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hi. Hi. Hi. Uh, come on in. Well, um… …this is a pleasant surprise. What can I do for you? Well, you tell me. You invited me over here, didn’t you? Oh, god. Did I misread the text? Aunt elizabeth. Good. You’re right on time for your date. You son of a bitch. You set this whole thing up, didn’t you?

[ Pounding on door ] Austin: Ava! Come on, now. Open up.

[ Pounding continues ] We need to talk before you get us both killed. Hey. Yeah. You okay? I… I can’t believe thisis our last night together for possibly three years. It just feels wrong. It feels so wrong. It’s the only choice I could make. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t — I couldn’t be a father to — to scout. I couldn’t even hold my head up if I did otherwise. I know it was short notice when I asked you to stop by.

[ Chuckles ] And you brought the baby! Yeah. Oh, he’s so adorable. Thank you. He’s really growing, right? Yeah, um, I just came from work, and ace was supposed to get picked up by spencer at daycare, but he had other plans, so… that’s actually one of the reasons why I called you over here, um, because there’s something that I think that we should discuss. Okay. Um, what about? You and spencer. And how you plan to co-parent ace. You and joss came here alone? We sure did. There was a bar fight. The cops had to come. We got carded. And hopefully this visit will be less eventful. Esme certainly picked the right spot to score a black market phone. I’m just hoping that we can find a witness who can confirm that oz haggerty sold her one. Trina, this whole thing is convoluted. We already had the evidence that we needed. Yeah, but I’m talking about real proof. Maybe a-a bartender or a waitress saw oz negotiating with esme, maybe even giving her the phone. You don’t feel that this is a waste of time? We need something real, not some made-up evidence that your uncle victor left you. Have a little faith. Well, forgive me for not being overly optimistic about getting help or cooperation from a bunch of lowlifes. Oh, maybe you’re the wrong person to be asking. Well, to us and a well-deserved night out… where no one will ever find us. Oh, no. I hate to disappoint you.

[ Sighs ]

I do not want to see you right now. I don’t recall offering you a drink. Oh, I-I think a drink is the least that you owe me after what I did for you today. Oh, you mean scaring me to death? Making me believe that my child had been kidnapped? No, I mean staging an incident that got the nanny out of the way without “a,” getting avery kidnapped for real, and, “b,” not getting your nanny killed. Because make no mistake, ava, if mason had thought for even one second that pilar was somehow inhibiting your ability to spy on sonny… pilar would meet with a very unfortunate accident.

[ Sighs ] And that’s just not something I can live with. So, yeah, I made the call. I thought it was better for pilar to lose her job than lose her life. Bottoms up. What the hell have you gotten me into? Spencer is ace’s brother, not his parent. Ace’s actual father, nikolas, decided to run away rather than face justice for keeping me prisoner. That leaves me ace’s only parent, right? From a legal standpoint, you are absolutely correct. But the day-to-day realities of raising a child? Sometimes they’re not so cut and dry. In fact, if I can remember correctly, they’re exhausting and — and — and messy. Believe me, I-I get it. You know, I’ve been there. I’ve been in your situation, and I know what it feels like to have somebody who’s really supporting you in it, 100%. Yeah. And for me, that was my ex-husband, marcus taggert.

[ Chuckles ] And for you, that appears to be spencer. He ‘s clearly extremely devotedto his baby brother. Yes, um, spencer does care a great deal about ace, but when it comes to actual caregiving, sometimes spencer is available and accommodates. Other times not. I mean, it’s like a constant negotiation. That’s why I was thinking that it might be a good idea for you and spencer to take a parenting class. Together. Wow. This place has not changed at all. I still can’t believe that the two of you came here like undercover agents, trying to get dirt on esme. Yeah, and here we are again. Great minds think alike. Only this time with backup. In case you guys start another barroom brawl?

[ Laughs ] Technically, we didn’t start it. Alright, never mind. Never mind. I’m just happy that we both have backup, so… is this the kind of place that you’re used to, dex?

