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Sasha gilmore, you are under arrest. Is this a joke? I’m afraid not. I’ve done nothing wrong. Let’s just talk outside, okay? No! I am not going anywhere without an explanation. Yeah, that seems fair. Chase, what’s going on here? You left the store with this blouse and a few other items that you didn’t pay for. That’s pretty. Hey, kid, this is couture. Keep your hands to yourself. Well! You have a way with children, don’t you? L-look. I-I can explain. You were marking cards, mr. Bell. No explanation necessary. I’ll pay you back, I swear. That’s a given. But by losing so dramatically, you’ve damaged the reputation of my game. There’s a rhythm, you see? You can’t win them all. Nor can you lose them all. Guess you’ve never played with my cousin barry. [Chuckles] He’s making jokes. Guess it’s time mr. Bell learned how humorless we are.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Hey. Hey. Have you talked to molly? Going to the hospital right after this. After everything they’re already going through, now this — curtis gets shot? Tj must be out of his mind. Makes me want to help them even more. Mom, I would make the perfect surrogate for them. Honey, um… I really appreciate how open and willing you’re being. But I need to wait to be asked first. Yes, please. Please. Let me ask you something. If molly and tj actually did ask you to be their surrogate, would you say yes? Yes. Really? You’re sure? You really think you’re ready to have a baby? It’s not just a baby, mom. It’s molly’s baby. She’s my sister. I’d do anything for her. Anything? If tj could give us an update, he would.

[ Sighs ] What? Why is it taking so long? This type of surgery, I-it could take hours. But all night?! Honey, are you cold? A little. Why don’t I — why don’t I go get you a sweater? Um, I have one in my office. Hey. Uh, I-I can go. No, no. You ought to stay close. It’s — it’s quite alright. I-I want to use it to stretch my legs. Well, portia — she might have the right idea. You want to take a lap? Yeah, yeah. Sure.

[ Speaks indistinctly ] Lead the way. Your mother is so lucky to have a daughter like you. So strong. I don’t know, aunt stella.

[ Voice breaking ] I’m not feeling very strong right now. Ohh. I assumed that curtis was gonna be out of surgery, but it looks like he’s not. That can’t be a good sign. Don’t jump to conclusions. I’m gonna ask the nurse for an update. -Hey. -Hey, uncle sonny. Hi. How you holding up? -Okay. -Yeah? Hey, sonny. Marshall. I have to admit, I’m surprised to see you here. Curtis: Please. Please, honey, don’t give up on us. Not when we’re so close to finding our way back to each other. I wish it was that simple. I just — I can’t be here. I can’t be here right now. Please, curtis. Give us the chance to make it right.

[ Monitor beeping ] Dr. Barnsdall: Retract this here. Woman: Retracting.

[ Monitor beeping, respirator hissing ] K

I’m allowed to take those clothes. Without paying for them? Yes! Deception has an agreement with logan’S. It’s basically free advertising for the store. Well, the manager didn’t seem to know about it, so why don’t you just come down to the station? And if what you’re saying is true… it is. …Then it’ll take a few minutes to sort out. Besides, we should probably let willow get some rest. Fine. For willow’s sake. Let’s get this over with. -Catch up with you guys soon. -Yeah.

[ Door closes ] Call gladys. I’m already on it. I’m sorry if I was snippy.

[ Chuckling ] It’s just a very expensive coat. I know. Sam: Hey. How do you know that? I saw the price tag.

[ Chuckles ] Oh! Mother-daughter shopping trip? Actually, we are picking scout out a dress for swim camp. Don’t tell me they swim in dresses now.

[ Chuckles ] No, it’s actually for a dance that the kids put on. Ah. What about you? Special occasion? No. Just, uh, thought I’d treat myself. You know, I’m actually really glad we ran into each other. I’ve been meaning to ask you something. Scout, baby, why don’t you take these into the dressing room and try them on? It’s right over there, baby. What’d you want to ask me? So, how is your new bff — selina wu?

