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[ Ringing ]

It’s trina. I can’t take your call right now. Please leave a message and I’ll call you back.

[ Beep ]

Trina. Call me. I made you an ice pack. Esme! Get out!

[ Exhales sharply ] I’m sorry. What are you apologizing for? Honestly, I’m not even sure. I just thought I should. Oh, you don’t have to be sorry. Tonight was really, really nice — daddy, daddy! Hey, hey, hey, hey. What’s the matter, sweetheart? Aunt elizabeth can’t leave. Not yet. Glad you came by. Good to see you. Of course. You know I always love spending time with you. Can I get you anything, or…? No, no, I’m fine, thanks. I’m just a little curious. What did you want to talk to me about? Your future.

Spencer: Esme! Get out! I’m sorry, trina. I’ll call you again later.

I am so sorry for keeping you waiting. [ Sighs ] But I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been wanting to talk to you. Well, that works out, because I’ve been wanting to talk to you, too. Really? About spencer? No. About curtis. I know what he did.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hello? Jordan. Glad I caught you. Um, I know it’s late notice, but are you free for dinner tonight? I’m free, but I have no interest in spending my evening with you. Come on. Don’t you think we need to clear the air? As far as I’m concerned, the air is crystal clear. We’re done.

[ Knock on door ] Hold on. Yes?

[ Grunts ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

did you have a bad dream? Was it — was it the shadow again? Yeah. And it was scary. I tried to find you, but I couldn’T. Aunt elizabeth was gone, too. Oh, sweetheart, we’re — we’re both right here for you. Yeah, daddy’s been here the whole time. Really? I promise. And you’re here, too. We’ve both been here. But what if I fall asleep again? What if the shadow comes back and I can’t find either of you again? It’s okay. It’s okay. That is not at all what I was expecting you to say. Gladys and I were talking. She says you’re ready to end the guardianship. That is true. I will forever be grateful to gladys for everything that she has done for me, but I don’t want to be a burden on her any longer. You’re not a burden. To any of us. We just — we just care about you. We want you back on your own two feet. That means a lot. But my decision is only partly about gladys. I just think it’s time. What if I told you gladys thinks you’re not ready? Gladys came to see you about me? Yeah, um, she seems to think that you’re rushing things a little bit. And she’s worried. So am I. I told you I’m fine! Now go! I am not going anywhere. You could have a broken rib or internal bleeding. I don’t have either. I think I would know. Right. Because of all the medical expertise you have. What happened to you, anyway? Did someone attack you? We just got in a little fight. Who is “we”? Someone you know? Or did you get in a fight with a complete stranger? Would it matter? Why do you care? Ow! What the hell?! Did — did you think what would happen if you got hurt or arrested? Did you even stop to think what that would mean for — no, it all just happened kind of fast. So the answer is no, you didn’t think.

[ Sighing ] God!

[ Door closes ] I’m sorry. I can’t talk right now. Jordan! J– well, I can guess what you’re here about. Well, it’s not to get into an argument, if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m really not angry. Good, because you shouldn’t be. Well, not at me, anyway. I just don’t understand why you would tell portia about our kiss when we agreed that we would keep it to ourself and that it was best. And if you changed your mind, why wouldn’t you talk to me first? Look, I tried to warn you. Right, and then, so you decided you knew what was best and that all of a sudden telling portia couldn’t wait. I didn’t say a thing to portia about our kiss. I never wanted her to find out at all. Well, if you didn’t tell her, who did? Obviously, I-I-I’m extremely hurt.

[ Scoffs ] Curtis and I have both made mistakes. Why are you letting him off the hook that easily? I’m not letting him off of the hook, trina. This is — this is complicated, okay? Mom, he kissed another woman. His ex-wife! Why aren’t you angrier with him? Why are you getting all riled up at me about this, sweetie? Because he was wrong. Are you really just gonna roll over and let him treat you like this? This has nothing to do with you! You really have to make the bed right now? I’m — I’m still in it.