[ Scoffs ] I’ve seen my fair share of places like this, especially in the service. They’re all over the world. They have their advantages. Well, hopefully we can find something real that ties esme to haggerty. “Something real”? Mm-hmm. As in…not fake? Like the evidence your uncle victor left you. It just kind of came out. Listen, I get why you would want to use that, alright? We all know that esme is guilty. That’s kind of my point. It’s not considered framing someone if the person actually did the crime. And I know that my uncle victor was insane, but he was also a pro. The evidence he left me would hold up to scrutiny. And I just feel like we’re wasting a lot of time when we already have what we need to take esme down. So, you’re saying you kept the fake evidence? I wonder what those four are up to. Hey, you know what? I don’t give a damn what they’re doing here. I’m off duty and with my girl at the bar of her choice. Mm-hmm. As far as I’m concerned, we’re the only ones here. Okay. Okay? I should have done more. I feel so responsible. Hey, carly. Carly, we’re not — you don’t understand. No, no, we’re not doing this tonight. Listen to me. Michael came to me. He wanted me to flip on sonny. He had proof. He had proof. And he said if I testified against sonny that the feds would probably back off and they could keep you out of it all together. But I didn’T. I couldn’t do it, drew. I just couldn’t do it. Because it’s not who you are. I would never expect that. But you’re not culpable. You’re not. All you did was tell me about the plan to merge elq and aurora. I’m the one who acted on insider information. I’m guilty. You’re not. Sonny’s not. I mean, well, sonny’s guilty of a whole bunch of things, but he’s not — I don’t care about sonny. My going to prison has nothing to do with sonny. It has everything to do with me. You’re going to prison to protect me, and I don’t know if I can live with that. Wow. Those are gorgeous. Mm. Where did you get them? I ordered them on your phone, but they’re pink, aunt elizabeth’s favorite. Mm-hmm. Do you like them? I love them.

[ Gasps ] I forgot the candle. You can’t have a romantic dinner without candles. And I know I can’t light them, so, daddy, will you please help me? I will light the candles. Cool. Clearly, violet and i need to have a long conversation about boundaries. Looks like we’ve been set up by a pint-sized matchmaker. I guess we’re having a date.

What if I told you that my going to prison isn’t — isn’t really about protecting you? I’d call you a liar. Okay, I do want to protect you. But it’s not only about you. It’s about your children and the extended family that we both share. I think about it a little bit like — I think about it like — like a cost-benefit analysis. If I go to prison, it causes the least amount of collateral damage. It’s just the logical choice. This isn’t spreadsheets and algorithms. There’s nothing logical about this. You’re in this mess because of me? No, it’s the other way around. I’m in this mess because of you. Because you killed your husband and left him in the tack room. It was an accident! I didn’t mean to kill nikolas. I was just trying to stop him, trying to keep him from taking my daughter. You know this! Okay, yeah, but he’s dead, and you left his body out where any-old-body could find him. And guess who did? Mason. And now he’s got us exactly where he wants us. I’m in this mess, ava, because of you. And if you go down for murdering your husband, then I’m gonna go down as an accessory. I’m gonna spend the rest of my life in prison for a killing I had nothing to do with. You offered to help me. Yeah, because you asked. You — aaah. Yeah, and now they’ve got all the leverage over me they could ever possibly want unless they decide to, you know, just let mason do his thing and get us out of the way. Alright, enough with the “they.” Who is the “they”? Who is behind you and mason? Finn: Mm-hmm. Voil! I think you forgot a place setting, sweetheart. Where are you gonna sit? Not with you guys. This is a date, just for the two of you. I’m going to be your server. Please, have a seat.

[ Sighs ] Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, I’ll get the drinks. Okay.

[ Sighs, chuckles ] It’s, um… it’s been a minute since we spent time together outside of work. I know. That’s why, when I got your text, I-I was thinking that — well, I mean, now I know it wasn’t your text. It was from violet, but I-I… yeah. Never mind. No, no, I-I’d — I’d really like to hear. Ooh. Ahh, look at that. Yeah. Oh, okay. Here you go, sweetheart. Let me — allow me. I got that.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Knock on door ] Oh. Daddy, dinner’s here. You…ordered dinner from my phone? Dessert, too.

