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Johnny walks through the town square and calls Wendy, who says she just got home from work. Johnny asks if she has any plans tonight. Wendy says not so far, so Johnny invites her out to dinner as Tripp comes out from the shower.

Sloan goes to Eric’s apartment and says she just got out of court and the whole time, her mind kept wandering because she kept thinking about him. Sloan kisses Eric and adds that she was thinking about how she can’t wait to make him a father as they continue kissing.

At the DiMera Mansion, Nicole calls the office to find out if EJ has called or said when he would be back. Chloe then arrives and greets Nicole, who calls it a nice surprise. Chloe asks about her appointment with the specialist. Nicole says it went pretty well and the doctor thinks she can carry the baby to term. Chloe calls that great news and says she’s sure Nicole and EJ are thrilled. Nicole says she is, but she’s not sure about EJ which Chloe questions. Nicole explains that she hasn’t talked to EJ for days and it’s like he’s fallen off the face of the earth.

Dimitri walks past the Brady Pub, calling Megan and leaving a message that it’s a little odd that she had been nagging him about getting a wife for the past month and now she’s not answering his calls or calling him back to hear what she wants. Dimitri reveals that he asked Gwen to marry him and she hasn’t accepted yet, but he’s very confident that she will. Xander comes out from the Pub and overhears him.

Leo goes home to he and Gwen’s room with flowers that Dimitri sent to Gwen with a note that he’s anxiously awaiting the answer to his proposal. Leo blows off the idea that Gwen would consider marrying Dimitri but Gwen reveals that she is considering it.

Dimitri finishes his message to Megan to call him back as he hangs up. Xander approaches him and introduces himself. Dimitri says he’s never heard of him. Xander reveals that he co-owns the Spectator with Gwen and he couldn’t help but overhear his phone call. Dimitri remarks that he listened in on a private phone call. Xander says he only caught the end where he said he asked Gwen to marry him.

Leo questions Gwen considering marrying Dimitri when she barely knows him and slept with him once. Leo asks why she would even think about it.

Wendy tells Johnny that she would love to have dinner with him but she does need time to get ready. Johnny agrees to pick her up in one hour and hangs up. Chanel then walks through the town square crying, so Johnny asks her what’s wrong. Chanel informs him that Abe is dead.

Xander questions Dimitri asking Gwen to marry him when he just met her and she only interviewed him once. Dimitri says it was an in depth interview. Dimitri comments that Xander seems more interested in his affairs than his own mother. Xander responds that he doesn’t give a damn about him or his affairs as it’s Gwen that he’s worried about. Dimitri questions why Xander cares who Gwen marries.

Gwen doesn’t understand why it’s so crazy to want to marry an attractive man who finds her interesting and wants to spend time with her. Leo argues that all applies to himself but he doesn’t think she should marry him. Gwen talks about needing to get over Xander. Leo argues that it’s one thing to have a rebound but she can’t have a rebound marriage. Gwen argues that it’s not a rebound and she took so long to get over Xander because she’s been waiting for the right man to come along. Leo questions thinking Dimitri is the right guy. Gwen says he might be and he ticks all the boxes. Gwen adds that he’s so romantic and it’s really nice to be the one pursued. Gwen talks about always thinking something was wrong with her after the way she grew up and Dimitri understands that but still wants her anyway. Leo gets wanting that connection but he also gets how painful it is when you find out it was all just an illusion. Gwen asks what he’s saying. Leo repeats that Dimitri is playing her and asks why she can’t see that.

Chloe asks Nicole about EJ disappearing on a mysterious business trip and not hearing from him since. Nicole says she got a few texts saying the trip went longer than expected but he couldn’t go in to detail. Chloe argues that Nicole is having EJ’s baby so he needs to call to see how she’s doing. Nicole agrees but says something is off because EJ was so excited about the baby and was concerned about her, but now he couldn’t be bothered to go to the appointment or to call to see how it went. Chloe tells her that she’s sorry. Nicole states that she just wanted a better father for her baby.

Sloan and Eric lay in bed after having sex. Sloan asks if he thinks they made a baby. Eric responds that if they didn’t, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Sloan jokes that they can always try again as they kiss. Eric comments on her really wanting this. Sloan thinks back to faking Eric’s paternity test. Sloan tells Eric that she knows how bad he wants it and how important it is to him. Eric tells her that having a baby and raising a child is a big commitment for a lifetime, so he hopes she’s not just doing it for him. Sloan assures that she wants it for herself too and they kiss.

Wendy tells Tripp that she didn’t hear him come in. Tripp says he didn’t want to interrupt her on the phone and guesses it was Johnny as it sounded like they were making a date. Wendy confirms that Johnny asked her out to dinner. Tripp says he beat him to the punch as he was going to make her dinner when she got home but that’s what he gets for showering first. Tripp adds that if Johnny is picking her up in an hour, that gives them plenty of time for their date.