[ Grunts ] Ow! It’s not only that you cheated. To a certain extent, I expect that. You’ve done it before, so we’ve kept an eye on you. Well, I’m impressed that you figured out my method. White ink? Child’s play. What I did not expect and what I will not tolerate is that you lied to me — and, even worse, that you thought I wouldn’t notice. Confession time? Better late than never. Okay. So, I did. I made sure that the house lost so you’d no longer think I was valuable to your operation. Why? Honestly, I just — I want to move on from the game. It’s — it’s nothing personal. I just — I’m no good at doing anything for too long. I-I get restless. Well, I have news for you, mr. Bell. My employees do not come and go as they please. Once you’re in, you’re in. Am I making myself clear? Been a while. Yeah. How you doing? I’ve been better. Any word from tj? No. Molly: Not yet. But he’s always said that dr. Barnsdall is the best surgeon in the country. Thank god for that. If your family needs anything, we’re here. Well, first and foremost, for curtis to pull through. And then some answers would be nice. Who would do this to my son? I just hate that I was holding curtis at arm’s length. I was just angry… and confused. And rightly so. But now? Look, trina, you still have time. You don’t know that. Yes, I do. I know curtis, and I know my nephew will fight to get back to you, just like he’s fighting to get back to portia.

[ Monitor beeping, respirator hissing ] Dr. Barnsdall: That’s the last of the bullet fragments. Vertebrae is clean.

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ] But I don’t like that heart rate. Let’s close him up before it climbs up any higher.

[ Beeping continues ]

[ Flatline ] O.R. Nurse: He’s going into v-tach. Pack the wound and get the crash cart in here! We need to turn him on his back.

[ Birds chirping ] Irene: Curtis ashford, did you eat all the potato salad? Again? I swear — next time, I’m gonna put a padlock on the container. Mom?

I’m sorry, sonny. Discovering who shot my son, that’s not your responsibility. Shouldn’t have laid that at your feet. Don’t worry about it. I don’t know who the shooter is yet, but I am not gonna rest till I find out.

[ Sniffles ] So do you want to talk about it at all?

[ Sighs ] Oh. I’m fine. Really? ‘Cause I’m not. Me either. All this waiting is fraying all my nerves.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Voice breaking ] I was just so worried that I wasted all that time, that I didn’t resolve things before.

[ Sighs ] I know. I, um — I know, sweetheart. Me too.

[ Trina cries ] As I said, I-I really do appreciate your willingness to help your sister out. But… but not only is surrogacy a — a huge deal, so is getting pregnant. You’ve never been pregnant before. Do you have any idea what it’s like to carry a baby? Mom, I’m gonna figure it out. You know, I’m young, I’m healthy, I’m single. And don’t molly and tj deserve to be parents? Of course they do. Okay. So if they do decide to move forward with surrogacy, then isn’t it best that they go with someone that’s already prepared and ready to go? Honey, to my point, I don’t know that anyone is truly prepared to be a surrogate. It’s not just a physical thing. It’s an emotional — -hi. -Hey. Sorry to interrupt. Hi. I heard you were trying to reach me. I-I was. The invader would like to do a feature on — on the deceptor. Oh. Great. Uh, what’s the angle? Oh, it’s in the leisure section. It’s interest in the design process. Okay, then you’ll probably want to talk to a product manager or someone in marketing. Good. Then I’ll have my assistant call your office. Okay. Thanks. Uh, I’ll let you two get back to your conversation. Oh, wait, maxie. Um, actually, I just have a couple of questions. About the deceptor? No. About, uh, surrogacy. Selina wu is not my “bff.” Get your facts straight. Huh. Oh, well, that’s pretty interesting. Because according to spinelli, you and selina were seen at the metro court, all cozied up. Wait. No. Hold on. It was actually you, selina, and cody bell. Now, that’s an interesting trio, don’t you think, since you did accuse him of larceny? A misunderstanding. Which put him in handcuffs. Well, isn’t cody lucky to have a friend like you to bail him out? You haven’t answered my question. Which one? How do you know selina? I’ve bumped into her at the savoy a time or two. Uh, should I get the red one or the black one? And what about cody? What is his relationship to selina? You’ll have to ask cody.

[ Scoffs ] Okay. Look. You can either tell me what’s going on with the three of you, or I am going to figure it out myself, because it’s obviously something. One word from selina, and you change your story about cody stealing your bracelet? What does that woman have on you? Are there any updates on curtis? Nothing yet. Curtis would be so glad to know that you’re here. Think he feels our support? And the love and strength you’re sending his way. He’s very, very lucky to have such a close family. Times like these — when we realize how truly important family is. Dr. Barnsdall: Give him one milligram of epi. -1, 2, 3, 4, 5… -charge the paddles to 200. …8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14… everybody clear?[ Paddles whine ]

[ Thump ] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14… I don’t — I don’t understand.

[ Birds chirping ] Are you still hungry? I made biscuits, and there’s blueberry pie for dessert. I remember this blanket.

