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Tripp talks on the phone to Steve, telling him how sorry he is to hear about Abe. Tripp notes that Abe was pretty much family to most of the town.

Eric enters the DiMera Mansion and tells Nicole that he wanted to come see her as soon as he heard about Abe. Nicole asks what about Abe.

Chloe and Xander eat together at their apartment but Xander says he doesn’t have much of an appetite. Chloe calls that unusual and asks if it’s about finding out that Gwen is getting married. Xander admits it was a bit of a shock. Chloe asks if he wants to talk about it.

Leo questions Dimitri’s proposal to Gwen and asks where the ring is. Dimitri agrees and says to let him do this the proper way. Dimitri then gets down on one knee to propose to Gwen. Leo says the answer is a hard no. Leo admits the ring is huge but insists there is no way that Gwen is accepting his proposal. Dimitri asks what Gwen says. Leo says he first has his own question, like what the hell is actually happening here.

Xander tells Chloe that there’s nothing to talk about. Chloe says he doesn’t have to pretend not to care about Gwen. Xander says he only cares but he doesn’t feel good about hurting her and admits she has been through a lot, so she does deserve some happiness. Xander argues that Gwen and Dimitri have known each other for five minutes and questions how he can make her happy. Chloe asks if he’s talked to Gwen about it. Xander says they are hardly on good terms. Chloe comments on Xander still being protective of Gwen. Xander says Gwen can make her own decisions, he just doesn’t want her to end up making one that she will regret for the rest of her life.

Sloan visits Colin in the interrogation room. Colin reiterates that he’s going to take his chances at trial. Sloan states that she came to inform him that Abe Carver is dead.

Eric shocks Nicole by revealing that Abe is dead, noting that they haven’t recovered his body yet but they have a witness who says they saw Abe fall off the docks in to the water. Nicole argues that he could’ve survived then. Eric calls it very unlikely and adds that Rafe and Eli found Abe’s blood and his hospital bracelet at the scene. Nicole says she can’t believe this even though she knew it was possible when he went missing. Eric apologizes as he thought she knew. Nicole holds back tears and repeats that she can’t believe this to be true. Eric notes that Abe loved Nicole so much. Nicole cries that having Abe in her life meant so much to her as he was in her corner no matter what. Nicole states that even when she felt alone, she always had Abe and he never judged her. Eric acknowledges that she was like a daughter to Abe. Nicole wonders what she’s going to do without Abe. Eric hugs Nicole as she cries.

Wendy tells Tripp that it’s awful how Abe died. Tripp calls it a tragedy and says he feels so bad for Abe’s family as well as Steve and Kayla. Tripp notes that he’s glad to be here with her. Wendy thanks him for a wonderful dinner. Tripp brings up revisiting their goodnight kiss that got interrupted when Johnny called to cancel their date. Wendy thinks that would not be wrong at all as they kiss.

Chloe asks Xander how worried she has to be of how protective he is of Gwen. Chloe talks about spending a good portion of her life in relationships with men who are conflicted, unavailable, or a hot mess. Xander assures that she should not worry about he and Gwen. Xander admits that he was thrown to find out that she’s getting married but insists that he’s totally over Gwen. Chloe says that’s good to hear. Xander then admits that Sarah may always be the one that got away.

Nicole finishes a call with her brother Brandon about Abe. Nicole can’t imagine what Theo must be feeling right now and wants to check on him. Eric tells her to let him know if she needs anything. Nicole thanks him for checking on her and says it means a lot. Eric reveals that it was actually Sloan’s idea which Nicole questions. Eric explains that they were together when he got the news about Abe and he mentioned how close Abe and Nicole were, so Sloan said he needed to come see her right away. Nicole admits that was nice of her and jokes that maybe Sloan does have a heart. Nicole then remarks that Eric probably already knew that since he’s trying to have a baby with her.

Colin tells Sloan that Abe being dead is the best news he’s heard all day. Colin calls it tragic and says he didn’t have anything personal against him but argues that he was asking for it by marrying in to the family who destroyed their family and continuing to support Chanel and Paulina. Sloan questions that making him happy. Colin responds that he’s all for anything that causes Chanel and Paulina to suffer and now they know what it’s like to lose someone they love. Sloan complains that she’s not going to sit here while he dances on a man’s grave. Colin mocks Sloan having an epiphany and deciding that all was forgiven. Colin asks if Sloan is on the path of righteousness now. Sloan thinks back to faking the paternity test. Colin asks what she’s thinking about. Sloan responds that she’s not all goodness and light at all as she calls herself a complete hypocrite.