Johnny asks Chanel what happened. Chanel explains that she called Eli for an update and he told her that they found blood on the docks and Abe’s hospital bracelet, so now he’s on his way to go tell Lani. Chanel notes that they didn’t find a body but there was a witness who said they saw Abe go in to the water. Chanel cries that they haven’t found him but they think he drowned. Johnny hugs Chanel as she cries. They sit down on the bench in the square as Chanel cries that it just doesn’t seem real. Johnny says Abe was a great guy who didn’t deserve this. Chanel says she should get going because Eli said Jada and Rafe were on their way to tell Paulina, so she should be there so that Paulina’s not alone. Johnny asks if she’s sure she’s okay to drive. Chanel responds that she has to be there for her mom. Johnny then offers to take her there so they walk off together.

Sloan tells Eric that she meant what she said before that both her parents are dead and Colin’s in jail for a long time while she has no cousins, uncles, or aunts, so she has no extended family. Sloan says if she wants to be surrounded by family, she has to create that for herself. Eric jokes that he has a big family and they drive him crazy, but he can’t imagine life without them. Sloan acknowledges that her family was messed up but she thinks raising a baby with him would give her a chance to move past all that and make up for the mistakes her family made. Sloan feels it would be a chance at redemption as if she could be a good mom then maybe she could be a good person.

Nicole tells Chloe that maybe she’s being too hard on EJ. Chloe questions EJ not going to the appointment that he arranged. Nicole feels he had a good reason since the company means a lot to him. Nicole adds that she knew exactly who EJ was when they got back together since she was married to him twice, so she has accepted him, flaws and all. Chloe says that Nicole should accept the fact that she’s done the same with Xander then.

Xander tells Dimitri that he cares who Gwen marries because they used to be involved and almost got married but it didn’t work out. Dimitri says Xander’s loss is his gain. Dimitri then recognizes Xander’s name and says that Gwen did tell him all about how he hurt her and now how she’s doing everything in her power to move on from him.

Gwen questions Leo thinking that Dimitri is playing her. Leo argues that he’s been saying that all along and asks why this is news to her or surprising to her. Gwen admits it’s not a surprise as she knows he hasn’t trusted Dimitri but says the relationship has changed. Gwen asks how marrying her would earn him any respect when she’s an ex-con who has screwed over half the people she knows and has no money, so she questions how Dimitri would benefit from marrying her.

Wendy asks Tripp how they can have a date. Tripp says that Johnny isn’t picking her up for an hour. Wendy says she still needs to get ready. Tripp says it will have to be a quick date then and bets that he can show her a better time in 45 minutes than Johnny could over a three course meal. Wendy tells him that he’s on and goes to get ready.

Nicole questions what her dating EJ has to do with Chloe dating Xander. Chloe says if Nicole is okay with all the things that EJ has done, she thinks she should lighten up on Xander. Nicole argues that Xander kidnapped her and Holly and Bonnie and Susan as well as leaving Chloe with a drug lord in Mexico. Chloe brings up that EJ kidnapped Sydney, so they could spend the whole night going over EJ and Xander’s crimes but she thinks they should stay off that topic and refrain from commenting on each others’ person of interest. Nicole questions if that means Xander is likely to remain Chloe’s person of interest. Chloe says possibly. Nicole asks how serious it is. Chloe thinks she just wants to know if she slept with him. Chloe admits she hasn’t yet. Nicole bets that she’s going to.

Xander tells Dimitri that he and Gwen had a complicated relationship that was complicated by her lying, cheating, and feeding his fiancée psychosis inducing drugs that sent her to a mental institution. Dimitri questions Xander being in a relationship with Gwen while also being engaged. Xander repeats that it was very complicated. Dimitri says it’s over now and the fact that he still works for Gwen doesn’t change the fact that he has no right to anything in her personal life. Xander says that’s not his call. Dimitri warns that he doesn’t like people interfering with his personal life. Xander warns him back about people hurting people that he cares about.

Leo tells Gwen that Dimitri must want something. Leo argues that he’s trying to protect her from being a jilted bride again. Leo remembers how he married Darius because he needed a green card and suggests maybe Dimitri needs one too. Gwen assures that Dimitri is in the country legally. Leo suggests maybe his VISA is about to expire. Gwen argues that maybe he does love her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Eric asks what Sloan is thinking. Sloan says she’s starving so Eric suggests they go downstairs to get dinner at the Pub. Sloan suggests he first call Marlena, reminding him that she suggested having dinner with Marlena and John so he can invite them and share the good news that they are trying to have a baby. Eric doesn’t think they should do that on the first dinner and suggests easing them in to it. Sloan agrees but Eric says he will call Marlena to ask if she and John are available for dinner tonight. Eric then calls Marlena and says that he and Sloan wanted to know if she and John would join them for dinner tonight. Eric then asks her what happened with Abe.

Johnny brings Chanel home but Paulina’s not there. Chanel mentions that Eli said Jada and Rafe were on their way to tell her so she worries about if Paulina knows. Chanel then gets a call from Jada. They talk and Chanel thanks her for letting her know and then hangs up. Chanel informs Johnny that when they told Paulina, she insisted on going down to the docks so they are there with her now. Johnny offers to drive her there but Chanel says that Jada told her to stay home so that when Paulina comes home, she’s not alone. Jada tells Johnny that he doesn’t have to stay as she’s sure he already has plans so it’s okay. Johnny responds that it’s not and declares that he’s going to stay here until Paulina gets back.