[ Chuckles ] Does it still have — have the hole that you burned in it when you were playing with matches? Sure does. That was tommy’s idea. Mm-hmm. Blaming your brother. Just like always.

[ Sighs ] Are you alright? Do you feel sick? I’m just fine. Are you sure? Mom…

[ Voice breaking ] Is this really happening? Are you — are you really here with me right now? Baby. Where else would I be? Huh?

[ Breathes sharply ]

It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? It’s just magical. When we’re done here, would you mind taking a look at my car? What’s wrong with your car, mama? The “check engine” light’s on again. Mama, I don’t know why you refuse to take your car to the garage. What do I need with a garage when I got two strapping sons?

[ Chuckles ] Tommy’s working on it now. But I think he needs a little help. Tommy’s here? In the parking lot. Go see your brother. Dr. Barnsdall:

[Echoing] We’re losing him! Tj: [Echoing] Stay with us,

uncle curtis! Do you hear that? Hear what? Really? Really. Whatever tommy did, curtis had to do it, too, no matter that tommy was older. When tommy learned to ride a bike, curtis was determined to learn, too.

[ Chuckles ] Tommy made varsity. There was curtis on jv.

[ Laughter ] I didn’t realize curtis was that competitive. That was — that was part of it, but he — he was also very protective, and he didn’t want to be far away in case his brother needed him. I think he’s like that for all of us. All you gotta do is call. Curtis will come running. He’s still like that today. He certainly is. This is detective chase with the pcpd. Call me back as soon as possible. It’s about sasha. Are you implying I’ve done something wrong? Yeah. I mean, you must have. Well, how do you get that exactly? Because there was no way you were gonna let cody off the hook. You were out for blood. So the only reason I can think of that you backed off… was to save your own skin. Mommy! What do you think? Oh, hi, baby. Let’s see. Um… well, they’re both beautiful. I say you try them on and we decide together? Okay. Okay. I’ll see you in the dressing room. Well, much as I’m enjoying being accosted, I gotta run. Family emergency. What? Wow. I hope everyone’s okay. So do I. Oh, tell the kid to pick the white one. Pink’s not her color.

[ Exhales deeply ] It’s not every day I get asked about my surrogacy. Well, it was such a selfless thing that you did. I just would — I’d love to hear more about it. A-and please don’t feel you have to divulge anything personal. There’s nothing not personal when it comes to surrogacy. Um, let me wrap my head around this first, okay? Yeah, of course. Totally. Okay. Cool. Um, both of you, call me. Yes.

I will remember you what?

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, chase. What’s up? Sasha did what? Okay. Okay. I’m on my way. You said that I could never truly know what surrogacy was like, so isn’t asking someone who’s actually done it the next best thing? It was just a little insensitive. Maxie said she was fine with it. Okay. Alright. I got to go to the hospital. I will see you later. Love you. I love you.

[ Sighs ] Thank you, brick. Keep me posted. Hey. Did brick learn anything new about the shooting?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Uh… what’s wrong? Alexis wants me to come by. It’s — it’s about kristina. Go. No. Well, I feel kind of, you know — no, I will stay here, and I will call you if there’s any updates, I promise. Are you sure? Yes. -Alright. -Go, go. Love you. How long are you gonna keep me here? Maxie’s on her way. I tried to track down gladys, but I am having trouble reaching her. You’re allowed one phone call, sasha. You should really contact a lawyer. Lawyers are for guilty people. Be reasonable, sasha. Why? When something completely unreasonable is happening to me? I need someone in my corner. Someone who understands what a colossal mess this is.

[ Grunts ] Ow, ow, ow. Ow!

[ Cellphone rings ] You mind if I get that? I don’t, but li would find it quite rude. Well, we can’t have that. No, we can’T. Well, I must be going. Enjoy your afternoon. I believe you’ll find li is both creative and resourceful.

[ Chuckles ] Aaah! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! You came into my game with your own agenda. There must be consequences. I have a proposition! What could you possibly have to offer?

[ Breathing heavily ] Plenty. No one crosses me. Goodbye, mr. Bell.