[ Door opens ] You know, I, uh — I don’t think I told you, but, um, you did an incredible job officiating at michael and willow’s wedding. Wow. Where did that come from? I don’t know. We just… I-I’ve wanted to tell you, and we haven’t had a lot of time to do this, to just sit and connect with each other ’cause everything’s been so crazy. But you looked so beautiful in that pink dress. You somehow managed to find a way to be, like, appropriate and official, but super, unbelievably smoking hot, all at the same time. I don’t know how you do it. Thank you. Thank you. I mean, I-I-I think. Yeah, you were just warm and loving and… …you looked like you were really happy for them. And you made it about them, not you. Well, ’cause it really was about them. I mean, it was about michael and willow. It was — it was their wedding. Yeah, but not to me. They were saying their vows, and the only thing I could look at was you. I kept the evidence as a plan b, trina. I saw no reason to get rid of it. Right now, esme is being marginally cooperative. But if that should ever change, if she should regain her memories or, uh, revert to being her old self, or worse, take ace and then try to leave the co– I-I don’t know. But then I would at least have some recourse, something that I could go to the cops with. In my experience, taking evidence to law enforcement is more complicated than you think. What makes you say that? I just know that if you show up with this miraculous boatload of evidence, the cops will vet it. And if even one piece doesn’t hold up, you’ll be arrested and charged with obstruction. And what makes you the expert, mr. Combat vet? Let me ask you something. If you were so good, if you were such a talented soldier, why take a job opening doors for my uncle? Joss, let’s go. Lovely as always. There’s no helping this jackass. I don’t want your help. Trina: Spencer! Oh, my god, spencer. You okay?

never met before. They’re not your run-of-the-mill mafia types, okay? They don’t care about codes or territory. They — they could care less about family or honor or any of that. They’re gonna get what they want by any means necessary. And right now, what they want is information about pikeman from sonny, and you’re gonna get it for them. They’ve made that abundantly clear. What isn’t clear is what exactly they want me to give them. Give them what they’re asking for, ava, or they’re just gonna keep ramping up the pressure until you do. Or — or worse. They’ll just get you out of the way and come at sonny a different way. You’re afraid of them, aren’t you? I can see it. Your fear is real… even though everything else about you has been a lie. I understand that you’re scared. I’m scared. I’m guilty. And I can’t stop thinking that it should be me. That would be — I should take the fall. No, that would be a terrible idea. No, because if it were me, they’d probably send me to spring ridge. No, you don’t know that. You don’T. The feds made it pretty clear they were interested in you because of your relationship with sonny. So, in order for you to save yourself, think about it — you would have had to give evidence up… against sonny, which would have torn your family apart. Kristina, avery, even donna someday would have resented you for that. And if you didn’t give up sonny, then joss and michael would have blamed you for sacrificing yourself for a man that they feel betrayed you. It was a lose-lose. But none of that is your fault. It’s my mess. Outcome of my choices. I’m the one who chose to marry sonny, to have kids with him, to have knowledge about his business. That’s on me. Why should you have to pay for it? Well, the answer to that is really simple, carly. Because I love you. G.H. Happens to offer parenting classes. And one starts next week. I appreciate you thinking of me, but I’m — I’m really not sure. I mean, I have work, and I don’t think spencer would… some of the topics are just so practical. Like how to get your baby to sleep through the night, which can be extremely helpful now that you’re working.

[ Chuckles ] And also how to tell the difference between common baby ailments and something more serious. I suppose that would have been useful when ace had colic.

[ Chuckles ] Probably. The main thrust of the course is just to get partners on the same page, to be able to communicate effectively a-and set goals for the baby. And I think that that would be extremely helpful in your case. We do have a lot of last-minute changes. Mm. Having predictable schedules, it can really help with frustration and disappointment. And I get it. Things come up, adjustments need to be made. But if you and spencer really do plan to work together, you can support each other in a calm and organized way. And I just think it would be better for the both of you and especially… ace.

[ Laughs ] You do make some really good points. I’m just not certain that spencer will be willing to take a class with me. It doesn’t hurt to tell him. And you know what? Why don’t you tell him that you are going either way, and then you can give him the option to attend it with you. You know what? He might surprise you. Did you see that? Damn it. Yes, I did. The first one is free. Second one will cost you. Spencer, stop it. Okay, everyone, calm down. Relax. Let it go.

[ Grunting ] Stop it! Spencer! Oh, my god. Are you okay? Okay. Alright. Break it up. You know what? I’m off duty. I’ll handle this, okay? I know these guys. Thank you. Can you get up? Trina: Just breathe. What’s the problem here? Okay, spencer punched him. Yeah, I know. I saw. I saw, too. So, I guess you could press charges on assault if you wanted to, dex. No, I don’t want any trouble. Joss and I’ll just go. Okay, that’s probably the best thing to do. You know, I-I don’t know how many of you guys are actually over 21 to begin with. Alright. I’ll call you. Come on, get up.

[ Groaning ] Let’s go.

[ Groaning ] Hey. As an ex-con, I really don’t think you want a barroom brawl on your record. Okay? Think about that next time.