[ Sighing ] Okay. Pants. Shirt. Sock. Where’s the other sock? It’s on the sconce. Oh. This is weird. Is this your thing? Is it a thing, like a postcoital cleanup thing? ‘Cause that… I mean, I’m okay with it, but it’s a — it’s a little neurotic. I am not neurotic. You’re orderly. You’re neat. You’re — you’re tidy, right? You gonna come back to bed? Okay. Um… so, not too long ago, you and I, w-we were — we were almost yelling at each other, and we were kind of at each other’s throats. And then we decided to do something else instead. And is that something that we need to talk about? No. Nope, there will be no talking. And I will not be coming back to bed, because you are leaving. Now.

you know what? I’ll be right here if you need me for anything, alright? Okay, but can aunt elizabeth come in with you? Well… aunt elizabeth has to go home to her kids. But I promise you, she’ll come in and say good night to you before she leaves. I like it when she’s here. Don’t you, daddy? I really don’t want to get in the middle of this, curtis. This is between you and portia. What? Oh, so now you want to respect boundaries? After the damage has already been done? Look, you can believe me or not. Well, you obviously knew it was coming, or you wouldn’t have tried to warn me. So, if you didn’t tell portia, then who did? N’neka. N’neka? N’neka, yeah. She was at the club that night. You really think n’neka saw us kissing and then went running to tell portia? What am I supposed to think? Who else could it have been?

[ Sighs ] It was your brother-in-law. Zeke was the one who told portia. Why are you trying to protect me? I’m not a child anymore, mom. But you’re always gonna be my child, trina. And I’m not protecting you. Not in the way that you think. Trust me, this is my attempt at being fair. I’m a grown woman and I need to figure out my relationship with curtis on my own. But why? I’m right here. You can tell me anything. I appreciate you so much for saying that. Listen, I don’t want you involved in any issues that I have with curtis or in my marriage. I don’t want you to have to think about any of that. I don’t want you to have to have baggage when you’re dealing with curtis. You shouldn’t have to be taking sides or keeping secrets or anything like that. I just… I don’t want you to worry about any of this.

[ Cellphone rings ] It’s — yeah, go ahead and take that. No, it’s just… it’s just spencer. Wow. You usually can’t pick up the phone fast enough for spencer.

[ Chuckles ] You feeling okay?

[ Chuckles lightly ] Did you two have a fight? No. We didn’T. But spencer did. “If left untreated, rib fractures can have serious short-term consequences, such as severe pain while breathing, pneumonia, and death.” Well, I thought that you didn’t want to be around me. “Long-term consequences are also possible, such as decreased lung function and chronic pain.” Now, tell me, how are you gonna yell at people if your lungs are damaged? Did you ever think about that? Aww, I didn’t realize you cared so much. I am calling a doctor. No, esme, don’t do that. I don’t have a broken rib. You might not know that until symptoms develop later. If they do, then I’ll contact a doctor at that time. Please, stop worrying about me. Who said I was worried? I just don’t want to have to take you to the emergency room in the middle of the night. It — it would throw off ace’s whole sleep schedule. Oh, my mistake. It’s not about me. Which makes sense because in your eyes, I’m not worth worrying about. To you, I’m always gonna be my father’s son.

[ Keys clatter ] Take a hint, will you? You’re throwing me out? Wow, nothing gets by you. Well, except my keys, apparently.

[ Laughs ] Oh, come on. We — we both know this was a mistake. But we’re adults, so we can skillfully pretend that it never happened. N-now get a move on, because your shoes are next. And I’ll have much better aim. Y-you don’t need to do that. I-I don’t want to stay somewhere I’m not wanted. But just so you know… I-I feel that what went on here was not a mistake. If it weren’t for nikolas’ accidental death, we wouldn’t even be here. We would hardly know each other. Yeah, but we do know each other. And we are here. And I think that there are actual, literal scratches on my back that let me know that you might think that there are worse ways to spend an evening.

Yes. I like it when elizabeth is here. But don’t you think your cousins would miss her if she was here all the time? They could come, too. Or we could go there. Oh, boy. How’s it going out here? Oh.

[ Gasps ] Aunt elizabeth! Guess what I have. How would you like some of my very special sleepy time magic milk? Hey, how did you know about that? Oh, all the mommies know. Oh. Did you make sure to add the secret ingredient? Well, of course. It wouldn’t be magic without it. It tastes different than when daddy makes it. Mm! Aunt elizabeth’s is better. Aw. But yours is good, too, daddy. Yeah. Thank you, sweetheart.

[ Both laugh ] I think I’m doing the right thing by ending my guardianship, but I wish that I was sure. Alright, listen, tell me what doubts you’re having. Um… it’s just that… some days, I feel strong and confident and healthy. And then other days, are just…so-so.

[ Chuckles ] Where everything just feels off and it feels like I’m just pretending to hold it together.

[ Exhales deeply ] But those… those don’t bother me that much. I’m — I’m used to those. I think we — we all have so-so days, right? Probably.

