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Roman visits Abe’s memorial shrine on the docks. Roman calls Abe the best friend a man could ever have. Roman talks about Abe being a part of his life for such a long time. Roman wonders if Abe ever knew how he treasured their friendship. Roman holds back tears as he talks about how they searched for him. Roman cries that he doesn’t understand why they could never find Abe. Roman states that Abe was such a special man. Roman says he and Kate will both miss Abe so much as he breaks down crying.

EJ and Kate storm in to Megan’s hospital room to confront her but find Gabi is now handcuffed to the bed instead. EJ and Kate question what Gabi is doing there.

Gwen says yes to Dimitri’s marriage proposal.

Kristen comes home to the DiMera Mansion and questions why Leo is robbing her home. Leo talks about all the wine in the cellar. Kristen threatens to call the police.

Belle meets Shawn at the Brady Pub for lunch. Belle stops and points out that Shawn is on duty, so she questions him drinking.

Nicole brings flowers to Abe’s memorial shrine on the docks. Eric then arrives behind her.

Leo tells Kristen that there is no crime here. Kristen questions what he was doing forcing his way in to a drawer. Kristen brings up how Leo broke in to steal Abigail’s precious gems last year on the night that she was murdered. Leo argues that he had nothing to do with that and has paid the consequences from that. Leo states that he’s just in pursuit of the truth now.

Dimitri questions if Gwen means that she will really marry him. Gwen assures him. Dimitri says he’s delighted but surprised. Gwen knows she was hesitant at first but she changed her mind when Megan was shot. Dimitri questions her saying yes because of his mother. Gwen sits him down and explains that it was partly because of what Megan said when they visited her in the hospital and she talked about seizing opportunities with courage and not letting life pass by. Gwen says she saw how much Dimitri loves Megan and how scared he was to lose her. Gwen supposes she saw another side to him that is tender and vulnerable. Gwen says she realized he’s more than just a criminal mastermind who imprisoned Kate on a fishing boat or tried to blow up the world over the Alamainian Peacock. Gwen declares that Dimitri is a beautiful human.

EJ asks where the hell Megan is. Gabi explains that she came to see if Megan was behind the attempt on Stefan’s life because Li kept insisting that she was the mastermind, so she planned to confront Megan face to face.

Eric and Nicole say hi to one another. Eric says he just came to pay his respects to Abe as well. Eric calls it senseless and unfair that Abe is gone so soon. Eric asks how Nicole is and hopes all is well with the baby. Nicole confirms that she followed up with the doctor and she said everything seems fine. Eric says that’s great and he’s sure EJ thinks so too. Nicole reveals that EJ actually wasn’t there.

EJ tells Gabi that she was right as Marlena just hypnotized he and Kristen which led to a memory coming back of Megan admitting she planned to have Stefan killed. Gabi calls Megan a psychopath. EJ says he came to choke the truth out of Megan. Gabi says she came to do the same. EJ remarks that it appears Megan turned the tables on Gabi, but questions how the hell she managed that while recovering from a gunshot wound.

Shawn tells Belle that he’s thirsty and it’s just a beer. Belle repeats that he’s working. Shawn argues that he’s on his lunch break and he’s not drunk. Shawn asks if she thinks he has a drinking problem. Belle says she’s tried to give him space because she knows he’s in pain and suffering terribly about what happened with his dad. She gets he has a lot of guilt and regret and he’s trying to numb it with alcohol. Belle declares that she’s not going to enable this anymore and it has to stop.

Kristen questions Leo wanting to get the goods on Dimitri and asks if he has a crush on him. Leo says it’s suspicion and a desire to make sure Gwen does not get hurt. Kristen calls breaking and entering a hell of a way to get uninvited to their wedding. Kristen questions Leo thinking Dimitri isn’t sincere in his marriage proposal. Leo brings up how briefly Dimitri and Gwen have known each other. Leo reminds Kristen that she said this sounded vaguely familiar when he found her in the wine cellar. Leo asks if she has no memory of what Dimitri is up to. Kristen then thinks back to Dimitri telling her about using Gwen to get what he wants.

Dimitri tells Gwen that she has made him so happy. Dimitri says when he’s with her, he feels like the man he was meant to be. Dimitri promises that she will not regret this. Gwen hopes not and wants to publish their engagement announcement in the Spectator. Dimitri decides to make it official by getting down on one knee and putting the ring on her finger. Dimitri calls it a beautiful ring for his beautiful bride to be as they kiss.

Eric questions Nicole about EJ not going to her appointment with him. Nicole explains that EJ and Kristen went to see Marlena to see if she could help them remember why Megan held them in the secret room. Eric thinks EJ could’ve waited until after Nicole’s appointment considering the scare she had the other day. Nicole assures that EJ wanted to go, but she told him that it was more important that he recovers his memory to make Megan pay for what she’s done so that this never happens again. Eric apologizes as it’s none of his business and he was just concerned after the scare she had. Nicole thanks him but assures that EJ is also concerned about his unborn child and he loves her. Nicole adds that she loves EJ too.