I could have swore I heard voices. It’s probably tommy, swearing at the car. You know how his voice travels. Tj: [Echoing] Uncle curtis, you have to come back. Did somebody just say my name? It’s tommy. He’s calling for you. He needs your help. It didn’t sound like tommy. It’s like… I recognize the voice. I just can’t make it out. Come. Be here. We’ll go see tommy together. Tj: Come on, uncle curtis! Fight! Do it for trina! Hey. You can tell me to buzz off if you want to be alone. But are you doing okay? I just needed a minute. Yeah, yeah. I get that. Everyone’s so scared, and they’re desperate for answers. And you’re not? Oh, I’m terrified. But the fortunate thing about it, or unfortunate thing, is that I know the answers to some of those questions… and the surgery’s taking way too long. The long er they have him open,the longer the recovery… if there is a recovery. Oh, there will be a recovery. It’s a bullet to the spine, nina. The damage could not only be significant, but it could be life-altering.

[ Breathes sharply ] I wish there was something I could do or say. Thank you. The only thing that we can do is… we can wait. That manager is trying to embarrass me! There is something that you need to see.

[ Door opens ] -What’s going on? -Oh, gladys! Oh. Oh. They’re accusing me of shoplifting. Who? Who is? Logan’S. It’s just like with home & heart. Someone is out to get me. Can I show you something? -Uh… -please, take a seat. This is the security footage from logan’S. Oh! Finally something to prove I’m innocent.

[ Sighs ] I don’t — I don’t remember doing that. It — I mean [Scoffs] Why would I? It’s not like I can’t afford the clothes. No, no. Something is wrong here. I mean, you may not remember it, but you did it. That — that is you, isn’t it? -Any word? -No. Gladys didn’t answer. But, look, sasha’s with chase. I’m sure he’s taking good care of her. I thought she was acting strangely. Yeah. I mean, sasha’s been through a lot. Understatement. Oh, she’s — she’s been doing good lately, but, you know, there was — there was — there was bound to be setbacks. I know, but… shoplifting? I know. Maybe she didn’t realize she had clothes in her hands and she walked out the door?

[ Stammers ] Look. It’s gonna be okay. Alright? If you say so. I do say so. Why are you looking at me like that?

[ Chuckles ] ‘Cause I-I still — I still can’t believe that you’re home. No place I’d rather be. Uh-oh.

[ Chuckles ] Why is that “uh-oh”? Well, uh… me and wiley have been planning a little trip. Uh, rude, considering I can’t go anywhere yet. Well, au contraire, ma cherie. If mademoiselle wouldn’t mind looking out the window…

[ Breathes sharply ]

[ Laughs ] Wiley.

[ Laughs ] What are you two up to? Bienvenue paris.

[ Chuckles ] Both of these dresses look absolutely beautiful on you. But hurry up and choose ’cause I got to take you to swim class. Hm? I don’t really want to go. Wait a minute. But you love going to swim class. Is this because daddy is the one who normally takes you? And he picks me up. What else does daddy do? He asks how many laps I swim and how long I held my breath underwater. Oh, really? That’s no fair. I want to know those things, too. Come here for a second. I know that you’re sad that daddy is gone, and it’s hard for both of us. But guess what — daddy’s gonna want to know how many laps you swim. He will? Yeah, he sure will. So you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna write everything down. This way, when we go and see daddy, you can tell him all about it. Sound good? Which one? You know what? I think you deserve both of them. -I-I can make you rich! -Is that so? I’m coming into some money. It’s, uh — actually, it’s a lot of money. You asked why I wanted out of the game. Well, it’s — it’s really — it’s to tie up some loose ends before I retire to the cayman islands. So you lied. I stayed quiet ’cause I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but, you know, now that I’m thinking about it, I feel like I owe you a debt of gratitude. And where is this money coming from? The wsb. Ow. Ow, ow, ow! I’m not an informant! I’m not an informant! Okay — ow! Wsb took something from me, and they’re willing to pay through the nose to make it right. Took what? A family heirloom. The wsb is willing to cough up 10 mil to make up for my pain and suffering. Would you like a cut?

Now, obviously, we’ll plan a real trip when you’re ready, but for now… wiley and I wanted to bring paris to you. This is the sweetest thing, michael. Thank you. Hey. No, don’t thank me. Your son was the mastermind. I mean, come on. Look at him.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Please tell me that thing doesn’t actually make noise. Well… oh.

[ Accordion plays ] Can you picture it? You and me walking hand in hand down the champs-elysées?

[ Chuckles ] I can’t wait. Michael… I love you too much. Too much?

[ Breathes sharply ] No such thing. $10 million? Yeah. Some of it can be yours. Define “some.” A 50/50 split. 60/40. I have to pay some — to my attorney. There’ll be plenty left over. Li, let our friend go.