[ Both laugh ] Those are not the days that — that scare me. The — the days that terrify me are… the bad days. The days when the darkness just comes back. Because it will happen for no reason at all. I will be putting sugar into my coffee, and then suddenly I’m remembering when I was pregnant and I couldn’t have caffeine. And it was the worst. But it was totally worth it ’cause I already loved my baby so much, and… I just couldn’t wait to meet him. Of course you couldn’T. And then I’m remembering… that my baby is gone. And the sadness just takes over. And it just feels like A… like a weight is pressing down on my heart and… and it scares me because I don’t know — was that a memory or — or was it just a delusion? Did I somehow think that I was pregnant again? We both know what grief does. Plays tricks with your mind and messes with your sense of time. That’s what I think, too. Because, you know, the next day might be so-so again. A-and the day after that might even be good. So, does it scare me to think about being on my own again and — and make my own decisions? Yes. But something inside of me is telling me that I am ready. And… I think it’s time that I start listening to that voice. But maybe I’m making a mistake. What do you think, sonny? Do you think that I am doing the wrong thing by trusting myself? I can see that you don’t w antto discuss our relationship. We don’t even have a relationship! We’re being blackmailed together. That’s it. I do enjoy your company, ava. We were just yelling at each other not too long ago. Well, almost. I-I mean, there was A…

[ Sighs ] We were trying to release a lot of pressure and, clearly, sexual tension. Oh, you are really sure of yourself. No, I’m — I’m not, actually. Not at all. I-in fact, it’s really difficult for me to let people in. And I don’t mean to presume to speak for you, but I think I-I — it’s really hard to make a human connection. And I’m just saying, let’s be honest. L-l-let’s admit to one another that we just had a profound human physical connection. You lied to me, you kidnapped my daughter, and now you’re saying that I — I owe you honesty? Oh, okay. I can see where you’re going with this. Okay, so — so, under certain terms — I have a little advice for you. Don’t ever pull a stunt like that again. Because if you do, the next body I dump in the stables… …is gonna be yours. I don’t know much about nikolas except that he kept me locked in a tower because he wanted to keep my baby away from me. And I know if given the chance, you would do the same. Just in case. I just want to take care of my brother ace, so… well, I guess that is the difference between the two of you, because at least you’re here. He isn’T. And since we’ve moved into your grandmother’s, you have been pretty reliable. Up until now. What happened tonight? I got into a fight. Why? With josslyn’s new boyfriend. And I did it because I was angry and because I don’t like him and I don’t like what he did. Josslyn was dating my friend cameron when she met dex, and she was still seeing him when dex and josslyn got together for the first time. Then why are you mad at dex? Uh, isn’t that josslyn’s fault? You wouldn’t understand. There’s more — there’s more to it than that. You don’t know why you hit him, do you? I don’t understand why we’re talking about this. Because you’re literally the last person that I want to confide in, esme. Well, that’s dumb. Because I might be the only person who actually understands. Yeah? Why is that? Well, because I do it, too. I mean, I-I-I get angry, I lash out, I make choices that I regret, I make mistakes. And the worst part is when I do get mad, everyone’s just looking around and judging me like, “oh, look, there she goes again. Back to her old lying ways. I knew she couldn’t be trusted.” And you have confirmed all of their worst suspicions about you. And they have no idea that the entire time, you were just trying to do the right thing. Spencer and I went to the highsider. The highsider? The — the biker bar where oz haggerty worked? Yeah. We were looking for evidence to use against esme to prove that she’s guilty. And let me guess, this little excursion was spencer’s idea? Not exactly. You know, I-I don’t even care whose idea it was. I-I don’t like you going to that place. Mom. We weren’t just going to that place.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Anyway… so, joss had the same idea. She brought dex. And spencer picked a fight.

Again. So, it looks like spencer is back to his old ways. Yeah. And I don’t even recognize him anymore. Really? Because I can. To me, he will always be the boy who lied to my daughter, put her into harm’s way. How does zeke know what happened between you and me? I told him. What — why did you do that? Because I didn’t know who he was. I’d just found out that you were moving back in with portia, and I needed someone to talk to. Zeke was just a friendly stranger with a sympathetic ear. We met at the metro court, and I started venting. I didn’t use any names, just told him I had kissed my ex but it wasn’t going anywhere. If you didn’t use any names, how did he figure it out? Portia introduced us. It didn’t take zeke long to put two and two together. I told him to keep it to himself, but he said he had to tell her. I just don’t understand how you could tell someone, a perfect stranger, something so personal about us. That’s just not like you.