Gabi explains that she showed up and Megan was lying in the bed, she had her right where she wanted and she was about to tell her the truth when Dr. Rolf grabbed her from behind. Gabi says they struggled but he got the better of her. Kate question what prompted Dr. Rolf to come back. Gabi reveals that he was apparently keeping tabs on EJ and Kristen and when he found out what happened, he showed up to whisk Megan away to safety. EJ asks if she has any idea where they went. Gabi says she doesn’t but that Dr. Rolf mentioned something about a submarine. EJ then rushes out of the room.

Eric tells Nicole that he shouldn’t question EJ’s devotion to her or the baby and says it’s just a knee jerk reaction after all those weeks that he left her alone. Nicole understands and apologizes for jumping down his throat. Eric says he can’t imagine the pain she’s going through now after everything with the baby and now Abe. Eric calls it so heartbreaking and he knows it has to be painful for her too. Nicole holds back tears and thanks him. Nicole cries that she still can’t believe Abe is gone and calls it so unfair as he was such a good man. Nicole adds that this only happened because Abe was looking out for Paulina and Chanel like he looked out for everyone he loved. Nicole calls Abe like a father to her and cries that she’s going to miss him. Eric hugs Nicole as she cries. EJ then shows up at the docks and sees them.

Gabi comments to Kate on EJ shooting out of the room like a rocket. Gabi hopes EJ finds Megan but figures she’s at the bottom of the sea by now. Gabi asks Kate to help her out of the handcuffs. Kate jokes that she doesn’t have a hacksaw. Gabi suggests Kate call the cops then because someone in the department will be interested in freeing the Commissioner’s sister. Gabi adds that after she’s done, Kate can tell her why she’s even here. Gabi questions if Kate has a dog in this fight.

Shawn mocks Belle’s concern and says he’s lost his appetite as he storms out of the Pub. Roman comes over and asks Belle what that was all about.

Leo thinks Kristen is remembering something. Kristen thinks back to Dimitri telling her about his plan. Kristen then admits that Leo may be on to something about Dimitri having an underlying agenda. Leo pleads with Kristen to spill the tea. Leo adds that it’s not about him but about Gwen and she deserves to know. Leo reminds Kristen that she and Gwen were cellmates in prison, so they must have had a special bond. Kristen points out that they were only cellmates for 24 hours. Leo argues that Kristen owes it to Gwen to tell him if she knows that Dimitri is going to break her heart.

Dimitri and Gwen kiss until Dimitri says he has to go tell Megan the wonderful news. Gwen doesn’t want him to go and thought maybe they could celebrate as they continue kissing onto the bed.

Belle tells Roman about Shawn’s drinking and struggling with what happened to Bo. Roman hoped Shawn would ease up on himself by now. Belle says that he’s not and she keeps telling him that there’s nothing he could’ve done. Roman says he said the same but Shawn doesn’t want to hear it. Belle hopes that he will stop blaming himself.

Kate tells Gabi that the cops are on their way. Gabi points out that Kate didn’t answer her question. Kate claims to have forgotten it and that she has to go. Gabi stops her and says she knows her well and that she’s hiding something which she’s guessing has to do with Megan. Gabi adds that if so, it’s very important that she knows. Gabi then asks how Kate is involved with Megan.

Nicole sees EJ and explains that she was just leaving flowers for Abe when she bumped in to Eric. EJ calls it a very moving tribute as Abe was very loved by many. Nicole asks what EJ is doing there and if he saw Marlena. EJ confirms that Marlena’s hypnosis was very effective and brought back the memories from the secret room. EJ adds that afterwards, he went to confront Megan only to find that she had escaped from the hospital. Nicole asks how. EJ says it appears that Dr. Rolf provided a helping hand. Eric asks if he has any idea where they could’ve gone. EJ responds that he thought it was here but apparently others had the same idea as when he got to Megan’s room, Gabi was in handcuffs thanks to Dr. Rolf but she mentioned that Dr. Rolf said something about a submarine which is why he came to the docks. EJ states that if Megan was there, it appears she is long gone.

Kate reminds Gabi that Megan tried to have her killed. Gabi asks if she came by to finish her off. Shawn enters the room and questions which one of them let Megan escape.

Kristen tells Leo that she and Gwen did bond in prison. Leo asks if Kristen will help her then. Kristen responds that she already has by getting Gwen pardoned along with her. Kristen remarks that if anything, Gwen is in debt to her. Leo reminds Kristen that she should be in debt to him for freeing her and EJ from the secret room. Kristen blows it off that she’ll just send him an edible arrangement. Leo complains about her treatment. Kristen responds that the DiMeras protect what is theirs and warns him to go before she does call the police. Leo agrees to go but warns that this is not the last she’s seen of him. Leo then goes to the front door, opens it and shuts it to make Kristen think that he left. Leo then sneaks upstairs behind her back.