Let’s see. You first came to town a long-lost, forgotten quartermaine. And when that didn’t pan out… you latched on to maxie. And when that didn’t pan out, you latched on to me. All of your kindness. You were so solicitous, so supportive after I was stabbed by the hook. Was any of it sincere? Or were you just following orders? Have I ever been anything to you? Have I ever been anything to you… other than just your patsy? Sure I can’t help you with that? No, thank you. Did you enjoy your dinner? Oh, pizza is one of my favorites. Daddy likes it, too. Sometimes we even have it twice a week.

[ Gasps ] I’ll get the desserts.

[ Laughs ] Busted. Now you know all my parental failings. Not only do I allow open access to my phone, I resort to biweekly pizza. Well, I’ll tell you a secret. My freezer is well stocked with tater tots and chicken tenders, ’cause sometimes that’s all you can do. Mm-hmm. And jake wouldn’t eat anything green for years.

[ Chuckles ] Violet: We have a selection. They’re not as good as aiden’s, but they’re still yummy. You have to pick one first. Okay. Dex has no idea the kind of havoc that esme has caused in our lives. He has no right jumping in, trying to tell me what to do. And neither does joss, for that matter. First of all, joss is my best friend. And don’t forget, she has stakes in this, too. She had to agree to drop the charges against esme, and she did it because of your baby brother. So, if you’re upset that I told joss and that’s why you lashed out at dex — no, I just don’t want joss — I don’t want her help, and I don’t want her neanderthal boyfriend’s help, either, trina. Oh. Oh. That’s very interesting choice of words, because the only neanderthal that threw the first punch was you, after you lied by omission about holding on to the fake evidence. I explained! It’s like everything in greenland never happened! It’s like you come back and — and you turn into this selfish, entitled jerk that you’ve always been. I can’t — aaah. I can’t stand when you do this! Maybe this is just you. Maybe this is just who you are. Trina, I’m sorry. No. I can’t hear another meaningless apology.

[ Chuckling ] Oh. That did not go well. No. Poor spencer.Poor trina. I love you, carly. And I wish we didn’t have to spend our last night rehashing all the things that we can’t change. I wish I could just sweep you up, take you someplace exotic and romantic and we could go dancing all night and maybe walk on the shore at dawn so I could tell you everything that’s in my heart. That I want us to be together. I want — I want us to move in together. I want to wake up every morning with you, go to bed every night with you, together. And instead… …we’re here. And that’s okay. The world, the sec — they got in the way. It doesn’t change how I feel. It doesn’t change what — what I want. We can still have that life together. It’s just gonna get delayed a little bit.

[ Exhales sharply ] I love you, too. So much. And I’ll wait as long as it takes for us to have our life together. But we have tonight. And tonight is ours.

how are you adjusting to your role as head nurse? Still finding my way. Hmm. Some of my teammates are still “adjusting” to my new title. Sometimes I feel like I got this, and other times I don’t know how epiphany managed for so long. No, you — you got it. You absolutely got it. I mean, your styles are different, but you both mix strength with compassion. I mean, epiphany was kind of this force of nature, and you’re a little more soft-spoken, but with a-a core of pure steel. Oh. Steel. Well, I hope that’s a compliment. It absolutely is. I think you are… …remarkable. And on top of all that, a really good sport for going along with all of this. Oh, it’s my pleasure. I haven’t had pizza in weeks, so violet planned a perfect dinner. Okay. Oh. She’s exhausted. She really went all out. Yes, she did. You want help putting her to bed? Yeah, I’d like that. Thanks. Yeah. Hey, sweetheart. Are you ready for bed, honey?

[ The paper kites’ “by my side” plays ] I’ve got a love, I’ve got a love for you I’ve got a place in this old heart for you and I want to tell you that I want you any way I can I want to take you in my arms, I do I’ll light a flame and let it burn for you and if I ran, then I would run to you every time by my side your place by my side it’s where I want to be by my side forevermore I love you. I love you. I want to talk, I want to talk with you I want to tell you anything, I do and when I go and when I leave, it’s you on my mind I want to vanish in the night with you I want to take you round the town, I do I’m gonna make some kind of life for you any way I can by my side it’s where I want to be by my side the only place by my side forevermore

“the lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him and I am helped.” Oh, hey, I guess, uh, trina and spencer’s table is free. No, bad juju. I will pass on that. Mm. I know he can be a bit of a brat sometimes, huh? Sometimes? When he was a kid, he was cute, but now I — he — it — come on. That is appalling.