[ Scoffs ] I needed someone to confide in. You had portia. And I was all alone.

[ Knock on door ] And now that you know, I don’t see what else there is to talk about.

Curtis. If I didn’t have time to talk to you on the phone, what made you think I wanted you to come by my office? Well, it’s not like I knew curtis was gonna be here. Didn’t you tell my sister it was over between you and jordan? That’s none of your business. Mm. Don’t you think you’ve caused enough problems between portia and me? Well, I wouldn’t be involved if you had just been honest with her from the beginning. I bet you just can’t wait to run back to portia and tell her you found me here tonight. After what you put my sister through, what do you expect? I expect you to keep your damn mouth shut, zeke. Or you and me… we’re gonna have a problem. I remember how spencer treated me. But he’s changed. Has he, though?

[ Scoffs ] Because the fight that you’re describing makes it sound like maybe he’s still working on it. You think I’m being naive? I didn’t — I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that. Look, I-I do see what you’re saying with spencer. He has made significant strides in growing up since you’ve met him. Yes. And it’s largely because of you. Yes, he has. He’s more mature now, asking for help when he needs it. And he seems like he’s really, you know, taking the responsibility of ace seriously with esme. And esme’s even open to taking a parenting class with spencer, which goes to show his responsibility, right? That sounds like a good sign. But by the look on your face, maybe it’s not a good sign. No, I mean… I’m glad spencer is being responsible towards ace. Mm-hmm. But what?

[ Sighs ] It’s nothing. Sweetheart. Honey, it’s me. I’m your mom. I know you. You can talk to me. I don’t care about the class. But I can’t stand the thought of spencer spending even one extra second with esme. Sounds like we’re both trying to be better people. You’re just now figuring that out? Yes. Obviously, I have been trying to be better. It’s possible that I haven’t been giving you much of a chance. Whatever. It’s not a big deal. I actually get how it might be harder for you. For me? Why? Well, because you remember the terrible person that you were. I just have to be told about myself over and over. Yeah, that’s hard. Yes. I mean, constantly hearing what a terrible person you are from everyone. You know, you’re the only one who never talks about our history. We… dated in boarding school, right? Mm-hmm. For like a year. What were we like as a couple? I don’t like to remember that time. Understandable. But just tell me, were we really these awful people destroying everything we touched?

[ Chuckles ] No. Not always.

[ Both laugh ] Um… I was very unhappy when we met. I was estranged from my father and I had a big chip on my shoulder because of that. I didn’t have any friends, just people who wanted to get close to me because I had money. So, I was a bit of a jerk in return because of that. You? A jerk? No way. And then I met you and you really listened to me and you took an interest in my life. And you didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear because I’m a cassadine. And I started to depend on you, more than I think you knew. But it was all… none of it was real. And you were manipulating me the entire time. You were my first love. And you were just using me. How is she? Finally asleep. Your milk did the trick. Apparently, yours is more magical than mine. It’s the cinnamon.

[ Chuckles ] I can’t thank you enough. You’re really good with her. I’m glad you feel that way. I was hoping that I-I wasn’t overstepping by making the magic milk.

[ Chuckles ] No. Not at all. You know, my boys are growing up, and with cameron all the way in california, I’ve just been feeling it lately. They’ll always need you. I know, but not in the same way. Guess I got to let them grow up at some point. Or so I’ve been told.

[ Chuckles ] You know, violet’s always here if your mom urge gets real strong. You know how much she likes seeing you. Careful. I’ll be over here every night making magic milk.

[ Chuckles ] I’m kidding. I’m just kidding. Yeah, no, I know. Well, I should get going — would you like a cup of tea — oh.

[ Both chuckle ] You need to get home to the boys. Yeah. Yeah, I should. Even though they won’t be nearly as happy to see me as violet was.

[ Laughs ] Violet…and — and me.

what do I think? Uh, well, I mean, you didn’t tell me if you’re fine, if you’re alright, it’s all — you know, you don’t need anybody, and you’re all better.