Wendy comes back from her room and Tripp shows up at the door with flowers to ask if she’s ready for their date. Tripp and Wendy play Jenga and drink a shot.

Leo tells Gwen that it is possible that Dimitri loves her but it’s just not likely. Gwen calls him cynical. Leo argues that he’s just protective of his best friend and as someone who knows about cons, he can spot one a mile away. Leo bets that Dimitri is up to something.

Dimitri asks if Xander is threatening him. Xander calls it a promise. Dimitri asks if he’s going to write a nasty article about him. Xander states that Dimitri hasn’t been in town long enough to know about his past careers. Dimitri responds that he’s had a few past careers himself. Xander hopes that experience serves him well because if he does anything to hurt Gwen, the Spectator will be the least of his worries. Xander then walks away.

Chloe tells Nicole that she doesn’t know what’s going to happen between her and Xander as they haven’t been together that long and sleeping together would be a big step. Nicole jokes that they already share an apartment but agrees that whatever they do is their business. Chloe says she has to go since Xander is picking up dinner from the Pub. Chloe tells Nicole that she loves her and she hopes EJ comes home soon. Nicole admits she’s been a little lonely lately. Chloe says she’s always there for her as they hug.

Eric thanks Marlena for letting him know and says he’s sorry too as they hang up. Sloan asks what happened. Eric informs her that someone saw Abe Carver fall off the docks this afternoon, so they are sending divers in and presuming he’s dead. Sloan tells Eric that she’s so sorry and asks if he’s just been wandering around this whole time. Eric admits he’s not sure and asks why. Sloan wonders what it means for Colin since when Abe went missing, she first thought that Colin killed him, but this all happened while Colin was in jail then this could be good news for him. Sloan then quickly apologizes for being insensitive and acknowledges how much Abe meant to Eric and his family. Eric understands Sloan loves her brother. Eric then brings up Nicole and how Abe was like a father to her. Sloan says she had no idea. Eric knows Nicole will take the news really hard when she finds out. Sloan suggests Eric go see Nicole. Eric questions Sloan wanting him to do that. Sloan acknowledges that Nicole is going to need a friend. Eric calls that very kind of her and jokes that she shouldn’t let it get around that she’s a good person as he hugs her.

Wendy acknowledges that Tripp packed a whole date in to 45 minutes. Tripp is glad she enjoyed it but says it’s not over yet as they can’t leave out the kiss goodnight. They go to kiss but Wendy gets a call from Johnny. Wendy asks if he’s on his way. Johnny says no as he ran in to Chanel and she just found out that Abe is dead which shocks Wendy. Johnny explains that Chanel was so upset and he didn’t want her to drive so he’s at Paulina’s apartment. Johnny doesn’t think he can leave Chanel alone. Wendy says of course not. Johnny adds that he’s not sure when he will be able to come over. Wendy tells him not to worry about it and they’ll do it some other night. Johnny insists he’ll be there but Wendy says no as she can’t imagine how Chanel must be feeling, so he needs to be there and he can’t just run out when Paulina gets there. Johnny agrees that he can’t and tells Wendy that he’s really sorry. Wendy says she’s just really glad that he was there when Chanel needed him. Johnny thanks her for being so understanding and says he will call her later as they hang up. Chanel asks Johnny if he and Wendy had plans for the night.

Wendy informs Tripp about Abe. Tripp can’t believe it as Abe was one of Steve’s best friends. Wendy says it seems a lot of people loved Abe. Tripp brings up that Chanel had lost her own father, so Abe was the only father she had left.

Chanel tells Johnny that it’s so good of him to be there for her but he doesn’t have to stay. Johnny tells her not to worry about him as he’s happy to stay for as long as she needs him. Johnny assures there is no way he’s leaving her. Chanel hugs a framed photo of her and Abe.

Chloe goes home where Xander has dinner from the Pub. Chloe notices his mood and asks if everything is okay as he seems a little distracted. Xander tells her that he had a weird run in outside of the Pub with Dimitri and it looks like he and Gwen are getting married.

Gwen tells Leo to just keep his doubts to himself and wish her the best. Leo continues to argue against Gwen marrying Dimitri. Dimitri then shows up at the door. Gwen tries to get Leo to leave but he refuses. Dimitri says he’s learned to ignore Leo. Leo continues to argue with Dimitri. Gwen asks what brings him by. Dimitri says he was wondering, now that she had time to think about it, if she would do him the great honor of being his wife.

Sloan wonders if she and Eric made a baby, so she doesn’t have to feel guilty about what she did to his paternity test. Sloan then tells herself that maybe there’s no reason to feel guilty and maybe EJ is the father of Nicole’s baby after all.

Nicole starts trying to put together a text to EJ but throws her phone in frustration. Nicole declares that if the father of her baby does not walk through the door in the next five minutes, she’s going to scream. Eric then walks through the door.

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