[ Grunts softly ] We must also discuss how you’ll repay your debt from last night’s fiasco. Yes. Yes. I expected as much.

[ Speaks chinese ]

[ Sighs ] Sasha. Ms. Wu? Am I free to go? Something wrong? Uh, possibly. But it has nothing to do with you or your operation. Of course you’re free to go. Because wherever that is, li will always find you. Don’t worry. I’m sure maxie will take care of everything. Maxie! I swear I didn’t know — I spoke with sandra, the store manager at logan’S. I explained everything, and they’ve agreed to drop the charges.

[ Sighs ] Thank god! They should be calling the station now. If you’ll excuse me. I can’t thank you enough.

[ Door opens, closes ] I honestly don’t know what happened. It’s okay. Everything’s fine. How did you convince them? Oh, you know, now we’re doing a cross-promotional event with the deceptor. I’m sorry. No, it– it’s fine. It ended up working out well for the brand, so… well, I will help however I can. Actually, um, logan’s would prefer if lucy and I handled it. I hope you understand. No. Yeah. Of course. That makes sense. You have been working so hard, sasha. I-I-I think you’ve earned a break, don’t you? What’s up with kristina? I was, uh, just wondering what your involvement is with her foundation. Well, I’ve been hands-off because I figured that’s what kristina needs. Unless you think otherwise. Um, not that she would admit to this — I just think she’s a little overwhelmed. Okay. I’m here for whatever kristina needs. I was hoping you’d say that. -Molls. Hey. -Hi. Hi. How’s curtis? Oh, we’re still waiting for news. I’m so glad that you’re here. Things were already — they were just so complicated between us. And now…

[ Voice breaking ] What if I don’t get a chance to tell him how much I love him again?

[ Sighs ] Come here.

[ Crying ] Trina… who’s trina? My daughter. You have a daughter, curtis?

[ Gasps ] Oh, how wonderful! Tj: [Echoing] Trina needs you, uncle curtis! So does portia! Once you and tommy fix the car, we’ll go home and I’ll make dinner. You’re stronger than anyone I know. Use that strength! Fight! Then we can go for a walk in the neighborhood. We’ve missed you so much. I’ve missed you, too, mama. More than you’ll ever know. But now we don’t have to. The family’s back together again. Come. We’ll go see tommy together. I want to. Mama, I want to, okay? But why do I have the feeling that if I leave this park, I’ll never see trina and portia again?

-you hungry? -Famished. Alright. Garçon?

[ Laughs ]

[French accent] Alright. We have ze…

[Normal voice] Actually, you know what? I’m not even going to attempt to do a french accent. Wiley, I’m sorry. But, uh, right here, we have the quiche lorraine, a lovely green salad, crispy baguette, and the frenchiest butter we could find.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, we might have needed one more day at least to prepare, but…

mais non.

C’est parfait. Does that mean good? Very.

[ Chuckles ] Our daughter has the passion and the energy to — to make this shelter happen. I — I just think she needs a little guidance. And, for better or worse, um, she listens to you. Thank you. I-I’m thinking she actually might receive some constructive feedback from you. How come I feel there’s a lot more going on here? Oh, well, you probably feel that way because there is. Everyone makes mistakes. And one day in the not-too-far future, no one will remember this even happened. Gladys is right. Clean slate.

[ Door opens ] -Well? -You worked your magic. Logan’s is happy to drop the charges. Thank you. Again. Anytime. Well, hopefully this is the only time. Are you ready to go home? Yes. I’m exhausted. Hey. Keep an eye on her, would you? Duh. Was gonna do that anyway. Sasha. Yeah. Hey, it’s, uh, me. I’m so sorry I missed your call. Um, are you okay? Call me back when you get this. Selina: You forgot something. Is everything alright?

[ Breathes deeply ] A friend needs my help. And we always take care of our friends, don’t we?

[ Camera shutter clicking ] You’re not gonna stay with us, are you? I can’T. There’s too many people waiting for me.

[ Sighs ]

[ Voice breaking ] But I don’t want to say goodbye. Then don’T. Say… “until we meet again.”

[ Crying ] Until we meet again. I’m so proud of you, curtis.

[ Voice breaking ] If only I had been as strong as you are, maybe I would have met trina. It’s time for you to go back.

[ Breathes deeply ] Ohh. -I love you, mama. -I love you, too, sweet boy. Irene: I love you, too. It’s time. Oh. Did curtis make it through surgery?

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