’m right here with you. Your dad, trina, aunt stella, they’re right outside, too. And T.J., He’s on his way with molly. Nina was here earlier. If she doesn’t make it back today, she’ll be here tomorrow. You’re surrounded by so many people who — who love you so much. Your family loves you. And we’re right here. We’re waiting. We’re waiting for you to come back to us. I can’t believe I ran out that room like a scared little girl. Why? I’m supposed to be stronger than that.

[ Scoffs ] Trina, the reason you ran out of that room like a scared little girl was because, at that moment, that’s what you were. There’s no shame in that. There isn’t? None at all. A man who you just recently learned was your father was lying in front of you, hooked up to machines, looking like the life was drained out of him. If that didn’t upset you down to your soul, I’d think something was wrong with you. And that’s why we keep your great aunt stella around, for her pep talks.

[ Chuckles ] Listen, we’ve all been here the better part of yesterday and today, praying for curtis while all the while scared out of our minds. Everybody’s nerves are fried. And curtis is the last person who would want you beating up on yourself. You can wait until he wakes up and talk to him then. Fortunately, deception has a professional relationship with logan’s, which gave maxie the clout to get them to drop the charges. Well, sasha insists that it was just a misunderstanding.

[ Scoffs ] Even if deception had such an arrangement with logan’s, which we don’t, what would make her think she could just take anything she wanted and walk out without telling anybody? It doesn’t make sense. Mnh-mnh. It doesn’T. And why would logan’s leave the security tags on if they knew sasha was taking the clothes? Well, did sasha set off the alarms? She did, but she just showed them a receipt for the clothes she did pay for, so they thought it was just a glitch. Look, here’s the thing, gladys. I don’t think sasha is lying. Well, that’s what worries me.

[ Sasha laughs ] What if she’s getting confused again? What if she’s losing touch with reality?

I don’t see any reason why I’d be on the wsb’s radar. I mean, why? Well… it’s looking more and more likely that I was the intended target, not you. Why would you say that? The gun that was used is property of the wsb. You think maybe the bureau thinks you know too much and they’re trying to silence you? I mean, look, I don’t rule that out, but I can tell you both that if they wanted to get rid of me, they could just take me out like that. So efficiently. No one would be any the wiser. But shooting at me in a public pool like that, ignoring the possibility for collateral damage… like curtis. Right. It’s just too high profile for a bureau assassination. Then who else? Making headline news the way that I have recently internationally, because of my past as a double agent, that gives any number of people a motive to want me dead. How do we narrow down the suspects? Even though we know about the illegal poker games, we don’t have enough to make the charges stick, especially for someone as slippery as selina wu. And that’s the official reason. At least it’s legit. Also, if we’re gonna catch a crime boss like selina wu, it has to be for something a hell of a lot bigger than a casino racket. Okay. That makes sense. But still… still. Cody’s involvement has given me cause to hesitate. He may not be my son, but he is dominique’S. And I want to do right by him. Even though he’s in way over his head? Especially then. Sam, cody’s been doing pretty much whatever he wants his whole life. You know, he’s used to doing whatever it takes to survive. Whether it’s legal or not. Look, I’m not judging. I’m just saying I get it. I’ve been there. I think cody has a good heart. Okay. I don’t know. I’ve known him for a little bit, and I think cody has a well-paved road to hell. He’s not doing himself any favors, especially with what happened with that bracelet at the nurses’ ball. I mean, something was off about that. Do you think he stole the bracelet? I think cody is smart enough not to put an expensive bracelet in his coat pocket, so no. No. Me neither. But I do think selina helped cody get the charges dropped. What makes you say that? Sasha has been distracted, but nothing like she was before. Are you whispering about me?

[ Laughter ] Well, yes and no. No. It’s just, sasha, we’re worried about you. It’s okay. I’m just kidding.

[ Sighs ] But seriously, though, today could have been an even bigger disaster. After many, many public meltdowns and humiliations, the face of deception gets locked up for shoplifting?

[ Laughs ] Throw away the keys. To the cell and the straitjacket. Oh, even I have to admit, it wasn’t that bad. I’m just so grateful to chase for bringing me in the back way to the station so the photographers and the reporters wouldn’t see me.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, god. Did I talk too soon? No, no, no! This has nothing to do with you. It’s just ava. I was — I was supposed to meet her, but I’m going to cancel. No, no. Crisis averted. Everything is fine. Go meet ava. Uh… a-are you sure? I’ll be fine. Okay. Well, I’m gonna call you like a million times today. Okay. I’ll walk you out. Okay. Is it just me, or were they being a little weird? Um, I think nina’s just worried about you. And honestly, so am I. Sinc e I’m perfectly capableof letting myself out, gladys, I’m assuming that you want to talk about sasha. I do. In fact, I need your advice. About what? Okay. Well, you know that sasha is seeing a psychiatrist as part of this process for dissolving the guardianship, right? Right. So dr. Montague has to report to the court his professional opinion of her mental health. And as her legal guardian, is it my responsibility to let the court know she was caught shoplifting? Wait. Are you talking about me being your surrogate? First, I plan a night out. Then you spend the whole night talking about your shelter and your foundation. You said you didn’t want to talk about babies. So you automatically just talk about yourself? Well, you were off-limits. And, yes, I was talking about myself. I was talking about myself because I’m actually doing something that I’m very proud of for the first time in my life. Is that a problem? No, the problem is that you’re making my fertility issues all about you. How?! Because if you insinuate yourself as our surrogate, T.J. And I having a baby becomes all about you and your pregnancy. Well, here’s a shocker for you. I wasn’t thinking about myself. I was thinking about my little sister and how upset she was and how I could help. Molly, I was willing to give up a year of my life and give birth so that you could have a baby. And I’m selfish? I don’t know if you remember what happened, but in case you do, I want you to know that everybody else is okay. I know that you worry about everybody else before yourself. And I love that about you.