Gwen and Dimitri lay in bed after having sex. Gwen thinks Megan will be quite pleased to know what kept her waiting but suggests leaving out the specifics of why they were delayed. Dimitri agrees to just keep it that they got held up celebrating. Dimitri tells Gwen that she is more enchanting every time he lays eyes on her. Dimitri says he can’t wait to make her his wife. Dimitri then asks why wait and suggests they could go to the courthouse now and be legally married by the afternoon. Gwen questions if he’s serious. Dimitri calls it striking while the iron is hot. Gwen admits she was hoping for something a bit more romantic. Dimitri asks what could be more romantic than them proclaiming their undying love for each other, just them. Gwen would rather do it on a tropical island. Gwen then admits she doesn’t know what she wants which is why she hoped for time to figure it out before they say “I do.” Gwen questions what the hurry is.

Shawn questions Gabi about Megan escaping in a submarine. Gabi admits that she doesn’t know but that Dr. Rolf mentioned having one. Shawn hopes he can still catch up with them and rushes out of the room. Kate remarks that if Shawn thinks he’s going to catch up to them, he’s an idiot.

EJ tells Nicole that the police are on their way but he doesn’t think it will do much good as Megan is gone by now. Nicole encourages that justice will catch up to her eventually. EJ asks Nicole how it went with the doctor. Nicole responds that she said the same thing that Tripp said, that the baby is perfectly healthy. EJ calls that brilliant news and mentions making arrangements to fly the specialist back in. Nicole repeats that the baby is fine. EJ says he has every faith in her physician but he wanted to bring the specialist back in to the fold because he hated missing the first appointment with her, especially since she gave her such excellent news. EJ declares that in the coming months, he wants to learn everything he can about what they need to do in preparation for bringing their baby in to this world and he wants to do that as a couple, together. EJ and Nicole kiss as Eric stands by, looking annoyed.

Dimitri tells Gwen that there is no rush but he’s been waiting for someone like her for his entire life, so he’s a little impatient. Gwen knows the feeling but points out that she’s never been married before, so she really wants to make it something special. Dimitri promises that it will be. Dimitri asks how the end of the month sounds. Dimitri points out that it would be just in time for his 40th birthday. Dimitri mentions that he promised himself that he would be married by the time he turned 40 and he hates breaking promises. Gwen asks why 40. Dimitri claims it just feels like a significant milestone and a time to become the man he’s meant to be, who is mature and settled and the man that Gwen deserves. Gwen agrees that they will celebrate his 40th birthday the night after their fabulous wedding as they kiss.

Leo sneaks in to Dimitri’s bedroom at the DiMera Mansion and begins to search the room. Leo then finds the packet of papers detailing the stipulations of Dimitri’s inheritance.

EJ and Nicole return home to the DiMera Mansion. EJ prays that the Salem police department step up to the plate this time and finds the submarine. Nicole is sure they are highly motivated after all the havoc that Megan has inflicted on everyone. Nicole brings up EJ showing up to the docks and seeing her hugging Eric. EJ says she doesn’t have to explain as she was visiting Abe’s memorial so it makes sense that she would seek comfort in a friend. Nicole assures that’s all it was and is grateful that EJ understands. EJ declares that they love each other and they are having a baby together so that’s all that matters. EJ promises that his priority from now on is her and him and their precious baby as they kiss.

Kate joins Roman and Belle at the Brady Pub. Kate calls it a rough morning and mentions being at the hospital as she went to go check on Harris Michaels to make sure he doesn’t cause more trouble. Kate notes that Megan escaped while she was there and that Shawn showed up as she was leaving so hopefully they find her.

Shawn goes to the docks and calls Hope to inform her that Megan is on the loose again. Shawn hates scaring her like this but wants to make sure she’s being extra careful so that her and Bo don’t get hurt more than they already have been. Shawn tells Hope that he loves her and to tell Bo the same and that he’s thinking about him every second of every day. Shawn adds that if anything changes, he will let her know as soon as possible. Shawn then hangs up and pulls out a bottle of alcohol to take a drink.

Gwen walks through the town square and runs in to Kristen. Gwen tells her that she heard about her ordeal in the DiMera secret room. Kristen says it’s nothing a bitter cappuccino won’t fix. Kristen adds that her memory is still a little fuzzy but other than that, no lasting damage hopefully. Kristen asks how Gwen is. Gwen responds that she’s engaged and shows her the ring.

Dimitri returns home to find Leo in his room. Dimitri asks what the hell he’s doing in his room. Leo responds that he’s about to expose him for the vicious swindler he is. Leo declares that he’s only marrying Gwen to get his hands on the inheritance money. Leo states that he’s going to tell Gwen everything and there’s nothing he can do to stop him. Dimitri responds that he thinks there is as he grabs Leo and kisses him.

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