[ Snorts ] What? I feel kind of bad for him. Huh? Well, there’s nothing worse than doing something stupid and pissing off the woman that you love. And then he tries to flex and gets his ass handed to him instead. And then his pride’s hurting, and then his body physically is hurting. And, you know, he can’t be comforted by his woman because he’s so deeply embarrassed. And then she gets even more mad, and then he blows up at her. I mean, you can’t do that anyway, but now he’s just got to go grovel to her and try and win her back. Mm, that’s very insightful, falconeri. Has that ever happened to you? Well, um, I’ll plead the fifth. Uh-huh. Okay. Well, maybe from trina’s perspective, you know that your guy is hurt, but you don’t know how badly, and he’s completely embarrassed himself. And that temper, you got to wonder if that’s something that you’re gonna have to live with as long as you’re together. But right now, your guy, he’s on the ground. He’s in pain and vulnerable, and you’re torn between wanting to yell at your guy for doing that and yell at the other guy for hitting your guy. So what are you gonna do? Are you gonna… what? Walk out? What? No. You’re just gonna walk out? Is that what you — stop. I think — you know what I would do? I would have — I would have taken a chair and broken it over the other guy’s back. A chair. But I know I don’t ever have to worry about being in that position with you, because I believe you have more sense than to ever start a bar fight. I tell you…what. What? I can think of a lot of other cool stuff to do in this place here than start a bar fight. I’m sorry. What?! Why are you apologizing? You did nothing wrong. You came with us to help. You told spencer that if he uses that fake evidence, he’s the one that’s gonna get arrested. And you were right. And how does he repay you? He sucker-punches you? Again? God, it’s like the only time he could land one against you. You’re really mad. Yeah. I’m mad. Why aren’t you mad? Why are you smiling and laughing? I’m — I’m smiling because you’re beautiful. And I’m laughing because… you make me happy. Your lip is bruised.

[ Grunts ]

[ Knock on door ] What happened to… …you?

You want help with the dishes? Not necessary. Aren’t too many since dinner came from a pizza box. And a cupcake box. Yeah. I promise I will have a conversation with violet about playing matchmaker. I love her, but we can’t be together… just because she wants us to. Yeah, of course. I mean…there has to be more between us than that. I should get going.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, no, I’ll, uh — I’ll walk you to the door. Yeah. Okay. Um, I had a really, really lovely time. Yeah. Oh, wait, wait. Uh… don’t — don’t forget these. But they look so pretty on your table. Violet got them for you, and… pink is your favorite color. So that’s what you think? You think I’m just a sucker, right? Instead of going to the police like a normal person, you do that thing that you do, and then, what, I just… help you cover up the fact that you killed your husband? Stop saying that. I didn’t mean for him to die. Well, I only have your word on that. Well, I only have your word that I can trust you, that you’re on my side. If I weren’t on your side, I would just let them kill you. Why don’t you? Because I don’t want you to die. Why? Why?

[ Laughs ] You are one hell of a dancer. Well, that’s easy when I have one hell of a partner. One who, by the way, would never walk out on you. Trina? Oh, my goodness. What a wonderful surprise. Oh, it’s awfully late, though, right? Yeah. I, um, was passing by and decided to stop by to see how you were doing with…things. That’s very kind of you.

[ Sighs ] Curtis and I are in limbo at the moment. But when that changes, you’ll be the first to know, okay? Yeah. It’s really hard when you have a strong connection with somebody, and things happen to make you question it. I appreciate the understanding. And the visit.

[ Chuckles ] I thought you might be out with spencer or something tonight. Yeah, uh, I wasn’t feeling it, so I said my good nights and decided to swing by here. Lucky me. Did you fall, or did someone punch you? Does it matter? Y-you blew up and ran up to your room so fast, I got worried. I mean, you forget that I was attacked in this place, and ace was kidnapped. I mean, slams and bumps make me — there’s nothing to worry about. As you can see, I’m fine. Thanks. If you say so. Does it hurt? A little. What about here? No pain at all. Well, I should probably test it and find out. Mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh. You’re injured. Stay down and let me take care of you. Some nights and days drag on forever. But nights like this are over too soon. Morning’s gonna come, and you’re gonna be headed to pentonville. We still have a few hours left. We don’t have to… we don’t have to start saying goodbye just yet. You have to promise me that you’re gonna be careful. I know you have the skills to protect yourself, and you’re gonna have to prove that at first. But after that, I want you to keep a low profile, and I want you to stay out of trouble. I want you to be a model prisoner, and you do your time, and you come home to me. Promise me. I’m gonna come home to you, carly. I promise. Cyrus: A new prisoner starts tomorrow. I know him. He’s a friend. His name is drew cain.

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