[ Chuckles ] I love your bravery and…your big heart. But you got to look out for yourself, too. Your family, they need you. You know? I need you. And I don’t want to live in a world without curtis ashford.

We don’t need to talkabout this right now, okay? We’re all upset about curtis, so… you’re right. We are all upset about curtis. And now I’m upset because you and T.J. Think that I am making all of your problems about me when all I’m trying to do is help you have a baby. I was going to offer this to you sooner, but mom and sam helped me realize it was too soon. I’ve been waiting — oh, you needed mom and sam to figure this out? Yes, I did. Because I’m just your dumb, self-centered, narcissistic sister. You know what? You — you and T.J. Are right to think that I shouldn’t be your surrogate because god forbid your child end up anything like me when you are this perfect — I could hear you two all the way down the hall. What’s going on? Nothing. We’re fine, T.J. We’re good here. Molly was just educating me on why I am not good enough to be your surrogate. Kristina — not now, mom. What happened? Are you out of your mind? You want to tell the court about this? No, of course I don’t want to. The question is, should I? No! For her own good. We both know something isn’t right with her version of events. Are you asking for my permission to — to tell the court about sasha? No, of course not. Gladys, I want you to listen to me. Because, legally and officially, nothing happened. Well, I wouldn’t say nothing.

You are going to say nothing. Sasha made a mistake. Logan’s is not pressing charges. So do you want to go to the court and tell them about this? If you do that, you’re just causing her trouble. Is that what you want? You’re worried about me? I am. Because despite what you said before, I am your friend. But you’re the one who said that we couldn’t be friends. Yeah, well, I say stupid stuff all the time. Okay? Now, if we’re gonna be friends, which, hey, too late, we already are, you’re gonna need to know when not to listen to me. So hold on to my number, okay? If you ever need anything, call.

[ Door opens ] Sasha: Oh, god. What now? Oh, don’t panic. These are for me. I ran into the delivery person in the hall. And you need to leave. She needs to rest. Actually, I’ve gotten my second wind, but thanks. Um, I really should get going. I got a horse to groom and a stable to clean.

[ Chuckles ] Remember what I said. I will. Okay. Here’s what I need you to remember. Whatever he said to you, you cannot count on cody bell. He will only get you into trouble. Why would selina wu lift a finger to help cody? Uh… at this point, the less said, the better, commissioner. You’re probably right. You’re a really good guy to worry about cody. But I’m worried that it’s too late for us to save him from himself. I think I’m gonna go check on trina. Just taking a minute to herself, stella. Let her be. Well, it’s been a long minute. Oh. Hey, stella. Stella, I got you. I got you. You all right? Come on. Come on. Is it your heart again? Look, I-I’m fine. And I’ll be even better once curtis wakes up. Stella, we’re in a hospital. Why don’t we get you checked out? Shh.

[ Sighs ] You feeling better, baby? A little. I always say there’s nothing makes you feel better than a splash of water on your face. So, my mom is still in there. Yes. Yeah. I know you’re worried, but it’s normal for patients not to wake up so soon after surgery, especially one as difficult as curtis’. Thanks. I know. But until he wakes up, we won’t know how much damage the bullet did. He could be paralyzed. You know I hate this, not being able to — to do anything. But I’ll just stay right here, right by your side.

[ Breathes deeply ] I hate that I stayed away from you after I found out that you kissed jordan. Because we made a commitment, and I-I-I let my pride get in the way. But not anymore. Because, honey, I love you. I love you so much. And my harsh words, they can’t be the last thing that you hear me say. Okay? So open your eyes for me so I can tell you how much I love you. Please. Just so we’re clear, I’m not completely ready to rule you out as a target here. You got to keep your eyes open. You know me. I don’t drop my guard. Okay. Dante: Anna, any way we can get any of the records from the ops you did with dvx? Anything the wsb has that could give us a lead? I doubt any of it’s been declassified, even after the leak, but we don’t need it. Because I remember everyone. I remember the name of every person that was ever compromised by my actions. Great. Let’s find out where they are and what they’re doing. That’s gonna take too long. I mean, this person has proved that they have little to no regard for human life, that they’re willing to sacrifice any innocent bystander, probably knowing that I would blame myself for that. I’m not about to allow anyone else to get hurt because of me. Anna, what’s the plan? I think we lure my enemy out into the open… using me as bait.

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