Gwen tells Dimitri that he doesn’t have to answer Leo. Dimitri says he will address Leo’s concerns. Dimitri declares that he’s fallen head over heels in love with Gwen and he wants to marry her because she’s the most captivating and fascinating creature he’s ever met, so nothing will make him happier than knowing she is his forever. Leo asks how gullible he thinks they are and insists that he has an ulterior motive. Dimitri thinks back to leaving Megan a voicemail about their plan. Dimitri says it’s clear that Leo is a loyal and devoted friend of Gwen’s and he’s sure it hasn’t been easy to watch various men of questionable character cause her pain. Dimitri argues that he and Leo aren’t enemies, they are allies because they want the same exact thing and that is to see Gwen happy and safe. Dimitri claims there is nothing in the world that he wants more than to marry Gwen, but if she can’t find it in her heart to accept then he will withdraw his proposal. Gwen realizes that Dimitri was just trying to get Leo to stop being a pain in the ass, but she does not need anyone’s blessing to marry him. Dimitri says he would hate to ever put her in the position of choosing between him and Leo. Dimitri acknowledges that this all happened very fast and asks Leo to avoid judgment to give him the opportunity to finally give Gwen the happiness that she deserves.

Chloe acknowledges that Xander has always been honest with her about Sarah. Xander says that Chloe has always been the same about Brady. Chloe states that’s why they have been taking things slow, but she wants to move on. Xander says he does too and he knows what’s going on between them is brand new but it feels right. Chloe says it does to her too. Chloe adds that she was just talking to Nicole about this. Chloe admits that Nicole wasn’t thrilled but she told her that she won’t talk her out of exploring things with him. Chloe adds that Nicole didn’t agree to back off, but they talked and she felt like it was acceptance. Chloe then brings up that Nicole asked if they have slept together. Chloe says she was vague as she doesn’t kiss and tell. Xander then kisses Chloe.

Tripp and Wendy continue kissing until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Wendy answers the door to see Johnny.

Colin asks Sloan how she is a hypocrite, insisting that she can tell him anything. Sloan responds that she did something that might really hurt Eric. Colin guesses she was screwing around since she’s not a one man kind of girl. Sloan says with Eric, it’s different. Colin asks if she’s finally found someone she’s serious about. Sloan confirms that she loves Eric. Colin asks how bad what she did was. Sloan says it doesn’t matter but Colin urges her to confess to him on how she sinned against Eric. Sloan then reveals that Eric’s ex-wife Nicole is pregnant and the child could be his.

Eric knows Nicole thinks his relationship with Sloan is a bad idea. Nicole stops him and says he doesn’t owe her an explanation. Eric remarks that it seems like she needs one. Nicole says she was just thrown off guard when Sloan blurted out that they were trying to have a baby. Nicole wonders if Sloan was just trying to get a rise out of her, but Eric thinks that Sloan is just excited about the idea. Nicole asks if having a baby was Sloan’s idea. Eric says they came to it together. Eric admits that Sloan saw how disappointed he was when he found out Nicole’s baby was EJ’s. Nicole knows Eric has always wanted to be a father but she wasn’t sure since they both know how complicated this would’ve been. Eric knows somehow they would have made it work, so he admits that part of him was hoping her baby was his. Nicole then gets a sudden stomach pain.

Sloan explains to Colin that she swabbed her own cheek and that’s what the lab got sent so neither Eric or EJ were actually tested. Colin encourages that she got what she wanted and Eric is free to be with her but Sloan says she feels terrible about it. Colin points out that she doesn’t feel terrible enough to tell the truth. Sloan talks about everyone she’s lost, her parents and now Colin going away to prison, so she was terrified of losing Eric to Nicole. Sloan says Eric has always wanted to be a father and he has decades of history with Nicole. Colin feels she was leveling the playing field and that she did what she had to do to hold on to someone she loves and there’s no shame in that. Sloan feels there is shame in deception. Sloan encourages her to let it go and enjoy the victory because after everything they’ve been through, she deserves a win. Sloan tells Colin that she wants to make up for what she did by giving Eric a baby that they know for sure is his.

Nicole gets through her pain. Eric asks if she’s sure she’s okay. Nicole assures that the pain has passed. Eric asks if she wants to get checked out but Nicole declines and blames her lunch. Nicole then gets another pain so Eric says he’s going to find EJ. Nicole stops Eric and says he isn’t going to find him as he hasn’t been here for awhile which is why she was upset when he first came in. Eric asks where EJ is. Nicole responds that he went away on a last minute business trip and she hasn’t heard from him since. Eric questions EJ not calling. Nicole says it’s just been the occasional text. Eric asks where he is or when he’s coming back. Nicole says he hasn’t said. Eric questions what the hell EJ is up to and if he’s bailing out on her and the pregnancy. Nicole doesn’t want to talk about it. Nicole continues feeling pain, so Eric decides that he’s taking her to the hospital and walks her out of the mansion.