[ Chuckles ] I only wish I was that confident. Well, it’s a good thing, ’cause if you would have said that, then I’d say that, you know, you need to spend a few more months with gladys. ‘Cause in my experience, people who say that everything’s great all the time, you know, usually aren’T. That makes a lot of sense. You can’t be great all the time, especially… after what you’ve gone through. Let me explain something to you. You can handle a lot more than you think. That’s why I think it’s time for you to be on your own. Now, don’t get mad at me ’cause you kissed jordan. I had to tell portia. Did you? Yes, I did. And neither one of you would have done the same thing if you were in my position. That’s not even what I’m talking about. You told trina, right after I found out that she was my daughter, to steer clear of me. I didn’t even get into any specifics with her, alright? That’s even worse, because you let her imagination run wild. She was just beginning to trust me, man. Well, maybe she shouldn’T. Maybe neither one of you should be trusted. Jordan, why don’t you remind me just how you two met in the first place? I’m starting to see why you’re so angry with me. I’m angrier with myself. For letting myself be manipulated by you. Okay. Sure. The old esme was calculating. But I seriously doubt someone could fake a relationship for a whole year. Who are you trying to make feel better here — me or you? Maybe both. Um… I [Chuckles] Think the old esme must’ve really liked you. Even just a little. That’s doubtful. Although… what?

[ Laughing ] No. No. What? There was this one time when I was trying to figure out what to get you for your birthday, and I didn’t really know what to get you, so I was asking around. I asked the same friends who were still leeching on me for money, and they told me that I should get you jewelry. Something expensive. Which makes sense, right? So I did. Generous. But then there was this snow globe that I got when I was a kid. And I had taken it with me to school. And it was so cheesy. It was like two skiers on top of a mountain with a log cabin and fir trees. It was hideous. I don’t know why you liked it, but you did. You loved it and you played with it every single time you came into my room. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. So, at the last minute, I grabbed that as well. Instead of the jewelry? No, no, no, no. I gave you both just to be safe. Oh. Okay. Yeah. And don’t get me wrong, you liked the jewelry. But your face when you saw this snow globe… I mean, the expression was one of pure joy. I’d never seen anything like it before in my whole life, esme. And I still — I-I can’t figure out why someone would have liked a regifted snow globe so much.

[ Both laugh ] I can. The old esme really liked you. It wouldn’t bother me that much if it was anyone other than esme. After what she did to me, joss, and cam, I-I… ugh! The thought of her being with spencer makes me sick. Esme deserves to pay for her crimes, and — and hopefully the evidence is found to bring her to justice. But the pcpd, they’ve been down this road already and they’ve come up empty. Maybe they’ll never find anything. Then what? Esme will just be in my life forever? Honey, nobody can predict the future. But, um… if spencer’s in your life and ace is in his, then esme will be in yours.

Uh, thank you. A-and I’d keep that on for another 10 minutes. I can’t accept that esme will always be in my life. I want to be with spencer. Or at least I thought I did. Just not like this. He’s either spending all of his time with esme or raising a child on his own. That’s what I’ve been trying to get you to see, trina. You have to have your own life. Honey, you are smart. You’re beautiful. You have opportunity. There are so many experiences out there for you to have. You have this whole big world that you haven’t even tapped into yet. Please, please, don’t make it smaller. Not when you don’t have to. I can see what’s going on here. Back off, curtis. It’s none of your business. I can handle my own ex-husband, thank you. But zeke’s right. Stay out of it. Look, I don’t care what happened between you. But my daughter — that is my business. Zeke better think twice before he interferes in our business again.

[ Scoffs ] Well, that was awkward. Now that he’s gone, we should talk. There’s nothing to discuss. You know the way out.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] I am so glad that we had this talk, sonny. I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision, but you made me feel good about it. Well, you know, you can never be 100% sure, but I can tell you what — you’re — you’re on the right track. That means the world to me. And listen, just because you’re ending the guardianship doesn’t mean that you’re on your own. I’m always here to back you. You know that. And I think gladys is, too. Now get out of here. Go live your life.

[ Laughs ] Enjoy yourself. Thank you, sonny. Really, I mean it. Thank you. I had a really good time, too.

[ Chuckles ] But you’ve just gone on an 8-year-old’s version of the perfect date.

[ Laughs ] And I can’t thank you enough for letting her do that. It was fun. Really. You don’t have to say that. I’d offer you a ride home, but…

[ Chuckles ] Your baby’s asleep. And I drove myself here, so… okay. Good night. Good night. If I leave now, I got to wake the boat launching guy. So wouldn’t it just be better if I spent the night? You could always swim. Really. The water is really very warm this time of year. Okay. Yeah, I-I couldn’t do that. I can’T. I’m exhausted. And I think you know why. In fact, I-I’m willing to bet that you’re gonna sleep pretty soundly tonight, ava.

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