Leo brings up that Dimitri wanted his head on a spike not long ago, but now he wants his blessing to marry Gwen. Dimitri states that he was rightfully upset with him for costing him the emerald, but now things have changed and Gwen is the only treasure that matters to him. Gwen calls that awfully sweet. Dimitri asks Leo if they can put their differences behind them since he’s clearly very important to Gwen which makes him very important to him. Leo admits that he said all the right things even if it all rang hollow. Leo adds that maybe he is overly cynical and distrustful because of his parents. Leo reluctantly agrees to allow the marriage against his better judgment. Gwen mocks needing his permission and reminds them that she hasn’t given Dimitri an answer yet. Gwen jokes that now that Dimitri and Leo have made up, maybe they should ride off in to the sunset. Dimitri says he’s pretty sure he and Gwen are the better couple. Dimitri tells Gwen that he loves her but she doesn’t have to answer him right now. Dimitri notes that tonight, his mother is throwing an engagement party for Stefan and Gabi, so nothing would make him happier than having Gwen on his arm. Dimitri suggests maybe the happy occasion will inspire her to accept his ring.

Wendy tells Johnny that she thought he was staying with Chanel. Johnny says Paulina came home, so he left to give them some privacy. Tripp asks how Chanel is doing. Johnny says she’s not great as it’s a terrible loss for all of them. Wendy says she’s so sorry for what they are going through. Johnny hoped that he and Wendy could still go out for dinner or catch a movie. Wendy informs him that she already ate with Tripp. Johnny asks if he was interrupting something. Wendy admits that he was because when he called to cancel, she made plans with Tripp. Johnny guesses he should leave them to it then, but Tripp gets called in to work at the hospital. Tripp tells Wendy that he had a really great time tonight. Wendy says she did too and they kiss. Tripp suggests tomorrow they can pick up where they left off. Tripp then goes to get ready as Johnny wishes him luck. Johnny tells Wendy that it seems she’s available tonight after all and invites her for dessert.

Xander and Chloe continue kissing. Xander asks if she still wants to take things slow. Chloe responds that this feels right. Xander says he can see where this is going but he doesn’t want to rush her. Chloe asks if he wants to wait. Xander says not even a little bit and they continue kissing. Xander stops and takes his shirt off. Chloe asks why here and if he wants their first time to be on a couch. Xander admits he doesn’t and asks if she wants her bed or his as they continue kissing.

Gwen accepts Dimitri’s invitation to the engagement party and says to put a pause on the proposal. Gwen hopes that doesn’t disappoint him. Dimitri says he can’t be disappointed as they will be together tonight. Dimitri adds that maybe sometime soon, they could be together every evening as he kisses her. Leo tells them to get a room as they continue kissing.

Johnny and Wendy have dessert in the town square.

Tripp works at the hospital as Eric brings Nicole in and says she needs a doctor right away. Nicole explains to Tripp that she’s 2 months pregnant, has a searing pain and a history of miscarriages so this is a high risk pregnancy. Tripp hurries them to an exam room.

Xander and Chloe continue kissing until they decide on going to her bedroom. Xander carries Chloe in as they continue kissing on to her bed and they undress each other then they have sex.

Leo repeats to Gwen that he just wants her to be happy. Gwen thanks him and promises to tell him if anything happens at the engagement party. Gwen goes to get dressed. Leo remarks to himself that he hopes this works out for Gwen because usually when a guy seems too good to be true, he’s no good.

Dimitri exits the Salem Inn and comes across Johnny and Wendy in the town square. Dimitri calls Johnny his favorite young cousin. Johnny introduces Dimitri as the cousin he just found out he had, to Wendy. Johnny points out that they are on a date and hoping for some alone time. Dimitri says he was just stopping by to see if he was coming to the party. Johnny questions what party that would be. Dimitri informs him of the engagement party that Megan is throwing for Stefan and Gabi at the Bistro. Johnny starts to say they have plans but Wendy says she would love a party. Wendy points out that it might be a little weird since she was almost Gabi’s sister-in-law but she really likes her and she’s glad that Gabi is marrying the man she loves. Johnny tells Dimitri that they will see him at the party then.

Colin questions if Sloan is trying to have a baby with Eric just to hold on to him and calls that desperate. Sloan argues that is not what she’s doing. Colin asks if she’s sure. Sloan responds that she loves Eric and feels guilty about costing him the chance to be a dad. Colin points out that she wasn’t sure the baby actually is Eric’s. Sloan agrees and says the point is that Eric desperately wants to be a father. Colin asks if she wants to be a mother. Sloan repeats that Colin is the only family she has left, so she wants her family to grow. Sloan adds that if her child has Eric as a father, they have a real chance at being happy. Colin decides he hopes it happens then and that Nicole’s baby isn’t Eric’s. Sloan responds that either way, she fixed it so that no one will ever know.

Tripp tells Nicole that her vitals all look good but they should get blood work and a sonogram to see what’s going on with the pregnancy. Tripp goes to find the OB on call and leaves the room as they thank him. Eric wonders if Tripp assumes he’s the father. Nicole says that doesn’t matter. Eric agrees and says he’s here for her and the baby. Nicole thanks Eric for being there as she doesn’t know what she would do if she was alone right now. Eric says she doesn’t need to worry about that.

Xander and Chloe kiss in bed after having sex. Chloe says so much for taking it slow. Xander assures that he has no regrets about what they just did. Chloe suggests they do it again as they continue kissing.

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